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So you have confirmed you are happy with the design and content of your website, everything looks
good and you are ready to release it to the world. What next?

Q. Shouldn’t Google automatically find my site and put it in their listings?

A. They do, however due to the sheer amount of websites created on a daily basis waiting in line for
the search engine to find your site and add it to the index can be testing on the patience and you
could even find that several months later you still can’t find your site in the search engine.

Q. I need my site listed on Google now. How do I achieve this?

A. Google provides a section called webmaster tools for you to do just that. You first have to verify
the website is owned by you, and then you have to upload a sitemap which details all the pages that
exist in your website. Fortunately, we have created this sitemap for you. Below are the details on
what you need to do in order to get the site listed.

Go to the Google Webmaster tools page. If you have a Google Account, then simply sign in. If not,
you can sign up for one for free. (It will take under 5 minutes just a few quick forms) then come back
and use the username and password to sign in.

Once you get logged in to the webmaster tools you will be at the Dashboard section. There is a text
box at the top for you to insert the website you wish to get listed. Type in your website her and click
“Add site”

Site Verification
On the next page, you will then be prompted to verify your site. Click Verify Site to do this.

This reveals two options for site
verification: Add Meta tag and add
HTML file. This guide looks at using
the upload HTML file option.

Select “Meta Tag” from the drop
down menu and a filename will
appear below.
Copy the entire section of code by highlighting the text, right clicking your mouse on it and selecting

Add Content to <Head> of Website
Now open your Content Management System of your website.

Once the Content Management System opens, amend the address bar at the top to the




 This will open a hidden page which allows you to place code in the <Head> of your website

 You will see the screen below:

Now take the code that you have copied from Google and
“Paste” it into the White Content Area. “Right Click” in the
White Area and Click “Paste”. This will insert the Google Code
into the White Area.

                           Once you are happy that all is present and correct. Click the “Save Button”
Once the code has been inserted correctly, you must Preview and Publish your website, in order for
the changes to take place. If you do not have a preview and publish button, do not worry. The
Content Management System has changed slightly for Clients registered in July – Present. If you do
not have the Preview and Publish buttons, just click Save as the Website is automatically Previewed
and Published for you.

Now return to the verification page on Google Webmaster tools and click Verify. Google will now
look for the code you inserted and will accept that you are the owner of this website. The site has
now been verified.
Sitemap Upload

The next thing to do in order for Google to list your website is to upload a sitemap, which shows the
search engine exactly how many pages your website has, what they are all called and the structure
to your website.

We have created sitemaps for everyone on Chooboo.

Depending, on when you were registered. You may have to log into your Content Management
System and Re-Generate Your Site-Map.

If you have a Preview and Publish button on your Content Management System, you can just ignore
the Generate Sitemap section and move onto the Sitemap Verification.

Generate Sitemap
All clients registered after July 2009 will have to generate their own sitemaps. In order to do this,
open up your Content Management System.

Once Logged in, Click the Tools Tab
Now Click, Sitemap Generator

This will open up a The Sitemap Generator Button. Click Generate Sitemap to product the Sitemap
xml file which Google Webmasters will use.

When you sitemap has been created, the Green Text will appear to confirm.
Sitemap Verification

To upload your sitemap, return to the dashboard in Google webmaster tools and click “Add” under
the sitemap heading of the table.

You will be presented with a page that shows your website name, followed by a text box. Simply
type “Sitemap.xml” into the box and click submit sitemap.

Google will then find the sitemap we have attached to your website and index all of your existing
pages. This usually takes between 2 and 24 hours.

So within a day you will be listed on the search engine instead of being at the mercy of Google’s
waiting list.

Even though you are now listed, on Google. Your actual ranking depends entirely on Google itself
and how your website Content meets its criteria. Your website should be as descriptive as possible
and have loads of keywords. You can add more via the Content Management System. At the bottom
of every Edit Page there are boxes where you can add keywords.

If you need any more help with Search Engine Optimisation. Consider signing up for Google
Analytics, this is another Free Search Engine Tool from Google which allows you to track you
statistics and try to improve your ranking. For more information on Google Analytics, Search for
Analytics on

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