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Speaker to entrepreneurial community nationwide. Along with partners
created numerous well known entities such as INC. magazine, NFL
Properties, Formula 409 (Clorox), and others.
" CAZtex Insulation Company Limited is one of the leading Manufacturer
and Exporter of various insulation materials and products in China,
belongs to CAZ Group Corporation, which is one of earliest production
enterprises of refractory fire and heat insulator in china, owns four
professional factories to manufacture asbestos, glass fiber, Ceramic
fiber and other products.

asbestos yarn,ceramic fiber rope,fiberglass rope,glass fiber
cloth,asbestos packing,asbestos gasket,asbestos rubber sheet

Our main products as follows:
Dust free Asbestos:
Dust free asbestos yarn, dust free asbestos rope, dust free asbestos
tape, dust free asbestos cloth etc.

Dusted Asbestos:
Asbestos yarn, asbestos rope, asbestos packing, asbestos tape, asbestos
cloth, asbestos fiber felt and so on.

Glass fiber :
Glass fiber yarn, Glass fiber rope, Glass fiber packing , Glass fiber
sleeve, Glass fiber tape, Glass fiber cloth, Glass fiber Tissue, Glass
fiber felt , Glass fiber blanket , Glass fiber board, Glass fiber product
with rubber or PTFE etc.

Ceramic fiber:
Ceramic fiber yarn, Ceramic fiber rope, Ceramic Sleeve, Ceramic fiber
tape, Ceramic fiber cloth, Ceramic fiber paper, Ceramic fiber board,
Ceramic fiber modules , Ceramic fiber blanket , Ceramic fiber felt,
Ceramic fiber Bulk, Ceramic fiber pouring material and so on .

Graphite and Carbon fiber:
Expanded Graphite Yarn, Expanded Graphite Tape, Expanded Graphite Tube,
Expanded Graphite cloth etc.

Carbon fiber yarn, Carbon and Glass fiber yarn, Carbon fiber tape, Carbon
fiber tape with Aluminum, Carbon fiber cloth, Carbon Fiber Cloth with
Aluminum, Carbon fiber and Glass fiber cloth and so on .

Insulation Sheet:
Asbestos Millboard, Non-asbestos Millboard, Asbestos rubber sheet, PTFE
sheet, PTFE Rod, PTFE Tube, PTFE film, PTFE yarn

Rubber-PE Anticorrosion Materials
Anticorrosion Tape, Protective Tape, Joint Wrap Tape, Paint Priming"
Audit, IT
"Design and delivery of education programs that impact performance at
Leveraging learning technologies to reduce travel and time issues"
represents Clemson University
Database Systems, Software Development, Web Development, Visual Basic,
ASP.Net, Information System, Web Data Mining, Information Systems

"Software Development, Software Architect, Software technical management.

    * A mix of both strong technical and creative skills have provided
leadership and driven new development initiatives at every company at
which I have worked. As a result, those companies have increased their
abilities to both compete in the market place and increase revenue by
millions of dollars.

    * Numerous types of software have been developed, from in-house IT
tools to large world-class software.

    * Experience leading small and mid-sized development teams, owning
the vision and architecture for a piece of software and making sure the
team executed and delivered on that vision.

    * Built around a set of software written during the past 15 years, I
have experience in all aspects of managing and operating a small
successful software company. One program that I created has an
international user-base of several million customers.


oriental rug ,land ,
"Think of us as the ultimate one-stop marketing shop for businesses that
can’t afford to retain a full-service ad agency. A single call to
Carolina Creative gives you precisely what you need. No more - no less.
Just need a logo design? Simple. Brochures and promotional giveaways for
an upcoming trade show? Simple. How about an integrated and interactive
web campaign complete with streaming web TV and national print ads.
Simple. One partner, one call, one bill. You pay only for what you use.
No retainers, no agency contracts. Simplicity, clarity, and power. At
Carolina Creative that’s the whole point.

Forty years in the business of creating innovative high tech
entrepreneurial businesses as a senior executive business and community
His contributions to ATD include the creation and improvement of highly
profitable computer trading and pricing prediction models as well as the
development of a unique research and development culture. Under his
leadership, ATD achieved a 386-million-share day milestone, and in the
fourth quarter of 2006, ATD averaged approximately 7% of the NYSE daily
volume, and 6% of the NASDAQ daily volume. Currently, Swanson serves as
Vice-President on the College of Charleston Foundation Board, the Board
of the School of Business and Economics at the College of Charleston, the
Board of the Bank of South Carolina, the Executive Committee of the South
Carolina Council on Competitiveness, the South Carolina Venture Capital
Authority Board of Directors, the SIA Trading Committee, and the NASDAQ
Quality of Markets Committee (QMC).
Green Buildings
"* A current knowledge of opportunities for Western companies in China

* Skills in niche marketing and strategic planning

* Able to create customized curriculum for small- and large-group
"* Corporate Relations
* Proposal Writing (Foundations)
* Organizational Leadership
* Organizational Team Building
* Fund Development
* Professional Life Coach"
"Grand Ideas develops innovative, creative and unique custom-branded
promotional products and merchandise for businesses of all types and
sizes. We take the time to understand our client's specific needs,
objectives and budget, then deliver a variety of solutions to meet these

With over 70 years of combined sales, product development and marketing
experience, we provide high quality products and superb customer service.
We do all the research, ordering and production management, so you can
focus on what you do best."
"*New business development, especially biotechnology and medical devices.
*New business ideation
*Value proposition optimization.
*Strategic marketing guidance, including branding
*Due diligence-market assessments, sizing, competitive asessments, value
chain distribution."
I have 8+ years experience in tax consulting and compliance for
Manufacturing and Distribution entites.
Business Development, Sales, Lead Generation, Networking, Interpersonal
Bioengineering & Biomaterials
"Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Publicity, Promotion, and

<br><strong>About Our Company:</strong><br> <br>

Continental Engines has been in business for over 40 years and is an
industry leader in providing products and services to our customers. We
remanufacture and distribute industrial and diesel engines and power
generation systems across North America. Our customers include end
users, contractors, rental houses, government facilities, nursing homes,
equipment dealers and other users of engine driven equipment. For more
information on our company please visit our website at <br>"
"<strong>About Our Company:</strong><br> <br>

Continental Engines has been in business for over 40 youears and is an
industry leader in providing products and services to our customers. We
remanufacture and distribute industrial and diesel engines and power
generation systems across North America. Our customers include end
users, contractors, rental houses, government facilities, nursing homes,
equipment dealers and other users of engine driven equipment. For more
information on our company please visit our website at"
"Brand Strategy - Differentiating products and companies from

Customer Retention - Identifying why customers leave...where they
go...and how to GET THEM BACK."
"Owner/Operator of FryRight, LLC, pioneering technology to convert waste
vegetable oil (WVO) to biodeisel.
FryRight, LLC is developing four income streams:
1) an established service providing cooking oil microfiltration and fryer
cleaning to restaurants and food service operations
2) a developing provider of microfiltered WVO to commercial diesel fleet
operators for use as biodiesel
3) an anticipated manufacturer of a pioneering cooking oil
microfiltration system for restaurants, food service operations, and
industrial fryer operations, and
4) an anticipated consultant to biodiesel producers and distributors
based on data on WVO performance at varied formulations in commercially
operated diesel engines"
Noble has developed and led numerous innovative e-democracy projects for
such clients as the BBC, World Bank, United Nations, European Union,
Bertelsmann Foundation, AOL, International Crisis Group, Reuters, and
many others.
1. Vast knowledge and experience in the commercial aerospace market for
advanced materials.
Seven years job experience in Chemical companies, has been in charge of
production line and product selling. Now, I am doing reseach on
inventing new biomedical polymers by using chemical methods, two related
patents have been disclosed and three papers have been published.
Miles Engr Assoc, LLC, is a 6-person engr design/consultation firm. 4
employees are USC BS Engr graduates - 2 employees are registered FP engrs
- 2 employees are registered EIT - firm members have a total of 38 years
experience in design of fire sprklr, fire alarm, comp room clean agent,
flammable liquids storage, handling, and use facilities, smoke removal
systems - Expert knowledge of NFPA and ICC Fire & Life Safety Codes. See
our website @ for a further description of our
qualifications and experience.
Maya, Shake, Final Cut Pro, Python, PHP, SQL
Litigation Attorney
Economic development, seed and venture capital investment, University
administration, Incubation.
High temperature corrosion
I have 14 years in the Gas Turbine business.
"Enterprise Development
Enterprise Operations
Entrepreneur Coaching
Enterprise Design & Assessment
Technology, Science & Manufacturing
Interactive Web Services"
Public Relations and Communications
Experience in the financial sector with Smith Barney as an intern.
Working knowledge of Spanish and Microsoft Office.
interest in the process
Corporate law, financial analysis and management, business strategy,
experience as chairman/ceo of a significant professional enterprise
Contact lists and registered training skills from top companies to share.
I bring a fresh and young point of view to most things I do. I always
find it important to work and learn about different points of views.
Specialize in Health Benefits.
Professional executive assistant/event coordinator providing excellent
organizational, communication and computer skills for corporate vice
presidents, upper management, City, State and Non-Profit officials.
"Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
Experiences include but are not limited to Microsoft Windows Family of
Operating Systems including Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 95/98.
Fluent with technologies related to VPNs, firewalls, routing and remote
access, Terminal Services, Citrix, wireless access points (WAPs), etc.

My experiences, skills, and credentials have enabled me to be extremely
resourceful and productive in my field of work. These will make me a
valuable asset to my current and future clients."
"Media analysis and negotiations
Full service advertising and public relations"
If you ever have news that affects Anderson, Oconee or Pickens counties,
feel free to e-mail me.
"Corporations and Institutions are increasingly recognizing the value of
their IP assets as cash flow or revenue generators. They are also
becoming increasingly aware of the collateral benefits of their IP assets
such as new market opportunities, new business combinations and
configurations, capital gains through spin-offs and other revenue
producing types of business relationships.

Prior to IPG, corporations, universities, research facilities,
institutions and others have only had the “IP brokerage” model to rely
on. The brokerage model is not market driven and does not produce as much
revenue for the asset holder as another “revenue based business model”
could -- a model such as the IPG business model.

IPG is a market-driven, revenue based, disruptive technology producing
model that provides clients on both sides of a transaction with protected
revenue generation for specified periods of time while allowing both
clients to realize far greater benefits and added values than if the
services and solutions of IPG had not been used.

The IPG model for IPAM protects the intangible proprietary rights of IP
asset holders while at the same time provides for the corporate and
market needs of already successful worldwide OEMs.
Real Estate Development Company with offices in Greenville Aiken
Birmingham and Atlanta
"Extensive knowledge and expertise in Defense Automotive Industry;
Offices in DC, Columbia, SC, and Detroit MI. American Business
Development Group represents Greenville, SC
"Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, Inc. is a multi-disciplined firm with more than
300 employees. The firm provides a wide range of services in the fields
of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, transportation
and geotechnical engineering, GIS, civil and municipal engineering,
environmental engineering, land surveying, land planning, and airport
planning. Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, the firm has additional
offices in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Andalusia, Vernon and Eufaula,
Alabama, Crestview, Florida, Greenville, South Carolina, and in
Nashville, Tennessee.

rubber materials, elastomers, fillers
E-Learning, Mobile Learning, Mobile Content & Communications
Windows Technical Support Professional
Selah Technologies (Greenville, SC) is an advanced materials
manufacturing company focused on the development of nanotechnology
enabled products for the biomedical and consumer electronics industries.
Selah Technologies (Greenville, SC) is an advanced materials
manufacturing company focused on the development of nanotechnology
enabled products for the biomedical and consumer electronics industries.
Selah Technologies (Greenville, SC) is an advanced materials
manufacturing company focused on the development of nanotechnology
enabled products for the biomedical and consumer electronics industries.
Experienced CEO with successful experience in a variety of industries.
International and domestic. Extensive experience in sales, marketing,
product management, distribution channels, strategy development.
Years of experience in a diversity of sales business relationships
nationwide with an in-depth understanding of front to back end
operational processes management in technology as well as implementations
of growth strategies to employ systematic plans to oversee and develop
key objectives, services and initiatives of resolving the challenges of
excellent service delivery. Background familiarity in Telecommunication
data services
"Marketing platform and technology

ecommerce technology

Agile development expertise"
Experience involves creative recycling since 1991.
"Expertise: Mentoring others interested in starting a business.
Resources: Training and graduate degree in counseling and therapy and
Exhibit Design, Exhibit Services, Marketing, Advertising, Brand
Development, Digital Imaging RIPs, Color Management Systems, Large and
Grand Format Color Printers, Dyesublimation
"Insight into SC and international issues
I serve on the Board of WTCA - World Trade Centers Association - NY
First hand experience with start up companies gives me very good
understanding of the process of formulating and executing a new venture
business plan
By applying my thirty years of financial and tax background, with
management experience in sales and service companies, I believe that our
start up firm is well positioned to execute our business plan.
Data Modeling, Research Techniques
"Sustainability, Planning, Research
Community Building"
Adventure Productions, LLC is the innovative creator behind a new &
unique 23,000+ sq/ft Tourist Attraction, consisting of; Hickey’s
Adventure Tower, Paintball Zombie Shoot, The “Rock” a 45ft Realistic
Climbing Wall, KIDZ Rock climbing wall, Lazer Adventure & BlackLight
Mini-Golf. This will be the first of what Adventure Productions, LLC
envisions will become a franchise of many locations in the United States.
Advertising and Marketing
Advertising Sales for Veriozn Print Directories and online for and our newdirect mail piece Solutions Direct. NC & SC
phone directory areas. Solutions Direct (direct mail) is nationwide.
Music and Entertainment
"Over 23 years wet chemistry analytical experience including FTIR, Atomic
Absorption, Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Spectrophotometry,
Viscosity, Specific Gravity, Gravametric measurements, Potentiometric
Licensed by SCDHEC as an ""A"" Water Operator, Wastewater Biological
Operator, and Wastewater Physical/Chemical Operator."
Innovative fund for small businesses unable to attract venture capital
Import/Export specialist, advanced network in the restaurant/ bar
industry, experience with start ups and creating business plans
Technology skills for smb and enterprise, business use of technology,
technical training and public speaking coaching
Furman Student.
IDEAS...of all businesses, inventions, TV shows, etc.
Writing, advocacy, fundraising, interviewing, knowledge of fisheries,
furniture industry
My current expertise is on using optical fiber for temperature and
pressure applications and designing a cable to meet those environmental
Full interactive digital center for 3D Virtual Reality Environments. See
"development, sales and marketing, luxury communities, event planning,
destination clubs, viral networking, luxury real estate, negotiating,
start ups, consulting, managing, creative writing, content writing,
mortgage industry, resort sales, branding, pricing, Caribbean real
estate, recruiting, project management, technology, client relations,
contract negotiations, proposal writing, business plans, concierge
services, call centers, operations, MS Project,,, ACT
Revolutionary strategies.
Marketing/sales strategy and execution. Business development. Crafting
business plans and financial models.
"Bob Bartlett MD
Expertise in photonics
Expertise in hyperspectral imaging
Expertise in wound care
Expertise in medical consulting
CEO or CMO for multiple medical companies
Clinical trial design
Grant applications
Knowledge engineering
Currently Corp Med Director, National Healing"
Implementation of ERP solutions for manufacturing companies in the
southeastern United States. Particular focus on US subsidiaries of
European automotive OEMs and Suppliers.
Strong background in marketing and sales. Very involved in the community.
Providing resources for existing and small business, and the
entrepreneurial community. Connecting business with the appropriate
state resource to advance business opportuniities and solve problems and
I have a background in web and newspaper journalism, editing and
reporting for and India Abroad, among other things.
student in Furman entrepreneurship class
none of your business
Business and Networking Contact in Savannah
"Information Technology Implementation and Consulting
Business Process Review & Redesign
Technical Recruiting
Software review and evaluation
Environmental Services
My core expertise is in fiber, yarn spinning, weaving and fabric
finishing. I have a solid knowledge of the entire supply chain. My recent
focus has been on innovative fibers, most recently silver antimicrobials.
Research skills, legal knowledge for South Carolina, trained on Westlaw
and now AbacusLaw.
"Interesting experiences in many places and across many industries,
including Hispanic publishing, big box retailing, youth and university
education, Entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe, workshop and seminar
development, marketing, and new idea creation.
Overseas light manufacturing and assembly, neurodiagnostic industry
expertise, medical device design/manufacturing/distribution expertise/
engineering expertise, OEM, international business consulting
IMAF in Western NC
I am a member of the Pawleys Island Business Women's Group.
I am Vice President of Sales for Emerge Industries Inc. dba The Amazing
Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System. Our technology allows a user to
take measurements of an object directly from a digital photo they take
with their own camera. We were nominated Top 8 new product by the ABCTV
Gizmo Wizard and the NBC Gadget Guy. We were also written up in the Blog
on We currently have 13 wholesale distributors in the Sign
and Graphics Industry and are also for sale on and Our agreement with Home Depot US has been signed
and is being implemented. We are offering an equity position to Angel
Investors for our 1st round of funding.
Over 20 years engineering experience in organic waste management and
operating pilot-full scale production facilities
In a word: energy.
I work with business owners to assist in the sale of their businesses or
to develop an exit strategy for the future. I also assist buyers with
identifying businesses to acquire.
"We have decided to start a new anti-emission “Green Drive” for the
Southeast and hope you will take a moment to review the enclosed
material. There are proven technologies used in other countries that
would be a start for combating pollution by lowering our community’s
carbon footprint.

Global Emission Systems Inc. (GESi®) is a Canadian company specializing
in the development, design, and manufacturing of a state of the art
emission control technology.
A GESi™ is a new device that can achieve up to 0 (zero) parts per million
(ppm) of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and oxides of nitrogen
(NOx) in a wide variety of combustion engines. It reduces emissions from
any application and fuel source: coal, gas, alcohol, diesel, natural
gas, propane, methane, bio-fuels and more! In addition, the GESi™ has
been shown to increase fuel efficiency, in some cases up to 16%. The
GESi™ is an amazing breakthrough in clean air technology.

The GESi™ devices meet or exceed Environment Canada standards, have been
certified by Daewoo Corporation in Euro3 testing, and certified by the
Ontario “Drive Clean” Program. The US EPA is currently evaluating GESi™.

How Does It Work?

Eight years of privately funded research has resulted in the development
of the ""Dry Selective Catalyst” (DSC™), a formula that selectively
eliminates toxic pollutants. The GESi™ DSC™ device requires no chemical
additives, and is specifically ""tuned"" to the fuel burned in combustion
engines. Emissions control optimization for various fuels is achieved by
impregnating a substrate with varying amounts and types of precious
metals. Unlike any other, the GESi™ device is scalable, recyclable,
custom-designed, adaptable and its use does not introduce additional
toxins into the environment.

Oxides of nitrogen are minimized by a reduction reaction in which oxygen
is removed from the chemical reaction. Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide
are minimized by an oxidation reaction in which oxygen is added to the
chemical reaction. The net result is that carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons
and oxides of nitrogen can be converted into relatively harmless
nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water, by as much as 99.2% thus helping to
eliminate Particulate matter.

NOx + H2 —› H2O + N2
CO + O2 —› CO2
H2 + O2 —› H2O
HC + O2 —› CO2 + H2O


The application for GESi™ units is wide and varied including:
automobiles, generator plants, forklift trucks, school buses, diesel
machinery, landscape maintenance/farm equipment, municipal fleets,
construction machinery, industrial motors, road equipment, utility
vehicles, diesel generators, trucks, performance cars, and many more.
Included in this list are the unregulated engines and exhaust systems for
marine, ATVs, jet skies and generators. In fact, any reciprocating or
turbine engine burning low sulfur fuel benefits from this new state of
the art GESi™ technology.

The implications of GESi™ technology on our polluted planet are obvious:
a reduced carbon footprint and fewer greenhouse gases resulting in
cleaner air to breathe, fewer air pollution related illnesses, even
increased productivity in the workplace. The implications for government,
industry, and consumers are both economic and necessary. For instance,
operators of a power generating facility, GESi™ provides: a decrease in
NOx and carbon emissions (up to 1 megaton per 1 megawatt generator),
lower costs, use of fewer chemicals, and easy compliance. For material
handling operations using forklifts, GESi™ provides: less toxic indoor
air, fewer sick days, and increased productivity. For owners and
maintainers of golf courses, GESi™ provides cleaner emissions, better
performance, substantial fuel savings per year and a “greener” facility.


GESi™ technology has the potential to help solve local pollution problems
by eliminating or decreasing toxic emissions where fossil fuels are being
burned. It is timely, necessary, and commercially available. GESi™ has
real world solutions for governments, businesses and individuals that are
both environmentally intelligent and economically beneficial.

We will be contacting you in the near future and hope you will join us in
improving the Southeast’s air quality.

Thanking you, in advance, I am


Timothy R. Karnes
United Emissions Solutions Inc
(843) 881-7098 direct land line
(843) 452-9700 cell

""Realized Solutions NOW … not waiting for more studies, bureaucracy or
"<strong>Continental Engines</strong> is a leading sales and service
provider of engines, generators, pumps, and transfer switches. We carry
a large inventory of products supplying you with the most recognized
names in the industry and providing solutions for every application.<br>

Our employees are highly knowledgeable of product parts and
specifications and have years of industrial engine and generator repair
experience. We offer our clients knowledgeable, personnel, and
professional service to get the job done- on budget and on time.<br> <br>
In addition to our large product line, our <strong>Service and Repair
Center</strong> offers the following services:<br> <br>

<strong>*Custom Generator Sets<br>
*Custom Installations<br>
*Delivery & Distribution<br>
*Engineering Studies<br>
*Equipment Repair<br>
*Generator Installation<br>
*Generator Repair<br>
*Machine Work<br>
*Maintenance Contracts<br>
*Rental Power<br>
*Warranty Repair<br>
*Welder Repair<br>
*24 Hour Road Service</strong>"
Reaserch lab management, Outside sales management and business
alterative feedstoct for biodiesel plants,container-on barge
Ability to assist/advise clients in matters related to commercial
devlopment, brokerage, and asset management. Primary focus on the retail
"Your Online & Offline presence must be designed so other individuals
'really' get what you are about 'quickly'.
We can help you do this and it is not as expensive as you have been told.

Call me.

See for media business
http://www.linkedin/in/danieljgarvin for a complete profile"
My expertise is problem solving and inventing.
Certified Apple services
"Independent CNC Machine Tool Builder providing turn-key support
services. Knowledge of plastics, machining, and fabrication.

Strength lies in being focused specifically on your application to insure
proper support and implementation of your project. "
"Independent CNC Machine Tool Builder providing turn-key support
services. Knowledge of plastics, machining, and fabrication.

Strength lies in being focused specifically on your application to insure
proper support and implementation of your project. "
"Independent CNC Machine Tool Builder providing turn-key support
services. Knowledge of plastics, machining, and fabrication.

Strength lies in being focused specifically on your application to insure
proper support and implementation of your project. "
Skyline can handle all aspects of tradeshow marketing, from design to
shipping and handling, storage and set up. Let us do the work for you.
"Operations Assessments
Profitability Improvement
Growth Services
Lean Manufacturing
Continual Improvement Techniques
Quality Tools
Acting, Directing and Producing.
nurturing the arts
I have experience in web system development and have a vision and passion
for using the knowledge-collecting power of the internet to improve
I have extensive experience in merger and acquisitions, private
placements, & corporate finance issues for both large and small
"Choate Construction Company was founded in 1989, based on the philosophy
of excellence over volume. Due to our financial strength, depth of
expertise and reputation, we have experienced steady growth to a volume
in excess of $740 million in 2007, employing 500 full time staff.

Choate maintains offices in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Charlotte and
Raleigh, North Carolina; and Charleston, South Carolina.

One of the largest general contractors in the Southeast, Choate
concentrates in Construction Management, Pre-Construction and
Design/Build for multiple sectors ranging from retail and corporate
office to industrial and recreational construction."
"With over 18 years of experience in public relations and advertising, I
can provide insight into media relations and media advertising.

I can also connect you with opportunities for continuing education and
workforce training to help you and your company compete in the current
business economy."
I am intellectual property attorney, specializing in patent procurement
and enforcement. My clients include Foutune 50 companies, as well as
entrepreneurs at various stages. I regularly teach intellectual property
classes at the Wake Forest University Babcock Graduate School of
Management, for which I have been named a Babcock Entrepreneurial Fellow.
I also work with several entrepreneurial organizations in NC.
I have a professional background in fundraising and educational services.
20+ years servicing manufacturers and OEM
I founded LURHQ in 1996 and under my leadership developed one of the
fastest growing companies in the IT security industry with market leading
technology for monitoring security infrastructure. LURHQ merged with
Secureworks to form the leading MSSP in 2006. I currently serve on the
board of SecureWorks and have been an active participant and leader in
the information security industry since 1993.
35+ years of experience in the accounting/consulting arena and varied
involvement with making things happen. I have a strong focus on helping
organizations find their real potential and create alignment with
aspirational goals through Transformative Visions.
My academic research and teaching have focused on the following topics:
international business, Russia and Eastern Europe, business ethics,
corporte social responsibility, and sustainability.
My company seeks qualified investors for exploiting our unique and
patented techniques for applying thin films (under 1 micron) of metal
oxides and pure metals.
I worked at Frontier Capital, a private equity fund focused on making
minority investments in high growth businesses, before working for LURHQ.
While I was with LURHQ, I was responsible for all financial, strategic
planning, legal and human resources operations. I was in charge of
investor relations and M&A activity.
Entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial startups, service design
consulting, real estate sales and management, nonprofit creation and
management, retail sales, and academic book publishing.
Ability to share the multiple resources the Department of Commerce offers
that may assist the state's business community become successful.
Proven experience in market segmentation and identification of new
revenue streams. Developed and led cross functional teams in a corporate
"I am new to Entrepreneurship and would like to learn more to assist us
in moving our idea from paper to prototype.
My expertise is in the trucking and automotive industry compliance area.
Compliance meaning vehicle tags, large truck apportion tags, fuel taxes
and enforcement."
Creating access to safe water for all; cleantech; greentech; water
infrastructure; photo-remediation and water remediation/treatment
technologies; product innovation; product development; IP development; IP
licensing; entrepreneurship;
ATP is commecializing torrefaction technology, developed by North
Carolina State Univeresity, which will help convert cellulosic biomass,
like wood chips, into a more enegy dense and valuable fuel. Torrefied
material makes a more cost-effective fuel, which electric utilities can
co-fire with coal, it makes superior energy pellets and is a better
feedstock from which to make cellulosic ethanol.
Motivation, creativity, valuable assest to a specific industry
Attending Innoventure
Over 20 years experience in VC investing, primarily in the medical area.
Connected to state-wide technical education system and upstate employers.
Extensive network in the Automobile, Aerospace, Commercial Vehicle and
Motorsports Engineering fields, Professional Society network
Trial Lawyer, with emphasis in complex litigation and class action
Ability to communicate a vision of a solution coupled with the talents
and style essential to persuading others to implement the solution;
Ability to communicate complex technical analysis to technical and non-
technical audiences; Ability to quickly assess situations and capable of
forming a clear vision of a solution; Outstanding communication and
presentation skills; Strong experience with Internet-related
architectures; including RDBMS, n-tier; enterprise systems
implementation; Direct experience using formal project management
standards and procedures; Ability to manage difficult project planning
and implementation issues.
Hyperspectral imaging
Knowledge engineering
Medical Communications
Oxygen physiology
Grant applications
Wound Care
Medical Devices"
union negotiations, production mfg, all aspects of HR, material
graphics, design, web nerdery
"Profitability Enhancement services to help you reduce uncertainty
Cash flow management and forecasting
Budgeting, forecasting, & business models that enhance management control
of current operations, strategic initiatives, & major transactions
Cost reduction and working capital programs
Business model drafting and implementation
Pricing analysis and revenue-generating initiatives
Analysis of relevant performance criteria and benchmarks to support
effective decision making and management control
Development of reporting packages of ongoing operations for management
and stakeholders
Due diligence packages for major transactions
Ongoing advisory services
Financial Reporting & Analysis provide the answers you need to make sound
Accounting software and hardware evaluation, selection, & implementation
Policy development for critical operational activities that include
accounting, control, & audit to ensure accurate and compliant reporting
to stakeholders
Review of infrastructure costs, contracts, & suppliers
Venture capital analysis and “pitch packages” for asset-based &
conventional financing
Crisis Management services help you get control
Analysis of critical early warning indicators
Turn-around strategies and execution
Interface services between company, creditors, & investors
Critical “short list” priority development
HR Consulting Services Provide Answers and More Control
Staffing levels and cost control analysis
Staff training and mentoring
Global HR management and development
Software and hardware evaluation, selection, & implementation
Health policy analysis
Benefit package analysis & negotiation
Fraud control implementation
Financial Services
I have significant experience in patent prosecution and intellectual
property creation and protection, primarily in the electrical and
computer related arts, and also with alternate energy technologies.
Interested in Commercial Real Estate
process approach to bring innovation to market in corporate environment
Current Leader or Energy Engineering Software Tools. Extensive
experience in PLM Software Systems, Physics Based Software Design, and
General Electric Supply Chain Software systems.
Mechanical and system design of aircraft propulsion and energy systems.
Operational and program management of new product development efforts.
assist not for profits, local governments and corporate clients to
resolve problems and achieve goals
My expertise is in assisting clients become clear in their public message
through newsletters, updates, website copy, and media relations
especially for public oriented projects including highway construction,
bridge construction, land planning, and real estate development.
Focused on bringing solutions to market that improved Supply Chain
visibility, manageability, and collaboration. Also have Solutions that
focus on using Video to transform business processes.
The ADEC Group provides content management for business-to-business
Government, Public Policy, Public Relations
Experience in over 100 start up companies in 30 years in over 15
would healing
Technical and design expertise in blow molding and injection molding.
Co-founder of the Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center, IRIX Pharmaceuticals,
Coastal Growth Partners, Trelys Investments and the Columbia Inferno
Hockey Team.
"Board/Volunteer development
School Readiness
Grant writing
community engagement"
4 years of project and development management. Financial/Investment in
the City of Greenville.
We bring expertise with our management team in successfully drivng an ASP
model. We also have a proven solution that provides a strong and
guaranteed ROI. We have strong partners that focus on mid-market
companies and re-sell our solution. Our solution allows companies to
save significant costs and our partners to create a recurring revenue
stream with a strategic value proposition aimed at the CXO level.
grant writing, accounting
Laboratory Research experience in the field of Analytical Chemistry for
about 9 years. Industrial research experience for about 3 years. In
future, I am interested in starting up a company that fabricates biochips
and biosensors.
Industrial perspective combined with colaboration experience with
government and academia for technology advancement.
I have been involved in construction and real estate for the past 30
great networking setup within the upstate, always know someone who knows
someone that can benefit us all.
"IT & Web Methods
Idea Generation & Marketing
Development & Implementation


3COM, Adidas, Johnson and Johnson, BP Oil, BMW, Wachovia"
"General Management

Sales & Marketing
      Proven track-record of growing sales and profitability in all
business ventures.
      Successfully led market-driven new product development for
unprecedented growth in highly competitive consumer products businesses.
      Brand Building.

Ricoh's manufacturing operations practice zero waste-to-landfill. Using
state-of-the-art de-manufacturing systems, we are recovering 95% of the
material content from equipment that has reached the end of its useful
service life.

Our designated recycling centers in the U.S. and Canada receive used
products (returned by our branches and subsidiaries) then process and
separate them into commodity streams of steel and aluminum. Coppers and
precious metals are smelted to be used in the manufacturing of new
products. The remaining plastic is used as a fuel in the smelting
process. With a 95% recovery ratio, virtually nothing goes to landfill.

Since 2000, Ricoh has diverted over 30 million pounds of equipment from
landfills. We currently demanufacture an average of 12 million pounds of
equipment per year."
"People Management
Inventory Management
Process Management
Continual Improvements
K-12 STEM Curriculum, Project Lead The Way (PLTW)Pre-Engineering
Curriculum, FIRST Robotics Initiatives (i.e., FIRST Robotics Competition,
FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST LEGO League, Junior FIRST LEGO League)
Provide marketing strategies for local, state and national companies.
"Brandon Uttley specializes in combining new media and traditional
communications strategies to create meaningful conversations between
companies and their customers.
Consulting services include:
Conversation Architecture; Web Design & Development; One-On-One And Group
Coaching; Social Networking; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Pay-Per-
Click (PPC) Advertising Management; Blogging Strategy/Implementation;
Competitive Analysis; Public Relations Plans; Message Development;
Social Media News Releases

Uttley is accredited by Public Relations Society of America.
"Outstanding DVD Slideshows for personal and business clients. Focused on
special events and tradeshows.
High quality videotape to DVD transfer services.
If you need a DVD we can create it and duplicate it!
Expertise includes: Business and manufacturing consulting, operational
startup planning, and operational risk analysis.
Giving children and adults an alternative indoor sports facility.
Offering free skate on Sunday's from 6-8 p.m. Honoring A/B Honor Roll
with free skating.
Red Condor
Windows Servers
Network Security
Background as a innovator and professional business opportunity.
NYTE is Not Your Typical Enterprise
Unique ability to help businesses plan for and mitigate disasters,
natural and man-made. This includes travel safety training for company
Tax services including tax risk management assistance for public
companies, tax consulting and minimization services for corporate and
individual clients, and consulting support for growth companies and their
Oracle SQL; Business Objects; Web Intelligence Report Development;
Microsoft Office Suite; Momentum Enterprise Solution; Federal Financial
Management; Systems Design, Development, Management and Support; Systems
Testing; Data Analysis; ISO 9001
Over 25 years experience in the aviation industry. Experience includes
program management, business development, marketing and sales.
Knowledge of people and processes in Financial Services, Real Estate and
Technology industries.
thirty years experience in mental health and wellness
Technology evaluation, start ups, angel & venture investing, corporate
Design and installation of small or large solar energy solutions.
Experienced staff in energy modeling and ratings.
"SRNL Program Manager
Design & Testing Organization"
"Corporate Finance

Wealth Management"
Non-profit marketing, business development
I help to flag business events to people who believe that networking is a
valuable tool in business.
Higher Education in Business
Materials processing and characterization, Thin film growth, Molecular
beam epitaxy, Single crystalline semiconductors, Photonic devices, wide
bandgap semiconductors.
"The core of my professional experience is in marketing and business
development strategies. I have had sales responsibilities for some
service offering at each of my positions.

In addition, I have event, website and project management experience. I
am also certified to sell Google Ad Words and am being trained in search
engine optimization."
Recruiting Services
Extensive experience in automated systems and custom machinery. Sales
and marketing expertise in industries ranging from petrochemical, medical
device, pharmaceutical, automotive and others.
Investment consulting, retirement planning, asset allocation, alternative
investments (futures, hedge funds, provate equity), concentrated assets
(risk management), trust & estate services
One Stop Framework focusing on the simplifying the intake process for
your clients and customers
business development
Master's degree in Business
Live Action, Animation, Motion Graphics, Interactive
Corporate marketing and communications
"Personally my expertise is in communication, writing, and marketing. I
also have some strong cross experience in contract negotiation and
business development.

Rico Media, specifically it's subsidiary SpartX Inc., specializes in
social media and the internet."
"Human Resource Outsourcing
New Business Creation
Business Expansion
Employee Benefits
Workers Compensation
HR Technology
Mergers & Acquisitions
Private Equity
Venture Capital"
Logistics Management, Production Management, Supply Chain Management,
"LAN/WLAN/WAN/SAN strategic solution development
Remain current in the fields of IP telephony, data storage, and IT
Comprehensive voice/data signaling protocols and standards understanding
Proven storage solution development including disaster recovery, archive,
and server/storage consolidation
Working knowledge of IT security and regulatory compliance audits
Understand technical support and problem resolution methodologies
Employ a consultative solution selling approach"
We help individuals reach their long term financial goals through
investments, including financial tools like annuities, insurance,
mortgages, etc. Edward Jones uses a tool called FAST (Financial
Assessment & Solution Tools) to help persons systematically define their
goals in a orderly fashion and provide feedback on how to achieve those
goals. As a long term partner, we provide the solutions to any missing
pieces through the many investments and financial services we have as
resources to offer our clients. You design and control your future; we
are here to councel, assist, and at key moments, provide leadership.
"Strategic planning, identification and penetration of new markets, (US
and International). Document technology product innovation,
implementation and administration. In-depth knowledge of financial and
legal services industry.

Core Compentencies:
International Business Transactions,
Legal and Financial Document Mgmt Systems,
Electronic Discovery Consultation,
Translations / Localization,
Brand Management Consultation,
Distribution and Logisitics Services, "
"GrowthFinance LLC ( provides professional
CFO services, Controller solutions, and support in executing major
transactions to growth companies. The firm specializes in cost-effective
financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, implementing controls,
other financial management, etc, and provides strategic help for
companies raising growth capital or considering M&A opportunities. Most
of the firm's clients are fast-growing technology, healthcare, business
services, consumer, and industrial companies that are at various stages
of development from start-up to tens of millions in annual revenue.
GrowthFinance has offices in Charlotte and Durham, North Carolina, a team
of 18 professionals, and serves more than 50 companies throughout the

Project Management, finding solutions, small business support and
"High Speed Electronic Communications Components

Design, development and marketing of electronic components for high speed
Community Relations; Corporate Communications; Creative Services;
Strategic Planning; Business Development; Problem Solving
IT Risk Management Services
Clemson University
"Customized, quick-response delivery of these services:

•   Hardware design / testing / troubleshooting / repair
•   Test fixture/test system design
•   Short-run prototyping and manufacturing
•   Electronic repair depot services
•   Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - structural / thermal / magnetic / fluid
•   Software design / testing / troubleshooting / validation
•   Laboratory design / installation / management / decommissioning
•   Repair depot design / management
•   Quality system design and implementation
•   Equipment maintenance and calibration
•   Failure tracking and analysis
•   Engineering change implementation and management
•   IT infrastructure services

High-quality low-to-medium volume subassemblies and finished goods:
• Mechanical
• Electromechanical
• Printed circuits
• Systems
• Cables
Top technical and business talent to fill short-term, long-term, temp-to-
hire or full time positions, including:
• Hardware / Software
• Quality
• Project Management
• Supply Chain
• Operations
• Customer Service
• Administrative"
My area of expertise is developing marketing strategy for new and
existing products/services for buisness and industry. Highly technical
products are welcomed. Channel marketing is a specialty. After a strategy
is developed we have the resources to implement unique sales tools,
colateral materials, websites and sales promotions.
nanoparticle production, characterization, surface modifications
Government resources for hiring and training needs
R&D and pilot production of ceramic products. Low-cost manufacture
"ASME (H, S, U, PP) and National Board (NB, R) Code Welding.

Boilers:   New, Rentals and Used.

Boiler Tech Service is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by calling
Expertise in international business, international trade, exporting and
importing, foreign translations, arrangement of conferences and seminars
Financial services
"Design and construction, fabrication shop experience, installation and
dismantle crew supervision, logistical coordination, event and
presentation planning, experience with city permitting and outdoor
We maintain a full shop and warehouse facility. "
We provide professional and industrial staffing services, as well as HR
services, all within our Employment Solutions Division. We have a second
division called HTI Logistics Services in which we provide outsourced
warehousing, facilities management, level material flow, etc.
"Expertise: 15+ years of IT/telco experience in different roles
progressing from technical to management/business.

Resources: excellent & proven web software development team.

Will provide more info soon."
Child Care Resource & Referral, a program of United Way Succss By 6
assists parents in their search for quality child care in the community.
Offering assistance with locating care and educating on the importance of
quality early education.
  I manage marketing, publicity and campus awareness for the Information
Systems department of BlueCross BlueShield of SC. I am the main contact
for our Center for Enterprise Systems Management project and other
organizations such as SC Association of Colleges and Employers, Midlands
Education and Business Alliance and the Chamber of Commerce's Information
Technology Council.
"International Experience;
Strategic planning, financial budgeting and planning, m&a and risk &
capital management;"
Marketing, Strategy, Strategic Planning, Advertising, Communications
Backgroung in alternative energy,focusing on hydrogen and solar energy.
Bomar Marketing Solutions offers a full range of public relations and
marketing services and much more. From strategic planning to creative
services to media relations, our comprehensive services can be tailored
to fit any marketing and public relations situation
Executive benefits, estate planning, 401K management, employee benefits.
We are a full service insurance and risk management firm with experts
throughout the spectrums of corporate and personal insurance.
"We operate 4 SAS 70 Type II certified Data Centers in Boston, MA,
Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh, NC (2), providing best-of-breed data center
operations with hardened physical infrastructure, security, and
environmental services.
Security, Wireless, networking, energy solutions
Medical healthcare information technology, Medical Research and
"Microsoft MVP - Digital Media

Independent Music Online, Inc.,
ZuneTracks Music Blog,"
Technology Marketing, Graphics Design, Consulting, I.T. Management
IT, web, software
Publishing, creative ideas, public relations and marketing strategies
I provide marketing and public relations for the SC World Trade Center as
well as organize our Programs.
"Since 1925, Elliott Davis has been the accounting and business advisory
firm that improves the financial management of emerging and middle market
clients by offering a comprehensive array of accounting and business
advisory services. Today, Elliott Davis is one of the largest accounting
and business advisory firms in the Southeast, and among the top five
companies awarded as ""2007 Best Places to Work in South Carolina.""

Elliott Davis' affiliates include Elliott Davis Capital Partners, LLC, a
regional investment banking firm; Elliott Davis Technology Solutions,
LLC, a leading full-service network integration and security provider;
Elliott Davis Wealth Management Services LLC, which helps individuals
achieve personal financial goals by providing planning, investment,
insurance and brokerage services; and Retirement Plan Advantage, LLC,
providing a broad range of qualified retirement plan services.

The firm is a member of The Leading Edge Alliance, an international
professional association of independently-owned accounting and consulting
firms based in the U.S., and is strategically aligned with LEA Europe and
LEA Asia Pacific, a worldwide network of 280 offices in 50 countries
around the globe.

For more information about Elliott Davis and its services, visit
corporate finance, banking, accounting, financial modeling, international
finance, treasury
Business & Operations Management • Tactical & Strategic Planning • P&L •
Budgeting * Overhead Savings • Team Building & Leadership • Personnel
Development • New Business Development • Contract Negotiation &
Management • Consultative/Value-added Selling • Executive Management of
Strategic Partnerships • Customer Retention • Change Management •
Restructuring & Realignment • Process, Procedure, and System Design &
"Software development,
Software product management,
e-learning products and services
"Zeracom is an award winning Technology Solutions Provider. Zeracom is an
recognized leader in IP Telephony and networking. Zeracom's unparalleled
service and customer driven business practices, delivers High Performance
Solutions with Proven Performance and Reliability.

Organizations seeking a technology partner with impeccable references,
integrity and a commitment to excellence, look to Zeracom. "
"Founder of Technology company.
Business and Technology experience in high tech start-ups, University
spin-offs, optics companies."
General management and turnaround
"Start up and Turn arounds in Wireless and Wireline Telecom and New Media
Companies. Especially, Local Online and Mobile Search. Both public and
private companies with expertise in raising or bringing capital from
Venture Capital, Private Equity, PIPEs, and for M and A opportunities.

A creative, strategic thinker with strong technical knowledge and
Intellectual Property background. Within the Patent world, Doyal has
worked with over 25 Fortune 500 companies on IP leveraging or expanding
their patent portfolio. He has also worked with several of the major
investments banks and patent holding companies with patent sales,
funding, and investment opportunities. He also has worked with patent
technology due diligence and claim and infringement analysis. "
Strategic planning, performance management and financial management.
coffee, coffeehouses, guerilla marketing for specialty beverage
retailers, coffee roasting, barista training, customer service training.
South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
political-economic assessments and forecasting on global markets; design
and development of strategic intelligence programs; government relations
Extensive knowledge in business. Can support manufacturers in multiple
industries for product development.
Electronic payment software and services including credit, debit,
payroll, gift, loyalty, and private label. Rules based on-line
transaction processing software and services.
Public sector"
Cad, Cam, Data Managment, Engineering Workflow optimization, Engineer-to-
order automation
Finding a solution to small and large business needs thru web based
applications and website development. With 15 years of software
development experience, I can help communicate a business need to better
define a technical solution.
I have 13 years experience as a computer and network technician. I have
extensive experience with Linux, Windows and other. I am also
knowledgeable in telecommunication installation and, router and network
configuration. I live in the Low Country and will soon be opening
MASECOM, an IT service business that will provide Low Country and SC
business owners with turn-key IT solutions, including Open Source(free),
comparable to businesses sizes and objectives. I look forward to hearing
from you!
Newspaper and Magazine Publishing
CPA associated with a 150+ member South Carolina CPA firm, which includes
all specialties and a reach throughout the state.
South Carolina's Media Partner for Economic Growth
"Storage Area Networks
Network Attached Storage
Data Backup Software
Disaster Recovery Consulitng
Storage Deployment
Veritas Deployment
Remote Data Backup
Development of business plans including feasibility, international
business, structuring, distribution models and strategic planning.
Commercial PV installation, energy efficiency, water management,
recycling, loans, equipment leases, interior design, architecture, green
building materials, and power production from waste streams.
Customer relationship research in business-to-business settings.
Oour firm provides Telecommunication and Utility Audits, Overhead Expense
Reduction Programs, Customer Service and Performance Training, Media and
Advertising, and Overhead Expense Reduction Campaigns, Press Releases,
Marketing, Fundraising Strategy
Worked with businesses of all sizes to improve daily operations through
wireless data and voice products. Thorough understanding of wireless
products, services and pricing. Broad knowledge of how businesses can
improve through better communication.
"Mobile Advertising
Truckside ads
Golf Cart ads
Retail Brokerage:
Non Foods
Gourmet Coffee
Well known throughout the Southeast for its expertise in growing business
and industry, Guthrie Marketing Group has helped business-to-business
clients market their goods and services for the past 25 years. Its strong
marketing strategies and targeted, client-specific approach have been
proven to increase marketability and enhance sales opportunities in
national and international markets.
Exit Planning, Strategic Planning, Acquisitions, Business Valuations,
Very substantial experience in start-ups, capital formation,
telecommunciations and Internet technologies.
Mike concentrates his practice in all facets of municipal finance
(including the issuance of tax-exempt municipal bonds by cities,
counties, school districts and special purpose districts; lease purchase
arrangements and other innovative public-finance structures) and the
implementation of state and local economic development incentives to
induce capital investment by new and expanding industries.
His practice area is INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, which includes consulting
with companies to leverage IP to create Intellectual Assets (i.e.
Capital) for companies. IP consulting is provided n the context of the
client's business to mark decisions which further the goals of the
business and maximize the ROI on the IP portfolio.
"Non-traditional marketing and advertising strategies for small business

Organizer of Green Drinks Charleston ("
"Keynote speaker"
Angel investing, capital raise
Solution to medication errors
I have an above average understanding of everything.
As a psychologist, I think both convergently and divergently. I love to
help people to create visions for success, set goals, and reduce
obstacles to sucess.
Six Sigma, Benchmarking, Marketing, Technology, Innovation
Digital Media, social networking, and startup technology related
experience. Capital fundraising and operations for start-up company.
Developed contacts and relationships in technology, media, and financing
on West Coast, Northeast in addition to Southeast. Relationships and
knowledge for filing patents, trademarks, and securities offering, in
addition to other legal matters related to music, entertainment, and
Experience with acoustic and vibration sensors.
Results-driven marketing and sales professional with over 20 years
experience in leading profitable sales growth at Michelin Tire Company
and SGS Tool Company. Excellent team manager and motivator with
significant product launch and pricing skills.
"Carrington Engineering has a 44 year history of specializing in
technology and its creative applications in the realms of Air Handling,
Material handling, Environmental equipment.

Environmental experience includes: Scrubbers, Noise abetment, Waste
Water, Thermal oxidizers and their applications.

Material Handling includes the transport, weighing, dosing and measuring
of solids from Flour to Coal and Carbon Black to Platinum.
Air Handling includes: General purpose fans and blowers to the high
volume centrifugal blowers and chemical duty FRP fans.

Carrington is also the premier supplier of equipment, design and
installation of Central Vacuum Systems for complete plants and factories
or smaller shops and labs.
"Formed in 1998, CarterTodd & Associates, Inc. is a strategic partner to
multiple companies ranging from information technology and professional
services to non-profit and economic development. Headquartered in
Columbia, SC, CarterTodd & Associates is a full-service agency that
provides public relations, marketing, and creative design services to
companies nationwide. With over 35 years of combined industry
experience, CarterTodd has a proven success record in working with a
variety of vertical industries. We’ve worked with companies in industries
such as legal, real estate, construction, government, environmental,
economic development, financial services, insurance, manufacturing,
retail, hospitality & tourism, healthcare, education, information
technology, and transportation. CarterTodd retains a nationally
acclaimed media relations program with an extensive list of news media
contacts throughout the country. CarterTodd has been certified as a
woman-owned business by the South Carolina Governor's Office.

Event Planning
"Retained executive search,
Leader development,
Executive leadership retreats,
Executive Coaching, high performance organizations, leading high velocity
growth organizations"
"Advisor to Boards, owners or CEOs regarding enterprise value and/or
capital formation

Typical engagements are interim CEO, Board assignments, strategic
consulting on capital formation or value creation.

See   for scope and industry experience

A nationally recognized Executive Speech and Presentations Coach, Sofield
helps executives become skilled public speakers by polishing their
natural ability.
CFO, capital raising and board experience with public and private
World's first sewer service meter.
Clemson Student
"Consulting practice focused on assessing and correcting processes that
are an impediment to church effectiveness and growth. Unique pragmatic
background and education combining Information Technology with ministry
thereby enabling the bringing together of the best of both disciplines to
achieve rapid results for your ministry.
Services available include:
 -Full assessment
 -Leadership/Staff Practices
 -Organizational Communication
 -Evangelism Planning
 -Conflict Coaching/Mediation
 -Change Agent Execution
 -Community Perception
 -Data and Statistical Analysis "
"We provide companies that execute multiple projects with shared
resources a 2 to 10 times increase in gross profits by using new thinking
and insights based on theory of constraint and critical chain. Velocity
Pointe delivers results through training, mentoring and software tools
that enable clients to double the rate of completed projects with the
same resources and significantly reduce time to complete.

Active member of Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group (a 500+
member executive group)with access to an extensive talent pool."
Worked with all aspects of intellectual property law within multiple
business sectors. Member of a team which provides expertise in virtually
every legal and technical field.
"Garvin Design Group was established to provide Client-Driven Design
Solutions to the building
needs of clients. Founding principal Scott Garvin started the firm with
more than 17 years
and $200,000,000 worth of project experience (construction value),
setting out to fill a need for more efficient project delivery methods
for clients of all types.

Having practiced architecture in South Carolina since completing their
education, the Principals began to develop long-term interests in their
clients and looked beyond the basic “we need a building” mentality to
help them think about and develop expanded building programs that work in
conjunction with their business plan. Whether designing a 5,000 sf unique
banking center or a 200,000 sf Honors Residence Hall & Education Center,
Garvin Design Group’s ability to understand their clients has made them a
sought after firm throughout the state.
Partner with entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized emerging companies to
develop and execute budgets, financial reports & analysis, strategic
plans, acquisitions, and process improvement.
Worked with entrepeneurs and middle market companies to develop and
execute business plans. Have experience in capital infusions by venture
capital, private equity, and angels. Been on both sides of most types of
corporate finance transactions. Represented sellers and buyers in over
$800,000,000 worth of M&A deals. Broad base of legal resources available
in the firm with 180 lawyers in 7 offices in 2 states.
Extensive experience with buyers and sellers in M&A transactions.
Knowledge of the commercial lending market and sources of capital. Broad
base of legal resources available in the firm with 185 lawyers in 8
offices in 2 states.
"It is my goal to assist entrepreneurs in their search for a place that
they can call ""home"" whether that be the construction of a new
facility, the purchase of an existing facility or the leasing of such a
facility. Every ""home"" is different and every location is different -
we have offices statewide in South Carolina and North Carolina and can
help you in your search because of our relationships within the real
estate and construction industries. We also have knowledge of the
governmental officials and agencies that will have to approve your
project and its entitlements.

Also through our affiliate, Colonial Coast Title Agency, Inc., we search
titles in all 46 counties of South Carolina and provide title insurance
and other title services statewide."
Beth provides senior level planning and implementation of strategic
public relations programs designed to fit the needs and budgets of small
companies. She has created successful campaigns for a broad range of
companies and placed hundreds of news releases in local, regional and
national newspapers and magazines. Planning events, from small
conferences to awards dinners, is another area of expertise.
"<ul><li>Intercultural Relations (Training and Coaching)
<li>Language Coaching (English and Japanese)
<li>Japanese Language and Culture
<li>English Language and American Culture
<li>Author of ""The Visionary’s Guide to Small Business Development""
<li>Business Strategic Planning
<li>Personal Strategic Planning
<li>Business Start-up
<li>Business Development
<li>Christian Coaching and Training (Business and Personal)</ul>
Web Applications, Graphic Design, Database Integration, Hosting and
human health risk assessment, fate and transport modeling, statistical
analysis of environmental data; and RCRA hazardous waste management
"Over ten years experience with graphic based applications and
proficiency in the
HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Script, Access DB, FileMaker DB, and Limited PHP,
We provide business coaching to clients to improve the flow of
information, materials (raw materials, work in process and finished
goods inventory) in a product Value Stream that improves net PROFIT by
elimination of wastes.
24 years of experience and contact building within the horse industry
Marketing and Event Planning
I am an ATA-certified freelance translator working from the French,
Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian languages into English. I have a graduate
degree in public health and expertise in the field of medical,
pharmaceutical, and public health translating.
Femeia assists business owners with all aspects of their financial life -
from cash flow management to retirement planning.
Widely recognized expertise in the fields of electrolytic capacitors and
aluminum anodic oxidation. Broad background in industrial R&D
environment as well as academic and government lab experience. Results
and Team oriented. Experienced in managing the interface between the
marketing and technology disciplines. Can support Application /
Technology Roadmapping and Quality Function Deployment efforts. Able to
design and execute plans for new or improved processes and products as
well as diagnose failure modes. Can Supervise/contract specialized
electrical, mechanical, microscopic, and instrumental / wet chemical
testing when needed.
"Financial Management,
Management Accounting,
Startegic Business Planning, Board Leadership in the
Institute of Management Accountants
The firm of Monahan & Moses, LLC practices in all areas of intellectual
property law, including prosecution and litigation in the areas of
patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, as well as related
licensing. The members of the firm have extensive experience in both
United States and international IP matters.
Seasoned advertising,marketing firm based in Columbia, SC.
Commercial Flooring expert, Flooring Maintenance expert, Green Building
knowledge. The strong desire for new ways of doing the right thing for
our environment.
Carolina Community offers free and unbiased guidance to those seeking
Real Estate in a private community throughout the Carolinas. I am the
Western Region Associate for the company and have personally visited and
assessed over 100 communities throughout North and South Carolina. I
would be happy to share my expertise and save you time and money while
seeking out the perfect piece of real estate for you in the 2nd home,
retirement and investment market.
Disaster Recovery, software development, systems integration, Legacy
migrations, telephony VOIP and MPLS, web services
I represent clients with their intellectual property and technology law
needs including patent and trademark litigation and all phases of patent
and trademark prosecution before the United States Patent and Trademark
Office. My technical expertise includes an emphasis in materials science
and engineering.
"Business Valuation
Financial Analysis
Exit Strategy Consulting
Asset Management"
I represent the State and local governments in tax exempt bond financing,
economic development incentives and public finance matters.
Our business can help design a website for the Greenville community at a
reasonable price. We often build simple, yet aesthetically pleasing
websites that gives clients a presence on the web. We also have expertise
in Website updating, and IT work for your business
"Business Process Analysis & Optimization; Lotus Notes/Domino Development
& Administration; MySQL & MS SQL Server relational db application
development/administration; Interactive web application development
utilizing various technologies including XML, PHP, CSS, & AJAX
National List Brokers & List Managers.....capable of supplying any
category lead/list for direct mail, telemarketing or e-mail campaign.
Registered to practice before the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office. I
obtain patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, etc. on behalf of
clients and also handle acquisition, transfer, and licensing of such
intellectual property assets. Also, I was formerly a Patent Examiner for
the Patent Office.
The Aiken area office of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
provides free one-on-one counseling and at-cost workshops to prospective
and existing businesses.
"Retained Executive Search,
Predictive Executive Assessment & Development
Executive Career Management"
"Strategic ommunications to include branding, strategic plans, media
relations, issues communications, annual reports, ghostwriting, and other

Expertise in international PR/media relations as well as national/local.
"Marketing and Sales Specialization

International Perspective

Telecommuncations Industry

Entrepreneurial Outlook and Collaborative Work-style"
Usability evaluation; task analysis; interaction design; human factors
Business Planning, Business Improvement, Process and Data Engineering,
Enterprise Architecture
"Graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in Mass Communications.
I'm experienced in web development, programming, photography and design
principles. I'm experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
Flash, Acrobat and various web development editors. Patrick is also
skilled across the three major operating system platforms of Mac OSX,
Windows (3.0 - Vista), and Linux.

I like to focus on finding the best content management systems and
delivery methods that take the technology barriers away from my
customers. I'm also experienced in RSS and creative ways it can be used
to distribute information."
"Assist clients to discover innovative ideas, technologies, products and
services from outside their organizations. Connect with the very best
innovators and solution providers from around the world to quickly and
cost-effectively solve their business needs.
"Grow your organization's leaders by tapping into GreenLeaf's world of
- Customized Leadership Training
- Executive Retreats
- Teambuilding Workshops
- Intercultural Effectiveness Seminars
- Creativity & Innovation Workshops"
Software-as-a-Service that optimizes the land development process.
"I have 4 months of living experience that includes a bout with parvo,
kennel cough, hook worms, tape worms, and mange.

I'm much better now."
"Corpoarate Attorney
Business Coach"
Recruiting Specialties: IT, IT Security, Hospital IT, Software
Engineering, Enterprise Applications, MSSP (Managed Security Services)
"simplifying the obtuse..
ideas, design, computers, creative, concepts, design logic, digital media
"Graphics and Web Design
30 years experience in graphics and 10 of those years in web design."
Data Center Services, IT Management, Network Security, Data Storage, IT
Regulatory Compliance
Rob has over 20 years experience in IT, Manufacturing, and Business
Operations. Prior to joining Immedion, Rob was VP of Operations for
Jobscope, a privately owned IT consulting and services company. Before
Jobscope, Rob served as Senior Director of the Networking and
Communications Business Unit within Solectron Corporation.
Real Estate Marketing, Sales, Purchase, and Investment. Online Marketing
and Search Engine Optimization. Graphic Design and Photography.
"Company Financing
Business Process"
IBM,Software, Portal and Collaboration
Fiber extrusion, melt spinning, wet spinning, specialist organic polymer
processing. Interests in polymer membranes, nanofibers, filtration, fiber
devices, optical fibers, broader interest areas involve surface and
polymer modifications
"- Polymer processing and synthesis with an emphasis on biomaterials
- Creative solutions to industrial and medical applications
- Medical device regulatory pathway and development process expertise
- Fluoropolymer processing and tubing extrusion
- Fuel ce"
"Web Standards
Web Development
Software, Portals, Middleware
Environmental Affairs
"The United States Business Council for Sustainable Development creates
cross-industry relationships that solve environmental and social
challenges while improving its members’ bottom line.

 US Business Council for Sustainable Development offers networking
opportuni-ties with leaders from diverse industries to develop new
working relationships and to share the best ideas in sustainability.

The Business Council provides members the opportunity to participate in
authentic sustainability projects with industry, government and other key
stakeholders who might not otherwise have the chance to collaborate and
network. The projects generate economic returns while improving the
environment and society — the triple bottom line.

Launched in 2002, the US Business Council for Sustainable Development
enhances members’ credibility through groundbreaking projects and its
partnerships with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
(WBCSD), a global network of more than 200 international companies from
30 counties representing 20 major industrial sectors.

Surgeon with 30 years experience in academic medical centers, community
hospitals, managed care plans, and teaching regional medical center.
Planning, Assessment, technology deployment and management.
Marketing communications planning and executions, public relations, event
advanced materials development, coatings, solid state electrochemistry,
solid oxide fuel cells
"R& D and Expertise in Optical Components, Semiconductor Lasers, Various
Passive Optical Networks, Optical Networks Physical Layer,"
Surface science
"materials science & chemistry
x-ray, neutron & electron diffraction
ethical, legal & societal implications of emerging technologies
Experienced in economic development and financing for national and
international companies locating within South Carolina. Assist companies
by providing an assessment of the company
project management, management analysis, technical documentation,
transitioning from project to production environment
Conference and Meeting Planning expertise. Event Management.
"Business and Economic analysis
Student interns and innovators"
Resource for public education information and data in Greenville SC.
Experience in non-profit management and fundraising as well as
particiaption in national partnerships to improve schools for all
Contact for Global Michelin R & D network
BlueInk, web development, web design, interface design, php, mysql, open
source, content management, CMS, dotProject, CakePHP, web 2.0, semantic
"survey research -- phone and web-based methods
data analysis -- statistical analyses
employment discrimination -- federally qualified expert witness"
no expertise
Coming soon
Telecommunications infrastructure design.
Comming soon.
We have developed state of the art resources for the EMS software and
billing industry
Marketing and Advertising to Green readers.
"Retirement Plans
Fiduciary Oversight
Institutional Investment Advisory
Management and Organization"
manufacturing, quality planning
Marketing and PR
Planning and development
Technology Transfer
Specializing in how to manage negative thinking to increase productivity.
Also speak on recruiting, managing and retaining Generation X and
Generation Y employees.
Working as a researcher for LS3P ASSOCIATES LTD, a regional
architecture/planning firm. Extensive experience in LEED and sustainable
design. Currently serving as steering committee Chair of the Lowcountry
Branch of the US Green Building Council.
Branding and corporate identity, strategic planning, web-centric
integrated marketing communications planning and implementation.
Technical and managerial experience in materials,manufacturing, and
processing. Started and grew two companies into $3 - 30 million total
revenue size businesses. Managed the divestiure of these businesses and
the licensing of proprietary technologies. Special capabilities include
carbon, metals and composites processing, including nano materials
Expertise in providing infrastructure support (equipment, process, and
process knowledge) to micro and nano technology researchers and
Looking for technologies and products within our fields of interest.
These include polymer materials, fibers, technical textiles and
Developed primarily for the Department of Defense an advanced supply
chain execution concept and supporting software that uses best integrated
TOC and Lean practices to synchronize, balance, and minimize inventories
while eliminating stock outs and minimizing associated operating
expenses. Works for a single company or extended supply networks. Used by
U.S. Army and approximately 20 commercial early adopter commercial
companies with outstanding results.
Program Management.
Oak Leaf Consulting is a virtual company providing global onsite senior
management expertise and support. We work with business leaders and
owners to create unique winning business models, and developing the
organization and people to succeed. OLC provides seasoned and practical
expertise that works from strategy formation to action to results. We
work with the spectrum of business situations from pre-startup to global
Our expertise lies in the selection and installation of laboratory
furnishings. This includes casework, fume hoods, equipment, worksurfaces,
service fixtures, etc. We offer a turn key project from early budget
projections through installation.
Senior Account Executive for Hosted Solutions, a Data Center Operator and
Managed Services Provider which operates 5 SAS 70 Type II Data Centers
here in the Carolinas and Boston. We focus on providing colocation,
dedicated hardware, and managed services for companies' mission critical
infrastructure and web leveraged (SaaS/ASP) applications.
"Obviouslee Marketing is a full-service marketing company located in
Charleston, SC which offers a full array of consulting, communications
and creative services. Our integrated approach ensures that you only have
to tell your story once to our team. Your message will then be delivered
consistently from beginning to end - without having to work with multiple
stakeholders to ensure that the process is efficient, meaningful and cost
We act as an off-site marketing department that can handle virtually all
of a companies marketing needs including: Marketing Strategy Development
and Implementation, Public Relations, Website Development, Graphic
Design, Video Production, and Search Engine Optimization."
"Entrepreneurial Resources is a management consulting firm helping
business owners and executives achieve wealth by applying sound business
and financial strategies to their core business. Our team is comprised of
experienced C-level executives who know how to operate a business and
help others navigate through complex situations.
Telecommunications Marketing and Public Relations. Channel Marketing.
Product Marketing. Media Relations. Branding Strategy. MarCom.
M33 Integrated Solutions has developed a web-based Transportation
Management System (TMS) that helps companies centralize and control all
their freight and costs from any computer. This technology allows for
visibility and collaboration within our Client Network to create cost
savings for everyone.
"Olivier has fifteen years of experience in brand strategy and
management, communications management (including new media), product
development, and innovation management. He has worked with a broad range
of companies in the B2B, B2C, education and government sectors, ranging
from technology and sportswear to engineering and manufacturing.

He is also completely fluent in French, which is kind of cool."
"•Industry leader in providing contract manufacturing solutions and
services for flexible materials from process development through
manufacturing to distribution

•Current capabilities include spooling, printing, laminating, specialty
extrusion, slitting, assembly, packaging, and complete supply chain
management solutions

•Clean room, GMP and light sensitive manufacturing environments.

•Developing Innovative solutions to complex problems.

•R&D/Manufacturing process development and commercial production

•Superior quality and capability

•Professional support and involvement

We Listen, Create, Deliver.
Area of interest is engineering graphics. Assisting with product design.
engineering manager and new product development manager with medical
device manufacturer. expertise in automated manufacturing design,
food/beverage aseptic systems
Experience with sensing technologies for military and homeland security
applications. Experience with writing and evaluating technical proposals
for small business (SBIR, STTR). Proposal evaluator for USDA SBIR
Venture Catalyst. Growth financing for early stage enterprises, strategic
marketing, real estate consulting, LBO's, MBO's. Largest LBO project
$300mm. Early stage: $1mm
Have a broad range of successful experience of product innovation and
development in government and private sectors.
"Transportation Technology
Supply Chain Management
Transportation Analytics"
SwaimBrown Consulting is a Microsoft Certified Partner and leading
software consulting firm in the southeast. SwaimBrown Consulting is
closely aligned with Microsoft and specializes in the implementation,
training, and support of Microsoft's industry leading business management
software, Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains.)
Chris Burnette can consult with your company to determine the best
available retirement plan. Chris is available for retirement planning
seminars for executives.
25 years of knowledge in the IT industry. Relationships with many
significant OEM's.
I have an understanding of how a local Chamber of Commerce can leverage a
company's marketing plan.
As an ecopreneur, Elizabeth works with companies to create or improve
their recycling programs.
Green field to startup manager, VC-experienced, creative, get it done
recycling, sustainability
"Business mentoring and coaching.
Preparing business management teams for capital funding, mergers and
A s a Member of Tatum, LLC provides Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
services to companies on a part time or full time basis (Interim or
Permanent). Seasoned financial executive with 30+ years experience
including 15+ years as a Chief Financial Officer. Industry experience
includes manufacturing (chemical, textiles/apparel, metal fabrication and
circuit board assembly), retail (Grocery), Logistics and hospitality
companies as well as Non Profits. Local companies have included W.R.
Grace & Co., Umbro USA, Presentation Services, Alpha Technology, Piedmont
Bushings, Tekgraf, BI-LO, and the Urban League of the Upstate.
Our expertise is in the management of pharmacy benefits.
"I help small to medium sized companies grow and become successful
through custom web design and search engine marketing.

Please visit our website:"
Daniel has been involved in determining and helping create closely held
company shareholder wealth for his entire career. Since he has focused on
value for so long, the characteristics that increase value (the "Value
Drivers") are second nature to me now. I can help companies at different
stages of their life cycle increase value, whether they want to buy a
business, sell a subsidiary, or simply grow profitably.
We provide services that manage and deliver high quality on line video
for internal and external corporate communicaiton needs
Web applications development. Agent-based modeling.
"<b>Marketing & Sales Automation:</b>
- Automated Marketing/Campaign
-   Integrated CRM to Track Leads
-   Sales Opportunity Tracking
-   Complete List Management
-   Sales Forecasting
-   ROI Measurement & Tracking

Marketing Services:
- Marketing Strategy & Brand Development
- Ad Campaigns & Marketing Collateral
- Digital Asset & Collateral Management

Internet Marketing:
- Website Design, Development & Deployment
- Web Hosting
- Ecommerce
- Search Engine Optimization
- Viral Marketing
- Webinars

Direct Response Marketing:
- Email Marketing with Tracking
- Direct Mail Marketing with Tracking
- Target List Research, Leasing & Management

Media Development:
- Interactive Media
- 3D Modeling & Animation
- Video Production"
marketing, graphic design, web design, search engine optimization
"SC licensed REALTOR, with more than 25 years of progressive sales,
marketing, business development and general management experiences in the
US as well in Europe. Consulting and supporting foreign companies moving
from abroad with start-up, management and real estate services.

Bilingual English / German with thorough understanding and knowledge of
the European business culture as well as broad connections within SC
business networks and German business organizations."
"Media Planning & Sales
Diversity Marketing
Ad Campaign Design & Direction
Promotions & Event Planning
Cause Marketing & Corporate Charitable Sponsorship
PR & Publicity
Start-up experience; technology counsel
Marketing strategy and communication.
Business Start-up experience; management & employee development;
teambuilding and leadership development; project management (PM/BOK);
training design and implementation; recruiting and selection processes;
business analysis and consulting; experience with international
"Experience with technology-based startup companies -- founder and
Deep knowledge and experience in energy.
Extensive contacts in venture investment community"
Marketing, Strategic Alliances, Business & Competitive Intelligence,
Architecture, Business Development
UEC Electronics specializes in systems engineering and detailed design of
electronic products, modules and automated test systems for Government,
industrial, commercial, medical, marine, and entrepreneurial

Our diverse and talented technical team offers electronics, software,
mechanical, and systems engineering and design expertise.

In additon to product design and development, UEC also provides follow-on
rapid prototyping and automated assembly capabilities to bring products
quickly to market.

UEC Electronics is housed in two 25,000 square foot engineering,
integration, and automated assembly facilities located in Hanahan and
North Charleston, South Carolina. UEC will soon break ground on a new
20,000 square foot engineering and assembly facility.

Please review our website at:
"IBM Program Director - Lotus Collaboration Solutions.

Empowering people with open, secure and business collaboration software
solutions for businesses of all sizes to drive innovation and gain
competitive edge. "
advertising, advertising and more advertising. it's all i've known for
the past 16 years! i belong to the greenville c of c and the greenville
creativity consulting, training, facilitating, speaking, architecture,
graphic design,
I'm the admin here at SF.
Polymer Processing
"Media Relations
"Economic Development
Tech Based Economic Development
Collaboration Management
Project Management
Industry Cluster Management"
Business publisher -- Charleston Regional Business Journal, SCBIZ
"Network of funding sources, including private equity, family offices,
angels, and strategic investors.

Preparation of business plan and investor presentations.

I have over 22 years with GE, and almost ten years union relations
experience with several other manufacturing companies, including Cooper
Energy Services and Modine Manufacturing.
Strategic Marketing & Public Relations is a full service marketing
communications firm. We have expertise in developing marketing and
communications plans for homebuilders, restaurants, artists, and many
other industries.
Ideas personified - a continuous proliferation of ideas.Keen
Relationship-forging skillset.Thoughtful. Word - Gifted. Diplomaticly
Insighted. Resources - connections with key people...I love people and
"Connie has corporate sales experience handling multi-million dollar
accounts. Her company has a blog with over
138 countries participating internationally.

Connie is Director of Membership for the American Creativity Association.
She has acquired expertise by attending the ACA conferences in Austin and
Singapore. Connie has clients from India, Mexico, and China."
Start-ups, wine, aviation, publishing, Silicon Valley
Enterprise networks and infrastructure.
Start-Up, Turnaround Management/Consulting. Sales and Marketing
Management/Consulting. Media, Consumer Technology are specialties and my
most recent experience. I usually succeed by finding a way to increase
revenue and harness existing resources.
I am an inventor with 19 patents assigned to Milliken and Co.
Broad innovation network
Work with/ facilitate corporate or business unit management or investors
to explore business development and rapid growth opportunities or
facilitate group's addressing of chronic resourcing or other business
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
We can help your company in identifying new opportunities to leverage on
your unique capabilities and market/industry situation, build a
product/service strategy, facilitate innovation, and design successful
"Broad knowledge of advanced fibers.

Broad knowledge of composite process such as filament winding,
pultrusion, molding, adhesively bonded non-woven textile scrims and
grids, extrusion, etc.

Accomplished in the Exercise Science Field in development of Composite
Products and Methods of using these products to enhance one's personal
exercise programs.

Auto dealer fixed operations management. Local government elected
Real Estate Finance
Business Ethics"
"Teaching and research expertise in the areas of strategic marketing
management, integrated marketing communications and international
marketing. Extensive experience in professional and executive education.
"Program development; Statistical representation at FDA & EMEA; Clinical
process innovation; Clinical trial design; Expert statistical support for
studies and programs;
Statistical methodology review; Analysis interpretation; Report review;
Statistical reports; SAP; Implementation of innovations; Exploratory
analysis; Modeling & simulation; Nonclinical & preclinical consulting;
Training (Clinical Trials Methodology, Biostatistics, Adaptive designs,
Basics in Drug Development, GCP); Programming
professional selling and product marketing
General business management, in a technical manufacturing environment
Years of Bisiness Development for Start up companies.
Graphic Design for print and web
"Translations English-German
Intercultural Training German-USA
Business Knowledge Germany
Public Relations"
Textile manufacturing
"Developing a new class of semiconductor devices that are capable of
producing UV radiation, and are suitable for high power electronics.

Previous experience with raising federal R & D funds for start-up
BS Electronics Engineering
GE Engineering technology
Knowledge of Middleware and Applications
Provides interim CFO services, as well performing financial project
consulting assignments supporting the office of the CFO, which could
include due diligence on acquisitions, modeling or budgeting.
Personal background in biomimetic materials chemistry, encompassing
polymers, crystal growth modification, and inorganic chemistry.
Expertise in flammability chemistry & testing, development of print
substrates, and textile chemistry. Currently working in analytical &
industrial chemical separations.
Sam has a broad experience in conceptual design activities in the
aerospace, energy, plumbing, and automobile engine sectors.
Leadership, demonstrated growth management and superior results including
increased market share and increased shareholder value.
I report on many web-based issues, from innovations to scams.
Graphic Design, Print Production, Conceptual Thinking
Expert in advanced microbiological solutions to problems and production
issues, from advanced wastewater, to soils and groundwater, to
Alternative Fuels Production from waste liquids and synthetic gases.
Currently developing multiple source of feeds for Ethanol, Butanol and
hydrocarbon fuels production using IMBR system and the Patented
Continuous Flow Ethanol Process
networking resources
Expert in Chemical Batch Processing. Colorants, Ethylene oxide
Innovation management. Software to accelerate and optimize innovation.
International network of contacts. Experience in broad range of
industries. Exporting. International business development.
International travel. Sales force management and motivation. Licensing.
Technology transfer. Technology commercialization.
Specialized accounting and financial recruiting. The ability to leverage
industry experience and a local network of contacts with Robert Half's 50
years of specialized recruiting expertise and a reach that extends the
MetalTech Systems provides engineering, build and installation services
for C&D and waste recovery systems as well as most other types of
conveyors, screens and sorting for bulk materials.
"Developed Windows Mobile GPS Applications for City, State, and Federal
Government Public Works departments.

Systems developed save time, money, fuel, equipment wear and tear, and
reduces carbon emmissions.

Developed for the City of Clemson and being adopted by cities across the
country, PinPoint Public Works is a revolutionary spotting and
dispatching system for curbside debris removal, municipal risk aversion,
post disaster data collection, and municipal codes enforcement."
All Computer Training, All Certification paths, Microsoft, Novell, Cisco,
any Security
Experienced in the online advertising industry including very strong
technical knowledge of how ad serving and advertising technologies work,
as well as the business aspect and opportunities that exist
Have started, owned and sold many manufacturing businesses. Hold 30+
patents in various boat designs and other products. Have assisted in
many business startup ventures.
Team follows a specific recruiting methodology which assists us in
finding the right resource to fit a specific requirements/needs of our
"Contacts in management,capital and technology organized into a data base
to match providers and users.

Business Network Center is based on the fact that:
    (1)""Business is based on the cooperative use of each other's
resources in management, capital and technology;
    (2)""Business proceeds from a knowledge of these resources and mutual
agreement for their use.""
20+ years designing marketing programs targeting employees, channel
partners and customers to drive specific behaviors. Includes reward
systems, performance management systems, promotions and events.
"Industrial Designer with a Masters in Design centered in product design.

University professor in design subjects.

Researcher on subjects related to Design, sustainability and trends."
social networking, online media, video/audio podcasting, blogging, mobile
hardware, gadgets, etc.
some really cool stuff.
Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) of 13 years designated by the
Convention and Industry Council. Carolina First Center is owned by the
City of Greenville and is run by SMG Corporation, the largest manager of
public facilities in the United States. It has 280,000s.f. of exhibit
space and 60,000 s.f. of meeting space including 3 exhibit halls, a
30,000 s.f. ballroom, 15 meeting rooms, outdoor courtyard, atrium and
prefunction space. Facilities and Destinations 2007 Prime Site award.
Catering is provided by our award winning food and beverage team. In
house audio/visual service provider is Presentation Services.
"Experience and expertise provides clients with value added services by
leading them through the process of site analysis, selection and final
negotiations of lease/purchase transactions. Extensive knowledge of
market conditions, building systems and the space planning process, which
nets clients significant savings in time and money. The value to the
client is realized through the receipt of appropriate advice,
uncompromising execution and protection of client interests.
Have worked with a variety of disciplines throughout manufacturing
career. Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal). Great
people skills. Fluent in French. Technical translation skills.
"Carey Moving & Storage, Inc. is your premier Allied Van Lines agent for
the Upstate and the Carolinas. Carey operates five state of the art
facilities in the following markets:
Our company is proud of its heritage as a fourth generation, family owned
and operated corporation founded in 1907. Our roots are in the Upstate
of South Carolina but, our service knows no boundaries. The Carey
organization is the largest Allied Agent and hauler of household goods in
the Carolinas. Our organization is the exclusive Allied International
partner responsible for servicing all inbound and outbound International
shipments for both North and South Carolina. We are truly committed to
providing you with an unequaled level of service and a personal
commitment to quality.
The Job Finding Formula not only helps job seekers find advertised open
positions, it lays out a method that creates jobs. This method brings
job seekers together with business decision makers in a low-key, non-
threatening way where the decision maker often recognizes that the
solution to a problem is to create a job.
"Professional Experience in:
International Business & Finance,
Academic & Career Counseling,
Non-Profit Management, Project Management, Contract Negotiation.

Providing corporate legal advice
I work with project finance. I have worked with many start up projects
over the last several years and have created financial pro-formas in
order to determine break even points, cash flow cycles , and project
feasibility. Simply put I quantify and dollarize ideas.
"Certified Financial Planner, commercial lending, investment advisor,
banker, charitable services advisor, retirement plans specialist,
trust services, life insurance, commercial insurance, property and
casualty insurance, liability, commercial real estate investing, cash
Assurance and Advisory Services, Tax Services
The Principal Financial Group is a national leader providing benefits to
small and medium size companies. No other firm in the country provides
more 401(k) plans than the Principal. We'll give you an edge!
Technology commercialization, strategic planning for new technologies.
Medical device commercialization and regulatory approvals.
Creative marketing strategies with proven success in the music industry.
Radio airplay across three continents. Database of 24,000 fans and
growing. Lively entertainment for business and social functions.    Visit to learn more about the band!
IPO experience includes taking an international company public in
combination with a foreign acquisition. Focus is on wholistic strategy
including public image, systems and organizational based operational
improvement for better management, decision making, and for domestic and
foreign regulatory reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance in high growth
environments. Experience also includes treasury, financing and investor
relations support.
"Secondary Data Research, esp. socio-economic data for business plans
Primary Data Reseach - Survey Design, Focus Groups, etc."
I have been working with many kinds of technology, but recently it has
been in real time messaging for games and other things. These
technologies include XMPP, Python, Twisted, Erlang, Ejabberd, AJAX, BOSH.
They have been deployed on Linux systems in the Amazon Elastic Computing
transportation and logistics insight
Microsoft Office Master Instructor
As a part of the Chamber we try to build the knowledge based industry and
attract and retain businesses to grow high paying jobs through
conferences, programs and initiatives.
Long career in commercial real estate including retail, office and mixed
use. Experience includes demographic and financial analysis of projects,
negotiating agreements with consultants and contractors and subsequent
development management and reporting.
i run a web 2.0 site that helps people communicate in non real time.
Your organization can communicate with other offsite offices.
Six years of project management experience. Experience in global
strategic planning and business development.
Injection molding background.
Systemtec specializes in staffing and consulting in the field of
Information Technology. Systemtec is headquartered in Columbia, SC with
branch offices in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh.
Financial Resource - We can provide everthing from Equity Funding and
Asset Funding to Venture Capital and Angel Capital. We can also help
businesses manage their growth, create strategies for capitalization and
transition, and help buisnesses comply with Sarbanes - Oxley
requirements. Our team also includes forensic accounting specialists,
ERISA experts, bankruptcy experts, and other leaders with specific
business expertise.
Business focused entrepreneur with 20+ years in full lifecycle software
development. Specialize in bridging the gap between business and
technical users, and providing a full solution encompassing not just the
technical product, but the marketing, education and support around that
Web development. Project management. Project Strategy.
Over 19 years of experience in project delivery. Strong background in
Business and Functional Requirement definition as well as Software
Quality Assurance.
Electric Vehicle Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and Distribution.
Fundraising experience, technology startup
"I help organizations that want to expand into new markets and increase
NPD success rate, by identifying and defining opportunities:
- for new and existing products and services (product innovation)
- for a more user-centric and customer focused organization (process

Clients include the largest provider of international-exchange program
serving U.S. schools, and one of the most trusted brands of child seats
and child passenger safety."
Sales, Marketing
Our commitment to performance monitoring means we go the extra mile to
make our solutions as effective and easy-to-use as possible. You don't
have to be an IT specialist or a computer wiz to figure them out. We
create the framework and configure the application, including: setting up
your online database; adapting the application to your business; creating
and sending you monthly reports.
Human Resources Consultant with 18 years of experience specializing in
compensation, benefits, employee rleations, staffing, succession and
resource management, policies and practices, organizational and employee
development for small and large organizations.
Computer and Embedded Design, Networking, Office setup.
Working capital financing for small and medium sized companies
Subject matter expert: international logistics for personal affects, film
crews, science, research and various other specialized projects, long
developed and extensive network able to handle specialized items. Over
fifteen years producing international documentaries with concentration in
specific areas: shipping, military, private sector
25 years in Marketing; Board member with The Family Shelter, Symphony
League and Solar Council.
"Feasibility analysis
Strategic IT planning
Project Management"
Applied Hoof Care; Hoof Care Instruction; Riding Instruction with
emphasis on hunters, jumpers, dressage, eventing and vaulting; health
care consultation;
Full service engineering, procurement and construction management. Over
150 engineers and designers in Greenville Office and over 7,000
professionals in North America. AMEC provides program/project development
services including strategic planning, site selection, advanced planning,
environmental assessments, due diligence, concept development, and
feasibility studies. Project execution services include critical issues
review, air, water and wastewater permitting, process engineering,
detailed engineering and design, procurement, construction management,
training development and delivery, commissioning, and start-up.
"Specialized in cross-cultural training and consulting, international
conflict management, translating and interpreting.
"Products and services for networking infrastructure, communications,
management consulting, and managed services. - Enterprise Monitoring
Services (EMS)
- IT/Network Assessments
- Security Assessments & Solutions
- LAN/WAN Design & Optimization
- Network Operating Systems
- Email/Groupware Solutions
- Migrations/Upgrades
- Internet Access
- Data Backup Solutions /Virtual Storage
- Virtual Private Networking
- Hardware/Software Procurement
- Network Support Services
- Applications Integration
- Project Management
- StressFree I/T® Solutions
- Web & Email Filtering
- Email & Messaging Security
"Product Realization
Embedded System Design (HW & SW)
"DoD contract and project management,
DoD proposal preparation,
DCAA audit preparation,
hardware/software co-design,
embedded software,
real-time operating systems,"
TiBA Solutions has a team of over 50 full-time, salaried employees,
including Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts,
Architects, Developers, Data Base Analysts, Quality Analysts, and Project
Management Office staff, who offer a depth and breadth of experience to
meet our client needs.
"The company I am affiliated with is able to offer a full range of IT
services. Our services range from a complete outsourced IT all the way
down to individual project level tasks.

I specialize in the Software Development/Architecture as well as Database
Administration; however, we have many other professionals with extensive
experience in all other areas."
Materials, micro and nano structures, super hydrophobic, friction and
wear, industrial tooling, molds, mold making
"Inmatrix is a global technology company delivering a financial
analytical platform across multiple industry segments, under the brands
Optimist and Portfolio Strategist.
Inmatrix has 2000 clients in 21 countries and growing rapidly.

Principally targeted towards banks, its products allow the monitoring and
management of financial performance and credit worthiness at a customer
and portfolio level enabling sophisticated financial analysis.

Inmatrix products have unique “what if”, “goal seeking” and scenario
analysis capabilities, which allows bankers to easily communicate
financial analysis and solutions to their customers.
"A unique combination of executive level operations and organizational
development expertise

Successfully coaches executives and teams through change initiatives

Develop personnel on the fly"
Charter Business provides scalable, tailored and cost-effective broadband
communications solutions to business organizations, such as business-to-
business internet access, data networking,business telephone, video and
music entertainment services.
We are a locally owned marketing firm specializing in incentive programs,
business gifts, corporate apparel, awards and direct mail programs. We
are a member of one of the largest distributor groups in the world and
offer local service with global resources.
Biomedical engineering; optics; cancer diagnostics; spectroscopy; imaging
Logo Design, website design, company marketing
Technical writing and editing, multimedia, technical solutions, and DITA
I am an accountant with 30 years of business experience including 4 years
as a CFO and 15 years as a database programmer.
Innovative technology for contact sensing. This is a platform technology
that can be used in a variety of applications. Initial areas of business
include prosthetics, load cells, trial tibial inserts, as well as a host
of other custom applications. Our technology is accurate over a wide
range of measurements, durable, thermoformable, and cost effective.
Having managed our internal Business Continuity Plan since 2000, I have
developed an effective and proven methodology to develop a comprehensive
Business Continuity Plan for any business. I use my experience with
developing and implementing our Plan internally combined with my advanced
training and industry certification. My career in Finance and I.T. also
gives me a broad perspective to understand business processes and
technical solutions as part of the planning process.
We offer unique, affordable, handmade jewelry. If you are looking for
something special for your shop of just for yourself please check us out
Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Princeton University
Alumna, USC MBA Alumna, President of the Edisto Women's Club
Fabrication, Knowledgeable in tube and pipe fitting, valves, and products
involved in fluid systems
Former Executive Director of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
worldwide operations. Extensive network of manufacturing people and
companies. Consulting services include strategic and business planning,
acquisition and manufacturing consulting, market development/planning,
and assessments. Ability to connect you to manufacturing suppliers and
provide innovative environmentally friendly composite products as an
alternative to chemically treated wood products
IT Management, IT Operations, IT Security, Network Security,
Telecommunications, LAN/WAN Connectivity, Internet, Computer Hardware,
Computer Software, Vendor Relationships, Software Development, Project
IT Management, IT Operations, IT Security, Network Security,
Telecommunications, LAN/WAN Connectivity, Internet, Computer Hardware,
Computer Software, Vendor Relationships, Software Development, Project
Marketing, Graphic Design,
land development, civil engineering, surveying, wetland science,
environmental engineering
We can provide IT contracting, project services and outsourcing as well
as knowledge in those areas to the community.
"Business process development and improvement;
Business planning and execution;
Strategy development;
Operations planning and execution;
Manufacturing process control and improvement;
Improvement team coaching and facilitation;
Interim leadership
Operation due diligence
Leadership coaching
Experienced in quality EHS, training, human resources management,
purchasing, and information systems, successfully managed changes and
improvements in diverse work environments.
Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
Technology Start-up, Knowledge Economy Economic Development, Real Estate
Investment and Development
Marketing, Operations, Finance, Sales expertise. Investment Capital,
contacts. Bridge & Mezzanie funding.
Wide-ranging public/private network relationships; Potential access to
the broad resources available through a global financial services firm
Energy, energy policy, governmental affairs, marketing, science and
technology, legislative affairs, hydrogen, nuclear energy, community
Telecommunications, Real Estate, Zoning, Design Build / Construction

                . I have 8+ years experience in cad/cam design field. I
have good knowledge in posted below domains….

1.   Automobile - (piston, connecting rod, chassis, Engine block, etc).
2.   Power generation - (Wind turbine and Gas turbine).
3.   Home appliance - (Wet grinder, vacuum cleaner, Helmet).
4.   Electronics component t- (LCD, Touch screen, Energy Meter, motors).
5.   Machine layouts ……
6.   Team Centre   ---             PLM ----         PDM
"Product Design process
Design Optimization
Rapid Prototyping
Virtual Prototyping
Complexity in design
Light weight Engineering
Automotive design "
Environmental Engineer with expertise in water and waste issues.
Supplier Diversity Program and Processes
Small Business Advisor
"Boot-strapped company from on revenue to Inc. 500 after 5 years, over 10
years every year was profitable and 9 of 10 were growth years.

Responsible for sales, marketing, solutions, general management.
Earlier in career responsible for engineering, support, testing, and
other non-financial functions vital to software company success."
Management of Technology in Manufacturing of Automotive and Industrial
Components, Steel Fabrication Process, specialist in METALFORMING
Expertise in most areas of I.T. and Telecom, including: programming,
needs assessment, strategic planning, network architecture/engineering,
business development, project management, data security, and legal
issues. Access to local political channels and technology expertise
Community management
Specialized technology training programs, business intelligence,
enterprise content management
Startup process, invention process, raising capital, building science,
wireless technology, semiconductor technology.
General business knowledge of early stage companies mainly in North
Carolina. Knowledge of media and media markets mainly in the Southeast.
Digital-DNS is a leading provider of technology solutions and services to
businesses throughout the United States. Headquartered in Greenville,
South Carolina, Digital-DNS provides businesses the experience and skills
of a Fortune 1000 Information Technology department at a fraction of the
cost. Regardless of the challenge at hand, satisfying each of our
clients' needs with the thoroughness engrained by a Fortune 1000
background is mission-critical at Digital-DNS.
Deep experience with company launches, corporate positioning and fast-to-
market campaigns in the innovation industries. Keen understanding of
emerging company marketing needs/priorities and sensitivity to spend.
25 experience in tire materials. Global deployment of knowledge.
SBIR and STTR federal funding
"Personal Property Appraisals

Real Estate Marketing

Auction Services

Providing education by inviting the community to our facilities or by
going out to the communities.
Software Architecture, Identity Management, Authentication
"As a part of Doty Scientific, Inc., an important provider of
sophisticated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instruments, Doty Energy has
specific expertise in innovation in the areas of energy management and
heat flow optimization, chemical process design, mass flow optimization,
and broad process integration for the optimization of plant efficiencies.

My own expertise is centered on the economics of the minerals and energy
sectors, financial analysis, and budgeting and planning through the
development and implementation of Integrated Planning Models that show
the relationships between operations and expenditures."
Dr. Panvelker has worked with Roche for more than 15 years and has
expertise in R & D and manufacturing of pharmaceutical active ingredients
and intermediates.
IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, IT Portfolio Management, Drupal
Development, Nonprofit Advisory
Project management, Drupal, IBM mainframes, Microsoft Word, Excel,
Global experience with European, US and Far Eastern companies. In depth
knowledge of business processes and what drives sustainable profit.
Mr. Ryan has extensive experience growing and funding successful early
stage companies. Additionally, he is highly qualified leader in software
"Domestic and international expertise in project development, finance,
engineering, and corporate management -- in the market sectors of:
Alternative Energy, Waste to Energy, Petroleum Refining, Oil & Gas, Power
& Cogeneration, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Environmental.
Extensive experience with engineering projects which involve
understanding of critical technical parameters and commercial drivers in
multiple markets and industries.
Successful in building strategic relationships with key decision makers
in partner and client organizations."
Technology Commercialization
Corporate Venture Group at UPS
Language assessment and instruction.
Economic Development and Governmental Affairs
"Process Enguneering
Precision Coating
CFD for coating"
Editing skills
EDTS was spun off from one of the largest CPA firms in the Southeast and
we take great pride in building long-term relationships with clients.
Our commitment has helped us gain the trust of hundreds of clients and
all the major names in the technology industry. Our certifications
include Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Novell Authorized Reseller,
WatchGuard Secure Partner, Cisco Select Partner, Citrix Silver Solution
Providor, AT&T Authorized Partner, and Symantec Authorized Partner. Our
engineers hold some of the top certifications in the technology industry
Accounting Education, Instructional Design
"22 years - BellSouth
Currently - South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
BA - Journalism, University of South Carolina
MBA - Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina
Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) - Public Relations Society
of America"
Non-Profit, K-12 education
Media relations at a state university.
I have IT and web development experience with, VB, SQL Server,
C++, flash, actionscript.
Elliott Davis Technology Solutions has over 70 years of experience in the
IT industry. Our certifications include Microsoft Certified Gold Partner,
Novell Authorized Reseller, WatchGuard Secure Partner, Cisco Select
Partner, Citrix Silver Solution Provider, AT&T Authorized Partner and
Symantec Authorized Partner. Our engineers hold some of the top
certifications in the industry including CISSP, GCFW, MCSE, MCP, CNE,
"Putting on a successful seminar or event isn’t easy. There are a ton of
details to consider… countless bases to cover… changing budgets and a big
bottom line to shoot for.Go to
for help on your next event."
Senior at Furman University. Degree in Computer Science: I.T.
Strong backround in physical testing of glass reinforced composites.
Analytical testing of glass, coatings and resins. Sales and technical
service of industrial coatings.
Mathematics, Economics, Statistics
Ruby, Rails, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, and Linux
PHP, MySQL, Oracle, JavaScript, JQuery
I am retired and I am available for consulting, particularly in Africa.
I speak French, conversationally
have worked in early stage startups as well as medium and large
multinational companies that were innovators in technology. I worked in
various capacities in order to facilitate a road map to a success.
Strategic planning, cost savings; process improvement leader, black belt
champion, materials engineering and processing, process control,
administrative process improvement, quality assurance, project
management, six sigma and lean manufacturing
Product Engineering - Mechanical
College Relations Diretor for Engineering and Science at Clemson
Enterprise software, Systems integration, Java, Linux, WebSphere App
Server, WebSphere MQ, DB2
Professional engineer specializing in hydrology, flood control, and
related fields
"College Recruiting
Technical Training
Entry level training
Engineering development program
"Product Design and Development for Start-up and Entreprenurial ventures.
3D Modeling and CAD support for on-going projects.
Background in Medical Product Development, Prototying processes, and
Concept Development.

The Engineering Analysis Tools Organization at GE provides expertise in
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Structural Analysis, Fluid
Structure interaction, Numerical analysis tools, and the development of
custom engineering analysis computing programs.
"Clemson University Research in Films and Fiber with FiSim Software
package for productivity enhancement of plastics processing industry
including cast films, blown films and filament/fiber manufacturing.

Construction Industry both Industrial and Residential, Land Development,
Historical Preservation, Electrical and Electronic Industry, etc."
Business Startup, Digital Music Technology, Finance, Sales, Marketing,
Operations, Supply Chain Management.
clemson student
A Furman education with a Business Major; a Summer in Sales for Vector
I have a strong communications background with over 14 years of sales,
marketing and customer service experience.
computer vision, image processing
SaaS, Paas, application development, business consulting, project
management, internet marketing, product development, customer support,
task management, sales
If you own your own business and are ready to take it to the next level
but aren't quite sure what steps you should take to insure success, then
through FastTracSC we can offer you the help you need. FastTracSC is a
statewide initiative to support SC Entrepreneurs. Check out our website
Associated with Clemson's new Renaissance Center located in Greenville,
promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. Author of
quarterly newsletter on the economy. Monitoring development of the
knowledge economy.
Video Image Acquisition, Video Editing (Avid & Final Cut Pro), Video
Compression, Audience Analysis & Targeted Messaging, High Definition
Production...Your Message is My Message, especially when it is across the
web. I like to find new ways with media to meet the audiences needs...on
their terms!
Our firm is a $40 million closed fund that we will deploy in $1 - $4
million increments to rapidly growing companies
"Certified Fasttrac Facilitator
Certified Franchise Facilitator
Member of the National Speakers Association

Vivid2+Co provides business owners with applied curriculum and on-going
training and support. Participants enjoy access to extensive market
research, entrepreneurial experts and local specialists. Vivid2+Co offers
a variety of programs to fit most budgets and schedules.
Academic research on entrepreneurial process
A former venture capitalist exploring academia, tech transfer, and
commercialization. Oh, and investing in rocketship companies.
"General management,
product development,
business models, strategy,
negotiation, sales,
deal structure, marketing,
brand development, brand
management, business development, mergers and acquisitions, start-ups,
software development."
My expertise is video messaging, creating a message for a target
audience. I use the web, email, broadcast television and many other
multimedia tools to facilitate this goal. I have close to fifteen years
experience in broadcast television as videographer, non-linear editor,
producer, and director of photography. I also possess a Master of Arts
in Professional Communications where I specialized in User Centered
Design and Usability Methodologies.
Independent Marketing Representative
Graphic design, US politics, finance, content delivery/online media
Combustion, recuperation, furnace design, insulation, burner systems,
controls, safety equipment
Business Administration major, financial services industry experience
Business Administration Major
Aerospace development
Automation controls, programming
"IP Telephony (ShoreTel)
Video Conferencing (LifeSize)

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner.
Also represent HP, Symantec, Dell, IBM, Compellent (storage), Riverbed,
Juniper, Concord Fax and more. "
Educational and informative events
access to over 60 business databases
Expertise in networking professionals.
"Successful Entrepreneurial Track Record, Local Market Presence, and
Background for Innovation

Had some big wins and a few ""blocked punts"" "
healthcare, business services, technolocy
Operations, Finance and Strategic Development
Recycling, waste reduction, materials exchange
"Investment Banking
Private Referral Sales Network
Commercial Banking
Company Sponsored Retirement and Benefits"
"RIS/PACS consulting
Diagnostic Imaging Consulting"
Nearly 12 years in the gift industry, with contacts and resources
available throughout the Southeast.
Broad network of key players in Anderson, SC
Mac Curfman has over twenty-three years experience in government,
business, and non-profit management and leadership. In the public arena,
he has served as a city manager, community planner, and a state and local
government researcher and consultant. In the private sector, Mac has been
a small business owner/operator, a consultant, and a business coach and
student at Furman
I have machining and cast metals background. Process experience from
various industries as well as managerial experience.
Over 30 years experience in developing and delivering technology based
solutions that improve design, manufacturing and the supply chain.
Vast tech knowledge and experience, analytical, personable, experience in
state and local politics
Information Technology, Small to Mid-Size Manufacturing and Local
Government Technology, ERP
Internet Marketing
Social Media
"3 D Imaging Technologies
Cone Beam Imaging
Imaging Facilities
Radiology PACS Systems
3 Dimensional Analysis
Scanning Technologies
CAD CAM Technologies
Rapid Prototyping
Modern Manufacturing Techniques

High temperature materials for gas turbine engine applications. Process
development and improvement.
Masters in US History and Minor in Political Science
Manufacturing and Technology implementation across the alternative energy
power generation platform
20+ years of gas turbine and electrical systems experience
I consider myself to be an entrepreneur within a large company and can
make connections with a start-up to the appropriate managers with MWV, a
4+ billion $/yr company and a wide range of external networks.
Logo design, print media for advertising
Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Government and Public Policy
Experience in the introduction of new technologies and products to the
market. Particularly interested in ""Radical Innovation"" and
""Distruptive Technologies"".
Expertise in launching emerging brands and building a presence within the
technology industry as well as vertical industries.
"Engineering Mechanics
Statistics, DOE
Problem solving
Theory of Constraints
Graphical communication"
Networking, putting good people together to build a facility
Myself and my team have worked within many industries and have experience
with most types of drawing documentation, RFP's and RFQ's. Our
translator is a licensed medical professional in South Carolina, but was
born, educated and started their profession in South America.
"Work Volf Consultants partners with its clients to create effective
performance improvement solutions that address clients' unique
situations. To create value for each client, we offer a menu of relevant
services: leadership development, strategic planning,
coaching, corporate training, family business succession, and
management consulting. With over 105 years of combined experience and
insight, Work Volf’s seasoned consultants assess clients’ business
practices and work along side them to custom-design actions that will
move clients' organizations to where they want to be.

Angel capital, Management consulting, Plastics engineering,
Entrepreneurial finance
"Business Operations
Federal Contracting
Research & Developemnt of following:
Social Networking Analysis
Information Technology
Computer Architectures
Operations Research
Artifical Intelligence
Parallel Procesing
Alternative Energy
I spent most of the past 20 years working within business unit start-ups,
applying traditional business development, channel development and
product marketing models to new and emerging storage and server system
and application software technologies.
Heather can provide media training, freelance writing work, and serves as
a spokesperson on behalf of MUSC. She is currently pursuing her master's
graduate degree in communication at the College of Charleston and can
apply communication theory and best practices to the work place.
"bio-based polymer
green raw material"
17+ years in sales and providing the best customer service that I can has
always been first and foremost
"Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA),
Certified Financial Planner (CFP),
MS Asset Management,
Former Restaurant Owner,
Conservation Consultant,
Income tax credits"
Export transactions; renewable fuels; biomass to energy
Chairman of Charleston Coastal SCORE, assisting entrepreneurs with all
phases of business including planning, financial, marketing, operations,
etc. Serial entrepreneur is creating a statewide, health information
exchange where healthcare providers and consumers can have access to
patient health records in a secured environment.
Fuel cells
technology, banking, business start-up
Professional services for Economic Development in the Charleston, SC
Experience in managing and developing a business plan implementing tax
set up with local, state and government levels. Knowledge in marketing
products and services, finding funding and partnerships with other
business and clientele.
Assembly, metal and wood machining.
35 years in the prescription drug marketplace with hands-on experience in
every facet of the industry-prescription benefit management, HMO, retail
pharmacy, hospital, managed care, mail service, workers comp, formulary
development/negotiation, and product distribution. We partnered with the
City of Asheville to bring innovation to disease management particularly
"Broad Areas of Strength:
Development of strategic and tactical marketing plans,
Identification of target prospects and valid niche markets,
Identification of differentiators and appropriate messages to convey it,
Integration of marketing message through all collateral outlets.

Writing and graphics skills,
Knowledge of print processes,
Knowledge of Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization
strategies, Knowledge of website maintenance tools and email marketing
software, Experience scripting and completing surveys for employees and
Development and distribution of press announcements and releases, presa
tours and byline development as well as Relationship development with
industry publications and analysts.

Event planning and coordination,
Industry and community relationship development,

Itemized Examples:

? Press Releases and Customized Distributions
? By-lined Article Development and Submission
? Sales support elements (product and niche focused)
* Web site content
* Basic page content
* Scripting demos and tours
* Help and user guides
* Technical and white papers
* Case studies and customer scenarios
* Conference and event materials
I have years of experience in both the book and coffee industries. Of
particular interest to me is the acquisition and delivery of specialized
or "tailored" titles. Silver Chair Books also operates an arts & culture
magazine, with a presence in print, blog, and audio media.
Finance, Accounting, HR, Warehousing, Product Scheduling.
I've managed in-house and client website redesign projects. I also have
experience with blogs and blogging, evaluating and implementing email
marketing platforms, search engine optimization strategy and management
and web analytics evaluation and reporting management.
"Fluent in Spanish.
Consultant in more than 40 countries."
Media and public relations; marketing
"Professional Capabilities:

Simulation modeling & analysis; applied statistics; neural networks.
Process improvement and balanced performance measurement.
Business process modeling.
Enterprise Architecture simulation modeling.
Financial obligation planning.
Risk management & analysis modeling.
Six Sigma Green Belt certified.
Design of experiments.
Integrated activity based cost/process/balanced scorecard simulation
Activity based management tools.
Project management.
Decision and quality tools.
Forecasting and economic (cost/benefit) analysis.
Maintenance management systems.
Work & resource management programs.
Capacity planning and scheduling applications.
Telecommuting & virtual office programs.
Team facilitation.
Quality assessments.
Survey questionnaires.
Commercial multi-engine instrument pilot (Advanced Maneuvering Program

Graphic Design, Product Design, Art Direction, and Idea Generation.
"Web marketing approaches, including social media like Twitter, news and
feature article publishing and blogging.
Developing web-based content for K-12 classrooms."
Product Design, Web Design, Solidworks Modeling, Product
conceptualization and ideation.
"Lead Generation, Technology, Sales, Marketing"
12 years in manufacturing (slitting and packaging). A complete view of
an organization from technician level through business analysis. ISO
9000:2000 auditor experience.
Experenced computer programmer using languages Fortran, ProvideX, Basic,
C++, Java.
I have 40 years of as Earth Scientist, and 20 years as a translator
"New ideas for marine proplusion and pump
New ideas for green energy"
Cable tv, CATV, RF Amplifiers, Green Amplifier
Database systems, realtime shopfloor control for manufacturing,
logistics, warehouse management systems, order fulfillment systems,
computer systems.
"Firefighter, 30 years, fire instructor, fire marshal, photographer,
author, columnist.

Creator of, an online television network for
firefighters. Webmaster,

"Drupal - an open-source content management system for web sites, I
simplify the backend of this system and provide a web site owner's manual
for clients to use as a reference

Blogging, podcasting, social networking

Online store setups including merchant account, shopping cart and more

Dependable web and e-mail hosting--Rackspace, Mosso, & Mailtrust
"Chemistry, Biology, Systems Analysis, Environmentally Safe Pesticide
Delivery Systems
Best land use, oversight of the entitlement process and project analysis
in the multi-family housing market.
"Early stage prototype that I developed, for flexible monitoring and
assessment of energy usage in domestic environment.

Expertise on the most recent approaches in power and energy management,
with the perspective of migrating these technologies from the Navy
environment where they were conceived to domestic, commercial and
industrial settings."
"Executive Director of Technology Associations
Tools for Technology-based Startups"
Overseas light manufacturing and assembly, neurodiagnostic industry
expertise, medical device design/manufacturing/distribution expertise,
engineering expertise, OEM
cross cultural social networking, art exhibitions, film screenings,
theater performances, graphic design
"Software product management & marketing, product strategy, business
20 years of software development and business management experience
attained at Microsoft and working with other leaders in the high tech
Professional Recording Studio and Sound Lab. Video Production Facility.
Produce audio commercials for advertisement and offer artist management
"Web Development
Project Management
New technology "
"Enterprise class computer networking and management.

Web 2.0 ecommerce applications."
Strategic Planning, Fund Raising and Team Building.
Graphic abilities
A world-class research lab and significant industry connections.
Work with the Office of the Vice President for Clemson University
Research and Economic Development
State Data Warehouse
"For the past eight years I have worked with projects. I assist local
governments in finding federal funding for water, sewer and
transportation projects.
Energy and water technology investing
I have extensive recruiting with Mechanical, Electrical, Process,
Manufacturing, Industrial and Controls Engineers
Conduct research in the areas of organizational routines and innovation
"Commercial Real Estate
Real Estate Brokerage
Wide-ranging background in debt/equity structure
"Cisco VoIP
business development, sales and marketing
I have a wide base of knowledge regarding business processes. I have
worked in the medical scanning industry, high-volume consumer goods, the
automobile industry and the food industry. I have been involved in
various process re-engineering projects and have led several TPM (Total
Productive Maintenance) implementations. I was also a core team member
for the implementation of an ERP system for a discrete manufacturing
company with over $2B in sale
Materials Science, medical device start up space.
"Real Estate:
investments, residential development & redevelopment, property management
Web: user-interface design, concept design, branding "
Economic Development
Root Cause Investigation Expertise, Engineering and Design, research and
a US Patent (2001) in industrial/domestic filtration technology
"Gibbons | Peck Marketing Communication is a full service agency
specializing in branding and strategic marketing.

We focus on Banking, Education, Performing Arts, Retail/Franchise,
Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

Everything we do is designed to invent and produce customized marketing
communication to make your brand succeed...from our client-centric
culture, brand-centric processes, and our strategically driven creative

Gibbons | Peck services clients from coast to coast. We currently have
clients from South Carolina, Florida, and even Hawaii!"
Administrative Coordinator    ·    Human Resources    ·    Educational &
Training Strategies

Glenn Demi is a results-driven and versatile Professional leveraging
proven strengths in the development and management of various ventures,
including Warehouse Management, Security, and assistant Human Service
Coordinator. Glenn behaves in an honest, fair, and ethical manner. He
shows consistency in words and actions. Glenn also models high standards
of ethics.

 Astute in identifying human capital plans needs, creating actionable
programs, and effectively interacting with all departmental resources. He
possesses a unique blend of business experience and technical savvy,
whereby, he provides comprehensive business solutions that meet the needs
of companies seeking to improve operational performance. Glenn has
repeated success as one who brings a balanced approach to business
matters, meeting both employee and company objectives.

He is innovative and a highly effective consensus builder and leader with
experience in teaching, training and educational strategies. Glenn is
known as a high-performance, talented, and a multi-disciplined key
contributor with extensive experience in strategic thinking, problem-
solving, communications, and public relations. He is highly effective as
a public speaker, trainer and coach, valued advisor and leader with
insight and experience steering companies to competitive edge. He is an
expert at turning information into business knowledge in order to solve
business challenges.

Glenn is also highly effective in a multi-discipline environment and a
key contributor in planning and decision-making. As a respected leader
with training, teaching, management, communications, and public relations
experience, Glenn is skilled in forming strategic alliances, developing
project teams, and unifying organizations in new initiatives.

Glenn is a mature business professional who understands the needs of
senior executives and is able to meet the needs of business executives
for information and processing power. He is especially adept at
establishing and nurturing relationships with prospects, clients,
vendors, and strategic partners. He has shown his ability to build highly
skilled and effective project and support teams.

Glenn is a forward-looking problem solver and strategic thinker. He is a
motivator with energy, enthusiasm and creative ideas. He inspires and
fosters team commitment, spirit, pride, and trust. Facilitates
cooperation and motivates team members to accomplish group goals.
Throughout his career Glenn Demi has developed strong interpersonal
skills, known to treat others with courtesy, sensitivity, and respect. He
considers and responds appropriately to the needs and feelings of
different people in different situations.   He is well rounded, process
oriented and strategic thinker.
"Web Development
Enterprise Software
User Experience Design
Scripted Animation
Web API Utilization and Development
Experience in: Flash, Actionscript, Flex, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Java,
Python, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server"
Software development, project management, small business ventures
"Independent Life and Health Insurance agent, Member of Round
member of CREIA,real estate investing. former real estate agent."
EMR connectivity needs for providers
Benchmark specializes in Affirmative Action Plans, OFCCP Audits, Company
Policy Manuals, support for difficult employee issues, and General HR
consulting. We have satisfied clients coast to coast. Benchmark is
certified as a Woman-Owned Small Business. Other credentials include SPHR
Certification, Recipient of SC Human Resource Professional of the Year,
Small Business Success Award and other professional recognition. Recently
named to Princeton Premier Honors for Recognition of Professional
Business Leaders. Nominated for 2007-08 Professional of the Year Award.
Insurance and risk management brokerage and consulting for public enties
and public entity pools.
Marketing, PR, media planning, access to pool of graphic designers,
freelance writers, agency reps and similar services
Presentations/Media Kits/Press Releases
Research/Data Interpretation      Customer Service
Effective Media Buying            Public Relations/Strategic Networking
Brand Development"
"Architectural products,Design,
Marketing, Human Resources,process mapping, hydrogen fuel cell design,
funding acquisition "
"PR/marketing expertise. Access to experts/voices in the following
industries: Telecommunications, Building Products, Foodservice,
Banking and CPA firms
10 years of Information Technology experience combined with 10 years of
Recruiting and HR Services experience.
Active VC focused on high growth companies with sales of more than $1MM
seeing VC round of up to $5MM.
Daniel is a talented executive and former CEO who has demonstrated the
ability to lead a team of sales and technology professionals to high
levels of achievement in various highly competitive industries. Dan has a
proven track record of effective sales planning, revenue growth, and
software product design and management. Not at all conventional, and
sometimes totally "nuts", Dan writes about it all on his blog The DEW
We are passionate about working with companies who may be earlier stage,
but about to be ""famous"". Deep experience with company launches,
corporate positioning and fast-to-market campaigns in the innovation
industries. Keen understanding of emerging company marketing
needs/priorities and sensitivity to spend.
I help small business owners grow and maintain wealth, save taxes and
make the business work for them
Technology doesn't shape the do! It’s the people behind the
technology – the great people. And it is our united mission to find those
great IT people and the jobs they were made for. Because great people
make great companies. And that doesn’t ring any more true than in the
world of IT. We find great technical people. To build great companies.
"Branding and Identity •
Naming •
Creating Movements •
Creating Advocates •
Hiring Great People •
Growing/Managing a Business"
As one member of a multi-disciplined team, I have taken product designs
from feasibility analysis all the way through production (150k/yr);
receiving 2 patents for my innovative ideas.
new product marketing, CRM software
"Consensus Building
Public Outreach
Innovation in Environmental Impact Reduction
coal mining
"Knowledgeable on LEED CI,EB activities in Milliken
23 years experience at Milliken in a variety of jobs

"Design and installation of fiber optic networks to the home. Provider
of IPTV, IPPhone, High Speed Internet Access and Security Services "
Advertising, marketing, design, PR, writing, building new ideas into
successful ventures
Providing office work enviorments.
Mr. Price has experience in business formations; commerical transactions;
commercial real estate; SBA loans; mortgages and asset-based lending;
financial compliance; and economic development incentives and
international financial transactions. He has access to a multitude of
attorneys practicing in the various areas that assist his clients in
achieving their goals and he frequently serves as a coordinator of legal
services for his clients.
Expertise in Environmental Engineering and Economic Development.
Access to companies in the Savannah region.
I'm a Certified Technical Analyst, specializing in Elliot Wave Theory in
the appplication of trading financial markets, and have international
experience in this field. Also I am a skilled researcher in electoral
politics as well as development economics.
I am a corporate attorney whose experience includes representation of
public and private companies, as well as private equity and other
investor groups, in a broad range of mergers and acquisitions, venture
capital and corporate finance transactions. I have significant
experience supporting early-stage and high growth companies and those who
invest in them.
Healthcare IT/Software
Mobile Technologies
Health Information Management Solutions
Revenue Cycle
Strategic initiatives
IT and client services
Product management
Business development
International sales & business development
Sales Management
Sales and marketing support
Marketing & marketing management
P&L and cost center management
Budgeting and planning
National and global team management
Economics, management, retail hardware
"I speak Mandarin Chinese
I have experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry "
I have started 5 businesses and took one public.
"Interim and Fractional CFO Services for high growth and middle market
companies. 20+ years of corporate finance and CFO experience. Whether
your challenges include profit improvement, cashflow, working capital
management, financing, financial reporting, business coaching, we can
help. Serving companies with revenues between $10 million and $100
million in SC, NC, GA, TN.
Professional CFO and Controller Services
Fractional CFO/Controller Services & Capital Raises
Fundraising, Community Development, Religion
Fiber spinning
Call me for details as the new options are designed for spacific
30 years experience in taking businesses to the next level through
defining vision and developing sound plans.
Hosted Solutions’ high quality Data Center and Managed Hosting services
maintain and protect customers’ mission-critical IT systems and
applications, enabling them to reduce operating costs, lower the risk of
downtime, focus on core competencies, and achieve their top business
objectives. The company operates SAS 70 Certified facilities in Boston
MA, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, and Cary NC providing best-of-breed data
center operations with hardened physical infrastructure, the highest
level of security, and a complete managed services portfolio.   For more
information please visit
Johnson and Wales Alumni, Guidepoint Global Advisor, Bread of Life, Chef
Instructor, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Chef, Project Manager
GoodLanguage-PASSION, Geo, Final Theory, [GOODLANGUAGE]XP, GoodLanguage-
Harmony, GoodLanguage-Wirksamkeit
Working in real estate and I'm always curious about what is moving our
part of the world forward.
Corporate Social Responsibility issues; Business Strategies for Poverty
Reduction; FDI to Developing Countries.
Chairman of one of the largest Carolina based law firms. Also practice
in area of business law and commericial real estate.
Start up - mid sized HR consulting services. Strategic staffing and
human capital planning, regulatory compliance, employee handbook design,
leadership development, employee relations, benefit plan selection and
administration, talent management.
Human Resource Professional; LinkedIn, HRGuru,,
Well versed in college enrollment and recruitment issues.
I specialize in the monetization and protection of technology and
intellectual property, and assist companies in developing, acquiring,
protecting and leveraging technology through a variety of transactions
and licensing structures. My clients include start-up companies, venture
capitalists, universities and Fortune 500 companies.
Experience in foreign and domestic economic development.
Over 35 years of business experience in running businesses and financing
Java, JavaScript, PHP, Some AJAX, HTML, Some CSS, MySQL, Photoshop, MS
Office, Eagle Scout, Member of Epsilon Pi Upsilon honor society of the
computing sciences
I have significant experience with owner's challenges in growing their
business and the expectations of the investor community (debt and
equity). From the owner's perspective, I was CFO of a service business
helping guide it's growth from $14M to over $100M in revenues. From an
investor's perspective, I have industry experience and capability to
assist in structuring and sourcing both debt and equity capital
I am a student at Furman University who is majoring in Business and
Seven years of sales experience; 1 year of marketing experience; 4 years
of journalism experience (writing and editing); excellent computer,
written, and verbal skills; entertainment knowledge; success in business
I am a student enrolled in an entrepreneurship class at Furman
Some of the things I focus on are Idea Generation, Networking, Referring
business, Entrepreneurship, Business relations, Website Design, and
Graphic Design.
 Strategic marketing and communications, from research and planning to
executing and evaluation in academic, corporate and agency environments.
"PRC has considerable experience in supporting organizations with
selection and development initiatives. The focus of our work is helping
our clients improve their operational performance through having the
right leaders in place.

We know that talent acquisition and performance management across all
levels of your organization requires a significant expenditure of
resources in terms of time, effort and money. Many HR functions overlook
simple, inexpensive, yet proven ways to ensure best talent fit and
avoiding costly mistakes in hiring and promotion.
We collaborate with our clients to improve the quality of their selection
decisions and provide developmental insight for existing leaders.

I am attending to fulfill my required assignment
I am an attorney licensed to practice in both State and Federal courts of
South Carolina. I practice primarily in the areas of personal injury
litigation, property and construction litigation, and divorce litigation.
I have worked on over 50 appellate cases and have argued cases before
both the South Carolina Supreme Court and the South Carolina Court of
I am very adept with all software and have a natural talent for learning
new applications. I have integrated disparate systems together insuring
that all the financial data was complete and accurate. I also have
extensive standard and job costing experience.
Java, PHP, MySQL, Project Management, Content Management Systems
I have passed the Lean/Six-Sigma Certification Exam; I'm currently
working on gaining my Green Belt through a process improvement project
with Colonial Life.
I do not have any expertise at this time, because I am currently a
Design experience and familarity with a large variety of sensors and
rotating machinery. Most recently involved in Wind Turbine Engineering.
My experience includes strategic planning and management for
public/private collaborative efforts consisting of government relations,
marketing, public relations and communications activities for projects
focused on knowledge-based job creation.
I have 3+ years of experience in the research field related to hydrogen
generation for fuel cells from petroleum and non-petroleum sources.
I specialize in interactive media development and presentation facility
design. I understand integrated communications and help business present
themselves and their products or services in an effective and
pr4ofessional way.
Commercial real estate transactions and development. I can also assist
you with real estate geared towards the hospitallity industry.
Funds available for investment
. Past key projects have included the design and management of the
ubiquitous computing initiative incorporated into an active learning
environment and the implementation of an IP Telephony system campus wide.
My work experience is in a sales-related field, but I am open to the
further pursuit of a wide variety of opportunities.
Considerable general human resources experience, including staffing,
recruiting and HRIS development and management.
I am a returning student with experience in management, sales and soon to
finish my BS in Mechanical Engineering
"I have 12 years experience in sales and marketing. My firm develops
strategic marketing plans to grow brands and their dealers offline and
online by using more effective methods.

From our work with Large Multi-National companies we have identiifed
seven factors for growth. We call these the kudzu factors as the
fundamentals for profitable growth.
University research opportunities; international research opportunities
More than 25 years of experience in product development, architecture
definitition and business development experience specializing in consumer
electronics, computers and software technologies. I have strong passion
to bring user friendly, cost effective and market successful products to
My twenty-three years of marketing and design experience have equipped me
with expertise in the areaas of web design, web project management, and
interactive marketing. In particular I have a great deal of experience in
the area of email marketing. As the Web Production Manager for
ScanSource, Inc, for seven years, I managed the company's contract with
ExactTarget, used the system extensively, and trained many in the company
in its use. In addition, I have significant experience in web analytics,
search engine marketing, and content management.
"Started an number of technology growth firms a number of which were
spinoffs of established entities; Teach classes in the Clemson MBA
program and supported the outreach activities of the Clemson Spiro Center
for Entrepreneurial Leadership as its Entrepreneur in Residence."
My expertise is in software design, development, and testing including
competitive analysis, product functional specifications, and project
I am in constant contact wiht academic and administrative leadership from
key universities in South Carolina.
I want to learn all about the industry
I have 20+ years experience in power plant engineering & operations.
MMG has developed a proprietary performance marketing software (mPower)
that provides clients with unique abilities to develop, communicate, and
administer targeted performance, incentive, recognition and channel
development programs. Robust reporting tools provide instant business
intelegence that shows ROI by objective.
I am interested in learning more about companies and the process of
starting a business.
I am a student Business major at Furman University
As part of Senator DeMint's state staff, I handle outreach
responsibilitites specifically relating to state projects and federal
funding requests. I specifically assist organizations with the federal
grant process, and strive to provide competititve funding solutions to
meet their needs. As a result, I have an opportunity to see various
opportunities around the state and ways that partnerships are formed to
support such endeavors.
I am a buyer for environmental services which include recycling, water
treatment and waste management.
International experience in marketing of chemicals and polymers.
I have 20 years experience in aircraft engine and gas turbine design. I
have been involved in component design as well as program and resource
I have expierence in many different fields including retail, food
service, and financial services.
I am experienced in the manufacturing environment, specifically in the
automation aspect of manufacturing. I am also experienced in forgings.
I spent about 9 years running a diversified investment company for a
family. Just completed two year term as CEO of Nexsen Pruet.
I have wide ranging experience with a number of vendor solutions in
security and data protection.
I have 22 years of product development experience within the
instrumentation and controls industry. I enjoy the product development
process and seeing ideas turn into products that customers
I am a member of AM&AA as well as the McGladrey Network and am therefore
connected to many individuals in many diverse areas.
I have 4 years of experience in laboratory research, both in
bioengineering and in entomology.
Government contacts. Grants.
Exstensive experience in healthcare technology and process improvement.
I specialize in the commercialization of technology, and assist companies
in developing, acquiring, protecting and leveraging technology through a
variety of transactions and licensing structures. My clients include
start-up companies, venture capitalists, universities and Fortune 500
"Experience in working with higher education and the private sector to
develop a med tech economy
My summer internships have allowed me to work alongside creative
professionals and have granted me invaluable experience in the business
setting. I hold a strong work ethic and willingness to learn. My
proficiency in Microsoft and Adobe software would make me a great asset
within many fields.
I have experience with computers, business, and accounting. I am a quick
learner and a creative thinker.
I am well versed in electronics and computing technology, I am proficient
with Microsoft Office, and am fully able to utilize many other computer
programs. I specialize in systems integration - finding ways to make
individual systems not originally designed for compatibility to work
together. I am also a builder, with experience building everything from
furniture to small structures.
I am certified through ISSA and CPR certified. I also use to be a nanny
for 7 years and have my degree in Early Childhood Development.
I deal with the major manufacturing softwares in the industry. I can
help reduce design times and material costs.
"1 to 1 Direct Mail Marketing, database management, digital on demand
printing and fulfillment.

I focus primarily on helping an organization grow."
"Brand centric marketing communication


Tactical marketing programs with a branded campaign concept

Combining new media with traditional media to drive behaviors

Brand-aware media planning, placement, and management

Did I mention branding?

I am a Mechanical Designer, with a heavy background in tool design.
Utilize 2-D and 3-D design software to create products and the tools and
fixtures required to manufacture them for a variety of industries. I am
well versed in many manufacturing practices, including metal stamping,
injection molding, welding, machining, fabrication and automation.
Consult with corporations, medium sized companies and individuals on
manufacturing methods and practices.
We specialize in global economic impact growth and expansion plans,
including complete business and systems analysis, process and design
engineering,and production model completion we also provide complete
funding at our discretion (no middle man here) to allow all long term
plans we accept to be complete
We provide event direction and logistical coordination identifing client
goals and objectives; achieving the highest quality support for your
business functions. A 10,000 sq foot warehouse of theme props, sets and
staging provides inhouse support for tradeshows, conferences, launches,
galas or any other event need you may have.
I have had a wide variety of education and experience in financial,
engineering and sales/marketing. I have found that this mix allows me to
grasp the big picture and understand the perspective and pain points of
most of the parties engaged in an initiative.
Our passion at Administaff is helping small to medium size businesses
grow. We serve a vital role in many start-ups providing them a strategic
platform to attract and develop people, along with a scalable
infrastructure to handle the burdensome administrative tasks involved in
growing an organization. We have a national footprint, so as companies
add people throughout the US they can be certain regulatory compliance
and benefit packages are in place and handled seamlessly.
I was born an entrepreneur and have never been anything else. This is my
second start-up and it is far from my last. I have the ability to instill
and communicate passion, my ego is in check and I hire people who smarter
than me.
I have access to many clients in high positions within companies here in
the upstate, and have also developed many relationships with business
professionals through various networking events offered by support
Software development, advertising analysis.
My career and passion is about bringing new investment to the state,
building the tax base and raising the standard of living for all South
My expertise is breaking down companies to find out why they are where
they are and then developing strategies and processes to get those
companies to be able to reach the financial goals they want to obtain.
I am a food microbiologist with 30+ years of professional experience and
am co-inventor of 3 patents on antimicrobial proteins produced by food
fermenting bacteria. I am PI for the multi-investigator, multi-
institution proposal submitted to the SC Commission on Higher Education
(CHE) for a SC Research Center of Economic Excellence (COEE) in Molecular
Nutrition. As a first step in building the COEE, CHE approved the search
for $2 million in match
On top of expanding educational and research-based networking, I support
technical economic development throughout the region. I work to expand
uses of technology by individuals and companies including
commercialization opportunities.
"I have deep experience in SOA implementation. My experience revolves
around XML, web services, BPEL, Java and J2EE.
I have worked with many people to help design databases that organize
technical documentation. I install and maintain computer systems,
software and web data. I have a strong ability to provide solutions and
resolve potential problems. I like to network and enjoy meeting people
that also network.
The Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SIMT) is
opening in July of 2007. It will provide services to the entrepreneur and
existing industry in areas of workforce training, manufacturing process
development, product development, rapid prototyping, 3D visualization and
virtual reality, and CNC machining.
"I have over 15 years of experience creating software and managing
software development teams. I have managed teams of up to 30 devleopers
over year long projects.
I have extensive experience in developing both Windows client software
and web-based applications.
I have in-depth experience on a wide variety of database platforms
including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Interbase/Firebird,
MySQL and Access.
The majority of my development is in C#/.Net which I have used since the
Beta release of the .Net runtime."
Corporate Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Sustainability Issues,
Alternative Energy
I have 22 years of Design Engineering Experience. Focusing on component
designs of various Products. From Airframe composite structures to high
temperature composite Engine parts to land Based Gas turbine Products.
I graduated from CCTC in 2003 and then Coker College in 2006. I enjoy
Marketing. I work on the local PMI-Midlands of South Carolina board.
I have more than 2 years of experience in mechanical end automation
engineering design.
The Byrum Innovation Group brings the strategic and tactical lessons
learned from high-tech centers such as the Silicon Valley and Austin to
companies throughout the Southeast. BIG helps companies maximize their
business success through strategic marketing communications programs,
public relations, market research, corporate communications, marketing
materials, investor and analyst relations and event management.
I am a graduate of Clemson University in Electrical Engineering. I have
fifteen plus years experience in Electrical Systems Design. I am
passionate about creating new & useful systems. I enjoy the idea of
creating ideas on paper and the fulfillment of making them reality
I have a broad base of knowledge and experience. As a corporate attorney
with a professional business degree and experience managing people, I am
skilled at making sound legal decisions that further my company's
business goals.
"Howard is the creator of Revenue Mapping™, a best practices strategy for
Sustaining Sales Revenues by effectively managing the sales opportunity
process and forecasting sales revenue on demand.

Howard will release his upcoming book entitled Silver Bullet in early
Jan/Feb 2009."
Recruitment, Human Resources, Technology,
My real expertise is launching new ideas, projects, concepts. Working for
a small organization I am responsible for creating, implementing, and
managing revenue generating projects. This includes not only coming up
with new ideas but, more importantly, getting everyone involved excited
and focused. I have a real skill in being able to visualize all aspects
of a project and coming up with a plan to complete it
I have 11 + years in the gifting business and am interested in meeting
new people.
I am accomplished in both sales and sales management. I can effectively
run the sales process from initiation to close. I have extensive
background in new product launches, management of processes, procedures,
and developing people. I am known as a decisive leader with a range of
expertise in start-up, turnaround, mature and high-growth industries. I
have a proven track record and have shown a special talent for
identifying and capturing market opportunities to enhance both revenue
and profitability while keeping a sharp eye on costs.
"I have expertise in starting companies from the ground up.
I also have a unique skill set in developing direct, targeted marketing
systems that get results.
I am also able to identify opportunities for established companies to
expand their revenue stream without increasing investments in plant or
I am only a student, so I don't have much expertise or resources to
offer. Only a helping hand!
Charles has in in-depth knowledge of Sales, Sales Management and
Marketing in the Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Sector
I am a high net-worth portfolio manager.
I am an attorney who grew up in a small, closely-held business. I am
able to assist clients with all of their business, estate and taxation
needs. Because of my background, I am very comfortable working with
family-owned businesses.
I have 2 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in rotors. I
have also participated in projects with NASA and woodcarvers in Namibia.
I am an expert in being the information broker between entrepreneurs and
the people, professionals and investors they need to know to run a better
My experience in the HealthCare industry and my business background.
I have been practicing business law for over 25 years and have helped
companies grow from their initial creation to become successful and
profitable companies. I have also been a private investor for over 20
years, and served as one of the founding member of the Piedmont Angel
Financial Analytical Skills, Marketing, Small Business development, Human
Resource Management, Budgetting, Real Estate Appraisal
I have five years experience in research including cell culture, animal
implantation, histology and RNA work. I also have lots of leadership
experience and enjoy working with people.
At the moment I am working with a series of client mostly from Telecom,
Consumer goods and Natural resources in the area of Product Innovation
and PLM. I am also collaborating with IE Business Schhol (Madrid) as a
lecturer and researcher. The areas I have worked with include: PLM
Diagnosis and Roll-out, Software selection, Developing Innovation
strategy and innovation balanced scorecard, Web 2.0 use in product
Member of 180 person lawfirm in 2 Carolinas with 30 years experience in
tax, corporate and related transactions
I have wrttien about business in South Carolina for magazines and
My formal education and professional experience spans the disciplines of
Sales, Operations, Lean Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Planning &
Execution. Industry experience lies within the arenas of specialized ERP
software(Highly Engineered Products; Aerospace & Defense; Tier 1
Automotive) and Apparel.
I have a team of highly skilled electronics and software engineers that
can develop a wide variety of embedded computer products.
Strong background in corporate real estate, accounting and financial
analysis. My priority and professional focus is on environmental
sustainability. Highly analytical and detail oriented with excellent
communication skills, I excel in researching, evaluating and implementing
alternatives in environmentally sound business practices.
"Strategic problem solver who is forward-thinking, resourceful, team-
oriented, and driven who excels by uncovering the story behind the data,
inspiring others to take action, and assuming command in: Leadership,
      Negotiation, Marketing, Project Management"
I have successfully launched a new concept/product & utilized the various
SC state agengies to assist me with exporting. I can help educate other
young entrepreneurs regarding the steps & paths to take to be successful
& help them navigate a successful product launch. I am an expert at
analyzing markets & reaching the targeted audience.
I am a financial sounding board. I use my lending and credit back
grounds to give feed back on the best possible solution to borrowing
needs. I also keep a check on the pulse of the financial industry.
Insurance Services, Investments, Financial Education, Life Coach.
"1. Assisted in the selection of 40+ entrepreneurs/young businesses for
investing in their businesses
2. 20+ years of product development experience -- taking a product
idea/concept to a functional prototype to commercially marketable stage.
3. Managed multidisciplinary teams involving technical and business
I am a consultant.
My ability to work hard is my best resource. I also enjoy helping
others. I have skills in MS Word, MS Excel, etc. I am a junior at The
Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.
20 yrs as telecommunications consultant
Wealth Management, Business Succession Solutions, Solutions to Mitigate
Inflation, Taxes and Other people who want your money. :-)
From my past internships and work experiences, I have learned the
importance of the balance between taking responsibilities into my own
hands and using others as resources. I learn best from working through a
project on my own rather than relying on others in the office.
"General Management Experience
Sales and Marketing Experience
Product and Business Development
I have experience in electrical conductive and electroactive polymers as
well as electronic textiles.
I seek out information and photos that promote Upstate Businesses and
"HEAR SAY meets a specific need for institutions within academia, serving
the communication arts or businesses that market multiple brands. HEAR
SAY connects these institutions with the rational and emotional feelings
of those who use or sell their brands. That could be employees,
partners, vendors, students, professors and customers or prospective

This is done by fielding qualitative discovery in the form of spontaneous
conversations captured on video then edited to reveal functionally
strategic or tactical learning and presented for internal discussion then
qualified online viewing. "
Background in sales and business development with a strong understanding
of technology and product development. This is the second startup
company I have been involved in and have successfully raised money in
I have expertise in identifying talent for technical and manufacturing
Strategic Planning & Execution
Quantitative Research
Investment Strategy
Asset Allocation
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Life Settlements
Tax Planning
Risk Management
Real Estate Development
IRC 1031 Exchanges

I have over 15 years of experience in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology,
and Diagnostics design. I have leveraged my experience and expertise to
build a successful company in the area of food diagnostics. I am
passionate creating products and services that bring value our partners.
USREC strives for a better prepared workforce that will improve business
recruitment and retention resulting in enhanced economic development in
the Upper Savannah region and for SC. Businesses can connect on-line and
through educators in industry programs through the USREC.
"1) Facilitate goodwill/trade conferences with businesspersons to
emerging societies;
2) Help exisiting companies connect to business opportunities in emerging
societies such as Vietnam and Yemen"
"2of8 is a Software Consulting and Development Service identifying
solutions that can involve either third party or custom software. We have
supported many different businesses; from Banking to Ethanol distribution
to turning ideas into a marketable product.

Your Travel Biz is an eight year old networking travel company housed in
Wood River, Illinois with over 130,000 Referring Travel Agents and is
partnered with the major airlines, hotels, car rental companies and more
all over the world.
Environmental/sustainability issues
I have extensive knowledge in emerging technologies while managing
companies and licensing technology, writing and obtaining government
grants, negotiating joint development agreements and earning long term
business contracts with Fortune 100 companies.
Very broad and deep knowledge of manufacturing process in many industries
including food, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, plastics,
metalworking, packaging, painting, assembly and machine vision. At my
disposal is an automation lab where manufacturing processes can be tested
and developed.
This past summer I had an internship with Watson Realty Corp.
(residential real estate)
Business plan/program development. Strategic gaming, planning and
I bring an extensive network of current and future MBA alumni, a network
of domestic and international consulting contacts, and a broad skill set
in business strategy, consulting, and software.
Community-based Initiatives, Collaborative Creativity, Visual
Communication, Dynamic Career Development and Discernment, Training,
Operating, and Outsourcing an Emerging, Diverse Talent Pool, Strong Local
Network of Community Resources.
"RIO Technical Consulting is a New York City based consulting group with
four core business focuses; Professional Services, Voice/Data consulting
and implementation, Systems Integration and staff augmentation and
permanent placement.

One of our areas of expertise is staff augmentation and consulting
services for legacy system requirements. "
Provide Retained and Contingent recruitment and talent acquisition
services to Venture and Private Equity backed companies. Have worked with
company's backed by Morganthaler Partners, Accretive Technology Partners,
Frontier Capital et al. Specific expertise in Technology, E-Commerce,
Logistics-Distribution and Professional Services companies.
I have ten years of experience in helping entrepreneurs found, build and
sell their companies. Our firm seeks the role of the trusted advisor who
provides legal advice that is informed by an intimate knowledge of the
realities of the business world to assist our clients in achieving their
business objectives.
I have 10 years of experience in business process re-design, automated
application (software)development/deployment experience, product data
management (PDM) process design with tool deployment, and product
lifecycle management (PLM) process design with tool deployment. I am a
change agent with skill in consensus building.
Experience as an engineer in an sulphirc acid plant and Coca-Cola
Comapany. At the sulphuric acid plant I parcipated in the project to
start the Selenium unit, a totally new business idea since this chemical
is imported, and very expensive, in Colombia.
My back ground is in marketing and design of websites. I have a history
of retail management, financial advisory, mortgage advisor, Business
operations and customer service.
I have 16 yrs of Customer Service skills and and 5yrs of Managerial
skills. I have 3yrs of College education in Human Service/Social Work.
" - Management/building of technical team/processes in a startup

- .NET development

 - Windows based database driven application development
 - Implementation of healthcare information systems

I am very active in Business development activities. I live in Charlotte
but spend most of my time working in South Carolina. We have offices in
Charlestion, Columbia and Greenville staffed by professional designers
"I have 15 years experience in designing, developing and implementing,
internet related technologies with 10 years of programming and
development concentration in php, xml, fash, flex, action script, and

I have 3 years experience in business development and management with a
concentration in shoestring internet startup.

I routinely consult for organizations looking to implement custom
technologies and networks."
As a student I believe I will benefit from observing the community
Charles Foster is a full service staffing company, providing our clients
with professional candidates for Contract, Temporary, Direct Hire, and
Executive Search. We recruit and place candidates in the following
areas: Engineering, IT, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources,
Management & Sales, Clerical & Administrative, and Professional Medical
Staffing. We also provide job specific testing services and background
Any public relations or media relations tasks, as well as writing.
After 35+ years in newspaper journalism and more than 10 years as a
financial journalist, I decided to become part of the conversation rather
than just recording it. I have been observing S.C.'s economic landscape
for the past decade and believe that although the state has been slow to
changes its economic development model, we have the resources to compete
in the knowledge-based economy. I believe, in particular, that the state
has considerable assets in the areas of developing hydrogen and fuel cell
I have the ability to coordinate a cremation or burial within hours of
the loss of a pet. Price is very affordable for most clients, caskets
and urns available online. Online ckout service. Serving the Upstate and
its surrounding counties 24-7. In ATT and Talking Phone book. Contact me
on my website for more info.
I am looking to share expertise in outreach and programming opportunities
to benefit the existing creative business community in Savannah. The
Creative Coast Alliance also does a great deal to attract diverse and
innovative new businesses to our economy.
I have seven years of experience in patent and trademark prosecution.
The most rewarding part of my job is helping inventors to secure and
protect their intellectual property rights. I also enjoy assisting
clients with managing intellectual property portfolios.
I have 25 years of leadership experience in development and deployment of
new technologies for the chemical and nuclear industry.
Patent attorney with experience in advising clients as to protecting and
defending their intellectual property in the U.S. and abroad. Experience
includes assisting biotech, chemical, and pharmaceutical clients in
obtaining patents and trademarks; pursuing infringers in federal courts;
and defending clients from infringement suits. Our patent attorneys have
degrees in all the sciences, including chemistry, biology, software, and
My expertise is in user centered design. I have experience with product
development and usability testing and have conducted extensive research
in the area of transportation.
I am a passionate and gifted communicator, and good team builder. While I
have no formal schooling my experience and successes speak for
themselves. Though I have much to learn in the field I am endeavoring in,
I have a clear vision and addressing a need in the motorcycle community.
I have 20 years experience in software design and development. I have a
good combination of people skills and technical skills.
Sales and Marketing
The Clemson University Research Foundation is responsible for the
protection and commercialization of all intellectual property at Clemson
University, either through licensing IP to established companies or to
start-up companies.
I am experience in software projects large and small in a variety of
languages, platforms, and environments. My primary expertise is that of
commercial video game development.
I help advertisers create marketing plans that get results With the
consumer research I have available and knowledge of sound advertising
principles I help clients create messages that stick.
Tammy Whaley has experience in marketing, media relations, fundraising
and special event planning. Her past work experience includes non-profit,
healthcare, and higher education.
I am a web developer by profession but an entrepreneur at heart. I
develop mostly in PHP and Django (my startup will utilize Django).
I have 32 years experience at the Department of Revenue in administering
32 state taxes, the licensing and registration for taxes, as well as
alcohol beverage licenses. As Administrator, I was responsible for
administration of a department with a budget exceeding four million
dollars, five sections and a staff of over 95 employees. I have extensive
knowledge of the functions and operations of State and Local governments
including taxes, operations, licensing and permitting processes. My
knowledge includes the registrations (filings) with the SC Office of
Secretary of State, SC Employment Security Commission, SC Department of
Consumer Affairs, and SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.
I am very knowledgeable of Federal taxes and registration requirements in
addition to business structures and requirements of registration with
State, Local and Federal governments. Also knowledgeable of Federal,
State and Local resources that assist and aid businesses in the
preparation and development of their business. Examples are the US Small
Business Administration, SC Department of Commerce, SC Chamber of
Commerce, SC Small Business Development Centers, SC Women’s Business
Center, SC Department of Transportation Certified Business Program, SC
Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance, and SC Budget and
Control Board Procurement Services Division Materials Management Office.
I am also very passionate about the continued success of the SCBOS
program which is a one stop web based Enterprise Registration System that
guides the business person through the maze of red tape in registering to
do business in the State of South Carolina.
I provide CNC Programming and CNC machined products. I Also design and
produce jigs and fixtures, and am in the process of enhancing my
education with an engineering degree, God willing.
I have focused on the Manufacturing industry from a professional services
firm perspective for over a year and a half.
Professional recruiter and an advisor that helps clients and candidates
connect efficiently and effectively. I find top talent for their
Accounting and Finance team. I am a CPA and CMA that understands the
accounting technical areas that can help you identify qualified
I have over eight years experience working with an economic development
My expertise includes market research for a variety of industries and
disciplines including financial services, technology, consumer
electronics, automotive, accounting, law, and politics; technology and
technology services marketing; and other marketing-related functions
including marketing plan creation, copy-writing, lead generation, and
social networking.
I am knowledgeable in the areas of business continuity planning/disaster
recovery, information technology auditing, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
"I have degrees in Business Administration and Journalism.
I have been in the Plastics business for 36 years.
Experience includes Human Resource Management, Manufacturing Management,
Plant Management, Sales and Marketing Management and for the past 17
years owner of a manufacturing Company."
I have experience with business opportunity analysis and market research.
Having significant experience in sales and marketing as well as small
business consulting, I can help start-up companies develop a sound
strategy for having a successful entrance into their respective
"Experience in Marketing, Non-Profit Development including grant-writing,
major gifts, annual fund administration.
Events Production including fund-raising, networking, sports and music
Extensive network of marketing professionals in several regions of USA.
Since my retirement I have been doing floral designs and planning and
decorating weddings and special events problems. As a result of my
daughter's wedding, I created a floral and candle holder with a gammulate
to keep candles straight for ever. the floral-candle holder has
multipurpose with features to enchance any occasions. this product is
made from a high quality acrylic. easy cleanable surface, easy to clean
and store.
8 years experience with venture finance, investment banking, consumer
products and health care
In addition to my CPA license, I have just under a decade of public
accounting experience with a Top 40 firm, performing and supervising
financial statement audits. Now, as a business owner myself, I can
communicate well with owners about the unique financial needs of their
I have experience in data analysis, agriculture, soil science, and
recycling and solid waste management.
"My greatest strength is in Market Analysis, Strategy & Planning. This
is what drives all successful Business Development efforts. Market
Analysis is most critical in this process, since all other efforts flow
from that.
I am the author and creator of the process called """"Martial Arts
Marketing,"""" a 7-step process that virtually guarantees a successful
Business Development program."
I have know-how in designing and developing Business Intelligence Systems
as well as overall knowledge and experience in using Information
Technology to add value to business.
Ideas, experience building companies and increasing value, rallying
people towards a better future, creating a culture that draws talented
people, financial acumen, deep experience in business development, M&A,
operations discipline and fun.
I am an entrepreneur and have experience with all stages of start-ups,
from idea generation, IP assessment, corporate formation, raising money,
filing patents and of course, launching that company and making money.
For the past 4 years, I have been helping Michelin to identify, assess
and develop dynamic innovations, using the same process as an
entrepreneur would to start a company, except that I have an established
brand supporting me.
I have extensive technical and intellectual property management skills
developed in academic, corporate and legal arenas. This expertise is
tailored to assist entrepeneurs in their efforts to advance their
technology toward a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and
market success.
Extensive IP in boron technology including solid source hydrogen
compounds for portable power, precursors to boron nitride nanotubes and
advanced composite materials, polyborazylene for boron nitride coatings,
inventor of biologically active boron analogues of amino acids, nucleic
acids,etc. with significant applications in the pharmaceutical and
biotechnology areas. Over 40yrs experience in boron technology.
My firm has been offering Leadership Development and Organizational
Effectiveness through customized services and workshops for 50 years. We
assist organizations with Strategic Planning, Succession Management, Team
Development, Merger/Culture Integration, Assessments (culture and
executive) and Personal Executive Development
I am a driven, intelligent, hard-working young man looking to find a way
to get my foot in the door with a company with similar goals and
I bring an interest in InnoVenture, having interned for John Warner my
senior year at Furman University. I also bring a interest in seeing the
Greenville area become known for its growing business enviornment and
commitment to innovation.
As a student, I am mainly interested in the experience.
Terry has particular expertise in the Federal Small Business Innovation
Research Program--a program that provides more than $2 billion/year to
small businesses for new product development.
I manage a substantial portfolio of life science intellectual property
that is available for licensing.
I design & develop innovative manufacturing proceses to drive the
development of new products in the textile industry.
I am currently studying marketing and have a small business I run out of
my home.
"I am a solutiopns provider. I enjoy thinking out of the box and finding
a new solution.
I have broad technical and legal expertise. I know technology and I know
how to protect it nationally and internationally.
I focus my practice on serving entrepreneurs, particularly with capital
raising transactions, and growing private companies, particularly with
merger and acquisition transactions.
During my tenure at MUSC, I became familiar with the licensing process.
Through this educational experience and my corporate familiarity, I have
developed a strong understanding of managing and licensing intellectual
I have 10 years of manufacturing experience and have a stong inclination
for develpment of new technologies.
With eight years in the apparel business, Anita Lucas can provide broad
marketing expertise and an awareness of market trends.
Asset Management
I have been working in the information technology field for more years
than I'd like to mention. Myself, along with my business partner created
a software development company, developing software for government and
industry. Today our company has many of the aspects of a mature,
successful company.
I have had experience working with several companies conducting primary
and secondary market research for new products or business opportunities.
15 years of experience in accounting, banking, financial planning,
business management.
I am interested in starting up an event planning business some day. I
would like to surround myself with people who have been successful in
their own start ups.
I can work with employers to discuss offering of academic programs at
their place of business if there is sufficient interest. I can make
presentations to businesses on Upstate.
I have 3+ years experience in analyzing markets and business
opportunities. My dual background in bioengineering research and business
are helping me to effectively introduce business minded thinking into
Michelin R&D with the goal of increasing the impact and of R&D.
I have 15+ years of electrical/electronics experience, 20+ years of
mechanical design/manufacturing experience and almost 20 years of CAD
experience. I enjoy the challenge of finding and developing the best
methods and procedures to define the product.
In the summer of this year ('08), I will begin taking exams for Actuarial
Asset management, money management, and trust services, for example.
My training as a nanochemist and broad experience as a patent attorney
allow me to assist inventors, investors, entrepreneurs, academics, and
companies who need intellectual property law services.
"My professional experience in commissioned military service, higher
education, research and consulting in quality management and
organizational development, project development and management, and my
experience in management of a high-intensity technology company provide
me a broad spectrum of capability to assist young companies as well as
older organizations needing re-creation.

I have extensive experience in assisting groups of companies involved in
a cooperative project undertaking to adapt to the team challenge and work
effectively to a successful conclusion.
In my organizational development work I help my client in designing
career development programs for its people, improvement and documentation
of work processes, and measuring and attending to customer satisfaction.
Design and analysis of employee and customer satisfaction surveys are a
part of my overall approach.

I work to assist clients to move aggressively into emerging business and
technical areas while remaining grounded in sound business principles and
I give my clients peace of mind and the satisfaction of kowing that they
are doing everything they can to achieve their financial goals.
I have ten years of event experience and six years of PR and Marketing
experience for events, organizations and special projects as well as
entrepreneurial skills inherited from my great grandfathers who launched
Charleston businesses.
I will graduate with a Business Admin. degree in the spring of 2010, and
can offer only my education, limited experience, and a willingness to
Sales, marketing, communication, graphic design
I have experience in pipelining software applications to efficiently
curate data. A computer science background coupled with statistical
knowledge allows me to develop effective and powerful software for the
biological and genetic sciences.
"Forty plus years of bringing ideas and concepts to market. Always with
time and budget constraints. With 150 employees, including 4 Sons, 40
Engineers, new Haas & Omax CNC machines, Poli CMM, new SolidWorks CAD
software, and a new Lab; we are looking to move
out of our traditional Automotive Tooling role."
I am dynamic and creative with out of box thinking.
I work extensively with both individual entrepreneurs and with start-up
companies developing wealth accumulation strategies. I assist them with
personal planning as well as advise them on what to do with angel or vc
capital they receive.
I bring energy and youthful optimism to any venture. I consider myself
efficient and have the ability to make things happen quickly. For
example, I completed the entire 51 credit hour curriculum for my MS
degree in 9 months. I like to measure my experience in density rather
than length!
We (Dr. Wang and I) are currently looking into optimizing the scheduling
algorithms for the Wimax (IEEE 802.16e) protocol.
I have 17 years of experience in technology and information systems
supporting academia and healthcare and 8 years directing systems and
technologies in the port industry.
In addition to my creditials as an attorney, I bring eight years prior
experience as a consultant working with clients on the development of
technological solutions to business problems. In addition, I was
involved in the start up of a consulting and software development
company. These experiences have given me the perspective that many of my
clients have and allow me to communicate more effectively with and better
assist my clients.
I am researching on the novel production method for the renewable energy
and finding the potential in putting into the energy market.
Experience in automotive cluster in South Carolina and extensive
relationships with government and business leaders
I have a background in Computers, Software Development and Strategies,
Business Management, as well as Training and Team Lead experience in
various parts of the Retail industry.
The Tek Source is a consulting and recruiting firm specializing in
engineering, IT and finance. My engineering education and work experience
has given me a thorough understanding of engineering principals. This
helps me to effectively match clients and candidates.
Prior to joining SC Bio, Mr. Brewer spent approximately three years
managing/licensing intellectual property for MUSC, and consulting with
researchers on the commercial potential of their work. The collection of
Mr. Brewer's experiences at MUSC, coupled with his previous industry
experience, create a good global view of this industry's many dynamic
critical issues, and help SC Bio. serve the best interests of young life
science companies in SC.
My extensive experience in engineering and information technology enables
me position web technology solutions for businesses that will help them
market their business and increase profit. I have worked for and with
large corporations, small to mid-size businesses, non-profits, and
universities and understand many of the challenges and issues they face
on a daily basis. I leverage my knowledge and business acumen to develop
and execute eMarketing plans to grow business.
I have four years of business to business technical sales experience,
working for two Fortune 100 companies. I have extensive knowledge of the
action sports industry that will be critical to the success of
I have formed a new company to offer my expertise with both project
management and with business consulting. My area of focus is with the
customer facing activities of a company either in the e-commerce area or
the sales and marketing area. I have a wealth of experience developing
strategy, managing small and large projects, and managing great teams of
Residential specialist,translating services English/Spanish and selling
agent at Parkside Villas, a beautiful townhome community located in
Mauldin, SC.
We work in community that is self dependent in managing waste with no
help from government.
Some research expertise if any
I assist physicians and hospitals, that employee physicians, with
operational, financial, relational and compliance issues.
I am a versatile writer and editor with experience crafting everything
from marketing, public relations and development documents to
journalistic pieces for consumer and trade publications. I'm a great
resource for writing articles, case studies and white papers.
Having completed a 4-year degree in engineering along with a 2-year
masters degree in business and a year of legal education, I offer a
unique mixture of education that combines many business elements and
expertise that start-up companies require and utilize in their growth
Clemson Student
35 years of successful administrative experience as a college president,
development officer, or other key education administrative positions with
an integrative mind and an entrepreneurial spirit.
"corporate real estate functions
strategic planning
sale leaseback"
"Seasoned web professional with a focus on video delivery technologies
using the Internet as a platform.

Software used in daily activities:
* DMMS - proprietary Multicast software used to manage video programming,
advertising, and analytics
* Vidego - proprietary Multicast software used to manage Flash based
video, advertising and supporting elements
* On2 Flix Professional
* Sorenson Squeeze
* Flash 8 Encoder
* Windows Media Encoder
* Quicktime

Third-party Ad Delivery Experience
* Lightningcast
* Doubleclick / Dart

Video Distribution Formats
* Flash MX/7, Flash VP6/8
* Windows Media
* Quicktime
* Real Media

Video Source Formats
* Beta SP
* DigiBeta
* MiniDV

Content Delivery Network Experience
* Akamai
* Limelight
* Vital Stream
Results oriented leader business development leader. Fully knowledgeable
in all aspects of sales, marketing, services, alliances, and channels, I
have excellent business, financial and technical acumen, and experience
in international business. I am a strong strategic thinker with excellent
communication skills and uncompromised integrity.
Marketing/communications, Web, research, writing, editing
I have experience in designing and developing software products and
marketing them successfully. I am interested in software technology
companies and technology in general.
I have been managing natural resources and jumping through regulatory
hoops for quite a while. The beginning of that process is analytical
while the end is rather diplomatic.
Public relations, writing, editing, pitching stories for placement
Medical knowledge and an entrepeneurial spirit.
I have 23 yrs of experience in the computer industry and have just
celebrated my 15th anniversary with IBM/Lotus. Prior to joining IBM/Lotus
I was an IBM Business Partner for eight yrs and sold integrated HW, SW &
Service solutions to SMB & Enterprise accts. My career at IBM has
included leadership roles in sales, marketing and sales enablement.
entrepreneurial opportunity
Axion works with organizations who are searching for a toll or custom
chemical manufacturer. We have developed a detailed database of
manufacturer's capabilities, which combined with our expertise in
chemical manufacturing and managing outsourcing projects enables us to
find the ideal manufacturing partner.
My experience in nurturing new business ventures from concept to
operations as well my expertise in identifying future product and
technology needs from macro consumer lifestyle trends provides a special
lens to identify the new and different.
Fabric Manufacture, and analysis New Product Development, Public
speaking, Process Improvement,
I am experienced in public relations, advertising, writing, editing, and
CarterTodd started in this industry 10 years ago by helping to launch
start ups so they could promote their new ideas. Our clients have ranged
from local to California & Canada.
writer, video producer, web design
I'm a Furman entrepreneur student.
I have several years experience developing in the Java language with a
background in C++. I'm currently writing in .NET (VB, C#, and ASP.NET)
and Adobe Flex.
I've volunteered with the GSA Technology Council for 4 years. I was the
editor of the Upstate SC Professional Society Newsletter for four years
and developed quite a few contacts that way. As a recruiter, I come into
contact with all kinds of people and companies across the Upstate and
"Ideal for the growing companies and entrepreneurs who come to this forum
with unique needs and the desire to manage what's essential.


Calls usually require one or two hours, sometimes more, so the service
easily applies at a personal and small business level. Available on a
one-time, once in a while, or frequent basis. A stickler for
dependability and communication. Read more here and click over to my
website for information.
We offer a media outlet where local businesses can print their business
announcements and events in addition to offering their feedback as local
experts in business-related features.
We are an organization taking moving our community forward in economic
development and have experience in business retention and expansion,
entrepreneurship, small business development and talent recruiting.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson
University. I'm advanced in a good number of design and layout programs
such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
QuarkXPress, as well as more general software like Microsoft Office
Suite. While I have a strong background in art and graphic design, I also
do a lot of web programming. I often work with Javascript(JS),
Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0(AS), PHP, MySQL, XML, CSS, dHTML, xHTML, and
AJAX / Mootools; as well as a few others. I also work closely with the
web marketing and popularity analytics of the websites I build and have a
strong understanding of SEO(search engine optimization) practices and
Web strategy, business operations, sales and marketing.
I am actively involved in the Greenville Downtown Rotary, Greenville
Chamber, Spartanburg Chamber, Network Events, and outreach opportunities
through my local church in Spartanburg.
I'm heavy involve with organizations that are interested in Supplier
extensive connections into the technology and design sectors, as well as
leadership and economic development
"Over 20 years of experience with sales and Marketing. Over 15 years of
technical experience with fluoropolymer plastics.

Knowledge of federal governent issues
"I have eight years experience working in both commercial and research
laboratory environments. This experience has led to extensive expertise
in the areas of multi-step organic synthesis, nanoparticle synthesis and
characterization, and functionalization of nanoparticles with organic
ligands specifically designed for analyte recognition.

Technical expertise includes sample analysis via NMR, UV-vis
spectroscopy, UV-NIR Fluorescence spectroscopy, TEM, FTIR, GC-FID and GC-
Being in Real Estate my entire professional career, and now learning the
Commercial Contracting end of the game, I feel I understand the value of
land and if certain projects will work. Working for a Commercial
Contractor, we have the tools to build just about anything. Loveless is
a well respected company, with a strong commitment to safety, loyalty,
and honesty.
Experience in finance and have plenty of activity in the logistics of a
Raising Cash, Investment banking, strategic planning, advisory services
I have specialized in integrated design methodologies that use analysis
and testing to synthesize and validate designs with greater confidence.
I have done field work with individuals with serious mental illness
diagnoses and dual diagnoses, and served as intensive case manager for
these individuals in all but respects except actual job title (and
therefore pay!). I've led an assortment of psychoeducational groups.
There seems to be an increasing number of women who are diagnosed with
Borderline Personality Disorder who were being helped with some of the
Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups that I led, and I am currently
interested in further study of this therapy.
I bring over 10 years experience in software and hardware solutions, as
well as several years experience in professional relationship management.
I can help you to identify the people you need to connect with,
leveraging the power of Jute software and the connections of the Swamp
Fox community.
I have a broad background in fiber optic applications, and
telecommunications network applications.
The Jute Relationship Manager helps you build trusted relationships
within the small groups of people that you work with every day to get
things done.
I have comprehensive experience in high performance computing paradigms
for engineering analysis systems and data management
I've been doing the whole internet thing for 5 years.
The Business Center has print and online information on companines,
industries, marketing, and investment topics as well as information on
business plans and marketing plans. I can help you locate the best
sources to answer many of your business questions.
I have a solid foundation in process development. Most of my experience
is related to injection molding, resistance welding, laser welding and
fluids. I enjoy a challenge and am always interested at ways to approach
""unapproachable"" problems. I am also bilingual and have made several
technical presentations in seminars in Germany.
I have 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and general manager in
the software industry. In addition I have a wealth of contacts all over
the State of SC.
Clemson student--MBA student and Bioengineering student
Management training
Health care industry
Medical practices
I have over 25 years of engineering design and program management
experience, primarily in Gas Turbines, but also in Generators, Hydro
Turbines and MRI scanners. I have a strong heat transfer background.
I have experience in business development, innovation management and new
product commercialization and resources in my role at Milliken to bring
new concepts to market.
I truly love what I do. Bringing people together and creating awareness
excite me. I'm experienced in community relations, media relations,
marketing, events management, political campaigns, and fundraising.
"Expertise: I use logic and computers to solve problems. I listen to
people talk about their ideas, issues, opportunities, etc and I convert
thoughts into things like websites, applications, databases, or some sort
of computer system.

Experience: I've worked in and studied computers and business and have a
wide array of experiences in web development, IT, and functional business
areas. For instance, I executed the development of the new Swamp Fox

Resources: My expertise plus, via OrangeCoat, a group of folks with
instinctive creativity, innovative design and marketing ideas, and drive
to take on the new and challenging problems."
"* Technology commercialization with emphasis on medical device,
pharmaceutical and life science discoveries and innovations
* Entrepreneurial activities related to technology driven businesses
* Intellectual property; patent law
* Pre-clinical drug discovery; design and implementation of related
technologies to improve correlation and reduce time / cost
* Design, synthesis and characterization of polymers for biomedical
device applications"
I have 25 plus years of sales experience with expertise in public
speaking, and a strong network of physicians and health care providers
hroughout the Southern U.S.
I have 13+ years in fluid system and hardware design experience including
ST lube oil, Generator H2/CO2 and seal oil, Generator Stator winding
cooling, and Fuel Gas Compressors.
"Former IT director of $500 million retailer, former system architect for
business application software.

Converted sailboat to pv and windgen power to live off-grid for 5 years.

Familiar with open-source content management software and e-commerce."
"We don’t like cubicles, neck ties or pantyhose. That doesn’t mean we’re
not professional. It means we don’t want to conform to what the other
guys are doing. Creativity is what sets us apart.

We take pride in the fact that Imacomm is not simply a web design agency.
We go well beyond that by offering services that allow clients to sell
products, reach new customers, and communicate a strong message. We do
that through branding, print media and marketing.
I am passionate about improving designs and processes that improves value
to the customer. Recently, I developed a better method to pre-set the
Wind Generator in the factory so the it's position relative to the Gear
Box fell in alignment in the field after the Blade Rotor was installed.
My company, Innovation Marketing Systems, Inc. has created a proprietary,
Web-based software and service -- the U Choose Network (UCN) -- that is
available to every digital sign owner and network nationwide. Advertisers
can register at no cost and upload their ads, choosing their cost CPM,
where and what types of digital sign locations they prefer, and when
their ad should start and end. At the other end, digital sign owners log
onto UCN, view the ads available to their area, and choose the ads they
would like to run. Advertisers pay only for the locations that actually
download and display their ads, and the majority of what they pay goes to
the digital sign owners who run their ads. IMS also sells digital signage
systems that are UCN-compatible, and has a graphics department available
for content creation for the digital signs.
"I have 13+ years of sales experience with a focus on superior customer
service. Passion for your industry and superior customer service are the
key ingredients to sales.

Real estate, real estate development, mountain real estate, Greenville"
In progress.
In Transition
Lydia is independent provider of editorial services with twenty years of
experience. She has written feature articles, web content, and sales copy
for numerous local and national clients on a wide variety of topics from
arts, banking, construction, and law to manufacturing and travel.
Helping companies and individuals effectively communicate their message
through print and non-print media.
Expertise encompasses business plan preparation and analysis, marketing,
operations, strategic planning, financial analysis, loan packaging,
managerial accountability and business education for new and existing
ventures. Certified in Economic Development from the South Carolina
Economic Development School, as a Business Mentor and Facilitator in
FastTrac® Entrepreneurial Training by the Kaufmann Foundation, as an
Economic Development Financing Professional from the National Development
Council and a site reviewer for the Women’s Business Enterprise National
"Carolina Computer Training/CCT Business Training has been providing
high-quality, results-oriented training to major businesses, hospitals,
government agencies and individuals for over 10 years.   As a Microsoft
Certified Gold Partner we continue to rank in the top 5 Certified
Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLS) in the nation!
Our training programs are known for their flexibility and thorough
content while delivering full value for your education dollar. CCT
certified instructors teach Microsoft, Linux, Novell, Crystal Reports,
Cisco, Adobe, Wireless and Security computer training plus classes in
Business Skills, Certified Business Professional, Business Soft Skills
Development and more. We can customize a learning program to satisfy
your specific needs and/or deliver the training at your facility as well.
Registered Patent Attorney with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office;
Trademark and copyright law; Trade secret law
experience in retirment planning/investing. Asset allocation, equity
investments. Access to CPAs , attorneys, trust and estate advisors.
I am the current vice president of advanced technology for General
Electric and I bring with me over twenty years of experience in
engineering and design.
Employment counseling, search and placement for all levels of employees.
Career opportunities in the energy industry
"**SC Drucker Society affiliate.
**Self Management profiles.
**Smart Path - Define business and counsel toward reaching goals.
**Career Development for individuals and groups.
**Recruitment - using profiles for both hiring manager and cnadidates to
match strengths."
Tina Green Huskey is a Recycling and Waste Solutions Specialist with
Mumford Industries who helps business and industries reduce their waste
stream through recycling. Prior to partnering with Mumford in 2006, Tina
spent 12 years creating a background of experience in the industry as an
account representative for a major waste hauling company, general manager
for a mill direct paper recycling company, and private consulting for
large industrial accounts. In 2007 Tina completed a recycling course and
became one of the first private recyclers to be certified by DHEC as a
South Carolina Professional Recycler. In addition to this certification
Tina is involved with the CRA, IFMA, and the SC Smart Business recycling
Industrial Real Estate Brokerage and Development resources
Extensive and board experience in R&D: designing electronics and electric
systems, leading multi-discipline development teams, technology
evaluations.   Business development:   proposal generation, contract
"General Management
Product Development
Strategic Planning
Business Development
New Market Expansion
Mergers & Acquisition"
I am a market research analyst focusing on medical, industrial, and fluid
handling markets where advanced polymer tubing is used.
Certified Economic Developer
technical management, industry and university collaboration
Contracts, Intellectual Property, University Research
Industrial / Governmental Relations
Business student
Information on process controls
"Access to USC, lawyers, accountants,

Gives company in incubator credibility"
Non profit agency
35 years in the financial service business and banking
Experience with start-ups including FILOT agreements and tax incentives.
Primavera, MS Project, Visual Studio Development in Visual Basic, Custom
Excel applications, database solutions
Textile Chemical Marketing
Have helped developed several small to mid size construction componies in
the residential home building market. Engineer by trainging with MBA
Public Relations, Media Relations
My experience is specifically based on the provision of instructional
support and technology for faculty and students in South Carolina's
technical colleges.
Automotive expertise - especially control systems, electronics and
real estate, real estate development, government
Open Innovation Knowledge
Worked in the glass field for 5 years (Savannah River Laboratory,
Corning) before returning to academia to pursue PhD
Have always been a Jack of all Trades. My experience in media relations,
sales development and training, and marketing research fits well with new
companies or established companies bringing a new product to market.
Access to Canadian government, research and investment contacts
training resources for entrepreneurs
Electronics Engineering, Audio Video Systems Design
Recruiting, Marketing, and Product Management
Case writer in area of sustainability
I am an Information Engineer using Domain Knowledge Management expertise
to solve information challenges to increase the efficiency of businesses.
We provide your organization with the methodology and technology to
ensure the integrity of business information through the development of
Contextia Business Maps™.
Conferences and events
Medical, Workkeys Certify, SC Region 111 Adult Education Techical
Assistance Center, Adult Education
with Tom
College student majoring in business administration with a concentration
in environmental studies
"Product development for consumer, industrial, medical products.
Thermo-fluids, heat transfer, CFD analysis"
"Product development for consumer, industrial, medical products.
Thermo-fluids, heat transfer, CFD analysis"
"Product development for consumer, industrial, medical products.
Thermo-fluids, heat transfer, CFD analysis"
Project Management & ERP implementation
"Former state and federal CIO
eGovernment Director for Microsoft"
"Promotions, marketing and sales
Advertising & media buying
Entertainment Consultant
Professional guitar and harmonica player, flautist & drummer
Construction superintendent, Experienced in all aspects of construction"
not applicable
I have the ability to design and build boats.
Economic development research, knowledge of South Carolina tax
incentives, labor market research, industry and occupational research
"Accounting and reporting expertise
Access to over 450 funding sources
Bank/investor ready fiancial statements and projections.
I have always been able to 'think outside the box', no idea is stupid. I
am good at picking out things that can be improved upon or creating
things that can make work easier and more efficient.
Transportation, Fleet Management
web design, rich media creation, research
Supply Chain, Materials Management, Automotive, German, Management
I'm a Project Manager with over twenty years experience in the medical
device and information technology industries, both in Europe (UK, France
and the Netherlands) and in the US. I'm client oriented, team focussed
and analytical (in that order). I speak transatlantic English, fairly
good French and reasonable Dutch.
Political organization, legislative affairs, policy making, sales
Andrew Metters, PhD has more than 10 years experience as a research
scientist in both industrial and academic environments. During the last
five years he served as Assistant Professor at Clemson University in the
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He has published
over 30 technical articles based on his research in the field of
polymeric biomaterials and delivered over 60 presentations at regional
and international conferences
Strong public/private collaborations to benefit adoptive families.
My appetite.   Whatever the table is.
Manufacturing and development resources
Architect Blogger Artist
"Expertise: Writing, business strategy

Resources: business strategy, web design, online advertising"
Multicast is a global leader in streaming video communications. we
produce live events, video on demand (for managed services) and have
self-serve models .We design and build all the tools to help corporations
& individuals promote their company's message, CEO messages, open new
markets, HR training. We produce all the technology and host, manage and
serve from our servers sitting on top of Akamai's 20K servers around the
Rigid Plastic Packaging
"Provide access to university resources to region

Economic and Community Development

Leadership development

Encouraging collaboration in community problem solving"
Variety of experiences and knowledge of Company
I hold 4 patents related to gas turbines component design, CMC and
ceramic coatings, and high temperature cooling methods. I have a BS
degree in mechanical engineering and a MBA in International Business. I
currently am working towards a PhD in Applied Management and Decision
Science with a specialty in Engineering Management.
communications, public relations, education policy
"Global engineering team development
Design Cost reduction
Nuclear Engineering
Mechanical design
Cryogenic engineering
Ray has 12+ years of experience in design, development and manufacturing.
Much of this time is in managing business and developing market
Design and optimization of pneumatic and non-pneumatic tires.     Advanced
user of Abaqus finite element analysis software.
Theoretical and experimental background. Analysis, design and test
experience in different industries. Some teaching experience in
Good knowledge of structure activity relationships of organic molecules
for a wide array of end applications
Project management and focused strategy execution skills.
Contacts to IT companies, tsrong BMW-internal network in R&D, business
processes and IT
Process solutions for the changing landscape of manufacturing in a global
Environmental policy, technology transfer, sustainability, planning,
public policy, analysis
Experience with textile reinforcements used in various commercial
Tremendous experience in transferring new technologies (both internal and
external to Milliken) into manufacturing. Member of LES, PDMA, ACS and
AATCC. Successful in finding creative solutions to opportunities using a
multidiscipline approach to problem solving.
Business and Education Connections
Research chemist of Milliken & Company, expertises in coatings, waterborn
polyurethane dispersions, textile finishing, surface chemistry and
Quality Engineering
Fibers and Materials"
Web and wireless travel publisher.
regulatory advice and advocacy in information technology and
communications; representation in contractual and litigation matters
Telesensors provides electronic and product design services to create
"smart sensors", i.e., highly integrated, low power, wireless sensors for
applications in Homeland Security, Medical Research, and
Ag/Environmental/Industrial monitoring
Nanotechnology, composite, conducting polymers, textile finishing, years
of industrial R&D experience
Web designer.
Senior Level Manager with over 20 years of IT industry knowledge working
for companies such as EDS, Alltel Information Services and NIC.
Entrepreneur, involved in the start up of multiple business'. Experience
in Recycling and Sustainability.
Mitchell Industrial Controls Co is a value added wholesale industrial
distributor providing solutions with Industrial Process Heating,
Temperature Measurement and Controls plus Web Tension Controls products
and systems.
developing entrepreneurial support networks, growth strategies and
educational resources for communities, organizations and industry
Management Consultant (Behavior Analysis), Motivational Speaker,
I have a Ph.D. (2005) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of
North Carolina at Charlotte.
Dr. Woody has successfully managed two phase I SBIR programs as well as
multiple industrial contracts. His research interests have been involved
in the development of adaptive structures, power amplifiers, ultra-high
strain actuators, flexures, and force probes. As a consequence, these
investigations have accumulated 2 patents, 12 pending patents and over 20
public relations, marketing, communications, persuasive writing, design,
creative innovation
Worked with startups and entrepreneurial leaders since 1992. Worked
using, developing for, consulting on the internet since the early 90's.
Integrated Marketing Communication Services
Working with USGBC, Johnson Diversey and Waste Management on
environmental programs
Over a decade as a corporate and securities attorney representing
entrepreneurs and growing companies, including considerable experience
designing equity and executive compensation arrangements.
38 Years Experience in Voice & Data Communications. Served on the board
for the National Association of Communication Companies (NACC) and also
served on the board of the National Association of Telecommunication
Dealers (NATD). Life member of AFL-CIO. After 21 years with AT&T founded
Prime Line Communications.
Academic, research, biotechnology (drug development, testing),
Human resource development and education.Staff training and adult
education experiences.
"Significant number of technologies that are available for transfer to
private sector.
Unique expertise in multiple fields that can enhance or expand industrial
product lines."
industrial implemintation of the novel chemical technologies
"I provide insight into the latest trends and best practices in the email
marketing industry, including anti-spam, best practices, email design,
and marketing strategy.

Zoetic e-Solutions offers affordable email marketing and more for small
businesses and non-profits.

Leadership and Management
Drew has been practicing organic search engine optimization for a number
of years and can help any website achieve better search engine rankings.
Network maven, information synthesis, interdependence cartographer,
communities of interest builder, story listener, writer, web designer,
presentation artist, builder of teams, organizational resiliency mentor,
and practitioner of big medicine.
financial statement analysis, financial markets experience, financial
instrument analysis, industry and company research skills
Business reporting resources.
"Developing tools and applications to benefit early-stage founders and
investors (e.g. -- Readiness Assessment Tool in prototype stage)

Website launching in August of 2008 built around framework ""Anatomy of a
Healthy Startup""

Consulting services to early stage businesses: Executive coaching, team
development, culture development, etc. "
Experience in small businesses
Legal expertise
Have 20 years professional leadership experience in financial services.
Operations research and computer science. Specialist in discrete
optimization methods.
"Registered patent attorney
Transactional law"
Conference, seminar, workshop, and executive briefing development and
marketing expertise. Develop and present customized training/education
courses. Have extensive resource base of subject matter experts, locally
and nationally.
"IBM Lotus and Websphere products.
Unifidied communications, Lotus Notes, IBM Sametime, Lotus Connections,
Lotus QuickR, Websphere Portal."
Formally known as Standard Corporation, UTi Integrated Logistics was
founded in Columbia in 1894. We have a diverse and extensive national
network of contract and multi-client facilities. We also have a broad
capability in transporation, in addition to customs brokerage and freight
Substantial experience in buidling and developing healthcare, high-tech,
aerospace and professional services brands.
I have 25 + years of engineering, academic and legal experience in the
environmental field. Although I have done work in water law, air, solid
and hazardous waste, wetlands, supefund, wastewater and stormwater, my
primary expertise is in the areas of wastewater and stormwater.
"We LOVE brands. We LOVE marketing in strange places. And we LOVE serving
up advertising to people who need it.
1. Is your brand experience consistent with your promise? If you asked a
customer, could they describe your brand, position, or personality? COULD
YOU? Take the test:

2. How do you reach someone who doesn't have the time... or the eyes...
or the ears trained on you?

Creative thinker, broadcast motion graphics, directing for television,
graphic design, 3-d rendering
Non-profit start-up experience
Innovation, product development
I am an investment banking intern focused in sell side transactions and
private capital financing
"12 years of sales, marketing, business development experience in the US
as well as in Europe / Asia. Interested in consulting and assisting
foreign companies moving from abroad with start-up. Languages English /
Dutch / German, basic Spanish. In-depth understanding and knowledge of
foreign business cultures. Industries worked in/with: Medical Device,
Pharma, Software/IT, Publishing, Lawn technology.
Foreign Language Translations & Interpreting
"inlingua offers complete international communication solutions. Whether
to learn a language or receive intercultural training, whether for
translation, transcription or interpretation services, inlingua can meet
your needs. Whatever your language needs are, you can count on inlingua
for world-class service.
inlingua has been recently certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise
(WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)."
Tatum provides experienced, objective executives to fill the CFO or
Controller seat on a part-time, interim and/or permanent basis. Our
partners immediately integrate into the operations and leadership team to
focus on the strategic and tactical initiatives needed to accelerate
business success
Expertise in healthcare, raising capital, business development. In
discussions with larger venture funds about accessing their capital for
S.C. companies.
Tradebank is a network of business owners and professionals who barter
with each other for exactly what they need without spending cash.
"He is a seasoned business professional with over 26 years of experience
in sales, marketing and business development
Heat Transfer, Technology Development, Mechanical Design
Software, Internet technologies, Marketing, Business development.
"My practice focuses on corporate and securities law, particularly for
technology companies, community banks, financial institutions and
venture-stage equity funding. Prior to joining Neilson Mullins, I was
with with NuVox Communications, Inc. (NuVox) of Greenville, as the Vice
President of Legal Affairs. From 1998 to 2005, NuVox and its
predecessors, State Communications, Inc. and TriVergent Communications,
Inc., Mr. Russell grew from an operation with 11 employees in Greenville,
SC to approximately 1100 employees operating in 31 markets across 15
states.   The company also increased revenues from $0 in 1998 to
approximately $314,000,000 in 2004.   Also during that time, we closed
multiple private equity transactions and debt facilities.

This experience has assisted me in providing services to both mature
public and private companies, private equity firms, and venture stage
companies since I returned to private practice. Since that time I have
focused on equity investments and credit facilities for publice and
private companies, and general corporate matters including corporate
Substantial capital formation and business development experience
28 years of Corporate Banking
seed and early stage venture capital
Seed & growth capital
Capital provider
Growth capital
I am a founding partner of Frontier Capital and have more than 17 years
of experience making investments in and advising privately held growth
companies. I have a wide range of experience completing numerous private
capital and M&A transactions as both principal and advisor. I also serve
on the board for Peak 10 and Anodyne.
Finance and investing
Entrepreneurship, economic development, venture capital
I invest in private equity, venture capital and hedge funds, and in
commodities, real estate and other alternative investments. I counsel
families of high net worth.
Sales & business development experience in management and technology
consulting. Prior employers include: Accenture, Agilera, Blackbaud.
Strategic planning, public and private equity capital raising, and merger
and acquisition planning.
"Comprehensive Wealth Management
Experience as a clinical physician, personal investing experience, real
estate development, financial planning.
Investment capital
"health care
clinical research
information technology"
Large, medium and small pharma/bio experience, ranging from bench drug
discovery, to field sales, marketing, business development and start-up
Film Production, Film Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Marketing,
Marketing Research, Business Plans and Budgeting.
Game and interactive media development for multiple platforms including
Windows, Mac, Wii and iPhone.
Thorough knowledge of all aspects of the mobile home industry, including
but not limited to regulations, sales, demographics, customer base,
technical issues, competition"
"Entrepreneurial Development
Event Management
Angel Investing
Economic Development
Small Business Marketing"
"We work with non-profit organizations to do strategic planning and
tactical execution of multimillion dollar capital campaigns.

We also do campaign feasibility and planning studies, strategic planning,
development audits, leadership training, website development for e-
Philanthropy and online giving, etc. "
Vast professional network in consumer finance industry, technology,
Internet Marketing and Web-publishing,Investment banking, and Insurance.
Experienced internet lender.
Solar photovoltaics and thermal design and engineering.
Technology and Business Leadership
33 Years in Information Technology including 28 years in management
positions. President of the South Carolina Chapter of Government
Management Information Sciences and an active member of the Columbia
Chapter of the Project Management Institute.
Waste reduction, recycling, market development, sustainability, air
quality, energy conservation, transportation conformity, mobile modeling.
"Business Intelligence Ad Hoc Query & Reporting.

General Management, business modeling, strategy development for growth
and turnarounds.


Offshore Outsourcing

Management Consulting
Marketing IT hardware,software, solutions to Public and Private
I'm an EDI/B2B Administrator. I have been an IT/EDI/B2B consultant and an
IT department manager. I also administer the Linux servers for ACSI
Hosting as well as web development mostly in Drupal.
"The Signature team is comprised of the best IT professionals available.
We have also built relationships with consultants representing the widest
possible range of skill sets. Our services include:

Project Management
Custom Application Development
Packaged Application
Database Technology Storage
Client Server
Legacy Systems
Web Application Development
ERP/CRM Systems

Our IT professionals have worked in virtually every sector, including
Banking & Financial Services, Aerospace, Higher Education, Electronics,
Government, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Manufacturing.
"I-Tech Execs is a professional IT business solutions company that will
offer IT support for small- and medium-sized businesses in Greenville,
South Carolina. The Company’s services will include network hardware and
software support, system support and maintenance, and business support,
which include web development, database administration, computer
training, and report writing. The key to the Company’s success will be
focused on scalability, more specifically, fitting the needs of any sized
business with professional executive advice to fit each client’s budget.
I-Tech Execs is a start-up business that will be located in Greenville,
North Carolina. The Company’s website,, is in the
process of being developed, and will serve as a primary platform for
generating business once up and running. The Company will provide the
following IT support, maintenance, and upgrade services:

• Onsite system support
* Software maintenance support
* Network support
* Anti-virus support
* E-mail support (exchange server)
* Backup support
* Hardware support (new, upgrades, etc.)
* Extra server and network if requested
* Disaster recovery
* Full data center support, fire protection, generator power backup, AC

•       Remote system support
*   Full-back support
*   Software maintenance support
*   Anti-virus support
*   E-mail support (exchange server)
*   Hardware support (new, upgrades, etc.)
*   Wiring if needed
*   Onsite support as needed

•       Business support
*   Web development
*   Database administration
*   Applications support
*   Report writing
*   Computer training
Jan McCollom is an Orangeburg native and seasoned administrator with
expertise in grants writing, management and research administration;
nonprofit management; public relations; strategic planning; program
development and evaluation; events management and conference planning;
writing and editing; training and presentations; desktop publishing;
voice talent and vocal performance; pageant production and coaching.
I have had two internships within the last three years.
"Sales and Marketing
Strategic Planning
Psychometric Testing
Silver Oak Land Trust LLC. identifies and purchases timber tracts in the
Southeast United States. The purpose of these purchases is to generate a
stable tax efficient cash flow, with the added benefit of long term real
estate holdings.
Seven years experience in video post-production and web streaming
Professional expertise
Just Wanted to Sign up for more Info ! ! !
Keely serves as a link to the University providing resources and contacts
to faciliate collaboration among corporate and community leaders as well
as faculty and administrative leaders inside the University.
Clemson Civil Engineering student.
The principals and associates at The Byrum Innovation Group bring decades
of high-tech and Silicon Valley experience in excellence in innovative
marketing and communications, representing both corporate and agency-side
Custom software programming, technology consulting and vision, technology
needs analysis, total cost of ownership analysis
A very strong and successful technology background. Offers pro bono
assistance where appropriate.
Technology Practice is a key practice for The Buffkin Group. We maintain
a database of Technology executives.
Observations and the desire to learn
"Mergers & Acquisistions
Corporate Valuations"
Textiles, quality, environment, precast concrete
Deep knowledge of healthcare industry and IT.
marketing, product management
Expertise in critical care, home care, medicare home health regulations
and health care documentation.
Sales, marketing, product management, engineering, manufacturing.
Working wiht Japanese companies.
"Marketing Management
Marketing planning and strategy
Product launches
Brand Architecture"
real estate transactions and litigation; employment litigation;
contractual litigation
Corporate Training
Executive Coach"
Project Management
Working in mechanical design for 20+ years. Applied my skills in several
different industries, submarines, disk drives, combines and now gas
turbines at GE. I have 6 US patents awarded and two pending.
11 years of successfully managing/operating a small business in 4 states
Web Development.
Product Destruction / Recycling / Freight / Landfill reduction
publishing, media business development, start up, offshore team
management and integration, cause marketing, social entrepreneur, content
development and production
laptop batteries
Mr. Poch has an ability to bring a diverse group of people together,
identify a common goal, and execute an action plan to meet that goal.
Such an action plan may be found at the Coalition's web portal
Executive Search , Human Resources
Information Systems - Large data center computing, networks,
communications, operating systems, storage, SAP.
"A Mosaic Studio, creating custom mosaic architecture, mosaic murals and
personalized mosaic signage for business or residential. Designs fused
glass accent tiles with dichroic glass for kitchen or bath.
Workshops are also offered at Julia Peters Studio."
Management, Sales, Business Development, Operations
"International Business
Industrial marketing
Salesforce management
International joint ventures
Latin America"
South Carolina Business magazine has a readership approaching 30,000
statewide, and majority of whom are high-level business decision-makers.
"Fortune 500 CFO and consultant;

Mega-bankruptcy and turnaround experience

Financial Analysis

Capital Structuring

Cash Flow and Liquidity"
"Professional Recruiting Servies for manufactuers.

Retingency: We take a search approach without the in-person assessments.
This can be the right approach for a client with a critical opening and a
good assessment process. Typical for jobs above $100K on base.
Contingency: Our contingency group operates as a generalist firm in many
industries. Often, we utilize direct targeted cold-recruiting techniques
that have become a lost art form among many recruiting firms. PinPoint
Solutions would conduct cold-calling campaigns to individuals with the
desired experiences. A critical piece to any assignment on contingency is
the feedback and interview loop. Cold-call recruiting is very time
consuming, and proper feedback of the desired skills is essential for the
work to be done properly and efficiently. We have an in-house research
department which allows our recruiters to spend more time talking to the
right people-thereby, reducing the time to fill opening.
"Sources of capital for early stage and post start-up companies;

Consulting services on business planning and obtaining early stage
Mergers and Acquisition financial due diligence practice, financial
turnaround practice. Served as controller of international subsidiaries
acquired by a software company
access to state and local resources, financial incentives
Yarn Manufacturing Technical skills, technology leadership and
Learning, training,education,
As chief research officer for East Tennessee State University I represent
faculty who have expertise in a wide variety of areas including
biomedical science, engineering technology, physics, chemistry,
biological sciences and neuroscience as well as the equipment to support
this work.
Creative art direction, ad campaigns, branding, identity design,
"Education for Entrepreneurs-
VIVID2+CO- Venture In…Venture On…

Vivid 2 and Co provides academic curriculum combined with applied
experience to deliver the needed support, resources, and accountability
for nascent entrepreneurs (start-ups) and small to medium enterprises.
All programs are supervised by distinguished professors of
entrepreneurship and delivered by leading experts. Our programs are
affordable, practical, and executable.   "
Robotics and Automation
"Knowledge of numerous materials and how they are applied in various

Seven years of product development experience.

Seven years of technical project management experience.

Chemical reactor engineering / catalyst design experience.

Experience with Asian Automotive OEMs.
VantagePoint's Hybrid Marketing approach intelligently integrates
marketing consulting with innovative marketing communications. A
specialist in product and service launches, VantagePoint is focused on
advancing our clients' businesses. VantagePoint is ranked nationally on
BtoB Magazine's Top Agencies list and was named the "Agency of the Year"
in 2006 and 2007 by the Business Marketing Association of the Carolinas.
Marketing Coordinator for Radio.SC, including SEO, social marketing media
and print advertising. Marketing Coordinator for Rock the Streets, a not-
for-profit organization created to help support aid organizations and
homeless shelters in the Lowcountry through a series of benefit concerts.
Sales, marketing strategy, advertising, entrepreneurship, leadership,
team building, personality profiling, small business development,
customer service orientation and web development.
Energy services/ Pipeline transportation services
Energy Services/commodity and tranport experience in the Southeast.
I have experience in brand development, intellectual property
licensing/protection, IT system design/development, joint venture
evaluation. Also experienced in international business with in-country
experience in more than a dozen countries.
To include at a later date
Well rounded knowledge of IT infrastructure, softwware applications,
telephony and management.
Over 10 years of applications and sales experience with metrology tools
for automotive, consumer packaging and other industrial applications.
Entrepreneurship as an economic development strategy. Experienced
entrepreneur with strong mentoring skills. Taught entrepreneurship at
the University of Texas Graduate School of Business.
Part of a County solution to help assist companies determine if Anderson
County is right for them
Help organizations engage their people. Leadership development.
Charter Business is a Division of Charter Communications the fourth
largest cable provider in the US. We have many highly trained Engineers
to handle any Data product needs to design a tailored product to suit
your needs now and in the future.
Distributed Systems, Autonomous Networks, Neural Networks, Social
Software, Compound Document Architectures, E-commerce applications and
"Primary research focus is on novel polymer developments and structure-
property relationships in engineering thermoplastics and thermosets.

IT Staffing & Recruiting, technology, entrepreneurship, business
planning, networking (both people and computers), international business
(grew up in the Philippines), software development (gaming)
Expertise in the field of general pharmaceuticals, formulary management,
clinical pharmacy services, vaccination program implementation, wellness
clinic facilitation/implementation, long term care pharmacy planning and
delivery as well as medical writing.
I'm a post-bubble entrepreneur who has raised angel funding and venture
capital during the implosion which eventually lead to a successful and
positive exit (June 2007).
Extensive network
Software development, Web technologies, Systems Integration, ERP
Implementations, CRM Implementations, Consulting, Speaking
Worked on projects for the State Election Commission such as the
Electronic Voter Registration List, implementation of the statewide
voting system, and a statewide election community intranet.
Looking for new technologies
Business development, materials, textiles, chemicals
Printing, converting, coating, laminating, conductive, RFID, Printed
Business Plan analysis; new venture development; funding source
identification and structuring; business development consulting and
training; governance/board development consulting & training; non-profit
enterprise development consulting (developing self-funding sources);
social entrepreneurship consulting; turn-around management
Experience both inside and outside USA. Strong knowledge and experience
of Safety, Electrical, Electronics, Power and Lighting sectors.
Experience of international Private equity, raising Bank Finance. Buying
and selling businesses.
27+ years working with individuals, teams, organizations, large & small
businesses in goal identification & achievement. Strong skills in
communications, facilitation, systems thinking & project management.
Commercail lender with over 30 years of experience working with companies
of all sizes and industries.
Providing solutions for mid sized and small businesses. I have been an
executive and/or owner within multiple industries and have an in-depth
knowledge of management and accounting systems with profitability as the
key result. We're currently providing computer consulting, web design and
Point of Sale Systems for small businesses.
Process improvement experience in Manufacturing & Engineering processes.
Connected with virtually every user and supporter of advanced compound
semiconductor materials for new and improved semiconductor device
applications. Especially expert in substrate and epitaxially growth
technologies for III-V materials GaAs, InP, GaN, and AlN.
"Hands-on operations expertise.
Strategic planning and implementation.
Restructuring, reorganizations and workouts.
Start-up implementation and capitalization.
Financial analysis.
Technology transfer / commercialization.
More detail may be found at
"•    Operations, logistics, and IT leadership.
•     Strategic planner, collaborator, director, coordinator, and
•     International team builder and negotiator. Speaks Russian language
•     Educator & Trainer.

I'm a problem-solver - whether it be technology, marketing or just what's
needed to take a business to the ""next level"". I often see things
others don't - and coupled with an understanding of the Latin and
European cultures, can facilitate an international presence for a
company. I have 20 years experience in the printing industry from a
technology and production perspective (familiar with all the
manufacturing techniques LEAN, 6-sigma) etc.
strong understanding of web technologies and user behavior.
Product development, bird pest control.
Extensive experience with designing and producing marketing materials
such as brochures, trade show booths, mail pieces, and presentation
materials. Customers experience a "client" relationship with one point
of contact, while having access to an array of products and services.
Years of expertise in running small businesses and a true understanding
of what it takes to develop companies that want to grow to the next
$3B venture capital and private equity fund.
"Bilingual (English-Spanish)
Access to capital
Management Experience (marketing, biz dev, sales, finance)
MBA '03 - Emory / Goizueta Business School - Marketing & Finance
Passion for businesses that do well while doing good."
High School Teaching Certification
As part of my 13 years in IT, i've spent the past 3+ years with My focus for much of that time has been data exchange
between integration partners in the health insurance industry. I'm very
familiar with the IT needs of larger insurers and can speak to the
technology we've developed to address those problems.
"ITG Networking provides managed IT solutions to the Upstate area. We
provide the same services a large company does, with the personal touch
of a small company.
We offer a monthly service agreement plan and hourly fee based services.
We also provide discounts for Non-Profit Organizations. We have Remote
Help Desk Support available to a wide variety of systems including
Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, Vista), Microsoft Server (2000, 2003), Linux
(specializing in SuSe Linux), Macintosh (OS X) in addition to on-site
support. We are also able to configure and support your “Smartphones”
(Blackberry, Treo, Blackjack, Q, etc).
ITG Networking provides off-site email spam and virus filter as well as a
running backup of your email. Whether your network is small or large, we
can design and deploy a network that fits your needs. We can start from
scratch or expand an existing network; we're here to assist at any level"
Twelve years of broad-based communications and marketing experience,
primarily in higher education.
Professional writer for nearly 10 years.
Resources: University Inventors & Expertise; University Technology
available for licensing.
M33 Integrated Solutions M33 Integrated is known throughout the Logistics
industry for its web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) and
innovative co-management philosophy.
Technology, Innovation, Solving complex business problems using standards
based technologies
Focused on helping start-up companies and new products and ideas gain a
foothold in South Carolina.
Having worked for 4+ years on product development, we have some good
experience in what seems to work, and what does not.
I have nearly 11 years of experience providing tax compliance and tax
consulting services specializing in assistancing manufacturers with tax
"MS in Electric Power Engineering
7+ years work experience
Area: Generator & Gas Turbine Controls & Electrical Systems - Power Plant
"G2 Technologies specializes in the design and development of automated
inspection, measurement,
and test systems. We have 15+ years experience in test and measurement
and have shipped over 30
turn-key systems. With 14+ years in business management, over 20 years in
project management, and
4 locations in the Southeast, we know how to run a business. Our goal is
to be a seamless measurement
and automation extension for our customers and we define our success by
our customers' success."
International consulting and marketing for the travel retail market ,
duty free.
Very involved with the downtown Greenville Rotary Club and the Greater
Greenville Chamber of Commerce.
"MaintainIT provides:

1. Plant Performance Improvement Services (Lean), Equipment Reliability
Programs (FMEA, OEE Improvement, RCFA), Applying Lean Principles to
Maintenance, Storeroom Improvement Programs

2. Total & Supplemental Contract Maintenance - Self-perform, direct-hire
personnel onsite, full-time at customer's plant performing maintenance
and projects

3. Diagnostic Testing & related Services - Vibration, Infrared and
Ultrasonic testing; Laser Alignment, Balancing, etc

4. CMMS Services & PM Development - Development of Master Equipment List,
criticality analyses, job plan development, spares program, etc

5. Capital Projects (in SC and NC)"
"Combined 12 years working in manufacturing industry: five years with
Hitachi and seven years auditing experience with Dixon Hughes;
conversational ability in Japanese;
Co-chair of the Japan America Association of South Carolina; member of
the Vision 2025 International task force"
"S. L. Munson & Company are a South Carolina owned and operated,
technically focused, problem solving Industrial distributor, Importer and
Manufacturer working with large national and international companies.
We specialise in abrasives,diamond dressing tools,cutting tools, machine
tools and filtration systems.
We are the importers for Dr. kaiser Diamond Dressing Systems; the
importers for Krebs and Riedel vitrified diamond and CBN grinding wheels
and the authorised distributor for NC & SC for MAPAL,Inc. cutting tools.
IGA Abrasives,LLC, manufacturers of Internal grinding wheels, abrasive
hones and dressing sticks; and Molecular Bond Superabrasives,
manufacturers of custom engineered single layer, vacuum brazed tools, are
wholly owned by S. L. Munson & Co."
"Contract manufacturing
International contract manufacturing
Global sourcing
Warehousing and distribution
Applied R&D (mostly mechanical but some systems-level). Rapid prototyping
technologies and techniques including 2D & 3D CADD modeling; 3D printing
(Dimension BST FDM); CNC; CAM; pattern & mold-making.
15+ years of experience in new product development of textile products.
Emphasis has been in products for the Military as well as protective
26 years of strategic planning facilitation and M&A consulting
During the last decade while Carroll has served as CEO, the AdvantageWest
Board and Staff have been recognized nationally by the U.S. Department of
Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, Southeast Tourism
Society, Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute, Entrepreneur
magazine and Southern Economic Development Council. He holds a B.S.
degree from N.C. State University and a Masters degree in Management and
Human Relations from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. He was
recruited to AdvantageWest in 1997 from Carolina Power & Light where he
served as the Section Manager in the Economic Development Department.
During Dale’s tenure, CP&L’s economic development efforts were recognized
for best practices by the Edison Electric Institute, Utility Management
Services, and a CNN “Science & Technology Report”. Over his 18-year
career with CP&L, Carroll worked in numerous positions, including roles
as an Industrial Power Engineer for accounts like DuPont, Weyerhauser,
Bosch, and Stanadyne and as an Area Business Manager actively involved in
community development like tourism promotion and historic preservation in
New Bern and Morehead City. Carroll is a past President of the North
Carolina Economic Developers Association, where he helped lead statewide
efforts in 2003 to promote passage of landmark legislation through the
“Economic Stimulus and Job Creation Act.” Dale currently volunteers on
several boards, including Western Carolina Industries and the Advisory
Committee for Biotechnology in western North Carolina. Other leadership
experience includes eight years on the N.C. Rural Economic Development
Center Board. In 2005, Governor Mike Easley reappointed Dale to serve on
the State Economic Development Board through 2009. Dale and his family
live in Asheville. Dale excelled in scouting and sports as a youth. He
made it a priority to give back to scouting and athletics by volunteering
as an adult leader and coach earlier in his career.
New Product
Quality controll
Employee development
Industrial Maintenance
"Small business development
Small Business Quality Management
Small Business Project Management
Factory Automation
Machine control, Process control
High speed packaging"
Alternative, renewable and distributed energy, photovoltaics, nano and
material sciences, printed electronics, entrepreneur, business plan
development and execution, fund raising, venture and angel capital, deal
flow, board member possibilities, infrastructure development,
intellectual property
Surface Technologies
Matt's test account.
"Joined Meakem Becker Venture Capital in 2006
ARIBA/FreeMarkets (1999-2006)
As a Director on the Global Accounts Management team, sold and managed
over $20 million of annual business.
As a Senior Manager within the sourcing operations team, led and managed
over 60 people engaged in providing high"
"Co-Founder and Managing Director of Meakem Becker Venture Capital (2005-
President and Chief Investment Officer, Clearwater Venture Management
FreeMarkets, Inc. (1998-2003)
Joined in 1996 as Vice President
Chief Operating Officer (1998-2003)
Holds 8 U.S. patents for e-commerce inventions and methods.
Dole Fresh Fruit International, Ltd. In Costa Rica (1992-1996)
Manager, Worldwide Logistics Information Network
Capital budget Director for Latin and South America
Union Carbide Corporation (1986-1989)
Senior Engineer in New Product Development
Production and design engineer
Former Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve
MBA, Harvard Business School (1991)
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, West Virginia University COGS (1989)
B.S. with High Distinction in chemical and petroleum refining engineering
from Colorado School of Mines (1986)
Development of new sharpening equipment and shears. Knowledge of metal,
heat treating, electricity, electronics and injection molding.
"*Strategic Market Planning
*Product Marketing
*Budget Preparation/Administration
*Digital/ Social Marketing
*Marketing Strategy Development
*Marketing Collateral Development
*Market Research & Analysis
*Sales Channel\ Marketing Management
*Large Staff Team Building & Management
Marketing and public relations
Media Technology
Mediasation offers complete web solutions, including custom website
design. What makes the Mediasation approach unique is that our designers
understand the web inside and out. Along with your custom website design,
Mediasation provides a suite of distinct solutions. Our Content
Management System (CMS) gives your business the ability to evolve and
expand to meet new needs, while our web applications and software
development services deliver limitless options for a wide range of
purposes. If appropriate, e-commerce and ePhilanthropy platforms can be
included as well to maximize the form, function, and overall success of
your online strategy. We are a full-service web agency and offer the
convenience of all-in-one services and solutions.
"Medical Device Design and Manufacturing

FDA Regulatory Compliance (PMA, 510(k), Quality System Regulations)"
Medical Device Sales and Operations
I have 26 years working for an innovative Tire Company
Embedded Technology for Telematics / Appliances
Web video. Writing. Ecommerce. Marketing. Public Speaking. Rabbi!
Legal and tax expertise.
Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
look for new suppliers
years of experience in the sales field as well as other facets of the
Expertise in helping emerging growth companies grow including raising
capital, sales, marketing, team-building, etc.
"access to university resources;
understanding of academic culture and ways to build industry,university
grant funding experience"
Potential investment opportunities
Financial background, executive management experience, start up
Charter Business is the up-state's preferred, alternative communications
provider. Whether it
Project Management, software solutions design and development.
Graphics for any medium
Web design
Print production and management
Currently publishing Oconee Magazine"
"Software Development
Business Development"
Work with young people, (high school-college), parent groups, and BSA
camp programs to motivate and develop leadership skills, character and
the desire to be the best.
Venture capital
High temperature structural materials
"Materials; steel, superalloys.
Processing; investment casting, forging, thermal spray, NDT"
14 years of Environmental, Health and Safety compliance experience within
many industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, textiles, fiber
optics, bulk chemical storage/transport and power generation.
Entrepreneurial skills, accounting/finance background, SC connections.
Creative Resources Global is a Greenville company that owns and operates
factories in China. Capabilities include metal fabrication, plastic
injection and blow molding, vacuum metalizing, and assembly. Provides
finished products and components for various industries including
automotive, golf car, small engine equipment, and agribusiness.
7 Years experience as research chemist in the field of polymer additives.
Milliken develops and distributes a multitude of innovative new products
for commercial applications and consumer markets each year.
Milliken develops and distributes a multitude of innovative new products
for commercial applications and consumer markets each year.
The principals at Mirador Advisors have over 20 years of combined
experience advising middle market business owners and management teams.
Our experiences include a wide range of situations and products such as:

- Exclusive sale assignments

- Management buyouts/ leveraged buyouts

- Private capital advisory (senior, mezzanine and equity capital)

- Recapitalizations and expansion capital structuring

- Corporate restructurings

We are generalists possessing a broad range of industry experience, which
we believe is a significant strength when considering the unique, niche-
focused strategies of middle market companies.

Our collective experience includes advisory and financing transactions
totaling in excess of $3.5 billion.
20 years experience in the IT industry, the majority with Accenture.
Mission is Technology collaboration with SC Research Universities and the
Savannah River National Laboratory with companies and industries via the
SC Commerce Global Business Development (new SC businesses), Business
Solutions (growing existing SC businesses) and International Trade and
Investment missions.
"Artistic Design
Out of the box Product Design
Creative Technology"
With a strong research background, I am able to communicate with
inventors on a very technical level as we develp their inventions into
issued patents.
Entrepreneurship education.
Purchasing for University
More later
More to come...
More to follow...
Vice President for Research and Economic Development
materials, R&D, international relations, communication, leadership,
developing youth leadership
Utilizing the best cleaning process on earth, I have developed a
substancial data base of satisfied customers in the upstate consisting of
a 50/50 blend commercial and residential. Diversity into water damage
restoration has connected us with many structual restoration
professionals and contacts in the insurance industry.
Passion for technology and the business processes that drive technology
to become integral to business goals and society in general.
"CoWorking 101
"Mr. Bradford has over twenty-five years of
successful experience in Business Management, Business Consulting, and
Marketing. Mr. Bradford is President of The Bradford Group of Companies,
which consist of The Bradford Group, a company that specializes in
consulting to non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies of fifty
employees or less, World Leadership and Personal Growth Institute, a
newly formed company that specializes in empowering people to increase
their Human Potential and quality of life through Personal Leadership
Development, The Bradford Group – M/A Division, a product brokerage and
internet marketing company, Bradford Property Division, a property
management company, and Mortgage Protection Service Company – a financial
service company.
The Bradford Group of Companies has offices in Pittsburgh PA and Columbia

For over twenty years, Mr. Bradford has served as Chairman, President,
Executive Board Member, or Consultant to various organizations including
Boy Scouts of America, Parent Community School Council (Pittsburgh Public
Schools), and many others. He is a former member, Board Chair or
President of many other organizations in and around the Pittsburgh area.

In addition to serving as Board Chair for non-profit organizations, Mr.
Bradford has worked with United Way of Allegheny County in various
capacities for over fifteen years. Mr. Bradford is a Master Consultant
for P.A.C.E. (Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise), and a member of
P.A.C.E.'s Executive Coaching Team. He is a consultant for the Robert
Morris University and Bayer Centers Non-profit Leadership Institutes’,
Managing for Excellence Initiative, and is listed in the Leader-to-Leader
Institutes National Directory (formerly the Drucker Foundations National
Broad range of financial expertise including planning/forecasting, debt
and equity offerings, SEC compliance, general accounting and human
resources exposure.
Greenville Chamber of Commerce news and happenings
My broad expertise in surface chemistry modification of textiles has
resulted in contributions to many successful new product introductions.
I have been blessed with an uncanny sense of memory, allowing me to quite
often put people together. I am well versed in all aspects of printing
and publishing, from corporate ID materials and four color mailers to
magazines and books, all with the foremost objective always being what my
client is attempting to accomplish with such material. In addition to
these, having grown cotton for twenty years, I can still tell you a lot
about that industry as well. I am always open to any inquiries,
suggestions or partners to become better at what I know and do.
My organization provides IT staffing and consulting services to companies
within the Healthcare, Financial,Public Sector, Education,and
Manufacturing industries
I have a broad number of recruiting contacts, with a focus on consulting
and information systems. I also am very committed to helping people
network in anyway I can. If anyone would like my help, I will do
whatever I can to be of assistance.
Bill Mahoney brings over 30 years of technology management and applied
systems innovation and leadership to the role of President and CEO of
Marketing, Brand management, consumer insights
"Resources to assist entrpreneurs and advance the knowledge-based economy
New Ideas for a New Carolina Business Idea Competition; ThinkTEC
Innovation Summit; FastTracSC; ThinkTEC Homeland Security Conference;
EXECnetSC, Business Continuity Planning Council"
I have extensive experience building interdiscipliary research teams that
have designed and matured technology.
Open source - Linux, mySQL, PHP... New urban content.
Event logistics & planning collaboration with InnoVenture
I have 17+ years of experience in the clinical field. Assesment,
analysis, problem solving, goal setting and implementation of the plan(s)
by which the goal is achieved are my strengths. I thrive in creating the
right team to achieve the objective(s) and producing practical useful
15 years financing experience
Regional Managing Shareholder; Assurance and Advisory Group
Extensive knowledge in the areas of wellness,nutrition, and disease
prevention. Business focus in corporate wellness, motivational speaking,
amd multi media.
Marketing/PR/Special Events
Mechanical Engineering
"To be addressed at a later date
IT and Project Management, extensive implementation experience with
Oracle ERP applications.
Public Procurement
Point of contact for small businesses navigating the environmental
permitting/ compliance process.
Commercial and advertising photography for corporate clients.
Over 20 years of professional experience in supply chain logistics.
Insurance programs for life science and technology accounts
I have over 10 years HR experience in various industries, including
healthcare, IT, automotive glass and manufacturing. The last 7 years
have been with GE in the Consumer & Industrial and Energy businesses.
Department of Commerce
Expertise in conceptual project initiation, needs analysis, and start-to-
finish project implementation -- particularly from a client-driven
orientation. Specialize in creation of strong teams and partnership
alliances that are client focused. Also, well versed in statewide
leadership iniatives, and economic development.
Fund raising, sales, marketing, public relations, business strategy,
intellectual property, business development
Manufacturing Management, Process Improvement, New Product Development
Manufacturing Management, Process Improvement, New Product Development
Quality and Lean Six Sigma for Service organizations training
20+ years in the financing industry. Masters level in mergers and
acquisitions in diversified industries.
Involved in the fields of science, education and economic development for
25+ years
Accounting, auditing and tax expertise
System Integration
Almost 40 years of real estate experience
28 years of business management experience. Started ISO Poly Films with
$1,200 and built it to $50 million in revenue in 9 years. Extensive
experience in manufacturing.
Public relations, marketing
Telecom Industry Experience
Mergers/Acquisitions, debt financing, leveraged buyouts, asset backed
securitizations transactions
Startup, technology commercialization expertise
Research experience in artificial intelligence and telecommunications.
Design experience in software and electronics. Practical experience in
intellectual property protection and marketing.
Presenting company.
10 years experience in component design and development in the medical
device sector.   I have been primarily involved in leading development
teams and managing development programs to turn new technologies into
finished products.
"Event planning
"Established in 1989 to serve Richland and Lexington Counties, Keep the
Midlands Beautiful provides sustainable solutions for individuals and
groups to improve the community through beautification, waste reduction,
recycling, and litter prevention. Our mission is to empower individuals
to take greater responsibility for enhancing their community environment.
Each year, thousands of Midlands residents volunteer to support this
mission — from more than 200 groups regularly removing litter on area
roads to communities and schools planting bushes and flowers to beautify
their surroundings.

Business valuations
Sales, Consulting Services, Business Turnaround, Strategy, Operations
Planning, Architecture, Development
Account Management and Public Relations experience
Real Estate Marketing and Technology
Project Management, Property and Casualty Ins. Cos., Image systems,
Health Ins. Software.
"Web Design
Web Development
Logo Design
Online Marketing
Branding, new product market development
General manager with specific experience in manufacturing,
turnarounds/workouts, innovation management and strategy.
"Engineering Design Tools
Mechanical Engineering
"Successful track record of growing businesses and raising capital
Southeast-based practice
Co-Founder PC Concepts; former President of Plasma Arc Technologies;
leadership roles with IBM "
Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Production e-Learning
Economic Development
Public Policy, Public Relations, Communications, Government Relations
Henry Burwell has extensive experience in representing multinational
businesses in a variety of transnational undertakings, including
establishment of entities, import and export trade, customs disputes,
inbound and outbound investments, defense procurement, and aviation
transactions in more than 20 countries
Business Admin.
Tire Engineer
RF and Electronic systems
valuation analysis
Purchasing, sourcing
Sales, Management
student, Management Major at Clemson, SC
Polymer fiber physics
Align HR Consulting
Economic Development Marketing
Public Relations
Video production
Linux System Administration, MySQL DBA, PHP/Perl Developer, VoIP PBX
Involved in the field of marketing for 20 years
Finance and Investment Banking
3rd party sorting and inspection
Provide acconting and advisory services, including financial due
"Sales Training
Green consulting
I develop many of the agency's marketing and advertising efforts. I work
closely with all brokers and directly with the President of our agency,
Tommy Suggs.
Corporate Marketing and Communications
Legal services for start-up and emerging growth companies including
formation issues, securities and capitalization, M&A and general
corporate/transactional work.
Six years of strategy and management consulting experience, three years
of venture capital experience.
Writing, public relations
Marketing, Branding, Word of Mouth, Publicity, Advertising, Professioanl
Corporate training and professional development, undergrad adult night
program, continuing educ classes for all ages, internship programs w/FU
As an expereinced CFO and CPA, I can be a valuable resource for companies
in the areas of finance and accounting. I am available for various
consulting projects including due diligence, preparation of private
placement documents, interim CFO, business restructuring, structuring
debt financing and various business audit procedures.
Mr. Grayson began his legal career with Cravath, Swaine & Moore in New
York and then spent 12 years in our Atlanta office before moving to
Greenville in 2003. He now resides in Greenville, but also continues to
maintain an Atlanta office.
Financial experience
real estate trends, demographics, economics, urban planning, geographic
information systems, speaker
J2EE, XML, SOA Integration technologies, mobile application technologies,
BPR, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), IBM Maximo 6, Maximo MEA,
Actuate, Syclo, Oracle 10g, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, TestDirector,
Oracle 12 eAM
"Strategic Planning
Finance – Profit and Loss Management
Marketing and Brand Development (B2B)
New Business Development
New Product Development

"Laser processing
As a web designer with a background in graphic communication, I bring a
level of expertise on two fronts: Technical know-how, and artistic
direction. I can write clean, semantic standards-based XHTML & CSS.
Javascript, Actionscript, Flash and PHP are also part of my skill set.
Lead composite materials development group including work on processes
and low cost carbon fibers.
Materials Joining
Extensive knowledge of the Upstate residential real estate market.
Management consulting, organizational development and training, human
resource planning and administration, executive search, financial
management, municipal planning, community development, and economic
Applied Mechanics, Technical Communication, Scientific Visualization
I have worked in the voice, video and data world for approximately seven
years beginning with Lucents. I have the resources to supply customers
with appropriate solutions to their needs.
"International Business
International Negotiations
International Sales & Marketing"
Event Planning
Health and Exercise Science
Finance and Investing
Phil Quist has over 17 years of experience in the development of startup
Business Continuity, managed services and data center consulting.
"Engineering Design
Solid Works
Web Site Design
On-Line Educational Tools
Explorer's Post - Engr. & Tech.
Geometric Dimensioning & Tol.
Rapid Prototyping"
"The Decosimo Financial Services Group has over 30 years of experience in
offering accounting services to financial services firms. We provide
accounting services to over 200 alternative investment funds. In
addition, Decosimo furnishes services to over 200 real estate
partnerships, and over 50 family offices. Furthermore, we have aided with
over 50 fund launches over the last 5 years.

We are often referred by Venture Capital firms to their portfolio
Marketing, Marketing and Business Strategy, Market Research, Competitive
Experienced recruiter in IT Sales, Marketing, and Professional Service
Printing/Packaging Industries and Process Capabilities-- Graphic Design
Programs, Adobe Creative Suite
Creative Media, Marketing, Advertising, Tradeshows, Events, Conferences,
Market Research, Competititve Intelligence
"Over 20 years’ experience in every facet of Operations management as
General Manager, Facilities Manager, Logistics Director, with a solid
background in successful traditional and entrepreneurial values.
Exercise a real-world approach to problem solving and an uncompromising
work ethic to meet the challenges of progressive business development.
"VantagePoint's Hybrid Marketing approach intelligently integrates
marketing consulting with innovative marketing communications. A
specialist in product and service launches, VantagePoint is focused on
advancing our clients' businesses. VantagePoint is ranked nationally on
BtoB Magazine's Top Agencies list and was named the ""Agency of the
Year"" in 2006 and 2007 by the Business Marketing Association of the
Commercial banking expertise helping provide financing solutions for
small to medium size and middle market businesses.
I handle all marketing endeavors of the SCMA with specific focus on the
Made in SC initiative.
Award winning B2B value measurement tool development, sales training, and
performance optimization skills. World class network of value marketing
contacts. Developed utilizing an Engineering background combined with
formal MBA training.
Human Resources Consulting with emphasis on Talent Acquisition and
Placement. Also versed in Safety/Security, Management Policy and
Procedures, Employee Relations, Training and Development and HR Startup
for small businesses.
Sustainability consulting experience in strategy, implementation and
marketing/communications with over 15 clients. Experience in carbon
markets, waste management, land use management, green building, emissions
reductions, water conservation and efficiency, CSR reporting, stakeholder
engagement, and green marketing.
As the New Carolina Project and Research Coordinator, Lindsey works on
cluster project management and research needs for the Council.
Web development, project management, enterprise computing
Business development, project management, technology development,
marketing and sales management.
Manufacturing, engineering, and product design tools including SolidWorks
3D CAD software
In addition to a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship, I have more than 20 years
experience in engineering and management in GE and Pfizer. My experience
includes R&D, engineering, and service primarily in diagnostic imaging
Internet Marketing Consultant with Hill Mullikin Marketing. Hill
Mullikin is an established Strategic Real Estate Marketing firm in
Greenville SC. Using advanced SEO tactics and Internet Marketing
techniques to place our clients one step above their competitors.
"Place presently working, SC ETV:

Current Projects: Digital Education Services-



Video-on-demand for SC K-12 Schools:

Past Projects:
Upgraded Broadcast Production Technology program:

Implemented WNCW-

Initiated Community College Online Course offerings:
Connecting the most talented technical professionals with the best IT
jobs in the industry.
Heat Transfer and fluid flow expertise. Experienced brainstormer.
Aerospace engineering; wear and high temperature coatings.
Innovative thinking at an individual, group and organizational level,
especially as it relates to leveraging different styles of thinking; ROI:
Return on Intelligence as a new model for talent development and
management; Accelerated learning and development using research based
learning approaches; Change and the brain;
Expertise in ceramic manufacturing, reinforced polymers, and minerals
Wilhelm has wide experience in both academic and business circles. He
was a founding faculty member for PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering,
Biotechnology, Inforamation Technology and Nanoscience. His research and
teaching have been recognized with the National Science Foundation Young
Investigator Award and he serves on several regional, national, and
international advisory boards for scientific research, engineering, and
economic developmt
Expertise in the communications and computing infrastructure
Over a decade of Telecom expertise in the wired and wireles market place
specializing in Cost Reduction and Management. Significant knowledge of
the players in the Southeast telecom industry with a concnetration in
assisting Fortune 1000 companies reduce and control Operating Expenses.
economic development, science & technology, bioenergy
I do drafting, residential design, architectural rendering, design
visualization, animation, and green design.
"TELECO is your solutions provider of voice, video, data, networking and

We provide:

• VoIP: IP Phones, SIP trunking, IP systems,
multi-site networking, hosted PBX
• Audio & Video Conferencing w/ web collaboration
• LAN/WAN (Infrastructure/Connectivity/Routers/Switches)
• Network Security (Intrusion Detection)
• Wireless Voice & Data
• Call Centers
• Unifi ed Messaging/ Voice Mail
• Voice/ Internet Service Provider
• Browser Based Administration
• Voice Documentation & Recording
• Store Casting
• Overhead Paging
• Video Surveillance
• Hosted IT
• Cellular Gateways
• Marketing On-Hold
• Speech Recognition
• Network Analysis
• Two-Way Radios
• Headsets (Wireless)
• Power Conditioning & Protection"
Golf instruction, website development, travel agent, golf tournament
SC BIO is a public/private, not-for-profit organization composed of
industry, university, and private entities collaborating to develop new
life science companies in South Carolina. SC BIO is a catalyst that aids
in commercialization supporting financial growth, process development,
and marketing for emerging life science companies. We offer expertise
and a network of industry contacts to further develop this sector.
Real estate, marketing, graphic design, copywriting
Biotechnology and Law
Investment Dollars, Investment Banking Capabilities, and Actual Track
"Creating and implementing public relations and marketing activities,
writing copy, media relations, feature writing, freelance writing and

Visit or for more information."
Teaching, counseling, tutoring
I wouldn't claim expertise, but I do have a general first hand experience
of the Arabic culture (Jordanian & Iraqi).
All things marketing including social marketing and search engine
Part of growing polymer and medical material company located here in
Investing in small start up companies.
Marketing, Business Systems, Business Strategy, Sales-Ops Integration,
Strong adminstrative skills and involved in the community and Blue Ridge
School district
Marketing, product management, startups, fundraising, software as a
Forming a start-up company with Clemson University licensed technology
website design and development, information technologies, search engine
optimization, content management systems,
Human Resources Consulting
The Frank L. Roddey Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of South
Carolina is a consortium of 4 universities which operate a state office
and 15 regional/area centers located throughout the state. These centers
offer a variety of services and management training courses tailored to
meet the needs of small & medium-sized businesses. SBDC consultants at
each site provide management and technical assistance to those wishing to
start or expand an enterprise.
"At eGroup, we deliver technology solutions for serious competitors.

Our solutions combine robust high-availability and performance with
secure information access. Our solutions enable your employees and
trusted partners to efficiently execute their revenue-driving roles. Our
solutions achieve the goal of cutting your organization's acquisition and
on-going support costs.

We understand that as a serious competitor you are an investment-oriented
professional focused on making sound business decisions that provide
significant returns. eGroup provides the thought leadership and expertise
so that your technology investments continue to strengthen your
competitive advantage.

After all, your success hinges on making critical business decisions that
must be supported by your IT systems. By architecting high performance
networking and computing platforms, and delivering the industry-proven
systems engineering and application development expertise, eGroup gives
you the confidence to make the right ones.
I am adaptable to meet the needs of any projects and have played every
role possible on a project. I have worked with several technologies and
have been focused on web development for the last several years. I have
been doing .NET development over the last five years. I have been doing
VB.NET/ASP.NET/SQL Server development and have been the project architect
and technical lead for the last several projects.
Selling, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Management of
Small Businesses.
Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs/Medical Device
My current interests lie in new and novel inorganic materials, as well as
their application in commercial products.
Polymer Science, Textile coating and lamination, polymer and monomer
synthesis, purification, and analysis.
Innovative system design.
34 years experience in demanding textile inustry
Voice and Data Infrastructure
"Stratagem is a brand building firm.
Stratagem believes that the key to building a strong
brand is to evoke emotion - to create an environment
in which clients can be a part of.
To build an emotional brand - a brand that people
can fall in love with - includes both smart strategy and
appealing execution.
At Stratagem, we work together with our clients to build
powerful brands –
brands that thrive.
Raphael is a business technology consultant working with an Information
Technology Integration Firm in South Carolina. He has a business
education and backround, coupled with a strong interest in technology. He
helps companies of all sizes realize the full potential of their computer
and IT systems for the benefit of their organization. He has worked for
Fortune 500 technology manufacturers and businesses in other industries.
If you are not working with an IT partner that understands your business
needs and listens to you, then you need to speak with Raphael.
State's second largest advertising and marketing communications agency
"Bondtex has excellent customer service and a record of on-time delivery.

Bondtex is ISO/TS16949 Certified

Personally, I have experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting
software, FRx reporting software and various other software packages."
Experience includes sectors of Apparel,Electronics,Consumer
goods,Automotive suppliers, Logistics and
Showcase Marketing is a full service marketing and branding firm.
I have 4 years experience in Marketing and Public Relations in both
public and private companies.
"Our company has been conducting honest, hard working business since
1947. We have built strong relationships with big some big names over
the past six decades and we continue to do business the same way our
father and grandfather taught us, honestly.

We believe that if you treat your right they will return the favor.

Focusing on commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. We
also do upfits, renovations, and design build work. "
Teams of graduate business students that assist inventors, entrepreneurs,
and established companies in assessing market opportunities, framing
entry strategies, and creating effective business models.
A mechanical engineer with 6 years of experience in ceramics, 8 years in
grinding and 3 years in gas turbine design and 3 years in wind turbine
design.    This experience involves over 20 years of ANSYS and FEA
programs use.
I work primarily business retention and expansion and have a pretty
strong record of collaboration building.
Reliability, Process Improvement, Functional Safety
Dr. Hardwicke has 18 years of experience in working with advanced
metallic and ceramic materials. She is passionate about creating new or
better technologies for advanced turbines. She has been awarded 13 US
patents, with an additional 20 pending patent applications. Dr. Hardwicke
has more than 30 peer reviewed journal publications in the area of
Business and product assessments, strategies and development by asking
tough questions, identifying issues and implementing solutions.
Individual and management experience in the Energy industries, including
alternative technologies. Key responsibilities include design,
reliability, and process engineering. Experience in Six Sigma and
Design, troubleshooting, bring up of products, interface with Contract
Manufacurers, and a pleasant attitude.
I am directly involved in the choosing of building design, materials,
HVAC and lighting for all of our properties.
experience in product and process development
Commercial Production, Technology and Consulting, Film, Video Production
New and innovative uses of textile materials of all types.
Research and development of new products. Heat transfer and microwave
Run an advanced engineering group of 85 people world wide.
"Employment Law
HR Practices
Economic Development/Tax Incentives"
"Asheville is developing into a major CleanTech/climate change technology
center. We are looking for new businesses and I am in contact with
political and economic development agents.

My blog, EarthSync (later a deeper database), will be a great networking
hub for this emerging, high value marketplace. Eventually my marketplace
will be based on regional CONUS centers, but also international.
networks and partnerships will be a core business strategy for The
PublicGen Companies."
All areas of General Contracting/Building
A non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of
women in international trade professions.
Automotive, Fiber Optics in relation to tubing products made of plastic.
Art/Design creates exceptional graphic design in print or on-line helping
clients grow their business.
Power Generation, IGCC, Combustion, Emissions Controls
textile processing
Research and product development in composites, digital printing and
surface science.
Innovative manufacturing and marketing of specialized separation
"Our services include:
Life Insurance

Medical Insurance (Small and Large Group)

Commercial Property & Casualty (Business, Umbrella, Liability, Excess
Workers Comp, Large Deductible, Surety, Individual/Group Self-Insurance,
and Guaranteed Cost Policies)

Complete Benefits Consultation from the placing of Workers' Compensation
Excess and Group Health Insurance, to finding a Third Party Administrator
for claims administration.

BSI is a direct wholesaler for the most competitive excess carriers, all
of which are rated ""A"" and above by AM Best.

Third Party Administration for Group Health, General and Auto Liability
and Workers' Compensation claims

Loss Control Services

Garage Dealer & Liability (tow trucks, roll backs)

Government Contracts, Davis-Bacon

Limited Medical Plans


For more information call:   (864)325-9682

Analytical method development for API and drug product
Commercialization and Product Development
Tires, tire materials, connections to R&D resources around the world.
"Lean manufacturing
Physical Organic Chemistry
Business experience
Plastic, Packaging
Technology Transfer
Manufacturing and Production Experience
Mechanical engineering, materials science & engineering, biotechnology,
innovation methods and processes, technology transfer,
"textile printing, coating, laminating
plasma surface treatment of textiles
non woven forming"
Patent knowledge and licensing experience.
"In energy the work is auditing and save the energy by using the somar
product called Power boss,

in power and oil   sector the work is optimization using AAI, gensym .....
"General management of manufacturing business, full P&L responsibility,
strategic planning, account planning, high-level selling, financial
analysis, capital planning/justification, people selection/development,
employee safety, consolidation/cost cutting.
Manufacturing processes: injection molding, blowmolding, extrusion,
weaving, calendaring, tube winding, miscellaneous paper converting. Lean
manufacturing tools."
Nell G. Hinchey is the Program Manager for the Charleston Digital
Business reporting
Database Administrator
The Office of Communications and Marketing would pass on useful
information and contacts by staying well informed about the activities
and innovations in the Swamp Fox Community.
"• Proven leadership with restructuring, prioritizing and linking cross-
functional teams.
• Extensive experience in sales, marketing, management, engineering and
• Held VP level positions in large and small companies; recruiting teams
of professionals.
• Success in diverse industries (photography, optics, electronics,
lasers, military, telecom).
• Global perspective in diverse businesses with international contacts
and cultures.
• A clear understanding that hiring the right people is the most
important key to success.
"Life & Health Product Development
Business Process Analysis
Medicare Consultation and Compliance
Global Health Issues"
Public communication expertise.
Nothing but a listening ear for news!
Public relations, marketing, publicity, media relations
Connections, visibility, innovation
A large part of Nichole's practice is devoted to drafting patent
applications and prosecuting them through the U.S. Patent Office. She
also has relevant experience in opinion work and licensing agreements.
gas turbine manufacturing and sourcing
Furman University
"Patent Information
Technical Information
Chemical Information"
"Outsourced PR/Marketing Manager
Strategic Marketing Planning
Article and Press Release Writing
Publications Management
Media Relations"
"Education Consultant (K-12)
Teacher Recruiter
Extracurricular and Tutoring Service Liaison
not applicable
editing, marketing, feature writing
Not yet submitted
Web programming using the Java and Struts.
I have taken several courses at clemson that deal with entrepreneurship.
Strategic planning and value-based marketing.
"Web Development Technologies: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, (X)HTML, CSS,
Java, SQL

I have experience developing, deploying and maintaining web applications.
Varied IT.
Broad marketing and business development background in a number of
chemical, biotechnology and materials related fields. Major strength in
looking at new technology/business opportunities and developing
appropriate business plans and strategies
My personal technical background in the life sciences, but presently
focused in the energy space. Here at GRC, we have technical capabilities
to support the breadth of GE's businesses.
Marketing, Advertising, Strategy, Communications, Sports
Mobile Technology Management
"Technical management,
project management,
technical hiring,
small business management. Product development and outsource management.
Hardware prototype design and debug. "
"Background in Natural Products Chemistry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Spectroscopy, Drug Discovery, and Process Development.

Representative of Roche Carolina Inc."
"E-commerce for small business

economic and fiscal impact assessment

business development
Crystal Growth and Characterization for electronics and photonics.
Certified NEC Electra Elite Technician; Lucent 5ESS Routing and Charging
Certification; Extensive Nortel, Avaya, InterTel, NEC and ShoreTel
experience; active in Chambers of Commerce; Board Member of Furman's
Connections: Women Leaders of the Upstate program.
Business Models for Technology companies.
25 years of power system design and program management experience.
"Skills include:
·Project Management
·Strategic Planning
·Critical Thinking
·Budget Management
·Personnel Management
Experience and scar tissue from 20+ years of starting, owning, operating,
investing in, advising, etc. new companies.
Quantitative image analysis, quantitative microscopy/microanalysis,
polymer physics.
"- Innovative pattern recognition technology; we have found this to be an
enabler for a wide variety of solutions
- Innovative technology/solution development
- High performance machine-control and manufacturing automation
- R&D to solve challen"
"Information Technology Instructor
Microsoft Certified"
Focused on assisting entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers perfect
their business strategies and build successful high-performance
businesses. Promote new economy business development and capacity by
offering an array of client services, including business development
assistance, mentoring, technical assistance, product development and
securing intellectual property; matching human and financial capital
resources with start-up needs. Developing and marketing a technology.
Expertise in integrated programs resulting in effective business
development model and baseline for long-term economic growth.
Business management, engineering, manufacturing, technology strategy
Twenty years' successful experience in commercializing new products and
achieving revenue growth and venture funding. Focus on B2B and support
organizations for B2B companies.
"Machine Design
Business startups, international sales & distribution, strategic
Corporate finance. Financial leadership.
"Chinese speaker (Mandarin)
CRM, sales and marketing
Strategy and implementation
NGOs, non-profits
International experience"
Years of experience in assisting clients, who want to protect their
confidential business information and develop successful strategies for
pricing and marketing their products.
An attorney licensed in multiple jurisdictions, including the United
States Supreme Court, specializing in appeals, corporate integrity, and
white collar criminal defense. My corporate integrity practice includes
reviewing and drafting compliance procedures and all forms of business
"FDA Compliance
Licensing submissions
Investigational New Drug Applications
Quality Systems Development
Laboratory Management"
Team of subject matter experts in CRM, financial systems, accounting,
manufacturing and distribution management systems. Team Technology has
over 10 years of experience delivering the Microsoft Dynamics Navision
suite of software products. Our experienced software engineers customize
these to fit the needs of a wide range of company types. Team is a
member of a national organization of automotive industry software
I assist clients through the entire life cycle: organization, seed
capital, later stage equity and debt financing, and sale of the business.
My finance background and professional experience allow me to understand
a company's financial model, highlight issues investors may focus on, and
help a company optimize its capital structure for growth.
Operations improvement systems; Activplant's Throughput Analyzer; SAP
Business One ERP; custom software and web development; Microsoft
Sharepoint Portals
"Commercial Banker, Corporate Treasury, Investment Banker, Mergers &
Business Valuation, Financing Transactions"
"Training and coaching of sales and management teams at both strategic
and tactical levels. Advising recruitment businesses on solutions to
enhance individual, team and business performance. Deep knowledge and
experience of supporting businesses in securing best talent in the
technology and management consulting markets.

We have a national presence in the real estate marketing, that includes
brands such as Ritz Carlton, Raffles and Lowe Development. Locally we
have worked with many brands and business leaders. Generally our
business has been won from relationships and networking, not RFP or cold
Raising capital. Forming advisory boards. Start-up "Go/No-Go" analysis.
Growth strategies for middle market companies ($2 to $20 million).
Launching a business plan competition, technology conference or
accredited investor forum.
Experience in biotechnology, bioenergy, start-up companies, technolgy
assistance, networking.
Recruitment and retention consulting/training for lawyers and managers at
law firms. Help decision-makers market to hire the right people. NOT a
headhunter, but have a national network within law firms. Do some career
assessment and coaching for law firm managers using the MPP III profile.
Work w/large law firms in small cities and mid-size firms in large cities
as well as universities re: improved admissions credentials and
"Expert in software architecture, design, testing.
Expert in project management.

Co-owner MedicallInOne LLC, specializing in software for medical

Owner Sunchex Systems LLC, specializing in software for scientific data
processing and visualization.

Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation grant (2008) to
conduct cyber infrastructure research and development for the earth
Leverage & Development, LLC is a consulting firm, based in Greer, SC,
that specializes in marketing research, planning and training for Small,
Woman Owned and Minority Owned Businesses. Assistance in Certification
as Woman or Minority Ownership is also offered. The firm also works with
government, education and non-profit entities on small business and
workforce development projects. Janet Christy, President, is the Author
of "Capitalizing On Being Woman Owned."
I serve as an Alumni Mentor for Liberty University. In Greenville, I am
involved in several different areas: The PULSE Leadership Enrichment
Committee, The Urban Land Institute of SC, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The
American Red Cross, The Real-Estate Economic Development Committee, The
Legislative Issues Committee, The Transportation & Infrastructure
Committee, and the East-Side Area Council.
Expert level skills in XHTML and CSS, High regard for design, very
analytical and process oriented mindset
Computer science education, high performance computing
Phone sales, great face to face selling ability, instant leadership
Consulting, Ceramic Capacitors, Marketing, Research and Development
Keynote speaker
"Over 25 years of experience in Information Technology.

My background allows me to help others gain a competitive advantage by
improving their use of computers, systems, and technology in general.

I am a highly-motivated and focused entrepreneur.

I am a keen problem solver with a true ""out-of-the-box"" mentality when
it comes to new ideas and challenges.

Leadership of companies, teams, departments, projects"
Extensive military and aerospace background, manufacturing, sales,
operations, leadership development, organizational development,
motivational speaking, diversity training
Collaborative marketing, Creative design, and event planning
marketing, PR, copy writing, Web content
Maintain extensive relationships with innovative growers in the
Business owner and skilled in time mangement.
"Proven experience delivering value and driving change throughout the
entire value chain, at industry leading global manufacturers and solution
- Go-to-Market (GTM), Operational & Supply Management Strategy
Development and Execution
- Solution & Process Design, Implementation and Management
- Customer, Supply, & Competitive Market Analysis"
"- Custom Automation Equipment
- Engineering Resources for:
    - Equipment Design
    - Process Development
    - Problem Solviing"
Environmental engineering, materials management
Providing reliable and economical solutions to the development of
electrical infrastructure.
Process Control Technology
Business Coaching. Creative Problem Solving. Product Development.
Chemical Engineering. Brainstorming Facilitation. Master Mind
Facilitation. Success literature. Business Plan Writing.
Information for the news media about the activities of the Savannah River
National Laboratory
"Design and manufacture of conventional, multi-lobed and tilting pad
Rotor dynamic modeling to optimize the performance of high-speed rotating
Patented NT Tilting Pad Bearing that reduces operating temperatures and
horsepower losses while improving stability and vibration in motors,
generators, compressors and other high-speed equipment.
"Immigration lawyer, representing business clients in immigration
procedures for over 20 years. Highest peer-review rating in Martindale-
Hubbell Legal Directory. Principal in two-attorney law firm.

Author of numerous professional articles on immigration law.   Available
for presentations to business and community organizations.

Fluent in English, French, Spanish. Conversant in German, basic
Mandarin.   "
"Brainstorming facilitation
Innovation process consulting
Innovation team definition and development
Idea Management
Innovation culture
Rewards and recognition experience"
Legal aspects of business entities
The Beacon Company delivers marketing know-how centered on creating
revenue-generating opportunities for businesses. Expertise is delivered
through a fully outsourced solution; to augment existing sales and
marketing resources and on a project basis to address specific marketing
VantagePoint is a Hybrid Marketing Firm providing Marketing Consulting
and Marketing Communications Services to advance your business.
VantagePoint is a hybrid marketing firm that for more than a decade has
provided clients with both Marketing Consulting Services
VantagePoint is a hybrid marketing firm that for more than a decade has
provided clients with both Marketing Consulting Services
VantagePoint is a hybrid marketing firm that for more than a decade has
provided clients with both Marketing Consulting Services
VantagePoint is a hybrid marketing firm that for more than a decade has
provided clients with both Marketing Consulting Services
VantagePoint is a hybrid marketing firm that for more than a decade has
provided clients with both Marketing Consulting Services
VantagePoint is a hybrid marketing firm that for more than a decade has
provided clients with both Marketing Consulting Services
Managing Software Engineering, Software Development
"Strategic and tactic planning
Product/service portfolio roadmapping
Channel assessments
Open Innovation
Forensic marketing
Thought process catalyst
Global business matchmaking
Business Consullting with emphasis on travel, expense management and

Advanced Reasearch & Development, Unlimited
"Registered Microsoft Partner, Small Business Specialist

Collaboration Technologies -
Microsoft SharePoint (MCTS), MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, Microsoft Groove;
Information Technology Mgmt - Windows server solutions (MCSE), Windows
system administration, technical support, network monitoring, geographic
information systems (GIS)"
Legal expertise relating to product liability
I have experience in Sales,Planning and Data mining.
Building and refining sales process; building, growing and maintenance of
sales pipeline; team building (sales and business development); building
sales channels; executive sales management.
Luxury Transportation in the Charleston area
"Background encompasses extensive professional experience as Project
Manager; Vice President; General Manager; Director of Strategic Projects;
Director of Marketing & Economic Development.

Registered Professional Engineer

Have created and implemented processes to successfully obtain capital,
develop organizational structure and achieve financial performance
Working with the Greenville Chamber and NEXT to encourage and support
high growth companies to start, expand and grow in Greenville
Have experience in international business, engineering, strategic
planning and business development
Business Functional Analyst
"Advanced materials, coatings, nano-technologies, alternative energy,
solar, bio-fuels, waste to energy, Aerospace, defense, packaging,
converting, NDT, non contact metrology
Professional specialties within higher education advancement include
alumni affairs, annual giving, corporate and foundation giving, major
gifts, public affairs and communication. Academically focused on
understanding cultural implications on philanthropy and how new and
existing resources can best be targeted toward the needs of developing
nations, utilizing their existing cultural framework of philanthropy.
"Strong understanding of economic development and experience with the
research enterprise including university R&D, scholarship, tech transfer,
marketing and bringing university research to commercial product
development. Committed to the development of innovation networks.

Focus on establishing and maintaining relationships with several industry
sectors - match with resources on the Georgia Tech campus to include
staffing, research, technology transfer etc.

Actively work to increase research interactions and contracting, and
provide an ""industry-friendly"" interface for companies.
Sales, Marketing, Business Development Executive
Touchpoint Energized Communications provides "email marketing with
intelligence" to help its clients acheive its marketing, sales,
communications, and branding goals. Touchpoint works as an extension of
corporate marketing departments, allowing them to maintain strict brand
consistency while allowing for flexibility in a multiple user
Specialize in assisting organizations in rapid change. Former
organizational consultant with Boston Consulting Group; former head of
human resources, Fortune 50 organization
"24 years experience helping organizations develop and implement document
and information management strategies.

Note: The picture (Tiger tie) is the result of losing the last Clemson
Carolina bet. "
A solid track record in developing custom applications to solve critical
business needs for both start-up organizations and growing businesses.
M33 Integrated Solutions helps companies manage the movement of products
to and from it's supplier and customer network as efficiently as
A sales trainer and business owner with some years of experience managing
and directing successful businesses.
creativity, design skills, ideas, deep understanding of the web, business
strategy, unconventional perspective, randomness
Excellent marketing skills set, including copywriting, print, online, and
radio advertising, direct mail. Often am selected to introduce new
technology products and services. Excell in marketing and sales analysis.
Sustainability Leader, LCA, DfE, ROI from Sustainability
Francis Marion history in the Revolutionary War, 1780-1782
recycling and waste reduction
Current info on business in Africa. Frequently visit S. Africa,
Botswana, Zambia and Congo
"State Tax Credits
Sales and Use Tax Consulting and Compliance
Business Tax Planning"
I have a strong background in marketing and PR with an emphasis on B-to-B
I have extensive experience in clinical research. I am involved in
industry-sponsored clinical trials evaluating medical products in the
area of vascular surgery.
HR software that will streamline the seeking, hiring, interview paper
processes through an easy, organized online JobCenter.
"The Environmental Genomics Core Facility at the University of South
Carolina offers local researchers easy access to affordable, quality
genomic and gene expression data. We offer an ABI3730, Roche 454 genomic
sequencer, ABI7900 RT-PCR, and Affymetrix GeneChip instrument:"
I bring training at one of the nation's finest law schools, practical
experience of over 18 years assisting clients with complex corporate and
securities matters, a commitment to supporting entrepreneurship in SC,
contacts throughout the business community and a tradition of public
service. I am past president of the Greenville County Bar Ass'n , the
recepient of the Richard Riley award, and was recently named a Liberty
"Obviouslee Marketing is a full-service marekting company located in
Charleston, SC which offers a full array of consulting, communications
and creative services .

One message.   One voice.   One team.

Our integrated approach ensures that you only have to tell your story
once to our team. Your message will then be delivered consistently from
beginning to end - without having to work with multiple stakeholders to
ensure that the process is efficient, meaningful and cost effective.
"Automation Engineering Corporation (AEC) is a factory automation system
provider. Whether it is custom fabricated machinery and control panels,
complete electrical/mechanical installation, or computer-integrated
systems, AEC provides the complete turnkey solution.
Occupying 55,000 square feet of office and fabrication space, AEC is
located in Greenville, SC. AEC customer base is made up of clients mainly
in the United States but also includes relationships with customers in
Canada, Japan, Europe, Central and South America.

At Michelin Maps & Guides, we help companies acquire new customers,
improve client retention and grow customer relationships by customizing
our products for a variety of uses including holiday gifts, sales
promotions items and event premiums.
World class leader in semiconductor manufacturing, green enbergy solid
state conversion devices and nanotechnology
We have over 20 years of experience in working with and investing in
manufacturing, distribution, and business services businesses.
Small business loan programs, City of Greenville Business License
Abatement program, New Markets Tax Credit program, GIS analysis for site
selection research, demographic research.
"Past President of SCEDA
Past and Founding Chairman of the Upstate SC Alliance
"Careeer and Technology Education
Curriculum Integration, Contextual Teaching styles"
International busness experience, innovative, creative, engineering
design in material science, carbide sawblades, superabrasives, grinding
machines, cuttng tool design.
"I offer a unique over-the-phone process that helps start ups identify
opportunities for stronger communication with customers and clearer
differentiation from competitors. Called a Brand Review, this takes less
that a week to complete and costs less than a grand.

After this step, I'm available at a discounted hourly rate for strategic
planning, creative direction, copy writing, graphic design, PR, research,
lead generation, event registration and other services.

Most client interaction conducted via phone and email for greater
efficiency and cost-savings.

Call 864-674-6261 for details."
Multicast is a global leader in streaming video communications. we
produce live events, video on demand (for managed services) and have
self-serve models .We design and build all the tools to help corporations
& individuals promote their company's message, CEO messages, open new
markets, HR training. Technology to host, manage and serve from our
servers sitting on top of Akamai's 20K servers around the world.
Federal Government business development and marketing
Extensive commercialization and homeland security experience
Azalea Capital, based in Greenville, SC, provides equity capital to
privately owned, middle-market firms in the Southeast to facilitate
management buyouts, business recapitalizations, and growth plans.
I am inventing an electric vehicle conversion that will use different
components that Concept-1 can build in mass production to supply our
network of new vehicle dealerships and EV conversions centers with parts,
service training and customer support so that all conversions will be
done properly and . We want to keep the manufacturing jobs here in the
United States and plan to work with states who offer us tax incentives.
Develop relationships with businesses, corporations reaching potential
students, placing students for internships from USC, specifically we are
working on a research, education center in large scale computing to
increase the talent pool for Information Technology candidates
"Develop relationships with businesses, corporations reaching potential
students, placing students for internships from USC, specifically we are
working on a research, education center in large scale computing to
increase the talent pool for Information Technology candidates
18 person staff to manage contracts with multiple government agencies.
Principal contract is multi-year contract with the Office of Naval
Research to manage the composite ManTech program. Manages The Composites
Consortium, a 35 member group of companies with expertise in composite
Promoting large scale computing
Diamond sponsor for Innoventure
Sales and Marketing since 1982
Start up entrepreuneur
Data Center and IT Infrastructure Technologies.
"Involved in 20+ acquistions and two mergers.

Launched three complete product suites from vision to successful market

Extensive research into eBusiness as consultant to two Venture Firms.

Involved in two successful IPO"
Alloy Steel & Components
Power Transmission
Engineered Surfaces
Motion Control Systems
Remanufacture and Repair
Maintenance and Reliability"
"Enhance and promote economic literacy by helping K-12 teachers learn how
to integrate economics and personal finance into the core curriculum of
reading, math, science and social studies.

Coordinate the Merrill Lynch South Carolina Stock Market Game for
students in grades 4-12, and adult learners. Corporations are encouraged
to have their employees participate in this statewide competition."
Contact point for connecting with >30 faculty and details about state-of-
the-art facilities in the Center for Optoelectronics and Optical
Communications at UNC Charlotte, the Carolinas MicroOptics Triangle
(CMOT) and the Carolinas Photonics Consortium.
Modeling, simulation, verification, validation, multi-disciplinary group
development, modeling and simulation education. Also experience in the
area known as soft computing: fuzzy arithmetic and computing with various
models of uncertainty.
Developed a broad and deep network of contacts within the banking,
finance, legal, general contractor and architect community
Landscape architecture and planning, page layout design
Home healthcare consulting services.
brand communications through web and print mediums.
"Following his passion for business and people development Manfred is now
consulting to principals and executives of companies of different sizes
as well as individuals in entrepreneurial roles with a focus on strategy,
efficiency management, organizational development and personal
development. In addition to his engagement with organizations and open
enrollment workshops for personal development in the areas of leadership
and sales, he is coaching individuals to help them maximize their
potential and achieve their goals more consistently.

Manfred has a degree in Electrical Engineering and an Executive MBA from
IMADEC University in Vienna, Austria ( He is certified in
training and marketing by ASI, a certified facilitator and affiliate of
the Total Quality Institute, and is a certified affiliate and trainer of
the Resource Associate Network."
"Life insurance
Health insurance
Disability insurance
Long-term Care insurance"
Great business, marketing and networking background. Experience legal
We provide economic development, community branding, downtown and
neighborhood planning, and revitalization consulting services to
communities across South Carolina and the United States.
Product architect/Inventor
Services to keep your computing infrastructure up and running 100% of the
"Adept in Recruiting, Campus Hirings, Strategic Sourcing, Screenings,
Employement Advertising , Head Hunting, and Talent Profiling and
Acquisition Skills.

Also skilled and practice recruitment communications strategies, print
advertising, Web Campaigns, web marketing, SEO achievements, Web
designing & Development.

"I'm an excellent resource for referrals. I'm especially helpful to
people that are leaving a job due to downsizing, layoff or retiring.
If you need help or an honest opinion or advice about your insurance or
investment needs I can help."
23 years of importing european furniture.
  I can provide information on photovoltaics, solar hot water, solar water
pumping, and wind.
"20+ year veteran IT Generalist. Previously specialized in application
life cycle management. Zero touch deployment of server, desktop systems,
and software. Expertise in technical writing and documentation on IT
systems, and procedures. Project management and merging business goals
with IT.

Consultant for using Wise Package Studio in the Enterprise to achieve
interoperability and license savings.

White papers and more information at

I'm nice and on occasion, I act intelligently. I have design experience
and contacts in the home furnishings industry (manufacturers, including
fabrics). I'm now helping a startup manufacturer in another industry
with the business side of things (administrative, marketing, overhauling
the "website", accounting).
25 years of expertise in commercializing innovations inside major
corporations and entrepreneurial companies.
multi-lingual, marketing, pr, administrative skills, business
development, social media, UGC, community building, blogs
writing, teaching English and composition at high school and junior
college level, webmaster, novelist, fairy tales, mythology, depth



Windows 98

Word 97
Power Point"
Degree in Art, Graphic Designer for over 13 Years, web site designer for
10 years.
Student Clemson University
Polymer physics and processing, optics and photonics
"Poole, a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer, brings to your
team more than fourteen years in the design, manufacturing and project
engineering industry. This experience spans all phases of the design,
specification, installation, commissioning, and operation of commercial
and industrial facilities, manufacturing processes, and manufacturing
systems. His experience includes:

•Manufacturing and Project Engineering, including product launch –
Automotive (BMW Manufacturing, Mercedes-Benz US International, Volvo
Trucks North America)

•Capital Project Engineering and Management – Polymers (Cryovac, Hoechst
Celanese / KOSA, Mitsubishi Polyester Film)

•Building Facilities Design Engineering – Commercial & Industrial
(American LaFrance, Best Buy, Future Electronics, Intel, Procter and
Gamble, Suntrust, UGN, Wal-Mart)

•Process Support Systems Design Engineering – Automotive,
Microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals (Bayer, IBM, Daimler Chrysler / MTU
Friedrichshafen, Mercedes-Benz Lenkungen U.S, Intel, Matsushita
Semiconductor, Procter and Gamble, RF Micro Devices)

•Machine Design – Consumer Products, Metalworking, Polymers,
Transportation (Cincinnati Milacron, Cryovac, Ellcon National, Vermont

•Construction Management – Automotive (Honda Manufacturing of Alabama,
Phase II)
Physics, textiles
Optical Fiber Draw, Glass Processing
"I only graduated from my degree in November 2006, and am just starting
my career in biotechnology.

Nevertheless I do posess some commercialization and market research
experience and I have a wilingness to succeed in everything I do.

Current activities include: comphrensive patent and prior art searches,
market and competitor overviews and potential funding options."
Certified Business Coach and entrepreneur.
The Worthwhile Company, Inc. is a Greenville, South Carolina based
software development, web design, web hosting, and network support team.
Since 1997, we have specialized in "Increasing Your Internet Worth" by
helping customers establish and enhance their web presence.
Assist cusomers seeking landfill avoidance and waste to energy and
alternative fuel options.
"Architect of enterprise software for Asset Management, Inventory and
Purchasing for non-productive items.

I can help small companies start-up their human resources practices and
help to ensure compliance with state/federal law. I can also help
identify talent and ensure workplaces are employee-centered and
progressive places to work.
Manage intellectual property portfolio for the University of South
"Lead the Repair Development Center (RDC) under GE infrastructure.
The RDC develops new repair technologies for the GE Power Generation,
Aviation, Locomotive, and Oil & Gas businesses.
"Our areas of expertise inlcude:

Lobbying and advocacy at the local, state and federal level;

Economic development, including Public and private financing and

Political strategy;

Public messaging and media strategy; and

Coalition building


International business experience.
Gas Turbine Mfg Operations
Fiber Manufacturing, Extrusion, Coloration, Pigments.   Yarn Extrusion,
Twisting, Heat Setting, Air Entangling.
I serve as the President of Kiawah Capital, LLC, where I provide merchant
banking services for the owners/developers of Kiawah Island. Prior to
Kiawah Capital, I served as a Director at Seaboard & Company, where we
invested in high yield bonds and bank debt. These investments covered a
wide range of companies and industries including telecommunications,
lodging, services, niche manufacturing
25 years entrepreneurial experience.
I've been developing software for 20 years, working on small apps as well
as multi-million dollar enterprise projects.
"Telecommunication Services: Colocation, Data, Internet & Voice
Integrated T1: Local Dial Tone, LD, Internet with dynamically allocated
Voice Services: Conferencing, T1, DS3, Analog, Digital Trunks, IP Trunks,
Data: WAN & Transport Services: T1, DS3, Metro & National Ethernet,
Private Ring, MPLS, VPN
Internet Services: 2 MB - Gig E Ethernet, T1, NxT1, DS3 - OC192
Fiber Optic Services: Voice, Data, Internet at your location via our
fiber optics"
"Successful business, finance, accounting, human resources and benefits,
banking, risk management, marketing, and information technology
experience in a variety of industries.

Recent experience with a bio-fuels development stage company and SEC
small business private equity registration."
"Development & Engineering - Equipment, Process & Materials
Composite materials
"current clinical ophthalmic and plastic surgery treatment modalities,
both surgical and noninvasive; cosmeceutical products.
"For over 20 years, Aeronix has developed expertise in end-to-end product
realization: from initial concept to final production spanning multiple
disciplines including industrial/mechanical design, electrical design,
and software design, and manufacturing support.

"For the past 20+ years, by using our core competencies and partner
network, we provide in product realization expertise from initial
concept to final production spanning multiple disciplines including
industrial/mechanical design, electrical design, and software design, and
manufacturing support.

Core competencies:
-Digital electronic design
-Embedded software design
-RF/Microwave design and consulting

Partner competencies:
-Industrial/Mechanical design
-Contract manufacturers domestic and overseas"
Petrouleum products purchasing/logistics
Distribution, marketing and promotion.
Aviation planner and engineer with over eight years of experience with a
wide variety of airports, from small general aviation airfields to large
international hubs. Participated in and conducted many types of projects,
including airport master plans, environmental assessments, landside
transportation studies, benefit-cost analyses, and air service
development studies.
Manufacturing professional, software solutions and networking.
Strategic planning, leadership development, challenges of women in the
workplace; generational leadership
Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer marketing; healthcare;
health insurance; eBusiness; Joomla 1.5; html and (some) php website
design; communications skills; public speaking; graphic design; print and
online text composition; accomplished guitarist and vocalist.
Appalachian Development Corporation provides lower cost financing for up
to 40% of project costs. Projects can involve fixed assets or working
capital. Primary area served is six upstate counties of South Carolina,
but the fixed assets programs can also be used state wide. Have access
to New Market Tax Credit financing for projects in eligible areas.
Our firm has a significant immigration practice and we respresent many
existing high tech companies such as SAS and Nortel in their business
immigration needs. In addition we assist many biotech and hightech
startup ventures in obtaining visa for critical personnel who desire to
work in this country
spanning a variety of disciplines, including fiber optics, power systems,
semiconductors, software, hardware, and telecommunications. Mr. Perkins
holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Clemson and worked with
Duke Energy for 10 years prior to law school.
The Naviscent Group offers critical corporate finance services to growth
companies, helping CEOs to focus on growing their companies and building
long-term value.
Immunoassay diagnostics
Office planning
President - Greenville Commercial & Residential Services Network and
member of the Upstate Christian Business Network with Professional
Network Connections
Provide visitor information for visitors
Providing visitor information for visitors
Palmetto Software Group LLC. offers identity management services through
IBM security products. We help resolve Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other
identity audit issues. We are now branching into custom software
Small business development and business plan writing. In addition, the
facilitation of several marketing research efforts using survey
distribuition and focus groups in order to conduct thorough market
analysis and implement pricing and sales strategies. With Innovista, my
responsibilities include marketing the resources of USC, Columbia, and
the state of South Carolina to prospective companies.
Mack Molding is a leading custom plastics molder and supplier of contract
manufacturing services. Mack specializes in plastics design, prototyping,
molding, sheet metal fabrication, and medical device manufacturing. The
company operates 10 facilities throughout the United States and Mexico.
Founded in 1920, Mack is a privately owned business with over 1800
employees in North America.
"DETAILS is the region’s only full-service destination management company
specializing in the organization and logistics of unique, world-class
events, meetings and experiential adventures. With in-depth knowledge of
the area; 19 years of experience organizing programs and events; and
creativity, DETAILS serves as a personal concierge, always finding a
surprising and tailor-made solution for clients no matter what the event
or the occasion.
Strategic Planning & Budgeting, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Change
Management, Business Project Management, Brand Revitalization, Service
Culture Investment
Technology Marketing Guru
Corporate Development and Technology Company Incubation.
Robotics and remote systems, nuclear physics, energy production,
environmental restoration and waste management, sensor development,
instrumentation and controls, working in classified and high security
Research & Development Capacity in broad range of areas
"Solar technology
Solar Design
Renewable Policy
Renewable Energy Credits
Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic"
"I have experience in fundraising for both non-proffit and for-proffit
venues, as well as advising board member experience...

Environmental Management Systems
Real estate development and litigation in Newberry and Saluda Counties;
general practice in Newberry County; small and general law firm practice
Broad background in design and manufacturing with local international
industries, small shops and businesses, and individuals seeking advice
with ideas for inventions. Registered Professional Engineer, Certified
SolidWorks Professional (Mechanical Design Software), Well equipped small
shop to build prototypes and do creative work. I have taught mechanical
design concepts and software at Technical College level and to
individuals and small groups for industry or career development. Let me
share 35 years of experience to help your career or business to the next
PhD. in inorganic chemistry/Materials chemistry. Currently developing
"SVB Silicon Valley Bank provides commercial banking services to emerging
growth and mature companies in the technology, life science, private
equity and premium wine industries. Through its focus on specialized
markets and extensive knowledge of the people and business issues driving
them, SVB Silicon Valley Bank provides a level of service and partnership
that measurably impacts its clients' success. Founded in 1983 and
headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company serves clients around
the world through 27 U.S. offices and three international operations. SVB
Silicon Valley Bank is a member of global financial services firm SVB
Financial Group, with SVB Analytics, SVB Capital, SVB Global and SVB
Private Client Services. More information on the company can be found at
Manufacturing, Sales, Sustainability, Lean
Benefit Program cost analysis and consulting service. Benchmarking vs.
current cost and benefit factors, including regional benefit expectations
and cost saving implementations. Consumer Driven approaches, wellness
directives, service nitiatives, employee communications and strategic
I, and the other members of my team, have a significant number of
relationships with entrepreneurs and private equity sources throughout
our areas of practice (Southeastern US, Washington DC, and Dallas).
Legal advisors to emerging technology and life science companies
"Certified instructor for Ideation's Innovative Problem Solving (IPS).
I have been involved with TRIZ and I-TRIZ for 15 years."
experience in mergers, acquisitions,finance,valuations, raising capital
for growth organic or through acquisitions, private equity,exit
I have in depth knowledge and relationships in the hospitality channel as
well as 15+ years of National account sales experience in Foodservice.
"Marketing Communications
Public Relations
Website development
Community Relations
Media Relations"
Controls Experience and Electrical Engineering background
Relocations, Employment, Economic Development, Industry, Manufacturing
"Because of my background in advertising and design, I am very good at
merging both innovative strategy with creative execution.

I immerse myself in the digital realm and am excellent with networking
socially in the digital world and beyond."
25+ years translating IT business and technology requirements into
practical business solutions; expertise includes executive and program
management, org change and IT strategic development. Industry
engagements in telecommunications, manufacturing, aircraft industrial
operations, banking and federal government.
Product Development, Business Planning, Sales, Marketing
Communicate information about SCRA and SC Launch! 25 years of experience
in marketing communications and advertising.
Experience in local economic development activities of retail and
manufacturing sectors.
Experience in drug pharmacology and developmental therapeutics for human
diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Dealings with pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies in product development and use of corporate
entities to apply for Federal research funding opportunities such as SBIR
Environmental engineering and environmental science, eduation,
"Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment
Sustainable design principles and practices
Recently completed a University-sponsored trip with a delegation of 24
from Char-Meck region to tour bioenergy initiatives in Austria and
establish a baseline for cooperative projects there.

Good Presenter (recipient of the UNC Charlotte Bank of America Teaching
Award and the UNC Board of Governor's Teaching Award)

Good collaborator"
"1. User-centered design
2. Human-computer interaction
3. User experience design
4. Usability engineering
5. Knowledge management
6. Computer-supported collaboration"
"Micro/Nanofluidics, sensor, Lab-on-a-Chip
Biomechanics, biomedical devices
Fluid dynamics, turbulence and mixing
Optical measurement, flourescence
Bioreactor and tissue engineering
"Packaging Science,
Flexible Packaging
Analytical Testing
Bringing new products to market, very strong management and team building
skills, raising equity and non equity funding for startup and established
companies. Connections to West Coast, Europe and Japan.
Research expertise in polymer synthesis, surface modification strategies,
protein separations, membrane science. My group is pioneering the use of
a specialized type of surface-initiated polymerization to improve the
performance of a number of materials. As examples, we have applied our
methodology to increase the protein binding capacity of polymeric
membranes by 3-fold over the best commercial product and created a self-
cleaning membrane for water treatment.
Expertise in manufacturing process improvement and documentation.
Experience in the design and manufacture of hermetic assemblies.
"Technical recruiting
"M&A, JV's, Global Busines Development, Gap Closing, Turnarounds, Sales
Strategy and Execution

- Embedded Systems, Test & Measurement DC to Light, Fusion Sensor, Mobile
Multimedia, SDARS, GPS, Laser Diode, RF Domain, Nano Automation, Control
Systems, Haptics

- Market Segments: Military/Aerospace, Automotive, Communications"
" M&A, JV's, Global Busines Development, Gap Closing, Turnarounds, Sales
Strategy and Execution

- Embedded Systems, Test & Measurement DC to Light, Fusion Sensor, Mobile
Multimedia, SDARS, GPS, Laser Diode, RF Domain, Nano Automation, Control
Systems, Haptics
- Market Segments: Military/Aerospace, Automotive, Communications"
"My bread-and-butter experience is with Progress Software - most
specifically with the MRP product mfg/pro written in the Progress
language. Built off of that, I have turned a commercial MRP system into
a functional government contracting MRP system to help the company comply
with regulationd and mandates from the DoD and BATF. That means, most
recently, dealing with RFID and UID technologies.

I have one last course to take at UNC-Charlotte to get their project
management certificate.

I just finished out a software engineering degree - focus on C++, OO
design, etc., but I have little to no real-world experience with this."
I have several years in the grocery industry and have knowledge about
consumers in this market. Graduate in May with my MBA. What I bring to
the table? In a word, clairvoyance.
"Twenty-Eight (28) Years as a Quality Leader in the Manufacturing
Industry, Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial sectors.

Ten (10) Years as a 6-Sigma/Lean Master in the Manufacturing Industry for
both Discrete and Transactional type processes"
Wireless Data Safety Communications. Safety System Integrity. Accurate
and Comprehensive Accountability Systems for Emergency Evacuations.
Public Works geolocation tracking solutions, gps information, handheld
computing, pocket pc and smartphone development, wi-fi communications.
Assist South Carolina businesses in developing intergrated marketing
partnerships with the University of South Carolina. Media Rights include:
TV & Radio Coaches' Shows, Radio Play-by-Play, In-Venue Signage, and On-
Field/Court Promotions at all Athletic Facilites on the University of
South Carolina-Columbia campus.
Client care advocate
Marketing, Event Planning
Extensive background in finance, marketing, management, and fundraising.
Pharma Industry, Business Development, General Management, International
Business, Manufacturing, Operations, Strategy
"Technology Execution Specialties:
Technology Staffing Services (contract, contract-to-hire & permanent)
• Application Development skill sets
• Infrastructure skill sets
• Telecommunication skill sets
Asset Inventory & Retirement Services
Deployment Services
• Technology Installations, & Upgrades
• Hardware & Software Migrations
• Moves, Adds, & Changes
Support Services
• Help Desk
• Desk Side
Training Services
• Computer-Based, Instructor-Led, & Web-Based Training"
The ability to practically convert science into end products.
SCWIB cultivates alliances with economic development organizations to
assist women in starting as well as growing businesses.
"My expertise is;
Productivity Solutions, Lean Material Handling, Ergonomics and
Automation. 3D simulation models, Poka Yoke Systems, Automotive Assembly
Software engineer, podcaster and video blogger.
I developed a project in the tires production industry in the last year
of my graduation.
" He has an in-depth background in operations, logistics, and support. He
was the driving force in several privately held profitable start-up
companies in the textiles services and support market. His main energies
are concentrated on labor reduction and vendor alignment to produce cost
savings and profitable results.
His core beliefs are in taking ownership and pride in both the companies
he worked for and the companies he owned. His entrepreneurial ""can do""
spirit and tireless leadership by example shaped and nurtured his growing
Today, Ted remains focused on the opportunities that exist for the
promising business owner. His passion is to deliver client support that
is needed in any business sale. His honesty and integrity allow him to be
impartial yet supportive to all parties involved.
Ted attended Cleveland State University and has gained valuable
experience in business management through his employment with the
Contracted Operations Division of E. I. DuPont and Company.
He has owned a nightclub, bar and grill, textile piece and sew, and
database management company. "
Pharmaceutical industry drug development experience, analytical
Industrial R&D experience
Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Higher Education Financial Development,
Commercial Broadcast Industry
Accomplished international business development professional and
collaborative leader dedicated to creating and expanding trade
opportunities and commercial relations with private and government
organizations in East & West Europe, Russia and the NIS, Central Asia,
the Middle East, Africa and China. Diverse background in senior operating
roles, budgeting & financial management, strategic development,
international partnerships & ventures, privatization efforts, export
finance, logistics & distribution, and career development.
"Project Management
IT Application Development
Business Process Outsourcing
Financial Services Operations
Document/Records Conversion
Content Management"
Experienced entreprenuer looking to partner with an investor or talented
individual willing to take part in a promising internet venture unlike an
Expertise in startup companies, in electronics design and manufacturing
and in semiconductors.
We seem to be a great fit for companies who seek to be great at what they
supply their customers, and are willing to partner for help with value
added logistics systems.
Marketing research, analysis, creative strategy, media buying, public
relations, press releases. We Plan, You Prosper.
I am a talented and experienced web editor/online merchandiser for a
major Fortune 500 company. I have strong computer skills with a basic
knowledge of HTML. I specialize in web editing, content management, copy
writing and visual design.
"Please visit for a unique on-line portfolio of
successful, award winning special events that have been designed, planned
and produced for corporate and social occasions.

We offer many options to start up businesses in the form of Virtual
Office packages, affordable, flexible office packages with onsite support
staff.Guidance on meeting office/identity needs that are scalable as
business expands.
Marketing and Professional Management
Fractional use CFO services and capital raise for emerging companies.
Over 30 years experience in video production, video editing, and video
engineering. On-call videographer for Multicast Media. I am part of a
network of local videographers who provide support for one another for
large productions.
Expertise in optical information processing and imaging. Contact point
for connecting with >30 faculty and details about state-of-the-art
facilities in the Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications
at UNC Charlotte, the Carolinas MicroOptics Triangle (CMOT) and the
Carolinas Photonics Consortium.
"My passion is cross-platform media strategy and planning, which is a
more efficient and effective way of planning and buying media. At
Jackson-Dawson, we analyze media in the broadest scope - from traditional
to non-traditional media (Broadcast, Print and Outdoor, as well as
events, email, Internet/new technology).

Within the media and research department, we specialize in web analytics
for closed-loop marketing approaches.

And we are experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research
strategy and design.

Investment Banking
10 years of experience taking technology based ideas from concept to
market. Developed, and refined thought models and processes to
explicitly articulate intrinsic behaviors in the fields of: technology
evaluation, business development, product development, marketing and
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.
"• ERP Applications Consulting
• ERP Application Evaluation, Selection and Implementation Advisement
• Application Project Management
• Project Management Office Advisement
• IS/IT Audit Compliance, Review and Validation
• IS/IT Business Continuity and Recovery Services Advisement
• Disaster Recovery Annual Testing Validation and Reporting

• Outsourcing and Contracts Management Advisement
- Outsourcing contract start up
- Outsourcing governance in a Global environment
- Outsourcing resource unit management and service level credit planning,
validation and enforcement

• IS/IT Financial Management"
Extensive leadership experience in industrial marketing and
manufacturing, primarily packaging and plastics and paper materials.
Accounting background
Innovative technology for contact sensing. This is a platform technology
that can be used in a variety of applications. Initial areas of business
include prosthetics, load cells, trial tibial inserts, as well as a host
of other custom applications. Our technology is accurate over a wide
range of measurements, durable, thermoformable, and cost effective.
Innovative technology for contact sensing. This is a platform technology
that can be used in a variety of applications. Initial areas of business
include prosthetics, load cells, trial tibial inserts as well as custom
applications. Our technology is accurate over a wide range of
measurements, durable, thermaformable and cost effective.
Innovative technology for contact sensing. This is a platform technology
that can be used in a variety of applications. Initial areas of business
include prosthetics, load cells, trial tibial inserts as well as a host
of cusom applications. Our technology is accurate over a wide range of
measurements, durable, thermoformable and cost effective.
Investment Banking Services
Entrepreneurship, leadership and toy inventions.
Active TS/SCI government security clearance; Strong linguistics skills
with moderate fluency in French and beginning grasp of Mandarin Chinese
Ice Cream
Involved with all aspects of management of a start-up business since
1991, Masters in Management of Technology (Georgia Tech), BS in
Engineering Physics, background in chemistry and manufacturing
I have 36 years of academic research experience including being chairman
of a basic science department for 7 years.    I have over 130
publications in science journals and books.   My research interests are
in the developing field of sphingolipid metabolism as it relates to
therapy of cancers primarily prostate and head and neck.
"Ryan Owens is the founder and president of Stratatomic LLC, a creative
firm specializing
in web, advertising, multimedia and graphic communications.

Mr. Owens serves as a hands-on creative director and chief software
architect, assisting
clients directly in a number of capacities, including complete website
design, development
and hosting, e-commerce, corporate identity and branding, advertising,
marketing, print
and collateral design, and other creative and technical solutions for
business development."
Chaired and occupied Board postions for private and public companies.
Conducted turnarounds and established Newcos. Well established in the
international sports business community.
"Welcome to the Greenville County Regional Education Center, a virtual
resource to help you connect with information and services you need to
make important education, career and life decisions.

As one of twelve Regional Education Centers currently being set up
throughout South Carolina, the Greenville County Regional Education
Center is a network of local service providers to help students and
adults access the guidance and opportunities they need to become the
prepared employees the state needs to compete and excel in the global

Design, tech, web, art, science
My area of expertise is primarily synthetic organic chemistry. I have
been involved in bionanomaterials; synthesis and characterization.
Knowlege of nonwoven textiles, market research, and business development
"Prior to joining New Carolina, Beth was a Community Development Manager
in the Community and Rural Development division for the South Carolina
Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce is South Carolina’s
lead agency for the growth and development of business and industry and
is responsible for locating new, quality investments and expanding
existing investments to create wealth and help achieve the highest
quality of life for all South Carolinians.

Beth is a South Carolina Certified Economic Developer, earning that
designation in 2006. Her economic development career began when she
accepted the position of executive director for the South Carolina
Economic Developers’ Association (SCEDA). This association is a 600-
member organization whose primary objective is to increase the
effectiveness of individuals involved in the practice of economic

Prior to working in economic development, Beth was the executive director
of the Coastal Conservation Association of South Carolina. This
organization is comprised of avid recreational fishermen who address
conservation issues nationally and within the state.

Beth received her bachelor degree from the College of Charleston with a
major in Corporate Communication and a minor in Business Administration.
While at the College, she served as the Vice President for the College
Activities Board. As the Coordinator of Special Events she was
responsible for planning homecoming and other major activities for the
college. During her time at the college she was employed by WCSC Channel
5 in Charleston, SC in the production department.
Currently Beth serves as the president of the Palmetto Biotechnology
Alliance and as a board member for the College of Charleston Alumni
Board. "
My expertise lies in media relations, government relations and public
relations. I am currently working in the environmental arena.
public relations, community relations
foreign language fluency (French & German), background in international
relations, regional focus on the governance and economy of the EU,
interest in education reform for the knowledge economy, knowledge of FDI
trends and the phenomenon of globalization
Priviously worked as Special Projects Editor for Cox Enterprises,
publishers of The Atlanta Journal Constitution and The Palm Beach Post.
"Multilingual, skilled communicator with work experience in Southeast
Asia and Latin America.

Now conducting due diligence on potential investment projects for the
Alec H. Chaplin & Co."
"Organizational strategy and performance. Human resources (intellectual
capital) management concepts.

The Clemson University Research Foundation is the designated agent for
Clemson University in managing, protecting, and commercializing
University intellectual property
Numerous years as a Sr. Mortgage Consultant with a vast knowledge of
different loan program and regions in the United States. A member of By
Referral Only
Oversee $100+MM in annual energy research program spend supporting GE
Energy’s Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Gas Turbine, Aero Derivative, Steam
Turbine, Jenbacher, Transmission and Distribution, Optimization and
Controls, and Environmental Services.
Hold Masters of Fine Art and B.S. in Business Administration. Software
skills include 7 years experience with SAP, MS Office Suite instructor
for technical colleges, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. ISO 9002
procedure writing & certification process experience.
I have 12 years experience in gas Turbine design and heat
transfer/sturctural analysis. My expertise are in air-cooled and steam-
cooled Hot Gas Path design. I have good understanding of overall Gas
Turbine clearance and active clearance control systems.
"Member of:
Business Association of Columbia
Petroleum Equipment Institute"
"We specialize in Relocation Services for all of the Upstate.
Plus we are very familiar with the Upstate and offer highly trained,
professional buyer agents to serve all of your real estate needs."
Business Analysis, Marketing, Public Relations, Strategy Development,
Program and Project Creation and Management, Market Research, Internet
Expertise in fundraising, philanthropy, not-for-profit administration,
birth defects and genetics.
"External relations and communications expertise.

Strategic planning and implementation.

Senior management assistance in public exposure.
University relations strategy and tactics, especially for start-ups of
higher ed institutes and centers."
Technologies available for license or other partnership agreements
High temperature materials, multiphysics modeling, mechanics of material
Strategic communications, marketing, and public relations services.
Trained consultant in all areas of industrial-organizational psychology,
including occupational health, motivation, human capital management,
legal issues, and training. Highly trained in statistics, research design
and evaluation, and test/ survey design and validation. Strong background
in personnel selection, including personality evaluation, recruitment,
and person-organization fit. Experience in job analysis, performance
appraisal, teamwork, training systems, employee and customer
satisfaction, and organizational design.
working with children and adults with developmental disabilities.State
medicaid and MR/RD waiver programs.
Our company's strengths include our sales force relationships with
Primary Care and Specialty Physicians within the U.S. market; experience
in scale up manufacturing from benchtop phase through product launch,
marketing and sales of prescription pharmaceuticals and medical devices;
recruiting, training and management of national sales force.
10+ years - radio personality, interviewing authors and experts. 10+
years - executive search consultant (retainer-based) for senior level
executive positions
marketing, public relations, advertising, freelance writing (children's
picture books and parenting articles)
Business Development in preparation for financing; Connected to over 150
venture capital funds however, would like to establish a regional
economic development fund to attract middle market companies to the
Southeast. Fund is creates jobs and offers 2x-5x IRR to investors.
Universities can utilize same model for technology transfer and
"Private Business and Government contacts related to Nano manufacturing
(primarily NEMS).

In House equipment includes AFM/DPN, industrial inkjet printing and high
resolution inspections.

Offering memberships to the NNMC and Nano Valley Consortium"
"Magnolia Carts is a manufacturer and retailer of ice cream carts and
portable sinks.

SC Business Review is a radio show heard on 8 public radio stations each
weekday morning."
The Society of the Plastics Industry is the trade association for the
plastics industry.
Electrical Engineer with experience in software QA engineering, digital
systems integration, electro-optical system design and the development of
consumer electronics products. Inventor and founder of Emerge Industries,
Inc dba Sticky Yard.
Over 18 years of expereince in the executive search and staffing industry
specializing in accounting & finance fields.
Experience in R&D, new technology development.
One of my main goals as business developer is to connect the right people
with each other to accomplish their goals. I am constantly meeting with
people in the real estate and land use community to discuss their ideas
for smart growth, LEED buildings, sustainable development, and good
construction techniques.
Linda’s focus is to build relationships and collaborations with
businesses, the professions, chambers of commerce, civic organizations,
school districts and government. She is working to coordinate
multidisciplinary teams at Clemson that will partner across these groups
on projects and programs to reach as many as possible with
lessons/messages/discussions about ethics, critical thinking and
effective decision making. She will also capitalize on attracting
speakers to campus and creating opportunities to bring those same
speakers out to the communities.
I am a corporate and business lawyer with experience and a focus on
start-up and entreprenuer type companies as well as economic incentive
transactions and creative financing structures. My firm, Haynsworth
Sinkler Boyd, PA offers a wide variety of services that can handle most
corporate and business related needs.
Power of the press.
"Expertise in professional development within the workplace. Speak, train
and coach in a wide varity of ares such as, emotional intelligence,
conflict mediation, team dynamics,empowerment and accountability,
attitude development and difficult people. BA in Communication and MA in
Human Behavior and Conflict Management.
Example of Client Base: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Environmental Protection
Agency, City of Columbia, South Carolina School Board Association and
Marriott Hotels."
"The Bureau of Business Research (BBR) is the applied research arm of
ECU's College of Business. BBR is positioned to facilitate the College's
applied research activity by helping to coordinate the College's research
programs and by supporting and facilitating the research efforts of the
College's diverse and talented faculty.
"Corporate Site Selection
Corporate Finance Solutions
Business Incentives for Relocation or Expansion
Domestic or International Corporate Relocation
Real Estate Investments for Pension/Retirement Funds/401K
Real Estate/Business Consultation for Entrepreneurs"
"One of only four national companies in the area of cash management
consulting and resources.
The only national company offering guaranteed results in Accounts
Receivable Management Services.
The guaranteed ability to improve the DSO, and improve the bottom line,
for virtually any business that grants credit to an existing or future
client/customer base.
Access to University resources, understanding of academic culture and
ways to build industry, university relationships, grant funding
Business background
Experienced in negotiating and structuring corporate contracts for real
estate, capital and acquisitions. Turnaround management to improve
profitability and enhance staff. Depth of experience includes hands on
accounting, budgeting, banking, risk management, cash management, human
resources and operations management. Supported by a national CFO
organization which comprises over 70 CFO's.
"EngenuitySC is an active public/private sector partnership focused on
nurturing the growth of a knowledge-based economy in the Columbia, SC
region. Comprised of business and industry leaders, along with
representatives from local government and academia, EngenuitySC strives
to create a fertile business climate that:

-Encourages entrepreneurship and the commercialization of ideas and
-Harnesses the research breakthroughs of higher education institutions
-Establishes public policy that is sensitive to the unique needs of
knowledge-based companies
Promotes access to start-up investment capital.

The ultimate goal is the creation of a vibrant innovation pipeline,
resulting in the commercialization of technology that supports the
regions economy with higher paying jobs for all citizens. The strength of
the organization is its ability to get things done. Members play key
leadership roles at the local and state level and are unified and
passionate about their mission to make the Columbia region one of the
most desirable areas in the United States to start-up or locate a
technology driven company. As outlined in the strategic plan, EngenuitySC
has a singular focus to be a catalyst for positive change and growth in
the region.

"Over 20 years in new business development in the field of advanced

Last five years have been spent helping companies to improve their
ability to innovate.

Good at ""dot connecting"" - finding a solution from one industry to a
problem in another"
12 years of consulting experience in 30+ states in assisting states and
regions with strategies for maximizing creation, retention, and
attraction of talent as a primary economic development driver. Prior
experience as chief executive for workforce development in Indianpolis,
IN; Louisville, KY; Evansville, IN.
Have expertise in marketing research methods and quantitative analysis.
Use SPSS statistical software. Use subscription data bases and
interviewing skills to provide business opportunity assessments. Have
managed idea generation and stage gate business development processes.
Garvin Media Group employs a host of talented consultants that have years
of experience in providing quality rich web solutions and online
applications to a wide array of business and professional organizations.
We use the latest techniques of web design and development to frame
quality media packages for each of our clients. Our experience and
expertise will lift your online asset to the heights, insuring success.
I have no working experience but since I am an Automotive engineer I am
familiar with many fields dealing with automobiles. I also gained
knowledge on the field of PEM fuel cells.
"American World provides the experience and services that entrepreneurs
need to succeed.

From the initial strategy to ultimately selling the company (or an IPO),
AW can help every step of the way. Further, we already have the real-
world experience and all-important contacts you need in every niche of
the business community.

AW can help by:
1. Establishing the strategies and tactics in the Business Plan;
2. Creating budgets and forecasts (pro formas);
3. Helping you find the financing, debt or equity;
4. Increasing sales, margins and profits;
5. And, at the right time, helping to execute the exit strategy.
"My goal is to provide aggressive representation for a reasonable fee to
small businesses, entrepreneurs and employees. Importantly, I do not
pursue every case or accept every prospective client. During my 16 years
of practicing law, I have learned that doing a few things better than
anyone else is the key to success. So, my law practice focuses on
maximizing results by offering representation to fewer clients in just a
few areas of law, particularly employment and business litigation.

Also, I have a cause: Representing elderly clients who have been injured
by the abuse and/or neglect of nursing homes.

Finally, I am also a certifed mediator.

"M2-D2 has a hugh experience in ERP tools.

Full understanding of financial, production and logistics issues.

Vast knowledge in SAP Business One application and others ERP's. "
Work with small to medium size company's helping to develop management
and supervisory skills as well as employee skills related to attitude,
motivation, customer service, time management, goals setting etc. Will
share contacts
Expertise in small business accounting and tax services. Also, provide
audits for small and medium size nonpublic companies.
Alison Haynes Photography Commercial Division specializes in providing
professional yet affordable photography and creative design solutions to
small businesses.
SBIR Education
"Corporate Finance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Capital Sourcing
Network Support, Computer Repair.
The Blencowe Group, Inc. Design and Development creates unique, well-
designed websites and logos that represent organizations and businesses
strategically on the web. Additionally, The Blencowe Group offers
comprehensive web marketing services that will increase the amount of
traffic to your site. Contact The Blencowe Group to begin your web
design or logo design project, or to begin developing a comprehensive
marketing strategic plan.
Baker Consulting, LLC is a business software consulting firm with offices
in Greenville and Columbia.
Greenville (SC)-based Carolina Safety Consultants, LLC (CSC) provides
environmental, health and safety consulting services to small-to-mid-
sized companies with specific focus on the construction, light
manufacturing and healthcare industries. CSC serves clients throughout
the Carolinas and is affiliated with the Upstate Safety Alliance and the
National Safety Council. CSC also works closely with other regional and
national safety-related organizations. Greenville (SC)-based Carolina
Safety Consultants was established in 2004 by founder and president,
David J. De Vita.
Smart Blending Technologies is a licensee of Clemson University. It has
unique expertise for developing and manufacturing smart blender systems.
Its chief technology officer is also the technology inventor. Smart
blending has received global interest. As a company based in Clemson, SC,
opportunities it affords are locally available.
"Active Duty Veteran(4 Year)

-Network Manager
-Active Directory/Exchange Administrator
-Hardware Repair
-Troubleshooting & repair of
-Secret Security Clearance

Software Engineer(Current)
8 months experience

Database Administrator
-SQL 2000, MySQL

College Student
(30 credit hrs)(GPA 3.5)
Currently at Piedmont Tech Spring 2009 transferring     to University of
South Carolina
Majoring Computer Engineering

"Health care consulting
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,Petroleum,Steel Industry,Aluminum
Diecasting,Industrial Tools
laser manufacturing, automobile welding assembly line including hemming
machines and fixtures.
I have 5+ years experience in web-design. I have developed GIS software
for several timber investment companies as well as Duke Energy. I also
wrote the code for the InnoVenture community that you are using right
now. I'm a computer geek who understands the requisite alphabet soup of
AJAX, PHP and MYSQL. More importantly, I can take your idea and turn it
into a reality.
Have Degree in Business Administration And curently working on a degree
in Computer Electronics. Looking forward to a career in Networking or
"Start-up and large industry experience - pharma and biotech.
We facilitate the process through banks and non-traditional lenders => we
get the firm answer quickly.
Greenville Magazine reaches upper-income business owners and
professionals with the discretionary income to buy your products and
services. These influential decision makers read Greenville Magazine at
their offices and in their homes, and keep their issues of Greenville
Magazine longer than other publications. A professional advertising
resource for the Upstate, Greenville Magazine will continue to offer its
business and community coverage featuring its 3 premier, popular
trademark programs, The Cliffs, Business Person of the year, Greenville
First Best & Brightest and its annual 50 Most Influential Greenvillians
list. The magazine has continued to expand its distribution to businesses
and business owners as well as through its marketing partners, and
additional retail locations.
"Millennium Cell (Nasdaq:MCEL) develops hydrogen battery technology
through a patented chemical process that safely stores and delivers
hydrogen energy to power portable devices. The borohydride-based
technology can be scaled to fit any application requiring high energy
density for a long run time in a compact space. Since its inception in
1998, Millennium cell has been awarded more than 25 patents and has 40
pending patents worldwide. Our primary business model is to license our
intellectual property to enable successful new products. When market
leadership is required, we will develop and sell our own products as
Currently, portable electronic devices used in the military, medical,
industrial and consumer markets all require a better battery. To meet
this challenge, Millennium Cell is developing hydrogen battery technology
in partnership with corporate and government entities. Based in
Eatontown, New Jersey, Millennium Cell employs 40 people, primarily in
technology development.

As with many new technologies, the military has been an early adopter and
will be the first market we enter. This offers the opportunity to further
develop our technology while solving unique power needs for the military.
It also serves as a springboard to subsequently enter the medical and
industrial markets while keeping our long-term focus on the high-volume
consumer market.
US Commercial Service provides a link to information, partners, and trade
events across the globe. We facilitate your international business
development through our network of offices in 83 countries. Start with and for the Palmetto State:
"TechJournal South provides access to free content and resources at
Expertise in startup, turnaround, and realignment situations; optimizing
and leveraging organizational and individual talent; and focusing
technical/engineering teams to deliver results. Industry experience spans
aerospace/defense, electrical equipment, industrial, and automotive.
Strengths include strategic and analytical understanding of complex
business issues, combined with excellent communication skills, and deep
cross-functional experience. Especially effective with engineering and
technical work forces - all levels and diverse environments. Fluent in
ISO/QS quality systems, LEAN, SPC/Six-Sigma, TQM, EH&S regulations, SOX
compliance, and global sourcing strategies, plus engineering and
Chemical Engineering and Business Development, Competitive Business
Intelligence, Electrochemical systems and Fuel Cell technology
I have worked in product development for 30+ years and have 14 issued
patents, most of which are in the visual devices arena.
Developer of ENGAGE (web-based lead capture/management system), Direct
marketing services, CRM, E-Mail Marketing, Web marketing, B2B Lead
generation, marketing and sales automation, customer loyalty programs,
integrated marketing and selling systems
Branding and marketing strategy development for the national and
international spaces; Marketing budget by channel tied to business plan
and revenue projections; Customer profiling, segmentation and marketing
planning for each target; Online marketing and sales; New product
launch; Existing product evaluation; Customer experience management;
Project management; Entrepreneurial mindset; Creative direction, graphic
design, copywriting;
"Electrical Power Distribution

Inventor; Innovator

Facilitator in Manhood Training

Energy and a desire to empower local area youth to become involved in
Trade and Commerce."
Human Resources; Growth Strategy; Employee Retention Strategy; Cost
Containment; Employer Liablity Management; Profit Protection
Online Marketing, Data Mining, Product Promotion, Positioning and Target
Markets (based on marketing research)
Expertise in start-up and growth capital for professional firms. My true
interest lies in biotechnology.
Writing, editing, research
"Knowledge-based economic development leadership

Brand development and strategic marketing

Business strategy development - emphasis on startup/early-stage business
market positioning"
Warren holds a BS in Ceramic Engineering from Clemson University and a MS
from N.C. State University in Materials Science & Engineering. He
graduated summa cum laude and number one in his class from Clemson
University. Warren is a co-inventor on numerous US and internationally
issued patents, pending patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade
secrets. Additionally, Warren has co-authored numerous scientific, peer-
reviewed articles.
"Coaching and mentoring management teams of technology based startup
Strategic Planning
Extensive Entrepreneurial Training Library"
Green/clean tech recycling,alternative energy production, economic
development, new market tax credits,government grant programs
Financial modeling and forecasting; analysis and projection of cash
flows; budgeting; systems assurance and internal control compliance
testing; financial statement auditing; internal audit; forensic
accounting; business valuation; desktop publishing and design; copy
Ability to (1)Enpower all health providers(organizations)with the option
to covey their services virtually.Providers can not only see ,hear and
talk to each other from their offices, using our web based A/V but to
their patients in their homes(2)Establish an infinite number of virtual
clinics for disaster,emergency and routine health care.(3)Reduce
cost,extend market capability and create new revenue
streams.(4)Establish an alternative(virtual health care delivery
network).(5)Turn key TeleMedicine/Health component added to organization
menu of services.(6)Telemedicine/Health program development,modification
and consultation.
"Workforce development
and economic development
Structural composites, advanced materials, bio-materials, engineered
textiles, strategy consulting, mergers and acquisitions, business
Student in Furman entrepreneurship class
student in Furman entrepreneurship class
student in Furman entrepreneurship class
fly fishing guide
student in Furman entrepreneurship class
Business research, local business contacts, local business news
Customer Service experience
In my spare time, I continue to facilitate FastTrac classes. I enjoy
helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. My main job is redesigning
the way the boating industry is currently operating, bringing convenience
to both the customers and the captains through the use of technology.
Engineering Program Management of government and civilian programs
PET Recycling
Security research experience
I am a seasoned professional with more than 10 years of work experience
in program coordination, small business administration, business
development, and management in both for-profit and not-for-profit
organizations. My background is in business administration,
entrepreneurship, eco-management, management of information systems, and
physics. MBA 2002 Moore School of Business at USC. I co-founded and
managed my own company during 1997-2000.
5,000 member businesses
Been with Microsoft for almost 14 years.
"Waste reduction, recycling, alternative fuels and renewable energy

She has economic development, strategic planning, training, program
management, and research skills. "
City employee.
Mickey is Clemson University Small Business Development Center Area
Manager in Greenwood, SC; certified by the National Development Council
as an Economic Development Finance Professional (CEDFP); certified by the
Kauffman Foundation to administer/facilitate FastTrac® training; SCEDS
graduate; college instructor of Economics, Business, Finance, and
Spanish; FranklinCovey facilitator.
Renewable energy technology integration, biodiesel manufacturing, biofuel
crops and agriculture, next-generations biofuels and feedstocks,
strategic business modeling, identifiying and sourcing appropriate
Technical consulting in the SDLC space.
Business System Analyst
Architectural consulting on the renovation and planning of healthcare
facilities, specifically surgical suites and sterile processing
Software Development
Experience raising venture, debt capital, running a tech company and
making a successful exit for shareholders, i.e. selling a company. "
Specialization in exective protection coverages (directors & officers,
fiduciary, employment practices) and professional liability
Self Insurance including captive insurance programs"
Marketing management
Interpersonal communication through many years of service industry
employment. Educated in New Venture Creation and Leadership.
IMAF WEST - Angel Investor
Software Development, Finance
Information technology, infrastructure and design
IT support ranging from basic personal computer help desk support to
networking, smart phones, and server work
SC Launch! supplies qualified entrepreneurs and researchers with key
tools for success.
"Project Mangement
Controls Systems"
Stress Release Technology's unique educational and practical programs
promote an understanding of how the brain learns, and how you can unlearn
unproductive habits from the past that disturb your present time
Business development, strategic planning, aerospace consulting, Central
Asia ecperience, DoD acquisition experience
International experience, E-commerce, online travel, marketing, business
development, go-to-market strategy, business planning, team building,
medical devices, software development, mobile telecoms. Have capital to
invest. Have energy and experience to share.
Experience in environmental law, OSHA law, and labor and employment law.
Twenty five years of medical imaging experience in combination with 15
years of monitoring and administrating clinical research trial projects.
Over twenty years experience in the materials testing industry. Onsite
calibration, assistance with software, and repair. A2LA Accredited
Calibration Provider to ISO 17025.
Advanced structural concepts for gas turbines, composite materials and
mechanics of materials
Previous industry experience includes: IPTV (Internet Protocol
Television) with Coaxsys; broadband wireless and WiMAX with Alvarion,
Airspan and others; VoIP gateways with Netrix; internetworking products
with Cisco Systems and other broadband access technologies with firms
such as WilTel Network Services, Carrier Access Corp., CASE/Datatel and
Positron Fiber Systems.
"Tire Materials Research and Dev
Marketing, Sales, Real Estate, Finance, Business Development
Water conservation
Wastewater reduction
Waste Minimization
Pollution Prevention
Carbon Footprint
Air Emissions "
public relations, writing, marketing
Medical Information Technology
Information Assurance Policy
IA Governance
HIPAA compliance
Mobile diagnostic services
My expertise is in the field of polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry
and patent law.
"Materials science and engineering
Failure analysis"
Currently Director of Engineering At Mar Mac Construction Products Co. We
design and manufacture pipe joint products for gravity flow applications
(stormwater/ sewage) for the prevention of Inflow and Infiltration.
Dying and Finishing, Nonwovens, Lean Manufacturing
"In-house legal counsel
Software licensing and technology
Business litigation"
"Thermoplastic composites
Engineering thermoplastic resin applications
Automotive, Transportation and Aerospace exterior and interior
Product technology and innovations
Cross functional, matrix team leadership
Proficient in Six Sigma and Lean methodologies"
Office Manager
Marketing, strategic planning, PR, corporate communications, brand
management, channel marketing, business planning, corporate strategy,
event marketing, research and surveys, meeting facilitation, ideation,
growth planning, business analysis, marketing planning
Insatiable curiosity, and some of what I learn will be filtered through
to my son who is a research scientist.
Wireless networking for vehicle communication, intelligent transportation
system, and manufacturing systems
AdvantageWest Economic Development Group serves 23 western counties in
North Carolina through a diverse array of programs. Whether you are
searching for your next business location, or want to learn more about
this beautiful area of the country, this website was designed for you.
AdvantageWest programs include: Blue Ridge Advanced Manufacturing
Initiative, Blue Ridge Food Ventures, Blue Ridge Entrepreneurial Council,
Certifited Entrepreneurial Community Program, WNC Film Commission and
MountainSouth USA.
Creative DataProducts specializes in manufacturing and distribution of
gift, loyalty, and membership cards. We've helped our clients build some
of the largest and most successful card based programs in the country
through our commitment to quality, innovation and service. Our extensive
loyalty and marketing knowledge allows us to customize a program to meet
the unique nature of your business
Application engineering. Interconnecting of systems not always considered
to related to produce solutions for special or unique needs.
"Structure dynamics and control in mechanical systems. Sensors.

Experience in research and development of new technologies. "
Banking, Operations
Web usability
"1999 - President Siebert Technology Group, Inc (dba ComputerTechRx)

Network Engineer Supporting Windows Desktop and Server Environment,
Locally and Remotely
Plan, Coordinate, and Deploy Exchange Server Utilizing Public Folders for
Support of Windows Server 4.X, 2000, 2003, Exchange 5.X, 2000, 2003 for
50+ Networks (1000+ Users)
Sales and Marketing of Technology Support to Small Business Clients (5-
50 Nodes on a network)
Manage Team of 4 Network Technicians and Network Engineers
High temperature, high stress applications with complex castings, using
high tech materials and coatings.
Research manager in coatings, composites, and structures for Milliken &
Company. Partially responsible for identifying technology for
Polymers, polymer additives
I am working on dielectric properties of polymer composites and
nanocomposites which includes electrical and electrochemical
Worked with University of South Carolina, SCRA, SCHFCA, DOE and MUSC on
innovation projects and grant applications.
Alternative Energy technologies and carbon nanotechnologies, specialty
chemical catalysts, small business seed capital and bridge funding
Economic Development
"Economic Development & Empowerment.
Master Capacity Building Development skill sets.
Community Education and Technology leveraging in Health, Business,
Agriculture, Education, Environment, Engineering and New Media
"NetGeneration Technology Ventures
Global Entrepreneurship Researcher
FastTrac New Venture Coach
Social Network Analysis
International Business and Marketing"
Member of FUJIFILM New Business Development team. Lookinmg for new
revenue streams for Greenwood SC operations.
Logistics, Supply-Chain, Collaboration, Optimization, Transportation,
"Knowledge of what it takes to build and grow a company's sales,
operations, personnel, processes, and cash flow.

Knowledge of technical fields, particularly software and analytics.

Ability to map market demand to product capabilities and to win business,
even with a young product."
New Business Ideation, Strategic Planning; Leadership; Management;
Marketing; Market Research; Sales
The Leads Vlub, Anderson Chamber of Commerce
As CEO of TETRAD, I have 25 plus years of expertise in product
development and in the succesful launch of all types of technology
products. I was the key strategist behind the launch of Lipitor.
Furthermore I have led large teams with the long term vision, strategic
ability and leadership skills necessary for innovation and shareholder
Ziegler-Natta Polymerization, Polymer Synthesis and Characterization,
Polyolefins, Electrospinning, Hot Melt Adhesives
A medical service that provides high quality images of a patients skin
surface produced on two CD's that has high resolution, easy navigation
and zoom capabilities easily incorporated into the physicians examination
and for use by the patient to do at home self-examinations.
I have been in the Chamber world for 5yrs. My ability to connect people
and help build relationships resulting in increased business opportunity.
The Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson
University supports education, research and outreach programs that
promote entrepreneurial activity and economic development.
The Carolinas MicroOptics Triangle brings a broad array of photonics
based capabilities to people working in this industry. From materials
research (Clemson) to design of integrated photonic chips (UNCC) to
actual prototype parts (WCU), CMOT has the capability.
I am a retired physician; along with medicine, the automotive industry
and business development have been life long interests. I intend to grow
a substantial business in the automotive industry
Copywriting (Web, ads, news, PR), Web Development (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS,
AJAX), photography
"The yW empowerment center will provide a community-based, year-round
resource center for leadership training and will serve as a net to catch
women with great potential and interest in leadership in the business or
political arenas. Women often attend one-time seminars that inspire and
encourage, but seldom have the opportunity to be coached and mentored
consistently by a group of innovative community women who have the power
and interest to help direct a career or achieve political aspirations.

The yW empowerment center’s goal is to provide education and training
that will put women on a level playing field with men, and to foster an
atmosphere that allows women to be recognized and advanced based on their
ability and the knowledge they bring to the table, regardless of their
gender or race.

The yW empowerment center will develop additional programming as it
identifies needs within our community. It will also serve as a referral
source for existing services and programs that provide resources for
women seeking help. The Center is seeking partners who currently provide
resources and will work to bring awareness to them as well.
The exploration of identifying opportunities for collaboration that
enhance our business
Research and licensing experience in Life Sciences
I have expertise in the up and coming field of fretless guitars. This is
the next step for the guitar and music because players can access
microtones with ease.
Partner with an investment fund seeking intellectual property- centric
opportunities. The fund is well-capitalized with over $250 million. The
fund's mission is to provide capital and strategic expertise to those
looking to create value from their IP assets.
20+ years of design and analysis experience, primarily in the area of gas
turbine rotating parts, but also some commercial products.
I specialize in site selection with projects in SC, NC, GA, TN, VA, FL
and AL.
Developed and taught innovation seminars and courses like
Product develoment from at truely innovative mind. I have learned that
the road form idea to Patent to market is long and hard. Prototypes,
innovations, bill of material or sourcing.
The Piedmont Angel Network has invested in 13 early-stage companies since
2002 and recently launched a second fund. The typical first round (seed
or early-stage) investment is $250,000 to $350,000 from its committed
fund and add-ons from members that can raise investments to $1 million.
Prior experience working with sustainable concepts and programs as a
sales manager for Rubbermaid Commercial Products, JohnsonDiversey and the
Clorox Company.
"The South Carolina Communnity Enterprise and Women's Business Centers
provides guidance and resources to aspiring and existing business owners.
Our training, consulting and other services are designed to promote long-
term success through training, business coaching, strategy and product
From start-up to succession, our professional business consultants are
The Spiro Institute sponsors a number of events to celebrate and promote
entrepreneurs in our region and we also assist entrepreneurs as well as
established companies with market opportunity asssessment and business
The State Library provides consultation, training and support to
libraries of all kinds throughout the state. We administer State funding
and grant funding streams and coordinate grant-funded programs for
libraries. We provide information services to State Government, and we
offer Talking Book Services to South Carolina residents.
Cluster strategies, education and entrepreneurship initiatives, statewide
Economic Development and Marketing the Upstate

I have 12+ years in economic development, working on the state, regional
and local levels. I am passionate about selling South Carolina and the
"A magazine reaching 8000+ members of the Upstate, SC community owning
homes worth $350,000+, also reaching local hotels, real estate agents,
and gas stations.

We focus on promoting community events and spotlighting local businesses.

promotion; publicity, press coverage, connecting people and business
opportunities, connecting people and business with community
Currently involved in Regional Economic Development, tasked with
cultivation and retention of investors; prior work in lobbying,
fundraising, economic development, non-profit management and working in
Data mining and modeling to ensure process optimization. This is
applcable to all systems from tratment plants to industrial processes.
The ADMi team provides a knowledge of engineering physics across many
industries, broad experience and knowledge of data mining technologies,
commercial grade software developers and an extensive track record in
data mining massive amounts of real-time data.
"My staff and I have been helping a wide range organizations achieve
their online marketing objectives for the past nine years.

We strive to be the leaders in this unique facet of marketing by bringing
our clients marketing objectives to fruition within the Internet
marketing arena. Most of AceEngine"
Mortgage Lending
Cross-cultural communication, international business (Human Resources
issues related to international relocation), nonprofit community,
consulting, network with other international groups in the Upstate,
immigration trends
"We specialize in helping business owners acquire, start-up or expand
their operations, including commercial real estate financing, leasehold
improvements, equipment, and working capital.

We are the lender, not brokers!"
Sustainability, environmental regulations, pollution prevention and waste
minimization, environmental process operations, process optimization,
environmental training, community relations
Informal learning, community-building
Thermal Spray Engineer , I have designed and developed many Coating
process for General Electric Corporation.
His practice area is corporate organization, mergers and acquisitions,
healthcare, commercial transactions, government, economic development and
banking law.
"As an attorney specialized in International corporate law
 and given my international background, I can assist US companies that
would like to export their products abroad or international companies
that would like to set up a subsidiary in South Carolina."
Leadership and Management
Administrative Management major with an entrepenurial influence and
Economics degree from Clemson University
Having worked for both Fortune 100 companies like BellSouth and several
technology startups, Neil brings over 20 years of strategy, technology
and people management experience to Columbia. His expertise includes
technology strategy, program management, assessment of partnerships and
alliances, and tech based economic development.
"Big company general management, sales, marketing & channels of
distribution expertise.

Early phase company purple hearts in: business planning, funding,
management team creation, technology development and Chinese JV's."
"Consumer Product Marketing

Economic Development

Entrepreneurial Development"
A stake in the future education and economic development of South
Marketing for industrial testing machines (Automotive and Home Appliance
) and enrgy saving and envronmental control solutions.
Mr. Hucks has spent 25 years in sales, marketing and business
I have expertise in areas of finance, treasury functions and cash
management - nationally and internationally - and have had direct,
integral involvement in the development and commercialization of new
products. I have also been an incorporator and principal and have
provided long-term strategic planning for the growth and success of those
organizations and companies with which I have been involved.
An investment in the South Carolina's youth and the economic future.
General financial management, extensive experince with early stage firms.
PB&W specializes in providing merger, acquisition, divestiture, fairness
opinion, valuation services to middle market companies.
"technology consulting
"15+ years in information technology (IT) support with focus in Microsoft
technology as a primary foundation as well as recent version of Linux
such as Ubuntu. Also have some programming skill implemented through
Java, C, C++.
Prior to specializing in IT, I have worked as a electronics bench
technician repairing equipment at a component level."
Two apl in one. Old apl 06679473 (a trade off of pers info for $ and adv
phrases ) Patented by ATT and now used by small cos. US 11/581,155 which
is now pub on uspto web and which is in rough shape and needs
amendmending. Would like a patent agent's eval & help.
I have had two fantastic internships; one at a dot com start-up being an
interactive marketing manager there, and a project management internship
at modem media (a publicis company).
The GSA Technology Council is the authoritative and collective voice of
upstate South Carolina's technology Community. Our monthly meetings,
weekly newsletter, annual job fair, and varied community service
activities give thousands of technology professionals the opportunity to
connect and collaborate with their peers.
Extensive human resource experience.
Develops successful business and marketing strategies for new and
changing markets across the entire communications value chain – from
components to service providers, and eventually to the end-user.
"Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Litigation. Trademark and Copyright
Registration and Contracts.

I love law--especially as it applies to science, engineering, technology,
creative works of copyright, art, literature and media, building things--
and the United States Constitution."
"Business Plans
Strategy Planning
Angel Investing
Online Ventures
Start ups
Strategic Marketing
Hi-tech Engineering"
Heraeus Holding is world wide company based in Hanau Germany. We have
over 11,000 employees, with annual sales exceeding $11B. Core businesses
are based on unique engineered materials for a broad range of
applications. We have 5 major divisions - Quartz Glass, Kulzer, W.C.
Heraeus, Electronite, and Nobelight. Number of subdivisions is around
70, in approximately 40 countries. 1 of world's largest trading
organizations for precious metals
Background Checks
Learning Management
Performance Appraisals
Development Planning
Succession Planning
Multirater Assessments
Exit Questionnaire
Content "
I work on physics and mathematics for engineering computation.
Photojournalism, strategic planning, grant, creative and technical
writing, and graphic arts.
My learning ability.
Extensive knowledge of middle-market transactions and the private capital
I have over 14 years of professional experience in the technology field
and possesses a BS in both Physics and Computer Science. I am a board
member for the South Carolina Technology Architecture Oversight
Committee, South Carolina Information Technology Directors Association
(SCITDA) and EngenuitySC. I am also involved with sevral CIO forums, ACM,
Information and Communication Technology cluster group - The Central
Carolina Economic Dev.
I have experience and insight into intellectual property issues that
companies face on a daily basis, both in helping protect intellectual
property assets and defending companies accused of misusing them.
Writing/editing, PR, media relations
I have worked with many different fields in the textile industry, and
many of the upcoming technologies. I have a background in textiles,
chemical applications within that field and composites.
Education, Capital Connections, Resources, Peer to Peer Exchange for
My expertise includes: materials and process development; polymer-matrix
composites, suspension behavior; processing aids; flocculation and
dispersion; carbon-composites; materials characterization; microwave
processing, nuclear materials.
Marketing and Sales
Potential opportunities in healthcare IT
Chamber of Commerce executive with extensive contacts in the Riverbanks
Region of SC and the military. Developed the Information Technology
Council at the Columbia Chamber, Board Member of EngunitySC.
"Accomplished, results-driven sales professional with an impressive 18
year record in international supply chain management. Extensive
background in International Ocean shipping, sales and sales management
covering various domestic and overseas postings. Proven experience in
client relationship-management, business development, marketing,
strategic planning, customer support and project management. Superior
communication skills with the ability to propose clear, compelling,
value-focused solutions. Proven, forward thinking leader and strong team
player with demonstrated experience of working diplomatically and
collaboratively with all levels of staff to ensure successful
implementation of projects.

"I have 10 years of supervision/manufacturing experience in production,
shipping and receiving.
Also 12 years of experience in common warehouse duties such as order
pulling, loading, shipping,receiving and inventory control."
Design Architects, Steel manufacturing, Composite car body production,
Electric Motor Manufacturing,
Civil Engineering,
Cnstruction Cost Consulting,
Executive Architects,
A BIG client!"
Event Planner, Tradeshow Coordinator, Bookkeeping
Trade Show Services.
Pollution Prevention & RCRA Background
i dont really have an expertise right now
"Inorganic and Organometallic chemistry
Materials chemistry
Organic chemistry"
Administrative assistant
22 years of experience in the automotive arena raning from quality
planning to production through quality assurance.
"Understanding and Support. A proven process/framework for the
development of a strategic marketing plan and vision for technology
focused companies.

Documented process for business plan and growth strategy focused on
entrepreneurs in the tech space.

A solid understanding of the challenges that tech companies face when
growing, marketing and positioning their business."
"I work with elected officials, businesses, and individuals for the
benefit of USC Upstate.
"Our organization help companies in businesses across all industries —
from emerging growth companies to business powerhouses — deal with a
broad range of business issues. Our team member pursue the highest levels
of integrity, quality and professionalism to provide clients with a broad
array of services relating to audit and risk-related services, tax, and

•Business / Enterprise Turnarounds
•Company formation / Start-up Consulting
•Strategic / Planning
•Expanding Growth / Venture Capital
•Budgeting and Forecasting
•Acquisition Due Diligence
•Operations and Financial     Analysis
•Relationship and Team Building
•Margin Improvement
•Training and Mentoring
"Wilson McQueen is the Director of Marketing/General Partner Cyclone
Founder of Several Inter Island Ferry Services in the Caribbean (St
Maarten-St Barts-Anguilla and Saba) that now produce Fifteen Million
in income for the islands annually.
Founder of Saba's first Five Star Diving facility that put the tiny
of Saba on the map for International Diving Destinations."
Topaz Publications is a one stop source for development and production of
technical manuals, technical training courses, and industrial procedures
for print and computer-cased delivery. The company employs content
developers with hands-on technical backgrounds, as well as editors,
artists, and DTP specialists.
Start-ups in technology, web related small businesses, creative content
development & distribution. From Silicon Valley to the SC Lowcountry.
Marketing of sustainable products
Expertise in Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Brochures,
Marketing Materials, New Product Launches, Business-to-Business programs,
Trulite is currently engaged in final development of an indoor generator
that utilizes fuel cell technology. Our knowledge of prime and back-up
power utilizing clean, renewable resources should be of benefit to many
within the community
Trulite is engaged in the development, production, sourcing, marketing
and selling of portable, semi-portable and stationary products,
components and systems that can generate power for use in off-grid
applications requiring power up to 1 KW. These products, components and
systems include hydrogen fuel cells, photovoltaic solar panels, wind
micro-turbines, batteries, charge controllers and inverters.
Energy industry. Place mid to senior level professionals throughout the
US. See my web site:
Employment possibility
General Management, Marketing, Sales, structuring alliances & OEM
agreements, channels to market, cable manufacturing,   optical fibre &
All aspects of Information Technology. Large scale complex Project
Academic expertise and networks related to sustainability initiatives and
environmental impacts.
Business Management Student with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship
A decade of engineering and business experience working with corporations
including entrepreneurial biotechnology start-ups, mid-sized
manufacturers, and Fortune 500 global enterprises. A diverse background
in mechanical and biomedical engineering R&D, operations management, and
strategic business analysis. Entrepreneurial leadership and business
development experience with emphasis on technology commercialization.
Marketing and public relations professional with added experience in
human resources, education and staffing/recruitment. Thrive in people-
centric organizations that can feed my positive energy. Interested in
advancing my professional knowledge in the marketing and PR fields.
Commercial photographer
Industrial real estate development in synch with logistics supply chain
"Utilities & energy Conservation
Information Technology
Process Operations
Process Automation & sensors"
"Channel Development and Management Experience;
International Business Management Experience in North America, Europe and
Executive Coaching Experience;
Wide-ranging executive background including large multinational
companies, global joint ventures, management consulting, and
entreprenurial startups."
Research and Development
12 years in the valley, 4 startups all successful exits, 1 IPO and 1
public restructuring. Knowledge of west coast VC community. Deep
connections within the tech industry. Architect level positions at Apple
and Microsoft as well as deep knowledge of technical policy within the US
Government and European Union. Deep understanding and execution of IP
strategy and agile software development processes in high tension
Expertise in new media, branding, publishing, online and mobile content,
product placement
Vedacolor is your source for professional catalog design. We offer
additional supporting services, such as product photography, to make your
products stand out from your competitors and drive consumers to use your
brand. We will work closely with you to maximize your budget and produce
a polished, high-quality product catalog that will appeal strongly to
your target market. We have the knowledge and expertise to generate
superior results and are committed to excellent customer service and
Currently developing a automobile & suppoting technologies to win the
Automotive X-Prize (
Technical innovations, start-up companies, Intellectual Property
Experience in Windows Networking, Security and Training.
"Strongly focused on developing community and cultivating mutually
beneficial and effective business relationships.
Excellent work ethic. 45 years old, 6' 190 lbs. good health and no
physical limitations. Open to other employment opportunities. Currently
work for various contractors at Duke energy. Discovered a way to respond
more efficiently and cost effective to certain electric customers needs.
May present to Duke, possibly start my own company.
cooking expertise
"My 20+ years in the Air Force helped enhance me as a team player while
becoming more self-reliant.

Skills include:
· Project Management
· Strategic Planning
· Training and Development
· Quality Management
· Financial Management
· Personnel Management"
years of business & marketing experience and CEO-publisher of 15 year old
Greenville city, business and community magazine & state wide magazine.
sales systems, visual modeling, configuration management, business
transformation, portal infrastructure, collaborative services.
"The Upstate South Carolina MRC covers SC DHEC's Region 2, which includes
the following counties: Cherokee, Greenville, Pickens, Spartanburg, and
Union. After SC DHEC restructuring, the current Upstate South Carolina
MRC unit was re-activated and is now in its early stages of development.
The mission of the Upstate MRC will be to train volunteers to augment
public health and emergency preparedness responsibilities. One of our
goals is to recruit medical and health volunteers. This recruitment is
being done in conjunction with marketing the South Carolina Statewide
Emergency Registry of Volunteers (SCSERV). Another goal is to have
volunteers participate in public health initiatives, as well as various
training programs through CERT, Red Cross, and NIMS. To sign up as a
volunteer with the South Carolina MRCs, please register in the South
Carolina Statewide Emergency Registry of Volunteers (SCSERV) database at:
Extensive sales, marketing and general management experience in start ups
and turnarounds. Run own business for 20 years, a creative, ethical,deal
maker. Considerable network especially in the UK high tech marketplace.
Understands cultural divides of running international businesses.
Raising per capita income through industry recruitment
Potential employees in our students. Also, potential for faculty and
student groups to assess technical and business feasibility of new
technologies and products.
Assist entrepreneurs and those who help them in understanding of current
research and its impact on their plans.
Digital Strategy Consulting
Knowledge of downtown Greenville and market.
Watermark Advisors sets the high mark of execution for mergers &
acquisitions, equity capital financings, CFO decision support models, and
valuations & fairness opinions. While each client has a unique set of
issues, the art of investment banking is tailoring the execution process
to address the specific challenges that face them. With the same peak
level of commitment to each client served, Watermark's processes maximize
value for every client.
Have successfully led several enterprise operations in a conversion to
the use of ""virtual server"" technology which yielded significant cost
savings, DR/BCP enhancements, increased system stability, and other
operational benefits. I have delivered numerous presentations on
enterprise data center and technology overhauls as well as technology
staff optimization. I have also delivered presentations and consulting
expertise on virtualization initiatives.
The E-Board, an ergonomic, electronic workstation.
The Harbert Private Equity Funds have completed 30 platform investments
and over 70 add-on investments to those platforms over the past 10 years.
We have experience in a wide range of industries and deal structures. We
partner with existing management teams to assist companies in their
desire for growth.
At Inspire Networking we have partnerships wiht over 25 different
telecommunications carriers. With 8 years experience selling carriers
services and working with the different carriers we have a broad
experience to serve our clients. Our customer base has basic services
like local phone lines, long distance, and internet T1s, but we also have
customers who needs include disaster reocvery trailers, co-locations,
data centers, MPLS networks just to name a few.
Cruise Planners offer a unique way of making cruise travel arrangements
by attending to each and every client with personal care and devotion. We
make an extra effort to provide our customers with all necessary
information and take care of their travel arrangements beyond the cruise
program. Furtermore we organise cruise nights, have a monthly newsletter
and implement an Award Program to educate our clients the best way
possible about cruise products and the industry as well as to show them
how much we care about them.
"Apple Computer software and hardware support. Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5
certified. Mac OS X Server 10.5 certified.
Member of the Apple Consultants Network and Small Business Pro team. This
enables us to work directly with Apple Inc. to provide a wide variety of
solutions to our customers in the area. We offer installation and set up
of Apple products, as well as continuing IT support to our clients. We
routinely integrate Macs into Microsoft environments and can coordinate
with IT staff to sync Apple computers with Microsoft server systems.    "
The Growth and Innovation Group provides services to help organizations
discover, shape, and lauch new growth platforms. We have decades of
experience in building new businesses and have helped large companies,
small companies and venture capital firms. I was recently the Executive
Director of Dow Corning's Business and Technology Incubtor and have broad
global management experience including specialty materials, Venture
capital, building new growth platforms and new businesses, solar energy,
alternative, biotechnology,medical devices, compound semiconductors and a
vareity of other industries.
I bring 15 years so strategic planning experience for new program
"Consistently evaluating and incorporating powerful technology solutions
to Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. Serves the creative design
needs of graphic designers, product engineers, architects, advertising
agencies, production managers, and trade show planners. Producer of
marketing materials that include brochures, flyers, press releases, and
internal and external publications.

The Color Lab at TPM is the largest producer of large-format graphics in
the Carolinas. We specialize in fleet graphics, indoor/outdoor signage,
banners, trade show displays, site signs, architectural renderings,
backlit displays, posters, wall murals, POP displays, and much more"
Mr. Tainter joined MBVC as an analyst in October 2005. He is responsible
for managing the daily flow of investment opportunities through all
phases of the investment pipeline. In addition, Mr. Tainter performs due
diligence assignments on selected prospective investments. Mr. Tainter is
also responsible for scouting potential investments through attendance at
various venture fairs and by building networks of contacts in the legal
and venture communities.
Outbreak Media, Inc. creates online communities to foster the connection
between consumers and brands creating a uniquely targeted, performance-
based marketing platform for advertisers.
"Computer Aided Design - Software development (6+ years of teaching and
Product Innovation - supervised sponsored design projects for over 15
Collaborative Design - conduct research in how to get engineers to
communicate effectively"
ClarkPowell designs, builds and maintains professional Audio Visual
KVGI provides education, inplementation, and support services provide
solutions to challenges by providing the tools and environment required
to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration. Whether the challenge is
customer management, project/job management, or inventory control small
and medium size organizations can now have the tools that were once cost
prohibited. Even the smallest organization can improve its processes,
reduce stress, improve service, and reduce cost by creating an
information sharing environment.
"I have extensive experience in the arena of marketing and sales of
software. I'm experiences in online marketing including google PPC and
search engine optimization.
I can structure a sales organization to follow a repeatable process for
systematic business development."
"Digital Sabre Solutions, LLC provides reliable, quality customized
software application development. Small to medium and a growing number of
larger companies use our services. We meet your specific business
needs/requirements with affordable custom software solutions.

The uniqueness of our offshore software development services is the
integration of an onshore local project management office with an
offshore development team. This ensures continuous reliable communication
with our clients along with highly competitive proposals. Our project
managers are seasoned skilled professionals that are dedicated to
ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our home office in Charlotte, NC provides easy local communication. The
multinational character of our affordable offshore software development
team guarantees cost effective solutions that enhance your business
value. The result is business software solutions that work, both
economically and from a customer satisfaction perspective – offshore
pricing and onshore convenience."
We built the Swamp Fox Community tool you are using right now. We
designed the InnoVenture website and run the email marketing for Swamp
Fox. We created a social networking site for action sports athletes
( and are in the process of creating several other
new online companies for different clients. Is HTML a nanotechnology?
We provide excellent product photography for web site and collateral
material for our manufacturing clients. Working Pictures has years of
experience in both studio and location photography with clients ranging
from advertising agencies to architects. We've provided executive head
shots for our corporate clients as well.
i have 18 years in this indusry. fourteen of being President
Key products include fiber optic cable and accessories, fiber management
hardware, connectorized assemblies, photonic components, fusion splicers
and fiber optic test equipment. Our network services division focuses on
engineer, furnish & intall services for communications carriers, wireless
companies, enterprises, fiber to the home networks and electric
Worked for seven years with Eastman Chemical as a process engineer in the
PET industry involved in project management, process development, process
design, business strategy, patents, licensing, and process management.
In current position, perform technology assessments, patent evaluations,
and business/ marketing plan assessments. Have 2+ years of drafting and
executing technical license agreements at USC.
CPA firm with 23 years of experience working with small businesses and
their owners.
Partners have deep investing and operating experience in a variety of
industries including healthcare, technology and business services. We
are actively seeking good investment opportunties for our private equity
We bring specialized expertise in economic impact analysis, innovation,
technology transfer, commercialization, and human capital and talent
strategies. We focus primarily on transformational projects which add
value to our clients.
Technology experience, investment banking knowledge and network.
Expertise in leadership development, executive coaching, mentoring,
competency assessments, organizational culture, best practices for
successful and long term hiring, assimilating newly hired employees,
retaining employees. Please check out our website at for a variety of
articles of interest to business owners and leaders.
I have 20+ years of successful leadership at high growth technology based
businesses, with particular expertise with sales, fundraising and
business development matters.
Business incubation facilities, services and support. Experience in
strategic analysis, mergers and acquisitions, equity investments due
diligence. Detailed knowledge and extensive contacts in the chemical
industry, particularly fine chemicals for pharmaceuticals.
Our lab has developed technology to track and classify vehicles from
video cameras. This work has generated considerable interest from
potential government customers (e.g., state DOTs).
The ability to utilize new technology such as streaming video and mobile
marketing to reach our target audience (pregnant women, moms and couples
trying to conceive) and present them with our high-end, expert-backed and
award winning content.
"An ISO-9001 approved company, SENKO® is able to provide multinational
corporations with the technical expertise to liaise with engineers, and
the manufacturing flexibility to develop custom products for the ever
growing high tech industry.

Many of our products were created to resolve a specific design challenge
faced by our customers. We offer one of the industry’s largest product
portfolios, and our quality is second to none.
"Ormsby Consulting Group, LLC is a woman-owned small business located in
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. We specialize in helping organizations
and businesses explore, develop and implement comprehensive solutions to
overcome complex challenges. Ormsby Consulting Group, LLC supports both
commercial and government markets, specializing in Federal, State and
Local government and communications. Our commitment to excellence is
based on the experiences and lessons learned over 20 years in the
Emergency Management, Business Continuity and Information Technology

For more information, please visit our website at

Power Quality Systems offers an extensive list of Products and Services
for those who are interested in Energy and Water Efficiency &
Conservation. Our products typically qualify for LEED Points and their
implementation can be structured to fit your time and financial budget.
Exploring our customer
"Outbreak Media, Inc. builds and grows targeted communities for
underserved niche markets.

Specializing in social online communities, interactive marketing, search
engine optimization, advertising and strategic partnerships.
We are a hi tech, cutting edge company already creating cluster industies
to support our activities.
28 years of sales and management experience in the ophthalmic
Ties to the Caribbean and early retirement business ideas.
Our small business has engineers and scientists in materials, structures,
dynamics, control, aerospace vehicles, spacecraft propulsion,
astrodynamics, astronautics, aerodynamics, and aeronautics.
We have control of land with natural water resources. We have a great
relationship with the inventor/patent holder/system manufacturer/system
marketer and system finance entity's. We have good relationship with
politicians and potential marketing professionals.
Dr. Eckert is a neuroscientist whose expertise is focused on neuroimaging
methods, developmental disorders, and detection of atypical brain
The Lowcountry Graduate Center works to bring new educational
opportunities in higher education to the Charleston region in addition to
providing information and academic counsel to those interested in
pursuing graduate studies.
We are positioning global private equity in China, hence our company name
of The Asia Atlantic Group. "Putting Profit in Your Portfolio" is our
slogan. Currently we focus on hyper-ROI projects (in excess of 60% per
year) in the retail sector. However, we also can help with: site
consultation/selection; sourcing of suppliers; production and delivery
assurance (meaning factory visits when problems arise); and advising on
China operations.
"Penn Valley Group (PVG) assists management teams with building immediate
and sustainable enterprise value in their businesses during periods of
“breakout growth” and profitability. Our multi-disciplinary service
offerings are focused on uncovering opportunities within business
functions that may be underperforming or remain unexamined. We take a
collaborative, disciplined approach to working with our clients in these

Strategy & Planning
Financial & Operational Management
Human Capital Management
Sales & Marketing
Corporate Development/M&A
Capital Development

Whether you need a comprehensive strategic plan, diverse funding options,
operational support or management resources, PVG provides the expertise,
advice and guidance to maximize your company’s growth potential.

Our expertise has been developed over 12 years and involves both high
level and mid-level executive placement for fast growing companies in the
High-Tech, CleanTech, BioTech, and advanced materials market space. We
work with the VC community particularly well in complete company
buildouts once significant investments have been made. This includes
board members, C-level, V-level, and senior level management roles. Some
of the more notable VCs that we work with are: Kliener Perkins, Khosla
Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Virgin Green Fund, EnerTech Capital,
Flagship Ventures, Great Point Ventures, Rock Port Capital, and many
I can provide access to resources at Appalachian State University and
businesses in western North Carolina. The Center for Entrepreneurship is
rapidly expanding initiatives on campus and throughout the region. In
addition to entrepreneurship, other areas of expertise that can be found
at Appalachian include appropriate technology, alternative energy,
sustainable development, accounting and international business.
We have developed, tested and patented the world's first sewer service
flow meter for the measurement of flow volume from every wastewater
service connection. The meter is economical to manufacture by injection
molding of PVC components, operates simply and is fail safe. The meter
is particularly useful to minicipalities in locating and quantifying
sources for infiltration and inflow. The estimated US market for the
meter is $45 billion.
"We concentrate on recycling of materials especially older materials that
are hard to find and re-claiming lumber from older buildings. Historic
Preservation is GREEN!"
"ER, LLC provides highly talented executives with proven records of
success in entrepreneurially driven companies. Our business is providing
senior talent, not canned solutions or teams of junior consultants.

Our partners work closely with CEOs transforming their strategic vision
into operating, financial and technological plans that are focused on key
drivers. We believe a value generating tipping point occurs when an
entire organization understands "
"BigLeapGPS is a start up services based family protection company that
utilizes the world’s smallest GPS device coupled with a 24/7 support
network that is dedicated to locating and recovering lost, kidnapped, or
injured family members, pets, or assets anywhere in the world.

In my blog I have tracked my movement through the processes - please vist
it at:"
"We work with health related organizations and professionals to
accurately perform SWOT assessments in order to appropriately coordinate
and structure their medical practice and/or healthcare business with
their financial goals.

We strategically plan the development of a strong long-term financial
focused program and coach the execution of the stakeholders’ ultimate
We provide the web-based capability to streamline the new employee
acquistion and management process, as well as provide a web-based tool
for managing benefits enrollments.
At Wolf Technology Group, we provide professional and innovative IT
services to companies and individuals eliminating the need to employ,
train or maintain an internal IT staff. Our philosophy is ensuring
customer satisfaction by providing quality service with exceptional
resources that have demonstrated a sound understanding of their area of
expertise. Wolf Technology Group is a veteran and woman owned business.
Dr. Hudgins has worked in high tech clean rooms and optical labs for over
12 years as a graduate student and post doc. His research has covered
topics from the formation luminescent silica nano spheres as chemical
sensors, photonic crystal arrays and oriented nanowire stacks for the
manipulation of light pulses (slow light) to doping UV curable polymers
for the formation of 3D optical devices by Rapid Prototyping.
I have been in the transaction business in the Southeast for over 20
years and have built a network of entrepreneurs, senior executives,
intermediaries and service providers who have been critical to my success
in business development.
The senior professionals in our practice have extensive experience in
developing and executing capital raising transactions involving senior
debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine and private equity which support a
wide range of transaction types to meet our clients' needs. Our team
stays current with the market and can create a variety of customized
capital structures which support your business plan and financial
From a technical business standpoiint, I believe I have the ability get a
a lot done with minimal resources. I also think, through my experience, I
have the ability to clearly see a market opportunity and create a viable
product to meet that need.
With Innovation and Creativity as my weapons, I eagerly search for
new/better solutions to existing problems & opportunities of all kinds.
My mind never stops identifying opportunities for improvement, and then
finding solutions with the right set of features, benefits, constraints,
& tradeoffs that will make them successful in the marketplace.
I am a software architect, entrepreneur, and business leader with a
diverse background that enables me to shape all aspects of SinglePoint’s
business—from technology strategy, development, and implementation to
client services and long-term business planning. I lead a strong
technical team in the development of world-class products and continue to
push the envelope in enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. My
passions include innovative technology development and creative problem
Lotus 911 is a Premier IBM Business Partner focused on providing premier
professional consulting and sofware licensing services for Lotus products
such as Notes, Domino, Sametime, Quickplace / Quickr, Connections,
Websphere Portal, Domino.Doc , LEI, and Lotus Forms. Founded in 1996, we
provide on-site and off-site support, implementation, upgrade, migration,
training, and application development services for both small and large
Lotus projects, as well as hosting, business process analysis, and
competitive product defense.
I have deep knowledge and experience of database designing. Having
powerful programming logic, I can understand the needs of the companies
as far as website is concerned. Plus my husband who has 25 years of
website designing experience and I give free consultation to the
companies on the topic. Plus I am a member of Simpsonville Chamber of
Commerce, Upstate Creia, GSATC, SC Web Masters Assoc and many other
networking committees. Plus I am a dedicated realtor finding my niche in
foreclosure market. I am here to work with anybody. I believe in win-win
and grow together.
Attorney with experience in providing legal services with fees based on
efficiency and results.
Our company provides nonwoven textile equipment to manufaturers in many
fields such as filtration and automotive. We also have a subdivision
that deals in machinery for the recycling industry - bottle separators,
grinders, washers, baling, separating.
Provide Property & Casualty insurance for all risks of both Commercial
and Personal exposures. We also specialize in the Ocean Marine coverage
in over 30 states.
"Lifelong Learning at Furman University provides a broad array of
educational classes, trips, and programs for children, young people,
and adults in the Upstate community. Participants learn ""just for the
fun of it"" in a curriculum of primarily
weeknight and weekend classes updated seasonally. We offer something for
everyone. Classes are taught by University faculty, as well as community
resource persons. Call 864-294-2153 for a schedule of classes.

Private equity firm based in Atlanta with particular interest in South
Carolina (family connections).
Parrish Brian Partners, Inc. is a seed stage investment firm focused on
technology and/or execution driven business models. We'll invest up to
$500,000 in a seed round, typically 50% of which is supplied by Parrish
Brian with the remainder being provided by our accredited Angels which
have specialized operational expertise within the industry in which the
investment opportunity seeks to operate. We are active, hands-on,
investors located in RTP at the First Flight Venture Center, a technology
We position PMG as providing our clients with a clear and well documented
path toward profitable growth – whether through increased share of
customer or successful entry into new markets. Our normal offering
includes market research and services to include market assessments,
market strategy development, customer satisfaction/value analysis
surveys, key issue research, competitive assessments and lead generation.
PMG can be found at or call Bob Giangiorgi at 864-573-6144.
"Everywhere outside of South Carolina I am successful. I work with a top
technical and business university to assist commericalizing their
technology with Fortune 200 companies and National firms.

After 20 years in South Carolain, I am not sure if they have a table in
South Carolina yet even Knives and forks."
We assist companies to site new and expanding operations.
Sustainability, Recycling, Waste Management, Composting
Our IT support staff has set us up on Linux-operated servers, and written
software in Lotus Notes to support project mangement. We have offered
their expertise to friendly competitors and some clients, and have
assisted many in moving to Linux.
"We are the perhaps the smallest compnay in our country with the greates
ambition in our market.

It has come to our attention that many potential resources and advice
from us can help other early-stage entrepreneurs get ahead. We have faced
other type of obstacles not present in a large economy like in the US and
our expertise comes from overcoming obstacles that do not exist there."
Healthcare, IT, Software, workflow
Business Startup, Speaking, Marketing, Networking, Blogging
I am creative, have marketing experience, and am multi-lingual in four
Hosting and managing business critical applications 24x7x365. We can be
your IT dept. or we can augement your existing team. We help companies
achieve savings and greater uptime by offering a variety of managed
services using a hosted, virtual or dedicated environment delievered from
one of our (12) twelve enterprise-class data centers.
Parallel Entrepreneur founding and involved in multiple start-ups both
non-profit and for-profit. Extensive software, product development, and
deal making experience.
Experience and expertise in technology commercialization and company
Talented marketing communications professional with firm grasp of public
relations / event planning concepts. Experienced in leveraging wide array
of marketing strategies that successfully developed sales, raised public
awareness and built customer loyalty. Proven ability to contribute to the
high-level strategic direction. Calm and pleasant demeanor and effective
problem-solver. Superior written and communications skills, e.g., write
audience-appropriate copy for newsletters, Web sites, training materials,
brochures, periodicals, grants and sales literature. Excellent copy
writing and editorial skills.
Electrical Controls for various application WIND, GAS TURBINE, STEAM
Will be speaking at the Innoventure Conference.
will be updated soon
Will provide later
will submit later
Extensive experience in reporting and public relations
Woman-Owned Business, Minority-Owned Business, W/MBE, Supplier Diversity,
Vendor Diversity, Small Business Development, Marketing, Marketing
Experienced videographer and editor of documentary films.
Extensive knowledge of the USC Moore School of Business: graduate and
executive education, internship opportunities, business relations and
alumni affairs
20+ years experience in manufacturing with empahsis in human resources,
organization development and design, logistics, and operations
management. Strong history of collaboration between employers and the
education community.
Knowlegable of several of the product lines and technologies that
Milliken has to offer and always looking for new ideas to promote
Over 25 years of experience in Plant Tissue Culture, mostly for
micropropagation. Want to market a patented invention. Master of
Agriculture 1988, U. of Florida; Bachelor of Science, U. of P.R. 1981.
Amateur baker and Project Manager. Fluent in Spanish and English;
knowledge of Italian, Portuguese, and French.
Lean/Kaizen background. Six Sigma. Engineering and manufacturing
productivity experience.
Available to assist reporters seeking faculty expert sources for business
topics, including innovation management, entrepreneurship, supply chain
management, biosciences management, management of technology, enterprise
risk management, and other business topics.
Web design and content management systems. Information design and
Marketing planning, advertising and brand development
Wound healing
"Your business is distinctive. Your message is unique. Your Marketing
Company is there to make the difference. A valued part of your team, YMC
provides cost-effective advertising, marketing and public relations
solutions. It's rare these days to hear about a affordable price. YMC
provides everything a larger agency offers, except the extra expense.
There are No Retainers and No Contracts.
Your Marketing Company is a one-stop shop with all your marketing and PR
services under one-roof. Quick and flexible to your small business needs
in a convenient retail location(off I 385) with plenty of parking. YMC
keeps regular store hours during the week, with appointments available
Your Marketing Company---big ideas for SMALL BUSINESS. Now, Let's Get
"Expertise in:
- High tech electronics semiconductors, hardware and software

- High volume PC and Server design, development, and production

- Digital media (audio, video, data   systems

- WiMAX and 802.16 wireless networking for defense and industrial

- Secure defense communications

- High assurance encryption systems

- RF systems for defense and industrial applications

- Space based electronics"
"- Policy Deployment including Strategic Planning and Execution
- New Product Development Ideation, Screening, Stage-Gate Project
Management, Business Analysis, Market Testing and Commercialization.
- VOC research including Kano surveys, face-to-face inter"
- Foreign Translations, Inc. ( is a 10 year
old foreign language translation, interpreting and website localization
firm headquartered in Greenville, SC with regional offices in Raleigh, NC
and New York, NY. We translate docume
"Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
Project Management
Online Marketing
Email Campaign Management
Viral Marketing
Word Of Mouth Marketing
Channel Marketing
Audio/Video Production
Web Development and Management
"- writing and editing
- media relations
- executive communications
- event planning
- member of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
- 2008 graduate of Charleston Chamber of Commerce's Leadership
"- full DfSS methodology, tools, tasks, and action items for developing
new products and processes.
- full Six Sigma methodology, tools, tasks, and action items for current
products and processes where the root cause is not known

Master Black Belt that le"
"Intellectual Property Development/
Mobile Film Production Technology Vendor (""Nomad RoadShow"")/
Soundstage Leaser/
Manufacturer and Retailer of Antique Architectural Products (reclaimed
heartpine and walnut floors and stair-ways per ""Carolina Virgin
HeartPine, Inc."")"
"Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Quality Management Systems (QMS),
Manufacturing Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Validation, 21 CFR
Part 11, cGXP, Medical Device, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical
Marketing and Management Recruiting

"My personal expertise is in metal and dielectric nanoparticle, as well
as nanocomposite synthesis and characterization; polymer synthesis and
characterization; fabrication of organic electronic devices; and
electronic and vibrational spectroscopy.

In terms of resources, the Center for Optical Materials Science and
Engineering Technologies is a state-of-the-art research facility located
in the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory in the Clemson Research
Park. COMSET owns and operates a host of analytical equipment in areas
such as spectroscopy, thermal analysis, and colloidal characterization.
The Center also operates a readily reconfigurable 6.5m Heathway Optical
Fiber Draw Tower -- one of the most advanced at U.S. universities -- as
well as a MCVD lathe built by SG Control for the fabrication of specialty
optical fiber preforms. "

Web Designer, Information Architecture, Photoshop, Illustrator, XHTML,

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