Reference Desk Emergency Procedures

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					Reference Desk Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, i.e., the fire alarm is ringing or there is an
evacuation of the building, Reference Desk staff are to follow these

1) Reference desk front-up staff will take a bullhorn (located below the
reference desk) and one walkie-talkie (located in the 2nd drawer between the
ref-center and ref-left computers) and go out the west emergency exit of the
building (by the video viewing stations).

2) Turn on the walkie-talkie (the walkie-talkie needs to be set to Channel 3).

3) Reference desk back-up or student (whichever is available) will take the
2nd bullhorn and walkie-talkie and go out the east emergency exit of the
building (between the backdoor of Autzen and the CLC).

4) The purpose for the bullhorn is for you to make periodic announcements
(the script is on each bullhorn) in an effort to keep people a safe distance
(100 feet) from the building and away from windows. This would be across
the street for either emergency exit and the library quad for anyone exiting
from the main entrance.

5) The purpose of the walkie-talkies is to keep in contact with each other and
with Access Services for information about returning to the building.

6) Do your best to not allow anyone to enter the building until it has been
declared safe by emergency “white hat” fire department personnel.

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