NEWPORT PAGNELL TOWN COUNCIL


Updated 08 12 10

1.    The Town Council reserves the right to cancel the hire if the hirer breaks any
      of the following conditions.
      Please note we do not accommodate casual events for the 13-30 age

2.    All occasional hire charges plus a deposit of £60 must be paid to the Town
      Council office at least 1 week in advance and prior to receiving the keys.

      Keys to be collected from the Duty Officer at Middleton Pool, Tickford
      Street, immediately before the event and returned to the duty officer
      immediately after the event. If however the function ends after 9.30pm
      the keys must be returned to the Duty Officer no later than 10.00am the
      following morning.
      Failure to adhere to these strict time limits may result in additional

     If emergency assistance is required or in the event of a maintenance problem
     i.e. burst pipe etc., contact Middleton Pool on 610477 and ask for the Duty
     The deposit will be returned after the event in full, unless there is a need to
     deduct a cost for repair, maintenance, or excess time.

3.    Access is allowed only to the main room, kitchen and toilets.

4.    Hirers must leave the premises clean and tidy, and all equipment and
      furniture cleaned and stored away, or placed as required. Cleaning
      equipment is provided in the kitchen and the disabled toilet for this purpose.

5.    Fire exits must not be obstructed at any time, or for any reason. There is a
      'NO SMOKING' rule throughout the Centre.

6.    Hirers must not cause annoyance or nuisance to adjoining occupiers. It
      should be noted that the Sub Aqua Club meets from time to time in one of the
      rooms of the Tickford Centre and, in particular, on a Tuesday and Friday
      evening between 7pm and 10pm a compressor may be in use. The Sub
      Aqua Club is allowed access to the toilets.

7.    Cars should be parked in the car park and not on the roadway outside
      Middleton Pool or the Tickford Centre.

8.    The premises must be made secure at the conclusion of the period of
      occupation and all lights and electrical appliances switched off.

9.    The hirer will indemnify the Newport Pagnell Town Council against loss,
      damage, claims or expenses howsoever arising caused or occasioned during

      the hirer's use of the premises.

10.   The hirer shall not transfer this booking to any other person or organisation, or
      offer for sale to the public admission tickets for a function that includes music
      and dancing.

11.   No alterations or additions shall be made to the premises, including electric
      power supplies or lighting fitments, without the written consent of the Newport
      Pagnell Town Council, and any such work shall be completed to the Newport
      Pagnell Town Council's satisfaction and at the Hirer's cost.

12.   In the case of block bookings, the Hirer must not leave belongs or equipment
      on the premises without the written consent of the Town Council and where
      this has been obtained, such items are left at owners risk. Any belongings or
      equipment left on the premises without prior consent of the Town Council will
      be treated as abandoned, and may be disposed of.

13.   In the case of block bookings, if you work with young people eg. Sports
      groups, youth groups, dance clubs, craft groups etc then the group MUST be
      registered with Milton Keynes Council Youth/Sports Registration Scheme on
      01908 253093 or 01908 253512.

14.   Hirers must not allow more than 140 persons on the premises at any time.
      Maximum number when tables and chairs are used is 70.

15.   No animals shall be allowed on the premises, other than guide-dogs.

16.   No advertising, publicity or other material may be displayed or affixed to the
      walls inside or outside the building (except on the designated notice boards),
      without the approval of the Town Council.

17.   The hirers shall ensure compliance with all relevant legislation orders and
      regulations and in particular those relating to music, singing and dancing, and
      the supply of liquor.

18.   No liquor shall be sold on the premises without a license. Application for a
      pay bar should be made to a local licensee of any public house who can
      arrange an outside bar. NO LIQUOR must be consumed by any person
      under the age of 18 years; failure to adhere to the minimum drinking age will
      result in not being allowed to hire the centre again.

19.   No betting, gambling or lotteries shall take place on the premises except that
      allowed by law and the hirer shall obtain any license or certificate required
      prior to using the premises for such a purpose.

20.   No cinematography exhibition or entertainment shall take place without the
      specific permission of the Town Council.

21.   The hirer shall have the use of the premises during the hours agreed and
      shall vacate the premises promptly at (or before) the end of the hiring period

         stated on the booking form.

22.      It shall be the responsibility of the hirer to effect adequate public liability
         insurance to cover risk arising out of the use of the premises by the persons
         or organisations named on the hire agreement.

23.      Newport Pagnell Town Council will not be liable for any loss due to any
         breakdown of machinery, failure of electricity supply or gas, leakage of water,
         damage by fire, government restrictions or any other unforeseen event which
         may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be
         interrupted or cancelled.

24.      The right of entry to the hired premises is reserved to any member or
         representative of the Town Council or to any police officer on duty at any time
         during the hiring.

25.      The Town Council reserves the right to terminate any hiring at its absolute
         discretion as a consequence of any action, state or condition revealed as a
         result of a visit made in accordance with section 23 above.

26.      The Town Council reserves the right to refuse any application for the hire of
         the Centre, if in the opinion of the Town Council the premises are to be used
         for an unsuitable purpose.

27.      Should the hirer subsequently not make use of the time reserved he/she shall
         be deemed responsible for the full hiring fee unless cancellation in writing is
         received at least one week in advance.

28.      Hirers who bring or store their own electrical equipment on our premises
         should ensure that the equipment is safe and properly tested.

29.      Temporary Events Licences
         Licensable activities under the Licensing Act 2003 are:
          The sale by retail of alcohol
          The supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club, to or to the order of, a
            member of a club.
          The provision of regulated entertainment
          The provision of late night refreshment
          Contact Milton Keynes Council on 01908 252800

               Please refer to Schedules 1 and 2 to the Licensing Act 2003 for fuller
      detail of the
              definitions and exemptions relating to regulated entertainment and late

30.      It is the responsibility of the hirer to undertake any necessary gritting and
         salting upon entry when weather conditions require it.


For anyone hiring the Hall for parties with a disco. We have a NOISE
LIMITATION DEVICE to control volume. This is because of the close
proximity of the housing.

The device works by cutting off the electricity supply to the hall sockets for a
short period of time, after which the power is restored. This will happen each
time the noise exceeds the permitted level and the length of time taken for the
power to be restored to the sockets will progressively increase. After the
fourth cut off the power will not be restored. The light above the first storage
cupboard in the main hall will start flashing if the noise level is approaching
the maximum level allowed. There is no effect on the lighting.

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