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					 Promote your restaurant and help a worthy cause!                       We Want Your
                                                                      MOST CREATIVE
                                                                      & DELICIOUS
                                                                       Crab Soup!

                                19th Annual                            Restaurants throughout Maryland will

                               Crab Soup
                                                                       be vying for the top prize, Maryland’s
                                                                       “Premier Creator of Crab Soup.”

                                                                       First, second and third place awards will be
                                                                       presented in two categories: Cream of Crab
                                                                       and Vegetable Crab.

                                                                       Showcase your restaurant in a competitive
                                                                       and festive atmosphere!          is year, the
                                                                       Maryland Seafood Festival is expected
                                                                       to draw over 20,000 visitors during three
                                                                       days of family activities, entertainment and
                                                                       delicious seafood samples.

                                                                          e Crab Soup Cook-O is the highlight
                                                                       of the Maryland Seafood Festival’s second
                                                                       day with hundreds of soup lovers passing
                                                                       through the tent just to sample your soup!
                                 at the                A Bene t For
Saturday, September 12, 2009     MARYLAND              LEADERSHIP
                                 SEAFOOD FESTIVAL      ANNE ARUNDEL

                                          Proudly Sponsored by

                                 The Capital
Promote your restaurant and help a worthy cause!                                                                       O cial Entry Form
                                                                                                                       Entry form is due by August 17, 2009.

Who is eligible to participate
in the Crab Soup Cook-O ?                                      Space Is Limited,                                                           ENTRIES

Restaurants and caterers are invited to participate in
this event.                                                        So Act Today!                                              Cream of Crab

                                                                                                                                         ENTRY FEE
                                                                                                                                                       Vegetable Crab

Where is the event held?                                            e contest will be limited to 40 soups               $125 donation for each soup entered in the
Sandy Point State Park, located at the foot of the                                                                      Crab Soup Cook-O .
westbound side of Bay Bridge in Annapolis, Maryland.
                                                               To participate, simply return the attached entry form
                                                                                                                         Complete this entry form and mail it with a check
                                                               with a check payable to e Capital by August 17, 2009.
What is the schedule for the                                                                                                for the entry fee payable to e Capital.
Crab Soup Cook-O ?                                             Each restaurant must provide:
     8:30 am
    10:30 am
                Restaurant set-up begins
                Health Department Inspections
                                                                  • 16–18 gallons of each soup entered
                                                                  • Serving utensils
                                                                                                                                  The Capital
                                                                                                                                        Crab Soup Cook-O
    11:30 am    Public Tasting begins                             • Non-electrical heating source
                                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 911, Annapolis, MD 21404
    12:30 pm    O cial judges begin tasting                       • Serving and cha ng dishes
     2:30 pm    Awards Presentation                               • 3 buckets for washing, rinsing and
                                                                    sanitizing utensils and hands
                                                                  • Attendant to serve soup
How do I enter?                                                   • Ice                                                Restaurant Name
Simply ll out the attached entry form and mail it with
the entry fee to e Capital. Once your entry form has           Capital Gazette Communications
been received, you will receive your contest packet with
                                                               will provide:
additional information.                                                                                                Mailing Address
                                                                  • Publicity and signage
                                                                  • Six foot table for each soup entered
May I enter to win both categories?                               • Awards and press coverage
Yes! Your restaurant is eligible to enter in both categories      • Soup bowls & spoons to serve the public            City                   State       Zip Code
and win both the People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice
                                                                    and judges
awards. Simply enclose the $125 donation for each soup
entered when submitting your entry form.                                                                               Contact Name

Who gets the proceeds?                                             If you have any questions or concerns,
A er expenses are met, all proceeds from the Crab Soup          please call Jennifer Johnson at e Capital,             Phone Number
Cook-O go to Leadership Anne Arundel. e mission
of Leadership Anne Arundel is to provide people of
diverse backgrounds with the education, resources and
                                                                       410-268-5000 x3326
                                                                                     or email
networks necessary to become successful proactive                                                                      Email
leaders in the community.                                         JJohnson@capitalgazette.com
                                                                                                                              e Proceeds Bene t Leadership Anne Arundel