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					                     for Science
ProQuest Setand health research
A center for science

ProQuest Set for Science™ delivers a comprehensive collection of journals designed to support a
wide range of institutions, with a focus on earth, life, physical, medical, and applied sciences.

ProQuest Set for Science delivers            resource or add it to an existing           level of expertise can search by
more than 390 journals covering              ProQuest subscription. I ProQuest           keyword, subject, topic, article type,
all aspects of science—from                  Set for Science is designed to meet         or publication. Use “My Research
health and biology to chemistry and          the needs of community colleges,            Summary” to record marked articles,
physics. Coverage is 100 percent             two-year institutions, public libraries,    previous searches, and publications,
cover-to-cover full-text, with               and other institutions offering             all in one, easy-to-find location. I
additional image coverage available          technical training. Instructors will find   ProQuest Set for Science is a powerful
for a majority of titles. Institutions can   the resources they need to maintain         and affordable resource for all studies
use the database as a standalone             their technical expertise and plan their    of general sciences.
                                             curriculum. I Researchers at any
A number of enhanced searching             • “My Research Summary” records                  • Find something you like? The “More
capabilities make it easy for both           your marked articles, previous                   like this” option automatically
novice and expert searchers alike to         searches, and publications visited               displays related information on the
find the information they want.              all in one, easy-to-find location                same topic
Researchers can:                           • You can also save it as a Web page             • Add your library’s branding to the
                                             or email it                                      interface, including up to 3 text
• Find comprehensive information           • Citations are automatically                      links and 2 logos
  from more than 390 titles covering         formatted in your choice of citation
  science subjects—including earth,                                                         To learn more about ProQuest Set
                                             styles: AMA, APA, Chicago: Author-
  life, physical, medical, and applied                                                      for Science, or any of our other
                                             Date, Chicago: Humanities, MLA,
  sciences                                                                                  ProQuest databases, please call
                                             ProQuest Standard, Turabian
• View charts, photos, graphs, and                                                          your account representative at
                                           • Common-sense, intuitive date range
  diagrams just as they appeared in                                                         800-521-0600, ext. 3344, email us at
                                             options including last seven days,
  the original articles                                                           , or visit
                                             last 30 days, last three months, on
• Create durable links to specific                                                          our website at
                                             a particular date, and more, help
  content for use in developing
                                             users quickly select the exact date
  presentations, subject-specific
                                             range they want
  project pages, and more

Applied Science                                Life Science                                     • Pediatrics
• AircraftEngineering and                      • Bioscience                                     • The Journal of Infectious
  Aerospace Technology                         • Human Biology                                    Diseases
• Electronic Design                            • International Journalof Plant                  • Topics in Emergency Medicine
• Industrial Engineer                            Sciences
• Mechanical Engineering                       • Journal of Animal Science                      Physical Science
•R&D                                           • Journal of Paleontology                        • Canadian Journal of Chemistry
• Robotics World                               • Microbiological Research                       • Canadian Journal of Physics
                                               • Plant Physiology                               • Chemical Week
Earth Science                                                                                   • Journal of Natural Resources and
• Astronomy                                    Medical Science                                   Life Sciences Education
• Environmental History                        • American   Journal of Law and                  • Journal of the Atmospheric
• Journal of the Atmospheric                    Medicine                                         Sciences
  Sciences                                     • Diabetes Spectrum                              • Science
• Journals of the Geological Society           • Journal of the National   Medical              • Systemic Biology
• Mineralogical Record                           Association
• Ocean News & Technology                      • Nursing
• Rocks and Minerals

                                         300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103-1500 USA • 800.521.0600 •