Learning Disability Wales annual report 2010 to 2011

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Chair’s Introduction                                                          3
Director’s Report                                                             4
Our Mission and Aims                                                          5-6
Influencing Policy and Campaigning                                            7-13
Information                                                                   14-17
Training and Events                                                           18-24
Networks                                                                      25-26
Managing and Developing Projects                                              27-34
Improving our Organisation                                                    35-36
Members, Trustees, Staff                                                      37-42
Summary of Financial Information                                              43
Contact Details                                                               44

                                  Chair’s Introduction – Adrian Roper

                                  I became Chair of Learning Disability Wales in 2009 and I have to say it was
                                  a pretty scary situation. Staff changes, funding threats, uncertain priorities,
                                  and lots of projects struggling to keep going, or even get off the ground. Two
                                  years later and of course we still face funding uncertainties. But in every
                                  other respect Learning Disability Wales‟s situation has been completely and
                                  positively turned around.

                                  A stable staff team with clear new roles and responsibilities are positively
    Adrian Roper, Chief
                                  buzzing with “can do” energy and purpose. All sorts of exciting project
    Executive of Cartrefi Cymru
    and Chair of Learning
                                  applications have been successful. A focused strategy is in place with clear
    Disability Wales              aims and outcomes both for Learning Disability Wales and its members.
                                  Whether it‟s waving the flag for children and young people, or getting behind
                                  All Wales People First‟s Manifesto, or quietly building bridges with autism
                                  organisations, Learning Disability Wales is out there, doing vital work, and
                                  doing it wonderfully well.

                                  My thanks and respect, first and foremost, go to Jim and all the staff team.
                                  But I must thank my fellow trustees too. Their skills, experience, principles
                                  and wisdom have been a joy.

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                                Director’s Report
                                Over the last year we have done a lot behind the scenes to improve the
                                way we are organised and our funding so that we can better help our
                                members. By the end of the year this had begun to make a real
                                difference. We:
                                •   changed the staff structure and created manager posts so that the
                                    range of services we provide could be better directed
                                •   invested in new computers and software so that we could work
    Jim Crowe, Director of          more efficiently
    Learning Disability Wales
                                •   made successful bids in collaboration with partners to run two really
                                    exciting projects that will directly benefit young people, adults with a
                                    learning disability and their families, and began work on them
                                •   continued on an almost daily basis to analyse and circulate a huge
                                    amount of important information
                                •   continued to represent the concerns of our members to government
                                    and other public agencies.
                                Read on to find out more!

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     Our mission is to:
    ‘Create a Wales that values and
    includes every child and adult
    with a learning disability’

                                                                   Photo courtesy of the Foundation for People with
                                                                   Learning Disabilities‟ „What Kind of Future?‟ project

• work in partnership with other organisations,
  people with learning disabilities, service users and
  their parents/carers

• campaign to help children and adults with
  learning disabilities achieve valued lives

• support the voluntary sector and its interests

• provide and promote good practice

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      Our aims
      We work to improve the lives
      of children and adults with a
      learning disability by:

    1. Reducing injustice, discrimination and prejudice

    2. Increasing active and meaningful participation in all areas
       of life

    3. Getting people who make policy to be committed to rights

    4. Making sure that services are of best quality and there is
       more choice

    5. Making sure we manage our organisation well and are
       good at what we do

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    Influencing Policy and Campaigning

     Children, autism, hate crime, abuse, advocacy, mental health
     and workforce. These are some of the areas we have worked
    with members to influence policy makers to improve the lives of
         children and adults with learning disabilities in Wales.

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    Improving access to mental health
    services for young people

    We are members of a policy group to ensure that the
    CAMHS teams and the mental health measure better
    meets the needs of young people with a learning
    disability and mental health needs.

    Care Council new
    qualification framework

    We have contributed to:
    •   the development of the new framework
        and accreditation of all qualifications
    •   consultation on the priorities for workforce

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    Social Care South East Wales Regional

    We chair this partnership to improve the recruitment,
    training and quality of social care staff.

    Children and adults with autism and
    learning disability
    We took part in Welsh Government‟s ASD task and
    finish groups on employment and further/higher
    education. We have also chaired two meetings on
    criminal justice.

    Family First Fund
    We offered advice on the design of the fund and
    proposed dedicated money for children with

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                                                  Disability hate crime
                                                  • worked with other organisations and the
                                                     Welsh Police to produce an action plan to
                                                     tackle disability hate crime.
                                                  •    represented Welsh interests on the UK
                                                       advisory group, Equality and Human Rights
                                                       Commission‟s inquiry on disability related
                                                  •    wrote a lead article in our magazine on raising
                                                       awareness and good practice
                                                  •    took part in new Disability Hate Crime Action
                                                       Group Cymru

     Policy for the protection of
     vulnerable adults
     We helped produce a Welsh Government report to
     review safeguards for adults and have secured a
     commitment to legislation.

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     •   Held a meeting with advocacy organisations to
         discuss impact of cuts and ending of advocacy
         grant scheme
     •   Helped All Wales People First in their work
         producing a manifesto for the elections in May

     Representing our member’s views
     We responded to the following consultations:
     •   Law Commission‟s Adult Social Care
     •   Inquiry into Access to Transport by Disabled
     •   Disability Living Allowance Reform

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       Campaigning for better lives for children and young
               people with learning disabilities

 The Disabled Children Matter Wales campaign (DCMW)
 had a busy year.

 After being on the campaign trail for two and a half years
 the campaign decided to focus on key priorities to gain
 maximum positive impact for disabled children:

 •   Short breaks
 •   Post-16 education
 •   Changing Places Facilities
 •   Things to do / places to go
 •   Wheelchair services
 •   Pre school play
 •   Child care
 •   Having enough money to live on

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     Campaigning for better lives for children and young people
                     with learning disabilities

     The campaign and partners had some success:

     •   Short breaks will become a statutory requirement
         within Local Authorities.

     •   Changing Places facilities have increased
         throughout Wales

     •   A review into wheelchair services took place and
         recommendations from the Health Minister have
         been made.

     Also :

     •   A report from the Bevan Foundation has begun
         making an impact on play provision

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     We gather information from many sources to ensure our members are
      up-to-date with news, policy, events, debate, resources and good
      practice. We want to help our members grow and improve in their
                lives, to network, to lobby, and to have a voice.
              „Information is knowledge…knowledge is power‟!
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                                          Llais is our quarterly magazine. It‟s great at facilitating
                                          debate, highlighting good practice and presenting the latest
                                          thinking from a wide variety of sources. We‟re always
                                          looking for articles from new writers, so if you have a
                                          burning issue then get in touch!
                                          This year Llais featured articles on: Sex and relationships,
                                          Assistive technology, Social enterprise, Disability hate crime, Being
                                          a parent, Citizen directed support, Public sector cuts, A parents view
                                          of the Mental Capacity Act, All Wales People First manifesto, and
                                          many more!

 Llais Update is our monthly newsletter. It features up-to-date
 news and information on new legislation, training and events,
 funding and resources.
 In 2010-11 this included news on: Welsh Government promises on
 transition, End of the Advocacy Grant Scheme, Review of adult
 protection, New guide to transition, Learning disability and the criminal
 justice system, Proposals to scrap Disability Living Allowance, New
 learning disability learning and information network, Wales and the United
 Nations Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities.

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     Information Enquiries
     Members of Learning Disability Wales can use our Information
     Enquiry Service to help with issues that are affecting them. We helped
     with 110 enquiries on:
     Assessments, Legal advice, Mentoring, Dating, Funding, Transition, Court of
     Protection, Sport, Participation, Citizen directed support, Autism, Epilepsy,
     Statistics, Social opportunities, Work experience, Getting a job, Producing
     Easy Read information.

            Individual: 4          Voluntary: 36           Parent:     24
            Statutory: 19          Student: 10             Other:      17

     E-news – Email news bulletin service
     Our E-news service ensures members are always up-to-date with new
     and important information as it happens. In 2010-11 we sent out 74
     news bulletins on:
     Welfare Reform Bill, Disability employment programme, Domestic Abuse of
     Disabled Women in Wales research survey, Census 2011, All Wales Hate
     Crime Research Project, Closure of Independent Living Fund, Channel 4
     news request, New consultations and consultation events, Disability hustings,
     Comprehensive spending review.

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 Producing information in Easy Read
 Our Accessible Information Service translates everything from
 consultation documents to conference material into an Easy Read
 format for people with learning disabilities.
 This year our work included: Domestic Abuse of Disabled Women in
 Wales Research Survey, Manifesto for Independent Living, Hate crime
 conference materials (Disability Wales); A guide for families of children and
 young people with Autism, A guide for staff who give support to people with
 autism and their families (Welsh Government).

 Website regularly updated with news, policy and consultations,
 events, training and jobs.
 Further development of website carried out, including new pages
 on ImPaCT in Europe (Person Centred Technology project)
 employment conference in Cardiff, and resources and
 information on money for our 2010 Annual Conference.

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               Training and Events
     We provided a range of opportunities for over 1400 people across Wales
     to learn and share. Our events showcase examples and ideas that can
      be put into practice, highlight services that promote independence and
         rights, and help develop people‟s skills to make a real difference.

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     Annual Conference
     „Money Talks!‟
     Our annual conference looked at how people get their money,
     what they do with it and how to make every penny count!
     Over 200 people took part over two days of drama, discussion,
     workshops and talks.

     Resources from this conference are available from our

       “I enjoyed the workshops as they gave people a chance to be interactive and have
         their say”
       “I found this workshop very useful as it helped me to understand bank accounts
       “After the conference I asked staff if I could look after my own money. Now I have
         money every week!”
        “I went to the workshop on Credit Unions. I have applied to join one. They seem
         easier than banks.”

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     Over 580 people have benefited from our training on a wide
     range of subjects covering;
            Person Centred Planning
            Personal Relationships and Sexuality
            Making Information Easy to Read & Understand
            Communicating Through Touch
            Community Care Law
            Welfare Benefits

       “Was brilliant, learnt more than expected. Will definitely be of use. Very much
       enjoyed the course, very informative and interactive.”
       Attendee on „Understanding Autism‟

       “Excellent presentation skills + thought provoking debate.”
       Attendee on „Understanding People with Learning Disabilities‟

       “Excellent training, met [my] needs fully, really enjoyed, feel more confident.”
       Attendee on „Introduction to Person Centred Thinking‟

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     You and Me
     As part of our ongoing work to support young people we
     held an all Wales Conference to look at working with young
     people to support their developing friendships and sexual

     54 people took part in a lively event that included drama,
     speakers, workshops and real life stories from young
     people and professionals.

       “I enjoyed all aspects – it was a very engaging day involving lots of different
       interesting people. I‟ve made some good contacts.”

       “Some interesting discussions about managing risk versus right to choose friends.”
        - on „Introduction to Person Centred Thinking‟

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            Putting the Mental Capacity Act into Practice

     We held events in Cardiff and Llandudno looking at
     how the Mental Capacity Act is being put into

     177 delegates listened to speakers and took part in
     workshops by the Office of the Public Guardian,
     Independent Mental Capacity Advocates, NHS
     Trusts in Wales and Social Services Departments.

     These events were held in partnership with the
     Social Care Institute of Excellence and the
     Association of Directors of Social Service.

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     Commissioning Practice and Providers

     A partnership with the Welsh Government allowed
     us to hold two events for provider organisations in

     102 Attendees from small and large providers
     heard about developments in commissioning
     practice in Wales and had the opportunity to ask
     questions and raise issues with the Welsh

      “Really useful and informative, good balance of listening and group discussion,
      really pleased with progress being made on issue raised from previous
      commissioning activity.”
      “Answered many questions. Raised others but met people who will provide
      opportunities to strengthen commissioning locally. ”
      - on „Introduction to Person Centred Thinking‟

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                                            Consultation Events

                                            We consult with our members and the wider
                                            community to gain their opinions. This helps us
                                            respond to policy and practice developments
                                            and guides our own policies.

     Adult Social Care Law                                  Stakeholder Consultation
     We held 2 sessions in partnership with the Law         We held 9 events for our members and
     Commission. Attendees were able to speak               those interested in our work. We gathered
     directly to the Law Commission about the               a wealth of information from 171 people to
     proposals on adult social care legislation.            help us plan our future activities and set
                                                            our priorities for children and young people,
                                                            adults, parents and carers and services.
     Consumer Focus Wales
     We worked with Consumer Focus Wales to
     help them consult with people with learning
     disabilities as consumers. Attendees spoke
     about their experiences, helping CFW plan
     for their future work.

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      Learning Disability Wales recognises that we work best when we work
     together. That is why we encourage partnership and sharing through our
      networks of learning disability practice for individuals and organisations
                                    across Wales.

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     We host networks to support learning
     disability practice in Wales.

     Person Centred Planning Network
     This network provides opportunities to learn and share
     good practice for Person Centred Planning practitioners
     and people who use Person Centred Planning in their
     We now have 217 members. 11 regional network
     meetings and 2 all-Wales network meetings were held
     during the year.

                                    Finding the Right Support for Parents with
                                    Learning Disabilities Network
                                    This network provides learning and good practice sharing
                                    for professionals and peer support to parents. Network
                                    meetings also allow parents to share their views with
                                    100 members.
                                    4 regional network meetings were held. Funding for this
                                    work has come to an end but we are working hard to keep
                                    the network going.

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       Managing and Developing Projects
        Through the projects we delivered and developed this year we have
       improved outcomes for young people‟s transitions, informed decision
     makers on what people with a learning disability want out of their services,
      provided information and resources that are Easy Read and interactive,
         and worked to accelerate the use of person-centred technologies.

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           Accessible Information and Learning Disability
                    Awareness Training Project

 The Welsh Government agreed to fund this project
 in late 2010, taking forward two of the proposals in
 the 2008 Proposed Action Plan: better access to
 information on health, and awareness training for
 staff in frontline mainstream services.
 The project will:
 •   deliver Disability Awareness Training across
     Wales. Our aim is to change the understanding
     of staff in local authority housing, leisure
     departments, police and criminal justice agencies.

 •   give people with learning disabilities and their families better access to information on
     healthcare in Wales. A new accessible website will be developed, providing in one place all
     the Easy Read information on health. A helpline will support people to use the website. We
     are also developing guidance for organisations on how to make good, accessible
 We manage the project in partnership with All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers, All Wales
 People First and Mencap Cymru.

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     Accessible Information and Learning Disability
              Awareness Training Project

                             In a very short period we planned how the project would
                             be delivered, formed a Project Steering Group, appointed
                             contractors for the website and Easy Read guidance, and
                             recruited 4 new project staff.
                             The project employed two accessible information officers,
                             one of whom has a learning disability. Their job is to
                             research best practice Easy Read information on health in
                             Wales, and working with the web designer in developing
                             an accessible website to hold this information.
                             Work on the Awareness Training side of the project
                             included design of the training packs, training the trainers
                             and distributing marketing materials across Wales. Over
                             the next two years 70 training courses will be delivered.
                             The project shows how learning disability organisations in
                             Wales can join together to provide tangible benefits to
                             people with learning disabilities and their families. There
                             are exciting times ahead.

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          Regional SEN Transition to Employment project

 Now known as „Real Opportunities‟ this great project will work
 with young people aged 14-19 years who have severe and
 complex needs, a learning disability, those on the autistic
 spectrum, and their families/carers in Caerphilly, Rhondda Cynon
 Taf, Merthyr, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Torfaen and

 The project is centred on „peer mentor support‟ and the „Five
 Pathways‟ of transition to adulthood model, those pathways being;
 Lifelong Learning; Relationships; Leisure Opportunities;
 Employment and Independent Living.

 The project is based on work at Trinity Fields School and is ESF

 We heard in March 2011 that our tender to provide the training and
 information services for this project was successful. We look
 forward to working with our partners.

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                            Life Options

 At the last minute we managed to gain some funding
 for 2010/11 from Lloyds TSB.
 We work with a wide range of young people in
 Carmarthenshire, many of whom have socially complex
 needs or who are homeless. One young person is
 fighting for his right to direct payments through the
 courts and the decision regarding this may set a legal
 Several young people have chosen to attend a day
 college, some have opted for a private day service.
 Nobody this year has chosen to attend a local authority
 day service, an option that seems less and less
 We are working with 20 young people but this will
 increase, to 30+ by next March.
 We hope that longer term funding sources can be
 found so that young people can continue to get help to
 choose the sort of lives they want.

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          Learning Disability Implementation Advisory Group

     2010/11 was an unusual year for the Learning Disability Implementation
     Advisory Group (LDIAG). Following the Welsh Government‟s rejection
     of the proposed LDIAG Action Plan back in December 2009, members
     of the group decided that the current LDIAG had come to a natural end.
     The last meeting took place in September 2010. Members felt that a
     new group was needed with a new remit, membership and co-Chairs to
     continue the important work of the group and to advise the Minister on
     issues affecting people with learning disabilities and their families. The
     Minister agreed to set up a new group in 2011/12.
     During this transitional period, Learning Disability Wales continued to
     host the LDIAG Information Officer post. Work included participation at
     three LDIAG meetings, the continued development of the LDIAG
     website including a section dedicated to the work of the Challenging
     Behaviour Community of Practice, and the production of three
     newsletters in standard and easy read formats.

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     Learning Disability Implementation Advisory Group

                                     Learning Disability Wales worked closely with
                                     partner organisations All Wales Forum of Parents
                                     and Carers, Mencap Cymru and All Wales People
                                     First including the development of a proposed new
                                     model for the LDIAG.
                                     Working with these partners, we also submitted a
                                     successful bid to the Welsh Government for the
                                     funding of the Accessible Information and
                                     Learning Disability Awareness Training Project,
                                     as a result of the Minister‟s response to the 2008
                                     Proposed Action Plan.
                                     Through the work of the LDIAG Information Officer
              Left : Front cover
              of LDIAG News,         we also assisted All Wales People First with the
              easy read, June        preparation and delivery of two roadshows (one in
              2010. Top: LDIAG       Gorseinon and the other in Flint) on the subject of
                                     participation and the future of the LDIAG.

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 ImPaCT in Europe: Improving Person Centred
 Technology in Europe

 With partners from Belgium, Italy, Finland, Portugal, France and the UK, we are exploring how
 technology, delivered and used in a person-centred way, can enable disabled people to live
 independently and become more empowered. This technology could include environmental
 controls, assistive communication, ICT, Telecare and Telehealth.
 Much work was done on the project deliverables, which include an Ethical Framework for the
 use of Person Centred Technology (PCT), mapping the use of PCT, and analysing the training
 needs of individuals and their supporters. We held successful conferences on Communication,
 Education, and Training, in Sintra (Portugal), Paris and Helsinki, respectively, and started work
 on a conference on Employment and PCT that Learning Disability Wales will host in Cardiff in
 June 2011.

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            Improving our organisation
      We restructured our staff team, introduced a new salary structure
     and amended our governing documents. These changes, along with
       IT investment, strengthened the organisation and enabled us to
            take on new projects and improve services to member

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     Actions to improve our organisation included:
 We have:
 • restructured staff team with the introduction of 4 middle management
    posts. Cost neutral, it allowed a small increase in hours for 3 of 4
    managers and enabled more posts to be outward facing.
 • introduced a new salary structure.
 • held an EGM on 15th July 2010. Key changes to our governing
    documents included extending the pool from which we can recruit
    management committee members and adding our new membership
 • increased number of management committee meetings per year.
 • upgraded IT hardware and software to make us more efficient.
 • successfully gained new funding for the following projects:
     –   Regional Transition to Employment Initiative
     –   Accessible Information and Learning Disability Awareness Training
     –   Welsh Government/EHRC Capacity Building
     –   Life Options
 Provided payroll support to our members:
 • Conwy Connect, All Wales People First, Ceredigion People First,
    Swansea People First , Carmarthen People First and Vale People
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                                                Full Members

 ABCD Cymru                                                           Celf O Gwmpas
 Abertillery & District Mencap Gateway Club                           Ceredigion People First
 Action for Children                                                  Children in Wales
 Advocacy Matters (Wales)                                             Circles Network Wales
 Age Concern Cymru and Help the Aged in Wales                         Community Lives Consortium
 All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers                                Compass Community Care Ltd
 All Wales People First                                               Contact a Family
 All Wales Special Interest Group - Special Oral Health Care          Conwy Connect for Learning Disabilities
 Antur Waunfawr                                                       Co-options Ltd
 ARC Cymru                                                            Crossroads Wales - Caring for Carers
 Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham                    Cwmni Seren Ffestiniog Cyf
 A Voice for You                                                      Cymryd Rhan
 Brecknockshire Citizen Advocacy                                      DASH (Disabilities and Self Help)
 Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations                      Denbighshire Learning Disability Forum
 Bridgend County Forum of Parents/Carers of Persons with a Learning   Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council
 Difficulty                                                           Dimensions
 Bridgend People First                                                Disability Arts Cymru
 Buzz AH                                                              Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru
 Cae Post Ltd                                                         Down's Syndrome Association
 Caerphilly Borough Parents and Carers Forum                          DRIVE Ltd
 Caerphilly People First                                              Elite Supported Employment Agency
 Cardiff and the Vale Coalition of Disabled People                    First Choice Housing Association Ltd
 Cardiff and the Vale Parents Federation                              Flintshire Forum for Learning Disabilities
 Cardiff Mencap Society                                               Flintshire Local Voluntary Council
 Cardiff People First                                                 Gwalia Care and Support
 Carmarthenshire People First                                         Hijinx Theatre
 Cartref Ni Ltd                                                       Innovate Trust
 Cartrefi Cymru                                                       KeyRing Living Support Networks Ltd

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                                  Full Members (continued)

 L‟Arche Brecon                                                        Ruthin and District Mencap Society
 Links – Wales Learning Disability Action Group                        Shaw Trust
 Llanelli and District Gateway Club                                    SNAP Cymru
 Mencap Cymru                                                          Swansea Council for Voluntary Service
 Mencap Cymru (Chepstow)                                               Swansea People First – Peer Health Advocacy Project
 Mencap Mon                                                            Systems Advocacy Service
 Menter Fachwen                                                        Tai Pawb
 Monmouth People First                                                 Tan Dance Ltd
 Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin                                              Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) Wales
 NAAPS Cymru                                                           The Friendly Trust
 National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries/Playmatters Wales   The Intersensory Club
 National Autistic Society Cymru                                       The Viva! Project
 Neath Port Talbot Council for Voluntary Service                       Torfaen People First
 Newport Mencap                                                        Touch Trust Ltd
 Newport People First                                                  Trinity Care and Support
 NEWSA Ltd                                                             Tros Gynnal
 North Wales Advice and Advocacy Association                           Tyddyn Mon Co Ltd
 Opportunity Housing Trust                                             United Welsh Housing Association
 Pembrokeshire Advocacy                                                Vale Centre for Voluntary Services
 Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services                       Vision 21
 Pennaf Housing Group                                                  Voluntary Action Cardiff
 Person to Person Citizen Advocacy                                     Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil
 Perthyn                                                               Walsingham Wales
 Prospects                                                             WISE Ltd (Welsh Initiative for Supported Employment)
 Reach (Supported Living) Ltd                                          Your Voice Advocacy Project
 Rhondda Cynon Taff People First
 RNID Cymru

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                                       Individual Members
     Annetts, Carolyn                              Davies, Ken                             Marsden, Pamela
     Arnall, Christopher                           Davies, Susan                           Mills, Diana
     Ataou, Christine                              Edwards, Roger                          Morris, Mona
     Bochenski, Tricia                             Godin, Julia                            Nash, Susie
     Brett, Monica                                 Jones, Enid                             Norris, Joanne
     Burslem, Rosemary                             Keeble, Monica                          Rees, Sally
     Champion, Julia                               Leaves, Anne                            Shelton, Jerry
     Clarke, Eileen                                Linford, Lorraine                       Thomas, Jenny
     Clarke, Janice M                              Luke, Cyril                             Young, John
     Davies, Ann                                   Mackay, Christine

                                        Statutory Members
     Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board                    Hywel Dda NHS Trust – Learning Disabilities
     (Learning Disability Services)                                    Service
     Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board –                        Monmouthshire County Council – Social Services
     Learning Disability Clinical Psychology                           Department
     Bridgend County Borough Council – Personal                        Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council –
     Services Department                                               Social Services, Health & Housing
     Care Council for Wales                                            Pembrokeshire County Council – E-Commerce
     Caerphilly County Borough Council                                 Centre
     Cardiff County Council – Social Care and Health                   Powys County Council
     Derwen College                                                    Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council
     Equality and Human Rights Commission                              University of Glamorgan
     Flintshire County Council – LDASC Day                             University of Wales, Newport
     Opportunities                                                     Vale of Glamorgan Council
     Gwynedd Council                                                   Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities
     Hywel Dda NHS Trust – Family & Child Health

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                           Commercial Members
            Bluebird Care (Newport)                      Total Loving Care
            Focus Care Wales                             Values in Care
            Julie Burton Law                             Workwell Enterprise
            The Regard Partnership

                        Outside Wales Members
     British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD)    Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
     Connect in the North                                 Social Care Institute for Excellence

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 Community of Interest      Trustee                                                 Representing

 Adult Providers            Adrian Roper                Chair                       Community Living Network
                            Ansley Workman              Resigned 12/8/10            Community Living Network
                            Steve Cox*                  Treasurer                   Community Living Network

 UK Links                   Vacant

 Self Advocacy              Graham Ivey*                                            North East Wales Self Advocacy
                            2nd seat vacant

 Parents & Carers            Kevin Sibbons*                                         Conwy Connect
                            Jacqui Caldwell             Vice Chair: North Wales     Denbighshire Learning Disability Forum

 Childrens’ Providers       Sian Owen*                                              Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin

 Supported Employment       Meriel Hall                 Resigned 9/11/10            Assoc of Supported Employment Agencies

 Family Support Providers John Young*                                               Cardiff & Vale Parents Federation

 Independent Advocacy       Madhulata Patel*                                        Tai Pawb

 Open Seats                 Roger Bishop                Resigned 17/9/10            Tros Gynnal
                            Charlotte Aubrey            Resigned 17/09/10           Touch Trust
                            Christine Fincham*                                      Compass Community Care
                            Sherri Sargent*             Vice Chair: South Wales     Gwalia Care and Support
                            Phil Madden*                                            Individual Trustee
                            Susie Nash*                                             Individual Trustee
                            Alan Sutherns*                                          Individual Trustee

 Advisors                   Mark John Williams          Accepted by Management Committee January 2011

 * Management Committee elected at AGM on 17 September 2010. Trustees hold a 2 year term of office

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                          Learning Disability Wales Staff

                                                                           James Crowe

     Rebecca Williams      Joanne Moore                     Karen Warner                           Zoe Richards                   Simon Rose
     Finance & Physical   HR & Governance                Information Services                     Young Person &                Training & Events
     Resources Manager        Manager                          Manager                            Carers Manager                    Manager

                                                                                                   Steph Harnett
     Ian Cullimore                          Kai Jones         Sam Williams                           Transitions               Rebecca Watkins
     Finance Officer                       Information         Information                            Advocate                    Events &
                                              Officer        Officer (LDIAG)*                       Life Options*                Sponsorship

                                                                               Nicola Pepper
       Pauline Moss                                                             Director‟s PA                       Inacia Rodrigues
     Finance Assistant                                                      (Resigned Feb 2011)                       Training Admin
                           Cheryl White
                           Administrator        Sam Jenkins

                                                                                                                            * Project Staff

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43                                      LEARNING DISABILITY WALES

                                       2011            10
                                       £               £
     Fixed assets comprising office furniture and equipment, and improvements to property
                                        23,308          18,243
     Debtors, being what the charity is owed from:
     Grants and other debtors           67,979          32,826
     Cash at bank and in hand          255,329         148,758                               The following figures are taken from the full
                                       _______         ______                                financial statements of Learning Disability Wales
                                       346,616         199,827
                                       _______         ______                                Limited for the year ended 31 March 2011, have
     Less: Liabilities                                                                       been approved by the trustees and submitted to
     What the charity owes to:                                                               the Charity Commission and the Registrar of
     Other creditors                   (141,302)       (58,909)                              Companies.
                                       _______         _______
                                       (141,302)       (58,909)                              The auditors, Watts Gregory LLP, whose opinion
                                       _______         _______                               was unqualified, have confirmed that this summary
     Leaving what the company owns
                                       205,314         140,918                               is consistent with the full report, which is available
                                       ======          ======                                from Learning Disability Wales on request.
     How this was created:
     Restricted funds                   27,411          10,292
     Unrestricted funds                177,903         130,626
                                       _______         _______
                                       205,314         140,918
                                       ======          ======
     Annual Operations:
     Where our money came from:        Unrestricted   Restricted      Total           Total
                                       Funds          Funds           2011            2010
     Grants                            372,000        147,380         519,380         441,557
     Conferences and training events    75,911        -                75,911          68,202
     Project administration fees and
     other income                         27,301      -                27,301          41,327
     Interest received                       101      -                   101              91
                                        _______       _______         _______         _______
                                         475,313       147,380        622,693         551,177
     Less: Expenditure on salaries, overheads
     and project administration         (428,036)     (130,261)       (558,297)       (558,285)
     Net incoming/(outgoing) resources    47,277         17,119         64,396           7,108
     Transfers between funds            -             -               -               -
                                        _______       _______         _______         _______
     Net movement in funds                47,277        (17,119)       (64,396)         (7,108)
                                         ======        ======          ======          ======

     The financial statements were approved by the Trustees on 14 July 2011 and signed on its behalf by J G Crowe and S Cox

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     Learning Disability Wales
     41 Lambourne Crescent
     Cardiff Business Park
     CF14 5GG
     Tel 029 20681160 Fax 029 20752149


     Company limited by guarantee: 02326324
     Registered Charity: 1062858
     VAT Registered Number: 762 4559 11

            This annual report is available in English and Welsh,
                         on CD and on our website.

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