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									Requirement Analyst Job Description
  Requirement analyst job profile and description
      Requirements analyst is basically the one who studies and analyze the needs and
requirements of stakeholders and customers of a company. He or she prepare the reports
of that after verifying and then do the project planning. He or she forms a bridge between
the services that a company provides and the needs of the customer base. There is a huge
demand for requirement analysts.

  Requirement analyst duties and responsibilities
      The duties and responsibilities of a requirement analyst are very much as well as
crucial as it is related to the customer’s satisfaction and they are as following:

       TRY TO KNOW ABOUT THE REQUIREMENTS: He or she has to interact
        with clients to get the information about their requirements from the company

       KNOW ABOUT THE SERVICES PROVIDED: He or she has to now about the
        services provided by the staff members so interact with the staff and collect

       PRESENT THE ANALYZED INFORMATION: It will be the duty to prepare the
        presentations which are the results of analyzed information

        coordinate with the team by specifying the requirements of the clients

  Requirement analyst skills and specifications
       The skills and specifications of a requirement analyst are:

       The candidate should have excellent analytical and logical skills to know about
        the requirements.

       He or she should have excellent communication and interviewing skills and
        ability to understand what people want to say.

       The candidate should be able to prepare reports and then evaluating also.

       He or she should have excellent decision making skills in order to decide the most
        important requirements of the clients
    The candidate needs to have computer skills, interpersonal skills to prepare
     graphic reports and make presentations

    He or she should be very hard working as well as organized and meticulous in

    The candidate should have a very good understanding about the technical
     functions of the company

 Requirement analyst education and qualification
      The education and qualifications of a requirements analyst are:

    The basic qualification required is a bachelor’s degree in the specified field of

 Requirement analysts salary
    The median salary of a requirement analyst is $80,000 per annum.

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