Security Procedures for the Front Desk by gegeshandong


									Security Procedures for the Front Desk

Zero Tolerance will be granted for the following:

      ALL visitors must check in at the front desk
      ALL deliveries must be made in the Shipping and receiving department- including
      NO one is to be let in any other door than the front door
      NO one is to use the restroom until they have signed in at the front, including
      NO guest will be allowed to “roam” the hallways- all appointments must be escorted to
       the appropriate office.

Angry or Upset Visitors:

      Try to calm the person down as best as possible and determine what you can do to help
      In the event that you can not calm the person down OR need backup help, please alert
       the following people in this order:

           1) Security (214) 123-4567 or Channel 3 on radio
           2) Security Director (214) 345-4567 or Channel 3 on radio
           3) Police (using panic button under desk)

Please use your digression in each situation

Angry or Upset Caller:

      Try to calm the person down as best as possible.
      Locate the party they need to speak to- NOT voicemail.
      If the person becomes violent or calls multiple times alert security
      If the person has been asked not to call fellowship, transfer them to the Security Director
       and alert the Security Director of the problem.

In the event that you feel threatened in any situation or there is a guest in the lobby that is
making other guests feel uncomfortable please alert security by calling the security cell phone
and using the following “code name”: XXXXXXX

Security Officer: “Church Security this is ________.”
You: “Hi, XXXXXXX, This is (Your Name) at reception, Could you please come to the front.”
Security Officer: “I’m on my way”…

Remember that if you use the security code this means you need assistance immediately and it
is a threat situation.

Our Security officers will be instructed that if they hear the word XXXXXXX they will immediately
respond to reception.
ALWAYS remember to use common sense in each situation, if at any point you see any
suspicious activity please report it to security immediately.

It is of utmost importance that all security situations remain strictly confidential.

Personal information - Please be mindful of any information that is given to callers. We don’t
give out any personal information on anyone, staff or members.

All calls should go through the main switch board for initial screening, therefore direct numbers
to the Senior Pastor's office should not be given out unless you are instructed to do so.

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