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					IMSE-BRG-MWR-S                                           30 November 2009




SUBJECT: Fort Bragg Sports Program, 2010 Fort Bragg Women’s Indoor
Volleyball Program

1. Reference. Army Regulation 215-1, 24 October 2007, Military
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs and Nonappropriated Fund

2. Purpose. To provide policies and procedures to assist ASCs and
A&R personnel with the implementation of the 2010 Fort Bragg Women’s
Indoor Volleyball Program.

3.   General.

    a. 2010 Fort Bragg Women’s Indoor Volleyball Program will be
conducted 22 February – 23 April, various PFC’s. To enter, teams must
submit an entry form listing all team members, to the Sports Office,
Building 4-1567, Reilly Street, prior to 17 February. Entry forms,
which are available at all PFCs, may be FAXED to 396-1216. Online
registration is also available at

     b.   There will not be a Program entry fee.

     c.   Player eligibility.

        (1) All military/government ID card holders, ages 18 and
older, are eligible to participate. This includes active duty
personnel, family members, retirees, and DOD civilians.

        (2) If a protest results from the alleged use of an illegal
player and the protest is upheld, the offending team will be
eliminated from the Program.

          (3)   Players will not be allowed to play for more than one

        (4) All team members must have their identification card with
them for each game.

    d. Team rosters. All team members must be listed on the team
roster. Rosters must include first and last names and team POC to
include e-mail address and phone number.
SUBJECT: Fort Bragg Sports Program, 2010 Fort Bragg Women’s Indoor
Volleyball Program

   e. Team Composition.

        (1) Teams can be comprised with up to 14 players. Six players
should start the match however teams are allowed to start a match with
a minimum of four players. Should a team be delineated during the
course of a match to less than four players, by injury or any other
reason; the team will forfeit the match.

       (2)   A team may substitute six players per set.

   f. Protests.

        (1) Misapplication of rules and player eligibility will be
the only grounds for protests. Protests involving a rule
misapplication must be lodged before play is continued. All protests
will be resolved at the time of the protest by game referees.

4. Rules. Current USA Volleyball Rules and the following amendments
will govern all play.

    a. A team not present at the scheduled match time will forfeit
the match.

    b. The home team will be determined by a coin toss prior to the
start of each match.

    c. Matches will consist    of the best 2 out of 3 sets, with the
first two games being played   to 21 points using rally point scoring.
In the event of 1-1 tie, the   deciding set will be played to 15 points
with the winning team having   at least a 2-point advantage.

    d. Before the start of each set, the coach has to present the
starting line-up of his/her team on a line-up sheet. The sheet is
submitted, duly filled in and signed, to the scorer.

    e. At the moment the ball is hit by the server, each team must be
positioned within its own court in the rotational order (except the
server). The positions of the players are numbered as follows: The
three players along the net are front-row players and occupy positions
4(front-left), 3(front-center) and 2(front-right). The other three are
back-row players occupying positions 5(back-left), 6(back-center) and

SUBJECT: Fort Bragg Sports Program, 2010 Fort Bragg Women’s
Volleyball Program

    g. Players may cross the center line below the net provided there
is no interference with opponents. Incidental contact against an
opponent is ignored unless such contact interferes with the opponent's
opportunity to play the ball.

    h. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs by team members is
prohibited before or during games. Failure to comply with this will
result in expulsion from the program.

    i. Any player who intentionally makes physical contact with an
official will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Facts
pertaining to such an occurrence will be forwarded to the Garrison
Commander for review.

5. Awards. Sports Section will provide individual awards for the
first and second place teams.

6.   Point of contact is the undersigned at 396-1218.

                                Heather Adams
                                Sports Specialist


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