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									Twitter Experience

Millions of people are now using Twitter, a social network, and yet, there are still many others who are not
familiar with this hot micro-blogging site. In case you donít know what Twitter is all about, just read on to
find out more information about it.

When Twitter was launched about three years ago, young individuals used the site to keep track of their
friendsí activities. Personal messages were easily sent through tweets. The tweets were only limited to 140
characters and so it was also referred to as micro-blogging. You can write anything on the tweets ñ you can
share your feelings, the things that youíre currently doing or just about to do, or perhaps you can also post
certain topics that might interest others. As the social site became more popular, businesspersons saw its
potential as a marketing tool. Some of them were able to enhance their business although there are also those
who failed.

The basic idea when using Twitter is to follow interesting people. Once you follow a certain individual, you
will receive their tweets. When someone follows you, you can check that personís profile and decide if you
want to follow him/her back. You can use the tool ëTweetLaterí so that your account will automatically
follow those who follow you.

With the use of such tool, your personal thank you message is automatically sent as well. When sending
messages or tweets, make sure that you generate prompt action. If your tweets are interesting, you can easily
draw more followers. This is quite helpful when youíre posting blogs or when youíre into internet

Did you know that you can have thousands of followers in Twitter? If you want to send tweets, you donít
have to do it manually because certain tools can be used to automatically send your messages to all your
followers, no matter how many they are. Most of the Twitter tools are free and so you can have fun for as
long as you like.

Online businesses are really popular these days and one way to get valuable leads is through Twitter. In
order to build a valuable list of prospects, you should make friends first. Having lots of friends or followers
can ensure your online business success. Once you have a lot of followers, you can now mention about your
business and the programs that youíre planning to launch. You can provide links to your business or your
programs and if they trust you, they will not hesitate to check out the links.

You can also use Twollo. This is another free Twitter tool that you can use to follow some targeted
individuals. All you need to do is to provide the subject or topic that interests you and the tool will find
people who are also talking about the said topic or subject. If those individuals are interested, they might
follow you as well.

When you follow someone, there is no guarantee that he/she will follow you back. Always check your stats.
When youíve followed 2,000 people, your followers should at least be 1,800; if not, you will not be allowed
to follow more individuals. When someone is not following you, ëunfollowí that person; cleaning your
account weekly is a great idea. You can use ëfriendorfollow.comí in order to complete such task.

Have a fun Twitter experience by using some of their free tools.

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