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					the new fleming’s 100™
                                   the new fleming’s 100
This year’s Fleming’s 100 — an award-winning collection of 100 wines by the glass — acknowledges the pleasure of discovering
a great wine at a great value. Personally selected by Director of Wine Marian Jansen op de Haar and her team of wine managers,
the list features wines of exceptional interest from around the world, including 30 wines available for $10 a glass or less.

                                  30 wines for $10 a glass or less

sparkling                                                         red wines of interest
SEGURA-VIUDAS, Brut Cava Aria Estate Spain NV                     PALACIOS-REMONDO, Rioja La Vendimia Spain, 2007
white wines of interest                                           d’ ARENBERG, The Stump Jump South Australia, 2007
LOOSEN BROS., Riesling Mosel Dr. L Germany, 2007                  PASCUAL TOSO, Malbec Mendoza Argentina, 2007
BERINGER, White Zinfandel California, 2007                        TENIMENTI ANGELINI, Toscana Tuttobene Red Italy, 2006
REDBANK, Pinot Grigio Victoria The Long Paddock Australia, 2008   syrah/sirah/shiraz
PONZI, Pinot Gris Willamette Valley, 2007                         PILLAR BOX, Red Padthaway Australia, 2006
PARDUCCI, Sustainable White Mendocino County, 2007                COLUMBIA, Syrah Columbia Valley, 2006
VERAMONTE, Casablanca Valley Chile, 2008                          VINUM, Petite Sirah Clarksburg Pets Wilson Vineyards, 2007
chardonnay                                                        zinfandel
RUFFINO, Toscana Libaio Italy, 2007                               XYZ, Zin 10 California, 2007
CANYON ROAD, California, 2007                                     merlot
PICKET FENCE, Russian River Valley, 2006                          RED DIAMOND, Washington, 2006
NEWMAN’S OWN, California, 2006                                    CLOS DU BOIS, North Coast, 2005
GLEN CARLOU, Paarl South Africa, 2008                             HOPE ESTATE, Hunter Valley Australia, 2007
pinot noir                                                        CHELSEA GOLDSCHMIDT, Dry Creek Valley, 2006
MARK WEST, California, 2005                                       cabernet/cabernet blend
IRONY, Monterey County, 2006                                      14 HANDS, Washington, 2006
                                                                  RUTHERFORD RANCH, Napa Valley, 2006
                                                                  PARÉS BALTÀ, Cabernet-Garnacha Penedès Mas Petit Spain, 2006
                                                                  ERNIE ELS WINES, Guardian Peak Frontier Western Cape South Africa, 2007

                SEGURA-VIUDAS, Brut Cava Aria Estate
                                                                                          CHANDON, Rosé Napa Valley NV
                Spain NV
                                                                                          Thank you, Pinot. Thank you for the pretty
                Just a short drive from joyous Barcelona, the first                       blush you’ve given this bold, vibrant sparkling
                gentle pressings of the three Spanish grapes are                          wine. Thank you for the structure you add that
                blended and crafted in the traditional Méthode                            provides the wine with backbone. Thank you
                Champenoise. The Macabeo grape provides                                   for creating a flavor that pairs perfectly with
                a fine, honeyed aroma. Parellada lends subtle                             seafood, shellfish and lamb. And thank you for,
                elegance, and Xarel-lo provides the backbone.                             well, for your pinkness. It adds just the right bit
                The result is this deliciously dry, sparkling Aria,                       of romance to a special evening’s celebration.
                ringing out in an emotional range of pineapple,                           Biodynamic/Sustainable
                honey, almond and straw notes. Sustainable

                                                                      white wines of interest
                                                                                          LOOSEN BROS., Riesling Mosel Dr. L
                SIMONNET-FEBVRE, Brut Crémant de
                                                                                          Germany, 2007
                Bourgogne France NV
                                                                                          “I want to taste the depth of the old vines.
                A Brut-lover’s cup bubbleth over. Made from
                                                                                          I want to experience the character of the
                Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grown in
                                                                                          vintage. I want authenticity; without it, a wine
                France’s Chablis region and crafted in the
                                                                                          is simply another beverage.” These are the words
                Methode Champenoise, this bubbly bottle of
                                                                                          of winemaker Ernst Loosen. He and his brother
                perfection is a reason to celebrate in and of
                                                                                          Thomas created this elegant and racy Riesling,
                itself. The profound bouquet yields aromas of
                                                                                          evoking the steep, slate-soil vineyards of the
                ripe yellow fruit, and the super-fine bubbles
                                                                                          Mosel Valley. Aromas of flowers, lime, nectarine
                gather for a long-lasting effusion. Here’s to this
                                                                                          and peaches burst forward in the nose, making
                wine’s score of 90 points from Wine Enthusiast,
                                                                                          way for sumptuous peach and melon on the
                and its coveted spot on their list of Top 100
                                                                                          palate. A perfect German translation of terroir.
                values. Sustainable

                GLORIA FERRER, Blanc de Noirs Sonoma                                      BERINGER, White Zinfandel California,
                County NV                                                                 2007
                Vibrant vines and sparkling wines spring to                               You’ve got to love a great pink wine. It doesn’t
                mind at the mention of the name Gloria Ferrer,                            apologize. It doesn’t make excuses for itself. It
                whose creations have brought back more than                               simply moves beyond any preconceived notions
                100 glittering gold medals in the last six years.                         you may have of its kind, and lavishes you with
                This hand-harvested Pinot-based wine is ever                              brilliant flavors and aromas—fresh raspberry,
                so faintly pink, creamy and complex, with bright                          citrus and melon. It pairs beautifully with all
                strawberry and black cherry flavors up front, and                         kinds of foods, and keeps its head held high.
                a lush mix of cherry, lemon and cola splashing                            (Whether it’s blushing, however, well, that we
                through the lively bubbles.                                               really don’t know.) Biodynamic/Sustainable

1                                                                                                                                               2
                                                          PONZI, Pinot Gris Willamette Valley,
    ZILLIKEN, Riesling Mosel Butterfly                    2007
    Germany, 2007                                         In all their winemaking activities, the Ponzi
    In Saarburg, a picturesque medieval town in           family shows the utmost respect and dedication
    Germany, the Zilliken family has been making          to the Willamette Valley. And in 2007, the
    Riesling wines for 260 years. Glowing and fresh       Valley returned that respect in the form of an
    as the sky on a late spring evening, this wine        absolutely spectacular, couldn’t-possibly-have-
    makes a great aperitif. A lovely nose of peach        been-more-perfect set of climatic conditions for
    and apricot introduces flavors of citrus, herb and    producing Pinot Gris. The result: spicy aromatics
    vanilla. Light but creamy, its apple-spiked finish    of clove, grilled pineapple, beeswax and yellow
    lingers in your mouth and tickles the tongue with     pear, then a full, creamy mid-palate with notes
    the lightness of a butterfly’s wing— a sensation      of green apple, quince and lemon zest, and a
    that inspired its name. Sustainable                   dreamy slide into the long, clean finish. Nice job,
                                                          Willamette Valley. Sustainable

    CONUNDRUM, California, 2007                           MASO CANALI, Pinot Grigio Trentino
    Oh, the problems of being too delicious. Poor         Italy, 2007
    Conundrum. Its powerful aromas of green apple,        There’s a saying in Trentino: “Pane e vino fanno
    tangerine zest and honeysuckle punctuate core         un bel bambino.” It means “bread and wine make
    flavors of apricot, melon, pear and light vanilla,    a beautiful baby.” Kind of gives you a sense of
    while balancing with the sparkling acidity of         the importance of wine in this region, and the
    citrus fruits. A lush, creamy mouth-filling texture   life-enhancing qualities of these grapes—a
    brings along luscious floral and bright tropical      portion of which local winemakers dry on racks
    fruit notes as it roars through to its beautiful      to concentrate the sugar and the flavors. With
    finish. Honestly, the biggest conundrum with this     a brilliant, light gold color and flavors of pink
    wine is trying to decide whether or not to uncork     apricot, lemon and pineapple, this wine is as
    another bottle. Biodynamic/Sustainable                charming as an Italian child.

                                                          PARDUCCI, Sustainable White Mendocino
    REDBANK, Pinot Grigio Victoria The Long
                                                          County, 2007
    Paddock Australia, 2008
                                                          From tree-free papers and soy-based inks to
    The Long Paddock is the old outback term for
                                                          solar energy, biodiesel tractors, recycled water
    the open road, where “drovers” were allowed to
                                                          and organic grapes growing on family farms,
    let their animals graze during a drought if their
                                                          Parducci is creating a model of quality and
    own land was too dry. What doesn’t kill you builds
                                                          environmental sustainability with their zero
    your character, as they say. What didn’t kill these
                                                          carbon environmental footprint. At the same
    Pinot Grigio grapes built a high-spirited, light-
                                                          time, they’re creating a heavenly white, laced
    to medium-bodied wine with a mouth-watering,
                                                          with the fresh flavors of citrus and melon. Chenin
    crunchy citrus mid-palate balanced with fruit
                                                          Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Muscat and
    sweetness and minerality, and aromas of spice,
                                                          Friulano grapes commune in this bottle of crisp,
    herbs, nashi pears and fresh white flowers.
                                                          clean, “green” vintage. Sustainable

3                                                                                                               4
    sauvignon blanc

                      VERAMONTE, Casablanca Valley Chile,
                                                                                          FRITZ, Russian River Valley, 2006
                      The wilds of Patagonia lie to the south. The
                      Andes mountains rise to the east. To the west,                      Like a brilliant yellow ray of sunshine, this
                      the Pacific Ocean pounds the coastline. And                         ebullient wine explodes with fruit—aromas of
                      somewhere in the middle of all that geological                      pineapple, lemon and honeysuckle mingle with
                      excitement, the Veramonte estate graciously                         flavors of citrus, passion fruit and ripe melon.
                      hosts Sauvignon Blanc grapes, making sure they                      Refreshing, crisp and as lovely on its own as it is
                      enjoy the ideal cool temperature to produce an                      paired with light foods, this wine’s bright-as-day
                      aroma of fresh stone fruit, accents of herbs and                    personality belies its beginnings in this family
                      white flowers, a medium body, and citrus melon                      winery built underground. Sustainable
                      and herb flavors that linger like the long notes of
                      an Andean flute.

                                                                                          TURNBULL, Napa Valley, 2007
                      JOLIVET, Loire Attitude France, 2007                                The Turnbull name goes back to the early 1300s
                                                                                          when a court member of Robert the Bruce saved
                      You’re sitting in a wrought iron chair on the                       the king’s life by “turning” a ferocious bull that
                      stone patio of a centuries-old chateau, taking in                   had threatened to gore the king. (“Turning” was
                      the sunset as it glows over the vineyards of the                    apparently a medieval term for “wrestling it to
                      Loire. You’re sipping a brilliant, pale straw-gold                  the ground.”) With the name, the king bestowed
                      glass of Sauvignon Blanc, noticing its aromatic                     a crest, emblazoned with the motto: Audaci
                      nuances of lime, grapefruit, green apple and                        Favet Fortuna, or “Fortune Favors the Bold.”
                      kiwi, and savoring its fresh flavors on your palate.                How true this motto is today as a descriptor of
                      You’re thinking, “Ah, the French. They certainly                    Turnbull’s bold Sauvignon Blanc, with its bright,
                      do have extraordinary Attitude.”                                    forward aromatics, delicate viscosity, and crisp,
                                                                                          clear finish. Sustainable


                      KIM CRAWFORD, Marlborough New
                                                                                          RUFFINO, Toscana Libaio Italy, 2007
                      Zealand, 2007
                                                                                          Near the medieval town of Monteriggeoni,
                      Kim Crawford thinks small. Grape-sized, to be                       Ruffino makes wines that bridge the old world
                      precise. His goal is to be there at the moment                      and the new. Official wine supplier to the Italian
                      when the grape is at its peak, preserve that                        Royal Court since 1916, they are masters of
                      moment in the bottle, and have it come alive                        classic winemaking techniques, which they now
                      in the glass. The Sauvignon Blanc grape that                        blend with new styles to create conversation-
                      comes alive here must have been a straw-green                       opening wines like this light and refreshing,
                      one, with aromas of ripe tropical fruits, citrus,                   complex pear- and citrus-flavored Chardonnay.
                      and freshly mown grass. With its fruit salad of                     Well balanced, it’s delicious as an aperitif, and
                      juicy flavors, this wine snagged a spot on Wine                     moves gracefully to the table for dinner with
                      Spectator’s Top 100 last year and fetched a                         seafood or poultry.
                      score of 91 this time around. Sustainable

5                                                                                                                                               6
    KUMEU RIVER, Village New Zealand,
                                                          PICKET FENCE, Russian River Valley,
    Founded by a Croatian man and his wife who
                                                          Like a perfect childhood in a sweet house with
    started a new life in New Zealand during WWI,
                                                          a picket fence, this winery gives its grapes an
    Kumeu River winery was born of reinvention.
                                                          ideal start in life, with the gentlest guidance as
    Their philosophy on winemaking has to do
                                                          they develop. Warm days, cool nights and foggy
    with constantly evolving the balance between
                                                          mornings mean slow ripening for sophisticated
    art and science. This vintage underscores the
                                                          flavor. Hand harvesting at night allows acidity and
    concept, with its lifted fruit aromas and its
                                                          crisp flavors to maintain their natural character.
    oh-so-Chardonnay touch of nuttiness. A nice,
                                                          Full of lemon, apple and pear, this balanced wine
    peachy ripeness on the palate complements the
                                                          is subtle, elegant and a neighborly partner for
    crisp, flinty character for a refreshing, cleansing
                                                          food. Sustainable
    quality. Lovely with fish and shellfish.

    CANYON ROAD, California, 2007
    As you drive down the meandering country              NEWMAN’S OWN, California, 2006
    roads of the California wine country, you need        Twenty-five years ago, Paul Newman bottled his
    a soundtrack. A mellow, but exciting bit of road      first product—salad dressing—in a wine bottle.
    music—one that anticipates the beauty that            With this product, he came full circle, back to
    waits around each curve. This Chardonnay is           wine bottles, only these are filled with wine.
    inspired by that kind of music. Its aromatic spice    No pretenses, just real, great wine, for real,
    notes evoke the browns of the earth. Ripe lime        everyday folks. That is, everyday folks who
    in the mid-to-late palate recalls the bright greens   appreciate a rich, complex Chardonnay with
    of the vineyards and the dappled light on the         exceptional balance, ripe apple, pear and citrus
    grape leaves. Enjoyed on its own or paired with       flavors with a hint of sweet vanilla oak, and a
    favorite foods, it’s a wine that leads to beautiful   crisp, dry finish. Profits from this wine benefit
    adventures. Sustainable                               thousands of charities worldwide. Sustainable

    SANFORD, Santa Barbara County, 2007
    The grapes for this wine might as well be
                                                          MERRYVALE, Napa Valley Starmont,
    growing at the intersection of Paradise and           2006/2007
    Nirvana. Their happiness is the result of an          Made from the hand-selected jewels of vineyards
    unusual east-west mountain valley that runs           throughout Napa Valley, here’s a Chardonnay
    from the vineyards to the Pacific Ocean, making       that truly shines. It’s aged in oak for 10 months
    way for a meteorological ebb and flow between         sur lie (on top of dead yeast…hmmm, could
    mountains and sea that’s ideal for cool-climate       this be where the term “surly” comes from?) to
    varietals. Intense but balanced, Sanford’s flagship   round out the texture and enhance complexity—
    Chardonnay is bursting with citrus and tropical       while still delivering a great big smack of fruit.
    fruit, with hints of crème brûlée. Smiles all         Sustainable
    around. Sustainable

7                                                                                                               8
    JORDAN, Sonoma County, 2006                                      GLEN CARLOU, Paarl South Africa,
    The Jordan winery began in the early 70s, when                   2008
    fine wine in California was in its infancy. Back
    then, the model wine estate was in Europe.                       Forty minutes from Cape Town, at the heart of
    So Jordan set about to emulate the European                      South Africa’s Paarl Valley, the summers are dry,
    traditions of winemaking. Classical architecture,                the winters are cold and wet, and the Chardonnay
    landscaping, and gardens inspire the winemakers                  grapes live a charmed life. Tended by winemakers
    to stay true their old country ideals. But the                   who balance technological expertise with good
    Russian River Valley gives the grapes their new                  old-fashioned instinct, these grapes lead to
    world brilliance. A Chardonnay born of old-                      wine with fresh lime green and yellow color,
    world techniques and California freshness, this                  green fruit-butterscotch aromas and refreshing,
    wine strikes a delicious balance between rich,                   full-bodied flavor with a mouth-watering citrus
    aromatic fruit and crisp acidity. Sustainable                    and light oak finish. Sustainable

    SONOMA-CUTRER, Sonoma Coast
    Russian River Ranches, 2007                                      LANDMARK, Sonoma-Santa Barbara-
    The Chardonnay grapes of the Russian River                       Monterey Counties Overlook, 2006
    Ranches must have done something good                            Founded by the great-great-granddaughter of John
    in a past life. Otherwise, they would never                      Deere (yes, that John Deere), this winery has the
    have been blessed with such perfect growing                      love of land in its DNA. Named after beloved Deere
    conditions. So the winemakers of Sonoma-                         family homes, Landmark and Overlook represent
    Cutrer have created a world-class Chardonnay                     generations of passion for what wine people call
    that reflects the grapes’ privileged soil,                       terroir. Arguably their finest Overlook Chardonnay
    climate and vintage. It’s a study in elegance                    to date, this vintage enjoyed an ideal growing
    and complexity: straightforward at first, then                   season, and the balanced acidity and creamy, fleshy
    evolving in the glass, developing new character,                 texture suggest its ability to keep aging beautifully.
    and gliding through to a long, exquisite finish                  Sustainable
    with beautifully balanced fruit and acidity.
                                                        pinot noir

    KENDALL-JACKSON, California Vintner’s                            A to Z WINEWORKS, Oregon, 2007
    Selection, 2006                                                  “Hello, my name is Oregon Pinot,” this wine
    Using grapes from Santa Barbara for their                        screams. Blended from the fruits of at least
    tropical fruit flavors, grapes from Monterey                     sixteen different Oregon Pinot Noir vineyards,
    for their lemon-lime flavors, and grapes from                    A to Z lets the personality of the region’s Pinot
    Napa and Sonoma for their apple and pear                         grapes shape this wine in their own image.
    flavors, Kendall-Jackson handcrafts this                         Deep, pure and overflowing with berries, it gives
    beloved taste of California, with its signature                  you the earth, the smoke, the spice and the lacy
    creamy, velvety texture. The venerable Robert                    violets of its home turf, while negotiating a truce
    Parker recommends it as a remarkable value.                      between richness and power. Biodynamic/
    Sustainable                                                      Sustainable

9                                                                                                                             10
     PAUL DOLAN, Mendocino County, 2006
     With aspirations of being America’s Greenest
                                                           LOUIS JADOT, Pinot Noir Bourgogne
     Winery, the partners of Paul Dolan run an             France, 2006
     operation where flora and fauna thrive on the         Harmonious and balanced, with a plump
     land, and the land thrives because of its flora       fruitiness and a silky texture, this Pinot is
     and fauna. Grapes aren’t the only ones who            French silk, woven of grapes from all over the
     love this kind of environment. In fact, Paul Dolan    Burgundy region. Complex because of its blend
     was recently named Winery of the Year by the          of grapes from the Côte d’Or, including Hautes-
     California Travel Association. Can’t experience       Côtes de Beaune and Hautes-Côtes de Nuits,
     the winery in person? Then experience it in           Côte Chalonnaise, and Auxerrois, this elegantly
     this interplay of wild berry, cherry, toasted oak     structured, medium-bodied Pinot Noir is like a
     and vanilla flavors splashing together in a glass.    Tour de France for the senses. Sustainable
     Certified Organic

     MACMURRAY RANCH, Sonoma Coast,
                                                           IRONY, Monterey County, 2006
                                                           As kids, Chris and Jay Indelicato worked the
     Remember Fred MacMurray? The single dad               family vineyard’s harvest because their parents
     in the TV sitcom, My Three Sons? This ranch           made them do it. They grew up, went off to
     was once his property. Instead of grazing cattle,     college, and forged careers that took them far
     vines now grace the land, but the wrought iron        from the land their grandfather planted in 1924.
     gate MacMurray made still greets his daughter         The irony is that today, they enjoy fulfilling lives
     Kate every day when she comes to work at the          working side by side in the family vineyard and
     winery— reminding us that raising good grapes         winery. This smooth, nicely layered Pinot Noir —
     is like raising good kids — it takes patience and a   with its aroma of berries galore and flavors of
     sense of humor. Aged in American and European         those berries, laced with toast and vanilla — is
     oak barrels, bright ruby-colored and redolent with    perfect for toasting life’s unexpected twists
     ripe fruit flavors, this rich, beautifully finessed   and turns.
     Pinot was definitely raised right. Sustainable

                                                           BELLE GLOS, Sonoma Coast Meiomi, 2007
     MARK WEST, California, 2005
                                                           Not everyone can honor their grandmother by
     Pinot for the People! This is Mark West’s             distilling the purest essence of a vineyard into
     rallying cry. This winery believes that great,        an elegant expression of California Pinot Noir.
     affordable Pinot — one that’s equally at home         But winemaker Joseph Wagner is the grandson
     on a celebration table as a picnic table —is not      of Lorna Belle Glos Wagner, a winemaker
     a luxury, but a right. And so their revolution has    herself, and co-founder of Caymus Vineyards.
     brought us this vintage, worthy of the name           The name of the winery is a tribute to her. This
     California, with its fruity-fruit-fruit aromas        Pinot’s black tea, black cherry and licorice on
     and flavor profile — rich cherry pie, raspberry       the nose and flavors of tea, ripe cherry, cola and
     preserves and ripe plum on the nose, and juicy        black licorice swirl together in a mix of tradition
     dark red raspberry, jammy strawberry and baked        and innovation. The medium-long finish is an
     peaches on the palate. Sustainable                    experience to be savored. Mr. Wagner, you’ve
                                                           done Grandma proud. Biodynamic/Sustainable

11                                                                                                                12
                                                                                d’ ARENBERG, The Stump Jump South
                         SCHUG, Sonoma Coast, 2007                              Australia, 2007
                         A native of Germany’s Rhine river valley, Walter
                                                                                It’s named after the South Australian Stump
                         Schug was raised in Assmannshausen, on the
                                                                                Jump plough, which can ride over stumps and
                         region’s only Pinot Noir estate. And although he
                                                                                gnarled Eucalyptus roots. Very important when
                         formerly crafted Joseph Phelps’ flagship Insignia
                                                                                one is anxious to put one’s grape vines in the
                         Cabernet, Pinot Noir has always held a special
                                                                                ground. In honor of this marvelous device, this
                         place in his heart. Schug’s Pinot passion is evident
                                                                                rich, ruby-red blend gives a nose of ripe juicy red
                         in this deep, complex blend, a gold medal winner
                                                                                fruit mixed with notes of dark cherry, Christmas
                         in the 2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine
                                                                                pudding (seriously!), green and white pepper
                         Competition. Its vibrant flavors, reminiscent of
                                                                                corns, plum and boiled rhubarb. The palate is
                         raspberry and cherry, pair exquisitely with any
                                                                                ripe, juicy and easy drinking — dominated by a
                         kind of grilled meat. Sustainable
                                                                                mix of red berries. The more it opens up, the
                                                                                more its dark, rich concentrated fruit characters

                         CAMBRIA, Santa Maria Valley Julia’s                    PASCUAL TOSO, Malbec Mendoza
                         Vineyard, 2007                                         Argentina, 2007
                         This pretty Pinot, named after the winemaker’s         In the 1880s, Pascual Toso left his home in Italy
                         youngest daughter, exhibits all the qualities          and put down his roots in Argentina. Now the
                         of a confident, captivating young lady. It             oldest and most prestigious winery in the nation,
                         blends cherries, blueberries, strawberries and         Toso works with famous Sonoma winemaker Paul
                         cranberries with dashes of cinnamon and vanilla,       Hobbs, crafting premium and super-premium
                         to the delight of all who taste it. Cloaked in         wines. A Wine Enthusiast Top 100 pick, this
                         velvety texture, it arranges floral components         100% Malbec puts you on a breezy rooftop
                         beautifully. Its acids are balanced, its tannins       deck above a flat in Buenos Aires, enjoying its
                         are graceful, and in general, it exhibits exquisite    deep, colorful charms over a great conversation
                         Pinot Noir manners. Sustainable                        with friends.

     red wines of interest

                         PALACIOS-REMONDO, Rioja La                             VOLPAIA, Chianti Classico Italy, 2005
                         Vendimia Spain, 2007                                   Fifty-two people, four churches, no priests, and
                         Spain’s Rioja region has been producing wine           a medieval winery cleverly built into, around and
                         since the 16th century, when Spain was the             through a tiny Tuscan hill town that dates from
                         most powerful country in Europe, experiencing          the 11th century. Welcome to Volpaia. Here, the
                         its most artistically prolific period. Made by         decomposing sandstone creates a soil condition
                         Spain’s celebrated winemaker, Alvaro Palacios,         the hand-harvested grapes obviously appreciate.
                         this red wine layers plum and lavender aromas          The vivid red wine, with its notes of red fruit
                         with flavors of fruit and florals, allowing you to     and hints of cherries, captures the flavor of the
                         channel the nation’s aesthetic sensitivity, past       grapes, as well as the extraordinary flavor of the
                         and present.                                           place.

13                                                                                                                                    14
                          TENIMENTI ANGELINI, Toscana                            PILLAR BOX, Red Padthaway Australia,
                          Tuttobene Red Italy, 2006                              2006
                          Everyone loves Tuscany. Even if you’ve never           Imagine blue and dark berries twining around
                          had the good fortune to visit the place, the mere      licorice vines, spearmint leaves and weaving
                          mention of its name awakens your senses —              in and around a cigar box. Okay, that’s this
                          preparing you for the pleasures of food, wine          wine’s nose. Now picture black currants, ripe
                          and the human experience. It is the essence of         blueberries, freshly grated orange rind, and
                          Tuscany itself that winemaker Mario Calzolari has      dark chocolate, beautifully arranged on a slab
                          managed to capture in this bottle. You can taste       of smoky oak. That’s the flavor. The tannins are
                          its sunny days, its warmth and Mediterranean           full, the palate is round, and the finish is a long,
                          flavors. The wine is named T   uttobene, a happy       harmonious moment of enjoyment that enhances
                          Italian word that means “all is going well.” Try it,   the flavor of any kind of meat.
                          and you’ll agree.

                          FAMILIA ZUCCARDI, Malbec Mendoza Q                     QUPÉ, Los Olivos Cuveé Santa Barbara
                          Argentina, 2006/2007                                   County, 2007
                          In Argentina, practically everyone is of some kind     Oh, remember the buzz about this wine when
                          of European descent. This Argentinean wine             it debuted in 1988? It made a big splash in its
                          reflects the country’s melting pot atmosphere,         first glass, and has been maintaining its critically
                          integrating complex aromas of red and black            acclaimed momentum ever since. Now in its
                          fruits like plums, blackberries, cherries and dried    20th vintage, it’s rich without being heavy,
                          figs on the nose. And on the palate, notes of          fruity without being cloying, and structured
                          vanilla, coffee, leather, eucalyptus and tobacco       without being tannic. With its flavor driven by
                          live together in harmony. A full-bodied wine           the attention-craving Syrah and Mourvèdre
                          with sweet tannins and well-balanced acidity,          varieties, Grenache is the trusty grape that
                          good structure and longevity. Amazing with a           holds it all together. Perennial greatness in a
                          good steak and a great group of friends from           glass. Organic/Biodynamic/Sustainable
                          different places. Organic/Sustainable

                                                                                 COLUMBIA, Syrah Columbia Valley, 2006
                          PETER LEHMANN, Clancy’s Barossa
                          Australia, 2005                                        Columbia’s winemaker emeritus, David Lake,
                                                                                 has been called the “Dean of Washington
                          Peter Lehmann has a nickname. He’s known as            Winemakers” by both Wine Spectator and
                          Australia’s “Baron of Barossa.” A fifth-generation     Decanter Magazine. Dean or no dean, you’ll
                          Barossan and a winemaker for more than thirty          want to take the time to study this fine
                          years, he’s been called a “legend in his own           example of American Syrah, and take note of
                          lifetime” by wine writer James Halliday. And           its distinctive complexity and character. If you
                          Clancy’s blend has become legendary as well,           like Australian Shiraz, you’ll love the berry bowl
                          having been selected to Wine Spectator’s “Top          aromatics and the jamminess of this vintage, not
                          100 Wines of the Year” no less than four times,        to mention the way it complements a steak.
                          and named to its inaugural list of the “World’s        Another great wine to add to the Dean’s list.
                          Top 100 Wine Values.” An exceptional, food-
                          friendly wine that’s easy to drink and easy to
                          love. Sustainable

15                                                                                                                                      16
                                                                               MEDUSA, Amador County Deaver Ranch
                 VINUM, Petite Sirah Clarksburg Pets                           Pig Pen Vineyard, 2006
                 Wilson Vineyards, 2007
                                                                               The son of Robert and Isabel Mondavi, Rob
                 This Petite Sirah grape is nicknamed “Pets” by                Mondavi spent his childhood playing among the
                 the veteran grape growers at Wilson Vineyards.                gnarled, twisted vines that must have reminded
                 So Vinum dedicated this wine to Ken Wilson’s                  him of the legend of Medusa, with her snakelike
                 pet dog —Tanker. Dark-colored, long-legged                    hair. Now that Rob has returned to the vineyards
                 and bold, this juicy, zesty, boysenberry-                     of his youth, the Zinfandel vines represent the
                 inflected wine has the potential to become your               absolute antithesis of evil, producing magical
                 best friend. Drink it tonight, or a few years from            wines. Despite its name, given for the fencing
                 tonight, and enjoy the thick tannins, wonderful               that keeps the wild boar from feasting on the
                 spicy notes and hint of fresh cracked black                   luscious fruit of the old vines, Pig Pen offers
                 pepper. If you had a tail, this wine would make               a pretty rose petal bouquet, and lots of ripe
                 you wag it. Sustainable                                       Rainier cherry flavor.

                 MEYER, Syrah Mendocino County, 2005                           SEGHESIO, Sonoma County, 2007
                 Matt Meyer, son of famous winemaker Justin                    The story of this wine begins in 1886, when
                 Meyer of Silver Oak fame, is married to Karen                 Edoardo Seghesio departed his family’s vineyards
                 Meyer. Between them they have logged                          in Piemonte, Italy, for a new life in America. He
                 oenological experience in Australia, New                      purchased a modest property in the Alexander
                 Zealand, Napa Valley, Willamette Valley,                      Valley, and planted the family’s first California
                 and Yorkville Highlands. The latter location is               Zinfandel vines in 1895. Today, the Seghesios
                 where they’ve chosen to blend their eclectic                  share their great-grandfather’s passion for what
                 experience into an impressive whole. This                     is now their 400 acres of vineyards, creating
                 aromatically intense vintage blasts red plums                 wines like this Northern Sonoma Zinfandel,
                 and boysenberries, sweetened with cassis. The                 which has made Wine Spectator’s Top 100
                 edges of the naturally ripe tannins have been                 Wines of the World three times. Well-defined,
                 polished by 20 months in oak, so the wine fills               outgoing fruit in both the aromas and the full,
                 your mouth easily and lasts long on the palate.               fleshy flavors give counterpoint to notes of dry
                 Organic/Sustainable                                           spices and briar. Sustainable
     zinfandel                                                        merlot
                 XYZ, Zin 10 California, 2007
                 They may be the toughest letters to deal with                 RED DIAMOND, Washington, 2006
                 in Scrabble®. But when it comes to Zinfandel,
                 XYZ goes down nice and easy. Ruby red with                    We could spend a sentence or two comparing this
                 the flavor of tree-ripe cherries, the wine opens              Merlot’s clarity and color to that of a sparkling
                 with an aroma of rose petals, juicy pomegranate               gem, but let’s just cut to the chase here: Wine
                 and warm brown sugar. Strawberry and plum                     and Spirits calls this one of the Top Ten Merlots
                 fruit storm the entry, leading to a plush mid-                in America. Winemaker Juan Munoz Oca has
                 palate avalanche of dark cherries and mulberries.             crafted a wine that celebrates this exquisite
                 You’ll sense some sandalwood, fresh bay leaf,                 grape for the individual that it becomes in the
                 and chocolate in there, too. XYZ describes their              Pacific Northwest — with cherry and cola on the
                 approach to this Zinfandel as combining “the                  nose, and red cherry, caramel and mocha on the
                 best of the old with the most alluring of the                 palate. Silky, approachable and easy to drink.
                 new, in pursuit of the divine.” This description
                 seems accurate to the letter.

17                                                                                                                                 18
                                                            MARKHAM, Napa Valley, 2005
     France, 2006
                                                            Everyone needs a best friend. One you want to
     Chateau St. Sulpice doesn’t have a website.            spend time with no matter what kind of mood
     They don’t have a blog, or an online shop or even      you’re in. This Merlot is that much fun, that
     a fan page on Facebook. Why? Because Pierre            interesting and that easy to get along with.
     and Christophe Duberge, the father and son             Layers of dark fruits with toasty vanilla oak
     winemaking team who run the Chateau, are too           notes standing next to firm, lush tannins partner
     busy making their amazingly full, fruit-centric,       especially well with meats — and seem even
     dense-in-the-mouth Bordeaux wine, thank                more appealing when you know that part of the
     you very much. A toast to life’s great offline         proceeds help Hurricane Katrina victims.

                                                            FROG’S LEAP, Rutherford, 2006
     CLOS DU BOIS, North Coast, 2005                        Dedicated to caring for the land and drawing the
     Clos du Bois translates to “enclosures in the          best from it without irrigation, Frog’s Leap is a
     woods”— an image this big, juicy wine might            terroir lover’s dream. Natural pleasures abound
     conjure. With its velvet touch, its taste might        in this elegant, balanced and restrained wine,
     remind you of a gingerbread house, with its            with its bright aromatics of ripe plum and cocoa,
     flavors of vanilla and spice. Its shingles are made    flavors of cherry and currants laced with cigar
     of tobacco leaves. Red currants, black cherries        box and dried herbs. Plush tannins sail through
     and plums ripen in profusion around the cottage.       to a smooth finish, making this one frog any
     An evocative Merlot with a loooong finish.             Merlot lover would be willing to kiss. Certified

                                                            CHELSEA GOLDSCHMIDT, Dry Creek
     HOPE ESTATE, Hunter Valley Australia,
                                                            Valley, 2006
                                                            Legendary winemaker Nick Goldschmidt makes
     Michael Hope was a pharmacist who dreamed              premium quality artisan wines in New Zealand,
     of refilling something more interesting than           Australia, South America and California.
     prescriptions. And so in 1994 he became a              Between supervising northern and southern
     winemaker, and now wine lovers all over the world      hemisphere harvests, he likes to spend quality
     are refilling their glasses with his wines, of which   time with his family. This powerful, beautifully
     this luscious Merlot is a stellar representative.      finessed Merlot is named after his oldest
     Every drop of the wine comes from grapes grown         daughter, Chelsea, who, according to Nick, is as
     on his estate — grapes that speak of plums and         red headed as the wine. It presents aromas of
     berries from within a dense, well-rounded palate       red cherry and blueberry, with sweet, ripe fruit
     of cherry, chocolate richness sparked with spicy,      flavors and long, silky tannins. Sustainable
     integrated oak characters. Sustainable

19                                                                                                              20
                                                                                  RODNEY STRONG, Sonoma County,
     OBERON, Napa Valley, 2006                                                    2005
     Which do you love more, chocolate or                                         Rodney Strong’s first love was dance. After
     blueberries? Don’t answer that. You can have                                 years of performing in Paris, his head filled with
     them both in this wine, a lucky beneficiary of                               the flavors and aromas of so many French wines,
     Napa’s ridiculously perfect growing season of                                he brought his grace and energy to winemaking.
     2006. It’s the kind of wine you can either sip by                            Here in Sonoma County, where growing
     an outdoor fire on a summer night, or pair with an                           conditions allow picky Merlot grapes to relax
     elegantly prepared steak. Its diversity of flavors                           and do their thing, winemaker Rick Sayre once
     make this wine ideal in just about any setting.                              more created a soft, rich Merlot with plenty of
                                                                                  backbone. Plum, blueberry and toasty spice play
                                                                                  on the palate as if choreographed. Sustainable

                                                               cabernet/cabernet blend

                                                                                  14 HANDS, Washington, 2006
     ROBERT SINSKEY, Los Carneros, 2004
                                                                                  Named after the height measurement of the
     A late summer heat wave intensified the flavors
                                                                                  wild horses that once made their home on what
     in 2004’s crop, making it a fruit-forward year.
                                                                                  are now their vineyards, 14 Hands produces
     And while this Merlot’s first line is fruit, there’s so
                                                                                  truly spirited wines, of which this Cabernet is a
     much more there. Complexities of earth, dried
                                                                                  stellar example. Grapes from the Horse Heaven
     herbs, cocoa powder (and fruit, fruit, fruit)
                                                                                  Hills and other areas of the Columbia Valley
     make this eminently agreeable wine deceivably
                                                                                  give this wine its special fleshy quality. Aromas
     easy to drink up now. The fact that the winery
                                                                                  of cherries and currants with subtle hints of
     switched to solar energy and reduced its carbon
                                                                                  spice and dried herbs. Fresh flavors of red fruit
     output makes it taste even better. Certified
                                                                                  accompany a touch of cocoa galloping through
                                                                                  to a finish marked with fine, round tannins.

     FLORA SPRINGS, Napa Valley, 2005                                             RUTHERFORD RANCH, Napa Valley,
     Like a perfect Napa Valley evening, this all-                                2006
     occasion wine is warm and soft and glowing
     with earthly pleasures. It reaches out to you                                Robert Parker is to wine as Warren Buffett is to
     with flavors of strawberries, chocolate-covered                              finance — people listen to what he has to say.
     cherries, raspberries and spice — layered with                               And according to Mr. Parker, Rutherford Ranch
     souvenir notes from French, American and                                     wines are “the best value in Napa Valley.” In this
     Eastern European oak. From a winery that’s been                              bottle of complex and balanced fruitiness, the
     growing vines for decades, and knows precisely                               ruby-colored Cabernet gushes with currants,
     where Merlot’s favorite soils are found. Yes,                                warm cinnamon spice and a dusting of cedar
     life is good. Certified Organic/Biodynamic/                                  at the nose. The concentrated flavors are the
     Sustainable                                                                  perfect match with steak.

21                                                                                                                                     22
     GREG NORMAN, Cabernet-Merlot                         FRANCIS COPPOLA DIAMOND
     Limestone Coast Australia, 2006                      COLLECTION, Claret California Black
                                                          Label, 2006
     Greg Norman’s name on a bottle means Greg
     Norman’s taste is represented in that bottle. So     Open on a British drawing room. An elegant
     one can safely assume that golf’s “Great White       couple is sipping dark red glasses of Claret
     Shark” likes his Cabs on the purple side, with a     beneath a portrait of their ancestors. Cut to the
     clean, powerful nose of cloves and a dusty dash      home’s exterior. We see that we are actually in
     of Aussie eucalyptus. He prefers his Merlot with     California wine country. And the wine, as it turns
     aromas of red berries, vanilla and violets — and     out, is a pure, ultra-premium California Cabernet
     a palate that confirms the nose of this blend —      blend — modeled after famous Bordeaux. Mocha
     medium-full body, and ripe tannins. Like the         and crème brûlée aromas precede flavors of
     man it’s named after, this wine is determined,       crushed berries, cassis, vanilla and wood. Full-
     easygoing and full of character. Biodynamic/         bodied and dry, it’s not just a drink, old chap. It’s
     Sustainable                                          a glass of history. Organic/Sustainable

     PARÉS BALTÀ, Cabernet-Garnacha
     Penedès Mas Petit Spain, 2006
                                                          B. R. COHN, North Coast Silver Label,
     Not far from Barcelona, three generations of
     passionate winemakers carry on the work that         2006
     began in 1790 at Parés Baltà. The Cabernet           Mellow and fun-loving, this true Sonoma-style
     and (Garnacha) Grenache grapes for this              Cab fills the senses with all that feels good.
     vintage grow on five estates around the winery,      It weaves notes of vanilla through lusciously
     in a diverse mixture of soils and microclimates,     full, rich berry and cassis fruit flavors. It adds
     pollinated by the family’s own bees, and cooled      complexity from its aging in French oak, and it
     by the breezes off the Mediterranean. It all         parties down with food, especially steak. No
     combines to create a deep red Cabernet blend         wonder — the proprietor has been managing the
     bursting with black currant and black cherry         Doobie Brothers since the ’70s. Rock on, Bruce
     fruit, a lush mid-palate, a supple finish, and a     Cohn. Sustainable
     personality as unique as the place from which it
     springs. Certified Organic/Sustainable

                                                          PRETTY SALLY, Cabernet-Shiraz Victoria
     ERNIE ELS WINES, Guardian Peak                       Australia, 2004/2005
     Frontier Western Cape South Africa,                  Pretty Sally was a feisty one. Remembered for
     2007                                                 operating an illegal bar on the western slope
     “Wine is like golf,” says Ernie Els, the winery’s    of Big Hill where the grapes for this wine grow
     eponymous proprietor, famous for his super-          today, Sally was far from the cute little thing
     stellar career in the sport. “In both endeavors,     her nickname calls to mind. Rather, she was a
     nature has the last ruling.” This wine, made from    sturdy woman of about 250 lbs. In her honor,
     grapes grown high up on Helderberg Mountain,         this Estate vintage is a big-boned gal of a Cab,
     yet within range of the salty Atlantic breezes,      blended with a spicy streak of Shiraz— offering
     reflects nature’s touch in its warm fruit flavors.   rich, dark fruit aromas that give way to a richly
     Made to appeal to the outdoor enthusiast, it’s a     textured palate of plum, black currant, and
     Cabernet that’s crafted to be enjoyed anywhere,      baking spices with shades of pepper and cumin.
     anytime.                                             Perfect for those who like ’em full-bodied.

23                                                                                                                24
                                                          CHÂTEAU SÉNÉJAC, Haut-Médoc
     CHATEAU STE. MICHELLE, Columbia                      France, 2006
     Valley Indian Wells, 2006                            A sip of this ruby potion is transportation to one
                                                          of those turreted stone chateaus in Bordeaux,
     Like Rudolf Valentino in The Sheik, this big
                                                          surrounded by fields of vineyards and sunflowers.
     charmer of a Cab emerges from the desert
                                                          The wine tells stories of generations past, when
     full of sweetness and star quality. Far from
                                                          the bread was baked in the wood-fired oven,
     Seattle’s rainy climate, the dry Columbia Valley
                                                          and served with vintages like this one — in
     nurtures the Chateau’s mature vineyards with
                                                          velvet-curtained drawing rooms where people
     warm days and cool nights. Winemaker Bob
                                                          whiled away their evenings singing to each other
     Berthau elicits from them this lovable hunk of a
                                                          and playing the harpsichord. A distinctly old-
     wine — comforting, yet layered with fascinating
                                                          fashioned wine, it has the brightness of cherries
                                                          and berries, a slightly tough edge, and plenty of

     DAN AYKROYD, Alexander Valley, 2007
     Like good comedy, a good wine works best             TREFETHEN, Double T Napa Valley, 2006
     when it takes you by surprise. Dan Aykroyd’s         “A lot of wine,” says Wine and Spirits magazine
     Cabernet, though produced in Sonoma, has             of this Bordeaux blend, with its plummy, jammy
     the unexpected elegance and complexity of a          nose, its cherry-berry flavor profile, and its
     classic Bordeaux. He adds Merlot for the soft,       smooth, chocolate-covered finish. Its name,
     fleshy berry and plum flavors, and Carmenère         Double T, derives from the configuration of
     to balance the tannins. Then it ages in French,      the vines on their trellises, but with a bit of
     American and Hungarian oak barrels for more          imagination, one begins to envision it as the
     complexity and concentration. Surprise!              brand of an old-time California cattle ranch.
     The former Blues Brother, Ghostbuster and            “Order a glass at a steakhouse,” the magazine
     Saturday Night Live cast member presents an          goes on to suggest. We couldn’t agree more.
     approachable, flavorful vintage that Cab lovers      Sustainable
     can take quite seriously.

     HESS, Napa Valley Allomi Vineyard, 2005              HALL, Napa Valley, 2006
     An art lover and collector, Donald Hess has          Kathryn Hall has been an ambassador, a
     created a wine that’s an artwork in itself. During   corporate attorney and an activist. Craig Hall
     this cool year with an above-average crop size,      is an entrepreneur, an art collector and author.
     fruit ripened slowly and hung on the vine a          Their winery’s visitor center is designed by Frank
     long, long time, which gave the grapes great         Gehry. Not surprisingly, their artisanal wine is a
     balance. The wine’s smooth, soft, round tannins      highly aesthetic, yet outspoken mash-up of rich,
     mean patience is no longer required. This classic    intense aromas and flavors. Currant, blackberry
     California Cabernet will be perfect tonight with     and cherry on the nose. Leather, nutmeg, plum
     steaks, chops or lamb. Sustainable                   and vanilla on the palate. Organic/Sustainable

25                                                                                                             26
                                                                                INNISKILLIN, Vidal Pearl Icewine Niagara
                           BEAULIEU VINEYARD, Tapestry Napa                     Peninsula Canada, 2006
                           Valley, 2005                                         Karl Kaiser, the studious, Austrian-born chemist,
                           From the winery that is part of the very fabric      and Donald Ziraldo, the Italian-Canadian
                           of Napa Valley wine culture, BV’s Tapestry           agricultural graduate teamed up to become the
                                                                                founding fathers of Canadian wine. In this northern
                           weaves five classic varietals — Cabernet             climate, it’s only natural that they would try
                           Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit             their hands at creating delicious icewine — the rare
                           Verdot and Malbec—into an elegant, beautifully       vintage so-named because the fruit hangs on the
                           balanced wine. Deep berry and cassis flavors         vines until winter and freezes. The frozen berries
                           are the background of the blend, while Merlot        are crushed and yield only a syrupy juice, leaving
                           adds round, black cherry and cocoa notes. The        behind the ice crystals. It’s this concentrated,
                           Cabernet Franc lends hints of violets and the        super sweet syrup that gets fermented.The result
                           Petit Verdot and Malbec dot the foreground           is as delicious and rich as holiday sweets, so its
                           with the color of rubies. This wine makes a          natural complements are fruit-based desserts.
                           delicious foil for grilled steak. Sustainable        Shining with flavors of nectarine, papaya, lychee,
                                                                                tangerine and orange blossoms.

                                                                                YALUMBA, Tawny Port Barossa Museum
                           CHATEAU MONTELENA, Napa Valley,                      Release Antique Australia NV
                           2005/2006                                            Five generations and more than 150 years have
                                                                                passed since Yalumba, Australia’s oldest winery,
                           It was a year beyond expectation at Chateau
                                                                                began making fortified wines. Four decades
                           Montelena. We’re talking a veritable tsunami
                                                                                ago, the winemaker began putting aside a few
                           of Cabernet grapes — 473 tons, to be exact.
                                                                                barrels of each year’s production of deluxe
                           And every drop delivered the quality, the flavor
                                                                                tawny ports. These wines are left to quietly
                           and the chemistry that it takes to create the
                                                                                mature in various corners of Yalumba’s marble
                           classic Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon — the
                                                                                cellars for an average of fifteen years. The
                           region’s original Big Kahuna. Dark, savory, deep
                                                                                master port blender, David Doc Zimmermann,
                           and fruity, with that old-school firmness that put
                                                                                then painstakingly assembles from them a rich
                           California Cabs on the map.
                                                                                tawny port, with its finely balanced sweetness
                                                                                and unique flavor. Sustainable
     dessert wines/ports

                           DOMAINE PINNACLE, Ice Apple Wine
                           Canada                                               FONSECA, Reserve Porto Bin 27
                           The unique combination of ideal summer apple         Portugal NV
                           growing conditions and cold Canadian winters         Bin 27 is the kind of port that elicits knowing
                           allows this family-owned orchard and cidery to       smiles from port lovers at the mere glimpse of its
                           create a wine like nothing else you have ever        black label. The winery’s family has been enjoying
                           tasted. Using a select blend of hand-picked          this special port for more than a century, but the
                           apples, harvested after frost, and their juice       public has only had the opportunity to partake
                           extracted naturally over the winter months,          since 1972. Its fine structure, full, velvety body
                           Apple Ice Wine is a bottle of stunning richness,     and lush black currant and cherry notes add a
                           complexity and balance. Equally wonderful as an      grand finale to any evening. Sustainable
                           aperitif, and with desserts of all kinds.

27                                                                                                                                     28
     CROFT, Tawny Port 10 Year Old Portugal
     Back in the 17th century, this winery was one
     of the first to fortify wine for the long trip back
     to Britain — a journey that was too much for
     flimsier wines of the time to withstand without
     losing their integrity. True to its long pedigree,
     this bottle of Croft promises seductive nuances
     of walnuts and hazelnuts, interlaced with dried
     fig, plum and apricot on the palate. Each glass
     overflows with flavorful reminders of adventure
     on the high seas.

     TAYLOR FLADGATE, Tawny Port 20 Year
     Old Portugal NV
     While a vintage port matures almost entirely in
     the bottle, an aged tawny evolves entirely in
     the cask — in contact with oxygen. A Tawny
     Port is blended from many harvests, and sits in
     large casks for many years before being bottled
     for its consumer’s enjoyment. The average age
     of the wines blended in this Tawny is 20 years.
     Taylor Fladgate cellars its tawnies in Portugal’s
     cool Vila Novo de Gaia area rather than the
     hot Douro valley, and the difference in climate
     creates a lush, rich, silky wine that pairs with
     cheese, nuts, coffee and chocolate desserts in
     ways your palate has never experienced before.

                                                           Wine on a Vine
                                                           All of Fleming’s 100 wines by the
                                                               glass can be enjoyed in flights,
                                                                   trios of small tastes. It’s an
                                                                    excellent way to compare
                                                                           flavors and discover
                                                                                 new favorites.


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