Reference Desk Procedures

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					                                 Reference Desk Procedures


   1.       Unlock the file cabinets under reference desk and remove the phone.†

   2.       Remove the “Reference Desk is Closed” signs.

   3.       Log into computers and turn on monitors, lights, and print (computer if

   4.       Start a new statistics sheet for the day.

   5.       Check phone for messages (instructions on phone).

   6.       Check the public computers to make sure they are tuned on and ready
            to go. If there are problems with machines, send an email to Rich. *


   1.       Place staplers, tape, and other attractive items in a cabinet drawer.

   2.       Place the phone in the drawer and lock both file cabinets.

   3.       Tally the statistics for the day. Put the sheet in the statistics folders. **

   4.       Log off the computer and turn off monitors, the printer, and lights.

   5.       Place the “Reference Desk is Closed” signs on the reference desk and
            put “tall” sign in Reference Desk entryway.

   6.       Place the patron chair in side the reference desk area.

   7.       Turn off the lights and computer in Room 106, close and lock the
            Room 106 doors. Ensure 103 is closed and shut down also.***

   8.       Go home and have a good evening.

        † If you unlock the long file cabinet for search requests – please lock it when done.

        *To report a problem with computers, please email Rich He will email lib-sys and
        “cc” the Department.

        **The Reference Statistics are kept in a folder marked “Reference stats” on the top shelf of the
        cabinet, under the reference desk, next to the wall.

        ***Room 103 should remain locked and closed other than when in use for consultation.

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