Sioux County Youth Fair by uu3u1KY


									Sioux County Youth Fair
                                                 July 12, 14-17
                                 Support Our Youth!!
                                                     2008 Schedule

Saturday, July 12                                              Tuesday, July 15
8:30 AM Static Exhibit Judging (Static Exhibit Building)       8:00 AM Sheep Show (Farm Bureau Arena)
9:00 AM The Never Boering Show (Sheep & Goat Barn)             1:00 PM Dairy Show (Farm Bureau Arena)
               (Open Boer Goat Show-Day 2)                     1:00 PM Ride-A-Bull
9:00 AM        Northwest Iowa Horse Show (Horse Arena)         3:00 PM County Council Dunk Tank
12:00 PM       Cow-Calf Show (Farm Bureau Arena)               5:00 PM Livestock Judging Contest
12:30 PM       Feeder Calf Show (Farm Bureau Arena)                           (Farm Bureau Arena)
1:00 PM        Discover 4-H Exhibits Entered (Static Exhibit   6:00 PM        Greased Pig Contest (Horse Arena)
Building)                                                      7:00 PM        Fashion Revue/Clothing Selection
1:00 PM        Open Beef Show (Farm Bureau Arena)                             (Kaemingk Hall)
4:00 PM        Hope Haven Demo Derby (Sioux Speedway)          7:00 PM        Stock Car Race (Sioux Speedway)
6:00 PM        Open Lamb Show (Farm Bureau Arena)                                DR. DANGER!!
8:00 PM        Fair Dance (Kaemingk Hall)                      8:00 PM        4-H County Awards Program
                                                                              (Kaemingk Hall)

Monday, July 14
9:00 AM Horse Show (Horse Arena)                               Wednesday, July 16
10:00 AM – Noon Open Class Exhibits Entered                    7:30 AM Swine Show (Farm Bureau Arena)
(Commercial Building)                                          10:00 AM Dog Show (Kaemingk Hall)
10:30 AM Communications Evaluations                            2:00 PM County Council Mud Volley Ball
               (Kaemingk Hall)                                                (Horse Arena)
11:00 AM Rabbit Show (Farm Bureau Arena)                       3:00 PM        Pet Show (Kaemingk Hall)
1:00 PM Flower Arranging/House Plants Judging                  4:00 PM        Goat Show (Farm Bureau Arena)
               (Static Exhibit Building)                       6:00 PM        Bar-B-Que Cook-Out (Heritage Village)
1:00 PM        County Council Dunk Tank                        6:00 PM        Rhubarb Pie Contest
2:00 PM        Poultry Show (Farm Bureau Arena)                7:00 PM        “Dress Your Pet” Contest
4:00 PM        Advanced Cattle Feeder Evaluations                             (Farm Bureau Arena)
               (Beef Barn)                                     7:00 PM        Lawn Mower Races (Sioux Speedway)
5:00 PM        1 Year Bucket Bottle Calf Show                  7:00 PM        Kids Tractor Pull (Sioux Speedway)
               (Farm Bureau Arena)
5:00 PM        County Council Dunk Tank                        7:00 PM        Bill Riley Contest (Kaemingk Hall)
5:00 PM        Draft Horse Show (Horse Arena)                  7:30 PM        Discover 4-H Pet Show (Farm Bureau Arena)
6:00 PM        Ambassador Program (Kaemingk Hall)              8:00 PM        Goat Scramble (Farm Bureau Arena)
7:00 PM        Celebrity Swine Show and
               Open/Closed Swine Show (Farm Bureau Arena)      Thursday, July 17
7:00 PM        Enduro Race (Sioux Speedway)                    8:00 AM Beef Show (Farm Bureau Arena)
                                                               1:00 PM Super Showmanship (Immediately following the
                                                               Beef Show - Farm Bureau Arena)
                                                               5:00 PM       Ribbon Auction (Farm Bureau Arena)

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