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									Losing Twitter Followers

Perhaps youíve spent a considerable amount of time in following many people on Twitter and also for
getting more followers. But did you know that itís also possible to lose followers on this social network? If
youíre using the ëauto direct messageí, you need to have second thoughts now.

The AutoDM is one of the most popular tools used by internet marketers on Twitter. If youíre using it
properly, then you wonít have any problems. Abusing the tool can have serious consequences.

Twitter allows individuals to send personal messages to their friends so that they are always connected. But
some people think that social networks like Twitter are too impersonal. You must be aware of what Twitter
is all about. Twitter is for socializing with other people not an advertising billboard. If you always advertise
your business, many of your followers will ëunfollowí you.

Phrasing your tweets properly can ensure success in internet marketing. By posting appropriately phrased
tweets, you can generate good communication. The links that you provide might have an increase in the
click rates. With increased conversation, you can develop better relationships with your followers.

How can you lose followers in Twitter? Here are samples of AutoDMís:

ï Hey, checkout my blogs
ï Why donít you buy my product? Hereís my link
ï Get this product now

If you send these tweets to followers who hardly know you, they will immediately unfollow you. Sending
capitalized tweets is also not a good idea. It would be much better to send more personal messages. Your
followers will appreciate if you give them more attention and compliments.

Just try to put yourself in the shoes of your followers. How will you feel if someone sends you a tweet
telling you to do something like for instance ñ ëcheck out my productsí. If you hardly know someone, you
canít give your trust easily and so you will not check out the products. Check the settings of your AutoDM
so that you wonít be able to send impersonal messages to your followers.

If youíre running an online business, itís not good to lose followers. It can have a terrible effect on your
business and of course, your sales. Start changing your impersonal messages and create more personal
messages. After youíve made the changes, you can now use AutoDM. This tool is very helpful but only if
you know how to use it properly. Too much of anything is not good and that also applies to the AutoDM.

Twitter is for socialization. You need to learn how to communicate with others effectively. You should try
to make friends and develop trust.
If you want your followers to treat you well, you should also treat them accordingly. Being personal in all
your dealings in Twitter can ensure success ñ whether youíre into internet marketing or not. Even if your
primary aim is to make friends, you should send personal messages and not impersonal ones.

Losing Twitter followers is really easy but maintaining a huge list of followers is not an easy task. You must
invest time and effort to gain more friends and prospects. Check out your AutoDM now and see what kind
of messages youíre sending out.

If you need to make changes, do it now before itís too late. Good luck in using Twitter for making friends
and for promoting your business.

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