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                                                                                                                         June, 2001
Vetware Software General Maintenance

The following steps should be done periodically to your Vetware System to ensure that it is running at its maximum performance.
Please note the following icons should be on your desktop:

                          Backup                             Compact                             Vetware

    1) Backup Vetware System
       Prior to any upgrade work being done on your system, please always back it up first.
       To do this you may use your normal backup procedures. If you have any questions regarding your Backup procedures,
       please call Compu-Trust and we will review them with you.

        Backup Procedures, specifically designed for the Vetware System have been setup on you desktop. Please look for the
        Backup icon on your desktop. The Vetware system must be closed on all computers before running your Backup.

        To run the Backup, double click on the icon. If Vetware is running, you will see a screen as above:
        Please go to all computers and close down Vetware.

        With the successful entry to the Backup program, you will see a screen similar to the following:
    Source Location: This is the location of your Vetware system
    Destination of Backup: This is the folder to which you Backup will be written. Please not that this location may be located
    on any drive in your system. Your best solution would be for the specified drive to be a Receordable CD. Thus the drive
    could constantly be replaced with new Backup Media as required. Other reasonable destinations for your backup would be:
             - Removable Zip or Hard Drives
             - a backup folder on another computer (workstation) in your network
             - a backup folder within this computer
    This Destination of Backup is initially set up as the appropriate default from within Vetware, by setting the following
    System Value in:
    Edit…             Setup System Values…                 General Values…            General…           Backup Drive
    Furthermore, this default destination value may be changed at any time by simply overwriting the location with a new one.
    In the way you may select an alternate destination for this one specific backup, eq. C:\Backup\ would send the backup to
    the Backup folder on your local hard drive, for this one time only.
    This Backup should be run frequently. In case of a failure, often our only source for retrieving data is from a Backup.

2) Shut down all Computers
   Windows 95 and 98 manage your computer’s memory well, but not perfectly. Thus it is occasionally beneficial to shut down
   all computers within your system. This clears the memory of all unnecessary data and information. Please note that you
   always shut down a Windows computer by:
   a) Going to Start in the lower left corner
   b) Click on Shutdown       Answer yes to shutdown your system
   c) When told by the computer, it is then safe to power off your computer. Many computers require that you hold the power
   switch in for 7 to 10 seconds in order to turn off the computer. This is to safe guard against accidentally turning off the
   system. Many newer computers may power off, on their own. In which case the computer will simply turn off.
   Please power off workstations first and the Main Server last
   Simply turning on the computers now will restart them as they were last setup by Compu-Trust, with clean memory.

3) Compact Vetware System
   With Vetware closed on all computers, from your Main Server, you may double click on the Compact Vetware icon to
   compact your database. This feature from Microsoft actually does two functions within your database.
   A) It will both repair and re-write all existing indexes or support files with Vetware.
   B) It will compress the database into as small a size as possible. Thus making it very lean and error free.

    This Vetware Compact may not work on all systems. We are still working to improve this automated procedure. If it does
    not successfully work on your system, you may need to manually Repair and Compact your database using the following

4) Vetware Database Maintenance
   From the computer with Microsoft Access (usually the Main Server), please do the following work.
   To start Access, from the Windows Desktop:
   - Click on Start in the lower left corner
   - Click on Programs
   - Click on Microsoft Access
   - From Open an Existing Database, select your main Vetware database, by clicking on it.
     This will usually be M:\Vetware\Vetware or C:\Vetware\Vetware (where the M and C indicate the server drive location).
   And select OK to Open.
   - with your Vetware Database now open:
     To Repair or Clean your database
     Select Tools from the menu items at the top of the page
     Select Database Utilities
     Select Repair Database
     - System will work through all tables in your database ensuring all links and relationships are proper.
     - Click on OK when the repair is complete
     To Compact your database
     Select Tools from the menu items at the top of the page
     Select Database Utilities
     Select Compact Database
     - System will compact your database to its minimum structure
   When completed, the tables of the database will become visible again on the screen.
   Please close Access, by single clicking on X in upper right, or from menu, File… Exit.
   Your Vetware Database and System has now been cleaned and reset. The Vetware System should now be running at
   maximum performance.                                            ( END OF DOCUMENT)

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