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									GCE 2008 Geography
GCE 2008 Geography

Why choose Edexcel?
This new GCE Geography specification builds on    • The Specification is brand new and
the strengths of current specifications, namely     exciting
Edexcel GCE Geography specification A
(8214/9214) and Edexcel GCE Geography
specification B (8215/9215).                      • The content recognizes the need to
                                                    engage with students and challenge them

                                                  • The geography is issues and enquiry based
                                                    and expects students to research and

                                                  • Fieldwork is integral, as are skills needed
                                                    in higher education

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography

Guiding issues

• Evidence of assessment overload,     • Changing global geography, not
  especially at AS                       reflected by old specifications

• Declining numbers/competition from   • A need for renewal, recognised in the
  newer subjects                         Geography Action Plan

• Evidence of a repeated curriculum    • The ‘stretch and challenge’ agenda

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography

Guiding principles

• AS should be stimulating and inspiring • Geography should be current and
                                           ‘real’, but set in historical and
• A2 should be challenging and             theoretical contexts
                                            • Choice should be present at AS and A2
• The loss of coursework should not
  lead to a loss of fieldwork               • Quality resources should be available
                                              to teachers at an early stage
• A balance of local, global and regional

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 GCE 2008
    Who was involved?

GCE 2008 Geography
                                   Extensive survey
       Student surveys and           of HE views           Centre surveys and
           focus groups                                   teacher focus groups

      The FSC’s Juniper Hall:                             new spec. birthplace

        Chief examiners and                                Edexcel Geography
        Principal examiners                              support team (revisers,
      from both Spec A and B                                subject officers)
                                    Expert input:
                                Dr Rita Gardiner (RGS)
                                 David Lambert (GA)
                                   Eleanor Rawling
                                    Vivien Pointon
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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
What are the key changes?

• 1 new specification; not an amalgam of A
  and B

• 4 units, rather than 6

• No coursework – completely exam tested

• Reduction in assessment burden on

• Refreshed content

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography

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GCE 2008 Geography                       AS Unit 1 – Global Challenges

                            Global hazards, global hazard trends, global
                                         hazard patterns

           WORLD at RISK       Climate change and its causes, global
                                   warming impacts and options
                              The challenge of global hazards for the

                           Globalisation, global groupings, global networks
           GOING GLOBAL    Population and roots, on the move, world cities
                                The challenge of a globalising world

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
Assessment for Unit 1 – Global Challenges

                                            1 ½ hour examination including
                                              resource booklet

                                            Combination of:

                                            • data response / short questions
                                            • objective items
                                            • longer / guided essay questions

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GCE 2008
                                        Using Figure 4(a):

 GCE 2008 Geography                     (a) Which EU country was the source of most
                                            immigrants to the UK?
 Assessment for Unit 1: data response       (i) Suggest reasons for this flow.
Figure 4(b)                                                                  (2)
                                        (b) Which EU country was the destination for most
                                            UK emigration?
                                            (i) Suggest reasons for this flow.
                                        (c) Which of the following population movements is
                                            best described as economic migration?

                                           Tick the most appropriate box
Figure 4(a)                             People forced to leave a country to escape from famine
Migrations to and from the EU           Those who arrive claiming to be victims of persecution
                                        People travelling abroad to find work elsewhere
                                        People entering a country unofficially
                                        Those who retire to ‘a place in the sun’
                                         Using Figure 4(b):
                                        (d) Explain why the UK is a ‘global hub’ for the
                                            movement of people.
                                                                           (11 marks)
GCE 2008 Geography                                                      10. Study Figure 10.
                                                                        (a) Suggest why the various
                                                                            groups shown hold differing
Assessment for Unit 1: guided essays                                        views about this global trade

                                                                        (b) Explain how people can
                                                                            manage the environmental
                                                                            and social costs of
                                                                            globalisation for a better

 UK customers are generally happy but some businesses and workers are less pleased
 Millions of Chinese people and their government support this venture
 Maersk shipping lines has offices in 150 countries, and 500 large container ships
 Critics of this world-wide commercial activity see this as ‘globalisation gone mad’
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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography              AS Unit 2 – Geographical Investigations

                        EXTREME WEATHER: extreme weather
                       watch, extreme impacts, increasing risks,
           PHYSICAL                      OR
                      CROWDED COASTS: competition for coasts,
                        coping with pressure, increasing risks,

                       UNEQUAL SPACES: Recognising inequality,
                       inequality for whom?, managing urban and
                                     rural inequality
           HUMAN                            OR
                         REBRANDING PLACES: time to rebrand,
                        rebranding strategies, managing rural and
                                    urban rebranding

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
Assessment for Unit 2 – Geographical Investigations
                                   1 hour examination including
                                     resource booklet

                                   2 longer response questions
                                   Questions in three parts:

                                   • data response
                                   • investigation skills
                                   • impacts/management issues

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
Assessment for Unit 2 – data response

                                        (a) Suggest some of the physical and
                                        economic factors that may have made Florida
                                        a crowded coast.
                                        (b) Using named examples, examine some of
                                        the environmental costs of coastal
                                        developments such as those shown in Florida.

                                        (c) Describe and explain a programme of
                                        fieldwork and research you would use to
                                        investigate the impacts of either coastal
                                        erosion or coastal flooding, along a stretch of
                                                                     TOTAL 35 marks

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography                        A2 Unit 3 – Contested Planet

Over-arching themes

              The planet is ‘contested’ in a variety of ways, for example:
                  Increasing demands on a diminishing resource base.
             Conflicting over the use of resources versus their protection.
                  Questions of economic development and inequality.
           Should the aim be to make current patterns of consumption more
                   sustainable, or are more radical actions needed?
           Is technological development the solution to problems of resource
               depletion and environmental degradation, or it is part of the

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
Organisation of Unit 3
Providing resources:
the costs and problems of consumption;
management options and challenges

Unequal patterns of consumption:                        Synoptic
poverty – v - wealth
The role of technology:
In overcoming resource scarcity: inequality   FUTURES              ACTIONS
and resource management issues.

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography                          A2 Unit 3 – Contested Planet

       Energy Security           Energy demand, supply, impacts of energy security, the
                                 future of energy supply

                                 Geography of water supply, risks of water insecurity, water
        Water Conflicts
                                 conflicts and the future

                                 Defining biodiversity, what threatens biodiversity,
  Biodiversity under Threat      management of threats

                                 Superpowers and geopolitics, impacts and influence of
   Superpower Geographies        superpower economies, superpower change and futures

  Bridging the Development Gap   Causes, implications at different scales, reducing the
                                 development gap

                                 Inequalities in access to technology, technology and
    The Technological Fix        development, technology and the planet’s future

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
Assessment for Unit 3 – Contested Planet

                                       2½ hour examination including
                                        resource booklet

                                       Pre-released synoptic materials

                                       • Section A – 2 extended essay

                                       • Section B – 3 synoptic short essay
                                         style questions

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography                  A2 Unit 3 – Contested Planet

Paper overview
                                   Q1 Water

           Q5 Development                                Q2 Energy
                                  Q6 a-c

                  Q4 Superpowers              Q3 Biodiversity

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
Assessment for Unit 3: extended essays

                                         (a) Explain the pattern of alien species
                                             invasions, and suggest the possible
                                             impacts of alien species on
                                         (b) Evaluate the relative importance of
                                             global and local threats to one named
                                             global ecosystem.

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography                   A2 Unit 4 – Geographical Research

                       Choice for centres and candidates
           Physical and Human options, but not a physical and human
               Some ‘old favourites’ renewed (tectonic hazards)
                Some new topics (cultural diversity / glaciation)
                      Flexibility in teaching and learning

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography                             A2 Unit 4 – Geographical Research
                                      Hazards and causes, physical impacts, human impacts,
   Tectonic activity and hazards
                                      hazard response and the future

                                      Location, climatic processes and their causes, landforms
           Cold Environments          and landscapes, glaciation, challenges, opportunities and

                                      Feast or famine, causes of food supply inequalities,
Life on the margins and food supply   desertification and life at the margins, management and
                                      Definition and value of culture, spatial cultural variations,
   The world of cultural diversity    impact of globalization, cultural attitudes and the

                                      Health risks, complex causes, pollution and health risk
 Pollution and Human Health at Risk
                                      links, managing health risks

                                      Growth of leisure and tourism landscapes, fragility of rural
Consuming the rural landscape
                                      landscapes, impact on rural landscapes, management

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography
Assessment for Unit 4 – Geographical Research

                                       1½ hour examination

                                       Pre-released materials
                                       (a research steer)

                                       • 1 long report question relating
                                         to chosen option study

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 Geography                                A2 Unit 4 – Geographical Research
 OPTION 1: Tectonic activity and hazards
 The physical causes of tectonic hazards and responses to
 them                                           OPTION 1: Tectonic activity and hazards

                                    Question 1
                                    Discuss the relationship between the nature of tectonic hazards
                                    and human responses to them.

OPTION 5: Pollution and Human health at risk
The need for international action
                                             OPTION 5: Pollution and Human health at risk
                                    Question 5
                                    Explain why international initiatives are increasingly needed to
                                    cope with the risks of disease and pollution.

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 – e-Spec

               Electronic, interactive
              version of the specification
              Content easy to evaluate
                    and discuss

             Free inside the specification
                   in September 2007

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GCE 2008
GCE 2008 – How do I Keep Up to Date?
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   Regional Office and Team Support
   Keep in touch :
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GCE 2008

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