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					                                                                                                                        application is available by returning the
THE PURPOSE                                                                                                             “Request for Application” form on the
                                                         PARTICIPANTS & SELECTION                                       reverse side or by calling the Chamber. All
Leadership Sierra Vista is a community leadership
development program of the Greater Sierra Vista          Participants will be chosen by a steering committee,           applications should be returned to the address
Area Chamber of Commerce. Its purpose is to:             comprised of community and business leaders.                   below by August 14, 2009.
                                                         Applications are kept strictly confidential.                     Greater Sierra Vista Area
    • Identify community leaders of diverse                                                                               Chamber of Commerce
      backgrounds.                                       The most important factor in participant selection
                                                                                                                          21 E. Wilcox Drive
    • Develop their potential and nurture their roles    is the identification of those individuals who are
                                                                                                                          Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
      of leadership in the community.                    most likely to utilize their leadership skills for the long-
    • Expose up-and-coming leaders to the problems and   term benefit of the Sierra Vista area. Based on this           Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the
      opportunities that face the Sierra Vista area.     information, the individuals selected will be:                 program by mail.
    • Build a realistic understanding of                                                                                2009/2010 DATES
                                                         Persons from business, government, community
      leadership roles in today’s complex
                                                         service organizations, etc. who are willing to devote          September 24 & 25        Orientation
                                                         the time and energy to complete a program with a rigid
    • Open a dialogue between emerging and               attendance policy.                                             October 20               Annual Meeting
      current community leaders.
    • Familiarize up-and-coming leaders with                                                                            October 21               City Government
                                                              • Individuals with a sincere commitment and
      some of the processes, programs,                          demonstrated interest in serving the Sierra             November 18              Health
      opportunities and challenges for individual               Vista area.                                                                      County & Economic
                                                                                                                        December 16
      involvement in the community.                           • Individuals with the potential for                                               Development
                                                                advancement in leadership roles within their
THE CURRICULUM                                                  organization.                                           January 20               Education

Leadership Sierra Vista is a series of seminars,         MANDATORY ATTENDANCE                                           February 17              Fort Huachuca
tours and presentations on the various phases of         POLICY                                                         March 10                 Border Issues
leadership development and community awareness.
Specific topics may vary, but will include:              To receive maximum benefit from the program, it is             April 21                 Law Enforcement
                                                         essential that participants and                                May 19                   Quality of Life/
    •   Orientation Retreat                              their respective employers are willing to make the                                      Media/Graduation
    •   State and Local Government                       time commitment necessary. A participant is
    •   Education                                        expected to attend all sessions for successful
    •   Health and Human Services                        completion of the program. No cell phone                       FOR FURTHER
    •   Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice             use is permitted so that you will be “fully                    INFORMATION
    •   Leadership Skills                                present” for each session.
                                                                                                                        For further information please call the
    •   Business and Economic Development                TUITION &                                                      Greater Sierra Vista Area Chamber of
    •   Quality of Life/Media                            APPLICATION                                                    Commerce at 520-458-6940
The programs will cover an entire day from 8:00          DEADLINE
a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Programs are held as assigned. The
orientation retreat has been scheduled for               Tuition covers the cost of all program
September. There will also be a group project.           materials and the retreat. The cost is $600.00
                                                         per applicant. Fees must be paid in full upon
                                                         acceptance into the program. An
Sierra Vista

                                                Sierra Vista
Will your employer sponsor you as a
potential candidate for Leadership Sierra
Yes     No     Undecided
Send correspondence to:
                                                          “Shaping the
Home      Business
Business Address:                                         Sierra Vista
__________________________________                       Area one leader
Business Phone:
__________________________________                         at a time”
Home Address:                                   Co-sponsored by:
Email Address:
Please return this request for an application
Greater Sierra Vista Area Chamber of
21 E. Wilcox Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Application Deadline August 14, 2009