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					LET’S NETWORK!                         LOCATIONS AND TIMES:                                 Lutheran City Ministries

It is our hope that area churches                                                           MERCY
will find new ways to work together
to serve those in need through
                                        Saturday, September 19
existing charitable organizations.        9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                             CONFERENCE
We invite all interested parties,         Resurrection Lutheran Church
especially if:                                  20531 Kelly Road
•   You are concerned about           1.4 miles east of I-94, just south of 8 Mile Road
                                                       on Kelly Road
    recent economic developments
                                                                                          Saturday, September 19
•   You would like your church                                                                Northeast Detroit
    to be more involved in the
    community                             Sunday, September 20
                                             1:00 - 5:30 p.m.                             Sunday, September 20
•   You would like your charitable                                                           Rochester Hills
    organization to receive more          Crown of Life Lutheran Church
    support from area churches                  2975 Dutton Road                                      Featuring
                                                 Rochester Hills
 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL:              4 miles north of Hwy 59 on Adams Road
                                                                                              Rev. Matthew Harrison
                                                                                                Executive Director
 Crown of Life Lutheran Church                                                            LCMS World Relief and Human Care
        (248) 652-7720
                                                                                               Rev. Steven Essenburg
                 or                                                                                    Director
                                                                                               Lutheran City Ministries
        Vicar Keith Lemley                                     Lutheran
                                                                                                    Tom McMillin
        Cell: (586) 651-1040                                   City                        Michigan State Representative for
                                                               Ministries                           Rochester Hills
                                                                                                  September 20 th only
Church and Acts of Mercy                              Speakers                                                Registration
This conference seeks to draw attention to the        Rev. Matthew Harrison, the Executive Director of        Sign up for:                                  Before       After
                                                                                                                                                            Sept. 1     Sept. 1
challenges facing metropolitan churches and to        LCMS World Relief and Human Care will be the
give a forum for the Lutheran view of addressing      featured speaker at both locations.
them.                                                                                                         ❏ Saturday, September 19                        $5        $10
                                                      Rev. Steven Essenburg, Director of Lutheran City             Northeast Detroit (lunch included)
                                                      Ministries, will also speak about the challenges
This first conference will focus on:
                                                      facing the church in the city.                          ❏ Sunday, September 20                          No Charge
                                                                                                                   Rochester Hills
  •   Lutheran theology of mercy
                                                      Tom McMillin, Michigan State Representative for         For Rochester Hills location only: You may also call the Crown of
                                                                                                              Life office at (248) 652-7720 to register by phone.
  •   The role of the congregation in acts of mercy   Rochester Hills, will speak at the Rochester Hills
                                                      session.                                                  Name
  •   The church’s involvement in renewal

            Pastors and laity from city               Two Venues                                              ________________________________________________
            and suburban churches and
            representatives of local                  Saturday, September 19       9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.      ________________________________________________
            charities are encouraged                                                                            City                          State    Zip
            to come, listen and contribute            This all-day conference will be held at Resurrection    ________________________________________________
            to the discussion.                        Lutheran Church on the northeast side of Detroit.         Email
                                                      The day’s schedule will include a panel discussion      ________________________________________________
                                                      with the two main speakers, city officials and others     Phone
                                                      involved in urban acts of mercy. A lunch will be
   “Mercy - the mercy of Christ to                    served.                                                 Payment Enclosed           $__________
   and for us - and our demonstration
                                                                                                              ❏ Check                ❏ Cash
   of that mercy to those within and                  Sunday, September 20         1:00 - 5:30 p.m.
   outside the Body of Christ is the                                                                                Please make checks payable to:
                                                      Crown of Life Lutheran Church in Rochester Hills
   key to the future of the Church, to                will host an abbreviated version of the conference
                                                                                                                    Lutheran City Ministries
   mission and stewardship, to living                 including the two main speakers, Tom McMillin,                Mail to:
   our Christian lives together in love               Michigan State Representative for Rochester Hills,
   and forgiveness, to moving boldly                  and discussion time.                                          Mercy Conference
                                                                                                                    c/o Resurrection Lutheran Church
   and confidently into the future with
                                                                                                                    20531 Kelly Road
   courage in the Gospel.”                                                                                          Detroit, MI 48225

                 - Rev. Harrison, Christ Have Mercy
                                                                                                                         For more information:
                                                                                                                         Phone: 586-322-5365