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From The President . . .                                         Canucks Christen
 Well, another Holiday Season is here which means
 another anniversary for the Alumni Association. In              Krausche in Style
 the Winter of 1990 a group of interested alumni                               By Paul Franklin
 wanted to organize an alumni association to: Keep                             C-N Staff Writer
 the alumni in touch with each other; to recognize          Reprinted from The Courier-News
 and honor the outstanding alumni of NPHS; and,             The North Plainfield High School football team chris-
 also, to give back to the school that has enriched         tened its new turf field in memorable fashion Friday
 our lives so much.                                         October 10, 2009, upending Hillside 28-26.
                                                            Without the legendary dust kicking up at midfield, the
 Who would ever think that we would still be around
                                                            Canucks took advantage of their speed while coming up
 twenty years later, still communicating, recogniz-         with big plays on both sides of the ball.
 ing, and giving back. Each graduate of NPHS
                                                            "We were so pumped up the whole week," junior back
 deserves a pat on the back for volunteering, donat-        Vincent Green said. "When push came to shove, we did
 ing and contributing to the success of the NPHS            what we had to do. We prepared hard all week."
 Alumni Association and you've heard it before,             Green scored three touchdowns, including an electrify-
 "Without your help, we wouldn't be here."                  ing 90-yard kickoff return to answer Hillside's 7-0 lead
                                                            in the opening quarter.
  On behalf of the Alumni Association,
                                                            "That gave our team confidence that we could play with
          I want to wish everyone a                         them," North Plainfield coach Bob Lake said.

           Merry Christmas and a                            Even so, Hillside used an 80-yard run to go back in front.
                                                            But then it was Green's turn again, taking off on a 46-
       Happy and HEALTHY 2010.                                                                       continued on page 6

                       Mario Caruso, President,
                       NPHS Alumni Association

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                                                                                                                 Page 1
Leslie Delgyer, ’65, Presents “The Vanishings"
        at Swain Galleries in Plainfield
Heralded wildlife pastelist Leslie                                              tion" she describes how she starts
Delgyer shares her compassion for                                               with the background, seeming to pre-
endangered species and the wilder-                                              figure her concerns about habitat.
ness that nurtures them in her solo                                             The piece notes that in her exhibits
exhibit, "The vanishings" at Swain                                              she always includes a paragraph
Galleries in Plainfield.                                                        about the animals and their charac-
Delgyer decries the loss of habitat                                             teristics to attract more personal
that forces wildlife to move and                                                interest. She visits to talk to children
search for sustenance in a less hos-                                            about her work and heighten their
pitable place. Commenting on her                                                awareness.
pastel of a lynx in winter, she notes                                           Delgyer's early foray into pet
that this animal was                                                            portraits led to a commission from
not so long ago a familiar sight. Its                                           President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.
habitat as seen in my painting was                                              Eventually she was drawn to the
already vanished. This cat has                                                  wilder varieties. She is a graduate
moved to higher country. Its range                                              of the deCret School of Art in
and numbers are shrinking because       tels include tigers, a cougar, polar    Plainfield where she studies with
of development, land cultivation,       bears, and a comical kangaroo           Marjorie Van Emburgh and Dudley
hunters and fur trappers."              among others.                           V. duCret and later served as presi-
                                                                                dent of the board of trustees. She
While she speaks of habitat             Delgyer donates paintings and prints    holds memberships in the Society of
destruction and climate change, she     to wildlife protective organizations    Animal Artists, Salmagundi Club and
adds that "increases in human           and will donate a percentage of her     Pastel Society of America, all in
population" should be called into ac-   sales from this exhibit to the World    NYC; and in the NJ Pastel Society,
count. "All of us inhabit this one,     wildlife Fund. In the late 1980s, she   the National Museum of Women in
single Earth. We need to pay closer     was commissioned by Prince Philip       the Arts in Washington, DC and the
attention. I hope that paintings of     to paint for the World Wildlife Fund    Worldwide Nature Artists Group.
these magnificent creatures will        international stamp collection.         Shehas received a certificate of
inspire people personally, beyond       In the October 2009 issue of the        special congressional recognition,
fund-raising, to help these animals     Pastel Journal's feature article on     certificate of recognition from the
survive and even thrive." Her pas-      Delgyer, titled "Art and Conserva-      US House of Representatives and
                                                                                a citation from the NJ Senate and
                        Saving History                                          General Assembly.
Recently, seven 4'x5' Enlarged, framed photographs were donated to the          Her most recent show was Audubon
Borough by the Alumni Association to be displayed at different locations        Artists 66th Annual Exhibition in
throughout the community.                                                       NYC. Her work has been exhibited
These historic photos were reproduced from the "Images of America" book         throughout the US including Vir-
about North Plainfield and were hanging on the walls of the Acme Market         ginia, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Okla-
on Rt. 22 and Grove Street.                                                     homa, Utah, Florida, Wisconsin, Or-
They were rescued from destruction when the Acme Market closed                  egon, Washington and Washington
approximately four years ago. One of the photos shows Mayor George              DC, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Cali-
McCusker cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremonies of the Acme in            fornia, Massachusetts as well as NJ
1955.                                                                           and Canada. She has garnered ma-
                                                                                jor awards over three decades. She
Two photos are hanging now at Somerset School and North Plainfield High         is listed in five "Who's Who" journals
School. The photo of the Vermeule Mansion will hang there. The other            and the Dictionary of Birds and Wild-
photos of the Clock Tower "Gate House", a veiw of Somerset Street,
                                                                                life Painters. In 1996, Ms. Delgyer
Moldenke's Castle, McCutchen Home, and the original North
                                                                                was inducted into the NPHS Alumni
PlainfieldLibrary will be displayed at the newly renovated Borough Hall.
                                                                                Hall of Fame.
Page 2
         Gift                                               Reunion Alert!
These suggestions are convenient
                                                          2009 Reunion Contacts
ways for graduates to buy practical       1933   Art Lederer, 908 754-8252. 75th Reunion, June 25, 2009.
gifts and, at the same time, contrib-     1934   Art Lederer, 908 754-8252. 2009. June 25, 2009.
ute to the NPHS Scholarship Fund.         1939   Phyllis Clark Tebbs, 732 369-1686.
                                          1944   Al Fasano 908 756-3974.
Choose from:                              1949   60th Reunion. Mel Lerer, 732 873-1960 or
                                                 email: mjlerer October 17, 2009.
• “North Plainfield and Its Neigh-               Crowne Plaza, Somerset, NJ. (see page 8)
  bors,” a 90-minute video (also in       1954   Al & Fran Ellis 908 766-8489.
  DVD) history of the Borough.            1959   50th Reunion. Bonnie Baron Shrager, 732 356-8808.
  $25.00 + $5.00 S&H                             October 8, 2009.
                                          1964   Contact the Alumni Association.
• The Images of America books             1969   40 Reunion, Kathy Miller Senna 908 756-8255. May 2,
  about North Plainfield, $19.99 plus            2009 (see page 9).
  $3.00 S&H.                              1974   Marsha Ferri Clarke 908 788-8084.
                                          1979   Tom Zilli 908 709-4505-H 800 660-6952.
• Commemorative or memorial               1984   Tom Miller 908 996-4689.
  bricks in the Alumni Walk of            1989   Maria Price 908 237-0045. November 7, 2009 at
  Honor, 4x8 brick, $60.00; 8x8                  Maggiano’s, Commons Way, Bridgewater.
                                          1994   Contact Beth Kenderdine, 908 231-9595.
  brick, $85.00;
                                          1999   Contact NPHS Alumni Association.
• Annual membership in the NPHS           2004   Contact NPHS Alumni Association.
  Alumni Association, $10 annually
                                                         2010 Reunion Contacts
  or $60 lifetime;                        1933   Art Lederer, 908 754-8252.
• NPHS coffee mugs with woods-            1934   Art Lederer, 908 754-8252.
                                          1945   Pat Allegar (908) 889-4712 or
  man logo, $10.00 plus $3.00 S&H;               Harry Krausse (908) 757-6654
• Stadium blanket, 60"x60," with          1980 (732) 669-9494
  NPHS older old Out logo, $45.
            S pine tree                   1940   Dorothy Stotesbury Farmer 908 755-4829
Send checks payable to the NPHS           1945   Pat Allegar (908) 889-4712 or
                                                 Harry Krausse (908) 757-6654
Alumni Association, 145 Cedar St.,
                                          1950   Contact: Dolores Kraemer Caruso 908 757-6836;
North Plainfield, NJ 07060.
                                          1955   Mike Colucci 908 754-0603
                                          1960   Natalie Domenichini Farry 732 968-0308
 We Are Searching For                     1965   Contact Winnie Hartpence, 908 753-5973 or
       Photos                                    Bobbi Heteji, 908 753-1069.
The NPHSAA is searching for pho-          1970   Nancy Kaufman Campbell 908 755-3709
tos taken in and around North             1975   Contact, Dan Caruso, 908 392-5388 or email:
Plainfield High School. All activi-     or
ties and all time periods are of inter-          Kim Cook, 908 635-9200 or email:
est. Photos should be accompanied         1980   Mike Esolda, 732 669-9494.
by captions and information about         1985   Contact: Maria Campbell, 908 595-0285 or 908 256-0311
the donor. Good laser copies are
suggested if you want to preserve         1990   Contact, Kelly Lewandowski 908 203-9449
the originals. Send to: NPHS Alumni       1995   Contact the Alumni Association
Association, 145 Cedar St., N.            2000   Contact the Alumni Association
Plainfield, NJ 07060                      2005   Contact the Alumni Association
                                                                                                      Page 3

     In Touch Paul Carlton – NPHS 1953                                            Dear Alumni Association
                                                                                  Sorry but once again I will not be
                                                                                  able to attend the Hall of Fame
Dear Alumni,                             all on Saturday Evening, October 3rd
                                                                                  Dinner as I will be tied up that day.I
                                         at the Italian American Social Club.
What a beautiful evening the Alumni                                               hope you have a good turnout.
Association presented Saturday, It       Respectfully,
                                                                                  However, I wanted to make you
was planned and executed to per-         Grover G. DeVault                        aware of something that should be
fection. I sensed a warm, friendly                     *****                      of interest to anyone who has lived
atmosphere, and all your hard work                                                in the area for a long time. Just the
                                         Dear Alumni Association,
and effort was most apparent. I just                                              other day my wife and I went to the
know Ethel would have reveled in         I wanted to take a few moments to        Plainfield Library to see a historical
the honor and lovely tribute. The        thank you for your assistance in help-   exhibit called "Lost But Not
framed award is elegantly done. I        ing us plan our NPHS 60-Year Re-         Forgotten"about buildings that used
do feel that, at the same level, Ethel   union. I especially want to thank you    to stand in Plainfield but are no
was aware and thrilled. My family        for your follow-through in making        longer there. The exhibit is very
and I are most appreciative and          sure our reunion was well-publicized     well done. It is located in the lower
thank you heartily for everything.       in the Alumni Newsletter. Your ef-       level of the library.It runs till Octo-
                                         forts helped contribute to the suc-      ber 17th. Also spend some time at
Sincerely,                                                                        the computer just inside the main
                                         cess of our affair.
Carol W. Piness                                                                   door that continually shows old pic-
                                         I would also like to extend a thank      tures of the area.This is also worth-
930 Rahway Road
                                         you to those class members and their     while.
Plainfield, NJ 07060
                                         spouses who attended our function
              *****                      on Saturday, October 12 at the           I need Hall of Fame Booklets from
                                         Crowne Plaza in Somerset, with a         2008 and 2009 to keep my collec-
Dear Alumni,                                                                      tion up to date. Let me know when
                                         special mention of appreciation to
Enclosed please find a check for         Nina Goralczyk Ripley for her assis-     you have them and I will come over
the amount of $90 to cover the cost      tance and to both Frank and Bill Skye    with my money to pick them up.
of 3 guests at the Hall of Fame          for their manning of the hospitality     Also Also, I think I have a complete
induction dinner. They cover my          room.                                    collection of the Newsletter. Let
wife, Nancy (class of 1949), my                                                   me know if you need copies of any
daughters, Mrs. Christine Jenkins        We regret that many of our class-        of them. I will be glad to help.
and Mrs. Karen Porter.                   mates were unable to attend, but be
                                                                                                     continued on next page
                                         assured we were thinking of them.
It will be our honor to be with you.
                                         We look forward to our 65-year re-
We look forward to being with you                                                      Yale Cup and
                                         union and hope many of our class-
                                         mates will be able to join us.                 Yearbooks
                                         Keep up the great work you are
                                                                                     Donated to Alumni
                                         doing on behalf of all NPHS alumni.            Association
                                         Melvin Lerer                             Many thanks to Bob Burner, son of
                                         NPHS Class of 1949                       Ashley Burner, 1914 Yale Cup win-
                                                                                  ner and the Burner Family for do-
                                                                                  nating the Yale Cup back to NPHS
                                                    WARNING                       to be displayed in the show case in
                                            If you are donating or joining the    front of the main gymnasium on
                                                NPHS Alumni Association           Wilson Avenue.
                                                    make sure it is us,                          *****
                                                    with our address:
                                           145 Cedar Street, North Plainfield,    Thanks to Don Schumacher for do-
   Hall of Fame 2009 Inductee,             If you have to use a credit card —
                                                                                  nating NPHS yearbooks and 1941
   Grover and Nancy DeVault,                                                      graduating class Newspaper pic-
                                                       it is NOT us.
           Class of 1949                                                          tures.
Page 4
                                          Dear NPHS Alumni Association,               come true for so many of our stu-
Letters                                                                               dents. I look forward to working
                                          I just wanted to take this opportunity
continued on previous page                                                            with you again next year as we
                                          to thank you so much for your par-
Keep up the good work and hope to                                                     share in the common goal of provid-
                                          ticipation in our Clearinghouse Schol-
see you soon.                                                                         ing opportunities for a bright suc-
                                          arship Program. On behalf of the
                                                                                      cessful future for our students!
John Muccifori, Class of 1958             Class of 2009 I want to extend our
                                          heartfelt gratitude for your generos-       Sincerely,
732 549-8518                              ity. The program was a huge suc-            Linda Remolino,
               *****                      cess and we owe it all to your hard         Director of School Counseling
                                          work and commitment to our stu-                          *****
Dear Alumni,
                                          dents. For some of our seniors, this
Please find enclosed a check to help      meant the difference between going          Dear Alumni,
defray some of the costs of the           to college and just dreaming of one         Do you remember Winkie Coly? She
upcoming Hall of Fame Induction.          day going to college. You have made         graduated with my sister in 1946. I
This is a wonderful and meaningful        a huge difference in their lives and        think she was a cheerleader. She
event which you put a lot of your         we as the North Plainfield School           married a famous baseball player. I
personal time and effort into. This is    community are very grateful.                think it was Bobby Thompson but I
greatly appreciated!!                                                                 am not sure. I don't know how I
                                          I was upset to find out that some of
I was honored and humbled to be           you did not receive a letter from us        remembered this but my grandson
inducted into the NPHS Hall of Fame       thanking you for your enormous gift         collects baseball cards and I was
in 2007, an evening which will be         of time, money and effort. We apolo-        telling him abut it but I said she
remembered by me for a very long          gize for the "postal issues" and hope       married Ted Williams. I always got
tim.                                                                                  the two mixed up. Wish I could find
                                          that you accept this letter in its place.
                                                                                      someone with a '46 yearbook and
Thank you for all you do for the          For those of you that did receive the
                                                                                      get a picture of her to show him.
NPHS Alumni Association and for           letter, a second 'thank-you' is well
the Hall of Fame!!                        deserved.                                   Ruth Stinson
                                                                                      419 523 5113
Sincerely,                                Again, our heartfelt thanks for mak-
                                                                                      8150 RD 15
Kalil S. Boghdan                          ing the dream of a college education
                                                                                      Otown, Ohio
NPHS Class of 1960
Dear Alumni Association,                  From the Archives                           Ruth,
                                                                                      You were right. Elaine "Winkie"
Included in this package are year-                                                    Coley was a cheerleader, she was
books from 1938, 1939, and 1940.                                                      a graduate of NPHS in 1946 and
These yearbooks were my father's,                                                     she married Bobby Thomson, and
Charles Schumacher, Class of 1941.                                                    her father owned The Cedar Bar
My mother, Marian Marshall                                                            (later to be known as "Harmony
Schumacher was also a member of                                                       Street") on the corner of Somerset
that class.                                                                           and Harmony Street
I am also sending you in a separate                                                   Tell your grandson that Bobby
package, the pages from the June 3,                                                   Thomson became the most remem-
1941 Courier News listing the mem-                                                    bered baseball player for one
bers of the class of 1941. 1 pre-                                                     home run - "The shot heard round
served them the best I could by                                                       the world." It was 1951 and his
putting them in poster frames.                                                        home run beat the Brooklyn Dodg-
Enjoy.                                                                                ers for the National League Pen-
                                                                                      nant. There is a plaque by
Don Schumacher                                                                        Watchung Lake commemorating
2916 Woods Place                                 Ashley Burner (right)                that event, since he and "Winkie"
New Albany, OH 43054                            Yale Cup Winner, 1914                 lived in Watchung for a long time.
Ed Note: Thanks              for   your                                               He is currently living in South
                                            See Page 7 for other picture
contribution.                                                                         Carolina.
                                                                                                                   Page 5
              Canucks Christen Krausche in Style
continued from page 1
yard run for another score, helping        430 years of offense to
the Canucks to a 14-13 lead.               North Plainfield's 223,
                                           but the only state that
On their next passion they needed
                                           mattered was the first
just five plays to get on the board
                                           final score at the new
again. Quarter Erick Fredericks
                                           Krausche Field.
hooked up with - who else? - Green
on a 38-yard pass play to push the         "This win is tremen-
score to 20-13. The two-point con-         dous," Lake added.
version put the lead at nine points.       "Hillside is a very good
                                           football team. This is a
The margin increased almost imme-
                                           very, very good win for
diately when Hillside fumbled on the
                                           our kids."
ensuing series, the result of a smack-
ing tackle by senior Mario Herrera.                                The Krausche Field ribbon-cutting cereamony of the
Demon Tyndell fell on the ball, and                                                  new turf field
five plays later Fredericks sneaked
in from the 1: North Plainfield, 28-        North Plainfield Education Foundation
                                             Raising Funds for Field Completion
Hillside would make it close in the
                                           The North Plainfield Education Foun-        tion today specifically for the Reno-
final minutes, but North Plainfield
                                           dation is working on projects to fin-       vation. Several very interesting do-
finished the game taking a knee.
                                           ish the infrastructure of the field         nor recognition programs have been
"The kids were so excited about            after installation. Its goal is to raise    created in order to reward those
playing on the field, I think the big      money that will provide for upgrades        who help them get the job done!
thing was keeping them focused,"           and/or replacement for the follow-          E-mail any questions to:
Lake said. "I don't know if that made      ing: concession stand, scoreboards, or call Bob
us win; I think that was effort. I think   field lighting, sound system, land-         Goellner, President at 908-561-0940.
they refused to let themselves down."      scaping, bleachers, and other               Also, checkout their website @
Hillside won the stat game, totaling       projects. The sale of advertising along
                                           the fence lines and donations by
                                           generous North Plainfield school            If you wish to make a donation,
                                           alumni will also assist the Founda-         please use the form below and mail
                                           tion as it helps create a premiere          to the North Plainfield Education
                                           facility that will be the centerpiece       Foundation (all donations are tax
                                           of the community. They clearly need         deductable). Credit card donations
                                           the help of all of our alumni!              are accepted. Call the number above
                                                                                       to utilize this service or it is available
                                           How Can You Help? Join the                  on their website for your conve-
                                           Krausche Field Renovation Com-              nience. A receipt will be sent to you
                                           mittee (KFRC) and/or make a dona-           for your tax records.
                                           Make checks payable to: Krausche Field Renovation Committee [KFRC]
 (left) Dick Williams, Class of ’62
                                           And send to: N. PLFD ED. FOUNDATION P.O. Box 7284 Watchung, NJ 07069
 and Ted Amo, Class of ’61 (right)
                                           Please indicate the amount of your donation $ ___________________________________
  Invest In The Future of                  Name ______________________________________________________________________

   North Plainfield High                   Address ___________________________________________________________________

                                           City _______________________________________ State ________ Zip _____________
                                           Phone __________________________ E-Mail ____________________________________
          Support The                      NPHS Class of ______________________________________________________________
   Scholarship Program                     Visit our Web site:
Page 6
       Mike Passe, Class of 1996, Inducted Into
             FDU's Athletic Hall of Fame
Mike Passe, NPHS Class of ’96,          Passe could have played scholar-          and first-team All-Freedom Confer-
who helped North Plainfield High        ship ball on the Division II level, but   ence as a Senior in 2000.
School win a Central Group II base-     something about FDU seemed right.
                                                                                  And he is fondly remembered as a
ball title in 1996, was honored         It didn't hurt that high school team-
                                                                                  key ingredient of North Plainfield's
brecently when he was inducted in       mate Keith Gaub was going there,
                                                                                  1996 baseball championship, the last
Fairleigh Dickinson’s Athletic Hall     as well. They remain close all these
                                                                                  sectional title by any boys program
of Fame.                                years later. So much, that Gaub in-
                                                                                  at the school.
                                        troduced Passe during the Hall of
"There's no better feeling than being
                                        Fame ceremony. Several of their           "People still talk about that team. It's
recognized and appreciated by the
                                        college classmates were in atten-         a great source of pride for all of us,"
school that you went to battle for,"
                                        dance, as well.                           said Passe, who lives in Edison and
Passe said.
                                                                                  teaches at Rahway Middle School.
                                        "The camaraderie, doing all the things
                                                                                  "At the time, you're 18 and you don't
                                        teammates do, that's the best part
                                                                                  really think about it, you just go out
                                        about being a collegiate athlete,"
                                                                                  there and get it done, but when you're
                                        Passe said. "I rarely thought about
                                                                                  in your early 30's and people are still
                                        numbers. It's good that the records
                                                                                  talking about it, you realize it was
                                        kind of added up at the end of my
                                                                                  pretty special."
                                        career, but I was all about winning."
                                        That said, his numbers were out-
                                        standing. Playing for FDU's Madi-         New Member of Alumni
 North Plainfield High School Alumn
                                        son branch, Passe ended his career           Newsletter Staff
 Mike Passe poses with a sketch of
  himself that was presented as part
                                        ranked second in career triples (15),
                                        third in single-season batting aver-      Vernon Tuitt III is a 2005 North
       of his induction into the
                                        age (.436) and fourth in all-time         Plainfield High School Alumni
   Fairleigh Dickinson Hall of Fame
                                        RBI's (105). He was team MVP              who recently graduated from the
                                                                                  University of Hartford. He is an
                                                                                  aspiring writer looking to break
           1914 NPHS Basketball Team                                              into the world of publishing and study
                                                                                  the field in graduate studies. In
                                                                                  his spare time, Vernon volunteers
                                                                                  his services at the North Plainfield
                                                                                  Memorial Library.
                                                                                  To contribute articles to the News-
                                                                                  letter, contact him by e-mail at

                                                                                   To receive a complementary
                                                                                  Newsletter in the mail, send a
                                                                                   self-addressed, stamped (61¢)
                                                                                    envelope to: NPHS Alumni
                                                                                    Association, 145 Cedar St.,
                                                                                   North Plainfield, NJ 07060.
        Ashley Burner, Far Right (See Page 5 for other picture)
                                                                                    In pencil, write what issue
     Visit the North Plainfield High School Alumni‘s
                                                                                                it is for
           Web Site at:
                                                                                                                   Page 7
                                                                                          Class of 1960
                CLASS MESSAGES                                                    North Plainfield High School Class
                                                                                  of 1960 proudly announces its 50th
     The Alumni Association invites graduates to use this page for                Class Reunion to be held on Satur-
                 Class, Reunion or other messages..                               day, November 13, 2010 beginning
             Send messages to: NPHS Alumni Association,                           at 6 p.m. at The Embassy Suites
             145 Cedar Street, North Plainfield, NJ 07060,                        Hotel, Knightsbridge Road,
                           Attn.: Newsletter                                      Piscataway, NJ.
                                                                                  For further information, please con-
         Yearbook                            The Class of 1962                    tact Henry Kielblock Phone no. 908-
                                         NPHS Class of 1962 Reunion was           479-1776           or         email
         Donation                        held October 20, 2007 at the    or Pat O'Keefe
The Alumni Association has offered       Vermeule Mansion. Contacts are           Stabile at 908-754-2754 email
to the Friends of Vermeule a set of      Ray Bersch, 908 229-5886 or    
NPHS yearbooks to be displayed for and Mary
public viewing at the Vermeule           Diehle 908 359-7161.
Mansion on Clinton Avenue and                                                        NPHS Class of 1949
Greenbrook Road.
                                                Class of 1959                     60th Reunion, was held October 17,
The collection will be as complete as                                             2009 at the Crowne Plaza (formerly
possible dating back to the 1920s        NPHS Class of 1959 50th Reunion.         Somerset Marriott), 110 Davidson
and will be kept current annually.       October 8-10, 2009                       Avenue, Somerset, NJ.
If anyone has extra yearsbooks they      North Plainfield area contact: Bonnie    Contact Mel Lerer (732) 873-1960
do not need or if you want to replace    Baron Shrager 732-356-8808.              or for more in-
a lost yearbook, contact the Alumni      Emil:              formation.
Association, 145 Cedar Street, North
Plainfield, NJ 07060 or phone 908
756 2776.                                 Classes of ’33 to ’35
                                        NPHS Classes of 1933 to 1935
                                        will hold their next reunion
   Missing Year Books                   on Thursday, June 25, 2009 at the
         Include:                       Dunellen Hotel on Washington Av-
                                        enue, Dunellen, starting at noon. Any-
                                                                                      Shore Canuck
1939, 1940, 1949, 1951, 1959 and
                                        one interested should contact Art                 Club
2008.                                   Lederer 908 754-8252.
If anyone has a year book they                                                    The Shore Canuck Club held its
would like to donate, please contact                                              annual reunion on Thursday, May
the Alumni Association.
                                        Class of 1949 Yearbook                    14, 2009 at the Crystal Point Yacht
                                        Mel Lerer, NPHS Class of 1949, is         Club in Point Pleasant, NJ. Ap-
                                        looking for an extra yearbook from        proximately one hundred graduates
   NPHS Class of 1947                   his class. If anyone knows of any,        of North Plainfield High School liv-
Contact Anita Schorb, 247 Jefferson     please contact The Alumni Associa-        ing at the shore attended.
Avenue, North Plainfield, NJ 07060.     tion, 908 756-2776 or carusodesign
                                                                                  The next shore get-together will be
908 756 5149.                 
                                                                                  held on Thursday, May 20, 2010.
                                                                                  The Crystal Point Yacht Club is
  1980 Class Reunion contact:
                                               Class Contacts                     located on the Manasquan River
                                        We need up-to-date Class Lists for        next to the Route 70 bridge.
           732-713-3030                 the next NPHS Alumni Directory.           For more information contact: Joan
  1945 Class Reunion contact:           On a disc, if possible, or a hard copy.   McCarthy Williamson at 732-899-
   Pat Allegar 908-889-4712 or          Send to: NPHS Alumni Association,         0009.
   Harry Krausse 908-757-6654           145 Cedar Stree, North Plainfield,
                                        NJ 07060
Page 8
                                 NPHS Grads in the Military
Army National Guard Spec. Denita         Navy Seaman Abraham M. Quino-           completed U.S. Navy basic training
L. Jenkins has returned to the           nes of North Plainfield recently com-   at Recruit Training command, Great
United States after being deployed       pleted basic training and was meri-     Lakes, Ill., with honors.
overseas in support of Operation         toriously promoted to his current
                                                                                 During the eight-week program,
Iraqi Freedom. Jenkins, a Human          rank at Recruit Training Command,
                                                                                 Ramos completed a variety of train-
Resource Specialist, is normally         Great Lakes, IL. He is the son of
                                                                                 ing which included classroom study
assigned to the 154th Quartermas-        Nelida Torres of North Plainfield
                                                                                 and practical instruction on naval
ter Company, Plainsboro. She has         and is a 2009 graduate of North
                                                                                 customs, first aid, firefighting, water
three years of military service. She     Plainfield High School.
                                                                                 safety and survival, and shipboard
is the daughter of Richard L. Allen
                                                       *****                     and aircraft safety.
of Linden and Denise Barnes of
North Plainfield. Spec. Jenkins is a     Navy Airman Gerardo S. Ramos,           An emphasis was also placed on
2004 graduate of North Plainfield        son of Renia A. and Salvador E.         physical fitness.
High School.                             Ramos of North Plainfield, recently
                                                                                 Ramos is a 2009 graduate of North
                                                                                 Plainfield High School.
From the NPHS Principal's Desk
                                                                                 Air Force Airman Tevin M. Henry
December 2009                            just as our football team won the       graduated from basic military train-
                                         Thanksgiving Day game against           ing at Lackland Air Force Base, San
Dear Alumni:
                                         South Plainfield. The NPHS Cheer-       Antonio, Texas.
The leaves have fallen, our fall ath-    leaders and Marching Band con-
letic season has come to an end and      tinue with their winning traditions     The airman completed an intensive,
winter practices have begun. We          and have brought home first and         eight-week program that including
are proud of the accolades our teams     second place trophies from the nu-      training in military discipline and stud-
and individual students have received    merous competitions they have been      ies, Air Force core values, physical
during the season.                       involved in this year. The cheerlead-   fitness, and basic warfare principles
                                         ers will be featured in a documen-      and skillls.
On October 9, the Ribbon Cutting
Ceremony took place on our newly         tary series entitled “What is           He is the son of Terrence Henry of
refurbished Upper Krausche Field.        America?” Please visit our website      North Plainfield. Henry is a 2009
Our new field now hosts football         to read the news articles pertaining    graduate of North Plainfield High
games as well as soccer, field hockey,   to them.                                School.
baseball and softball games. Begin-      “Canuck Pride” is alive and strong
ning the process of applying to col-     here at NPHS and I look forward to          Clubs for Kids
leges and gathering those recom-         meeting more alumni as the winter       The NPHS Alumni Association is
mendations for admissions is on the      season begins and we head indoors       offering free golf clubs to North
minds of our seniors. The under-         for athletics. Please feel free to      Plainfield High School, Middle
classmen are knuckling down and          contact the school to find out how      S c h o o l , o r B o r o u g h st u d en t s
striving for academic excellence and     you can assist today’s students as      who are interested in playing golf
bolstering those GPA’s. The faculty      they carry on the proud traditions      but cannot afford clubs to get
and staff are gearing up for another     that you all worked to create.          started.
fun winter with all of the excitement
                                         I would like to wish the alumni a       Contact Frank Caruso, Class of
and challenges that winter brings.                                               ’49 at: 908 756 2776.
                                         joyful holiday and a Happy New
Our Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team            Year.                                   The Alumni Association is also
made it to the States as well as our                                             offering excess clubs to the
                                         Go Canucks!
Girls’ Field Hockey Team. The                                                    "First Tee Organization" and to the
Boys’ Basketball Team is looking to      Sincerely,                              Lyons Veterans Administration in
repeat as Conference Champions           Jerard W. Stephenson                    Lyons, NJ.
                                                                                                                      Page 9
   NPHS 50th Reunion, October 9, 2009                                             Obituaries
                                                                             Tami Koppelman, 23, died July 18,
                                                                             2009. She was a 2003 graduate of
                                                                             Roy Ohlman, 74, died September 8,
                                                                             2009, He was a 1952 graduate of
                                                                             Florence Thomas Zhelesnik, 67,
                                                                             died August 17, 2009. She was a
                                                                             1960 graduate of NPHS.
                                                                             Matthew Carlomagno, 84, died
                                                                             September 12, 2009. He was a 1942
                                                                             graduate of NPHS.
                                                                             Irv Cohen, 79, died September 26,
On the floor: (left to right): Doug Long, Mary Jo VanWinkle Dapice, Bonnie   2009. He was a 1949 graduate of
Baron shrager, Lois Clendening diDomenico                                    NPHS.

Rout 1: (SEATED) Jim Vitelli, Connie Catanzaro Kenney, Priscilla Babay       Sidney Piness, MD, 89, died Octo-
DeMoss, Dennis Deady, Gretchen Vollmer Dombro, Burton Weiss, Carl            ber 17, 2009. He was a 1938 gradu-
Hunt, Betty Gilbert Murray, George Sayre                                     ate of NPHS.

Row 2: (standing) Dante DeMatteo, Robert Ames, Richard Bedner, Alex          Mary McDonough White, 102,
jaszek, Kathy Krohn LaRocca, Donald Napier, Judy Kosteck McKusker,           died November 13, 2009. She was a
Rachel Richardson Villani, Carole Grundke Wilson, Betsy Poulson Smith,       1924 graduate of NPHS and the
Lois Fine Rosenkrantz, Judy Chandler Podpora, Jim Feller, Nancy Sturcke,     oldest known graduate.
Marie Butscher Lauducci, Bruce Stine, David Beck                             John “Bob” Gunther, 79, died
Row 3: Keith Beyers, Kurt Hesebeck, Jack Plimpton, Allan Eiring, Fred        December 8, 2009. He was a 1949
Letter, Roger Seal, John Mattson                                             graduate of NPHS.

Row 4: Ed Krusman, Ray Vico, Doug Kerr, John Mazza

  Krausche Field Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of New Turf Field
                                        (See Page 6 for story)

                                                                                  Honorary Co-Captains
                                                                             Dick Williams (left) Class of 1962
                                                                              and Ralph Sorrentino Class of
                                                                             1958 at the dedication of the new
    Somerset County Freeholder           Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lewis with          Turf Field at Krausche Field
         Pat Walsh (left)                 NPCouncilman Skil Stebile

Page 10
                   It’s Here!!! The Video History of North Plainfield, New Jersey
                                “North Plainfield and Its Neighbors”
                              Produced by: Channel 35, Fanwood, NJ and George Weiss for the
                                North Plainfield High School Alumni Association
                                  Narrated by Antoinette Rinehart, NPHS Class of 1943
                         and Dedicated to the Memory of Marion Blair Milne, NPHS Class of 1919
          90-minute VHS of Vintage Photos and Historical Dialogue • This will help preserve the Heritage of North Plainfield
                                                    It will make an Ideal Gift
               All Net Proceeds to Benefit The North Plainfield High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
           Topics: Washington House 1727 • Early North Plainfield . . . When it was “Warren Plains”– 1734
   Old-time Somerset Street, Washington Park, Police Department, Fire Department, Rescue Squad, Hotels, Schools,
                                            Trolleys, Washington Rock
            Watchung:Wilson’s Quarry, Moldenkes Castle, Hyde Estate, Watchung Lake, Johnston Drive,
                    Wetumpka Falls, Upper Somerset Street, Wilson Memorial And Much More
                 Special Price: $25.00 (Please include $5.00 for S&H for mail orders)
                       Send coupon below to: NPHS Alumni Association, 145 Cedar Street, North Plainfield, NJ 07060

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________ (circle one) Graduate (Year) __________________ Non-graduate

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________________________________________________________ State ______________ Zip ________________________

Work Phone ___________________________________________________________       Home Phone ____________________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________________       Fax ___________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                       Quantity ____________ @ $25.00    $ ___________________
                           Make checks payable and send to:
                              NPHS Alumni Association                                                          + $5.00 S&H (if mailed)   $ ___________________

                      145 Cedar Street, North Plainfield, NJ 07060                                                               Total   $ ___________________

                   Order Now!
          “Images of America” Series
     Name: _______________________________________________                                         Graduate Year: _________                          Non-graduate

     Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________

     City: ________________________________________________ State: ______________ Zip: _____________________

     Work Phone: (           ) ________________________ Home Phone: (                         ) _________________________________________

     e-mail: _________________________________________ fax: (                                 ) _________________________________________

          _______North Plainfield books, $19.99 each                     =     $___________
                 plus $3.00, S&H
                                                                    Total      $___________

                                                   Make checks payable to and send to:

                        NPHS Alumni Association, 145 Cedar Street, North Plainfield, NJ 07060
                            All Net Proceeds to Benefit the NPHS Alumni Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                                                                 Page 11
The NPHS Newsletter is published quarterly     Images of America, NP                     How Do You Get Your
for the Alumni of NPHS by the NPHS Alumni The Images of America book on North               NPHS Alumni
Association. 145 Cedar Street, North      Plainfield has been reprinted by popu-
Plainfield, NJ 07060 – 908 756-2776.      lar demand. The 128-page book                      Newsletter?
Web address:                              contains vintage photos of North              The NPHS Alumni Newsletter is                        Plainfield. The cost is $19.99 plus           published four times a year, season-
President: Mario Caruso (’51)             $3.00 shipping and handling.                  ally, year in and year out, thanks to
Vice Pres: Gerry Burns (’68)              The 1995 through 2009 NPHS                    the Alumni dues and donations.
           Fred Sheeler (’63)             Alumni Hall of Fame booklets, con-            Join the NPHS Alumni Association
Sec'y: Joanne Mangione Santonastaso (’64) taining pictures and condensed bi-            annually in January of each year. If
Treas: Bob Kirchberger (’65)              ographies of Alumni Hall of Fame              you have not been paying dues, act
Trustees: Paul Carlton (’53)              members, are available for $5 each            now. Consider a life-time member-
           Steve Novak (’65)              plus $3 shipping. Back issues of              ship for $60. Log onto the NPHS
Scholarship: Steve Novak (’65)            Alumni Newsletters are available for          Web site at
Membership: Gerry Garatino Burns (’68)    $1.00 each.
                                                                                        Free issues of the Newsletter
Alumni Hall of Fame:                      Please support the NPHS Alumni                are placed in the NP Pu blic
           Bob Kirchberger (’65)          Scholarship Fund. Purchase the new            Library, Municipal Building, High
WWII Monument: Lou Caruso (’41)           "North Plainfield and Its Neighbors"          School, and Caruso Haircutters.
Newsletter: Howard J. Bollin (’51)        historic video, VHS or CD $25.00
               Paul Carlton (’53)         each plus $5.00 S&H.                            To receive a complementary
               Daniel Caruso (’75)        Mail your order and make checks payable to:    Newsletter in the mail, send a
               Mario Caruso (’51)            North Plainfield High School                self-addressed, stamped (61¢)
               John Maimone                  Alumni Association                            envelope to: NPHS Alumni
               Gail McKenna                  145 Cedar Street                              Association, 145 Cedar St.,
               Fred Sheeler (’63)            North Plainfield, NJ 07060                   North Plainfield, NJ 07060.
               Vernon Tuitt, III (’05)    All net proceeds benefit the NPHS
Web Site:      Daniel Caruso (’75)        Alumni Scholarship Fund.                         In pencil, write what issue
                                                                                                     it is for

North Plainfield High School
Alumni Association
145 Cedar Street
North Plainfield, NJ 07060

                                                Winter 2009/2010
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