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N2 Student Rep’s Message
                                  N E W S A N D K N O W L E D G E F R O M T H E N AT I O N A L I N T R A M U R A L - R E C R E AT I O N A L S P O R T S A S S O C I AT I O N e O C TO B E R 2 0 0 0

                                      Decline of gym class has alarming consequences
                                      According to a report in Reuters Health, as gym
                                      classes have declined, our students’ waistlines
                                                                                                                       cent of all school-age children are currently
                                                                                                                       obese … a 20 percent increase over the last 10
N3 NIRSA Financial Reserve            have expanded. And with the growing rates of                                     years. This is not the time to be cutting physi-
                                      obesity and inactivity among American chil-                                      cal education out,” Gabbard said. “The Sur-
N3 NIRSA Entities
                                      dren, the timing could not be worst. Only 25                                     geon General has said ‘this is a grave mistake.’”
N4 Sponsored/Endorsed                 percent of US public schools require students                                        In the August issue of Preventive Medicine,
   Programs                           to take physical education classes, down from                                    officials at the Centers for Disease Control and
N5 President’s Message                42 percent in 1991. A national drive to improve                                  Prevention (CDC) assert that schools can pro-
N6 Marketing Symposium                children’s academic performance has come at                                      mote activity during recess by sponsoring non-
                                      the expense of what some consider less impor-                                    competitive intramural sports, and by making
N6 Staff Happenings
                                      tant pursuits, including physical activity.                                      their gym facilities more accessible to both stu-
N7 NIRSA Natural High                     Dr. Carl Gabbard of Texas A&M University                                     dents and the public. All schools can be the
                                      in College Station, believes these cuts in physi-                                centers of students’ physical activity, even be-
                                      cal education will show up in the form of poor                                   yond gym class. According to Dr. Howell
                                      health and fitness in the future. “Right now,”
                                      Gabbard told Reuters Health, “twenty-five per-                                                                                  continued on page N2

                                      True grit
sidelines                             It takes more than a little illness and some sea-
                                      sonal injuries to keep the women of Florida
In a new study, physical
                                      A&M University flag football team, Simply
activity that only lasts 15
                                      Marvelous from scoring big.
minutes, but done more
                                          The team, which participated in the Flag
often, may be as beneficial
                                      Football World Cup in Cancun, Mexico in
as longer workouts. The
                                      February (the only full college team invited),
total amount of time spent,
                                      had to overcome obstacles just to get there.
not the length of each                                                                                                 FAMU Simply Marvelous Flag Football
                                          Injuries over the season (broken collar bone
session, is what is
                                      and nose, a few jammed fingers and a torn ACL)
important. People who walk
                                      had Simply Marvelous down from 13 members
three plus miles a week,
                                      to 10 by the time the National Flag Football
have a 10 percent
                                      Championship was held in New Orleans in
reduction in heart disease;
                                      December. Due to family emergencies, they ar-
jogging, tennis, swimming or
                                      rived short three players, leaving them only one
aerobics equals a 20
                                      player more than the minimum. Then during
percent decrease.
                                      the nationals, the team’s captain and another
Source: Circulation: Journal of       player came down with the flu but they still
the American Heart Association,       played. They may have finished second in the
as quoted in the New York
Times, 9/5/00.                        championships, but they took first prize for grit.
                                          “Everyone was spent, but they never used
                                      illness as an excuse,” says Marvin E. Green, Jr.,
                                      the team’s coach since 1991. “They just kept                                     FAMU Simply Marvelous Basketball
                                                                                    continued on page N2

                                            It’s time to register for the 2001 NIRSA Annual Conference & Recreational Sports Exposition!
                                                     Watch for the December RSF for complete details and registration information.
                                                                                              national student reprsentative’s message

                                                                                                         all over California (which is no small feat)
                                                                                                         to celebrate my birthday with me. During
                                                                                                         the party I took a minute to look around
                         Relationships are the key                                                       at all of the people in the room who had
                                                                                                         touched my life. They all were there for
                         Nathan Martin, NIRSA National Student Rep, University of Southern Mississippi
                                                                                                         me, and I felt as if I was the most impor-
                                                                                                         tant person in the world.
I am by no means a sap, but some recent             his life each and every day. This light gave             If you haven’t already caught on to the
events in my life, and in the lives around          Shawn direction in the unknown times,                lesson contained within these words, then
me, have struck my heart and produced a             and nurturing in the struggling times.               let me enlighten you. Relationships are
tear. As you read this message, keep in mind        This light helped shape Shawn into the               what life is all about.
those people who have touched your life.            man he is today. Brian left a light on in                If you look back on your life, you will
    Recently I was talking with one of my           those he touched that will burn eternally,           find that you did nothing without the help
fellow graduate assistants, Shawn, at South-        and I am privileged to be working with               and support and love of other people. You
ern Mississippi. Shawn’s mentor at the Uni-         some of his enlightened progeny.                     will remember and cherish those who gave
versity of Tennessee at Martin had tragically           I say that I am a family person and I            you the most, even if they thought they
died the week before. It was just after the         believed that very strongly until these last         gave you nothing.
funeral when I asked Shawn if he could              two semesters. I had not been home in                    I ask you to contact those who have
describe what his mentor, Brian Brown,              eight months because I had too much                  touched your life and let them know what
meant to him. After some thought, Shawn             work or too many commitments or not                  they mean to you. And if work, commit-
responded with, “Brian was a light.”                enough money. Does this sound familiar?              ments, or money are keeping you from
    The light to which he was referring was         I got home to find out that 20 of my clos-           being with your loved ones, then ask your-
not merely a man, but a man who lit up              est relatives and friends were coming from           self if your priorities are in the right place.

True grit                                           in its first extramural tournament in the            Gym class decline
continued from page N1                              Swamp Bowl sponsored by the University               continued from page N1
playing, injuries and all,” says Green, In-         of Florida (Gainesville); they lost in the           Wechsler and his colleagues at the CDC,
tramural Sports Director. “I thought they           quarterfinals. The next year they won the            teachers can encourage students to be ac-
would have given up. I didn’t want to put           championship and have successfully de-               tive during recess, and schools can start
them under too much pressure, but the               fended “State of Florida Champs” for four            non-competitive team sports to help get
team’s perseverance just showed. They had           years. In 1996, the team traveled to its first       more children involved in sports.
to depend on each other.”                           NIRSA-sponsored regional and national                    “Sports participation drops off sharply
    Green’s team has been undaunted since           tournaments, and has finished fifth in               as kids get older because the sports become
its inception in 1994. They’ve gone from            both 1997 and 1998.                                  far more competitive,” Gabbard notes.
fifth in the nation, to second this year. Two          Intramural sports leagues for women                   However, he said, getting more stu-
of the former players are now playing on            began at FAMU with flag football and bas-            dents into sports will not solve the fitness
in the recently debuted WPFL Women’s                ketball in 1993. Sports clinics were held            problem among young people. Students
Professional Football League in Dayton              exclusively for women in order to garner in-         need physical education that teaches them
Beach, Florida.                                     terest and support. The program began                the importance of activity throughout life.
    Team members include undergraduates,            with 30 participants; today more than 90             “It should be like brushing your teeth or
graduate students in sports management,             participants attend the clinic annually. This        putting on a seatbelt,” Gabbard said.
business administration, pharmacy, engi-            past year, FAMU was the National Runner
                                                                                                             There are no federal mandates that PE
neering, biology/pre-med and physical               Up in both flag football and basketball.
                                                                                                         should be offered in the schools, and many
therapy; they have an overall GPA of 3.49.             FAMU, one of the nation’s premier his-
                                                                                                         states have no laws in the area. So, as
    “They take it seriously,” says Green. “They     torically black colleges and universies, was
                                                                                                         Gabbard notes, that leaves it up to local
are dedicated. They come to practice on time,       recently voted “College of the Year” by
                                                                                                         districts and parents. “Parents need to de-
and they have a no-nonsense attitude.”              TIME Magazine/Princeton Review, for its
                                                                                                         mand that certified professionals run
    This year, the team that wasn’t even in         academic excellence and its “favorable en-
                                                                                                         (physical education programs).” There is
existence six years ago, placed sixth in the        vironment for young adults seeking to re-
                                                                                                         currently a bill before Congress that would
FAMU league that contains 32 men’s teams.           ceive post-secondary education.”
                                                                                                         authorize $400 million over the next five
    “If we can beat men, we can go through             The University’s athletic programs have
                                                                                                         years to help local school districts restore
women like a hot knife through butter,”             realized significant success in the Mid-East-
                                                                                                         their physical education programs.
said one of the players. “We’re playing             ern Athletic Conference (MEAC), when
men, and beating some of them!’                     both the men’s and women’s basketball                   Sources: Reuters Health 8/29/00 and
    In 1995 Simply Marvelous participated           teams earned NCAA tournament bids.                   Preventive Medicine 2000; 31:S121-S137.

N2 nirsa know        OCTOBER 2000                                                                                                 NIRSA WEBSITE:
                                          NIRSA Financial Reserve Funds
NIRSA X 3 = Twice As Good                 At the Annual Meeting of the Board of            2000 annual operating budget.
To accommodate unprecedented              Directors in April 2000, the NIRSA Board             2. The building reserve fund funds
growth, the organization of NIRSA         adopted Financial Planning Principles.           major capital improvements and deferred
is composed of three independent          These principles included a description of       maintenance on the NIRSA National
groups: NIRSA, The NIRSA Foun-            the reserve system. NIRSA has set up three       Center. It is also to fund major technology
dation, and NIRSA Services Corpo-         reserve accounts for different purposes and      projects. The balance of this account is
ration.                                   has invested these funds with Salomon,           $350,000 and it is invested in low-to-me-
                                          Smth Barney, Inc. of Oregon.                     dium risk mutual funds.
1. NIRSA                                      1. The operating budget reserve fund             3. The emergency and initiative fund
    The National Intramural-Recre-        is an “emergency safety-net” for the Associa-    is for the Association’s growth and devel-
ational Sports Association is a not-      tion, should unanticipated or catastrophic       opment. Emergency or initiative items
for-profit membership organization        events threaten its welfare. The size of the     that cannot be funded by the operating
representing thousands of individu-       reserve should be between 25 percent and         budget may be funded by this reserve as
als and organizations. NIRSA serves       100 percent of the annual operating budget.      approved by the Board of Directors. The
as the leading advocate for excellence    These funds are invested in low-risk mutual      current balance of this account is approxi-
in recreational sports programming        funds. The current balance of this fund is ap-   mately $610,000 and it is invested in
and services.                             proximately $1,055,000 or 46 percent of the      moderate-risk mutual funds.

2. The NIRSA Foundation
    Donations to the NIRSA Founda-        Parents want PE back at schools
tion are the only tax-deductible con-     In a national survey by the American Obe-            Forty percent of the parents blamed tele-
tributions to NIRSA. The NIRSA            sity Association of more than 1,000 par-         vision, computers and video games, com-
Foundation is a not-for-profit organi-    ents with children aged 6- to 17-years, 80       bined with a lack of exercise for the
zation that supports the mission of       percent do not want gym classes cut to           burgeoning rate of childhood obesity. Stern
the National Intramural-Recreational      make more time for academics.                    said that in many families both parents
Sports Association. It provides oppor-        “Schools are trying to balance the           work, leaving too little time to oversee the
tunities through professional devel-      school budget on the hips of our chil-           diet and exercise habits of children. Man-
opment, research, scholarships,           dren,” Dr. Judith S. Stern, vice president       datory gym classes could provide an oppor-
educational resources, and efforts that   of the AOA and director of a clinical nu-        tunity for daily physical activity, she noted.
promote multicultural and diversity       trition laboratory funded by the National            Source: Suzanne Rostler at Reuter
awareness.                                Institutes of Health.                            Health, 9/13/00.
    Founded in 1992, the Foundation
is dedicated to educational and schol-
arly projects that enhance leadership     Operation FitKids
development within recreational           With the health and fitness of our children
sports including quality program-         at risk today, a nonprofit organization has
ming, scholarly publications (the         taken action by forming Operation
NIRSA Journal), training & develop-       FitKids. It provides recycled commercial
ment, and research.                       fitness equipment to local high schools or       For the first
                                                                                           time, Special
                                          organizations at minimal cost so kids can        Education
3. NIRSA Services Corporation (NSC)       have greater access to a comprehensive           students at
    NSC is a taxable subsidiary of        physical fitness program.                        Montgomery
NIRSA. The gross revenues from                “The way to ensure a brighter future is      High School in
sponsored and endorsed programs           to invest in our children today,” says Dee       San Diego can
are unrelated to NIRSA’s tax-ex-                                                           now use fitness
                                          Dee Kovacevich, Executive Director. “Fit-        equipment
empt function and had grown to a          ness is a powerful tool to build the char-
substantial part of NIRSA’s income.       acter of kids. It gives them greater             that have contributed equipment.
To preserve NIRSA’s tax-exempt            self-esteem, confidence and discipline.             Operation FitKids, the youth fitness
status, NSC handles unrelated busi-       This is a wonderful way corporate                program of the American Council on Ex-
ness income and pays income tax           America can give back to its communities.        ercise, has arranged for the donation of
on the net income. NSC can remit          Right now, more than 50,000 kids benefit         more than $6 million (6,000-8,000 pieces)
after-tax profits to NIRSA in the         from these fitness centers, thanks to the        to more than 100 facilities. For more infor-
form of a dividend. NSC is a sepa-        companies and organizations that have            mation or if you are interested in donating
rate, but affiliated entity of NIRSA      helped improve the quality of their lives.”      equipment, contact Dee Dee Kovacevich at
and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of           Nautilus Sports/Medical, Inc, Star           Operation FitKids:,
the Association.                          Trac, StairMaster, Reebok/CCS, and The  or phone (858)
                                          Step Co. are just a few of the companies         535-8227 ext 707.
                                                                                                         OCTOBER 2000   nirsa know N3
 sponsored/endorsed programs                                                                     It’s in your court
Sport Club Championships                                                                         Ian McGregor, Ph.D.,
                                                                                                 Dominican University
Tennis                                                                                           of California
   Mark your calendars for March 16-17, 2001, the date for the 2001 USA Team Tennis                   Question: My
National Campus Championship. In partnership with USTA and ITA, NIRSA will                       campus recreation
present this second annual tennis event at the University of Texas-Austin. Please con-           runs a successful
tact Valerie McCutchan at the NIRSA National Center for more information.                        summer camp in
Soccer                                                                                           many sports with
   Entries for the 7th Annual NIRSA Collegiate Soccer Sport Club Championships                   many skill/ age lev-
draw to a close at the end of October. NIRSA hopes to surpass the record 59 teams                els. What are the
from last year, and achieve a maximum capacity of 64 men’s and women’s teams in 2000.            key liability issues?
The event will be held November 15-18 on the campus of the University of Texas-                       Answer: While these are great
Austin. Please check the NIRSA Website for tournament results:            moneymakers, from a risk perspective,
   Also check there to see the ever-growing list of collegiate club soccer leagues around        there is more liability exposure when deal-
the country. If your team is in a league, but it is not posted on our website, please let        ing with children’s programs than with
us know. NIRSA is always looking for possible host schools for the Soccer Champion-              ‘adult oriented’ programs.
ships. If you have access to 10-12 lighted soccer fields, and are interested in hosting               The key concept here is the reasonable
the National Soccer Championships, please let us know.                                           parent test, which means you are expected
                                                                                                 to take care of children as if they were your
Volleyball                                                                                       own. The standard of care for kids is much
    The 17th Annual NIRSA Collegiate Volleyball Sport Club Championships will be                 higher than for college students. Thus, the
held April 11-14, 2001 in Kansas City, Missouri. Packets will be mailed in late No-              key issue is adequate supervision of camp
vember. Watch the NIRSA Website for updated information on rule changes, eligibil-               participants (others are maintenance,
ity and divisional structure:                                            equipment and background checks) – but
                                                                                                 supervision is the key! Here are some key
                                                                                                 elements of supervision:
Endorsed Programs Update                                                                             1. Hire properly qualified instructors
   National Media Group notified NIRSA that last year’s Super Hoops title sponsor,                      (First Aid/CPR qualifications)., has withdrawn its support of the Super Hoops program due to recent re-                 2. Conduct drills/activities/games ap-
organization and budget cutbacks. While NMG intends to seek support from other                          propriate for specific age groups.
potential sponsors, it is unlikely that funding for the 2000-2001 academic year can be               3. Teach skills in a progressive manner
secured at this late date.                                                                              (documented through lesson plans).
                                                                                                     4. Determine the level of supervision
                                                                                                        (general v. specific supervision). Use
NIRSA Partners: Sponsored and Endorsed Programs                                                         common sense, but the general rule
PROGRAM/DESCRIPTION                  PROGRAM AGENT/REP.      PROGRAM TYPE         PHONE                 is “the higher the skill/risk level or
ActiveLeagues                            Strategic Alliance   888-382-3312          younger the age group, the higher the
    Web solution for recreational sports administrators                                                 supervisor-to-participant ratio re-
NIRSA Insurance                      Continental Insurance   Sponsored Program    801-466-0805          quired.”
   Insurance needs for recreational sports administrators                                            5. In certain situations, match partici-
                                                                                                        pants based on age/ability level.
USA Tennis on College Campuses USTA                          Endorsed Program     310-645-7966        Note: Supervision also applies to lunch
   Instructional and Team Tennis Program                                                         periods, ‘transitions’ periods, as well as
NIRSA Sports Boards Network          Campus Concepts         Endorsed Program     800-743-2220   ‘babysitting’ campers before it begins or
   Display boards                                                                                when camp ends.
Flag Football                        Campus Concepts         Endorsed Program     800-743-2220        One last word here. Make sure an Emer-
    Sponsored sport event                                                                        gency Response Plan is in place to deal with
                                                                                                 all situations – be it scrapes, bruises, missing
Training & Fitness                Campus Concepts            Endorsed Program     800-743-2220   children or serious medical emergencies.
    Sponsored sport event/program                                                                     Editor’s note: For more detailed infor-
                                                                                                 mation on supervision issues, the NIRSA
                                                                                                 Risk Management Manual is available.
                           2001 Sports Club Symposium                                            Details in “Solutions” on website
         The next NIRSA Sports Club Symposium will be held in Albuquerque,              If you mention this ad when you
          New Mexico at the Sheraton Old Town Hotel on June 21-23, 2001.                         order, take 10 percent off the price: Mem-
                      Lodging is $95/plus tax, single/double.                                    ber $45/now $40.50 and Retail $75/now
                                                                                                 $67.50 with ad.
N4 nirsa know           OCTOBER 2000                                                                                     NIRSA WEBSITE:
                                                                                                                        president’s message

                        Fall kicks off professional
                        growth and development
                        William T. Sells, NIRSA President, Ohio University

Looking out of my office window at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains,
as the fall leaves begin to display their beautiful, majestic autumn colors, I see our
university and college campus begin to become alive with the “hustle and bustle”
of young people.

As we in the recreational sports profession          Symposia for Marketing, Facilities, Sports         I challenge you to continue to make
settle in for yet another exciting year of           Clubs, and Outdoor Recreation, the             that difference, to share NIRSA with oth-
activities and challenges, I find myself             NIRSA School of Recreational Sports            ers, to celebrate your profession and your
thinking how important it is for all of us           Management and the NIRSA Executive             professional association…you do so much
to continually strive to grow so we can              Institute. All of these contribute toward      for so many! I encourage you to utilize the
better serve our participants.                       our professional enhancement and devel-        services of NIRSA, I remind you to renew
    We have an enormous impact on the                opment, which aids us in providing our         your professional and institutional NIRSA
physical, emotional, social and mental de-           participants safe, effective, enjoyable pro-   membership. If you are not a member, I
velopment of our students, our faculty and           grams and facilities.                          invite you to become a member of an out-
staff in our university communities, in our              NIRSA has been, and always will be,        standing professional association as we
recreation and parks programs, at military           the leader in providing exceptional oppor-     embrace the challenges of being leaders in
installations, and in the many other rec-            tunities for the professional growth and       the recreation profession in the 21st Cen-
reation environments. We have a potential            development of future recreation profes-       tury.
to impact all recreation professionals, our          sionals. I encourage you to take advantage     Contact William T. Sells, NIRSA President, by writing to
communities, and our society.                        of all of these exceptional resources.         him at Division of Campus Recreation, Ohio University,
    As the leaves’ colors radiate on the hill-           We have an obligation as recreation        Ping Student Recreation Center, Athens, OH 45701-
side, I think how just participating in              professionals to be role models and men-       2979; or calling (740) 593-9907; faxing (740) 593-
NIRSA at the state, regional and national            tors for our participants, our future recre-   9903; emailing
level is one of the best means to stay cur-          ation professionals, our staff and
rent of industry trends to better meet the           colleagues. NIRSA’s outstanding aware-
needs of our participants. I like fall be-           ness, commitment, and dedication to stu-
cause it always marks the “kick off ” of             dent development is unprecedented. This
NIRSA professional development oppor-                is vividly displayed through the regional
tunities through our NIRSA state work-               NIRSA Student Lead Ons, the Annual
shops, regional conferences, and national            NIRSA National Conference Student
symposia.                                            Development Pre-Conference Workshop,
                                                                                                       Tell us what you think
    Through NIRSA, we receive the most               as well as the student sessions provided at
                                                                                                           Our goal is to listen to you, our
current information possible about our               the state workshops, regional workshops,
                                                                                                       members. Please consider NIRSA as
profession. We have access to research               and national conference. And most of all,
                                                                                                       your source for everything related to
grant programs, to the Sport Officials De-           through the commitment of our members
                                                                                                       recreational sports, intramurals, fit-
velopment Center, through professional               in their caring, sharing and mentoring of
                                                                                                       ness, and wellness. If there’s anything
publications, audio-cassette tapes and vid-          those who are the future of our profession.
                                                                                                       we can do to make you happier, we
eos, networking in chat rooms, the NIRSA                 As I enjoy my brief moment of the
                                                                                                       want to know about it. Tell us what
Website, to the Career Opportunities Ser-            beauty of nature and peaceful meditation,
                                                                                                       you think of our website or what
vices and much more.                                 I again realize that NIRSA is an excep-
                                                                                                       sports and features you’d like to see
    I reflect on the networking and excep-           tional professional organization. Its mem-
                                                                                                       in the NIRSA Know, RSF, and our
tional continuing education experiences at           bers are outstanding individuals, the NNC
                                                                                                       conferences. Don’t like what you see?
the NIRSA regional conferences, the Rec-             Staff is superb, and NIRSA members are
                                                                                                       Tell us— we can take it! Email your
reational Sports & Fitness magazine and the          truly the leaders in recreation. We do make
                                                                                                       comments to
NIRSA Journal, and NIRSA Specialty                   a difference!

                                                                                                                   OCTOBER 2000      nirsa know N5
Marketing Symposium 2000: Las Vegas, Nevada; November 30–December 2
                        Featured speaker:        Toyota U.S.A., Walt Disney World and
                        R. Eric Reidenbach,      Xerox. He has worked with industry lead-
                        Founding and prin-
                        cipal partner of
                                                 ers on projects ranging from the develop-
                                                 ment of value-based instrumentation, to
                                                 the deployment of value-driven systems to
                                                                                                         NIRSAS Marketing
                                                                                                         SYMPO IUM 2000
                        VALTec Group, Eric       enhance organizational productivity.                     N O V 3 0 - D E C 2 • L A S V E G A S , N E VA D A

                        Reidenbach has pio-      Reidenbach is the co-author of 12 books
                        neered the develop-      on marketing research, management, and          bers on the value of marketing in the rec-
                        ment of techniques       planning and has published more than 100        reational sports industry. She was instru-
                        in value analysis,       journal articles in the field of marketing      mental in forming and chairing NIRSA’s
customer retention, benchmarking, and con-       and measurement.                                Marketing Special Interest Committee.
tinuous improvement. With extensive expe-                                                        She is the Associate Director for Market-
rience in marketing research, measurement,       Other speakers                                  ing, Sales, and Public Relations in the Di-
instrumentation, and modeling, he has con-          Rick Burton, an international au-            vision of Recreational Sports, at the
sulted the US Government (Pentagon, Na-          thority in sports marketing, directs the        University of Southern Mississippi.
val Research Labs, Postal Service), as well as   prestigious Warsaw Sports Marketing
Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies            Center, an integral part of the Charles H.      Registration
such as Benetton Spa (Italy), Caterpillar,       Lundquist College of Business at the               Registration fees begin at $225. Mul-
Inc., Dow Chemical, Holiday Inns of              University of Oregon.                           tiple registrants from the same institution
America, Kmart, BellSouth, McDonalds,               Evelyn Kwan Green has spent the              receive discounts. To attend, visit
Mitsubishi, Silver Springs Sportswear,           past eight years educating NIRSA mem-           99mark1.htm.

 staff happenings

Just married                                     ate Educational committee prior to join-        recognize problems and know how to fix
Karen (O’Kelley) Bach, Assistant to the          ing NIRSA more than a year ago.                 them. Congratulations, Melody!
Executive Director, married Aaron Bach in
August. After a long honeymoon in Ha-            Welcome to full-time                            New office boy
waii, they are now living in Salem, Oregon           Please congratulate Charla Larkin who          Our new part-time staffer is Samuel
with Karen’s daughter Sadie, 16. They met        has now become our Accounting Assistant         True Callender, born to Mary and Bill
several years ago at a tailgate party for a      and a full-time employee of NIRSA. She          June 29. Mary, our National Sport Pro-
Civil War football game (OSU Beavers vs.         began part-time a year ago, and is respon-      grams Director for the past five-and-a-half
UO Ducks). Aaron works for an invest-            sible for accounts payable, invoicing, pay-     years, will be taking Sam to the National
ment company and both are golfers. They          ment processing and special projects for        Soccer tournament in Austin November
recently took Cha Cha dance lessons and          accounting. Charla, who recently married        13-18. Sam joins his sister Emma, 3. Mary
showed off their moves at the wedding.           Michael, has two daughters, Megan, 12 and       reports that she and Bill, Director of
Born and raised in Napa, California,             Rachel, 5. She bakes fabulous chocolate         Aquatics Programs at Oregon State Uni-
Karen got her degree in Business from            cakes and creates beautiful stained glass ob-   versity, look forward to getting some sleep
OSU. She worked with the Oregon Sen-             jects (be sure to see the stained glass NIRSA   sometime soon.
                                                 logo hanging in our board room.)
                                                 Employee of the month                               Murry Greenwald, head of NIRSA’s pub-
                                                     Melody Brown is the NIRSA Em-               lishing partnership
                                                 ployee of the Month for September 2000.         EBM Publications,
                                                 A new hire, Melody has mastered an amaz-        recently received the
                                                 ing amount of information about NIRSA           IMCEA – Interna-
                                                 membership and its processes. She was a         tional      Military
                                                 huge help in keeping our renewals and           Community Execu-
                                                 membership card processing going while          tives Association
                                                 Membership Services Coordinator Kim             MWR Leadership
                                                 Daley was on leave in Africa. She also suc-     Award. The MWR
                                                 cessfully compiled and mailed the State         (Morale, Welfare
                                                 Directors mailing for August without any        and Recreation) rec-
                                                 previous training and very little outside       ognizes more than
                                                 assistance. She has already become famil-       40 years of exceptional leadership contribu-
Karen and Aaron Bach                             iar enough with membership processing to        tions to the military community.

N6 nirsa know          OCTOBER 2000                                                                                             NIRSA WEBSITE:
 important dates to remember
 November 11, 2000                           December 31, 2000                         March 27–31, 2001*
 Nominations for student candidates for      Deadline for Regional Award of Merit      52nd NIRSA Annual Conference & Expo,
 office due at NNC                           Nominees                                  Reno, NV
 November 15–18, 2000                        January 2001                              April 11–14, 2001                         NIRSA National Center
 7th Annual NIRSA Collegiate Soccer          Regional III Conference and Lead On -     17th Annual NIRSA Collegiate Volleyball
 Sport Club Championships, Austin, TX        TBA                                       Sport Club Championships, Kansas City,
                                                                                                                                 4185 SW Research Way
                                                                                       MO                                        Corvallis, OR 97333-1067
 November 17–19, 2000*                       February 22, 2001                                                                   tel: (541) 766-8211
 Region VI NIRSA Conference, Anchorage, AL   National Recreational Sports & Fitness    June 4-7, 2001*
                                             Day                                       School of Recreational Sports
                                                                                                                                 fax: (541) 766-8284
 November 30-Dec. 2, 2000*                                                                                                       email:
 NIRSA Marketing Symposium, Las Vegas, NV    March 5, 2001                             Management: Level I, Orlando, FL
 December 9-11, 2000                         Committee Year-end Reports due to NNC     June 5-7, 2001*
 Executive Committee Meeting, Athens, OH     March 16-17, 2001                         Executive Institute, Orlando, FL
                                             USA Team Tennis Championship, UT-Austin   June 21-23, 2001*
                                                                                                                                 NIRSA Know material is copyrighted by NIRSA.
 December 15, 2000
 Deadline for Honor Award Nominations        March 25–27, 2001                         Sport Club Symposium, Albuquerque, NM     EDITOR

                                             Executive Committee meets, Reno, NV                                                 SARAH JANE HUBERT
                                                                                                                                 GRAPHIC DESIGNER

 Deadlines for submitting classified ad text for position listings on the NIRSA Website are the 10th and 25th of each month.     CORY GRANHOLM
 *Certification Exam Site.
                                                                                                                                 NIRSA National Center Staff
                                                                                                                                 Email Addresses & Phone Extensions
                                                                                                                                 tel: (541) 766-8211
Want a Job? Get a job!                                                                                                           ASSISTANT TO THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
It’s almost that simple to use NIRSA’s                            Job Recruiters                                                 KAREN BACH, ...................... x11
Online Career Opportunities Service. Of-                             Employers comment on how timely                             RECEPTIONIST
fered via the Members Only section of                             the service is because less lead-time is                       MELODY BALL, ............ x10, this resource continues to be a                        needed to post a position. Copy deadlines                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
success with an average of 2,270 indepen-                         are the 10th and 25th of each month. The                       KENT BLUMENTHAL, ............. x11
dent page visits per week.                                        Website is updated with these listings on                      EDUCATION DIRECTOR
                                                                  the 15th and the 1st. Email your classified                    JOELL BROWN, ....................... x17
Job seekers: Individual Member access
                                                                  ads to Listings run until                     NATIONAL SPORT PROGRAMS DIRECTOR
to job listings is free!                                                                                                         MARY CALLENDER, ................ x14
                                                                  the job closing date or for 60 days.
    Job seekers continue to comment on                                                                                           WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR
how convenient it is to be able to view job                       The fees for the listing service are:                          TODD COTTON,
listings and appreciate that the site is up-                         Institutional Members: First 100 words                      MEMBERSHIP SERVICES COORDINATOR
dated twice a month.                                              are free, and it is 50¢/word for each after                    KIM DALEY, ............................ x25
                                                                  the initial 100.                                               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
Candidate fees for the COS                                                                                                       VICTORIA FINDLAY, ............. x21
            Member Rates Non-Mem. Rates                              Non-Members: 50¢/word. Employers
                                                                                                                                 GRAPHIC DESIGNER
            6-mo. 12-mo. 6-mo. 12-mo.                             are invoiced after the listing is published.                   CORY GRANHOLM, ................. x26
Website Free       Free  ---    ---                                  Mailing Labels: Employers can pur-                          MARKETING DIRECTOR
Email       $15    $25   $50    $85                               chase mailing labels for their own direct                      AARON HILL, ....................... x13
First-class $30    $40   $65    $100                              mailing. Contact NIRSA for details.                            EXPOSITION & ADVERTISING MANAGER
                                                                                                                                 CAROLE HOBROCK, .............. x16
                                                                                                                                 COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST ⁄ EDITOR
                                                                                                                                 SARAH JANE HUBERT, ........... x20
NIRSA Natural High                                                lic service announcements for radio or TV.                     ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT
Although last week was National Colle-                                • Sponsor a responsible tailgate party in                  CHARLA LARKIN, ................. x23
giate Alcohol Awareness Week, the list be-                        conjunction with an athletic contest.                          STAFF ACCOUNTANT
low is of things athletes and rec sports                              • Hang safety and prevention banners                       KAY MASSEY, .......................... x19
professionals can do year-round. NIRSA                            in the gymnasium and at the fields.                            PROGRAM/EVENT COORDINATOR
promotes NCAAW through the IATF, In-                                  • Sponsor a fun, visible event such as a                   VALERIE McCUTCHAN, .......... x15
ter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and                         fun run or tug-o-war.                                          CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER

other Substance Abuse Issues.                                         • Extend the fitness center hours.                         PAM WATTS, .......................... x18
    • Place ads in athletic programs or lo-                           • Offer free fitness demonstrations.
cal newspaper.                                                        • Do blood pressure or cholesterol                         NIRSA’s Mission Statement
    • Make prevention announcements at                            screenings.                                                    The mission of the National Intramural-Recreational
athletic events: use scoreboards and mar-                             • Have a sporting event marathon to                        Sports Association is to provide for the education and
quees; print prevention messages on cups                          raise awareness or money.                                      development of professional and student members
and napkins.                                                          • Offer free swing dancing or ballroom                     and to foster quality recreational programs, facilities
                                                                                                                                 and services for diverse populations. NIRSA demon-
    • Encourage athletes to act as preven-                        dancing lessons.                                               strates its commitment to excellence by utilizing re-
tion mentors at schools.                                              For more information, visit the NIRSA                      sources that promote ethical and healthy lifestyle
    • Have coaches and athletes make pub-                         Natural High program at                             choices.

                                                                                                                                                OCTOBER 2000       nirsa know N7
        etcetera                                 Student member nominations for office:           away August 30, 2000. Dave was instru-
                                                 November 11, 2000                                mental in getting IMPE built. He served
                                                    Contact the NNC or go to for        as the President of NIRSA in 1963 and
                                                 nomination guidelines, then send to Patti        1964, and was a NIRSA Honor Award
Members on the Move … on the web!                Bostic, Exececutive Director, Department         winner. A scholarship has been set up in
   So many of our NIRSA members were             of Recreation Services at the University of      his memory at the University of Illinois.
on the move this summer, we couldn’t             Connecticut, U-3078, 2111 Hillside               Your donations will be accepted: The
print them all! Check out to see       Road, Storrs, CT 06269. Phone: (860)             David O. Matthews Memorial Fund, c/o
where your colleagues have moved.                486-0003; fax: (860) 486-506; email:             University of Illinois Foundation, Harker
   Are you a Member on the Move? Let                          Hall, 1305 West Green Street, Urbana, Il
us know! Contact us at                                                           61801.
                                                 Certified Recreational Sports Specialists
Reno 2001: Reserve your room today!                  Congratulations to the following
                                                                                                  New “Online Information Forums” &
    The Reno Hilton is now accepting             NIRSA members who recently passed the
                                                                                                  Listserv Reconfiguration
room reservations for the 2001 NIRSA             challenging CRSS exam and are now rec-
                                                                                                      Our recent switch to new computer
Reno 2001 Annual Conference & Expo.              ognized as NIRSA Certified Recreational
                                                                                                  servers has allowed us to reconfigure all of
Contact the hotel directly to reserve your       Sports Specialists: Sam Axley, Scott Bosier,
                                                                                                  our Listservs. This has also presented an
room at 800-648-5080 and request the             Christopher Clarke, Jeffrey Dean, Heidi
                                                                                                  opportunity to add new “Online Informa-
group rate for NIRSA.                            Dirksen, Jeff Elbracht, Tony Franklin,
                                                                                                  tion Forums.” Seven new Online Informa-
    • Single/double ..... $99/night +taxes       Michael Gallagher, Mike Giles, Laura
                                                                                                  tion Forums have been added that may
    • Triple/quad ....... $109/night +taxes      McErlean, Maria Moon, Preston Peper,
                                                                                                  involve re-subscribing by members. The
    New reservation procedure: To assist         Jim Walczyk, and Barbara Witter.
                                                                                                  new forums will mirror the popular email
the hotel and NIRSA, a deposit equal to              This is no small feat. The exam covers
                                                                                                  Listservs, many of which have been func-
one night’s stay charged to a credit card        programming, management & operations,
                                                                                                  tioning for five years.
number (or other valid form of payment)          risk management & legal concepts, evalu-
                                                                                                      • NIRSA RecSports
is required when you reserve your room.          ations, participant’s rights, history, and
                                                                                                      • NIRSA Facilities
Cancellations must be made by Febru-             ethics.
                                                                                                      • NIRSA Aquatics
ary 8, 2001 for your deposit to be re-               It is offered throughout the year at re-
                                                                                                      • NIRSA ImSports
funded; cancellations after February 8           gional/state workshops and conferences.
                                                                                                      • NIRSA Sport Clubs
result in forfeiture of the deposit.             For more information, a study guide, and
                                                                                                      • NIRSA Students
    If you have any questions, contact           application, contact the NNC (541)
                                                                                                      • NNH-Fitness-Wellness.
Ms. Joell Brown, Education Director, at          766-8211 or submit a request through
                                                                                                      Please utilize these areas to share infor-
(541) 766-8211 or email Future exam sites can be found on
                                                                                                  mation with your colleagues. This should
    Be kind to your colleagues: Multiple         the events calendar also located on
                                                                                                  develop into a tremendous resource and an
reservations under one name will no
                                                 Pre-order a Recreational Sports Directory        ongoing “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Ques-
longer be accepted. This new procedure
                                                     The 2001 RSD will be on sale this fall       tions) for the Association as well as the
eliminates attendees inadvertently double-
                                                 to professional and student members at a         profession. For example, if you have a
booking and over-booking, which artifi-
                                                 greatly reduced new price of $25 for Pro-        “general interest” RecSports type of ques-
cially fills the NIRSA block through the
                                                 fessional and Student Members Only and           tion, explore the archived messages and
early registration deadline. In the past, this
                                                 $150 for Associate Members. The RSD is           you may find the answer there. It will ex-
has caused many attendees to be charged
                                                 not available to non-members.                    pand as more members use the service.
a much higher regular room rate.
                                                                                                      How it works: Email a question (for ex-
    Suites: The Hilton has a wide variety        Golf for a good cause
                                                                                                  ample) on the RecSports Listserv
of suites reserved on a first-come, first-          One of the major fund-raisers for the
                                                                                                  ( and you might receive
served basis. Contact the hotel directly at      NIRSA Foundation is the golf tournament
                                                                                                  25 appropriate answers back via email.
800-648-5080 to reserve one.                     at the NIRSA Annual Conference &
                                                                                                  Post your best responses on the RecSports
                                                 Expo. NIRSA regional and state organiza-
2001 NIRSA Honor Award nominations:                                                               Forum and you will be helping others who
                                                 tions can host golf tournaments to benefit
December 15, 2000                                                                                 may have similar questions in the future.
                                                 the Association. To discuss setting up a
   Guidelines are available at, or                                                      You can also post your comment/question
                                                 golf tournament, contact the NNC, (541)
contact awards chairman, Dr. Jeffery                                                              directly on the website and await the re-
Vessely, Indiana University Purdue Uni-                                                           sponses posted in real time. These areas are
versity Indianapolis, Office of the Dean of      With regret…                                     only for information that is either profes-
Students, 815 W. Michigan Street India-              Dr. David O. Matthews, former Direc-         sional or NIRSA related; they cannot be
napolis, IN 46202-5164.                          tor of Campus Recreation at the Univer-          used for notices, position announcements,
                                                 sity of Illinois from 1962-1979, passed          or event announcements.

N8 nirsa know        OCTOBER 2000                                                                                        NIRSA WEBSITE:

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