Official Blogger iPhone App by MIrvanDikky


									Google Blogger has recently released their official iPhone app which allow the users to use
Blogger in iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

With the current version of Blogger iPhone app you can create new post with pictures from your
iPhone or you can take new picture directly.

Take have a look at some screen shots below:
You can download the Blogger app for iPhone in Apple App Store.

If you want to play with HTML/CSS codes within the post then this app might not be your
choice because its quite hard to type HTML/CSS in the post editor of Blogger iPhone app.
Therefore, its better to use Blogger in your PC instead.

Blogger iPhone app needs to be improved and it needs more advance options to make more user
friendly. Hopefully, Blogger will release another version of this app soon with more new
advanced options and features.

What do you say about this new Blogger iPhone app?

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