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July 2011 CMP Class List

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									                            July 2011 CMP Class List
    FULL NAME              ORGANIZATION                 CITY          STATE       COUNTRY
 Amy Adkins, CMP          The Exploratorium         San Francisco       CA      UNITED STATES

 Judith Kay Adkins,     Health Trust Purchasing      Brentwood          TN      UNITED STATES
        CMP                     Group
Angela Marie Naniot      Sigma Kappa Sorority        Indianapolis       IN      UNITED STATES
   Ahrens, CMP
Judy M. Ajifu, CMP                                     San Jose         CA      UNITED STATES
Suneeta Akkinapalli,      Westin Bonaventure         North Hills        CA      UNITED STATES
 Haley H. Albertson,    Hilton Waikoloa Village       Waikoloa          HI      UNITED STATES
 Courtney Elizabeth      Ontario Physiotherapy         Toronto        Ontario      CANADA
  Alexander, CMP              Association
  Kathleen Lyndon        Westin Crown Center         Kansas City       MO       UNITED STATES
     Allen, CMP
 Verniesa Roxanne       District of Columbia Bar     Washington         DC      UNITED STATES
     Allen, CMP
Roseann Amato, CMP             Sheraton               Stamford          CT      UNITED STATES

    Abby Richter          Florida Engineering      Santa Rosa Beach     FL      UNITED STATES
   Andersen, CMP                Society
Tara M. Angelopoulos,       300 Long Island            Melville         NY      UNITED STATES
Leana Angkham, CMP      The Fairmont San Jose          San Jose         CA      UNITED STATES
  Cielo Arena, CMP       Starwood Hotels and           Toronto          ON         CANADA
Kathy N. Artley, CMP     Showcor Productions         Middleburg         VA      UNITED STATES

   Jeri Ash, CMP           DWA Healthcare              Carmel           IN      UNITED STATES
                        Communications Group
 Anita Ashton, CMP      Max West Marketing Inc.    North Vancouver      BC         CANADA
 Krysteena Atienza,          The San Diego            San Diego         CA      UNITED STATES
        CMP                   Foundation
Joanne Grace Attard,      International Centre       Mississauga        ON         CANADA
 Catherine L. Ayers,     Booz Allen Hamilton          Arlington         VA      UNITED STATES

 Lani Melissa Babin,     National Federation of      Washington         DC      UNITED STATES
       CMP              Independent Businesses
 Pamela Baker, CMP         Oticon Canada Ltd           Toronto        Ontario      CANADA

Shannon Balun, CMP      The Fairmont San Jose          San Jose         CA      UNITED STATES

  Lisa Barber, CMP                                    Greenville        NC      UNITED STATES
Jacqueline L. Bardill,     Financial Industry       Washington        DC      UNITED STATES
        CMP               Regulatory Authority
  Katherine Louise         Delta Meadowvale         Mississauga       ON         CANADA
    Barnett, CMP
 Lacey Barnett, CMP               SPIE              Bellingham       WA       UNITED STATES

   Heather Lynne         Hospital & Healthsystem
   Barnhart, CMP             Associatoin of            Etters         PA      UNITED STATES
Anne DiPrimio Baron,             Kronos             Chelmsford       MA       UNITED STATES
Amanda Barrell, CMP       Gallagher Convention        Midrand         GT      SOUTH AFRICA
Debra L. Barrett, CMP     American Academy of        St. Charles      IL      UNITED STATES
 Elizabeth Susanne          Oregon State Bar         Portland         OR      UNITED STATES
    Baskin, CMP
  Olivia Batt, CMP        Fairmont Royal York         Toronto       Ontario      CANADA
 Rita Bedritis, CMP         Columbus State           Columbus         OH      UNITED STATES
                           Community College
Alexandra Mary Begy,      BMO Capital Markets         Toronto         ON         CANADA
CheFawn J. Bell, CMP      ARIA Resort & Casino       Las Vegas        NV      UNITED STATES
Jenifer Lee Bennett,              SPIE              Bellingham       WA       UNITED STATES
Sarah Bielanski, CMP         Hilton Chicago           Chicago         IL      UNITED STATES

Julie H. Billado, CMP     The Transcend Group,         Apex           NC      UNITED STATES
 Brandie Bisig, CMP       Greenleaf Hospitality     Kalamazoo         MI      UNITED STATES
 Deborah M. Black,         SECO International         Marietta        GA      UNITED STATES
  Francesca Leigh                                   Washington        DC      UNITED STATES
    Blanco, CMP
  Megan Rudona                   Oracle            Redwood Shores     CA      UNITED STATES
  Bleichner, CMP
 Jaime Dee Bloom,                                  Lawrenceville      GA      UNITED STATES
Deborah M. Brechtel,      Bingham McHale LLP        Indianapolis      IN      UNITED STATES
Teresa A. Brodheim,       The Haverford Trust       Warminster        PA      UNITED STATES
        CMP                    Company
 Vida Brodie, CMP               Eventco              Bethesda        MD       UNITED STATES

 Ashia Brooks, CMP         University of Mary         Triangle        VA      UNITED STATES
  Jena Brooks, CMP                                    Fort Worth     TX   UNITED STATES

Jocelynn Brown, CMP           Bellagio Hotel           Las Vegas     NV   UNITED STATES

LaTonya Taniel Brown,                                   Atlanta      GA
         CMP                                                              UNITED STATES
  Kylee Bryson, CMP      RX Worldwide Meetings,         Dallas       TX   UNITED STATES
  Allison Buck, CMP          Experient, Inc.           Arlington     VA   UNITED STATES
 Abigail Buller, CMP      Gaylord Entertainment        Nashville     TN   UNITED STATES

 Berkeley Harrison          Jack Kent Cooke            Bluemont      VA   UNITED STATES
 Burgess, CMP, MTA             Foundation
 Dieter Burgoa, CMP       Presentation Services         Mexico               MEXICO

 Heide E. Burke, CMP     Kansas State University     Severna Park    MD   UNITED STATES

   Kelly Bush, CMP        Manhattan Associates          Smyrna       GA   UNITED STATES

Shannon Butler, CMP           Hilton Orlando         Winter Garden   FL   UNITED STATES

 Michele Byers, CMP        Emergency Medicine            Irving      TX   UNITED STATES
                          Residents Association
  Amber Cagle, CMP       Portland State University     Portland      OR   UNITED STATES
 Louis D. Canakes, II,      300 Centers/AMF              Frisco      TX   UNITED STATES
        CMP                     Bowling
Paula Cappelletti, CMP      Appraisal Institute         Chicago      IL   UNITED STATES

Kerri Carder-McCoy,                                  San Francisco   CA   UNITED STATES
Catherine Wenceslao          PRA Destination          Aliso Viejo    CA   UNITED STATES
     Carlos, CMP              Management
Veronica Carter, CMP             BRTRC                Alexandria     VA   UNITED STATES
  Juliet Lorie Casey,            OPEIU               Davidsonville   MD   UNITED STATES
 Pamela J. Cashman,            Distribution           St. Charles    MO   UNITED STATES
         CMP                 Management Inc.
    Kimberly Ann         International Association      Dallas       TX   UNITED STATES
   Castanuela, CMP       of Exhibitions and Events
Jessica Castillo, CMP                                  Wheaton       IL   UNITED STATES

Martha Castillo, CMP           PeaceHealth             Bellevue      WA   UNITED STATES
 Connie Castor, CMP            Maxvantage              Cincinnati    OH   UNITED STATES

Diedra A. Cauley, CMP,   National Shooting Sports       Newton       CT   UNITED STATES
         CEM                   Foundation
 Tze Tsin Chin, CMP       MCI Group Asia Pacific       Singapore           SINGAPORE

 Lindsey Rose Ciener,       The Carter Center           Atlanta      GA   UNITED STATES
Erin Kiyomi Closmore,                                San Francisco    CA     UNITED STATES
 Nicole Cochran, CMP            Experient              Arlington      VA     UNITED STATES
Katherine E. Coffman,      Maxvantage/Maritz         Philadelphia     PA     UNITED STATES
        CMP                  Travel Company
Deborah Kay Cohen,         Branson Chamber of          Branson        MO     UNITED STATES
        CMP                 Commerece/CVB
 Ellen Jane Collins,           Vail Resorts           Broomfield      CO     UNITED STATES
 John Colman, CMP                                      Wenonah        NJ     UNITED STATES

Nadia Comstock, CMP                                    Newtown        CT     UNITED STATES

Jennifer Conner, CMP     Wells Real Estate Funds       Norcross       GA     UNITED STATES

  Lauren G. Conroy,                                    Ballwin        MO     UNITED STATES
  Susan Cook, CMP         Siemens Industry, Inc.      Alpharetta      GA     UNITED STATES

Leann F Coppola, CMP          LPL Financial             Boston        MA     UNITED STATES

   Maria Guadalupe            Palace Resorts            Cancun       Q.Roo      MEXICO
Cordero Hurtado, CMP
 Jennifer T. Corwin,       Hard Rock Orlando           Orlando        FL     UNITED STATES
Marissa Elyde Cosbert        BCD Meetings &           Mexico City               MEXICO
    Sandoval, CMP              Incentives
       Rosa Elena                                     Mexico City               MEXICO
  Covarrubias, CMP
 William E. Cox , III,   The Geological Society of     Boulder        CO     UNITED STATES
          CMP                    America
 Sally Cranney, CMP              NACDS                Alexandria      VA     UNITED STATES
      Clarissa Ann           Professional and          Atlanta,       GA     UNITED STATES
    Crawford, CMP          Scientific Associates
Allison Russell Crump,     Hilton Baton Rouge        Baton Rouge      LA     UNITED STATES
          CMP                 Capitol Center
 Jessica Smat Curtis,              NAB               Washington       DC     UNITED STATES
 Amy M. D'Annunzio,           Krisam Group              Verona        NJ     UNITED STATES
Marisa Lynn Davidson,                                 Sicklerville    NJ     UNITED STATES
   Chalette Michelle       Florida Council on           Tampa         FL     UNITED STATES
      Davis, CMP          Economic Education
  Courtnay N. Davis,     National Confectioners        Rockville      MD     UNITED STATES
          CMP                 Association
 Cine De Jager, CMP      Gallagher Convention        Johannesburg     GT     SOUTH AFRICA
   Rachel Leah De          San Diego Natural          San Diego       CA     UNITED STATES
   Quesada, CMP             History Museum
Nancy DeBrosse, CMP             Experient             Arlington     VA   UNITED STATES

  Christina Lisette            DesignWrite            Allentown     NJ   UNITED STATES
   DeHaven, CMP
Dana Shane DePonzi-       American College of        San Leandro    CA   UNITED STATES
     Haas, CMP                 Phlebology
Regina DeVito, CMP       Sheraton Meadowlands         Teaneck       NJ   UNITED STATES
 Lisa M. DiAntonio,        Prometheus Global          Hoboken       NJ   UNITED STATES
        CMP                   Media, LLC
     Lisa Marie          The Coulter Companies         McLean       VA   UNITED STATES
 DiBenedetto, CMP
 Christian Dinegar,       The Association for the     Arlington     VA   UNITED STATES
        CMP              Advancement of Medical
   Alicia Schroeder         300 Shady Grove          Gaithersburg   MD   UNITED STATES
   Dinwiddie, CMP
  Julie Anne Domm,          San Ramon Valley         San Ramon      CA   UNITED STATES
         CMP               Conference Center -
 Sylvia L. Done, CMP       California Waterfowl       Roseville     CA   UNITED STATES
Deanna Donnini, CMP         Loyola Law School        Los Angeles    CA   UNITED STATES

  Elizabeth Donohoe,      Microsoft Corporation       Redmond       WA   UNITED STATES
     Bernadette M.        University of Tennesse      Maryville     TN   UNITED STATES
    Donohue, CMP           Conference Center
Jennifer Lynn Dorholt,           Carlson             Minnetonka     MN   UNITED STATES
 Ashley J. Drake, CMP      American Society of       Washington     DC   UNITED STATES
  Kathy Drake, CMP                                      Allen       TX   UNITED STATES
  Janet Ann Dufour,       Technology Assurance        San Diego     CA   UNITED STATES
         CMP                      Group
  Chelsea Anastasia      The Leading Hotels of the    Westport      CT   UNITED STATES
     Eaton, CMP                   World
   Bonnie Ell, CMP         Hard Rock Orlando           Orlando      FL   UNITED STATES

Kellie Lee Ellermann,      Fidelity Investments        Boston       MA   UNITED STATES
 Jessica N Ellis, CMP      Amway Corporation             Ada        MI   UNITED STATES

 Donna B. Eyler, CMP           300 Houston             Houston      TX   UNITED STATES

Mary Kathryn Faenza,     Federal Bar Association      Arlington     VA   UNITED STATES
 Zuzanna B. Fahey,                KPMG                Montvale      NJ   UNITED STATES
 Hannah Olawunmi                MCI Group               Dubai            UNITED ARAB
   Faniran, CMP                                                           EMIRATES
 Elisabeth Ann Farr,                                   Alpharetta     GA   UNITED STATES
Barbara Jean Ferriter,       American Dental            Chicago       IL   UNITED STATES
         CMP                   Association
Amy Michelle Fisher,         HRM Group, Inc.            Reston        VA   UNITED STATES
Elissa Fohrman, CMP           CVS Caremark              Chicago       IL   UNITED STATES
Sara Diane Fonacier,             Move, Inc.          Woodland Hills   CA   UNITED STATES
Paulette E. Fontanez,     Professionals In Human      El Segundo      CA   UNITED STATES
        CMP                Resources Association
Dalyn Foreman, CMP         Travel Solutions, Inc.     Westerville     OH   UNITED STATES
 Melanie D. Forman,       Ben Franklin Technology     Philadelphia    PA   UNITED STATES
        CMP                       Partners
Daniel Elias Froggett,     Logistics Applications,     Alexandria     VA   UNITED STATES
      CMP, MBA                       Inc.
 Elizabeth Fulghum,                                     Tampa         FL   UNITED STATES
Andrea Renee Galvan,             Westin               Indianapolis    IN   UNITED STATES
        CMP               Indianapolis/Starwood
                             Hotels & Resorts
   Meredith Lou           Sheraton Clayton Plaza        St. Louis     MO   UNITED STATES
   Gamache, CMP
    Rebecca Jean          Destinations By Design        Dublin        OH   UNITED STATES
   Garforth, CMP
Jenea E. Garrod, CMP      The Motorists Insurance      Columbus       OH   UNITED STATES
Christi Colleen Gates,       National Athletic           Dallas       TX   UNITED STATES
         CMP               Trainers' Association
 Sandra Joan Gauci,                                   Mississauga     ON      CANADA
  Cindy Gee, CMP                                        Toronto       ON      CANADA

   Brenda Maureen          Doubletree by Hilton        San Diego      CA   UNITED STATES
     Gerard, CMP
Grace Anne Geronimo,       Delaware Investments       Philadelphia    PA   UNITED STATES
Claire Michelle Gettas,     Manulife Financial          Toronto       ON      CANADA
 Gabriela Glass, CMP      State Firemen's and Fire     Wimberley      TX   UNITED STATES
                          Marshals' Association of
 Nancy Irene Glover,           City of Temple,          Temple        TX   UNITED STATES
        CMP                Convention & Visitors
 Lori Beth Goldblatt,       Doubletree by Hilton        Smyrna        GA   UNITED STATES
        CMP                   Atlanta Marietta
   Cynthia Serame                                     Milpitas     CA   UNITED STATES
   Goldstein, CMP

Lucia Gomez Garcia,           Turismo &             Mexico City            MEXICO
       CMP                   Convenciones
Rosalinda Gonzalez-       The Pew Charitable        Washington     DC   UNITED STATES
   Ortega, CMP                   Trusts
  Melissa Kristine        American Urological        Baltimore     MD   UNITED STATES
  Goodman, CMP                Association
Donna Jean Gorman,         Life Technologies         San Diego     CA   UNITED STATES
Barbara Gould, CMP       Society of Critical Care   Mt. Prospect   IL   UNITED STATES
Lindsay Bliss Gowing,        Emerald Coast          Fort Walton    FL   UNITED STATES
        CMP                Convention Center           Beach
Roger Lee Gragg, CMP      Booz Allen Hamilton       San Antonio    TX   UNITED STATES

Laura Jean Gray, CMP     University of Michigan     Ann Arbor      MI   UNITED STATES
                                Law School
Laurie G. Green, CMP     Little Rock Convention     Little Rock    AK   UNITED STATES
                           and Visitors Bureau
Kaia Aziza Greene,      Disney Sports Attractions     Orlando      FL   UNITED STATES
Mandy Gregan, CMP              Experient             Twinsburg     OH   UNITED STATES

  Holly Greig, CMP        KPMG Management             Toronto      ON      CANADA
                              Services LP
 Gabriel John Gresko,   MGM Grand at Foxwoods       Wallingford    CT   UNITED STATES
         CMP                 Resort Casino
Katherine Marie Grey,        US Chamber of           Annapolis     MD   UNITED STATES
         CMP                   Commerce
   Monica Grinage        International Facility      Houston       TX   UNITED STATES
     Cooper, CMP        Management Association
    Amy Elizabeth       Omni New Haven Hotel          Shelton      CT   UNITED STATES
    Griswold, CMP                at Yale
  Mindy Lynn Grubb,      Keller Williams Realty       Austin       TX   UNITED STATES
         CMP                 International
  Danielle Guenther,     Lynnwood Convention         Lynnwood      WA   UNITED STATES
         CMP                     Center
Indira Irene Guevara,                                 La Mesa      CA   UNITED STATES
  Shannon Elizabeth                                 Cedar Park     TX   UNITED STATES
  Guggenheim, CMP
Elizabeth Anne Guild,    Courtyard by Marriott        Chicago      IL   UNITED STATES
         CMP                   Chicago
  Gretchen Gunning,         Pal-Tech, Inc.           Arlington     VA   UNITED STATES
   Claudia Guzman         PROFESIONALES EN            Mexico               MEXICO
    Martinez, CMP            TURISMO E
                         INCENTIVOS SA DE CV
Babette Haddox, CMP       Event Connections         Mooresville     NC   UNITED STATES
    Elizabeth M.            Masterplan Inc.         LaGrange        IL   UNITED STATES
  Haggenjos, CMP                                    Highlands
Jennifer Ann Hajduk,        Hilton Chicago           Chicago        IL   UNITED STATES
Heather Hames, CMP         Courtyard Chicago         Chicago        IL   UNITED STATES
                            Magnificent Mile
   Michelle Anise                                  Silver Spring    MD   UNITED STATES
   Hariston, CMP
  Emma Elizabeth        The Sanctuary at Kiawah    Kiawah Island    SC   UNITED STATES
    Harris, CMP                  Island
Jacqueline L. Harris,   EventPlan coordination        Calgary       AB      CANADA
        CMP                  & management
Laura Harrison, CMP      National Association of     Arlington      VA   UNITED STATES
                         County and City Health
 Deborah Frances           SAE International        Pittsburgh      PA   UNITED STATES
   Hattrup, CMP
Kyle Jones Hayden,      Alliance for Academic       Alexandria      VA   UNITED STATES
       CMP                Internal Medicine
  Sharon Leeann           Certified General          Toronto        ON      CANADA
   Headley, CMP         Accountants of Ontario
Laura Heavrin, CMP               ADP                  Seattle       WA   UNITED STATES

   Terra Heithaus-      Branson Lakes Area COC       Branson        MO   UNITED STATES
   Alphonso, CMP                 & CVB
 Stacy Helberg, CMP        Loyola Marymount        Playa del Reay   CA   UNITED STATES
 Jeri Hendrie, CMP      Anthony J. Jannetti Inc.      Pitman        NJ   UNITED STATES
 Hyojung Heo, CMP       Bexco (Busan Exhibition       Busan              SOUTH KOREA
                          & Convention Center)
 Jill Marie Hericks,     Sioux Falls Convention     Sioux Falls     SD   UNITED STATES
        CMP             Center, Global Spectrum
   Roxanne Marie               Herbalife           Playa Del Rey    CA   UNITED STATES
  Hernandez, CMP
    Yvette Felicia           Scotia Capital          Toronto        ON      CANADA
  Hernandez, CMP
 Lauren Hicks, CMP                                   Sarasota       FL   UNITED STATES

Rachel Holtrop Hilla-   Association Management        Howell        MI   UNITED STATES
    Mason, CMP                 Resources
   Kristen Elaine                 FICO              San Diego       CA   UNITED STATES
  Hinsberger, CMP
  Rebecca Barfield            TRIB Group           Lawrenceville    GA   UNITED STATES
    Hinton, CMP
 Bobby Hobes, CMP        Chenega Corporation          Atlanta       GA   UNITED STATES

Tracie Louise Hogan,        RBF Consulting            Irvine        CA   UNITED STATES
Victoria Hoiland, CMP            ADP                Long Beach      CA   UNITED STATES
La Sonia Holmes, CMP       Franciscan Health           Tacoma        WA   UNITED STATES
Julie Holtgrave, CMP      American Society of         St. Louis      MO   UNITED STATES
                         Concrete Contractors

  Theresa Elizabeth       Disney Destinations          Apopka        FL   UNITED STATES
    Honan, CMP
  Rose-Minaff Hood,        EDJ Assciates, Inc.        Rockville      MD   UNITED STATES
   Carrie Kathleen         Raymond James &          St. Petersburg   FL   UNITED STATES
    Hopkins, CMP              Associates
Shana Kathleen Casey      Husch Blackwell LLP       Independence     MO   UNITED STATES
      Hoy, CMP
    Nicole Eileen       Carlson Wagonlit Travel         Edina        MN   UNITED STATES
   Huckstadt, CMP
     Cindy Jean                 Sodexo                 Seattle       WA   UNITED STATES
Hummelbrunner, CMP
Sandra Deborah Hunt,     The Canadian Payroll         Toronto                CANADA
        CMP                  Association
Jonathan-Phi Huynh,      Texas Association of          Austin        TX   UNITED STATES
        CMP                 School Boards
 Damen Hymes, CMP,       EDJ Associates, Inc.         Rockville      MD   UNITED STATES
Stephen Jackson, CMP       Greater Raleigh             Raleigh       NC   UNITED STATES
                        Convention and Visitors
    Caroline Jean               IEEE                 Piscataway      NJ   UNITED STATES
   Johnson, CMP
 Derrick Johnson, II,   National Association for     Washington      DC   UNITED STATES
         CMP                 Gifted Children
Janelle Johnson, CMP    American Association of     Jacksonville     FL   UNITED STATES
                        Clinical Endocrinologists
  Jennifer Johnson,              AVI-SPL               Tampa         FL   UNITED STATES
Lindsay Johnson, CMP       Holland-Parlette         San Francisco    CA   UNITED STATES
                           Associates, Inc.
 Pamela R. Johnson,     National Association of       Lexington      KY   UNITED STATES
        CMP               State Technology
 Celine Jordan, CMP      Elements Meetings            San Diego      CA   UNITED STATES

 Bridgette Joye, CMP    Safety Net Hospitals for     Annandale       VA   UNITED STATES
                        Pharmaceutical Access
  Tracy Judge, CMP      Maritz Travel Company         San Diego      CA   UNITED STATES
 Gwladys G. Kabore,       Grand Hyatt Denver           Denver        CO   UNITED STATES
 Vanessa Kager, CMP                                    Austin        TX   UNITED STATES
 Tara LaBonnae Kea,             Atlanta       GA   UNITED STATES
   Lisa Kelso, CMP       Scotiabank Convention       Niagara Falls   ON      CANADA
Colleen Kenney, CMP            Millennium             Cambridge      MA   UNITED STATES

Pamela D. Kenworthy,              NECA                Whippany       NJ   UNITED STATES
  Linda Sue Kilcher,          Independent            Mounds View     MN   UNITED STATES
 Sandra M. Kim, CMP                                  Falls Church    VA   UNITED STATES
 Yong Chul Kim, CMP      Korea MICE Association         Seoul             SOUTH KOREA
Nicole Kinkelaar, CMP      The Pampered Chef         Hanover Park    IL   UNITED STATES

 Tina Marie Kisner,                                    Callahan      FL   UNITED STATES
   Elizabeth Blair                                    New Haven      CT   UNITED STATES
   Klausner, CMP
Karyn Lisa Klein, CMP        U.S. Chamber of         Washington      DC   UNITED STATES
 D'Arcy Klingle, CMP     National Alliance to End     Washington     DC   UNITED STATES
 Veronica Knox, CMP          Frontline Public         Springfield    IL   UNITED STATES
                             Strategies, Inc.
 Sue Jeanie Ko, CMP           The California         Los Angeles     CA   UNITED STATES
 Megan Koebel, CMP            Michigan State         East Lansing    MI   UNITED STATES
                         University - Institute of
                              Public Utilities
  Nicole Santiago              XanGo LLC                 Lehi        UT   UNITED STATES
  Kooistra, CMP
    Heidi Marie          Chicago Marriott O'Hare       Chicago       IL   UNITED STATES
Koppenhoefer, CMP
Marisa Kossakowski,           Ingram Micro             Buffalo       NY   UNITED STATES
Erika C. Kowalczyk,                                    Palatine      IL   UNITED STATES
Leslie L Koziel, CMP      United Steelworkers          Toronto       ON      CANADA
   Timothy Michael                                    Jersey City    NJ   UNITED STATES
    Krafnick, CMP
Kristin D. Kratky, CMP    Michigan Townships           Lansing       MI   UNITED STATES
    Kathleen Ann           Lawson Products            Park Ridge     IL   UNITED STATES
   Krawczyk, CMP
Ivonka A. Krzysztonek       IK Planning Plus             Lisle       IL   UNITED STATES

Siew Yin Cindy Kwek ,       Suntec Singapore          Singapore            SINGAPORE
  Amy LaBella, CMP                 Citi               Beechhurst     NY   UNITED STATES
  Berenice Lai, CMP          Ernst & Young            Palo Alto       CA   UNITED STATES

 Kara Landrith, CMP                                 Windermere        FL   UNITED STATES
  Karen Lane, CMP       PMI Mortgage Insurance        Concord         CA   UNITED STATES
Ginenne Lanese, CMP      Society for Photgraphic   Mayfield Heights   OH   UNITED STATES
 Kimberly Langlais,          Orange County             Orlando        FL   UNITED STATES
         CMP               Convention Center
 Brett J. Lasky, CMP         Orange County             Orlando        FL   UNITED STATES
                           Convention Center
    Eva Lee, CMP               CPA Global            Alexandria       VA   UNITED STATES
  Michelle Lee, CMP     Hamilton Group Meeting         Tustin         CA   UNITED STATES
                             Planners, Inc.
 Jaime B. LeMaire,      Novogradac & Company        San Francisco     CA   UNITED STATES
        CMP                        LLP
Melissa Lembke, CMP                                  Washington       DC   UNITED STATES
 Emily Lemons, CMP      MAC Meetings & Events        Saint Louis      MO   UNITED STATES
 Christopher F. Leno,      Lockheed Martin             Newton         PA   UNITED STATES
Hannah Lermitte, CMP      Academy of the New         Bryn Athyn       PA   UNITED STATES
                          Church, Bryn Athyn
   Claudia Man Kei         Suntec Singapore           Singapore             SINGAPORE
     Leung, CMP
 Marnie Caryn Levin,     Radiant Matter Events       Philadelphia     PA   UNITED STATES
 Sharon Levine, CMP      Experience Columbus          Columbus        OH   UNITED STATES
  Christina Kingsley         Construction              Mclean         VA   UNITED STATES
     Link, CMP          Management Association
                              of America
 Megan C. Lisi, CMP     Academy of Management      Briarcliff Manor   NY   UNITED STATES
Christina Lofton, CMP    Meetings & Incentives      Silver Spring     MD   UNITED STATES
 Kirsten Lonnquist,     Arrow Electronics, Inc.      Englewood        CO   UNITED STATES
 Jennifer Ann Lou,             Aramark                 Vienna         VA   UNITED STATES
Michelle M. Louvado,                                 Henderson        CO   UNITED STATES
Miriam Huish Lovin,     University of Utah S.J.     Salt Lake City    UT   UNITED STATES
        CMP             Quinney College of Law
  Natalie Lui, CMP          UC Berkeley               Berkeley        CA   UNITED STATES

  Elizabeth Walasin     The Chicago Council on         Chicago        IL   UNITED STATES
      Lulla, CMP            Global Affairs
   Vaughna Lynn         Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt        Toronto          ON         CANADA
  MacKenzie, CMP                  LLP
   Kimberly Ann                                         Sterling         VA      UNITED STATES
   MacLean, CMP
Sara J. Madden, CMP       New York Marriott            New York          NY      UNITED STATES
Michele Maguire, CMP    Vertex Pharmaceuticals          Scituate        MA       UNITED STATES
Wendi R. Maher, CMP           300 Dallas                Addison         TX       UNITED STATES
 Loren Maisels, CMP         I Love Rewards             Thornhill       Ontario      CANADA

Carolyn Majors, CMP        New York Marriott           New York          NY      UNITED STATES
    Danielle Vidal        General Reinsurance          Stamford          CT      UNITED STATES
 Maksymenko, CMP
Andrea Jean Malzahn,     Crowne Plaza & Suites       Bloomington        MN       UNITED STATES
 Meredith A. Manley,     Greater Oklahoma City       Oklahoma City       OK      UNITED STATES
         CMP                   Chamber
 Tisha R. Maraj, CMP         Emerald Coast            Fort Walton        FL      UNITED STATES
                           Convention Center             Beach
   Christine Cicalla       Global Knowledge             Raleigh          NC      UNITED STATES
 Marcinkowski, CMP
  Barbara A. Mares,        Tourism Whistler           Pemberton          BC         CANADA
 Jami Dawn Markle,      The Nature Conservancy          Lansing          MI      UNITED STATES

 Courtenay Victoria         Hard Rock Hotel            Groveland         FL      UNITED STATES
     Marra, CMP
 Julie Marshall, CMP       State Bar of Texas         Round Rock         TX      UNITED STATES
Theresa Marie Martin,     Starwood Hotels &           Kansas City       MO       UNITED STATES
        CMP               Resorts- The Westin
                             Crown Center
 Jodi Renee Massey,       Horizon Convention            Muncie           IN      UNITED STATES
        CMP                     Center
   Maria Jose Mata                                      Denver           CO      UNITED STATES
    Jimenez, CMP
  Joo-Rei Alexandra                                     Toronto          ON         CANADA
   Mathieson, CMP
 Nelson Matute, CMP          International              Geneva                   SWITZERLAND
  Kelly Mayor, CMP      National Coalition of STD     Montgomery        MD       UNITED STATES
                                Directors               Village
 Catherine McCaslin,           KEMA, Inc.              Poulsbo          WA       UNITED STATES
 Colby Sara McComb,          House of Blues         Lake Buena Vista     FL      UNITED STATES
Laura Mae McConchie,      Society for Human           Alexandria         VA      UNITED STATES
         CMP             Resource Management
 Alison J. McKeithen,                                Washington        DC      UNITED STATES
     Robyn Ashley        The Fairmont Palliser         Calgary         AL         CANADA
    Mckinney, CMP
Leslie Ann McNamee,                                   Lakewood         CA      UNITED STATES

     Keely Marie           Keely McNerney &           Oak Hill         VA      UNITED STATES
   McNerney, CMP            Associates, LLC
Lindsay Meckler, CMP                                  Orlando          FL      UNITED STATES
    Lucinda Louise                                     Milpitas        CA      UNITED STATES
    Mendoza, CMP
Allison Mendrys, CMP       Resource Center for     Highlands Ranch     CO      UNITED STATES
Bridget Mergen, CMP     International Foundation     Brookfield        WI      UNITED STATES
                           of Employee Benefit
 Christopher Wayne            Westin Calgary           Calgary       Alberta      CANADA
   Metcalfe, CMP
    Wesley John                CSIR ICC               Pretoria                 SOUTH AFRICA
  Middleton, CMP
 Scott Mifsud, CMP       Just Right! Destination    Windermere         FL      UNITED STATES
 Cynthia Miller, CMP     Arbonne International         Irvine          CA      UNITED STATES
 Elizabeth Kathleen                                 Delray Beach       FL      UNITED STATES
     Miller, CMP
 Sara M Miller, CMP     Aqua-Aerobic Systems,        Loves Park        IL      UNITED STATES
Jessica Renee Molter,   Gaylord National Resort       Arlington        VA      UNITED STATES
         CMP             & Convention Center
 Tracy Mondrowski,              SCCM                  Palatine         IL      UNITED STATES
 Jason Monroe, CMP          Hilton America -          Houston          TX      UNITED STATES
      Lauren Ann                                     Branchburg        NJ      UNITED STATES
 Linda Rose Montes,      Renaissance Nashville        Nashville        TN      UNITED STATES
         CMP                    Hotel
Robert Montgomery,         The Ritz-Carlton           Orlando          FL      UNITED STATES
 Kelly Renee Moore,       Insphere Insurance       North Richland      TX      UNITED STATES
         CMP                   Solutions                Hills
    Barbara Leach         The PMI Group, Inc        Walnut Creek       CA      UNITED STATES
   Moreland, CMP
Leisl M Moriarty, CMP    National Association of    Potomac Falls      VA      UNITED STATES
                           Secondary School
Susan E Morning, CMP                               Powder Springs      GA      UNITED STATES
 Janelle Morse, CMP            TM Forum             West Milford       NJ      UNITED STATES

Janielle E. Moss, CMP         Amway Corp.                Ada           MI      UNITED STATES

Gary Murakami, CMP            MGM Resorts           San Francisco      CA      UNITED STATES
  Julie Ann Murphy,        Raymond James &          St. Petersburg     FL      UNITED STATES
         CMP                 Associates, Inc.
  Elizabeth J. Muth,       The Pampered Chef         South Elgin       IL      UNITED STATES
Jeanette Naiman, CMP          IQ Solutions            Rockville       MD       UNITED STATES
Karen Naughton, CMP       Marriott International    Winter Garden      FL      UNITED STATES

Brigid Canning Neff,      Pasadena Convention         Pasadena         CA      UNITED STATES
        CMP                      Center
  Courtenay Love              Visit Orlando            Orlando         FL      UNITED STATES
    Newell, CMP
   Pamela Diane               RE/MAX, LLC              Denver          CO      UNITED STATES
   Newman, CMP
 Anh Thao Nguyen,         McCarthy Tetrault LLP        Calgary         AB         CANADA
   Kristina Maria                                    Cambridge        MA       UNITED STATES
   Nichols, CMP
Malti Nijhowne, CMP      The Fairmont Waterfront      Vancouver        BC         CANADA
Michele Nilsson, CMP      Dartmouth-Hitchcock         Lebanon         NH       UNITED STATES
                             Medical Center
Nicole Northern, CMP            KPMG                   Toronto       Ontario      CANADA
Emily O'Connell, CMP             AORN                  Denver          CO      UNITED STATES

Byung Hoon Oh, CMP         KINTEX(Korea Int'l         Goyang-si,               SOUTH KOREA
                           Exhibition Center)        Gyeonggi-do
Elizabeth N Ortiz, CMP        Textron Inc            Providence        RI      UNITED STATES
Alexia Marie Oswald,       Blackhawk Network         San Ramon         CA      UNITED STATES
  Sej Pandya, CMP              Capital One             Clifton         NJ      UNITED STATES
  Gloria Park, CMP       Millenium Hilton Hotel       Woodside         NY      UNITED STATES
 Stephanie Partain,         International Gas         Norcross         GA      UNITED STATES
        CMP                 Turbine Institute
 Benton Kirk Partin,         Smart Meetings           Sausalito        CA      UNITED STATES
        CMP                     Magazine
 Amanda Kay Pasek,           Visit Saint Paul         Saint Paul      MN       UNITED STATES
  Kathleen Pearson,                                 Virginia Beach     VA      UNITED STATES
 Christopher Pehler,     University of Utah Guest   Salt Lake City     UT      UNITED STATES
        CMP               House & Conference
   Alexandra Pena-            Visit Orlando            Orlando         FL   UNITED STATES
    Rosado, CMP
  Sebastiao Silvestre    Marriott Marquis Hotel        New York        NY   UNITED STATES
    Pereira, CMP
   Lisa Perez, CMP        Branson / Lakes Area         Branson         MO   UNITED STATES
  Tami Perez, CMP          New York Marriott           New York        NY   UNITED STATES

 Nicole Perron, CMP         Doubletree Hotel         Westborough       MA   UNITED STATES
  Kathy Perry, CMP         LifeWay Christian           Nashville       TN   UNITED STATES
Kim Xuan Lan Perry,      Hard Rock International        Orlando        FL   UNITED STATES
     CTE, CMP
 Sharon Perry, CMP        Software Engineering        Pittsburgh       PA   UNITED STATES
Patsy Peterson, CTSM,             LDR                   Austin         TX   UNITED STATES
  Tina Phelan, CMP          Fernley & Fernley        Philadelphia      PA   UNITED STATES
 Leslie Phillips, CMP                                Pleasant Hill     CA   UNITED STATES

 Robin Piccirilli, CMP   The League of Innovation       Phoenix        AZ   UNITED STATES

 Lauren Piccolo, CMP     Hamilton Park Hotel and     Florham Park      NJ   UNITED STATES
                           Conference Center
 Sarah Piggott, CMP                                   Washington       DC   UNITED STATES

 Phyllis M. Pilawski,        Hilton Chicago             Chicago        IL   UNITED STATES
 Candice M. Pinocci,       Bayer Crop Science       Raleigh Triangle   NC   UNITED STATES
         CMP                                              Park
 Misty Polihronakis,     Crowne Plaza Hollywood       Hallandale       FL   UNITED STATES
         CMP                      Beach
 Alecia Powell, CMP      Association Management       South Lyon       MI   UNITED STATES
Jennifer Power, CMP      Health Care Compliance      Forrest Lake      MN   UNITED STATES
  Rosalind Prinsloo,     Workshops Anonymous           Pretoria             SOUTH AFRICA
  Elizabeth M. Rader,     The American Ceramic         Columbus        OH   UNITED STATES
         CMP                     Society
   Michelle Newkirk           Texas Hospital            Austin         TX   UNITED STATES
     Ramsey, CMP               Association
Joseph Randolph, CMP             MetLife            Long Island City   NY   UNITED STATES

 Monica Rayder, CMP              IIABNY                 Dewitt         NY   UNITED STATES

   Julie Real, CMP                                    Huntington       CA   UNITED STATES
Catherine Reich, CMP     Scientific Research       Springfield     VA   UNITED STATES
                        Corporation/DoD Test
                        Resource Mgmt Center
 Sheilyan Reyes, CMP    Orlando World Center        Orlando        FL   UNITED STATES
   Amy Rice, CMP                                     Toronto       ON      CANADA

  Tracy Rindal, CMP           KPMG, LLP             San Jose       CA   UNITED STATES

Stephanie Ritter, CMP      Fernley & Fernley      Philadelphia     PA   UNITED STATES

Toncie L. Roberson,      T.L. Roberson Event         Helotes       TX   UNITED STATES
        CMP                Consultants, LLC
 Cortney Robinson,          Mrs. Robinson            Bothell       WA   UNITED STATES
        CMP                  Productions
Valerie Rocklin, CMP      Jewish Community        San Francisco    CA   UNITED STATES
                        Center of San Francisco
   Brian Roe, CMP              Experient             Denver        CO   UNITED STATES

 Dani Rovenger, CMP       Technology Forums        Baltimore       MD   UNITED STATES

 Heather Rudnicki,                                Chanhassen       MN   UNITED STATES
Jennifer Russo, CMP     PricewaterhouseCoopers    Florham Park     NJ   UNITED STATES

Jennifer Russomanno,    University of Tennessee   Jefferson City   TN   UNITED STATES
 Matthew Rust, CMP       Intervarsity Christian     Madison        WI   UNITED STATES
   Mary Katherine          National Defense          Vienna        VA   UNITED STATES
    Saladino, CMP        Industrial Association
Lee Ann Sam Loo, CMP     Certified Management       Toronto        ON      CANADA
                        Accountants of Ontario
 Michelle Samp, CMP     Norman Convention and       Norman         OK   UNITED STATES
                            Visitors Bureau
Milena Santoro , CMP,     MS Production Inc.        Edmonton       AB      CANADA
     CMM, PIDP
 Melissa R. Sarantos,                             Buffalo Grove    IL   UNITED STATES
Elizabeth Schabowski,    Technical Enterprises,     Franklin       WI   UNITED STATES
         CMP                     Inc.
 Jessica Schanbaum,                                  Dallas        TX   UNITED STATES
 Sarah Scheer, CMP         American Family          Madison        WI   UNITED STATES
Rachel Schmidt, CMP            ASCE                  Reston        VA   UNITED STATES

  Adam Schomaker,            Amway Hotel          Grand Rapids     MI   UNITED STATES
       CMP                   Corporation
 Deborah Schroeder,        Aviva Canada Inc.        Toronto        ON      CANADA
Alaina Schulner, CMP      Pacific Science Center        Seattle       WA   UNITED STATES
Sayaka Sekiguchi, CMP     Experience Columbus          Columbus       OH   UNITED STATES
   Priya Sen, CMP           The Palace Hotel         San Francisco    CA   UNITED STATES

   Jill Senior, CMP       Pennsylvania Medical        Harrisburg      PA   UNITED STATES
 Sheritta N. Session,                                  Irvington      NJ   UNITED STATES
 Laura Shapiro, CMP         Conference Direct         Davenport       FL   UNITED STATES
 Elizabeth Shattuck,      Impact Associates, Inc.      Knoxville      TN   UNITED STATES
 Kelly Sheather, CMP       Starwood Hotels &           Honolulu       HI   UNITED STATES
                            Resorts Waikiki
 Paula Sheets-Paull,       The Blackwell Hotel         Columbus       OH   UNITED STATES
Alison Helene Shields,     Circle Solutions, Inc.     South Riding    VA   UNITED STATES
  LaShawn Sidbury,       Association of Schools &      Rockville      MD   UNITED STATES
         CMP              Colleges of Optometry
  Colleen Simmons,            Maritz Travel             Fenton        MO   UNITED STATES
  Whitney Elizabeth                                    Carnation      WA   UNITED STATES
     Sleigh, CMP
 Rachael Small, CMP        Texas Association of         Austin        TX   UNITED STATES
Ann Meredith Smith,         Wells Fargo Home        Windsor Heights   IA   UNITED STATES
       CMP                      Mortgage
 Cindy Smith, CMP        Texas Mutual Insurance         Austin        TX   UNITED STATES
 Colleen Smith, CMP        University of Florida      Gainesville     FL   UNITED STATES
                               Reitz Union
  Judy Smith, CMP         Pennsylvania Medical        Harrisburg      PA   UNITED STATES
 Kerrie Smith, CMP         American Council on         San Diego      CA   UNITED STATES
Rebecca T. Smith, CMP      Association Services        LaGrange       GA   UNITED STATES
 Sarah Marie Smith,      Hershey Entertainment &       Hershey        PA   UNITED STATES
        CMP                       Resort
Jennifer Soroka, CMP          Capital Hilton         Council Bluffs   IA   UNITED STATES

Bethany Spencer, CMP               AAAS                Arlington      VA   UNITED STATES

Darlene Spencer, CMP     Space Telescope Science       Baltimore      MD   UNITED STATES
Kevin P. Spragg, CMP         Kevin Spragg -           Vancouver       BC      CANADA
                          Independent Meeting
 Jennifer E. Sprinkel,      Professional & S            Reston        VA   UNITED STATES
     CMP, CGMP
 Lauren Staiano, CMP         Walt Disney World          Windermere          FL      UNITED STATES
 Natalie Statler, CMP         Experient, Inc.           Saint Louis        MO       UNITED STATES

Anne Stephens, CMP                                       Park Ridge         IL      UNITED STATES

Denise Garza Steusloff,      State Bar of Texas            Austin           TX      UNITED STATES
Bethany Stewart, CMP             LinkEvents              Beaverton          OR      UNITED STATES

Desirea Stewart, CMP         Von Braun Center            Huntsville         AL      UNITED STATES

Amanda Stokvis, CMP           Raymond James            St. Petersburg       FL      UNITED STATES
Rey Struttmann, CMP          Omni Hotel at CNN            Atlanta           GA      UNITED STATES
Jeremy Sullivan, CMP          Prescott Medical            Chicago           IL      UNITED STATES
 Cheryl Sulock, CMP            Orange County              Orlando           FL      UNITED STATES
                             Convention Center
Leanna A. Surina, CMP                                      Austin           TX      UNITED STATES
  Lisa D. Swett, CMP          VectorVest, Inc.             Akron           OH       UNITED STATES
Erin Colleen Swihart,     Sheraton Chicago Hotel &        Chicago           IL      UNITED STATES
        CMP                        Towers
 Park Tae Hee, CMP             KINTEX(Korea             GOYANG-si,                  SOUTH KOREA
                           International Exhibition     Gyeonggi-do
Melissa Tarpley, CMP                                     Foster City        CA      UNITED STATES
  Ruth Taylor, CMP               MediServe               Chandler           AZ      UNITED STATES
  Yolanda Taylor-         United States Conference        Lanham           MD       UNITED STATES
    Burwell, CMP            of Catholic Bishops
  Andrea Blasucci          Avantor Performance            Lebanon           NJ      UNITED STATES
Throckmorton, CMP                Materials
Christina Tillapaugh,     Alberta Hotel & Lodging        Edmonton         Alberta      CANADA
        CMP                     Association
Leighann Tivoli, CMP         Novo Nordisk Inc.            Yardley           PA      UNITED STATES

  Shawn Torre, CMP          American Academy of       Elk Grove Village     IL      UNITED STATES
  Emily Travis, CMP       PricewaterhouseCoopers,        Charlotte          NC      UNITED STATES
 Theresa Travis, CMP      California Assn of Oral &       Roseville         CA      UNITED STATES
                            Maxillofacial Surgeons
 Laiwanna Tutt, CMP            U of M School of          Ann Arbor          MI      UNITED STATES
Kimberly Paige Urich,      Scottsdale Convention &       Scottsdale         AZ      UNITED STATES
        CMP                    Visitors Bureau
 Kelly Jo Van Dyke,          Amway Grand Plaza         Grand Rapids         MI      UNITED STATES
       CMP                       Hotel
Yoko Van Horn, CMP           Ernst & Young        Los Angeles    CA   UNITED STATES
 Susan Vassallo, CMP            LIMRA               Wndsor       CT   UNITED STATES

 Nolene Vonk, CMP           Walthers Tours        Douglasdale         SOUTH AFRICA
 Jacqueline Vowell,      Streamlinevents, Inc.     Emeryville    CA   UNITED STATES
Rachel Wadkins, CMP                               Woodbridge     VA   UNITED STATES
  Kathleen Waldron,        Bayer HealthCare         Wayne        NJ   UNITED STATES
         CMP               Pharmaceuticals
   Elizabeth Leigh          Embassy Suites          Franklin     TN   UNITED STATES
  Wasternack, CMP
 Katelyn Weeks, CMP       Medical Students for    Philadelphia   PA   UNITED STATES
Nancy Beth Wegman,           WorkSafeBC           Vancouverq     BC      CANADA
Alkenia White, CMP      IEEE Computer Society     Los Alamitos   CA   UNITED STATES

Shawna Wilker, CMP            Professional        Hillsborough   NJ   UNITED STATES
                        Management Associates,
Becky Williams, CMP     Catering by McCormick &     Seattle      WA   UNITED STATES
Alexis M. Willis, CMP          Maritz, Inc         Cincinnati    OH   UNITED STATES

  Charles Johannes       Gallagher Convention     JHB/Gauteng         SOUTH AFRICA
    Wilson, CMP                 Center
Lindsay Wilson, CMP                               Fort Worth     TX   UNITED STATES

  Pamela Michelle         National Academy of     Washington     DC   UNITED STATES
   Wimmer, CMP                 Sciences
 Susannah Winfield,      Brigham and Women's       Somerville    MA   UNITED STATES
         CMP                   Hospital
 Crystal Anne Wood,          NAV CENTRE            Cornwall      ON      CANADA
  Jane Wood, CMP        PMI Mortgage Inusrance     Martinez      CA   UNITED STATES
   Edward Thomas         Charlottte Convention     Charlotte     NC   UNITED STATES
    Woolford, CMP               Center
  Johnathan William        Miko Group Inc.          Norman       OK   UNITED STATES
   Workman, CMP
  Christina M. Zara,          Roswell      GA   UNITED STATES
Paula M. Zimmer, CMP        Team San Jose           San Jose     CA   UNITED STATES
    Jennifer Ann          UC Irvine, Student         Irvine      CA   UNITED STATES
  Zimmerman, CMP        Center & Event Services
   Amy Zurko, CMP         Tellabs Operations      Bolingbrook    IL   UNITED STATES

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