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									                                                                                   Jeanine Riedl
                                                                         Ruder Finn for Everpure

  Everpure Utilizes Commercial Product Roster to Provide Environmentally Friendly Drinking
                      Water for Republican National Convention Event
            Leading Foodservice Supplier Delivers “Refill, Not Landfill” Message to
                               Approximately 8,000 Attendees

HANOVER PARK, Ill. (September 2, 2008) –Everpure, LLC, a leading foodservice industry supplier
and Pentair company, today announced it provided reusable, BPA-free water bottles, as well as
five premium, filtered water drinking stations, to attendees at the International Media Party, a
premier event hosted by the Republican National Convention and the Minneapolis/St. Paul
“More to Life” committee on August 30, 2008. Using its roster of superior commercial water
filtration products, including its recently introduced Exubera Pro Premium Carafe Water System,
Everpure helped deliver a “refill, not landfill” message to educate attendees about the benefits,
both environmental and economic, of using premium filtration systems in place of prepackaged
bottled water.

“It is important to keep in mind how our water choices affect the environment,” says Mark
Selander, marketing manager of Everpure. “Even if only half of the event attendees reuse their
bottles throughout the week, it will help to eliminate the thousands of pounds of waste that
stem from disposable plastic bottles. We are thrilled to make this commitment to the
Minneapolis/St. Paul community and hope the public will adopt the ‘refill, not landfill’ message
in their daily lives.”

Attendees at the International Media Party were provided with Pentair and Everpure-branded
reusable water bottles along with messaging about the benefits of filtered water. They were
also encouraged by company volunteers to refill the washable bottles throughout the event at
the Pentair/Everpure provided water stations, throughout the week of the Republican
Convention, and afterwards in their own daily lives. Each station utilized Everpure’s Kitchen
Innovations™ 2008 award-winning Exubera Pro Premium Carafe Water System.

“Everpure’s line of commercial water filtration products has revolutionized premium water and
met the challenges and quality needs of foodservice operators worldwide,” said Selander. “The
Exubera Pro system in particular, also allows them to reduce their carbon footprint providing a
positive impact around the globe.”

Without using plastic bottles, this turnkey solution includes a six-step process, beginning with
testing of the operation’s water followed by an in-depth analysis resulting in a fully customized,
complete filtration system taking ordinary tap water and making it extraordinary.

Offering under-counter and counter-top models, the system is easy to install and maintain,
offers excellent carbonation, little upkeep and advanced features. Most importantly, the system
enables the operator to reduce the costs and hassles associated with prepackaged drinking
water including tracking inventory, finding storage space, generating additional waste and
purchasing costs.

About Everpure

Everpure, a leading foodservice industry supplier, has been manufacturing commercial water
treatment products, solutions and services worldwide since 1933. Everpure is also a trusted
provider of water treatment products to the vending, consumer, marine and aviation markets.
Industry leaders around the world rely on Everpure for quality water treatment. In 2004, the
company became part of the Water Technologies Group of Pentair, Inc. (NYSE: PNR). For more
information on Everpure and the Exubera Pro System, visit the company's Web site at


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