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                                December 2011

                         OUR IMPACT
                          OUR WORK
                     LIONS OF OKLAHOMA
                     MERRY CHRISTMAS!                                                                  Christmas Party and
                                                                                                           Auction 2011
                             By PCC Virginia Rodriguez
When it comes to meeting challenges, our response is simple! “We Serve”! This is
something that unites us as Lions across all of our Oklahoma Communities during the
year and here at the Christmas Season! Our Lions Clubs help wherever, whenever, and                     Perkins-Tryon High School
however needed.
Our Clubs are rich in heritage and pride! We are so proud of the many com-                                 December 10 at 11:30a.m.
munity projects in helping others in need at this Christmas Season as well as
all throughout the year! From the many Christmas food baskets donated by                               Bring an item to be autctioned
our clubs, the clubs assisting with eye care to those at risk of losing their sight,
the clubs assisting with winter coats, Christmas gifts to children, clubs provid-
                                                                                                            Bring a desert item
ing a beautiful Christmas parade in their communities. I have listed just a few                    Bring a tax-dectuctible, monetary gift to
ways our clubs have assisted those in our communities at the holidays, as well                             help support the OLBR
as throughout the year!
Communities are blessed that the Lions in Oklahoma are able to offer their                         Enjoy a wonderful meal and meet fellow
assistance with: Lions Quest, Peace Poster, Dr. Eugene Briggs Memorial                            supporters, OLBR staff, and the residents
Scholarship, Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation with Oklahoma Lions Eye                            of the of the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch
Bank and Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch, and the Oklahoma Lions Mobile
Health Screening Unit. I am amazed to read how our Lions Clubs assist the                                Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch
well being of these projects as well as in their communities                                                    P.O. Box 400
Lions Clubs in Oklahoma serve the unique needs of our state projects as well                                  Perkins, Ok 74059
                                                                                                               (405) 547-2462
as their communities, and through Lions Clubs International, globally!
For all that you do, we here at the State Office are grateful and want to Thank
you for all that you do and “Wish You and Your Families a Blessed Christmas
and a prosperous New Year”!
Page 2                                                                            December 2011

       Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation                                                              Cowboy Cadillac
   MERRY CHRISTMAS                                 Oklahoma Lions Service
       By PDG Franny Rodriguez                  Foundation Executive Director               Notice to all Lions!!! The 2011 Lions Cowboy Cadillac is soon coming to a
              Interim Director                          Position Opening                    close, please Se11!! Sell!! and Sell!!
The past few weeks have been very busy                   Oklahoma City
                                                          Qualifications:                   As lions are well arware this is a traditional way we have have earned money to
with the OLSF. We have had a BIG                                                            support the Lions of Oklahoma Boys Ranch and the Oklahoma Eye Bank. So
                                                   Computer Knowledge- MS
PUSH on “Cowboy Cadillac” tickets. I                       Word/Excel                       please, help us help others in need. We need every Lion in the state to take
want to thank you, Lions for standing out            Financial/ Quickbooks                  time to help. We will need all of the Cowboy Cadillac ticket money turned into
in the cold, approaching others to pur-          Communication Skills - Grant               Renee Rutherford, Administrative Secretary 4123 NW 10th St OKlahoma City,
chase tickets to support our two projects:                   Writing
The OLEB and OLBR. By the time you               Fund Rasing, Willing to Travel             OK 73107. In addition please return all unsold tickets in order to obtain a
receive this newspaper we will have had                   Self Motivator                    count on ho w many tickets to forer for next year. The drawing will be
the drawing for the Lucky recipient of          Fax Resume to 405-947-3259 or               December 10th at 1:00pm at Billingsley Ford in Duncan, Oklahoma.
either the Pick-up or money, the cruise         email to lionadmin@coxinet.net
and the TV. We are appreciative and want       Resumes accepted until Dec 1. 2011
to thank Billingsley Ford in Duncan for
all their support with “Cowboy Cadillac”
and the drawing Dec10th. Afull report on               Lions Linens
the winners will be in the next paper.
Our MHSU has also run into a problem.         The Christmas Season is
Our full time driver: Mark resigned to        just around the Corner,
                                              please don’t forget about
take a full time driving position. We want
                                              Lions Linens. Linens
to Thank Mark for all of his hard work        will make a great gift
and wish him the best. But, in the mean       idea for anyone no mat-
time until we hire another driver to assist   ter what the special
us we only have a driver to drive the unit    occassion. The colors that are on hand
on Saturday. We are in the process in try-    are: Eggplant, Sage, Harvest Wheat,
ing to find a driver to accommodate us        Butter Cream, Chocolate, Pewter Gray,
during the week. Lions you are appreciat-     Khaki, Crimson Red( for all the OU
ed for all the work that you do for this      fans), White, Periwinkle ( light blue)
unit and please have patience with us as      and Organge ( for all the OSU fans). If
we work through this process. We will         you would like an order form emailed
                                              to you showing all the linens color-
keep you informed of the all of the
                                              please contact Renee at the State
updates on the MHSU                           office at lionadmin@coxinet.net or
Lions Linens are still available. We have     (405)947-6540.
a good inventory, but supply is low on
some colors. Please make somebody a               Cook Books for Sale!!!
Christmas Night by buying them a set of        Its the time of the year that we all cook-
sheets Price remains $35.00.                  ing a little bit more. Don’t forget we
Lions, it is our responsible to support our   still have a few amount of OLSF
two state projects, OLBR and OLEB.            CookBooks on hand. They will be sell-
We cannot let our boys down that is in        ing for $10.00 please email Renee at
                                              lionadmin@coxinet.net or call (405)947-
our care. We cannot let those down in
need of corneal transplants! During this
                                              6540 if you would like to order one of
                                              these books. If you would like your
time of change we need to pull together       order books and have them shipped to
as Lions to improve the Foundation and        you please keep in mind that there will
Irrevocable Trust as set up by our past       be a shipping fee.
Lions. I can remember Lions who are no
longer with us that put in hard work to
form the Foundation and the Irrevocable          End of the year Inventory
Trust. We need to return and continue to      The State office will be conducting a
be responsible as Lions of Oklahoma. We       end of the year inventory on both the
have that responsibility, as Lions!           Lion Linens and the back storage build-
Our OLSF Board, Renee and myself              ing. If you have or know of any one that
                                              has keys to either outside storage build-
would ask that you have patience with us
                                              ing please turn these keys into the state
as we work through this time of change        office, either with Renee or Virginia.
and REMBEBER “What Lies behind us
and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies with in us.”Thank
you and we all need to Believe in our
page 3                                                                     Decemberr2011
                      Lions of Oklahoma State Office                                                   BUILDING THE FOUNDATION
                                                                                  All Oklahoma Lions serve the Lions Boys Ranch and Lions Eye Bank when you
          the Past District Governors of Oklahoma (i.e., Boneyard)                pledge through the Building the Foundation Bank Draft Program. Your pledge pro-
                   Plaza (Landscape Improvement) Project                          vides the Lions Foundation a way to meet the needs of our Lions State Projects. Say
                                 2010-2011                                        YES to supporting our Projects with a
                                                                                     Monthly Contribution ____________ QuarterlyContribution_______
                        Form to Order Paving Bricks                                  Semi-Annual Contribution_________ Annual Contribution________


                                                                                  usiness Phone _________________________ Lions Club_________________
                                                                                  OLSF Fellowships are awarded to individuals who make donation at two lev-
                                                                                  els._____Louis B. Lackey Fellowship ($250.00) ______Dr. Robert D. McCullough
                                                                                  Fellowship ($500.00)Recipients receive Pins and certificates recognizing their con-
                                                                                  tribution. Please make your check payable to and mail to: Oklahoma Lions Service
              4x8 “brick” with 2 lines (13 characters per line) - $25.00          Foundation, 4123 NW 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107-5801.
                8x8 paver with 3 lines (13 characters per line) - $40.00          The Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation is a non-profit corporation that serves
               6x12 paver with 3 lines (13 characters per line) - $50.00          individuals through the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank and Boys Ranch. Contribution
              12x12 paver with 3 lines (22 characters per line) - $75.00          are tax deductible under 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
                          More than 3 lines cost increases.                       AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT FOR PREAUTHOROIZED PAYMENTS
                                                                                  I hereby authorize the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation, hereinafter called the
Personalization:                                                                  FOUNDATION, to initiate debit entries to my checking account indicated below at
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __                                            the depository named below, hereinafter called DEPOSITORY, to debit the same to
                                                                                  such account.
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
                                                                                  DEPOSITORY Name (YourBank)______________________________________
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (only used if ordering 8x8 or 6x12
                                                                                  City_______________________ State__________ Zip__________
                                                                                  Routing#_________________ ____Account#___________________________
below-only for 12x12 pavers:                                                      This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until the FOUNDATION has
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __                 received written notification from me of its termination in such time and in such
                                                                                  manner as to afford the FOUNDATION and DEPOSITORY reasonable opportunity
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __                 to act on it.
                                                                                  Name (Print)____________________________________
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __                 Signature__________________________________Date_______

Ordered by:

                                                                                                         THE OKLAHOMA LION
                                                                                                            Monthly publication of the
                                                                                            Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation and the Lions of Oklahoma
Daytime phone: _____________________ E-mail__________________________
                                                                                    Chairperson, Council of Governors            Okla. Lions Service Foundation
         Mail completed form and check (payable to OK Lions Boneyard) to:                    PDG Paul Anderson                    4123 NW 10, Okla.City 73107
                                                                                             2523 N. Husband St               (W) 405-947-6540 (F) 405-947-3259
                         PCC Yolanda Martin-Middleton                                   Stillwater, OK 739420-3320                 exdir@oklionsfoundation.org
                              (cell 1-580-548-7370)                                 (H)405-372-9583 (W) 405-377-0923              Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch
                  2106 Constitution Ave., Enid, OK 73703-2005                                 (C) 405-762-1314                  Bryan Larison, Executive Director
                                                                                           pra@sunnybrookcc.org                  PO Box 400, Perkins 74059-0400
                                                                                                                              (W) 405-547-2462 (F) 405-547-2058
                                 Memorials                                                 State Secretary/Editor
                                                                                           PCC Virginia Rodriguez                   bryanlarison@hotmail.com
                                                                                       4410 Oakcrest, Enid 73703-3505              Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank
OK Lions Boys Ranch                                                                 (W) 405-947-6540 (F) 405-947-3259            Jeanette King, Executive Director
In memory of: Vivan Yoder from Joe McGehee;Joy McGehee fromLeroy &                   (H) 580-242-4526 (C) 580-541-2570         3840 Lincoln Blvd, Okla.City 73105
Wanda Martin, John & Donna Landes, Garber Lion Club;DeLoris Foster from                   fandvrod@suddenlink.net             (W) 405-557-1393 (F) 405-557-0086
Lion Joe McGehee                                                                                                                          jking@oleb.org
                                                                                     Office Administrative Secretary
OK Lions Service Foundation                                                                  Renee Rutherford                    Briggs Scholarship Foundation
                                                                                      4123 NW 10, Okla. City 73107                    President Gary Wilburn
                                                                                    (W) 405-947-6540 (F) 405-947-3259           PO Box 1314, Seminole, OK74818
In memory of: FrankCurran from Georg & Ann Hazlebaker, PDG Steve & Julie                                                      (H) 405-382-5006 (W) 405-382-2016
Bivinn, Ferril & Phyllis Wiliamson.                                                      lionadmin@sbcglobal.net
Page 4                                                                                December 2011

Director of DHS Visits OLBR                   By Brian Larison                                                         The Future for OLBR
                                                                                                                              By Colleen Fowler
We honored to have Mr. Howard Hendrick, the director of the Department of                  Times are changing! The economy is tough and so is the politics of child care. We
Human Services, visit our campus in November, Senator James Haligan,                       must evolve to meet the needs of our kids. A year or so ago we put on a planning
Representive Lee Denney, Board President Don Hardin, and board member Phil
Nichols helped us welcome Mr. Hendrick to his first vistit at the OLBR.                    retreat for the Board and some Staff to assess our needs and talk about the direction
DHS provides 2/3rds of our funding to serve 12 young men who would other-                  we want to take. Oklahoma Lions Boys ranch is first of all devoted to the idea that
wise not have a stable and safe family enviornment. As budgets have been cut               every child deserves to live in a safe, secure home with consistent and compassion-
across DHS, we have been able to avoid any cuts in our funding from DHS. I                 ate care. More and more we see that the needs of the system are leading us to devel-
believe the reason for this is because DHS and OLBR both believe the love of a             op a Foster Care Community. One of the big issues with our young men here at the
family can change generations.                                                             ranch is that they are separated from siblings. We see family groups split up…some
During Mr. Hendricks visit he was able to see our homes are not dorms, and our             are adopted and the adoptive parents don’t want them to have contact with biologi-
staff are not childcare workers. Instead he stated he did not realize how much he
loves this type of care. He then asked if we were able to accept more young peo-           cal siblings. In an effort to help this situation, we have a vision of community fos-
ple. Every bone in my body wanted to say “Yes, bring us 12 more”, but the real-            ter homes with foster parents leasing the house from OLBR and being able to serve
ity is that we do not have the space and we do not have funds to cover 1/3 of the          4 or more children. We also are currently planning a Lions Counseling Center to
costs that an increase in our contract would require. What I did say was if DHS            provide counseling and resources to those in the community as well as our own
would make a commitment to increasing the number of children we can serve,                 boys. This seems to be a great need in our area. Many times we must take our
then I would work tirelessly to gather our team of supporters to raise the finances        young men to Oklahoma City for medicine refills that our family doctor can’t take
needed.                                                                                    care of. It is our hope to maybe prevent families from separating and kids from
As Mr Hendrick spent time with some of the young men and talked with our
houseparents, he showed he obviously cares about young people. He is faced                 being put in the child welfare system by dealing with issues in the early stages. If
with the monumental task of saving children from unsafe caregivers and trying              we can provide help before the situation turns into a crisis, the family unit may be
to provide healing for those hurts. The realty is that more resources are needed           able to be preserved. We are very lucky to have an Executive Director who is not
to heal a person than are needed to hurt a person. The other reallity is that if we        only knowledgable, but respected in this field. Bryan attends many conferences and
do not succeed in healing, then hurting will spread to the next generation.                meetings dealing with the political and economic atmosphere of child care as well
I hope you will join with our team of caregivers, board members, supporters, and           as helping institute new legislation and innovations that help us do the best job we
friends to meet the challenge before us. We have an opportunity to change 12               can. Kaye is our Program Director and has the task of overseeing the day to day
young lives right now. The wonderful thing about this opportunity is we have a
team of thousands of caring people. Each one may not be able to be a housepa-              operation of the houses, staff and kids. It is not only necessary to care for their phys-
rent or a board member or give a $250,000 matching grant, but each one can                 ical needs and psychological issues, but also education, their personal legal and cus-
give something.                                                                            tody issues as well as developing transition plans to ease them into the next phase
There are more children to serve, and we can provide a healing place that will             of life as an adult. The future is bright and coming quickly. We must continue to
stop the cycle of abuse and neglect. Help us reach our Christmas Fundraising               develop and institute new ideas and programs to help us do what we do best…be the
goal of $50,000. Join with us as we change generations.                                    difference in one boys life.
We get asked this question a lot…What         the walls. Most have few possessions.        We usually have laundry washing and the
exactly do you do there..at the Boys
Ranch? Most folks are surprised because
                                              They come sometimes with a few clothes
                                              in a garbage sack and a resume of previ-
                                                                                           computer on. Bob might be cutting
                                                                                           coupons at the table and me with my lap-
                                                                                                                                                  Want to Help?
the picture they have in their minds is of    ous failures. Be cautious when you come,     top doing paperwork. It's different than
                                                                                                                                            Friend of the Boys ranch $25 per
Juvenile Facilities with razor wire and       no guarantee you won't find bikes on the     most people think.We teach them to
                                                                                                                                                 month or $300 per year
angry punks being restrained by burly         porch, footballs in the driveway or boys     shave, drive and cook,but we must model
hairy armed guards! When you walk in          chasing a basketball off the court. It       respect, integrity and love. When we live
                                                                                                                                           Partner of the Boys ranch $75 per
any of our OLBR homes you will more           seems sometimes that we are always           together 24/7 we have to be transparent.
                                                                                                                                                month or $900 per year
than likely find long legged boys draped      either finishing up from a meal or start-    Our boys see us at our best and worst.
over the couch watching cartoons or           ing a meal the kitchen is a busy place.      We learn along with them and cry when
                                                                                                                                           Chamption of the Boys ranch $200
some teens involved in a wild game of         My husband Bob loves those times when        they decide to leave. So next time you
                                                                                                                                               per month or $2400 year
Madden football on the XBOX! There is         we eat our snack in the evening with         think about the Boys ranch try gaining a
always someone in the kitchen helping         everyone in the kitchen gathered around      vision outside the box…come roast
                                                                                                                                          There are several options for giving.
the Ranch mom's cook and looking for          the Island laughing and scarfing (yes it's   marshmallows in the fireplace or join in
                                                                                                                                          You can mail your gift directly to the
extra treats. Most always someone is on       an acceptable verb) down ice cream or        the games of Monopoly when everyone
                                                                                                                                             address below or you can visit
the phone talking…eyes glassy… solving
all of life's problems with the "girlfriend
                                              brownies or left-over's. These are the
                                              family times of laughter and bonding that
                                                                                           is grounded! These boys are a gift but
                                                                                           they are only yours if you choose to
                                                                                                                                           www.olbr.org to donate online. All
                                                                                                                                            donations are appreciated. Any
of the week". If you look in their rooms      are so precious.We do lots of homework       accept them.Be the one that makes a dif-
                                                                                                                                          amount will make an impact that will
you see stuffed animals, enough shoes to      at the table, keeping up our math,science    ference…change the world one life at a
                                                                                                                                                reach into generations.
satisfy Imelda Marcos and pictures on         and history skills are very important.       time. By Colleen Fowler
                                                                                    December, 2011                                                               Page 5

                                                                                        returned the following day for her post-op visit with Dr. Muenzler, she was
                                                                                        doing well. She will use antibiotic and steroid drops as her eye heals and she
                                                                                        only has to wear a shield over her eye at night for protection.
                                                                                        Susan plans to return to her job in Hospice as soon as she can. Her husband, a
                                                                                        Theology teacher at Bishop McGinnis has been taking good care of her. "He's
                                                                                        a good nurse," laughs Susan, "I've trained him well."
                                                                                        Now that Dr. Muenzler has replaced her diseased corneas, Susan again enjoys
                                                                                        reading, gardening and caring for their four rescue dogs. She is extremely
                                                                                        grateful to both of her donor families and the gift they so freely gave, and to
                                                                                        the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank for helping to restore her sight and the sight of
                                                                                        so many Oklahomans.
(This story was written for the Donate Life Oklahoma Newspaper Insert on Thanksgiving   The Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank is located at 3840 Lincoln Blvd. in Oklahoma
Day.)                                                                                   City.
                          Second Sight for Susan
Wrinkled cellophane – that’s what Susan Chavez said her vision was like after
her first cataract surgery in 1999. The vision was clear but ‘wrinkled’.                                         ***REMINDER***
Susan’s ophthalmologist did a laser procedure to clear her vision more, but it
didn’t help. Her eye was very painful and Susan said “It felt like razors cut-              THE CHALLENGE GRANT FOR THE OKLAHOMA LIONS EYE
ting my eyes”. Her doctor sent her to see Dr. Stanley Muenzler, an Oklahoma               BANK BUILIDNG FUND ENDS DECEMBER 31. LIONS CLUBS &
City Corneal Specialist and Medical Director for the Oklahoma Lions Eye                    INDIVIDUAL LIONS MEMBERS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO
Bank. Dr. Muenzler diagnosed her with Fuchs’ Dystrophy.                                  HAVE THEIR DONATION MATCHED 100%. PLEASE SEND DONA-
Fuchs’ (pronounced FEWKS) Dystrophy is a condition in which the cornea                    TIONS TO OKLAHOMA LIONS EYE BANK, 3840 LINCOLN BLVD,
loses the cells that pump impurities and fluids out of it. This causes the cornea                        OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73105
to swell and distorts the vision. The swelling can produce blisters on the sur-
face of the cornea, and when they burst it is extremely painful.
Dr. Muenzler told Susan that she would need a cornea transplant, and they
would place her on the waiting list immediately. Susan found out that her
insurance would not cover the cornea so the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank very
generously donated the cornea for her surgery.
The transplant was done at St. Anthony Hospital as an outpatient procedure in                          Recognizing Lions Eye Bank Week
early 2000. Susan remembers being awake for the procedure and being very
comfortable with no pain! She recalls, “ Dr. Muenzler was very soothing and             Lions Eye Bank Week is celebrated the first week of December (6th-12th).
calming throughout the transplant. He even played my favorite jazz station on           This provides us a special opportunity to emphasize the valuable services pro-
the radio during the surgery.”                                                          vided by our Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank. Our Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank is one
Susan noticed the difference in her vision right away. In fact, she remembers           of the 53 Lions Eye Banks located in eight countries. We are one of the Eye
                                                                                        Banks listed with Lions International that is a Eye Bank Mentor and provide
them removing the old damaged cornea and her vision completely disappear-
                                                                                        quality eye tissue for corneal transplant along with research and education.
ing, then her sight returned, crystal clear, as they sewed the new cornea into          Please give Lion Jeanette King an E-mail note letting her know how much the
place. As the pain went away, Susan’s quality of life began to return.                  Lions appreciate the excellent services that her and her staff do.
As a medical social worker, Susan states that she has witnessed the decision            (jking@oleb.org)
that families have to make at the time of donation, and it is a very painful deci-
sion. “My first stop when I arrived at the hospital for my transplant was the
chapel, to pray for the family of my donor. All I know is that he was a 49-
year-old man from Oklahoma.” She has written to his family but has not
heard back. She understands that this is a very personal decision. Susan
explains, “You learn to receive and accept a gift that is freely given.”
In 2010, Susan had cataract surgery on her other eye. Her vision got better but
began to get ‘foggy’ a short time later. She returned to Dr. Muenzler who con-
firmed that the Fuchs’ Dystrophy was affecting this eye as well.
While waiting on her second transplant, Susan had to wear a patch over that
eye. She says, “I could still drive but seeing with the patch, people really got
out of my way.” My surgery was scheduled September 15th. When she
Page 6                                                                     December 2011

  “I BELEIVE”                                                                                                   The Oklahoma
                                                District 3-O
 IT’S GREAT TO                                                                                                       Lion
    BE A LION!!                                         Governor Gary Taylor
                                                            PO Box 1615
                                                        Mannford, OK 74044             Do you have a story or information regarding your Lions Club event/activity
         Governor Gary Taylor                             (H) 918-865-5158
                                                          (C) 918-230-6272             or outstanding Lion in your community that you would like to share with
As I sit here and write this I am                        gjtaylor@cimtel.net           other fellow lions across our state then please do the following:
excited about my upcoming conven-
tion. It looks like we are going to                                                    1. Deadline for all articles is 15th of the preceeding month. Articles
                                          PORTER-Collecting used eyeglasses,              may be submitted by lionadmin@coxinet.net
have a good turnout for the event.        working on next years peach festival,
Some great things have been happen-       working on improvements to city              2. Please include in your story or flyer: What the project was about,
ing in the district. Went to a Zone       park.                                           who was involved, when & where it took place, how it happened,
meeting in my western district and                                                        and the results.
                                          SAPULPA- Donated $1000 to United
there were 21 in attendance. My zone      Way. Continuing to sell mints. Bean          3. Please type your story and proofread it for errors. and include name and
chairman for that area informed me        Day Dec 1. Sponsored MHSU at John               contact infomation of the person submitting the story. Please remember
that they are making plans to charter a   Christner Trucking.                             your article should be clear and easy to understand for all readers
Leo club in Barnsdall in January they     TULSA BROOKSIDE- Held our
already have 43 signed up for the                                                      4. Digital photos should be submitted seperate from the story, should be at
                                          annual pancake day with a $900 net              least 300 dpi and saved as a jpg or til file.
event.                                    receipts. Donated $150 worth of
There will also be an organizational      sweatshirts to Wright Elementary.            5. Up comming District/ Club Events are welcome!!
meeting on December 1 in Pawnee to        Donated $1000 to the Boys Ranch.
began working on the Leo club there.      Collected 85 pair of glasses.
I will have pictures of the convention    Bought one pair of glasses for a low
in the next issue of the paper.           income adult.
                                          WANN- Working on their thanksgiv-
   CLUB ACTIVITIES                        ing dinner. Working on peace poster
BARNSDALL COMMUNITY-                      contest.
Working on a Leo Club with 43
signed up for the club already.
Chartering in January.
Held their annual pancake day raised
over $5100.00
the host club for a zone meeting.
CATOOSA- Making plans to began
the process of organizing a Leo Club.
CHELSEA- Mailed a peace poster to
the Governor for the contest.             Jim Merritt Zone chairman of Zone D.
FAIRLAND- Inducted two new                District 3-O western district. there were 21
                                          people in attendance Jim is also the president
members.                                  of the Barnsdall Lions club.
Held a celebration in the Veterans        State Office Holiday Schedule
park to honor all vetera
MIAMI- Donated $1000 to                   Please make note of the following holiday
Oklahoma Lions Eyebank building           schedule:
                                          The State office will be closed from December
fund.                                     23-December 26 for Christmas.The office will
MUSKOGEE COUNTY LIONS-                    reopen on December 27th.
Hard at work as the host club for the
District Convention.                      Due to changes at the state office please call
PAWHUSKA- Donated $100 to                 ahead and verify that the office is open, espe-
                                          cially for all out of town lions.
school for a trip to the Tulsa Zoo.       Reminder-- Council Meeting Dates                      Top: Gary Taylor PIning Melvin Jones Fellow pin on Lion
Working on Nov.5 pancake Day.             January 7th 2012
Donated $100 to a person who is bat-      April 28th with the State Convention                  Jim Merritt Bottom: Gary Taylor presnting Lion Jim Merrit
                                          June 9th 2012                                         Melvin Jones Fellow honor plaque at the District 3-O
tling cancer.                                                                                   Convention
                                                                             December 2011                                                                           Page 7

     Meritorious                                                        District 3-K
                                                                                                      sold Cowboy Cadillac          Holdenville hosted the OK Lions

    Service Award
                                                                                                      tickets at the Arts and       Mobile Health Screening Unit; already
                                                                      Governor                        Crafts Fall Festival          working on their Potato Bar fundraising
                                                               Cloye Thompson
                                                               907 Osage St                           Broken Bow participating      event scheduled Dec. 13.
  by Governor Cloye Thompson                                   Ardmore, OK 73401                      in the Adopt a Highway        Hugo Don Shaw, Zone F chairman, vis-
                                                               (H) 580-223-8562                       program; gun raffle draw-     ited Hugo Lions Club Wed., Nov. 2.
Nominations Please: Every busy,                                (C) 580-490-9798
energetic club has what I call a “spark                        cloye@cableone.net                     ing was held Nov. 4.          The Club just finished a very successful
                                                                                                      Clayton had a fun and         annual fall bazaar fundraiser at the
plug”–that Lion in your club who ener-
                                                                                                      successful Chili Cook off.    Hugo Agroplex and had a very success-
gizes others, can always be called upon
                                                                                                      Chili came in many vari-      ful gun raffle.
to help with club activities and who        www.ok3klions.com.                                        eties including coon and      Marietta served hundreds of hot dogs
goes the extra mile even without being      Century of Service Commemorative            bear. It was rumored once again there       and bottle water at the City’s
asked to help. Look around your club        Coin “In recognition of our 100th                                                                   Halloween Monster Mash
for someone deserving of the Dr.            Anniversary in 2017, LCI is leading                                                                 Bash; donated 822 pair of
Robert “Bob” McCullough Meritorious         efforts to mint 400,000 silver dollars.                                                             used eyeglasses.
Service Award. This award is presented      Passage of the bill authorizes the US                                                               Pocola sold trailer full of
to a Lion who has been a Lion for at        Treasury to mint 400,000 silver coins in                                                            aluminum cans, raising
least five years and displayed meritori-    honor of LCI’s 100-year anniversary-an                                                              $170 for future community
ous service in the performance of Lion-     anniversary that celebrates past, present                                                           needs; delivered 22 ink car-
istic activities. Each 3K Club can sub-     and future successes. To pass this legis-                                                           tridges, 65 used eyeglasses,
mit a nominee for the Dr. McCullough        lation we need 290 co-sponsors in the                                                               and 60 lenses, to Oklahoma
Meritorious Service Award. Submit           House of Representatives and 67 in the                                                              Lions Service Foundation.
detailed written information why your       Senate. To date and thanks to Lions                                                                 Stigler hosted district gov-
club nominee should receive this honor.     efforts, we currently have 126 co-spon-                                                             ernor and 1st vice district
One District 3K nominee will be select-     sors in the House of Representatives and Blanchard team is working hard to organize a new governor visit.
ed from all of the recommendations          24 in the Senate.” Contact your US Blanchard Leo Club. Way to go!                                   Talihina District Governor
presented from clubs within the district.   Senator or Representative and ask them                                                              Cloye and 1st VDG Billy
The 3K Lion nominees shall be from          to support the Lions Commemorative might have been some Big
                                            Coin Act, H. R. 2139.                      Foot chili in one of the
District 3K and must be received by the
                                            Lions Quest Training Workshop PDG crocks! Nearly 50 home
District Governor no later than Feb. 10,
                                            Tony Dowell has a Lions-Quest teacher made cakes were donated for
2012.                                       training workshop scheduled for            our cake walk. Silent auction
    Welcome New Members                     Monday, Jan. 16 in Ada for teachers of     had everything from candles
 Randy Springfield (Hugo); William          first to eighth grades. One is Skills for  to Christmas items and Oil
 Meers (McAlester); Joseph Wellner          Growing (K-5) and the other is Skills      of Olay night cream!
(Wanette); Trish McBeath (Wilburton);       for Adolescence (grades 6, 7, and 8).      Trophies went to the
       In Loving Memoy                      Contact PDG Tony (Tony.Dowell@             Youngest, Hottest, Best,
                                            chickasaw.net) to register for this train- First, Second, Third, School,
       Lion Earl Buddy Kilpatrick,          ing.                                       Restaurant and People’s         Tishomingo This photo was taken just 5 days
       Durant; Bruce Stewart,                                                          Choice categories. This past before we lost Lion Bruce. Many 3K Lions remem-
       Tishomingo;                          Ada collected 235 pairs of glasses
                                            Atoka having fun with Peace Poster         year the Clayton Lions          ber Quinn (front row) because he attended numerous
       Happy Anniversary                                                               approved 13 pairs of glasses state and district meetings with his father. Lion
                                            contests, hosting district governor visit,
     Antlers 12/05/1928 (83 years)          and very busy selling holiday fruit bas-   and raised about $900 in        Bruce had an infectious smile and will be missed.
     Idabel 12/14/1928 (83 years)           kets.                                      their soda can recycling pro-
    Shawnee 12/21/1919 (92 years)           Ardmore donated $500 to OLEB, and          gram and another $60 in their Cell           attended the poker run and received
                                            $500 to OLBR, sponsored the                Phones for Sight recycling program.          poker run t-shirts as a special gift from
   Important Announcements                                                             Durant lost a dear friend and Lion Earl the Club.
                                            Kingsmen Southern Gospel Concert,
Come help us celebrate 95 years of                                                     “Buddy” Kilpatrick.                          Sallisaw donated double oven to a
Lionism: The 3K and 3L Midwinter                                                                       Heavener hosted a visit      community nonprofit agency.
Combined Convention will be held at                                                                    from Zone Chair Pam          Seminole donated $1,000 to the OLEB
Lake Murray Resort, Jan. 27–28.                                                                        Abernathy, PDG Jim and building project.
Within Lions Clubs International,                                                                      Lion Sherry Keisman.         Wilburton hosted the OK Lions
Oklahoma is District 3 and we still                                                                    The Heavener Lions           MHSU and the Arkansas Mobile Blood
have seven active Founder Clubs.                                                                       Club just finished their     Unit; donated $100 to Wilburton
International Director Robert Smith                                                                    Fall Carnival fund raiser. Middle School; fed breakfast to the
from California and his wife Lion                                                                      It was a great success       Wilburton High School football team;
Vickie will be our special guests. If you                                                              with the help of commu- turned in 51 ink cartridges, 150 used
reserve a lodge room, everything is                                                                    nity and public school                     eyeglasses, 30 cell phones,
under one roof. A Guiding Lion class                                                                   volunteers. They are                       and purchased 2 pairs of
will be available on Saturday so please      Antlers While visiting Antlers Lions Club we had so      working on putting                          eyeglasses.
consider attending this valuable train-      many common acquaintances it was more like a family together candy sacks to                          Billy and I wish you a
ing/recertification seminar. You can         reunion. (Left to Right Raymond Lough, Dennis            be handed out during the                    day of ordinary miracles.
download a registration form at              Willeford, Ken Autry, David Smith, Bob Settles and       Christmas parade to chil-                   Merry Christmas!
                                             David Lehman)                                            dren in the community.
Page 8                                                                      December 2011

Governor Reflections                                               District 3-L
     by Governor Ealmer Klippel                                                 Ealmer Klippel
                                                                             1286 County Rd 1390
With Thanksgiving around the corner,                                         Chickasha, OK 73018
I am remembering a busy year for                                               (H) 405-224-6675
Wanada and I. District 3L has                                                eklippel@yahoo.com
endured a record making year, both
weather and economically. Our farm-
ers have endured a crop less year in         how long this club has cooked dinner
district 3L. Our club is selling nuts        for the folks. The answer was from the
and finding out that they are hard to        beginning. They began in 1967. You
find. Pecans, our most call-ed for           can see by the waiting line that the
product is very hard to find. Almost         folks think they serve good food and
no nuts were harvested in our area           they do. Remember Santa Claus is
this year. However, our clubs are            just around the corner, so be good
                                             whatever you do.                                      Governor Elmer Klippel, John Williams, Jennifer Whitehead (Event
working hard to keep up membership                                                                 Cordinator), Margaret Williams at the 5”K” blindness run. Lawton
and remain strong in the eye glass                                                                 Patriots Lion club hosted this event.
program.                                             Club Reporting

On the state level, we are working to
help the Boys Ranch, Eye Bank,
Mobil Health Screening unit, as well
as the Briggs Foundation to achieve
their go- als. It is great to be a Lion. I
have visited some clubs and found
there are some strong Lions in
District 3L. I visited Frederick and
met Ralph. He has been a Lion for 56
years. He has been active and knows
a lot of history about Fred-erick and
the area.
I want to encourage the clubs to get
involved in the tree program. Dennis’
information was put out wrong it
should be RR 3 Box 96, Anadarko,             Governor Elmer Klippel and Past President Keith A             The winner of the 1st annual Oklahoma Vision “5K”,
OK 73005, Phone H 580-464-2401,              Wright (Event Sponsor) 5 “K” run.                             hosted by the Lawton Patriots Lions Club.
Cell 405-226-4191,rancherf4@yahoo.
com. He has talked with the OSU
Extension offices and the Oklahoma           ALTUS: Collected over 300 pair of        LAWTON PATRIOTS: Gave funds
Forestry division. Both have stated          used glasses Collected 43 used ink       to the Lawton food bank. Gave funds      VELMA ALMA: Honored two High
they will help in tree selection for the     cartridges Hosted 9 cubs and their       to the Family Promises Program.          school students for lunch. Donated to
area and in cost to the clubs. Forestry      sponsors for dinner Provided a life      Gave to the Boys Ranch Projects and      the Food Bank
puts out large orders so two or more
                                             line to the Hospital Provide newspa-     Helped clean the community Park.
clubs may want to divide an order.                                                                                             CHICKASHA: Sold Bedlam football
                                             pers to in hospital On Dec 17th the      Collected aluminum cans, and collect-
I have included several pictures in this     club, working with India Shrine                                                   tickets. Fund raiser. Holding their
                                                                                      ed 70 pair of used glasses. Hosted the
month’s report. I have witnessed a first     Temple, will hold a Pancake dinner in                                             annual nut sales with the Club Cook
                                                                                      “5” K blind Run in Elmer Thomas
in Oklahoma, by the Lawton Patriots          the Altus Mall with Santa on the                                                  Book. Collected 70 pair of used glass-
                                                                                      Park. We had over 75 participants
Club. A five “K” run for the Blind.          scene.                                                                            es and bought glasses for the needy
                                                                                      from all across Oklahoma and even
They had 77 entries from all over the                                                 runners from Amarillo, TX, and Fort
state. After watching that, I came home      MARLOW: Honored the Marlow
                                             student of the week. Bought eye          Gibson, AR! Big thanks to all of our
with a different out look on abilities.
                                             glasses for the needy. Planning a        sponsors, the Oklahoma School for
Hope everyone has had an enjoyable           Christmas Parade and pancake dinner      the Blind, the Riverside Indian
Thanksgiving and was able to share                                                    School, the City of Lawton-Parks and
                                             on December 10th. Inducted two new
their food with family and friends.                                                   Recreation Department, and our race
                                             members:Trstan J. Graf and
Wanada, the family and I attended the                                                 participants according to www.e-
                                             Douglas R. Volinski
Pocasset Lions Thanksgiving Dinner. I                                                 clubhouse.org
have included some pictures. I asked         MUSTANG:Rented their building
                                                                                  December 2011                                                                                  Page 9

 Thanksgiving – A                                                                                        Bessie Rutherford Scholarship       ked Diabetes Testing booth with other

  time of Giving
                                                                                    District 3-A         given out to a Hennessey High       clubs at county fair. Worked with cancer
                                                                                                         School Senior. Club donated         support group
                                                                                                         money to the Hennessey Care         Okarche Lions Club Club held a Ger-
                                                                              Governor Arlene Shore      Center and the Hennessey            man Dinner with approximately 850 att-
     Governor Arlene Shore                                                        4701 Addington
                                                                                 Ednid, OK 73701         Library to help buy candy for       ending. Made a donation to the Lions
Giving thanks is more than just a time of                                        (H) 580-402-4247        trick or treat visitors this        Clubs International Measles initiative
saying “thank you” for the many bless-                                     lionarlene3a@suddenlink.ne Halloween. Helped pay for eye pilot program. Welcomed new member
ings we have received. It is a time of
                                                                                                         exam and glasses for elemen-        Tanner Cline into the Okarche Lions
giving and thanking, period. Our motto        Fairview Lions Club City of Fairview is tary student. Lions Paul Babiak picked up Club. Tanner is the grandson of
as Lions is “We Serve”, and from that we      laying a water line so that the trees can       30 trees from Ft. Supply that have been        Covington Lions Boyd and Marion Cline.
believe in “giving back” and the greatest     receive irrigation. President Roger Knak        given out to Hennessey area people.            Pioneer Pleasant Vale Chili and Soup
gift we can give our community and the        installed as a new member his daughter,         Hooker Six members participated/               Supper Nov. 5. Collected gate at Pioneer
world is something that will outlast us.      Lindsey. Her membership was sponsored           cooked in the Hooker Chili Cook Off.           High School football games. Worked on
We care for and nurture our members –         by her mother, Lion Linda Knak. This            Kremlin Lions Club John Voth received          Christmas in Action project, scraping and
young and old. We reach out in our com-       was the first time in almost 90-year histo- a charter member award in recognition of painting a house. Worked glucose testing
munities and the world through our pro-       ry of the club a President and his wife         being a Charter member establishing the        with Lions of Garfield County at county
grams of sight. We give to the programs       brought their daughter into the club.           Kremlin club.                                  fair.
of world peace. We assist is so many
                                                                                              Laverne Lions Club Planted tree                 Ponca City Noon Held annual auction
programs for better health. Our commu-
                                                                                              received from DG Arlene at Golf
nity service helps to build a rich and sup-
                                                                                              Course by the memorial bench
portive community of people who give a
                                                                                              honoring Larry Freeman. The
hand when there is need. Our youth pro-
                                                                                              Golf Club plans to plant more
grams promote education, service and
                                                                                              trees in the spring. Preparing for
peace for the future. We take responsi-
                                                                                              peace poster contest. Lions Don
bility for the future through improving
                                                                                              Burke planted 20 trees at his
our environment through recycling and
programs like tree planting. Wherever
                                                                                              Marshall Garage sale with 10
there is a need, Lions see an opportunity
                                                                                              different booths selling items
to serve and to give thanks and to give
                                                                                              donated, followed by a Hotdog
back. I believe in Lionism.
                                                                                              Chili supper. The Haunted House
      New Club Members                        Garber Donated to LCIF for the measles          was a huge success.
District 3-A Clubs - July 1 to the present.   initiative. Participated with other clubs in    Medford Club gathered items to          Gov Arlene Shore and Nash LC 4 new members.
Kingfisher – Nancy Schmid                     Garfield County in the United Way chili         send care packages that included
Laverne – Josh Snider                         cookoff. Put out 75 American flags in           hygiene items and snacks to 3 soldiers of      our main money-raiser – Netted $16,000
Nash – A. K. Armstrong – Dana Cowan           Garber and 6 flags at entrance of ceme-         the Oklahoma National Guard to share           Approved 9 more eyeglasses for those in
– Randy Cowan – Gene Hunt                     tery for Veterans Day. Hosted eye bank          with their fellow soldiers in Afghanistan.     need. Held 2nd meeting of the LIons
Okarche – Gerald Gleichman                    meetings. Adopted a grade school class.         Nash DG Arlene Shore inducted four             Kids Diabetes Support Group. Parents
Ponca City Noon – Kelly Campell –             Goodwell Participated in the Good-well          new members into club during her visit.        discussed problems and kids swam and
Daniel Flewelling – Emily Goff – Lucille      Town Clean-up                                   North Enid Worked Chisholm football            played. Collected 310 eyeglasses. (col-
Souligny – Wendy Stobble                      Guymon Fire Chief/EMS Lion gave talk            gate for scholarships. Purchased 8 pairs       lected 928 pairs to date) Set up and con-
Ringwood – Debroah Major                      during Fire Prevention Month. Five Lions of eyeglasses. Made 6 official club visits.           ducted a haunted cabin for the Halloween
Seiling – Paul Hamiltin                       went to 90th club anniversary in Liberal        Benefit bean and cornbread supper for 2        Festival at Camp McFadden.Will be help-
Wakita – Susan Grove                          Kansas. Six members involved in the             youth hurt in grain elevator accident.         ing man the exit booth at the Festival of
Guymon Panhandle - Gary Holdeman              Commuity Theatre. 350 volunteers hours          Mowed and worked at Lions Park. Had            Angel lighting display once per week in
Hooker – 24 new members (new club             given in this and other community activi- Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon. Coll-               November and December.
chartered)                                    ties-quilting for world relief, refinishing     ected over 300 pairs of eyeglasses. Fun        Pond Creek Donation to the Oklahoma
Blackwell – 20 new members (new club          highway signs, working on their train           Day at North Enid Park. Set up and wor-        Lions Eye Bank for a new building. We
to charter)                                   tracks around the lake, relay for life, and                                                        have a new park going up and looking
                                              work at the park. Melvin Jones awarded                                                             to adopting it (ie:cleaning it four time
           Club Reports                       to PDG Chris Perkins.                                                                              a year, purchasing sign, and trying to
Balko Speaker on Drug Awareness and           Guymon Panhandle Picked up trash at                                                                obtain a grant to make it a handicap
Rehabilitation                                roadside park. Purchased and planted                                                               facility. Having a Christmas Open
Beaver Halloween Haunted House four           two red bud trees as a memorial for two                                                            House, Dec 1st and a Pancake Supper,
nights with 200 coming. A $1000 schol-        deceased members. Provided eye exam                                                                Dec 12th.
arship was given from the proceeds. One       for a 19 year old female. Set up booth at                                                          Vici and Woodward turned in 2,000
tree planted.                                 Methodist Church Halloween Fun Night.                                                              pairs of eyeglasses
Cherokee Lions Club First in the state to     Started annual peanut sales. Unloaded                                                              Wakita Planted a tree on main street.
donate to the Lions Clubs International       Food Bank truck for Loves and Fishes                                                               Plans were made for annunal Santa
Foundation Measles initiative pilot pro-      twice in October. Took elderly couple to
gram.Challenged other clubs to make a                                                                                                            Claus Christmas Party/Dinner on
                                              Amarillo for doctor appointment.
$100 donation.                                Hennessey Lions Club Held a Pork                 PDG Chris Perkins being presented the Melvin Dec8th.
Covington Lions Boyd Cline, David             Burger fund raiser to raise funds for the        Jones Felowship Award from DG Arlene
Sterling, Don Boynton planted trees.                                                           Shore.
Page 10                                                                                 December 20111

     New Members                                       District 3-H
                                                                                                             Langston City Lions Club is a
                                                                                                             proud partner in this effort.
                                                                                                                                                Clark, Business Outreach Coordinator of
                                                                                                                                                Pioneer Library Systems. Phil discussed
                                                                                                             STILLWATER NOON 15                 the business services that the library offers.
OKC Northwest DEBBIE WEDEL Join                                                                              requests for eyeglasses. Two       In addition to our speakers our club deliv-
Date 10/01/2011 Sponsor CHERI                                                                                eyeglasses were purchased at a     ered 1,600 eye glasses to the Lion’s office.
NABORS                                                                                                       cost of $85 a pair. There were     Lion Bill reported 11 eye care request and
Stillwater Noon CHARLES CROOKS                                             Governor Marvin Ainsworth         eyeglasses recycled at our col-    provided 6 students with glasses.
Join Date: 11/01/2011 Sponsor JOHN                                              6829 NW 27th St.
                                                                               Bethany, OK 73008
                                                                                                             lection site. Lions Linens sales   MIDWEST CITY donated 350 pairs of
MILLS; SARAH DISNEY Join Date:                                                                               continue to raise money for        eyeglasses and 65 printer cartridges.
                                                                                (H) 405-789-6000
11/01/2011 Sponsor PAUL ANDERSON                                                (C) 405-819-1045             community service projects.        MWC Lions donated $1,125.00 to the
CHARLES FOREMAN Join Date:                                                    mainsworth1@cox.net            Our fruit sale will conclude       Boys Ranch, $1,125.00 to the Eye Bank,
11/01/2011 Sponsor JOHN MILLS;                                                                               November 17. We sponsored          $150.00 to LCIF, $250 to White Cane
JOSH MARLER Join Date: 11/01/2011              ilies a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Sponsor PAUL ANDERSON                                        Club News
                                               CARNEY The Carney Lion’s Club hosted
                                                                                                 an Applebee’s flapjack fundraiser
                                                                                                 November 12. Lions sold tickets and will
                                                                                                                                                and $750.00 to Rose State College for the
                                                                                                                                                spring Mary Lou Hawkins scholarship
Wow…. way to go Stillwater Noon and                                                              help serve flapjacks with much of pro-         award. Our Christmas party will be held
OKC Northwest. Special congratulations         a Halloween Trick or Treat for the chil-
                                                                                                 ceeds going to Noon Lions. All money           December 11 @ 5pm at the Murphy
to our Council Chair Paul Anderson.            dren of Carney. Included were games for
                                                                                                 raised will be used for service projects.      Family Grill. If any of you wish to attend
Who said he was too old to recruit new         the children, with the Pumpkin Bowling
                                                                                                 We agreed to donate $1000 to OK Eye            our Christmas party, please let us know.
members?                                       being very popular. Candy was handed
                                                                                                 Bank as a “new service project.” We are        You are all welcome and we would be
Our Mid-Winter 3H Convention will be           out, while hot cocoa was served to the chil-
                                                                                                 collecting for the OK Boys Ranch               delighted for you to attend.
                                               dren and coffee for the adults. The
held On February 4th at the West Side
                                               Carney Lion’s Club, for the past several
                                                                                                 Christmas party. Workforce Oklahoma             PERRY approved assistance from five
Lions Town Hall, 4135 NW 10th St. We                                                             manager spoke to our club. They provide        individuals for vision care. Two PHS
will have a service project, Cabinet           weeks, has been demolishing a building at
                                                                                                 free employment services for employers in      Seniors, Dalton Norton and Carla Smith,
Meeting with elections, a chili cook off       one of our local Churches. The concrete
                                                                                                 the hiring process. The Executive Director     kept the Lions Club members up to date
(Yes a CHILI COOK OFF) and LIVE                blocks from this demolition are being used
                                                                                                 of Stillwater United Way spoke to our          on school activities with detailed reports
Country and Western Music by the               to build new restrooms at the Football
                                                                                                 club about their fundraising drive. We         every week. Six club members helped
Oklahoma State Fiddlers (Not part of           Field, which was built by the Carney
                                                                                                 concluded our membership drive with 6          park cars at the September football games.
OSU). WE WILL LEAVE PART OF                    Lion’s Club (formerly the Carney
                                                                                                 new members. We have 86 members.               Two programs during the month were
                                               Betterment Association). The concrete
                                               block construction is complete, rough in
                                                                                                 CUSHING November 8th the Cushing               devoted to health issues. One program
LUNCH SO YOU CAN DANCE, TIES                                                                     Lions Club hosted a free pancake dinner        given by Ms. C.C. Crane was aimed at
WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. WEAR                      plumbing complete and it will not be long
                                                                                                 for the residents of Cushing in honor of       assisted living centers and nursing homes.
YOUR JEANS, BOOTS, AND COW-                    before the restrooms are complete. The
                                                                                                 their 90th anniversary. There were 180         Her program detailed the features and
BOW HATS. WE ARE GOING TO                      Carney Lion’s Club will be hosting a
                                                                                                 people fed. New Member - John Konrad.          benefits of each type service. Program two
HAVE A DISTRICT 3H HOEDOWN!!!                  Spaghetti Dinner on December 10, 2011,
                                                                                                 The Cushing Lions are getting ready for        given by Ms. Tamie Young from the
We will ask that clubs enter one pot of        with serving time from 4-7PM at the
                                                                                                 the Cushing Christmas Parade on                Stillwater Medical Center detailed new
chili to be judged and another pot to be       Carney Cafe. Dinner will include spaghet-
                                                                                                 December 17th.                                 Medicare rules and regulations.
                                               ti, garlic bread, drink and dessert. Ticket
shared. We will limit the cook-off compe-
                                               prices are $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for chil-
                                                                                                 OKC DOWNTOWN Collected about                   STROUD The Stroud Lions club has
tition to the first 12 clubs that want to                                                        500 pairs of eyeglasses in the last two        pledged to raise $1000 for the Boys Ranch
enter. If your club doesn’t want to enter      dren 12 and under, and with a paid adult
                                                                                                 months and 61 ink cartridges. Our Special      at Perkins. Themoney will support one
then just bring a pot of chili from your       ticket children under the age of 3 years eat
                                                                                                 Needs Party was October 29th from 7-10         boy for one month. This is the 50th year
club to be shared. The District will furnish   free. This is a fundraiser for our Secret
                                                                                                 pm at the training center. Our Hi-Lions        for Lions support and operate the ranch.
all the condiments, Fritos, crackers, chips,   Santa Project, in which we help one or two
                                                                                                 program started this month and will con-       Each year the financial task becomes more
cheese, sodas, coffee, tea and everything      families, depending on funds, to have a
                                                                                                 tinue for the remainder of the school year.    challenging due to rising costs, a stagnant,
else. Bring your own bib so you don’t ruin     merrier Christmas than anticipated. We
                                                                                                 We are also selling cookbooks to raise         and declining Oklahoma DHS funding.
                                               furnish all the fixings for a nice Christmas
that nice western shirt.
                                               Dinner and gifts for the children. This is a
                                                                                                 money for our benevolent fund and also         EDMOND Dr. Brad Fielding, Optom-
By the time you read this you have fin-                                                          for Feed the Children. They are $20 and        etrist, gave an excellent presentation on
ished off all the Thanksgiving leftovers,      project that is dear to each member of our
                                                                                                 they have very interesting info about OK       the eye and about cataracts, macular
you have all your Christmas Cards              club.
Addressed and mailed, the tree is up and       LANGSTON CITY The Friends of                      and some old, old recipes. Rhonda Splitt
                                                                                                 volunteered as a Counselor at Camp
                                                                                                                                                degeneration, glaucoma, and dry eyes.
                                                                                                                                                Gave a hand-out of an eye that shows the
decorated, all your Christmas Shopping is      Langston University Libraries and the
                                                                                                 Classen                                        parts of the eye and where different dis-
                                               Langston City Lions Club through their
done, all the packages are wrapped, those
                                               memberships provided ¼ of matching
                                                                                                 OKC NORTHWEST Made a donation                  eases may occur. It also gave a list of foods
that need to be mailed are mailed, the out-                                                      to the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch in            that are good for keeping eyes healthy.
                                               funds to support a Reading is
side lights are hung and working. You are
                                               Fundamental Program in the Langston
                                                                                                 honor of a speaker. Collected 72 pair of       HARRAH The Harrah Lions provided an
sitting in your favorite chair enjoying a                                                        eyeglasses and 4 cell phones. Made an          eye exam and new glasses for a Harrah
glass of eggnog. What... you don’t have all    Community. Three times a year – once in
                                                                                                 offician club visit to OKC Belle Isle Lion     elementary student
                                               fall and twice in spring – the Friends and
those things done? Me neither and I have
                                               Lions sponsor reading centered programs
                                                                                                 Club. Held a 50th Anniversary Celebrat-        OKC WEST SIDE Just completed our fall
another article to get out by December                                                           tion Luncheon with 16 invited guests.          pancake breakfast in conjunction with the
                                               for children during which each child in
15th. So somewhere in between all that
                                               attendance gets to choose a new high qual-
                                                                                                 NORMAN SOONER Oklahoma Anne                    3H cabinet meeting. Continuing with the
stuff you have to get done; just send me a                                                       Masters, Director of Pioneer Library           Elementary School Back Pack Program.
New Years Greeting from your club to all       ity children’s book to take home and                                                             Continuing Mobile Meal program. Voted to
                                                                                                 Systems visited our club and explained the
the other Lions to start the New Year off      keep. Each year for the past ten years,                                                          continue and expand our equine transporta-
                                                                                                 funding and various programs of the
right. I’ll publish them in the January 1st    (2000-2010) the Friends of LU Libraries’                                                         tion program.
                                                                                                 library. Steve Williams, Cleveland County
edition.                                       RIF program has distributed over 4,010
                                                                                                 Voting Director visited our club and           OKC CAPITOL HILL will celebrate their
Mary, I, and Dixie wish you and your fam-      books to community children. This year,                                                          80th anniversary on December 31st
                                                                                                 reported on the new voting machines. Phil
                                               for the second consecutive year, the
                                                                              December 2011                                                                        Page 11

                                 Registration Form
                                                                                                                       “I Believe”
                     District 3-K & 3-L Combined Midwinter                                                    Oklahoma Midwinter Conference
                                   Convention                                                                       January 20-21,2012
                              January 27th & 28th, 2012
                                                                                                                 District 3-A Resitration Form
                                                                                                             All Activities are at Central Christian
                      Lake Murray Resort, Ardmore, OK                                                                        Church
Districts 3-K & 3-L invite you to the Sunny Side of the Arbuckles for the 2012                                   1111W Broadway, Enid OK
Midwinter Convention.                                                                                        Host Hotel: Baymont Inn & Suites
Our door prize will be a set of four (4) Michelin Tires made at the Ardmore Plant.                              3614 W. Owen K Garriott Rd.
(To win you must be a registered Lion and must be present to win.)                                          Make your reservation:580-233-6800
Directions to Lake Murray Resort: Take exit 24 off Interstate 35 and travel east                                      Romm Rate:$68.00
three miles on Highway 77S.                                                                                 Hotel Cut-Off Date: Januarry 15, 2012
Friday, 6:30 pm: Will be an evening of dinner, games and Lions 95th Anniversary
Celebration.                                                                            LionName______________________________Club_______________________
Saturday, 9:00 am: Opening session followed by informative seminars, youth and
adult speech contests. Our international guest will be ID Robert Smith and wife Lion
Vickie from California. International Director Robert Smith will be delivering our      Spouse/Guest     (check here if Lion) ____________________________________
keynote address at the noon luncheon. 3-K & 3-L Cabinet Meetings will be held
immediately after the noon luncheon.                                                    Home LC________________First Timer           Leo    Former Girl Scout
Saturday’s Silent Auction Fundraiser: 9:00 am until 15 minutes following adjourn-
ment of the Cabinet meetings.                                                           orLeader
Saturday, 6:00 pm:Reception followed by banquet and entertainment.
The first 50 registrations will receive a welcome gift in their room or cabin. (One     Address/City/State/Zip:_______________________________________________
gift per room.)             LODGING INFORMATION
Lake Murray Resort         Lodge Rooms (1 king,1 queen, or 2 twins) $55                 E-mail ___________________________________
3323 Lodge Road            Cabin (1 queen bed) $48                                      NOTE: Please register and remit payment by January 15th to guarantee meals.
Ardmore, OK 73401          Cabin ( 1 queen & 1 sofa bed) $73                            Registration in foyer of Central Christian Church – Friday -5:00 p.m. – Saturday
(800) 257-0322              taxes not included                                          7:30 a.m. Visit the Museum of the Cherokee Strip, 507 S. 4th, on your own Friday
Room rates guaranteed until 1/12/12 8 wifi & high speed internet available              afternoon—no charge
                       CONVENTION REGISTRATION
The sponsoring clubs are responsible for registration and meals of their “speech” and   Registration Lion/Spouse/Guest Number_______X $ 10.00 ______
“peace poster” contestants and their guests.                                            Registration at the door Number________ X $15.00 ______
Early registration (postmarked by January 10, 2012) Lion @ $10.00 $ ______              Registration LEO Number_______ X $2.00 __________
Spouse/Guest @ $10.00 $ _____
Late registration (postmarked after January 10, 2012) Lion @ $15.00 $                   Friday Night Buffet (Honoring GS 100th year)Number_________ X $5.00 ____
__________Spouse/Guest @ $15.00 $ __________                                            Dress:(casual) Meal: 6:00 p.m. Chicken Fried Steak mashed potatoes, green
Friday evening dinner (casual dress) Lion / Spouse / Guest / Leo _____ @ $18
                                                                                        beans,green salad or cottage cheese, choice of apple or cherry cobbler– bread,
                                                                                        coffee, tea, water
Buffet of oven roasted herb chicken or chopped sirloin, mashed potatoes, sweet
English peas, desserts, coffee, tea and water.
Saturday lunch (Lions / Business Attire) Lion / Spouse / Guest / Leo_____ @ $15         Saturday Noon Meal(Appreciation of Military Service ) Number_____ X $15.____
$______                                                                                 Meal: 12.00 noon. Meat Loaf - scalloped potatoes - California blend—broccoli, cau-
Executive’s Delicatessen – sliced turkey, ham, and roast beef, assorted breads,         liflower and carrots, creamy cucumber salad or ambrosia- chocolate cake or straw-
potato salad, coleslaw, black bean soup, desserts, coffee, tea and water.               berry shortcake– coffee, tea, water
Saturday evening banquet (Business / Semiformal Attire)Lion / Spouse / Guest / Leo
_______ @ $21.00 $___________                                                           Saturday Evening Meal Number _________X $ 21.00       __________
6oz marinated steak, baked potato, salad, whole green beans w/ baby carrots             Dress: Formal/Business Reception: 5:00 pm Meal: 5:30 p.m.
and almonds, desserts, coffee, tea and water.                                           Choice of Prime Rib served with bake potato, vegetable, salad, dessert, drink.
Meals guaranteed only if registration is received by 1/20/12 Total $ ___________        GRAND TOTAL REMITTED________________
Name: _________________________________       Home LC: _______________________          PLEASE NOTE SPECIAL DIET
First Timer:   yes    No Name of spouse /guest: __________________________              Everyone must pay registration if they attend and/or eat meal. Clubs are responsible
                                                                                        for registration and meals of their speech contestants and guests.
Is spouse/guest First Timer yes     No: Email: ____________________________             Governor Arlene invites you to meet our visiting INternational Director Carolyn A
                                                                                        Messier of Windsor Locks, Connecticut and spend the weekend with the Lions of
Phone: __________________________Is Leo First Timer:        yes     No                  District 3-A.      Mail to: Deanna Carson, District 3-A Treasurer
                                                                                                                      PO Box 582, Garber, OK 73738
Special needs and/or special diet requests:_______________________________                                            Phone: 580-541-2642
Mail registration: Ardmore Lions Club, Attn Janet Logan, 3323 Lodge Rd,                                               E-mail: liondee@pldi.net
Ardmore OK 73401
Page 12                                                                  December 2011
                                                                                                Multiple District 3-Lions of Oklahoma
                                                                                                                 STATE CONVENTION
                            District 3-H Mid-Winter                                                           April 27-28, 2012
                               February 4, 2012                                                         MARRIOTT OKLAHOMA CITY
                               OKC West Side                                                            3233 Northwest Expressway,
                                Lions Town Hall                                                          Oklahoma City, OK 73112
                                                                                                              (405) 842-6633
                             4135 NW 10thSt., OKC                                 Convention Room Rate: Standard King or Double –$93.00 plus tax (currently
                                                                                  13.875%): -All reservations need to be made individually. The Cut off date for
  Please register and remit payment by January 16, 2012                           Lions group is: April 12, 2012-after cut off date reservations will accepted only if
                                                                                  rooms available. For Reservations call (405) 842-6633) must report that you are
                                                                                  with Lions of Oklahoma State Convention
Lion:_____________________________Club:_______________Dist:_______                                          CONVENTION REGISTRATION
                                                                                  The sponsoring clubs are responsible for registration and meals of their “speech”
                                                                                  & “peace poster” contestants and their guests.
Spouse/Guest/Lion/Leo:____________________Club:_______Dist:________               Registration-Lion/non-Lion (Postmarked before April 20, 2012) _____ @$15____
                                                                                  Late Registration (Postmarked after April 20, 2012 _____@ $20____
                                                                                  Leo Members/Youth_____@ $00.___
Address:___________________City:____________________Zip:__________                Registration Hours Friday 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.-Saturday 7:30am -Noon
                                                                                  FRIDAY NOON: PAST DISTRICT GOVERNORS (BONE YARD) ANNUAL
Email address:_________________________ Telephone: ________________               MEETING ALL LIONS WELCOME
                                                                                  Lions/Business Attire Lion/Spouse/Guest _______@ $20 $________
                                                                                  Classic Mixed Green Salad, Country Fried Steak and Gravy, Dessert, Coffee, Tea &
            (All speech contestants are required to register)                     Water
                                                                                  FRIDAY EVENING: (Casual) Lion/Spouse/Guest _______@ $25$________
Details/description: February 4, 2012                                             Chicken Mediterranean: Marinated Boneless Breast of Chicken, Sun-dried tomato
                                                                                  presto, roasted red and yellow peppers, melted mozzarella cheese, fresh vegetables and
8:00-9:00      Registration
                                                                                  Yukon gold mashed potatoes, Dessert, Coffee Tea, H2O
9:00-11:30     Service Project
                                                                                  SATURDAY NOON: (Casual/Lions/Business) Lion/Spouse/Guest_____@$25______
12:00- 2:00    Chili Cook off (Live Music by Oklahoma State Fiddlers
                                                                                  Rosemary and black pepper crushed pork loin with wild mushroom marsala sauce,
Assoc.)                                                                           mixed field green salad, rosemary roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables, dessert, cof-
2:00-3:30      Youth and Adult Speech Contests/Awards                             fee, tea and water
3:45-4:30      Cabinet Meeting (Cabinet Meeting and Elections for                 SATURDAY EVENING BANQUET: (Business/Semiformal)Lion/Spouse/Guest____
2012-2013)                                                                        @ $26________
                                                                                  Chicken Piccata-chicken breast seasoned and seared, lemon beurre blanc, salad, yukon
                                                                                  gold Potatoes and Julienne vegetables, dessert coffee, tea, & water
(Dress is Country & Western: Boots, Jeans, and Cowboy Hats Ties                   Meals guaranteed only if registration is received by April 25, 2012
are not allowed)                                                                                                          TABLES
                                                                                                                      Please Print!!!
Service project coordinated by 1st VDG Robert McMasters, Village
Lions                                                                             Pin Trader Tables : _________@$20.00        TOTAL:_____________

                                                                                  Name:_____________________________ Home Lions Club________________
Chili Cook off coordinated by 2nd VDG Tom Cummings, Cushing
Lions.                                                                            First Timer: ___Y ___N
We will ask that clubs enter one pot of chili to be judged and another pot
to be shared. We will limit the cook-off competition to the first 12 clubs that   Name of spouse/guest/Leo:___________________________ Is spouse/guest First
want to enter. If your club doesn’t want to enter then just bring a pot of
chili from your club to be shared. The District will furnish all the condi-       Timer: ___Y ___N
ments, Fritos, crackers, chips, cheese, sodas, coffee, tea, desserts, and
everything else. Bring your own bib so you don’t ruin that nice western           Email:_____________________________ Phone:_______________Is Leo First
                                                                                  Timer: ___Y ___N
Lion/Spouse/Guest/Leo/Youth Number_________x $10.00 = _______
                                                                                  SPECIAL NEEDS AND/OR SPECIAL DIET REQUESTS:______________________
                  Make Check Payable to District 3H
                  Grand total Remitted ___________                                ______________________________________________________________________

                                                                                  Mail registration form (with check payable to Lions of Oklahoma) Virginia
                   Mail: Mike Banks,Dist 3-H Treasurer
                       215 W. McElroy Rd. Suite 4                                 Rodriguez 4123 N W 10th St. Oklahoma City OK 73107-55801.
                           Stillwater, OK 74075

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