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        N E W S F O R M E M B E R S o f T H E J U N I O R L E AG U E O F AT L A N TA                                                          NOVEMBER 2010

                                                     JLA Welcomes New Transfers
                                                     Forty-four women recently transferred their membership to The Junior League
                                                     of Atlanta from other leagues around the country. These women are involved in
                                                     group mee ngs, community service projects and social events to familiarize
                                                     themselves with JLA. Listed below are those par cipa ng in the fall 2010 Transfer
                                                     Program. Please join us in welcoming them to Atlanta and JLA.

                                                     Hope Adkins - Los Angeles                                        Heather Metzler - Orlando
                                                     Lynlee Arnold - Gwinne & North                                   Ka e Millichap - New York City
                                                     Fulton                                                           Sharon Palmieri - Bergen County
                                                     Tanya Bri n - Washington, D.C.                                   Jennifer Peters - Birmingham
                                                     Ka e Brown - Pensacola                                           Kyla Porter - Dallas
                                                     Jeannie Citerman-Kraeger - St. Louis                             Allison Powell - Palm Springs
                                                     Luisa Cortese - Orlando                                          Katy Purwin - Dallas
                                                     Kelly Cravens - Birmingham                                       Katharine Rickell - Spartanburg
                                                     Staci Cross - Salt Lake City                                     Cheryl Routson - Washington, D.C.
                                                     Jennifer Foster - Miami                                          Grace Schouten - Fort Myers
                                                     Katrina Fuller - London                                          Lisa Sivy - New York City
                                                     Tara Headd - Northern VA                                         Bonnie Stewart - Athens
                                                     Tiffany Horst - Jacksonville                                      Lisha Stokes - San Diego
                                                     Laing Humphries - Washington, D.C.                               Maggie Storino - Tampa
                                                     Bridge e Hyde - Dallas                                           Leslie Tarbu on - Raleigh
                                                     Elizabeth Irvin-Barnwell - Athens                                Peyton Turner - Lee County
                                                     Sonia Kenney - Boston                                            Meredith Warnock - Cobb-Marie a
                                                     Trisha Kern - New Orleans                                        Amanda Wiggins - Gainesville
                                                     Gabrielle Leon - Gainesville                                     Kelly Willis - Los Angeles
                                                     Carmen Maxey - Brimingham                                        Kelly Willyard - Los Angeles
                                                     Susan Mendelsohn - Annapolis                                     Rebecca Young - Dekalb County

                                                     Top: Luisa Cortese, Transfer Advisor Ryan O’Neill, Meredith Warnock, Kelly Willis and Tara Headd at The Atlanta Botanical
                                                     Garden. Middle: Kelly Cravens, Cheryl Routson and Laing Humphries on the Fall Transfer Bus Tour. Bottom: New transfers to the
                                                     Junior League of Atlanta socialize at Loco’s in Buckhead before the September General Membership Meeting.
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     A Message from                                                                Hot Topics in
                   our PRESIDENT
                                                                                   the Tropics
                                                                                   JLA A ends Area III Conference
     we accomplished so far. We received the
     Helping Hands award from the Center for
     the Visually Impaired in recognition of our                                   Suzanne Barrow, vice president of community
     volunteer efforts for those with visual                                       outreach, and Kris Wallace, vice president of
     impairments, and we contributed to a                                          training, a ended the Associa on of Junior
     scholarship fund in honor of Dr. Jackye
     Brown,thelong-timeExecutiveDirectorof                                         Leagues Interna onal’s Regional Area III
     theAtlantaChildren’sShelterincelebration                                      Conference on June 25-27, 2010. This year’s event
     of her retirement. We educated hundreds               Audra Dial              was hosted by The Junior League of Clearwater-
     of Atlanta children on the importance of        2010-2011 JLA President       Dunedin in Safety Harbor, Fla. The conference is
     healthy eating through our Kids in the                                        presented each year and a ended by members of
     Kitchen initiative, and we formed a collaboration with the Whitefoord
     CommunityProgramtosponsor95childrenintheirareaincelebrationof                 Junior Leagues in “Area III,” which is comprised of
     our 95years of service to the Atlanta community. And, our Headquarters        leagues in the southeastern United States.
     had a bit of a “face lift.”
                                                                                   The conference afforded a great opportunity to
     OurBoardofDirectorsalsosetprioritiesfortheupcomingyear—priorities             learn about “hot topics” affec ng Junior Leagues.
     that will help ensure we remain focused on our mission and committed          Some of the sessions they a ended included
     to our strategic plan. As a Board, we are stewards of our mission, and we     “Problem Solving and Opportunity Thinking,”
     work to ensure that everything we do as an organization helps us to
     further achieve our goals. To that end, we will be working on establishing    “Leading in the League and Mo va ng Volunteers”
     the framework for our Centennial gift to the community in the area of         and “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Nomina ng.” In
     early childhood education, more effectively promoting our training            addi on, “AJLI 101” explained the structure of AJLI,
     opportunitiesandtheirbenefitstoourmembersandthecommunityand                   as well as how much informa on is accessible to
     maximizing our use of our technological resources and headquarters            our members on the AJLI’s website - www.ajli.org.
     facilities. These priorities enable us to continue the legacy of leadership
     that our organization has created since our founding in 1916.                 Suzanne and Kris encourage everyone to log in to
                                                                                   AJLI’s site and take advantage of the wealth of
     Wearefortunatetohavesomanyopportunitiesto“doourpart”tomake                    informa on available.
     a difference in the lives of women and children in Atlanta. During this
     Leagueyear,meetsomeonenewintheLeague;gettoknowmembersat                       The pair also learned more about the AJLI’s “Roadmap
     alllevels—fromsustainingmemberstoprovisionalsandlearntheirstories;            for the Future.” AJLI has embarked on a major
     and think about the legacy you will leave to our organization and the         strategic planning ini a ve with the goal of
     community from your service in the Junior League of Atlanta. In
     recognizing all that we have accomplished and the leadership we have          transforming the Junior League to thrive for decades
     provided to the community, we are empowered to further our mission            to come. To learn more about the “Roadmap for the
     and create lasting change in our community. Thank you for your                Future,” visit www.ajli.org/?nd=roadmap.
     dedication to our organization and I look forward to seeing you at a JLA
     event soon.                                                                   In addi on to the training each received, the
     Best,                                                                         conference presented opportuni es to network
                                                                                   and exchange ideas with members from other
                                                                                   Junior Leagues. It was an exci ng event and gave
                                                                                   great ideas to put to work in our League!

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           A N N O U N C E M E N T S

        Peyton Price married Jon Chambers on June 26, 2010

        Jacquelyn Jones married Jim Foley on July 31, 2010
        Brannon Wiley married Taylor Freeman on Sept. 25,

                                                                     2010-2011 Sustainer Council from left to right: (back) Lynn Gavin, Sally McDaniel,
        Heather & Bradley Becker welcomed their daughter,            Elizabeth Kelly, Lizanne Stephenson, Bobbi Cleveland, Cynthia Clanton, Patton Fowler,
        Chloe Elizabeth Becker, on April 25, 2010                    Courtney Kaylor and Clair Muller. (front) Nancy Almquist, Beth Miller, Cassy McCaffery
                                                                     (Chair) and Charlotte Terrell. Not pictured: Elizabeth Neill, Suzy Smith and Charlotte
        Candace & Sco Crosby welcomed their daughter,

                                                                     Stay Involved with

        Eliza Maria Crosby, on July 4, 2010

                                                                     Sustainer Social Groups
        Ellen & Ma Woodard welcomed their daughter,
        Abigail Catherine Woodard, on July 27, 2010

        Sarah & Mark Moore welcomed their son, Ian
        Alexander Moore, on July 3, 2010                             Sustainers are some of our busiest JLA members! For a complete
                                                                     descrip on of our social groups and contact informa on, please
        Julie & Jason Loring welcomed their son, Oliver James        visit the JLA website at www.jlatanta.org and go to the Just for
        Loring, on May 23, 2010                                      Sustainers page, then click on Social Groups for Sustainers. Below
                                                                     arethreeofourmostac vegroupsthatmaybeofinteresttoyou:
                                                                     Weekend Cheers! meets monthly on weekends and par cipates
        Mary E. Davidson                                             in many fun ac vi es including concerts, tours, par es and
                                                                     community projects. Please contact Lynn Gavin at
        Senior Sustainer Susan Y. Whitaker                           lynngavinlg@gmail.com or at 404.713.5145.
        Sustainer Emeritus Elizabeth C. Shelton
        Sustainer Emeritus Mary S. Close                             who were transfers from other leagues. This group meets
                                                                     frequently and offers luncheons, dinners, par es, an annual
        Past President Mary Elizabeth Schroder                       luncheonandpar cipatesincommunityvolunteerprojects.Please
                                                                     contact Elizabeth Neill at elizabethneill@comcast.net or at
        KUDOS                                                        770.984.9317.

        On Sept. 11, 2010 Elenora Walls was honored as one           SassySustainers!targetsindividualswhoarenewtoSustainerstatus
        of two recipients of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro       and offers quarterly evening socials, Done in a Day community
        Atlanta’s Biggest Role Model award.                          service projects and training opportuni es with the JLA. Please

                                                                     contact Courtney Kaylor at courtney.kaylor@comcast.net or at


                                                                     Join one of our exci ng Sustainer social groups and enjoy the year

                       March 21, 2011
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       Meet the 2010-2011
       Junior League of Atlanta
       Board of Directors
       Why does the JLA have a Board of Directors? The Board of
       Directors is here to serve the organiza on, and to ensure
       the future of the organiza on at all levels. Board members
       act as trustees and stewards on behalf of our members,
       including financial management of the JLA. The Board
       provides vision and helps govern the vision across our
       Council system. The Board also makes sure that our           The 2010-2011 Board of Directors from left to right: (back row) Sustainer Representative Bobbi
                                                                    Cleveland, League Initiative Chair Marie Hannon, VP of Internal Operations Ellen Orthwein,
       programs are consistent with our mission and that our        VP of Marketing Jennifer Dunaway, Advisory Planning Chair Michelle Wells, Nominating
       strategy is pushed forward according to yearly strategic     Committee Chair Alex Seblatnigg, VP of Membership Catherine Spray, Parliamentarian Maggie
       priori es. Help us in welcoming these ladies as we move      Vath, Assistant to the President Betsy Hasson and VP of Fund Development Jen Bennecke.
                                                                    (front row) Director of Support Services Sharon Klein, VP of Community Outreach Suzanne
       forward into our new year!                                   Barrow, President Audra Dial, President-Elect Lisa Dwyer, VP of Community Placements
                                                                    Nicole Motsek and VP of Training & Development Kristi Wallace.

          DECEMBER                                                        NEARLY
                                                                          NEW QUOTA
            4      Holly Jolly Breakfast
                                                                                                                      Nearly New Shop
                   Ritz Carlton Downtown
                                                                                                                                      Repurposed style

                                                                               IF THE MONTH DESIGNATED BELOW IS
                   8:30 a.m.

            7      FYN Wine Tasting                                               BRING YOUR DONATION IN EARLY!
                   Murphy’s                                             All members have the option of fulfilling their quota
                   6:30 p.m.                                            donations early. Members whose last names begin with
                                                                        N-Z may bring in their donations in December. All
          11      Cookbooks Sale                                        members have the opportunity to fulfill quota early by
                                                                        bringing in donations in June, July or August.
                  JLA Headquarters

                                                                         ACTIVE MEMBERS                         PROVISIONAL MEMBERS
                  10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

                                                                         A-B   September                        Fall - A-J   September
                                                                         C-D-E October                          Fall - K-P   October
                                                                                                                Fall - Q-Z   November
                                                                         F-G-H November
          FEBRUARY                                                       I-M   December
                                                                                                                Winter - A-J January
                                                                                                                Winter - K-P February

                                                                               & January                        Winter - Q-Z March
                  District Meetings
                                                                         N-R   February
                                                                         S-T   March
                   6 to 8 p.m.

                                                                         U-Z   April
          12       Provisional Bus Tour                                  TRANSFERS May

                                                                                      QUOTA DONATION HOURS
                   7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
                                                                                    MONDAY-SATURDAY: 11 AM - 7 PM
                                                                                        SUNDAY: 1 PM - 5 PM

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       JLA Expands
       Community Reach
       of Rainbows in Roswell
       JLA recently celebrated its successful 15-year
       partnership with Rainbows by helping to open a new
       program site in Roswell. Rainbows is an international
       organization that fosters emotional healing among
       children grieving a loss from a life-altering crisis in their
       family such as death or divorce. Since 1995, JLA
       members have worked with Rainbows to support
       children in our communities. The new site is helping to               ShamRock Chair-Elect Jessica Dykes shows off her ShamRock at an Operation Boot Camp
       satisfy a growing need within the Rainbows

                                                                             Show off your Shamrock
       organization while offering JLA volunteers another
       convenient and rewarding placement opportunity.

       Last year, 24 JLA women spent their Monday nights                     TheShamRock'NRollRoadRacecommi eewantsyoutoshowoff
       with 45 school-aged children and their parents as part                your Shamrock around Atlanta! Where have you worn your
       of the Rainbows peer support groups at Morningside                    Shamrock race T-shirt? We want to know! Tell us on our Facebook
       Elementary School and Northbrook United Methodist                     page h p://www.facebook.com/ShamRockNRollRoadRace and
       Church. Every Monday for 13 weeks, JLA volunteers                     post pictures for a chance to win a free race entry.
       facilitate small groups of children or parents using a set
       curriculum to guide participants through the various                  Sport your shamrock with us on Tuesday nights at our group
       stages of grief. Each week involves an hour of sharing,               run/walk."Beingpartofthegrouppushesmetorunorwalkmore
       crafts, games and stories.                                            than I would on my own, and it's more fun than just running on a
       Parents have said that Rainbows is a wonderful                        newpeople,getsomeexercise,andgetinshapefortheShamRock
       program, is very effective at teaching children to                    'N Roll Race in March," she added.
       communicate their feelings and has helped them and
       their children to achieve a great deal of healing in a                Join us as we support several local races and promote the 2011
       short period of time. The opportunity to make such a                  ShamRock 'N Roll Road Race presented by Verizon Wireless and
       significant and positive impact on grieving children and              Belk by showing off our Shamrock at the following events:
       their parents continues to bring JLA volunteers back to               •Atlanta Half Marathon and Thanksgiving Day 5K, Nov. 25, Turner
       Rainbows year after year.                                             Field
       It's not too late to join the Rainbows placement this
       year! To inquire about one of the remaining open                      Don'thaveaShamrocktoshowoff?Weareselling2009raceshirts
       spots, please contact placement chair Marthe Souza at                 for$5whilesupplieslast.Emailshamrock@jlatlanta.orgtoordera
       marthe_souza@yahoo.com.                                               T-shirt or get more informa on about upcoming races and group
                                                                             Sponsorships are s ll available for the race. Opportuni es include
        The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., is an organization of women      monetary sponsorships, in-kind sponsorships, post-race party
        committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of      boothsandgoodybags.ContactShamRock‘NRollRoadRacechair
        women, and improving the community through the effective action      Marsha Lewis today for more informa on.
        and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively
        educational and charitable.

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    We realize that members o en have ques ons about
    aspects of their membership but aren’t sure where to            On Sept. 14, JLA members enjoyed hearing our own Peach Pipes sing the National
                                                                    Anthem before the Braves game. Pictured from left to right are: Marsha Lewis, Jen
    find the answers. The Membership Corner is here to               Dunaway, Trista McGlamery, Courtney Nichol and Ryan O’Neill.
    help. Each month we’ll address a different topic rela ng

                                                                  Plan the Perfect Tailgate
    to your membership so that you can take full advantage
    of your League experience and all that it has to offer.
                                                                  Autumn in the South brings crisp air, changing leaves and
               DECEMBER’S TOPIC:                                  football. Many things e us together in the South: family, food,
     What is a Three Hour Rota on? Who is
                                                                  the outdoors and, of course, football! In the South few things
                                                                  unite us quite like our college football teams. Just like our
          required to complete one?                               cooking, football is more than our pas me. It’s our culture. One
                                                                  of the most prized and exci ng tradi ons we look forward to
                                                                  every fall is the gameday tailgate party. It’s the epitome of
    Ac ve and First Year Members are required to complete
                                                                  southern hospitality showcased by good people, good manners
    a three hour rota on in addi on to their placement.
                                                                  and good southern food. If you’re looking for delicious recipes
    Members who are currently in a Fund Development
                                                                  to make your tailgate party a memorable event, the Junior
    Placement must complete a Community three hour
                                                                  League of Atlanta offers Atlanta Cooknotes and True Grits, must
    rota on, and Members with a Community placement
                                                                  haves for any southern kitchen. This year JLA will also be selling
    must complete a Fund Development three hour rota on.
                                                                  cookbooks from other Junior League ci es in the SEC family.
    Members’ current placements do not qualify as three
                                                                  Cookbooks from Athens, Knoxville and Baton Rouge are just
    hour rota ons. Ac ve Silver and Ac ve Gold members
                                                                  some swaps that will be available this season. To help you kick
    are exempt from this requirement this year.
                                                                  off the season with style and grace, we have put together a
                                                                  sample menu featuring recipes from Cooknotes. This menu is
    In order to sign up for a three hour rota on, all Ac ve
                                                                  sure to please any fan at your tailgate!
    and First Year Members should visit the members only
    sec on of the JLA website and locate the Member Events
                                                                  Spinach Dip - p. 27
    and Calendar sec on on the le . All of the available
                                                                  Beef Barbeque –p. 186
    rota ons will be listed on the calendar. Members should
                                                                  Marinated Cole Slaw –p. 98
    scroll through the calendar to locate available
                                                                  Beach House Baked Beans – p. 242
    opportuni es. When an open rota on is selected, the
                                                                  Chocolate Mint Brownies – p. 320
    member will receive a confirma on le ng her know she
    has successfully registered.
                                                                   WORK REQUEST FORM
    If you have further ques ons, e-mail                           Headquarters is asking all members who have any type of work for them,
    membership@jlatlanta.org.                                      to please send through the “Work Request Form.” To access this “Work
                                                                   Request Form,” go to the member website and on the left hand side click
                                                                   “Member Resources,” (this is where all member forms are kept), and click
                                                                   “Work Request Form.” Please fill out form and submit. You can attach
                                                                   up to four files. This will help Headquarters with their workload. Deadlines
                                                                   will be set based on when form was submitted.

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                                                                                                          Board Brief                             [September 2010]
                                                                                                          >> Karen Perry, vice president of development for the
                                                                                                          Center For the Visually Impaired and JLA member,
                                                                                                          presented informa on on CVI and the rela onship with

                                                                                                          >> Smith Barney presented the Investment Report.

                                                                                                          >> The Board heard presenta ons on the JLA Annual
                                                                                                          Report, internal and external JLA website protocol,
                                                                                                          Digital Cheetah repor ng and the 2010-2011
                                                                                                          Membership Survey.

                                                                                                          >> Items were collected for the Center for the Visually
                                                                                                          Impaired Opera on Sandbox project.
      One of the many options for three hour rotators is working a shift at a Kids in the Kitchen table
      passing out healthy snacks and nutrition information to kids and parents.                           >> The Board received an update on the Strategic Plan.

       Available Fund Development                                                                         >> There was a discussion on nominees for various AJLI

       Three Hour Rotations
      If you are currently serving your placement in the community                                        Tour of Kitchens Tickets
      and have not registered for a Three Hour Fund Development
                                                                                                          The 14th annual Tour of Kitchens will be held March 19
      rota on, but are s ll looking for one, there are s ll some great
                                                                                                          and 20. In addi on to giving cketholders the chance to
      op ons available. The three hour Fund Development rota ons                                          peak inside 14 spectacular designer kitchens, this year’s
      that are available include:                                                                         tour will include on-site kitchen events like a Big Green
                                                                                                          Egg demonstra on and tas ngs with Chef Kevin Rathbun.
      >> Cookbooks - Saturday, Dec. 11: Volunteers are needed on                                          This month, you can purchase two ckets for the
      Saturday, Dec. 11 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. to make “tas ngs” for                                       weekend event for only $25! That’s two ckets for the
      sales events from one of JLA’s cookbooks. The loca on for this                                      price of one! Say Happy Holidays by giving ckets and a
      event will be at JLA Headquarters.                                                                  promise of a fun weekend with your friends! For more
                                                                                                          informa on visit the Tour of Kitchens website!
      >> ShamRock ‘N Roll - March 13, 2011: Volunteers are needed
      for several shi s (7-10:10 a.m. and 7:30-10:30 a.m.) and will
                                                                                                            FROM THE EDITORʼS DESK
      assist par cipants running in the race, which will take place on
      Sunday, March 13 from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
                                                                                                            HOTLINE EDITOR: Camille Kesler
      >> Tour of Kitchens - March 19 and 20, 2011: Volunteers are
      needed for several days/shi s (Saturday from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30                                        HOTLINE is a members-only newsletter that keeps members
      p.m. and 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.; and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30                                          up-to-date on the events, news, issues and achievements of
      p.m., 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.) to answer                                          the Junior League of Atlanta. The monthly newsletter, which is
      ques ons, direct tourists through the homes and assist with                                           sent to membersʼ homes, is published throughout the year and
                                                                                                            works in conjunction with its sister publication, Hotline
      setup or cleanup.
                                                                                                            Highlights, a weekly e-mail newsletter.

      To register for one of these great rota ons, access the JLA                                           JLA leadership, committee chairs and members can submit
      Calendar under the Member Events & Calendar heading on                                                articles and announcements to the Hotline Editor for inclusion
      your member home page. Go to the month of the event, select                                           in the newsletter. All submissions are due to the Hotline Editor
      a shi me and then click the “sign up” bu on. Once you                                                 by the first day of the month in order to appear in the next
                                                                                                            monthʼs issue and are subject to the editorial discretion of the
      complete your selec on, you will receive an e-mail
                                                                                                            Hotline Editor and Internal Communications Committee.
      confirma on le ng you know that you have successfully
      signed up for your rota on. Please contact Karen Inniss at                                            Email submissions to hotline@jlatlanta.org.
      karen.inniss@gmail.com for ques ons about the registra on                                             Be sure to include the word "Hotline" in the subject line of your
      process.                                                                                              message to ensure delivery.

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  The Junior League of Atlanta
                                                                                                                                             First Class
                                                                                                                                            U. S. Postage
        ~ Focus Areas ~                                                                                                                         PAID
                                                                                                                                            Atlanta, GA
     Women and Children at Risk                     THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF ATLANTA, INC.                                                      Permit #365
             Educa on                               3154 NORTHSIDE PARKWAY, NW
                                                    ATLANTA, GA 30327                                                            Return Service Requested
    Women’s and Children’s Health                   w w w. j lat la nta . o rg

            2008 2012
       Strategic Plan Goals
      Transform communi es by
   empowering women and children
     at risk to become self reliant
     Be the primary organiza on
      that the community comes
        to for trained volunteers
       Improve the effec veness
          of the JLA’s resources

           N OV E M B E R   2010

      2010 Council Retreat: “All the World’s a Stage”
      JLA leaders par cipated in the 2010 Council   • VP-ElectofInternalOpera onsTeresaEbbs
      Retreat on May 22, 2010 at the Atlanta        discussed the func onality of the JLA’s new
      Speech School. The Council Retreat is         website.
      a ended by all JLA leaders who sit on         • JLA members Susan Allison and Victoria
      councils. The theme of this year’s training   Salzman from The Development Team,
      was “All the World’s a Stage,” which ed in    www.thedevelopment-team.com, trained
      well with the training based on               the group on how to cul vate sponsors for
      improvisa onal techniques provided by         the JLA.
      Allison Gilmore and JLA member Elizabeth      • JLA Past President Cynthia Clanton
      Beasley of DuMore Improv -                    discussed how to market the JLA and ways
      www.dumoreimprov.com. Allison and             to give an effec ve elevator speech.
      Elizabeth had the group stand up and          • Lisa Sco , the director of fund
      perform communica ons exercises, which        development for JLA placement Metro           Allison Gilmore and Elizabeth Beasley of DuMore Improv
                                                                                                  lead Council members in improvisational exercises.
      was both a fun and informa ve way to gain     AtlantaRecoveryResidences(MARR),spoke
      skills.                                       abouttheJLA’slonghistoryofprovidinghelp
                                                    to MARR - www.marrinc.org.
      In addi on to the training from DuMore
      Improv, the a endees par cipated in the       Thanks to all who helped make the Council
      following trainings:                          Retreat a success!


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