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									ADM Senior High School Activities Dept.
Stephanie DeVos
Administrative Assistant/Activities Director
801 Nile Kinnick Drive South -- Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: (515) 993-4819 -- Fax: (515) 993-3025

     TIGERS                   RACCOON RIVER CONFERENCE                           TIGERS

                               Central District AD’S Meeting Minutes

•Dave McCalley – Welcome and Thank You.

       a. National Convention Reminder
       b. State Convention Information – Jim Gephardt announced highlights.
       c. Intro of past officers.
       d. Spoke on no pass, no play issue
       e. Election of new officers
             Senior Director – Tom Kinseth – Fort Dodge
             Junior Director – Gary Schroeder – BGM
             President/Vice President – Stephanie DeVos – ADM
             Secretary – Judge Johnston - Ames
       f. AD’S of the year.
             High School – Tom Lipovac – Perry High School
             Middle School – Mark Johnson – Fort Dodge

•Introduction of Gary Schroeder
       Gary Schroeder introduces Troy Dannen

•Troy Dannen

         I.    Bowling Effective 2006-07 School Year
               a. Approximate Season – November – February
               b. Joint Committee to Meeting in November
               c. 81 schools had club – level teams in 2004-05
               d. 43% of Participants involved in no other sports

         II.   Venue Changes, 2005-06
               a. Basketball
                  a. Wells Fargo Arena Alcohol Policy – no alcohol at high school events
                  b. Three Person Officiating, 2006-07 Tournament Series – tournament only
                  c. Roll state tournaments back one week in 2007-08 – no changes
                  d. No competition during Christmas Holiday season – Dec. 25th – Jan. 1st
                  e. Major playing rule changes – none
            f. Ticketing – all tickets will look the same

        b. Track & Field
           a. Drake Stadium Renovation – turf is down
           b. Future of Co-Ed Track & Field Meet
           c. Drake Relays High School Event Changes – no high school events on
              Thursdays, most everything is on Friday, a few high school events on

 III.   Farm Bureau Sponsorship
        a. On-A-Roll Academic Program – coach must be certified
        b. Coaching Licensure Workshop, June 12th – 16th, 2006

 IV.    Spectator Conduct
        a. Conduct Counts recommendations
        b. Character Count Recognition

 V.     Eligibility Rules
        a. Non-Varsity Eligibility Effective July 1st, 2005
        b. Open Enrollment after the start of grade 9
        c. Pending Academic Eligibility Legislation
        d. Foreign Exchange (J1Visa) vs. Foreign Student (F1 Visa) Eligibility – check visa

 V.     Sport Specific Information
        a. Junior High Basketball now 5 (vs. 4) quarter limitation
        b. Seeking Tennis site interest for 2007, 2008. Need 12 outdoor, 4 indoor courts
        c. Softball NFHS Playing rules in 2006 – no steel spikes!!!
        d. Softball Face Mask on batting helmets, fence on all sub six-ft. fencing in 2006
        e. Softball Bats must have ASA 2000 or newer stamp for 2006
        f. Volleyball libero in play during the tournament series – Spalding balls 2008
        g. Tachikara VB through 2007. Spalding likely starting in 2008.
        h. Track – 12 (from 10) 1A districts. 1st + next best 12 qualify.
        i. Track - Retained Sprint Medley Relay. No new events.
        j. Joint Track Advisory Committee has been formed. 1A 10 districts to 12
        k. Diving as an event vs. separate sport held concurrently with swimming
        l. Soccer season was recently reviewed, will remain an April-June season

VII.    Miscellaneous
           a. Use of Mascots/Nicknames
           b. Electronic Filling of all forms
           c. Iowa High School Championship Television Network
           d. Ticket Policy as per auditors
           e. National Anthem Protocol – teams joining hands and swinging back and forth
           f. Non-Public School Classification
                  a. BEDS Multiplier vs. Status Quo (open enrollment impact)

VIII.    State Tournament Sites
              a.   Cross Country – Annual Agreement @ Fort Dodge
              b.   Volleyball – Through and including 2007 @ Cedar Rapids
              c.   Swimming and Diving – Through and including 2007 @ Marshalltown
              d.   Basketball – Through and including 2020 @ Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines
              e.   Track & Field – Annual Agreement @ Drake, Des Moines
              f.   Golf – Annual Agreement @ Otter Creek, Jester Park in Ankeny
              g.   Tennis – 1A Spencer, 2A Clinton in 2006
              h.   Soccer – Through and including 2007 @ Muscatine
              i.   Softball – Through and including 2008 @ Fort Dodge

•Questions – none

•Gary Schroeder – Door Prize

•Intro of Rick Wulkow
        Biggest change for him has been demand on time.
             a. Spoke of wrestling changes – Todd Tharp in charge of those changes.
             b. Foreign Exchange Students – forms sent to schools eligibility form to be approved
             c. DVD sent out to promote awareness of steroid program with partnership nationally
             d. Binders sent out to keep insert updates in – Union sends them out
             e. Photography service provided now at tournaments
             f. Changes in academic rules
             g. Re-district in football March 1st deadline
             h. Winter Sports – sites and assignment on web site
             i. Project involved with Girls Union & ISU – sports nutrition survey – survey showed
                schools need more information on drink intakes
             j. NFL provided $300,000 on informational materials on how to prepare for the
                SAT/ACT test. DVD out.
             k. Conduct Counts/Spectator Conduct
             l. High School Activities Week
             m. 9th game of football season call Union immediately
             n. AP scores center 1-800-300-8340 dual team wrestling and basketball scores email or
                fax at (515) 432-2961
             o. Stats and go keep updated game by game
             p. Hurricane assistance from athletic departments National Education adopt a mascot
                program at
             q. Alcohol situation at events – alcohol free
             r. Schools over scheduling for back ups and making up games with their lower levels

•Todd Tharp
           a. Student Activities Week
           b. Honor Summit December 14th, 2005 in Ames
           c. Wrestling Changes
                 a. Junior High
                 a. 45 minutes to 30 minutes rest time
                 b. No maximum weight class
                 c. 10% weight over or under stating at 175 lbs.
                 b. High School
                  a. Weight allowances no scale allowances except for consecutive days of
                  b. No pound allowance for weather related postponements – National Federation
                  c. No scale allowance for regional and state dual team tournaments
                  d. Individual and dual tournament weigh-ins for the state tournament will be
                     conducted the same as the regular season
                  e. 2006-07
                        a. Hydration testing – mandatory
                        b. No waives to go down one weight
                        c. Decent plan – pilot program this year
                        d. More info to follow
                        e. State Tournament – kids will not be down around the mats – dasher
                           boards will be up

•Dave McCaulley introduces Don Knock – Director of Operations @ ISU
          a. Budget situation at ISU
          b. Renovations
          c. Director of Operation/Recruiting Coordinator
          d. Day to day Operations
          e. Update on team/recruiting
          f. Compliance major issue

•Mike Menega – Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach @ ISU
          a. Role as assistant coach
          b. Skill development/recruitment
          c. Character – big component of program academically – socially

•Questions Taken
            a. Supplements
            b. Recruits coming in

•Tom Kinseth
           a. Updates on rosters/state cross country meet
           b. Sponsors recognized
           c. Door prizes


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