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      WELLNESS NEWS from Dawn Wiegmann, RN
                                                                        Watcher                                                MARCh 2009

Good Nutrition in March                                                                                           Think before
Health eating is the cornerstone of healthy            list of ingredients needed to make those items.             you drink
living. So why is it that every so often we all (me    Then make a list of what you need and go to the         Take this little quiz …
included) get on a kick to lose some weight …          store.
then for a few short weeks we try very hard to eat                                                           Q: Which drink is the most
correctly? I think one piece of advice we should       It helps to make your shopping list in the order         likely to make you crave
always remember is … “Never start a diet that          of your grocery store, e.g. produce, grains, dairy,      more sweets? Regular or
you are not going to follow for a lifetime!”           meat. That helps you become faster and less              diet soda or juice …
                                                       prone to buying things you don’t need.                A: Research shows that drinking
That’s why our new “Begin!” program that The                                                                    aspartame in diet soda may
W	and	Hy-Vee	are	doing	together	is	so	exciting!	       Because we are working on planning our meals             make you crave more sweets,
                                                                                                                by confusing the body to
It’s looking at lifelong healthy skills as we cook,    for better health, we also need to watch what we
                                                                                                                wanting more sweets.
eat,	and	exercise.	                                    spend on food. We can save money and still eat
                                                       healthy! Here are a few ways to save money and        Q: Which drink is the hardest
One	skill	that	is	very	important	is	planning	          gain health:                                             on your teeth? Cola, root
meals. We need to know that no one plans to fail                                                                beer or lemon-lime/citrus
– they just fail to plan!                              Go for the grain – We all have heard the benefits        soda …
                                                       of eating more whole grains and most whole            A: Clear sodas are loaded with
Planning saves time and money, and it puts you         grains are pennies per serving. Buy oatmeal and          citric acid, which corrodes
in	control	of	what	you	eat.	An	easy	way	to	start	      brown rice in bulk or larger containers.                 tooth enamel.
getting	control	of	our	food	is	to	plan	at	least	3-4	   	      O
                                                            •		 atmeal	is	14	cents	per	serving	versus	
healthful dinners that are easy to make. When                 individual instant packets that are 32 cents   Q: If you are trying to cut
you get good at planning those, work up to                    per serving.                                      your caffeine, what should
                                                                                                                you drink? Root beer, cola
planning for the whole week.                           	      B
                                                            •		 rown	rice	is	15	cents	per	serving.
                                                                                                                or orange soda…
Consider	making	extra	to	serve	for	the	next	           One of the most inexpensive proteins around           A: Drink the root beer, which
                                                                                                                has 23 mg. of caffeine per
night’s	dinner	or	take	it	for	lunch	the	next	day	at	   is beans. They are also high in fiber but low in
                                                                                                                can, which is less than the
work.                                                  fat.                                                     orange drink (41 mg.) and
                                                            •		 ggs	and	beans	are	the	least	expensive	          the cola (34 mg.).
Check	out	your	supplies.	Write	down	what	you	                 protein sources.
usually eat for breakfast and lunch and make a         	      C
                                                            •		 anned	beans	are	12	cents	per	serving	        Q: A can of soda has as
                                                              and	dried	beans	are	5	cents	per	serving.	A	       much sugar as a sport
                                                              hard-boiled egg is 9 cents per serving.           drink, candy bar or white
                                                                                                                chocolate mocha drink …
                                                       We don’t eat enough veggies and fruits. If we         A: 1-12 oz. soda = 10 teaspoons
                                                       buy frozen, we save money and keep all the               sugar the same as a white
                                                       nutrients!                                               chocolate mocha drink.
                                                           •		 rozen	broccoli	is	37	cents	per	serving.
                                                                                                             Q: The carbonation in soda
                                                           •		 rozen	pineapple	is	40	cents	per	serving.	
                                                                                                                may make you feel
                                                                                                                hungry, cause you to skip
                                                       Drink milk for your health! A	serving	of	milk	           a workout, or slow your
                                                       is still one of the best nutrient bangs for your         metabolism…
                                                       buck.                                                 A: It may make you skip your
                                                             •		 at-free	milk	is	21	cents	per	serving.          workout because carbonation
                                                             •		 uying	yogurt	in	the	large	container	will	      can cause bloating.
                                                               cut the cost per serving in half.

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WARTBURG WELLNESS WATChER                                                                                                          MARCh 2009

Five Reasons Why You’re Always Starving
Here is a foolproof plan to keep hunger          You stockpile your calories.
from gnawing away at you.                        You eat so sparingly during the day that by                 How much protein
                                                 the time dinner rolls around your famished.
Even	when	we	are	trying	to	make	good	            Even	if	you’re	eating	healthy,	you	overeat!	                   is enough?
nutrition a top priority, most of us can at      Eating	earlier	in	the	day	is	a	must	to	head	          Protein is a nutrient found in every cell of
some	point	of	the	day	…	become	a	crazed	         off	disaster	later	on.	Limit	the	size	of	your	        your body, including those in your bones,
snacking machine. Here are some reasons          evening meal so that you wake up eager for            muscles, skin, and blood. To maintain
for our insane behavior:                         breakfast.	And	then	continue	to	stick	to	that	        these cells, the average adult needs 45 to
                                                 three-hour rule with eating so your blood             60 gms. of protein each day. Protein helps
You eat the right foods at the                   sugar doesn’t go up and down.                         build and repair our body tissues, and
                                                                                                       there is some evidence that protein helps
wrong times.                                                                                           decrease hunger.
Haphazard	eating	can	lead	to	overeating.	We	     You drink your meals.
need	to	eat	on	time.	Failing	to	eat	regularly	   If you are in that yummy habit of lattes for          We should eat healthy amounts of lean
scheduled meals can boost the body’s output      breakfast	and	smoothies	for	lunch...Ouch!             protein to assist us in maintaining a
of insulin, which can increase appetite and      Our	bodies	are	made	to	enjoy	eating	or	               healthy body and a healthy weight.
slow	calorie	burn.	Carry	portable	snacks	        munching our food.
so you’re ready when hunger strikes. Write                                                             Salmon
                                                 A	Purdue	University	study	had	people	given	               ½ fillet – 42 gms.
down what you eat and when. See if there’s
a pattern. Remember the three-hour rule to       450	extra	calories	a	day	—	some	liquid	and	           Roasted Turkey
eating!                                          some	solid.	Those	who	ate	the	extra	solid	               1 cup – 41 gms.
                                                 food ended up eating much less during the
                                                                                                       Tuna salad
                                                 day	then	those	who	had	the	extra	liquid	
You eat breakfast, just not the                                                                            1 cup – 33 gms.
                                                 calories. The reason is that chewing releases
right kind.                                      hormones that signal fullness, and solid food         Low-fat cottage cheese
We need to build a morning meal that             is	digested	more	slowly	than	liquids.	So	we	             1 cup – 29 gms.
contains both protein and carbs. This will       need to eat our food to assist us in knowing          Soybeans
provide sustained energy throughout the          when we are full.                                        boiled, 1 cup – 29 gms.
morning. What we pick to eat has a major
impact on how satisfied we feel the rest of                                                            Skinless roasted chicken breast
                                                 If we focus on food combinations that                     1 cup – 27 gms.
the	day.	A	cereal	bar	may	be	convenient	but	
it’s a megadose of simple sugars that will
                                                 will get us through to our next meal...
                                                                                                       Sirloin steak broiled
make you hungry sooner!                          no starving required!                                      3 oz. – 23 gms.

Eat	a	slice	of	cheese	on	whole	wheat	bread	
or egg whites on whole wheat toast, or
whole grain cereal with skim milk.                                            Vending Machine Snacks
                                                   If you crave something salty, which one is the better pick?
Your diet is flawless but flavorless.              Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, original flavor SunChips or Frito-lay Smartfood white
If you eat broiled chicken and steamed             cheddar cheese popcorn
veggies every day you will get bored and
have a hard time sticking to a healthy             The Smartfood white cheddar popcorn has 20 more calories than the
diet. You need to be creative with flavor,         SunChips, but more protein to keep you feeling fuller longer. The
and spice it up! Try new herbs like basil,         Goldfish have half the fiber and 50 more calories than the popcorn.
gingerroot, oregano, and mint. Try adding
acidity (a dash of lemon juice or balsamic         If you crave something chocolaty, which one is
                                                   better pick?
vinegar).	Or	try	sweetness	(a	teaspoon	of	
                                                   3 Musketeers, Snickers, or Reese’s peanut butter cups
honey or brown sugar). It can help your
meals	from	becoming	boring.	Add	all	               Pick the peanut butter cups. You can have two for
textures:	creamy,	crunchy,	and	chewy.	Add	         50 fewer calories than the Snickers (with the same
nuts to your salad or granola to your yogurt.      protein and fiber). But the 3 Musketeers bar has 30
                                                   more calories with half the protein. The Reese’s will
                                                   need to be counted for two snacks for 230 calories.

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