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					148           T o L A D Y M A R Y C O K E 13 S E P T E M B E R      1770

  To LADY        M A R Y COKE, Thursday                13 September 1770
Printed from Coke, Journals iii. 283, n. 1; reprinted, Toynbee vii. 403-4.

Strawberry Hill, Sept. 13th 1770.
T H E first moment's intermission from pain1 ought to be dedi-
      cated, good Lady Mary, to you, though I have still enough left
to make even the pleasure of writing to you some anguish. Your
kindness never alters, you [are] one of the very few upon w h o m one
m a y forever depend. As I have been out of bed but two single
hours since Saturday night, I cannot dare to guess when I shall be
in town. I should be sorry indeed not to see your Ladyship before
you go,2 but at present I a m worse than I should wish any friend
to see m e . Be so good to thank Lady Greenwich and Lady Charlotte
Edwins for their goodness to m e , and if you see Lady Townshend
pray be so obliging as to tell her h o w sincerely I a m concerned for
her loss.* I a m too weak to say more. I wish you all the happiness
you deserve, Lady Mary, and a m ever faithfully and devotedly
                                                                 HOR. W A L P O L E

From      LADY MARY COKE,             Monday 24 September 1770
Missing; a 'note.'

   1. H W had an attack of gout on 8             3. Lady   Charlotte    Hamilton (ca
Sept. ( H W to Lady Ossory 15 Sept. 1770).    1703-77), dau. of the 4th D. of Hamilton;
Lady Mary wrote on 9 Sept: 'At Lady           m . (1736) Charles Edwin of Dunraven,
Blandford's I heard that M r Walpole was      Glamorgan ( M O N T A G U i. 236 n. 23).
confined to his bed; the gout in both his        4. T h e death of her daughter-in-law,
feet and his right hand; 'tis unaccount-      Lady Charlotte Compton, m . (1751) Hon.
able, so temperate as he is, that he should   George Townshend, 4th Vet Townshend,
have such violent attacks' (Coke, Journals    1764; Bns Ferrers, s.j., 1749; Bns Compton,
iii. 283). She apparently wrote to him,       s.j., 1754. She died 5 Sept. 1770 (London
though she does not mention doing so in       Chronicle 8-11 Sept. 1770, xxviii. 248), not
her Journal, nor does she mention the         14 Sept. as reported by GEC, D N B (sub
receipt of this letter.                       George Townshend), and Annual Register,
   2. Lady Mary left England 3 Oct. for       1770, p. 189. W o r d of her death reached
her first trip to Vienna, but H W did not     London 10 Sept. (Coke, Journals iii. 284).
see her before she left. See following

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