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					                                          C e l e b r At i n g 7 0 Y e A r s                          •        1938 – 2008
                                                                                                                                     January 8, 2010         ◆     Vol. 74, Number 1

                           Published semimonthly by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture •

The Producer’s Voice
By Bill Rowell                           Let’s talk about survival        Dairy industry. Balance.
Dairy Farmer of the Year, 2008        of the fittest, the process of          In early January 2009 Milk

                                      natural selection observed by       prices began a dramatic decline,
             e rely on history in     our friend Charles Darwin           in short order milk checks
             our search to move       which reminds us: It is not         were cut to less than half those
             forward, it recounts     necessarily the strongest or most   of 2008. Today we recognize
lessons of our success and failure    intelligent who survive but         volatility as a threat and an
and is littered with the many         those most capable of adapting      obstacle in the dairy business,
experiments, which put us here        to a changing environment           resulting from a continued
today. Some of the problems           which prove to be most fit          effort to produce milk beyond
we face today result from             and ultimately survive. The         market demand and of our
yesterday’s solutions and literally   argument suggesting survival        failure to observe signals            Brian Rowell (left) and Bill Rowell, owners of Green Mountain Dairy
at us waiting for a response          of the most fit is an efficient     indicating market need.
in order to move forward, a           means of achieving balance is           Our reluctance to recognize
lack of response confines us to       our first recognition of a need     the role played by surplus milk,         Dairymen largely ignore             milk to continue its upward
facing the result of our current      for balance and that’s exactly      which determines the price            information which in retrospect        trend and remain high until
dilemma in a repetitive cycle of      where our focus should be if        for all milk, has reduced the         proves to have been valuable;          2012. The upcoming year
crisis after crisis.                  we expect to stabilize the U.S.     number of operating dairy             the economic forecasts, the            will see an influx of 300,000
                                                                          farms in this country from            trend analyses and market              heifers join the national herd, a
                                                                          648,000 in 1970 down to               signals are not observed in a          result of sexed semen breeding.
                                                                          78,000 in 2006 and today only         business like manner which             During 2012 milk prices are
                                                                          54,000 remain. During 2006,           comes at the expense of                expected to decline back to $11
                                                                          Economists predicted a dairy          producers. After nearly a year         per hundredweight (cwt) for
                                                                          crisis would occur in 2009,           of crisis on the farm, the price       lack of a management plan, and
                                                                          the next to follow is expected        of milk is showing an increase         once again rely on survival of
                                                                          during 2012 and was forecast          but remains below the cost of          the most fit to provide balance.
                                                                          then as well.                         production. Economists expect
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                                                                            116 State Street
The Rowell Family                                                           Montpelier, Vermont 05620-2901

                  InsIde ThIs Issue
  Specialty Crop Block Grant          Hay and Forage: Page 8.
  Program: Page 2.                    Market Report: Page 9.
  Classifieds: Begin on page 3.       Vermont Vegetable &
  Dairy Promotion Programs            Berry News: Page 10.
  Approved: Page 7.                   Facing the Financial
  Employment Documents for            Realities of Bringing in the
  All Employees: Page 7.              Next Generation: Page 12.

                                                                                      POSTMASTER: Send address change to: Agriview, 116 State Street, Montpelier,VT 05620-2901
2                                                                                                                                                                             January 8, 2010

The Producer’s Voice                            of communication, they are not      retribution, or ultimately          the legislative process, taking       milk products in the United
continued from page 1                           represented with any sense of       the loss of market share.           too long to produce results           States could be supplied by
                                                urgency for several reasons:        During times of milk surplus        often not representative of the       800 farms milking 10,000
    There is an inherent conflict                                                   cooperatives maintain a cautious    dairymen’s real interest.             cows each, farm numbers are
                                                1) They do little to stimulate
of interest between dairy food                                                      relationship with processors and       Oversupplying the market           decreasing with each cycle,
                                                   political interests.
processors and dairy producers,                                                     rightfully so.                      with cheap food at their own          dairymen need a management
the group controlling the                       2.) They remain relatively              National Milk Producers         expense creates no sense of           plan and a voice.
milk controls the industry                          complacent during crisis        Federation (NMPF) serves as a       urgency for anyone to help the           The Dairy Price Stabilization
and producing beyond market                     3.) They pose no immediate          lobbyist organization working       farmer. Remember, everyone in         Plan is a budget neutral
demand results in the farmers’                      threat to anyone except         on behalf of dairy cooperatives     this picture is enjoying profit,      management tool capable of
loss of control. During the                         themselves.                     to ensure adequate markets for      business as usual, everyone           stabilizing the dairy industry.
present crisis, processors are                                                      a burgeoning supply of milk.        except the farmer.                    The dairy price stabilization
enjoying profit and market                         Dairy Co-ops were                Our Congressional delegates are        Ensuring an abundant supply        Plan would save billions of
control while producers are                     organized to represent the          concerned for the stability of      of fresh food on a regional           dollars in government funding
depleting equity at a rate of                   interests of their producer         an adequate food supply in this     basis is of vital importance to       and spare farmers the anguish
$800 million per month in                       members and for the most            country and prior to calling for    the well being of our country.        of relying on survival of the
order to produce milk well                      part do a fine job. However,        corrective action to improve the    While allowing the market to          most fit.
below the cost of production.                   the dairy co-ops are at a           system they demand consensus,       determine our needs we appear            Find your voice, Join the
    Dairy food processors make                  disadvantage in the marketplace     warily protecting their political   to be inadvertently off course        effort to stabilize the U.S. Dairy
significant contributions to                    representing the producer’s         capital before venturing forth.     and headed in a direction most        industry and protect our food
stimulate political interests, they             voice; they operate in fear         The working relationship of         of the country will later find        supply.View the plan at www.
employ lobbyists and rely on                    of political ramifications,         such groups is reminiscent of       unacceptable. The demand for
industry experts to maintain a
control over the dairy industry
which is closely held and
fiercely protected.
    Those who profit from
cheap milk maintain control
                                                       Specialty Crop Block Grant Program
of the dairy industry relying
on the dairyman’s inability to
achieve consensus and speak
                                                                   2010 - 2011
with a unified voice, they will
resort to divisive measures
among the co-ops and National                   Contact: Helen Labun Jordan           Agriculture (see following        Solely Enhance the                    Specialty crops are plants
Milk Signaling Washington of                    (802) 828-3828                        sections for letter of interest   Competitiveness of U.S.               that are intensively cultivated.
the discord. The loss of industry                   requirements)                     or U.S. Territory Grown               There are many plants that are

control amounts to billions of                                                        •	 These	letters	of	interest	     Specialty Crops                       specialty crops when cultivated,
dollars, maintaining control                           etters of interest are now        will allow VAAFM to               The USDA describes                 but are also collected from wild
requires big money and political                       being solicited for the           screen those not eligible      “Specialty Crops” as “fruits and      populations. Wild plants are not
influence, control is profit.                          Specialty Crop Block              for the SCBGP, are a           vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits   considered specialty crops even
    Dairy farmers are in a                      Grant Program (SCBGP).                   better fit for other funds,    and horticulture and nursery
desperate situation and their                       This program is administered         or might be combined           crops, including floriculture.”                     continued on page 11
voice lacks an effective means                  by the US Department of                  through a collaborative
                                                Agriculture through state                effort before final                         Crops that are not considered
                                                departments of agriculture. Each         proposals are developed.                       specialty crops include:
                                                state collects proposals through
                                                                                    •	 April	1:	 VAAFM returns
                                                a competitive grant process and                                                          Alfalfa                          Peanuts
                                                                                       comments on original
                                                then submits a final proposal                                                            Barley                          Primrose
              (UPS 009-700)                                                            concepts
                                                to the USDA in a State Plan.                                                             Borage                           Quinoa
     Agriview is Vermont’s Agricultural         The USDA then works with            •	 May	1:	 Final applications                      Buckwheat                       Rapeseed oil
           Publication of Record.               state departments of agriculture       due (see following sections
    It is published semimonthly by the                                                                                                   Canola                       Range grasses
                                                to ensure that the State Plans         for application requirements)                   Canola Oil                           Rice
           Vermont Agency of
     Agriculture Food & Markets,                match the federal guidelines.       •	 July	15:	Final decisions                          Clover                             Rye
               116 State Street                     A full overview of the             announced for the State Plan                      Cotton                       Safflower meal
       Montpelier, VT 05620-2901.               program is available online at                                                       Cottonseed oil                    Safflower oil
         Telephone: (802) 828-2416     under        •	 August	1: State Plans                         Dairy products           Shellfish (marine or freshwater)
            Fax: (802) 828-3831                                                        submitted to USDA. Some
                                                Grants Rules & Procedures                                                                 Eggs                           Sorghum
            RogeR Allbee,
                                                (2010 Guidance Document).              modifications may be needed                     Field corn                      Soybean oil
     Secretary of Agriculture
     Editor: Kelly Loftus, 828-3829                 We strongly encourage              based on USDA feedback.                  Fish (marine or freshwater)              Soybeans
      email:           reading the USDA documents          •	 October	1: Federal funds                           Flax                         Sugar beets
    Agriview is available online at             first before preparing a project       become available.                                Flaxseed                        Sugarcane                  proposal.
    Advertising and subscriptions:                                                                                                        Hay                         Sunflower oil
              Teresa Doyle                                                          What Projects Are                              Livestock products                    Tobacco
    E-mail:            Timeline for Proposals              Eligible?                                            Millet                             Tofu
       Yearly subscription: $15                 & Funding:                             The following guidelines are                 Mustard seed oil                       Wheat
           The State of Vermont is an
               Equal Opportunity/               •	 March	1: Letters of interest     taken from the USDA guidance                          Oats                          Wild Rice
    Affirmative Action Employer and Provider.
                                                   due to the VT Agency of          document. Projects must:                           Peanut oil
January 8, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                 3

                                                                              15 heifers for sale. Due the end of        in the spring. $1200 or possible       to develop skills and knowledge.
                                                                                February and March. 7 Holstein,          trade for hay. Also 8 month old        E-mail:
   Advertising in Agriview                                                      2 jerseys, and 6 Jersey/ Holstein        bull calf (son of the above) ready     or call (603) 448-2379 (1/13)
                                                                                crosses. Bred to registered jersey       to breed your cows this spring.
   Classified Ads: Free to subscribers only, limited to two ads per issue,      bull 25-30 months –good legs –           good looking friendly animal         Wanted - Farm Manager. Award-
       ads will run for two issues. Must include subscriber number with         from a good herd.                        $800. Saxtons River (802)869-         winning cheese creamery look-
                                                                                                                         3062 (1/27)                           ing for an experienced hand
       ad request (number appears at the top of the mailing label)
                                                                              Contact –Brian Perron 802-525-                                                   to manage the entire herd of
   Deadline For Ads: 10 days prior to the publication date.                     4455 (1/13)                            Holstein bred due late summer           Oberhasli goats -- from winter
       January 13, 2010 for the next edition.                                                                            2010, small but easy handler this     maintenance through kidding,
   Classified advertisements must be sent:                                    Bred heifers due early Feb. 1 Jersey,      will be her second calf, she is       milking, pasture manage-
       •	By	mail:	(see	address	on	page	2)                                       1 Jersey/Holstein X - $800. Joe          3.5 years old, can hand milk or       ment, breeding and drying
       •	By	e-mail:	(to	Teresa	Doyle;                 Lee, Marshfield (802) 426-3339           machine, she had a very easy first    off. Housing available. Salary
       •	By	fax:	(802)	828-3831                                                 (1/13)                                   birth in 2009 and a wonderful         negotiable depending on depth
       •	We	do	not	accept	classified	ads	over	the	phone.                      Holstein Bull, handled daily, 9            calf. call 603-523-7104 this is in    of experience and career com-
       Only items of an agricultural nature will be listed. The only real       months old. Jersey Bull, 8               canaan, NH (1/27)                     mitment. Please send resume to
   estate which will be listed is tracts of Vermont land of five acres or       months old. $50. each or trade                                                 angela@considerbardwellfarm.
                                                                                                                       Lovely gentle 6 yr. old Jersey cow,     com
   more which are being used or can be used for agricultural purposes.          for hay. Call (802) 839-9189             dry now, sue 4/10. Great hand
       The Secretary reserves the right to make a final decision on the         Marshfield (1/13)                        milker, stands quietly out in the    Equipment
   eligibility of items listed. The editor reserves the right to censor       Pure bred Highland cow, red -              field. Moderate producer as a        Portable propane heater with ther-
   and edit ads. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and                    $600; Pure bred Galloway cow,            grass-fed cow. Has horns, but          mostat. $25.00. Newbury, NH
   Markets assumes no responsibility for transactions resulting                 white - $600; 15 month black             she’s mild-mannered and polite.        603-763-9422. . (1/13)
   through advertising in Agriview. Advertisers are cautioned                                                            Nice family cow. 6 mo. – 1 yr.
                                                                              Galloway heifer - $400; 25 month           lease also possible. Loving home     For Sale: New in the crate
   that it is against the law to misrepresent any product or
                                                                                Highland X heifer - $350; 20             a must! Liz (802) 439-3377             metal dome roof for 16ft
   service offered in a public notice or an advertisement                                                                                                       silo, $2100.00; International
                                                                                month white Highland bull -              (1/27)
   carried in any publication delivered by the U.S. Mail.                       $300. All hand fed. Hillsboro,                                                  Harvester model 115 mid-
                                                                                NH - John Lind (603) 464-              Dogs                                     mount sicklebar mower,
                                                                                5895 (1/13)                            ASCA Australian Shepherd pupe.           $1350.00; 7 and 1/2ft flat bed
Cattle                                    Or call (802) 827-3693. (1/13)                                                 Three male red merles, born            truck body with 5th wheel cut
I have two real nice Hereford/Santa                                           Hereford heifers, 7 mo. old - $400;        April 21, shots and wormed -           out $400.00. Rutland, Joe, 802-
                                       Organic Jersey Heifers cheap! We         Jersey bull, 1 yr. olf - $300; Cross
   Gertrudis cross bulls 18 months                                                                                       $300. each. One red merle male         770-0959 or jjdenardo@com-
                                         have (1) short bred organic jersey     Brown Swiss/Holstein, 1 yr. -
   old just right for breeding or                                                                                        born July 11, has a full tail also (1/13)
                                         heifer for $700. We have (1)non-       $300. Call at 7:00 a.m. (802)
   the freezer. They are real nice                                                                                       - $300. Call (802) 728-3202
                                         certified bred jersey heifer for       883-2243 (1/13)                                                               2001 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel
   chunky animals. $600 apiece,                                                                                          Randolph Ctr., or e-mail: cur-
                                         $500. Also (2) registered Milking                                                                                      Dually farm truck: 4x4, 5 speed,
   take you choice. Call Robert at                                            Beef catttle: heifers, steers and bull (1/13)
                                         Devon bulls both proven breed-                                                                                         130,000 miles, engine brake,
   802-439-6179. (1/13)                                                         calves born April-Nov. from
                                         ers $2000 each. All animals are                                               Employment                               well used steel flatbed, set up
Very nice PB Belted Galloway             fence trained and in great con-        Angus, Belted Galloway Texas                                                    for Fisher 9’V-plow (plow not
                                                                                                                       Young, energetic, capable female
  Heifer Calf, Full Belt, 6 months.      dition. Photos available. Email        Longhorn and Scottish Highland                                                  included). The truck has six new
                                                                                                                         seeks employment in dairy farm-
  Sire/Dam on site. $700.00 603-          cows. Come choose out your                                                      tires, recent body, brake and
                                                                                                                         ing or other large animal agri-
  763-9422 . (1/13)                      Or call (802) 827-3693 . (1/13)        next year’s beef or breeding                                                    front-end work. Asking $5600
                                                                                                                         cultural setting. UVM graduate
                                                                                stock. Don’t have the time?                                                     OBO. (1/13)
Hereford Herd Reduction Sales:         For Sale: 2-3 Jersey Cows in milk                                                 (BS 2005) and registered nurse,
                                                                                Put down a deposit and we’ll
  Calves, steers, cows; grades or        -we are overstocked. $800-                                                      looking at major career change
                                                                                raise the calf for you on our                                                 Surge Eclipse milker claws.Very
  purebred. Grass fed, healthy and       $1200. Green Wind Farm,                                                         to pursue long-standing interest
                                                                                high quality feed. Saxtons River                                                good condition. $75 each. IH
  friendly. Panton,VT (802)989-          Fairfield; 802-933-4592. (1/13)                                                 in large animal husbandry. Have
                                                                                (802)869-3062 (1/27)                                                            56 blower. Good for sawdust.
  2958 or (802)759-2050. (1/13)                                                                                          had good introduction to milk-
                                       Reg Irish Dexter heifer w/1st                                                                                            $100 OBO. Truck body – 18ft
                                                                              20 very nice Holstein - Jersey Cross       ing and dairy cattle handling, but
                                         calf,5wk bull, friendly & would                                                                                        dual purpose. Good for silage
Angus calf cow pairs $1200 or best                                              bred heifers, 1 Holstein bred            am looking for further training
                                         make good family cow. Asking                                                                                           or heavy enough for gravel.
  offer call Geo 802-763-7446.                                                  heifer. All have been pregnancy
  (1/13)                                 1700.00 pair Full blood Irish          checked. 6+ months bred to 4
                                         Dexters; heifer 7 months and           months bred . Also, Registered
20 very nice Holstein - Jersey Cross     steer 5 months old. Asking             Angus Bull. Sire Bando 1961.
  bred heifers, 1 Holstein bred          $975.00 and $500.00. Both are          Excellent bull, 18 months old
  heifer. All have been pregnancy        handled daily. Call Rockingham         from long line of AI bred moth-
  checked. 6+ months bred to 4           (802) 463-4909 or email                ers. Greensboro,VT. 533-2208
  months bred. Greensboro,VT.   . (1/13)           or 533-9804. (1/27)
  533-2208 or 533-9804. (1/13)
                                       Hereford Herd Reduction Sales:         Certified organic open heifers-
Registered Angus Bull. Sire Bando        Calves, steers, cows; grades or        Holstein “Lee” BD 2/6/09 $800
  1961. Excellent bull, 18 months        purebred. Grass fed, healthy and       holstein/jersey “Ruby” BD
  old from long line of AI bred          friendly. Panton,VT (802)989-          3/28/09 $600 holstein/jersey
  mothers. Greensboro,VT. 533-           2958 or 802)759-2050. (1/13)           “Whiny” 5/15/09 $400 Dams
  2208 or 533-9804. (1/13)
                                       3 Black Angus heifers for sale           have DHIA records since 2/09
Organic Jersey Heifers cheap! We         $500.00 each. Born April 2009.         closed herd for 3 years not AI
  have (1) short bred organic jer-       Also selling cow/calf com-             sired Call Sam at Martin Farm
  sey heifer for $700. We have (1)       bination. Great bloodlines,            802-433-6232 leave message will
  non-certified bred jersey heifer       gentle, trained to single strand       return (1/27)
  for $500, and (2) open Jersey/         of electric. Call 802 222 9667       Registered top of the line Belted
  Devon cross heifers $500 each.         Bradford (1/13)                        Galloway Bull for sale. 3 1/2
  Also (2) registered Milking
                                       Hereford Bull for sale. Proven, gen-     years old, approx 1400 lbs. Show
  Devon bulls both proven breed-
                                         tle, electric fence trained.Born       quality animal and proven pro-
  ers $2000 each. All animals are
                                         2/21/2007. Park Place Farm,            ducer of excellent calves. Gentle
  fence trained and in great con-
                                         Orwell (802) 948-2157 (1/13)           with people and cows, halter
  dition. Photos available. Email
                                                                                trained and ready to go now or
4                                                                                                                                                                                 January 8, 2010

    Hydraulic tailgate. $3500 OBO.       Ferguson 175 make offer Bruce          each or bo; 2 – 60 lb DeLaval             & condensor for walk in cooler          Grain bins: Brock – 10 ton & 8 ton;
    (802) 897-8201. (1/13)               Martin 802 433 6232 leave mes-         milk pails - $50. each. Call (802)        - $450. obo. Brookfield (802)             Columbia 6 ton; Ferguson 30,
                                         sage (1/13)                            325-3295 (1/13)                           276-3227 (1/13)                           excellent shape, all new rubber;
13 HP kohler Horizontal Engine-                                                                                                                                     45 WIC feed cart, all rebuilt, like
  less than 10 hours run time          Boom for small truck with hand         Tractor bucket, 2, 7 ft. - $100. each;   4 ton grain bin, 8 ton Brock bin,            new; 20 ft. tandem kicker wagon;
  Asking $450. Wood’s Quick              winch. $250.00 or BO. Call             used tractor tires, no. of sizes,         10 ton grain bin, two kicker              16 ft. all steel kicker wagon; 16
  Attach lift plate for 255 Loader       Gary at 635-9550 in Eden.              24, 28, 30 34 rim size; 530 Case          wagons, one 20 ft., one 16 ft., all       ft. round bale wagon; 24 ft. hay
  Asking $350.00 Call 802-463-           (1/13)                                 diesel tractor, 55 hp, bucket,            steel; hay elevators all lengths; 4 x     elevator, like new; 100 ft. eleva-
  4909 or email valview@comcast.                                                spear, Canadian chains - $3000;           14 Leader arch with pans, com-            tor. Call 323-7398 (1/27)
  net. (1/13)                          Plastic and steel 55 gal drums.          wood splitter, 30 ton - $800;             plete. Call (802) 323-7398 after
                                          $6.00 each. Call Gary at 635-         brand new air compressor, 5.5             8 p.m. (1/13)                           MF 1085, 75 hp, always been under
1992 MF 364S FWD Tractor w/               9550 in Eden. (1/13)                  hp, industrial - $800; two double                                                  cover, complete new motor job,
  Loader & forks 374 hrs. $10,500                                               axle trailers, flat bed, 20 ft. long   ’84 Ford 2110- diesel-40 hp-                2900 hours, excellent condi-
  1975 INT CUB restored w/             For sale - set of 12 - 4 - 28 double                                               4WD w/ ldr….$8500. Kub
                                         ring tractor chains, excellent         - $1,000; cattle trailer, 14 ft box                                                tion - $9,500. 1949 Farmall H
  belly & sickle bar mower $3,500                                               - $1,000; 1 axle trailer, 7’x12’          L245DT- diesel- 4WD- w/ ldr-             - $2,000. D. Moore (802) 592-
  1953 INT Super H 12V w/                condition $200, Pawlet (802)                                                     exc…$7800. Kub B7100- die-
                                         325-3312 (1/13)                        - $300. Call at 7:00 am (802)                                                      3356 (1/27)
  snowplow & chains $1500 3Pt.                                                  883-2243 (1/13)                           sel- 4WD- snowblower & deck
  hitch tree planter $1000 6ft.        Fuel skid tank, 1,000 gal., double                                                 mower…$2900. “99 Ford F450              Universal pipeline - $1,000; Houle
  Tufline box blade (heavy-duty)         wall, 10 gage, like new, $1,500.     200 gallon fuel tank with gasboy            Super Duty- w/ 15’ dump-die-              gutter cleaner CW - $500; H&S
  $1000 5ft.CELLI PTO spade              OBO, 802-626-9719 (1/13)               pump - $275. obo; New Holland             sel-6 spd trans- exc……$4800.              Tandem Spreader, 3 yrs., excel-
  cultivator $2500 FoBro PTO                                                    skid steer, Wisconsin gas engine -        JD Front mount 4’ snow-                   lent condition - $8,000; Air
  lifter/harvester for bulbs, pota-    1958 case 400 tractor runs very          $3000.; Chevy, GMC, Ford, one             blower- exc…$895. Ken Young,              compressor, ex. cond. - $200.
  toes $1000. Benson 802-537-            good 3 point eagle hitch p.t.o.        ton 16” wheels - $40. @. Call             Springfield 802-885-4000                  Joe Lee, Marshfield (8020 426-
  3970. (1/13)                           gas $2,500. or best offer. Would       (802) 236-4917 (1/13)                       (2/10)                                  3339 (1/27)
                                         take a good horse stock trailer
Greenhouse/Barn Ventilation: 1-36”       or a wood splitter in trade.         New ring chains for farm trac-           Ford 8N tractor. Runs well. $1500.         Farms & Farmland
  exhaust fan and 2-32” alumi-           Hinesburg (802) 453-2947 or            tors - $200/set (big rings). New         New Holland square baler. $500.          Chelsea Farmland: 60 acres (15ac
  num intake louvers with motors.        238-0877 (1/13)                        tire chains for lawnmowers               Saxtons River (802)869-3062                pasture, 45ac woodland, incl.
  Excellent condition. Large                                                    and snowblowers - $50/set.               (1/27)                                     sugarbush). Southern aspect,
  enough for 25’ x 96’ green-          1973 Loadstar 16 x 8’6” flatbed          (Purchased dealer inventory)                                                        extensive woods roads, small
  house. $200 each or $400 for all.      dump body truck. 60,000 miles,         Jim Tucker, Springfield (802)          MF50 - $2,500; MF35 - $3,000;
                                                                                                                                                                    brook, unfinished 14’x26’ post
  Brandon 247-6630. (1/13)               good cab, frame, tires and bed.        885-4669 (1/13)                         MF135 - $2,500; MF IND 20 -
                                                                                                                                                                    & beam cabin frame, In Current
                                         24,000 gvw, two speed rear end,                                                $5,000; Case 320 blade & winch
                                                                                                                                                                    Use. $170,000. Contact Andy
2001 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel               hydraulic brakes, power steering,    1 set used skidder ring chains, fits      - $3,000; Int. W4 - $2,500; JD
                                                                                                                                                                    Harper (802) 353-6111 or email:
  Dually Farm Truck: 4x4, 5 speed,       this truck is in run good and           18.4x34 or smaller, very heavy         420 IND - $6,000; JD 1931 JP -
  130,000 miles, engine brake,           is in great shape and ready for         duty - $400. firm. 250 gallon          $8,000; JD grain binder - $1,500;
  well-used steel flatbed, set up        work. Asking $3,500. (802)              fuel tank with hand pump -             AG 4 row no till corn planter
  for Fisher 9’V-plow, plow not          376-5474 or rod@dayspring-              $200. 1 pair of aluminum side          - $1,500; 2 AC 40 combines -              E. Haverhill, NH – Possible organic
  included. Six new tires, recent (1/13)                         mounted tool boxes for 6 foot          $4,000 lot. Alstead, NH (603)                property! No prohibited mate-
  body,brake, and front-end work.                                                truck bed - $250. 1949 Farmall         835-6816 (1/27)                              rials used past 20 years, 24.6
  Asking $5600 OBO. Call:              7 ½ foot Fisher minute mount              Super A carcass, nearly complete                                                    Acres, 8 acres mixed wood lot,
  Chelsea,VT 802-685-2202.               snow plow, old type hydrau-             - $350. Jim Tucker, Springfield       Belt Conveyor for sawdust or
                                                                                                                                                                     balance mostly “Prime Ag Soil”
  (1/13)                                 lic lift. Best offer. Randolph          (802) 885-4669 (1/13)                   silage, about 70’, new drive end
                                                                                                                                                                     on flat open fields, trout stream
                                         Center (802) 728-3202 (1/13)                                                    and motor - $750; Patz piston
                                                                                                                                                                     flows through. 26x26 horse barn,
Gallagher M400 Fence Charger.                                                 Rock bucket,Vreten Models, 6’, 3”          manure pump, 10 hp motor,
                                       H&S tandem spreader, 3 yrs.                                                                                                   garage, hay shed. Pretty 7 rm.
  Hardly used. In original box.                                                 spacing between tines - $900.            good condition – best offer;
                                        old, exc. condition - $8,500.                                                                                                1840’s cape dwelling, new fur-
  $200. Waterville,VT (802) 730-                                                Kubota wheel weights, 200 lbs.           Valmetal 120 stationary mixer,
                                        Universal pupe line - $1,000.                                                                                                nace, 2 woodstoves, baseboard
  4184 (1/13)                                                                   for M-Series tractor - $100.             very good condition - $1,900.
                                        Houle gutter cleaner CW                                                                                                      hot water heat. Great location,
                                                                                Tractor tire chains, both sets           Cambridge (802) 644-5974
Rabbit Cages: All Wire Stacking,        - $500. Portable air compres-                                                                                                beautiful property. Price Firm at
                                                                                used once, one set fits 16.9x34,         (1/27)
  hanging, transport and house          sor, exc. cond. - $200. Joe Lee,                                                                                             $249,000. Call (603) 989-3364
                                                                                the other was on JD 3020 -
  rabbit styles. Made in USA from       Marshfield (802) 426-3339                                                                                                    (1/27)
                                                                                $75. each set. Eight foot round
  14 gauge Galvanized after weld-       (1/13)                                  bale feeder, never used - $180.
  ed wire. Our deluxe “favorite                                                 Alaskan chainsaw mill attach-
  cage” model is available with        Tire scraper (rubber only) - $400.
                                                                                ment, fits 36” bar, never used
  urine guards, slide out drop pans,     or bo; Surge model SP11
                                                                                - $125. Halifax,VT (802) 258-
  and Stackable legs. Please see         vacuum pump (no motor) -
                                                                                2296 (1/13)
  cage photos, specifications and        $150; new thrifty dipper - $50;
  ordering information at http://        Westfalia Metatron control 7161-     8x8 walk in cooler, made out of           5985-130 (new) - $1,200; 2             wood, make good produce cool-
  gessupplies.htm (1/13)                 Lapp non freeze waterers - $100.       er - $350. obo; Large compressor
For Sale: semen tank. works $125
  obo Wheel wheights for Massey
January 8, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                  5

Feed                                     or 802-376-6801 Chester,VT               help you in return. For more           Email:           use. Shafts are 73” x 35 1/2”
Quality dry 4x4 round bales. Pick        (1/27)                                   information and to join, please        Phone 518-475-0335. . (1/13)         (802) 525-1188 West Glover
 up at farm or delivery available.                                                visit:                                             (1/13)
                                       I have 1000 bales of late, 1st cut hay     group/farm-sit. (1/13)               For Sale – Doe kids from excel-
 Also 4x4 round silage bales.
                                          for sale. Bales are assorted sizes                                             lent milking does of 5 different   Solar-powered, frost-free waterer,
 Please call Chester 802-875-
                                          with timothy and red clover.          Icelandic lamb. Certified organic,       breeds - $40. each. Discount if      25 gal., portable, never used -
 3855 or 802-376-6801. (1/13)
                                          $275 per hundred. Delivery can           100% grass fed freezer lambs          purchasing 4 or more. Mountain       $400. Halifax,VT (802) 258-
Tight center 4x4 double-wrapped           be arranged. Call Terry – (802)          available. Considered a gourmet       Road Farm, Craftsbury,VT             2296 (1/13)
  round bale silage appox. 1200#          287-5500 or e-mail: slatehill14@         meat, Icelandic lamb is tender        (802) 586-2857 (1/13)
  1st cut in june 12-14%p about  (1/27)                         and mild. Taking orders for half                                         Llamas & Alpacas
                                                                                   or whole lamb, cut to your spec-    OBERHASLI GOATS - 10 robust,         Snow White Alpaca! 7 yr old.
  25/$35.00, 2nd cut 5 left
                                       Round Bales – Dry – Under                   ifications and cryovac wrapped.      bright eyed, 8-month old doe-         White Male Alpaca. Ready to
  $45.00,3rd cut $45.00 3 left.
                                         Cover – Cert. Organic - $35. D.           Half lamb-- $9.00 per lb. Whole      lings from registered Oberhasli       be shorn. Not fixed. Super
  Call Charlie in Brookfield, 802-
                                         Moore (802) 592-3356 (1/27)               lamb-- $8.50 per pound. Mid          milkers. Can be bred. $100 per        friendly, no spitting or kicking.
  249-1532 (1/13)
                                                                                   December delivery. Please call       or $150 bred to proven bucks.         Great pet!!!! $400. Wilmington,
                                       Hay - 4x4 Wrapped Late Cut -                                                     Consider discount on two or
Feed for Sale: 4x4 baleage, wrapped;                                               Kathy at 802-244-5679 or email.                                            VT (802) 464-3762 (1/13)
                                         $25. Mulch - $10. Joe Lee,                                                     more. Four bred registered
  1st cut-$30 ea., 2nd-$45 ea., 3rd-                                     
                                         Marshfield (802) 426-3339                                                      Oberhasli yearlings -$150 per.      Poultry
  $50 ea. Loading available. Dan                                                   (1/13)
                                         (1/27)                                                                         Four registered Oberhasli milk-     Order your certified organic pas-
  Powers, Monroe, NH. 603-638-
  2443 (1/13)                                                                   SOFTWOOD BEDDING – Pick                 ers at $200. All bred in Oct.         ture-raised turkey for Christmas.
                                       General                                    up at farm or delivery available      and Nov. Will have exc. breed-        Also offering certified organic
Hay for sale - 1st and 2nd cut         Mohair and wool rovings for hand
                                                                                  by dump truck or tractor trailer.     ing stock next spring from three      pasture-raised gourmet French
  square bales 40-50 lbs. From          spinners, or select from a variety
                                                                                  Please call for price and delivery    proven bucks. Happy to nego-          chickens, French Muscovy ducks,
  fertilized fields. No rain damage.    of hand spun yarn. Mohair rov-
                                                                                  info. Please Call Chester,VT          tiate. Call Angela at Consider        African French guinea fowl, grass
                                        ings $7.50/4 oz, Sheep $4/4 oz.
1st and 2nd cut wrapped round                                                     802-875-3855 or 802-376-6801.         Bardwell Farm, 802-645-0932           fed beef and grass fed milk fed
                                        Handmade soap with Vermont
   bales. From fertilized fields.                                                 (1/13)                                or email angela@consider-             Veal. Applecheek Farm, Hyde
                                        goat’s milk $4/bar.Visit us at
   No rain damage. Box trailers         www.WickedGoodFarm.etsy.                                               (1/27)              Park 802-888-4482 applech-
                                                                                Early order prepay Blue River corn                                   or www.
   welcome. Easy access. Possible       com. (1/13)                               seed & King’s Agriseed for-          Horses &
   delivery. Contact –Brian Perron                                                                                                                   http://
                                                                                  age seeds. organic & untreated.      Other Equine                 
   802-525-4455 (1/13)                 Northern Vermont Farm-Sitting
                                                                                  Charlie at 802-249-1532 (1/13)       Perfect Christmas Pony! 10 yr.         (1/13)
                                        Network: Come join our free
2009 First cut round bales, early       network to exchange farm-               Blueberry bushes 10 northern             0ld, 10.1 hands Mare Appaloosa
  June cut, 100 +/- available. Sam                                                                                       Pony. Used for pony rides for      For sale - Fresh, oven ready, free
                                        sitting with other small farms            highbush varieties. Grown
  Lincoln, Randolph Center, 802-                                                                                         the past 4 years. Great tempera-     range, Heritage turkeys for the
                                        in northern VT. Each member               successfuly on our farm in
  793-1206 (1/13)                                                                                                        ment. Has done trail rides in        holidays, approximately 7 to 12
                                        earns farm-sitting points by sit-         Lunenburg two year old plants
                                                                                                                         the past. $600. Wilmington,VT        lbs, $5 per pound, Pawlet, (802)
                                        ting for a neighboring farm.              18 to 30 in high 1500 available
Dry 4x4 round bales. Pick up                                                                                             (802) 464-3762 (1/13)                325-3312. (1/13)
                                        These can be used to “pay” other          April 23, $12.00 each Discount
  at farm or delivery available.        members for farm-sitting. Help
  Also 4x4 round silage bales for                                                 on orders over 100. BIZ-Z-           Suffolk/Belgian cross mare, 9yrs     Experience the satisfaction of eat-
                                        your neighbors and they will              BEE FARM, 1346 Colby Rd,                                                    ing organic, humanely raised,
  sale. Please call 802-875-3855                                                                                         old, 15+hands, rides and drives,
                                                                                  Lunenburg,VT 05906 – Call              single or double, used year for      grass fed meats and pasture-raised
                                                                                  802-892-7731 (1/27)                    pulling firewood but hasn’t been     poultry with Applecheek Farm
                                                                                                                         touched since. Good feet, no         Meat CSA. Shares now available.
                                                                                Goats                                    health issue. $800 OBO 453-          The perfect gift for someone
                                                                                Kid goats wanted, can take up to                                              you really love. Contact us 802-
                                                                                                                         6428 (1/27)
                                                                                  30 at one time. Should have had                                             888-4482, applecheek@pshift.
                                                                                  at least 2 colostrum feedings and    Horse Equipment                        com or visit www.applecheek-
                                                                                  be strong enough to ride for         Horse size sleigh for sale $900.00 (1/13)
                                                                                  about an hour. Contact for cur-        F.St.Amant sleigh from
                                                                                  rent price and meeting locations.                                         Bantams, several purebred breeds,
                                                                                                                         Pierreville. P.Q. Always stored
                                                                                                                                                              some crosses - $1. to $5. each.
                                                                                                                         inside. Restored and ready to
                                                                                                                                                              Call (802) 439-5966 (1/13)
                                                                                                                                                            Rabbits for Sale! Angora, Mini-
                                                                                                                                                              Rex, Fuzzy Lops still available
                                                                                                                                                              in time for the Holidays! Call or
                                                                                                                                                              email for more info. Wilmington,
                                                                                                                                                              VT (802) 464-3762 (1/13)
                                                                                                                                                            Show Quality Angora Bunnies:
                                                                                                                                                              German Angora, Giant angora,
                                                                                                                                                              and German hybrid angora bun-
                                                                                                                                                              nies for sale. Bred from show
6                                                                                                                                                                          January 8, 2010

    quality purebred pedigree sires    WANTED - 7” filter press for              pigs 8 and 10 weeks old $50.00         Contact Jim @ (802) 985-3295         just the levers and handles, then
    and dams; Great for show, wool      maple syrup. Cast iron ok                each would trade for spring beef       (1/13)                               we are willing to take measure-
    or companionship. We offer offi-    if price is right. Call Art              calf. 4 rosters pigs 110 pounds. 1                                          ments so we can have them
    cial Pedigree, lifetime support,    (802)492-3653 Shrewsbury,VT              white boar 115 pounds $130.00.       WANTED – 4x8 raised flue pan.          made for our stalls. Please call
    wool harvesting handling demo                                                Hinesburg (802) 453-2947 or           3x8 or 3x10 or similar sugar rig.     802-223-5401. (1/27)
    and care manual included with      4 x 14 Leader arch with pans, com-        238-0877 (1/13)                       Call Splitrock at (802) 563-2084
    purchase. Reserved bunnies            plete. Call (802) 323-7398 after                                             (1/13)                              Wanted - 1500 or 2000 gallon bulk
    picked up by appointment in           8 p.m. (1/13)                        Piglets, born Oct. 3, 2009, wormed,                                          tank for sap storage. Call Matt
                                                                                  cut and iron shots - $60. each.     WANTED – 3ph, 7 ft. disc mower.       in Enosburg at (802) 933-4865.
    southern Vermont. Please visit     Original Grimm set - 3x8 raised                                                 Call Pittsford (802) 483-2319
    our website at http://ewepo-                                                  Call (603) 256-8422 (1/13)                                                (1/27)
                                         flue SS soldered back pan, 3x3                                                (1/13) (1/13)                 reverse flow SS soldered syrup        Piglets – Born Oct. 3, 2009, cut,                                           WANTED – Chain harrow to pull
                                         pan. Added a D’Allaire TIG               dewormed and iron shot - $50.       WANTED: Used Clay Barn                with horses, to drag fields. 16
Sheep                                    welded SS reverse flow 3x3.              each. Call W. Chesterfield, NH       Cleaner or Clay Barn cleaner         or 24 foot hay elevator in good
Certified organic, 100% grass fed                                                                                      parts. Greensboro,VT. 533-
                                         Front pans have slight scorch, but       (603) 256-8422                                                            working condition. Liz (802)
  Icelandic lamb for sale. Tender                                                                                      9804 (1/27)
                                         used successfully for ten seasons.                                                                                 439-3377 (1/27)
  and mild, considered a gourmet                                               Wanted
                                         Three new cross flow 18”x3’                                                  WANTED - Looking for Jersey/
  meat. We are taking orders for                                               WANTED - 7” filter press for                                                WANTED – Pop-up saw or slab
                                         syrup pans used for one season.                                               Angus and Jersey/Hereford cross
  half or whole freezer lambs                                                   maple syrup. Cast iron ok if                                                saw with single 20” blade. Bolt
                                         Entire package - $3000, want to                                               calves up to 500 lbs. One or
  cut to your specifications and                                                price is right. Call Art (802)                                              Mill for sawing 8 ½ foot 10”
                                         keep it a set. Cross flows alone                                              several. Bulls, steers and heif-
  cryovac wrapped. Half lamb--                                                  492-3653 Shrewsbury,VT                                                      logs, must be complete works.
                                         were close to $2000 new. Easy                                                 ers. Let us know if you will
  $9.00 per pound. Whole lamb--                                                 (1/13)                                                                      Alstead, NH (603) 835-6816
                                         access in Jeffersonville, and ready                                           have some in the future as well.
  $8.50 per pound. Delivery mid                                                                                                                             (1/27)
                                         to go on your arch. Can e-mail        WANTED - Seed cleaner. Call             Guilford (802)579-3834 (1/27)
  December. Breeding stock
                                         pictures, Jeffersonville 644-8373      Geo (802) 763-7446. (1/13)                                                 WANTED – Cheap horse for
  available also. Proven rams and                                                                                     WANTED - Surge Diagonal
                                         or 540-3762 days (1/27)                                                                                            9 year old daughter that loves
  ewes, ewe lambs and ram lambs.                                                                                       Milking Stall Parts.We are in
                                                                               WANTED - Looking for stainless                                               horses. Needs to be trained,
  Kind Horn Farm. Please con-          800 Gallon SS Bulk Tank, needs                                                  need of the handles and levers to
                                                                                steel milk cans at least 5 gallon                                           very docile/gentle, and in good
  tact Kathy at 802-344-5679 or          removal from milkhouse -                                                      open our Surge milking parlor
                                                                                capacity. Need them to store                                                health. Cambridge (802) 644-
  email           $800. 300 Gallon SS Bulk                                                      gates. If you do not want to sell
                                                                                milk for very small dairy. Please                                           5974 (1/27)
  (1/13)                                 Tank, no outer shell - $300.           call West Newbury (802) 429-
                                         East Roxbury (802) 485-8717            2537. (1/13)
Icelandic Breeding stock available.
   Proven rams, mature ewes, ram
                                                                               WANTED - Manure spreader, box
   and ewe lambs and bred ewes.        Taper 42x8, galvanized 20 ft. stack,     type with end gate, 100 to 200
   Kind Horn Farm. Please call           4 ft. doors and front, cast iron       bushels, Wells,VT 802-645-
   Kathy at 802-244-5679 or email.       Vt. Evaporator grates, 40” for 4’      0865 (1/13)               sugar rig, good shape - $500. or
   (1/13)                                best offer. Bradford (802) 439-       WANTED - MC Rotary mower
                                         5568 (1/27)                            and water bowls whole units
For Sale – A very well bred Suffolk
                                                                                prefered 802 433 6232 Bruce
  Ram, 2 yrs. old, from sound          swine                                    Martin leave message (1/13)
  breeding. A great ram for devel-     Piglets for sale, $50 each. Both
  oping a good flock of Suffolks          females and cut males weaned         WANTED – LeRoy Air
  – Price $200. Lyman Noble,              and ready to go. From produc-         Compressor 150, towable unit,
  909 Granville St., Poultney,VT          tive sows. Electric fence trained.    for parts or running, need
  05764 (1/13)                            Please call (802) 584-3087.           hydraulic oil cooler, radiator.
                                          Ryegate,VT. (1/13)                    Call (802) 236-4917 (1/13)
Sugaring Equipment
For Sale: Raised flue 5X14 sugar-      2 pigs ready to butcher would sell      WANTED – Feeders, 400 to
  ing rig. Ex. Cond. $4500.00;            or trade for spring beef calf. 16     600 lbs, Angus and Angus X.
  Gathering Tank 8 Barrel.
  $600.00. Call Enosburg (802)
  933-2096. (1/13)
Small Brothers 4 x 14 Evaporator
  - raised flue 802-773-6671 .
Two galvanized WATERLOO SAP
  TANKS in very good condi-
  tion. One is 900 gals. for $400,
  the other is a 1200 gal. for $600.
  Williams Farms, Cornwall, 802-
  462-2470. (1/13)
Raised flue 5X14 sugaring rig. Ex.
  Cond. $4500.00. Gathering
  Tank 8 Barrel. $600.00. Call
  Enosburg Falls,VT (802) 933-
  2096 (1/13)
Vacuum pump,Sap Sucker hose
  pump w/ 2 heads, 3/4 hp.
  Good for about 200 taps, can
  produce vacuum of over 20”hg.
  $250. Call Art (802) 492-3653
  Shrewsbury,VT (1/13)
January 8, 2010                                                                                                                                                                    7

       Employment Documents for All Employees —
        Citizens and non-Citizens Working on Farms
By Dennis Kauppila and            ers may now use the revision           genuine. Form I-9, page 5,           Form I-9 be kept for three          aliens cannot get a legal Social
Glenn Rogers                      from 2/2/09 or 8/7/09. (If you         lists the documents necessary        years from the date of hiring,      Security card or number.
UVM Extension                     don’t have access to the web,          to prove an employee’s identity      or for a year after the employee    However, sometimes they – and

                                  ask your tax preparer for the          and employment authorization.        leaves. Employers are to copy       others - use a Social Security
        ack in November,          form, or ask your local library        If the employee has a document       documents of ALL employees          number from someone else.
        2009, U.S. Immigration    to download the form for you,          from List A (a passport is the       or NO employees, not picking        If your employees are work-
        and Customs               or call Dennis Kauppila, UVM           best), that is all that is needed.   and choosing which to copy          ing, they are supposed to be
Enforcement (ICE) visited         Extension at 800-751-8307.)            If the employee does not have        and which not to copy as this is    paying into Social Security
five Vermont farms to inspect         Form I-9 is supposed to            a document from List A, they         a form of discrimination.           on that number unless specifi-
the employment documents          be filled out for EVERY new            need to show a document from             There are two free, voluntary   cally exempted by law. Taxable
of employers and specifically     worker hired after 11/6/86.            List B AND a document from           programs for employers who          wages paid to foreign employ-
making sure that all Form         There are 3 parts to the form.         List C. List B includes: and         want to verify the accuracy         ees working in the U.S. are
I-9s and W-4s are in place. In    The first part, Employee               U.S. driver’s license, ID issued     of information given to them        subject to the same income
April, 2009, the Department       Information and Verification,          by a state or local government,      on Form I-9. The first is the       tax withholding requirements
of Homeland Security decided      is to be filled out by the             voter ID card and more. List         Social Security Administration      as U.S. citizen employees, and
to focus on I-9 audits to         employee, with name, address,          C includes: Social Security          Verification Service, informa-      they are reported on Form
crack down on those thought       a check box concerning their           card, certain birth certificates,    tion is available at   W-2, Wage and Tax Statement,
to be hiring illegal workers.     citizenship status, and signed         employment document from             employer/ssnv.htm. The veri-        regardless of the alien’s tax resi-
However, this is NOT just for     and dated. The second part             Homeland Security, and more.         fication is done on the phone.      dency.” (National Income Tax
illegal workers. All employers,   is the Employer Review and             The employee chooses which           The second is “E-Verify” which      Workbook, 2009).
whether agriculture or not,       Verification. The employer             documents to show.                   is run by the Department of             Finally, all employees must
must have I-9s and w-4s in        looks at identification pro-               Part 3 is used for Updating      Homeland Security with Social       pay income taxes (if they meet
place for ALL employees.          vided by the employee, records         and Re-verification of an            Security. It is internet based,     certain minimums) and it is the
    Form I-9 is the Employment    document titles, numbers, and          employee. It is filled out when      search for E-Verify on the web.     employer’s responsibility to have
Eligibility Form and is avail-    expiration dates, then signs and       an employee is rehired, or their     Please note that both of these      on file a W-4 to determine how
able on the web at www.uscis.     dates the form.                        name changes, or their employ-       programs are voluntary.             much to withhold from each
gov/files/form/i-9.pdf. These         Part 2 is the difficult section.   ment authorization expires and           There are penalties for         employee for income tax. In
forms have changed over time,     This is where the employer             is reissued.                         employers who have know-            addition, all employees must
our understanding is that the     looks at documents and signs               Employers are required to        ingly hired illegal aliens. The     receive a W-2 at the end of the
form has a revision date in the   the form verifying that the            examine the documents and            penalty for the first offense is    year.
lower right corner and employ-    documents APPEAR to be                 record information from the          no less than $250 and not more          A news release from the
                                                                         documents. Employers must            than $2,000 for each unauthor-      U.S. Department of Homeland
                                                                         sign a statement that says, “The     ized alien. The penalty for the     Security from Nov. 19, 2009,
                                                                         above listed documents appear        second offense is not less than     says, “Audits involve a compre-
                                                                         to be genuine.” Nobody               $2,000, and not more than           hensive review of Form I-9s,
                                                                         expects employers to be coun-        $5,000 for each alien or citizen.   which employers are required
                                                                         terfeit document experts. In         Then subsequent offenses will       to complete and retain for each
                                                                         addition, it is against the law      not be less than $3,000 and not     individual hired in the United
                                                                         to discriminate against any          more than $10,000 for each          States. I-9 forms require
                                                                         individual- ALL employees            unauthorized alien or citizen.      employers to review and record
                                                                         must fill out the I-9. By sign-      There are penalties for employ-     each individual’s identity and
                                                                         ing, employers verify that the       ers who discriminate between        work eligibility documents and
                                                                         documents appear genuine, and        qualified applicants. These pen-    determine whether the docu-
                                                                         to the best of the employer’s        alties are as high as $16,000 per   ments reasonably appear to be
                                                                         knowledge, the employee is           individual discriminated against.   genuine and related to that
                                                                         authorized to work in the                Note that “All aliens who       specific individual.” “We are
                                                                         United States. If the employer       can be legally employed in          increasing criminal and civil
                                                                         does not believe the documents       the U.S. are eligible to receive    enforcement of immigration-
                                                                         are genuine, the employer is         Social Security numbers, and        related employment laws and
                                                                         not supposed to hire the per-        their wages are subject to          imposing smart, tough employer
                                                                         son. Employers may make and          FICA taxes.” (A few catego-         sanctions to even the playing
                                                                         keep photocopies or scans of         ries of workers are exempt:         field for employers who play by
                                                                         the documents, but this is not       students, vocational students,      the rules.”
                                                                         required. It is required that        and exchange visitors.) Illegal
8                                                                                                                                                                                January 8, 2010


                      Agriview Hay and Forage Directory
Addison County                          Orwell - 1st and 2nd cut haylage,                                              Franklin County                             Bonnie at 685-7733 or 685-4821
                                          1,500 tons, excellent test. Paul          Need to update your                Bakersfield - 2008 wrapped 4x4              days Monday thru Thursday;
Addison - 3rd cut small square            Stone (802) 948-2277 (1/09)                                                                                              685-2292 nights and weekends
  bales, reeds canary/clover mix,                                                   hay ad? If so, e-mail                bales $20/bale, call 802-827-
                                                                                       4418 (4/15)                               and all day Friday. (1/09)
  20% protein, excellent quality,       Orwell - Big square bales, 3x3, first
  $4.50/bale. Call (802) 759-2480         cut 2009, processed and pre-           or fax it to (802) 828-3831           Enosburg Falls – Organic 4x4              Corinth - Dry small square bales,
  (6/09)                                  servative, $130 per ton at farm.                                               wrapped bales, 1st cut - $40/             1st and 2nd cut quality mixed
                                          Peter or Paul Stone, Orwell                                                    each; Organic 2nd cut square              grass from liquid manure spread
Addison - Large square processed          (802) 948-2277 (6/09)                 Hinesburg – 2009 Crop, horse                                                       fields. Call Rich Oconnell at
  bales: $50.00 per bale. Also have                                                                                      bales - $5.00; Mulch hay -
                                                                                  hay, square bales, timothy, mixed                                                OCONNELL FARM, Corinth
  unprocessed bales. At the barn                                                                                         $2.50/bale. (802) 827-3276
                                        Orwell - 400 square bales mulch           grasses, small percentage alfalfa.                                               (802) 439-6435 (9/09)
  in Addison. S. L. Moore (802)                                                                                          (10/09)
                                          hay. Park Place Farm. (802) 948-        $3.00/bale at the barn, delivery
  463-3875 (8/09)                         2157 (12/09)                            available. Call (802) 310-4840       Fairfax - Straw (oats or wheat)           Randolph Center - 2009 Round
                                                                                  (7/09)                                  and hay for sale, processed, large       Bales – 4X4 wrapped silage, 100
Addison - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cut hay,       Starksboro - 1st cut square Bales -                                                                                        cut early June, 100+ later cut.
  both round and big square bales.                                                                                        square bales. Will load you or
                                           $3.00 a Bale. Also Mulch avail-      Hinesburg - 6000 square bales of                                                   Sam Lincoln, Randolph Center,
  (802) 759-2336 (6/09)                                                                                                   buy trailer load. Mountain
                                           able. (802)-453-2543 (1/09)            Horse Hay $ 3 /Bale Quantity                                                     802-793-1206 (7/09)
                                                                                                                          View Dairy, call (802) 849-6266
                                                                                  Discount. (802) 482-2376
Brandon - 2009 1st & 2nd cut            Whiting - 2009 First and Second                                                   (1/09)
  mixed grass hay (sq. bales).
                                                                                  (10/09)                                                                        Orleans County
                                         Cut 4x5 Round Bales, never
  Excellent quality. Certified           rained on, high quality feed,          Hinesburg – High quality hay, 1st
                                                                                                                       Grand Isle County                         Craftsbury – Excellent dry square
                                                                                                                       Alburgh - 2009 Round Bales, 1st             bales for cows & horses - $4.00
  Organic. Bales ave. 40lbs. Also        grass-legume mixed - $30-$35.            and 2nd cut, small square bales,                                                 per bale. (802) 586-7734 (3/09)
  have 2,000 dry, mostly clover                                                                                          cut hay, 4x5 - $20.00/bale. Dry
                                         Call Whiting,VT (802) 989-               40-50 lbs. avg. Timothy/Alfalfa
  square bales. 600 straw bales                                                                                          mulch, $2.00/bale. Also, 1st
                                         2942 (9/09)                              and grass mixes. First Cut -                                                   Glover – Top quality certified
  left and 300 bales mulch hay.                                                                                          and 2nd cut square bales, made
                                                                                  $4.00/bale, 2nd Cut - $5.00/                                                     organic hay, 1st and 2nd cut.
  Delivery available. Call Emilee       Bennington County                         bale at barn. Quantity discounts,
                                                                                                                         to order. Call (802) 796-6067
                                                                                                                                                                   $3.75/bale. Delivery available.
  or Jeremy. (802) 247-5223.            No. Bennington - 1000 bales of                                                   (1/09)
                                                                                  delivery available. Call 482-2589                                                Call (802) 525-4672 (4/09)
  (9/09)                                  clean straw - $4.00 each. No.           (11/09)                              Isle LaMotte - Dry mulch $2.50/
                                          Bennington,VT (802) 447-3781                                                                                           Newport Center - 600 Tons of
Bridport - 2009 Rye straw, no seed,                                                                                       bale. Call (802) 928-3471 or
                                          or 447-7200 (1/09)                    Milton – First & Second Cut Hay                                                    2008 Ag Bag grass feed, 12-20
  no weeds, bleached. (802) 758-                                                                                          (802) 782-3388. (2/09)
                                                                                  – Certified Organic, round &                                                     percent protein, 1st, 2nd, 3rd cut,
  2682 (8/09)                           No. Bennington - 2009 1st cut             wrapped bales; also, First Cut                                                   quality feed, delivery available.
                                                                                                                       South Hero - Round bales, 4x4,
                                          small square bales - $3.75 a bale.      Certified Organic square bales.                                                  (802) 334-2401 (1/09)
Bridport – Round bales of hay for                                                                                        nice mix of brome grass, clover,
                                          (802) 442-2646 (8/09)                   Call (802) 893-6302 (1/09)
  sale, 4x4 and 4x5 organic and                                                                                          timothy, some alfalfa. Also, 1st
                                                                                                                                                                 Newport Center - Certified
  conventional. Call Paul (802)         Caledonia County                        Milton – 1st and 2nd cut round
                                                                                                                         and 2nd cut, 40 lb., square
                                                                                                                                                                   Organic Grass Silage for sale:
  758-2386 or (802) 989-9573            Hardwick - HAY SALE - Certified                                                  bales, nice mix of the same as
                                                                                  and square bales. June 1st cut                                                   Cut in June, not rained on.
  (12/09)                                 Organic 4x4 wrapped round                                                      above. Delivery available within
                                                                                  4x4 round bales, grass mix. Call                                                 Trucking available within a 50
                                          bales - 200 of 2nd cut and 125                                                 50 miles. (802) 372-3400.
                                                                                  (802) 893-7883 (10/09)                                                           mile radius of Newport Center,
Cornwall – 1st and 2nd cut square         of 3rd cut 2008 bales. Also 405                                                (1/09)
                                                                                                                                                                   VT (802) 744-2444 for infor-
  bales. Excellent quality, no dust,      of 1st cut and 56 of 3rd cut 2009     Shelburne - Processed 1st cut grass.
  $3.00-$4.00 per bale. Large 4x5         bales. Feed may be in short sup-        Large square bales. Organic &
                                                                                                                       Lamoille County                             mation. (7/09)
  round bales excellent quality, no                                                                                    Jeffersonville - 4x4 wrapped round
                                          ply this year and winter will be        non-organic. (802) 864-5382 or                                                 North Troy – First Cut square
  dust, $30-$40 each. Delivery                                                                                            silage bales. Certified organic.
                                          here soon, so plan ahead. Call          (802) 578-7352 (3/09)                                                           bales, good quality, piled in barn,
  possible. 462-2732. (1/09)                                                                                              Triple wrapped. Heifer feed -
                                          Buffalo Mountain Farm 802-                                                                                              weighing 35-45 lbs. Call (802)
                                                                                South Burlington. 2008 corn silage,       $24.50 per bale; Milk quality
                                          888-7881, leave message please.                                                                                         988-2959 (1/09)
Cornwall - 2008 4x4 NOFA                                                          processed and preserved. 2000           feed - $35.00 per bale. Feed
                                          References and trucking avail-
  Certified Organic 4x4 Wrapped                                                   tons. $40/ton loaded. Ethan             analysis available. Trucking avail-    North Troy – 2009 Certified
                                          able, call for details. (11/09)
  Baleage available. Call for pric-                                               Allen Farm. 802-863-4471 (9/2)          able. Jeffersonville (802) 644-         Organic Hay for Sale – 1st cut
  ing, possible trucking available.     Hardwick - Organic 4x4 Wrapped                                                    5138 (6/09)                             large wrapped round bales -
  Call Moonlit Alpacas, (802) 462-        Round Bales - Buffalo                 St. George – Quality Hay &                                                        $40. each. Sq. bales, 40-45 lbs.
  3510 (1/09)                                                                      Mulch, square bales. Call eve-      Johnson - Good square bales of hay
                                          Mountain Farm, East Hardwick,                                                                                           - $4.00. Some local delivery
                                                                                   nings or leave message with            for cattle or horses, also some
                                          VT 1200# +/- Silage Grass                                                                                               available. Call (802) 988-4384
Middlebury – 1st cut square bales                                                  Gerry Guillemette at (802) 862-        second cut, and 40 round bales
                                          Bales. 2009 Bales - 405 1st cut,                                                                                        Leave a message. (8/09)
  - $3.50/bale; 1st cut round bales                                                3741 (1/09)                            of second cut. (802) 635-3520
                                          56 3rd cut. 2008 Bales - 200
  under cover - $20. Delivery                                                                                             or (802) 635-7121 (1/09)               West Glover - First cut square bales,
                                          2nd cut, 125 3rd cut. Bales are       Westford - 5X4 round bales 1st cut
  possible. Large quantity dis-           selling fast. Trucking available.                                                                                       certified organic. West Glover.
  counts. Mike Quinn (802) 388-                                                  timothy clover mix. Clean and         Stowe - Baled 1st, second cut hay.
                                          802-888-7881, leave message                                                                                             (802) 525-1245. (1/09)
  7828 (10/09)                                                                   dry, excellent for horses. $45.00        Delivery available, will sell out of
                                          please. (11/09)                        each. 879-0391 ask for Mark.             the field. Call Kaiser Farm (802)      Westfield- 5 ag bags 10 x 200
New Haven – Small bales mulch                                                    (10/09)                                  253-8222 (1/09)                         about 300 ton per bag delivery
                                        Hardwick - Hay for sale, 1st & 2nd
  hay. 1st & 2nd cut square bales.        cut square bales. (802) 472-8225                                                                                        available (802) 744-6273 or
  Net wrapped and tubed bailage,                                                Essex County                           Wolcott – Excellent dry square
                                                                                                                                                                  (802) 673-8854 (1/09)
                                          (1/09)                                Canaan - Organic hay for sale,          bales for cows and horses - $4.00
  and dry hay 4x4 round bales.
                                                                                  small squares 45+ lbs. Dairy and      per bale. (802) 586-7734 (3/09)          Westfield- 1st Cut 4x4 wrapped
  Two ag bags of 1st cut legume         Chittenden County
  haylage & barley. Dick Stone at                                                 horse quality. Delivery available.                                              round bales, certified organic -
                                        Colchester – Straw, square bales.
                                                                                  Sold by the bale or ton. See
                                                                                                                       Orange County                              $45. each. Butterworks Farm
  (802) 388-2318 (1/09)                   Call for more information. Jeff                                              Brookfield – Dry round bales for
                                          Senesac 655-2862. (4/09)       for details                                                    744-6855 or 999-7722 (2/09)
New Haven - 2nd cut Trefoil, small                                                                                       sale, first cut, no rain, stored
                                                                                  and pricing, or call (802) 277-
  bales, great for beef, sheep, goats   Essex Junction - 2nd Cutting Hay,         4960 (1/09)
                                                                                                                         under cover. Call: Leonard A.           Rutland County
  or horses. $4.00 at the barn.                                                                                          Herold (802) 276-3101 (1/10)            Benson - 2008 Hay Sold Out -
                                           large square bales - $4.50. Can
  (802) 316-7815 (3/09)                    help load from barn. Call Adam       Lunenburg - Wrapped round bales                                                    Taking orders for 2009. (802)
                                                                                                                       Chelsea – Square baled hay, 1st
                                           at (802) 922-2808 (1/09)               4X4 1/2 ft. $35.00 per bale.                                                     537-2271 (1/09)
                                                                                                                         cut, large bales, $4.00/bale. Call
                                                                                  802-892-7753 (1/09)
January 8, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                 9

                                                                         Market report
  Wholesale Prices                                                                                 northampton, MA • January 5, 2010
          January 5, 2010                                                                         All prices are per hundredweight on the hoof unless otherwise indicated.
                                                                                                        Source: Northampton Cooperative Auction Association, Inc.
Wholesale prices paid per dozen
for Vermont Grade A brown eggs
                                              Calves:                                    low                      HigH                 Cows:                                                       low     HigH
delivered to retail stores.
                                              Good & Choice: 61-75 lbs . . . . . . . . . 10.00                             cwt         Canners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00       38.00     cwt
Vermont Egg Prices:                                          76-90 lbs . . . . . . . . . . 5.00                    10.00   cwt         Cutters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.00     47.00     cwt
   Jumbo . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.70                       91-105 lbs . . . . . . . . 15.00                      20.00   cwt         Utility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47.75   55.00     cwt
   X-Large . . . . . . . . . . . $1.59                       106 lbs and up . . . . . 10.00                        15.00   cwt         Sows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.00    40.00     cwt
   Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.57                                                                                               Hogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53.50    64.00     cwt
   Medium . . . . . . . . . . . $1.05         Farm Calves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00         215.00   cwt         Boars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.00              cwt
           Market is steady,                  Starter Calves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.00                 cwt         Shoats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69.00              cwt
     supply and demand are good.              Feeder Calves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40.00          41.00   cwt         Feeder Pigs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.00        54.00    each
                                              Vealers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . none             cwt         Lambs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75.00     185.00    cwt
    You can find more reports                 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.00    59.50   cwt         Sheep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.00      80.00    cwt
             online at                  Heifers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00              cwt         Goats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33.00     120.00    each
         marketnews.htm                       Replacement Cows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . none                      each        Rabbits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.75      7.50    each
    This is the web source for                Steers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42.00     80.00   cwt         Hay (14 lots) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.60        5.80    bale
        USDA Market News

Hay and Forage                             Pittsford – 2000+ Tons of haylage                      includes loading. Can arrange           cut $6.00 per bale at the barn.                       ext. 2 (10/09)
                                              and corn silage in bunkers, also                    for trucking. Roy Folsom,               (802) 722-4789 (6/09)
continued from page 8                         large haylage pile, good qual-                      Cabot (802) 426-3579 (9/09)                                                               Woodstock – 75 4x4 wrapped
                                              ity. Square bales, 1st & 2nd cut                                                         Windsor County                                        silage round bales for sale - $35.
Benson - Organic hay first & sec-             $4.00 to $5.00. Jack Fox (802)                   Marshfield – 4 wrapped round            Barnard - Certified Organic 4x4                       each Call (802) 457-5172
  ond cut Sq bales $4.00 & $5.00              483-2210 (1/09)                                   bales left, mixed grass and clo-         unwrapped dry hay mixed grass-                      (4/09)
  at barn. Also 4 x 5 round bales                                                               ver. $30 each. Call 426-3234.            es stored inside $40.00 square
  , $30.00 per bale, can deliver all.      Washington County                                    (6/09)                                   bales $5.00 pick up at the barn                    Outside Vermont
                                           Barre - Good quality, 2009 first cut,                                                         802 763 7454 (9/09)                                Walpole, NH - Hay/Forage - 2008
  (802) 537-3167 (1/09)
                                             double wrapped round bales for                    Marshfield - Organic 4x4 round                                                                Certified Organic Baleage; 2008
Benson - First Cut 4 x 5 Round               sale. $30/bale. Local delivery                     bales, first and second cut avail-     Chester – Taking orders for 2009                      1st, 2nd and 3rd Cutting; Grass-
  Bales - $30.00 per bale. (802)             available. Call Joe at 802-479-                    able. Approximately 220 wrapped          crop first cut square and round                     Legume Mix 4x4 bales, net wrap,
  537-3233 (1/09)                            2778 (9/09)                                        bales, can load at the farm. Call        bales in Chester/ Ludlow area.                      forage tested. Call (603) 445-
                                                                                                279-9069. (12/09)                        $3.50 square bales off the field,                   5104 (1/09)
Benson - 900 lb. round bales, 1st          Barre - Quality 2009 high density                                                             $45. round bales. Call Andover
  Cut $35, 2nd Cut $75. Organic              4x4 round bales for sale. Dry                     Moretown - 100 bales 2nd cut hay,         (802) 875-3159 (2/09)                              Halifax, MA - 4x4 high quality,
  & under cover. (802) 537-2435              first cut $35/each; Wrapped first                  $4.00/bale. 496-3614 (4/09)                                                                   triple wrapped round baleage,
  (3/09)                                     cut $40/each; Dry second cut                                                              Chester: Top quality hay for sale,                     $40- $50. W. Springfield, MA
                                                                                               Montpelier – Hefty, leafy, organic        large and small quantities avail-                    (413) 478-0178 (12/09)
Brandon - 2009 1st & 2nd cut                 $40/each; Wrapped second cut                       second-cut square bales with
                                             $45/each. Cary Smith - (802)                                                                able. Square bales 40 lb. average.
  mixed grass hay (sq. bales).                                                                  clover. Most never wet $5.00             Pickup at the farm or delivery                     Fort Plain, NY – Available: Dry
  Excellent quality. Certified               476-6926 (11/09)                                   each; wet once - $4.50 each.                                                                  animal bedding – 100 to 140 yd
                                                                                                                                         available. Bliss Farm--Chester
  Organic. Bales ave. 40lbs. Also          Berlin – Feed quality hay, first and                 Call (802) 793-1857 Leave mes-           (802) 875-2031 or e-mail “bliss-                     loads. Big Square bales, 1st cut
  have 2,000 dry, mostly clover              second cut. Also have mulch.                       sage (4/09)                    ”. (2/09)                           grass (processed), 2nd cut alfalfa
  square bales. 600 straw bales              Call Berlin 223-2075 (1/09)                                                                                                                      & grass (processed), also wheat
  left and 1,300 bales mulch hay.
                                                                                               Windham County                          Chester - Quality dry 4x4 round                        straw. Small square bales – 1st
                                           Cabot – NOFA-VT Organic                             Putney - Round bale hay, 1,2,3,4          bales. Pick up at farm or delivery                   cut timothy ( early & late); 2nd
  Delivery available. Call Emilee
                                             Certified mixed grass hay. 4x4                      cuttings 4x4, grass and pure            available. Also 4x4 round silage                     cut alfalfa and alfalfagrass. Straw
  or Jeremy. (802) 247-5223.
                                             wrapped round bales, 1st, 2nd,                      alfalfa, dry and medium moisture        bales for sale. $50 each. Please                     – oat and wheat. Call for prices:
                                             & 3rd cuts available. Discounts                     wrapped, with coveredge net             call 802-875-3855 or 802-376-                        (518) 993-5214 or (518) 231-
Clarendon - Wheat Straw, solid               for volume purchases. Tamarack                      wrap on all, $40-$60 depend-            6801. (10/14)                                        2187 (1/09)
  bales - $4.00/bale. Corn for               Farm, Cabot (802) 563-2107                          ing on quality, located in Putney,
  corn stoves and feed, cleaned              (3/09)                                              802-387-4466. (9/09)                  Pomfret -95 4X4 wrapped silage                       Whitehall, NY - High quality
  and in 50 lb. bags. Cracked corn                                                                                                       round bales for sale-$40. Each                      4’x5’ round bales of mixed grass,
                                           Cabot - Second Cut Square Bales                     Westminster – Hay, excellent quality      Call (802) 457-5834 (9/2)                           stored inside. Baleage, too. 1st,
  available in 50 lb. bags as well.
                                             - $3.50. First Cut Haylage, 200                    square bales from fertilized and                                                             2nd, & 3rd cuttings. Quantity
  Bag corn minimum sale of 20
                                             tons in bunker - $25.00/ton                        limed fields, 1st cut $5.00, 2nd       South Royalton - Feed - Hay,                          discounts, help with trucking
  bags. Mulch hay. Clarendon,VT
                                                                                                                                         horse, dairy, beef - 1st and 2nd                    arrangements. NOFA certified,
  (802) 747-3057 (1/09)
                                                                                                                                         crop July/August cut, never been                    same price. (518) 499-0239 or
Ira - 1st & 2nd cut round bales,                                                                                                         rained on - $4.00 and $5.00.                        4055 (7/09)
   Certified Organic, mixed grass                                                                                                        2nd Cut round wrapped for
   hay. Asking $35.00 per bale for                                                                                                       beef, heifers, etc. (some milk-                    Quebec, Canada - We have com-
   1st cut, $50.00 per bale for 2nd                                                                                                      weed) - $30.00 each. Royal                          pressed hay, most common size
   cut. Call Mark @ 802-235-                                                                                                             Village Farm, Judy, David Lyman,                    14x16x22, weight 65 lbs ea., 28
   2232 (6/09)                                                                                                                           4071 VT RT 14 - Call (802)                          bales/pallet; also, big square bales
                                                                                                                                         356-1402 (9/09)                                     28x32x6 ft long. For interest
Pittsford - Dry round hay bales                                                                                                                                                              or more information please call
   stored inside. First and Second                                                                                                     South Woodstock-2009 4X4 round                        Jacques Beauchesne, Semican
   cut good quality hay. More                                                                                                            wrapped haylage bales $40.00                        Inc. 366, rang 10 Plessisville
   information: (802) 483-2362                                                                                                           each. Dry 4X4 round bales                           (Quebec) G6L 2Y2 or Tel
   (1/09)                                                                                                                                $30.00 each. Delivery available.                    (819)362-8823 Fax: (819)362-
                                                                                                                                         Birch Hill Farm 802-457-4806                        3385 (1/09)
10                                                                                                                                                                  January 8, 2010

                  VerMont Vegetable and berry news
                                    Brunswick, Glooscap, Cabot,          tolerant to mildew.Yields may        coloured before they are com-           Marketing Course
                                    Sapphire, and Governor Simcoe.       be low, expect two good early        pletely ripe with full flavour.         for Experienced
                                    Some may have done well              picks. Recommended for local         Berry texture becomes mealy
                                    in trial plantings and warrant       markets and early shipping.          under hot conditions. Mira is
                                                                                                                                                      Vegetable growers
                                                                                                                                                          “Marketing That Sells” is a
                                    further commercial experi-                                                very sensitive to Sinbar. It is
                                                                                                                                                      3-day course designed to help
                                    ence. Others may be adapted             Wendy (AAFC, Kentville,           suitable for fresh market, not as
                                                                                                                                                      experienced vegetable grow-
                                    to a specific region or be useful    N.S. 2006) This is a produc-         popular for PYO.
                                                                                                                                                      ers boost their marketing. The
                                    only for selected markets. Some      tive early season variety with
                                                                                                                                                      course will help participants
                                    work well on a small scale and       vigourous plants. Primary fruit          St. Pierre (AAFC, St. Jean-
                                                                                                                                                      develop practical marketing
                                    fit certain gaps in production.      is wedge-shaped, others conic.       sur- Richelieu, Québec 2002.)
                                                                                                                                                      plans for the 2010 season. Learn
                                    For example, Mohawk is valued        Compared to other early-season       This is also a very late variety,
                                                                                                                                                      how to select, implement and
Compiled by Vern Grubinger,         for its great taste and earliness,   varieties, fruit is larger than      high yielding with large bright,
                                                                                                                                                      evaluate marketing strategies
University of Vermont Extension     although yields are too low for      Evangeline but skin strength is      light red fruit. St. Pierre has a
                                                                                                                                                      that match your farm opera-
(802) 257-7967 ext. 13, or          extensive production. Governor       softer than Annapolis. Wendy is      large green calyx and excellent
                                                                                                                                                      tions and budget. Follow up            Simcoe is a high yielding            susceptible to verticillium wilt     fruit quality, consistent fruit size,
                                                                                                                                                      one-on-one mentoring is avail-           orange-red firm variety on the       and extremely susceptible to         good flavour and good shelf life.
                                                                                                                                                      able for 5 course participants.
                                    sandy soils of south-central         angular leaf spot. The fruit tend    It is very susceptible to anthrac-
                                                                                                                                                      Wednesdays, Jan. 27, Feb. 10 and
                                    Ontario, but not as popular in       to be dark and softer in SW          nose fruit rot and powdery mil-
                                                                                                                                                      Feb. 24 (March 3 snow day),
Record Attendance                   eastern or northern Ontario.         Ontario. Plants do not stand         dew. St. Pierre has potential for
                                                                                                                                                      9:30 am to 3:30 pm in Berlin,
at new england Veg.                     There are many new vari-         up well in stressful conditions.     fresh market and shipping and is
                                                                                                                                                      Vermont. Course fee: $125,
& Fruit Conference                  eties available, and although        Recommended for early season         recommended for trial.
                                                                                                                                                      includes all books, course mate-
   The 2009 New England             they always sound excit-             PYO and local markets, in east-
                                                                                                                                                      rials, lunch and refreshments.
Vegetable & Fruit Conference        ing at first, growers should         ern and northern Ontario.            Very late season
                                                                                                                                                      Discounts available for individ-
(NEVFC) and Trade Show held         test them on a small scale for                                            varieties:
                                                                                                                                                      uals who attend both the course
Dec 15-17 in Manchester NH          several years.Varieties recom-       Mid-late season                          Serenity (University of
                                                                                                                                                      and NOFA’s Direct Marketing
was attended by a record-setting    mended for trial in Ontario          varieties:                           Guelph, Simcoe, Ontario, 2003)
                                                                                                                                                      Conference on Jan. 9. For more
1,557 people. The proceed-          include V151, L’Amour,                   Sapphire (University of          This is a late variety, with large
                                                                                                                                                      information, go to the NOFA-
ings are now on-line at: http://    L’Authentique Orleans, R14, St.      Guelph, Simcoe, Ontario, 2002).      firm, conical fruit. It produces
                                                                                                                                                      VT website and click on the          Pierre, Serenity,Valley Sunset.      This variety is late mid-season,     high yields of very large, bright
                                                                                                                                                      Direct Marketing Conference
ceedings.html.                      Information on how these             similar in season to Kent. The       soft-skinned fruits. Berries are
                                                                                                                                                      link or contact NOFA at info@
                                    varieties respond to diseases is     fruit is large and of very good      especially large in early picks.
                                                                                                                                             or 802-434-4122.
review of June                      especially important because         quality with consistently shaped     However, Serenity is very sus-
                                    some varieties will require more     bright red large berries with        ceptible to anthracnose fruit
bearing strawberry                  fungicides and different man-        good, sometimes mild flavour.        rot. Fruit tips can be seedy, and
                                                                                                                                                      Reminder: Register
Varieties                                                                                                                                             For Vt Vegetable
                                    agement practices to prevent         The plants are vigourous and         skin easily bruised. Berries in
By Pam Fisher, Berry Crop                                                                                                                             And berry growers
                                    pest damage. Following are           tolerant to Sinbar. On the down      later picks are small and pointy.
Specialist, Ontario Ministry of                                                                                                                       Meeting
                                    some comments on newer or            side, seeds are prominent, fruit     Plants are either susceptible to
Agriculture                                                                                                                                              The annual meeting will take
                                    lesser known varieties which are     is susceptible to botrytis, and      root diseases or winter injury, as
                                                                                                                                                      place on Feb 1 at the Capital
                                    worth consideration.                 otherwise, disease tolerance         some plantings have lost vigour.
    Ontario strawberries are                                                                                                                          Plaza Hotel in Montpelier –
                                                                         unknown.Yield is low to mod-         For this reason, Serenity is rec-
grown in several different cli-                                                                                                                       details at: http://www.uvm.
                                    Early Season Varieties:              erate. Recommended for PYO           ommended for trial only, for
matic zones and a diverse range                                                                                                                       edu/vtvegandberry/meetings/
                                        V151 (University of Guelph,      and fresh market, trial only.        shipping and fresh markets.
of soils. The standard varieties                                                                                                                      VVBGA_Feb10_Montpelier.pdf
                                    Simcoe, Ontario, 2007). This is an
in Ontario for local shipping,      early variety with medium-large,         Mira (AAFC, Kentville N.S,           Valley Sunset (AAFC,
and on farm market sales, are                                                                                                                         Vermont Vegetable
                                    bright, medium-red, triangular-      1996) Mira is mid-season to          Kentville, Nova Scotia 2006).
Annapolis (early season) and                                                                                                                          And berry newsletter
                                    shaped fruit. Fruit is firm with     late mid-season, ripening a few      This is a late flowering and
Jewel (mid-late season). For                                                                                                                          survey results
                                    good quality.Yields are high but     days after Kent. Plants are high     fruiting variety with large
pick-your-own and on-farm                                                                                                                                 Thanks to all who par-
                                    later fruit tends to be smaller.     yielding, and semi-vigourous;        bright red fruit and moderate
sales Cavendish (early-midsea-                                                                                                                        ticipated in the Nov/Dec
                                    V 151 is very susceptible to         fruit is bright red but has a        yields. Fruit has a mild sweet
son) and Mira (mid-late season)                                                                                                                       2009 on-line evaluation of this
                                    anthracnose fruit infections, and    white interior. Berries are rela-    flavour, slightly soft skin, and is
are reliable. Honeoye (early                                                                                                                          newsletter. Of the 369 current
                                    also appears to be susceptible       tively large, conical, firm and      somewhat seedy. This variety is
season) and Kent (mid season)                                                                                                                         e-mail subscribers, there were
                                    to green petal disease. Flavour      uniform in shape.Yields are          not likely suitable for shipping
are grown for these markets                                                                                                                           150 responses (41%). Almost
                                    sometimes bland. It is interesting   similar to Kent, but berries are     but will be a big hit with pick
also. These varieties grow well                                                                                                                       85% of respondents said the
                                    as an early shipping variety, and    firmer and have better quality       your own. Harvest period is
in most locations, although                                                                                                                           newsletter should continue as it
                                    recommended for trial.               compared to Kent. The fruit          short and although this variety
Honeoye and Kent are suscep-                                                                                                                          is (every other week in season,
                                                                         maintains good quality and           starts after Jewel, it is finished
tible to black root rot and fruit                                                                                                                     monthly in winter) while 15%
                                        Mohawk (USDA, Beltsville,        does not darken in hot weather.      at about the same time.Valley
colour tends to be too dark in                                                                                                                        said that once a month would
                                    1994) Vigourous very early           Mira is resistant to red stele and   Sunset is susceptible to powdery
southern Ontario.                                                                                                                                     be enough. About 28% said
                                    variety. Fruit medium sized,         most leaf diseases, but seems        mildewand angular leaf spot. It
    Many other varieties have                                                                                                                         they use information from the
                                    irregular or heart-shaped bright,    to be susceptible to black root      is recommended for local fresh
value but should be limited in                                                                                                                        newsletter on a weekly basis,
                                    orange-red, with pale interior.      rot. On the downside, the fla-       market and PYO to extend the
extent of planting. In Ontario,                                                                                                                       57% said monthly,13% said
                                    Fruit is firm with excellent         vour of Mira is fair and may be      season, for trial only.
these varieties include (from                                                                                                                         quarterly and 2% said once a
                                    flavour. Resistant to red stele,     tart. Berries may be uniformly
early to late) Mohawk, Wendy,                                                                                                                         year. Overall 47% of respon-
January 8, 2010                                                                                                                                                                      11

dents said the information           stewardship or nutrient manage-     pest, crop and soil management        ing or business management           letter while 37% said they liked
enhanced farm profitability, 78%     ment, and 41% said it improved      articles; 91% used ‘reports from      articles. About 63% said they        longer articles; 89% of respon-
said it improved pest manage-        farm business management or         the field,’ 76% used notices of       preferred several short articles     dents have high speed internet
ment, 70% said it improved soil      marketing; 93% said they used       meetings and 62% used market-         (1-2 paragraphs) in each news-       and 71% live in Vermont.

Specialty Crop Grants                seed varieties and specialty           Grant funds will not be               conducts a field day and farm        resources – for example,
continued from page 2                crops; pest and disease control;    awarded for projects that solely         tour to encourage other small        leverages matching funds
                                     and development of organic and      benefit a particular commercial          family farmers to adopt the          (15 points)
though they may be used for          sustainable production practices.   product or provide a profit              production methods.               •	 Proposal	builds	from	previous	
the same purpose as cultivated          States may wish to consider      to a single organization,                                                     work (5 points)
plants.                              submitting grants that              institution, or individual. Single    Match Funds Available:               •	 Proposal	benefits	an	
   USDA encourages states            increase the competitiveness        organizations, institutions, and         Although there is no specific        underrepresented region
to develop projects solely to        of specialty crop farmers,          individuals are encouraged to         cap on grant amounts, previous          (Bennington County, Essex
enhance the competitiveness          including Native American           participate as project partners.      successful proposals have been          County, Franklin County)
of specialty crops pertaining to     and disadvantaged farmers.             The following are some             generally between $5,000 and            – if statewide then applicant
the following issues affecting       Increasing competiveness may        examples of acceptable and            $20,000. In addition, grants            demonstrates an impact on
the specialty crop industry:         include developing local and        unacceptable projects:                must follow USDA guidelines             these counties, for example
increasing child and adult           rural agricultural economies,                                             for eligible spending. Guidelines       through partnerships, targeted
nutrition knowledge and              and improving food access in        Examples of                           are available at: www.ams.usda.         outreach, etc.
consumption of specialty             underserved communities.            Unacceptable Projects                 gov/scbgp in Appendix B of the          (5 points)
crops; improving efficiency and                                          •	 A	company	requests	grant	          2010 Guidance Document. The          •	 General	quality	of	proposal	
reducing costs of distribution       Be	Completed	Within	                   funds to purchase starter          total amount available for grants       narrative (5 points)
systems; assisting all entities in   Three Calendar Years                   plants or equipment used to        shifts from year to year, but will
the specialty crop distribution         Projects must be completed          plant, cultivate, and grow a       be approximately $205,000.           How Do i Apply?
chain in developing “Good            within three calendar years after      specialty crop for the pur-                                                The first stage, letters of
Agricultural Practices”, “Good       the grant agreement is signed.         pose of making a profit, or to     What Criteria Will Be                interest, should be a brief
Handling Practices”, “Good                                                  expand production of a single      Used in Selection?                   outline of your plans, including:
Manufacturing Practices”, and        Benefit	More	Than	One	                 business.                             The selection committee           •	 Contact	information
in cost-share arrangements for       Product	or	Organization		           •	 A	State	requests	grant	funds	      will be composed of five             •	 Lead	organization	and	
funding audits of such systems          Applications for grant              to make grants to individual       members, at least three of              partners
for small farmers, packers and       funds should describe how the          specialty crop businesses or       whom are farmers, who will           •	 Description	of	proposed	
processors; investing in specialty   project potentially impacts and        roadside stands to promote         score each application based on         project (including how
crop research, including research    produces measurable outcomes           their individual business.         the criteria below. The selection       it helps specialty crop
to focus on conservation and         for the specialty crop industry                                           committee will change each              producers)
environmental outcomes;              and/or the public rather than a     Examples of                           year, and members will not           •	 Size	of	request.
enhancing food safety;               single organization, institution,   Acceptable Projects                   vote on projects affecting their
developing new and improved          or individual.                      •	 A	State	requests	funding	to	       crops or organizations that they        Concepts are due to Helen
                                                                            contract with a university         belong to as either members or       Labun Jordan by 5:00 pm on
                                                                            to conduct research on             board members.                       March 1st.
                                                                            the feasibility of planting,          Proposals selection will             Electronic copies in
                                                                            cultivating, and growing a         be based on averaged scores,         Microsoft Word are strongly
                                                                            specialty crop in a particular     with committee discussion in         preferred and can be sent to
                                                                            area, the results of which can     the case of multiple proposals Hard
                                                                            be shared with many growers        receiving the same score.            copies can be mailed to VT
                                                                            throughout the State.                                                   Agency of Agriculture; Attn:
                                                                         •	 A	single	grower	requests	          Points:                              Helen Labun Jordan; 116 State
                                                                            funds to demonstrate the           •	 Proposal	includes	assistance	     Street; Montpelier,VT 05602
                                                                            viability of organic small fruit      for beginning and/or
                                                                            production and partners with          disadvantaged farmers             **If you do not hear back a
                                                                            Cooperative Extension to              (15 points)                       confirmation that your letter of
                                                                            publicize the working model        •	 Proposal	develops	new	know-       interest was received within a week
                                                                            of diversification to other           ledge that can strengthen the     of submitting it, please check to
                                                                            regional growers.                     operations of specialty crop      ensure that it has been received.**
                                                                         •	 A	single	specialty	crop	              producers (15 points)
                                                                            organization requests funds        •	 Proposal	responds	to	an	              The final proposals will
                                                                            to conduct an advertising             urgent need (15 points)           follow the USDA guidelines
                                                                            campaign that will benefit         •	 Proposal	includes	a	strong	       provided at http://www.
                                                                            their specialty crop members.         outreach/information    
                                                                         •	 A	single	farmer	erects	high	          dissemination component           scbgp under “Grant Rules
                                                                            tunnels on their property to          (15 points)                       & Procedures” – select 2010
                                                                            extend the growing season          •	 Proposal’s	budget	demon-          SCBGP Guidance Document.
                                                                            of tomatoes and lettuce and           strates an efficient use of
12                                                                                                                                                                       January 8, 2010

                    Facing the Financial Realities of
                    Bringing in the Next Generation
by Bob Parsons                      profit to pay their child a             to leave. Today the farm is still        needs. One way may be to ease        operational expenses, principal
UVM Extension Agriculture           $40,000 salary. For a dairy farm        thriving with his brother and            one family in as another family      repayment, and reinvestment.
Economist                           with a 20,000 herd average, this        his father, near 80, is still actively   is retiring. Again, this requires    Calculate the amount used for
                                    means the addition of 134 cows          involved. It was a tough decision        planning to determine where          family cost of living. Again,
Number two in a series              at a milk price of $15/cwt.             but the family faced the facts           the cash is coming from for the      several years of data is very

                                        Problems occur when the             and the farm is still in business.       retiring family.                     helpful in understanding the
       here are many factors        family tries to get by with                 How do families successfully             What does it require to          farm’s cash needs.
       that farm families ponder    lower salaries and then we hit a        bring in other family member             financially succeed in bringing         Now comes the hard analysis
       when bringing a family       crisis like the current situation.      into the farm business? The              a family member into the farm        part. Where is the money going
member into the farm business.      Families have already cut back          ones that have been successful           business? Face financial reality.    to come from to provide cash
There are major decisions to        to make room for another                are in a growth mode with                Make an in-depth financial           income to a son returning
be considered on labor, man-        family member and they can’t            the foresight that additional            analysis of the farm business.       home from college in two
agement, ownership, and farm        take another cut. This situation        income will be needed for a              First, update the financial          years or a daughter who wants
finances. But the one area that     threatens the farm’s survival.          second family and thus began             statements. The balance sheets       to return to the farm after
often is the most important fac-    One friend I had in college             growing several years earlier.           show the farm’s equity and           working in industry?
tor in determining if a family      went home to the farm only              For example, a farmer I worked           debt position. This is needed           Hopefully, the family is
member can join the farm busi-      to face a difficult situation. His      with in Pennsylvania had 2 sons          to recognize the farms ability       discussing the realities of
ness is financial.                  parents were trying to make             who were interested in farming.          to take on additional debt if        the farm business. Getting
   Simply put, is there enough      room for two sons in the farm           The farm foresaw the need for            growth is needed.                    help is a good option from
cash in the farm operation to       business but soon realized it           growth and began tripling in                 The income statement is          UVM Extension or Vermont
pay another family member?          wasn’t going to work. They told         size while the sons were in high         needed to assess the farm’s          Farm Viability. There will be
And be practical, Mom and Dad       their sons that the farm could          school so they could support             profitability. Several years of      workshops in the coming
usually are not ready to retire.    only support two families. If           three families within five years.        income statements are helpful        months that will be helpful for
The logic is simple… if you         it had three families, the farm         They are still in business today.        in understanding how profitable      families to consider alternative
ask a visitor to share your pie,    would likely fail. So the parents           The above examples infer             the farm has been on a regular       options. After considering and
you either have to get a bigger     made the tough decision and             that growth is the only way to           basis.                               appraising options, some dairy
pie or else everyone at the table   told their sons the farm was            bring a family member into the               Then the cash flow               farmers may be eligible to
has to take a smaller piece of      only big enough for one of              farm business. It’s not the only         statement. It’s essential to         obtain financial assistance for
pie. And most parties already       them. They left the decision to         way but not growing makes                understand where cash is going.      professional advice from the
involved in the farm can’t get by   the sons. My friend decided             it difficult to meet cash flow           Know how much is going to            Vermont Agency of Agriculture.
with a smaller piece of pie.
   What does it cost to add
a family member to the farm
payroll? A son or daughter
returning to the farm as a
separate family unit generally
requires a minimum of $40,000
cash income. This sounds                                           Vermont blue Cheese sauce with leeks
high to many farmers but                                                                   Suitable for beef, veal and pasta. Serves 4 to 8
financial reports across the U.S.
consistently report farm families        Ingredients:                                                         Part 1: melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add leeks.
drawing at least $40,000 and             Part 1                                                                 Do this twice if your pan is small and use more butter if necessary.
often more than $50,000 for              · 1 to 2 Tablespoons unsalted butter                                   Reduce the heat and sweat the leeks down until the liquid
family living costs.                     · 2 1/2 lbs leeks, halved and sliced fine (about 6 cups)               evaporates and leeks are soft. Do not brown.You may puree the
   Where does the money                  · 1 teaspoons thyme                                                    leeks to obtain a smoother sauce, but this is not necessary. This stage
come from to pay for the                 · lightly salt and pepper to taste                                     may be done ahead and refrigerated.
returning family/business
partner? It has to come from             Part 2                                                               Part 2: Add brandy to pan and cook down until liquid is almost
the farm operation and few               · 2 1/2 cups chicken stock boiled, reduce to 1/2 cup                   evaporated. Add chicken stock, cream and leeks and bring to a
farms have “excess” profits of           · 3 to 6 Tablespoons unsalted butter                                   simmer. Stir in butter 1 TB at a time until the sauce comes together,
$40,000. Some farmers realize            · 1/4 cup French brandy                                                creamy and smooth. Turn off the heat and add the cheese, stirring
that adding a family partner will        · 1/4 cup whipping cream                                               until it melts. Taste and season with salt and pepper.
have to increase milk sales by           · 1/2 cup cubed or crumbled Vermont blue cheese (4 ounces)
$400,000 to generate enough

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