How To Sign Up for Municipal WiFi in Philadelphia

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					Philadelphia municipal WiFi is perhaps the most ambitious wireless project in the country. It was in 2004 when it was
announced that Philadelphia aimed to place the entire city which is a good 135 square miles in area under WiFi coverage.
The project was manned by EarthLink and soon enough Philadelphia became a WAZ or Wireless Access Zone and people
in this city got connected with low-priced wireless Internet service.

If you want to know how to sign up for municipal WiFi in Philadelphia, read these tips:

 Prepare the equipment. You will need a wireless router and a computer, preferably one with wireless feature. Laptops
  are commonly installed with wireless connection receivers but it is very seldom that a desktop computer has a WiFi set
 Check WiFi coverage. Log on to Philadelphia Wireless to see if your area is provided with WiFi connection. Look over
  the list of counties or streets that have wireless services, which list of subscribers is published on the website. Better still,
  ask around your neighborhood if they are connected to the municipal WiFi.
 Contact EarthLink. Find out from EarthLink if your community is listed under the projects for WiFi service in
  Philadelphia. Since EarthLink has a tie up with the city of Philadelphia, this server company surely is privy to such
  information. Aside from facts that you can gather from EarthLink regarding your neighborhood network, there is a lot
  more information regarding municipal WiFi scheme in the server’s website.
 Ask assistance. Get help from the city’s wireless committee to help you set up your access. To completely get
  connected with the municipal WiFi, you need to have your computer and router configured by technicians of EarthLink.
 Find places with WiFi connection. Try looking at for names of areas in Philadelphia that is covered by WiFi
  service, which is open for everybody. If you happen to be in these places, you do not need to sign up anymore as the
  WiFi connection is ready anytime. With this amenity, you will be able to lounge in coffee shops and restaurants and
  libraries while staying connected with the rest of the world. And with all this convenience, what you just need to have is
  your laptop and power charger. You can go to the city’s parks and avail of free WiFi link while sitting on the benches.
  Take your pick among Hunting Park, Martin Luther King Park, Vernon Park located in Germantown, West Fairmount
  Park and many other beautiful parks around the city of Philadelphia.

Try to negotiate for low price sign up scheme directly with EarthLink. Learn how you can be a member from their website.
If you are lucky to have WiFi in your locality, connecting to the Internet is as easy as pie. However if there is no WiFi
service yet in your place, just wait but be aware all the time so you will be one of the early registrants. WiFi projects in
Philadelphia and elsewhere in the United States is in progress and more states will soon be under this service scheme in the
near future.

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