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					                                                                                          Green Room
                                                                                             Since 1996


                                                      1500 Hornby Street

       Ashley Harder RMT                             Vancouver
As a graduate of Utopia Academy, it was instilled
in us as students to bring the body together as a
whole no matter how specific the treatment.
Every body is different, so creating treatments
that are specifically catered to each individual is

       As the road to wellness can be complex,
I believe that client education is very important.
Feeling great during the is the first step, but
remedial exercises and changes to daily living
greatly assists each individual in feeling better
on an ongoing basis.

       We live in a fast paced, high stress
environment. This stress absolutely is a burden
on us, when we forget to be aware of our bodies,
we seldom notice when our bodies are telling us
to slow down! Minor aches and pains can quickly
turn into more serious problems, and one of my
passions is to teach my patients to listen to their
                                                              Designed by Holli Husband
                                ashley & Holli RMT
Benefits of Massage Therapy
                                                                                             Holli’s Qualifications
Massage therapy as rehabilitation -
Massage therapy is a vital part of any                                                       Holli graduated from the Canadian College
rehabilitation program. When an injury or                                                    of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1996.
muscle imbalance (which could lead to                                                        Holli is a Registered Massage Therapist and
injury) is severe enough, often stretching                                                   is certified in Infant Massage Therapy,
alone will not release the tension and bring                                                 Infant Massage Therapy Instructor,
the body back into proper alignment.                                                         Cranialsacral levels one and two, Theta
Registered massage therapy incorporates                                                      Healing level one and two, Thai Yoga
many techniques to help bring the body                                                       Massage level one and two, Reflexology,
back into balance. Massage therapy is a                                                      and has completed year one of a five year
three-year program and covers the area of                                                    program in Osteopathy at the Canadian
injury prevention, rehabilitation, anxiety                                                   college of Osteopathy. Osteopathy
disorders, chronic stress, disease and many                                                  incorporates principles of chiropractic,
more.                                                                                        physiotherapy, massage therapy, active
                                               Thai Yoga Massage                             release therapy, myofascial release, cranial
Preventative massage therapy - Massage                                                       sacral and assess the body as a whole to
                                               Thai Yoga Massage is similar to your
therapy increases blood flow bringing                                                         treat the cause, not just the symptom.
                                               personal trainer stretching you on a mat on
nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the
                                               the floor. You will be in your “stretchy       Holli has also attended many courses,
body, aids in the elimination of cell bi-
                                               clothes”. The treatment moves the body        including a one day course on Zen
products (toxins), temporarily increases
                                               through range of motions that aid the         Meditation, two ten day vipassana
metabolism, helps to regulate hormones
                                               joints of the body through their proper       meditation retreats, and a two day Harvard
and the endocrine system, helps the body
                                               range of motion, which most joints do not     seminar regarding the fascia of the body.
to release serotonin (the bodies feel good
                                               do naturally after much wear and tear. This   Previously Holli had worked with her
hormone), decrease cortisol, (a stress
                                               rhythmically relaxing treatment also          Osteopathic, step father at his
hormone that ages you), eliminates scar
                                               incorporates sen pressure points from head    physiotherapy clinics for 10 years.
tissue before it has a chance to create an
                                               to toe, leaving you feeling mentally and
imbalance injury, and corrects body                                                          In 2009/10 Holli plans on completing her
                                               physically balanced.
alignment to decrease tension areas.                                                         level one yoga instructor certification and
                                                                                             attend her second year of Osteopathy.