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									           FAMILY CITY FUN GUIDE

                                               Fall/Winter 2011/12

              YOUR GUIDE TO FUN!

What’s Inside:
Adult & Youth Fitness Classes, Basketball, Swim
Lessons, Karate, Judo & 50+ Programs & Trips

  14300 Oak Park Blvd * Oak Park, MI 48237 * 248.691.7555 * fax 248.691.7156
           Register for programs at www.oakpark-mi.com or online at

                                                    DEPARTMENT OF RECREATION
           INSIDE THIS ISSUE                            14300 Oak Park Boulevard
                                                           Oak Park, MI 48237
Welcome & Rec. Information        pg.   2
Tot & Preschool                   pg.   3
Youth Programs                    pg.   4
Teen Programs                     pg.   5
Youth & Teen Sports               pg.   6&7         RECREATION ADVISORY BOARD
Special Events                    pg.   8&9           Edward Hester Sr., Chairperson
Swim Lessons                      pg.   9                  James C. Emanuel
Adult Fitness & Dance             pg.   10                  Anthony Harper
Adult Programs                    pg.   11                    Linda Blatt
Oak Park 50 Up Club               pg.   12                   Bob Gershman
50 Up Club Services & Trips       pg.   13                   Michael Auger
Adaptive & Rentals                pg.   14
                                               AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT
Registration Information          pg.   15
Library Information               pg.   16     The City of Oak Park Department of Recrea-
                                               tion actively seeks and supports partici-
                                               pation by persons with disabilities in
         To Register Online For Programs:      recreational programs and services
  active.com/browse/oakparkrecreation          Please call us so that we will know how to
                                               serve you. Voice: 691-7555; TTY 547-8216.

RECREATION DEPARTMENT STAFF                      Check pg. 14 for Programs & Activities
Director                 Roy Vultaggio
Deputy Director          Scott Pratt          TELEPHONE DIRECTORY (248)
Recreation Coordinator   Shawnie Stamper      Recreation Department 691.7555
Recreation Coordinator   Cristin Spiller      Senior (50 up Club)   691.7575
Senior Coordinator       Lynn Davey           Sport Weather/Hotline 691.7419
Asst. Senior Coordinator Tonya Braden         City Hall             691.7400
Administrative Clerk     Tamara Finkler       Library               691.7480
                                              Police Department     691.7520
RECREATION OFFICE HOURS                       DPW (Public Works)    691.7497
                                              Building Department   691-7450
Monday - Thursday         8am - 5pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Closed              REFUND POLICY
(Except for weekend rentals)
                                              A full refund minus $5 will be given only before the second
                                              class or practice. After the second class or practice the full
RECREATION OFFICE CLOSED                      registration fee will be non-refundable. Please contact the Rec.
                                              Dept. for youth camp & facility rental refund policies.
November 23rd & 24th
December 22nd, 26th & 29th                     Refunds take six (6) weeks or longer & will
January  2nd                                             be in form of a check.
April    5th

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                               Tot & Preschool Programs

JCheer-Cheer Minis (Ages 3-6)                                                  Kids Karate Class Co-Ed (Ages 4                          - 6)
In this beginners class, students will focus on the on basic cheer funda-      The Karate Program is an introductory karate class specifically
mentals, basic stunts, jumps, spirit chants and cheers, teamwork skills        designed for children ages 4 - 6. It focuses on teaching children 8
and friendship building. This class promotes high self-esteem, coordina-       important main life skills: Focus, Memory, Teamwork, Discipline,
tion, poise and confidence, self-discipline as well as physical fitness.       Self-Control, Fitness, Balance and Coordination. All this is achieved
Instructor: Juliette Williams of JCheer                                        through exciting and fun games and activities! Wear loose fitting
                                                                               clothes. A responsible adult must remain in attendance during class.
Day:             Mondays                                                       Class meets in Room A. Instructor; Master Hogan
Time:            5:45-6:30pm
Site:            Oak Park Community Center, Rm 3                               Day& Time: Tuesdays at 6:15 - 6:45pm
Fee:             $45 per session (class meets 5 times)                         Site:          Oak Park Community Ctr.
                                                                               Fee:           $35 per session
Session I:       11/7 - 12/5        # 3000a
Session II:      1/9 - 2/6          # 3000b                                    Session I:     11/8   - 12/6         # 3003a
Session III:     2/13 - 3/12        # 3000c                                    Session II :   1/10   - 2/7          # 3003b
                                                                               Session III:   2/21   - 3/20         # 3003c
                 One time $10 T-shirt fee payable
                 to instructor on the first day of class.
                                                                               Bilingual Fun - Spanish Classes
                                                                               Parent/Child (5 & under)
Mom 2 Mom Sale                                                                 Parents and young children will
This is a great chance to clean out the closets and toy boxes to sell gently   be learn Spanish together
used toys, sports equipment, and clothing that your child has outgrown,        through interactive play based
lost interest in or simply doesn’t need. Please check out the mom 2 mom        immersion activities, fun music,
website for more information at www.mom2momlist.com                            hands on games, movement and
   You could also just attend the popular event and                          more using Bilingual Fun’s
     pick up some great clothes, toys or books at a great                      award winning thematic
     price.                                                                    curriculum.

Day:            Saturday (10am - 2pm)                                          Bilingual Kids (K - 5th)
Dates:          November 5, 2011(Fall)       # 3001a                           The Bilingual Fun award winning program promotes a child’s natural
                April 28, 2012 (Spring)      # 3001b                           ability to acquire languages and encourages them to be creative and
Site:           Oak Park Community Center                                      reflective learners. Through interaction, music, and games, children are
Fee:            $20 each or two (2) for $35 (6’ table)                         able to learn Spanish in relaxed, natural environment! Fun, interactive,
Entry:          $1 admission (Children Free)                                   and educational!
                                                                               Family Spanish (10yrs old & under)
Little Star Dance by Star II Dance                                             Bilingual Fun classes are thematically structured, so that each week you
Little Star (pre dance) for children ages                                      and your child will enjoy activities that help to build language skills and
3-5 is an introduction to dance. Our                                           promote communication. Stimulating games, music, rhythms, stories,
little star classes are structured as “big                                     and other educational activities are used to teach children Spanish in a
kid” classes. Due to the age and atten-                                        natural learning environment. Families will learn Spanish the fun, easy
tion span of our little ones, we find that                                     way!
it is easier to keep attention by allowing                                     Day & Time: Tuesdays
for 2 subjects in 1 class. This will also                                                     1. Parent/Child (5 & under): 10am - 10:45am
give our youngest students the opportu-                                                       2. Bilingual Kids:                5pm - 5:45pm
nity to experience two very different                                                         3. Family Spanish:                6pm - 6:45pm
styles of dance (ballet & tap). Using
fun and age appropriate music, basic                                           Where:         Oak Park Community center
terminology and technique is taught in                                                        A $10 material fee to be paid on first day of class.
this class. Instructor: Stephanie Scott                                                                        1. P/C       2. B. K.      3. F. S.
(313) 957-1555 or email: stepintoanotherrythm@gmail.com                        Session I:     10/4 - 11/15        # 3004a     # 3004b      #   3004c
                                                                               Session II:    11/29 - 1/3         # 3005a     # 3005b      #   3005c
Day:              Saturday, September 10, 2011                                 Session III:   1/17 - 2/21         # 3006a     # 3006b      #   3006c
Time:             3pm                                                          Session IV:    3/6 - 4/10          # 3007a     # 3007b      #   3007c
Site:             Oak Park Center, Act. Rm C
Class Fee:        $175 per session. Payable to Instructor                      Parent Child & Family Spanish Cost:
                  $15 (One Time per family) Payable to instructor              $83 resident (parent & child) - per session
                                                                               Family of 3 or more $150 resident
Session I:        September - December, 2011
Session II:       January - June, 2012                                         Bilingual Kids Cost:
                                                                               $83 resident
                                                                               $75 for registered sibling

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                                              Youth Programs

  Little Chefs (Ages 6 - 10)                                                  Karate Kids (Ages 8 & up)
  This class will provide children with kitchen                               Students will be challenged in 16 classes of The Dragon's Eight Fighting
  safety, tasty recipes, and lots of cooking fun!                             System, a traditional, street oriented approach to the martial arts.
  During each class, the students will get to make                            Students will need to dress comfortably for class. Instructor: Grand
  and enjoy an entrée and a dessert. At the end of                            Master Robb Hogan
  the session, each student will receive a cook-
  book of the recipes they made during the class.                             Where:         Oak Park Community Center, Room A
  Min of 8 students. Instructor: Jemalla James                                Day:           Tuesday & Thursday
  Where:              Community Ctr. - Kitchen                                Time:          7 - 8:30pm
  Day & Time:         Thursdays 6:15 - 7:30pm
                                                                              Session I:     11/8    - 1/17       # 3009a
  Session I:          10/13 - 11/10 # 3008a                                   Session II:    1/24    - 3/15       # 3009b
  Session II:         1/12 - 2/9    # 3008b                                   Session III:   3/27    - 5/17       # 3009c
  Session III:        3/1 - 3/29 # 3008c
                                                                              Cost:          $55 for 8 weeks (2) twice a week
  Cost:               $55 per student for 5 weeks                                            (NO CLASS 11/24, 12/20, 12/22, 12/27, 12/29)

Dance by Star II Dance
This co-ed dance program for children ages 6-14 will provide profes-           Dad & Daughter “Princess on Parade”
sional instruction, along with professional dance training, students will      Enjoy an enchanting evening with the little Prin-
be given the opportunity to perform in an exciting Dance Recital, com-         cess in your life. All couples will receive a
plete with costumes, scenery, and lighting. Instructor: Stephanie Scott        lovely carnation, a memorable keepsake, sweet
(313) 957-1555 or email: stepintoanotherrythm@gmail.com                        treats, and will have the opportunity to partici-
                                                                               pate in special dances. Dances will be
Tap: Structured classes are taught in a fun and lively atmosphere with an
                                                                               instructed by Living Arts Dance Co., and music
emphasis being placed on learning how to dance in time to music. Tradi-
tional tap dance time steps and combinations are taught along with fresh
                                                                               will be provided by Liquid Entertainment. (1)
new innovative styles of tap! Fun music and high energy offered for all        4X6 photo included in fee!
Jazz: Students benefit from a thorough warm up, center floor exercise, and     Who:                 Dads & Daughters
challenging dance combinations- all while becoming more flexible and
coordinated. As with all of our classes, there is a high emphasis on having    Date & Time:         Sunday, February 12, 2012
fun while learning to dance. Relaxing jazz ballads and upbeat music is also                         5:30 - 7pm
a feature in this highly energetic class!                                      Where:               Oak Park Community Center
Ballet: Learn grace, confidence and poise in a non intimidating environment
while making new friends. High priority is placed on acquiring a solid         Fee:                 $20 per couple
foundation for proper technique, terminology and placement. Music is                                $10 per additional young lady
classic and soothing.                                                                               # 3010
Fee Schedule: $15 (One time) registration fee per family (All fees payable
to instructor)
Dance Class runs from September - June 2012                                   Mother & Son “Guys in Ties” Dance
Monday Classes:
                                                                              Enjoy an evening with the young man in your
5:30 - Junior Star Jazz (ages 6-9)
6:30 - Senior Star Jazz (ages 10-13)                                          life, at the Mother & Son Dance. All boys
7:30 - Teen Star (ages 14-18)                                                 will receive a pin on boutonnière, a memora-
8:30 - Tap/Jazz Combo (ages 18 & up)                                          ble keepsake photo and sweet treats. Plus
                                                                              they will have the opportunity to participate
Saturday Classes:                                                             in special dances. Dances will be instructed
11am - Beginner Tap                                                           by Living Arts Dance Co. and music by
12pm - Intermediate Tap
                                                                              Liquid Entertainment. (1) 4X6 photo
1pm - Junior Ballet (ages 6-9)
                                                                              included in the fee.
2pm - Senior & Teen Ballet (Ages 10-16)
5pm - Hip Hop Class                                                           Who:                  Mothers & Sons
                                                                                                    (ages 4 & older)
                                                 Sept. - Dec. Jan. - June     Date & Time:          Sunday, May 6th, 2012
  # of Classes Per Week Fee     Per Month Fee     First Half   Second Half                          6 - 7:30pm
                                                                              Where:                Oak Park Community Center
        1           $15              $50             $175         $175
                                                                              Fee:                  $20 per couple
        2           $25              $94             $255         $255
                                                                                                    $10 per additional young man
        3           $30              $110            $310         $310                              # 3011

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                                               Teen Programs

Oak Park Recreation Teen Center!                                          Family & Teen Trip to Cedar Point
Open to 9TH - 12TH GRADE                                                  Family & Teens will
students who reside in Oak Park, or                                       travel to Cedar Point
attend Oak Park High Schools (students                                    for a day of fun and
must show OPHS or OPPA school                                             excitement. The trip
picture ID, or drivers license, or MI State                               will be supervised by
ID, or parents must come in with student                                  our recreation coordina-
to verify residency. Picture ID’s will be                                 tors and extra staff if
taken at the time of registration. Teen                                   needed. Register today
Center is fully equipped with Wii, PS2,                                   spots fill up quick.
                                                                          Recreation Coordinator, Shawnie Stamper will be the trip chaperone.
XBOX, Pool Table, & vending machines.
                                                                          Who:          All Family Members Invited. Young adults from 6th
Who:          8th - 12th Graders
                                                                                        to12th grade are eligible to attend without parent or
Where:        TBA                                                                       guardian with a signed permission release form on file.
When:         MONDAY - THURSDAY
              (On Full School Days Only)                                  Where:        Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH
              (October 3, 2011 - May 10, 2012)
                                                                          Date/Time: Saturday, October 22, 2011 Bus leaves the Oak Park
Time:         3 - 5:30 PM    # 3012                                                  Community Center at 8am & returns 12pm (midnight)
Cost:         FREE                                                        Cost:         $74/person, includes admission and transportation Bus
                                                                                        also stops at McDonalds for breakfast (bring your own
                                                                                        money) # 3015
Nail Art Class (Ages 13 & up)                                                           Min of 30 needed for trip to go.
Youngsters will learn the fundamentals of 3-D nail
art using acrylic. Students will learn free hand 3-D                                       Deadline to Register:
nail art and other popular nail designs. (5 week
program) Instructor: Andrea of Celebrity Hair
                                                                                          Thursday, October 13th
Where:              Oak Park Community Ctr
Day & Time:         Tuesdays: 5:30 - 6:45pm
Session I:          10/18 - 11/15     # 3013
Cost:               $55 per student, plus students
                    MUST purchase $50 starter nail kit - 1st day of
                    class. Payable to instructor (cash).

Hair Braiding Class (Ages 13 & up)
This is a 5 week hands-on class that teaches students how to braid,
cornrow and add extensions in braiding. These foundational techniques    Oak Park Teen Club
will enable the student to do Goddess braids, Mini-Braids, and other     There’s still time to get involved!
braid styles. We will start with the fundamentals, then move on to       This is your chance to make a
patterns that lead to beautifully uniformed hairstyles. Upon comple-     difference for your friends and
tion, the student will know how to do 3 beautiful hair-braided styles.   other teens in the commu-
Instructor: Andrea of Celebrity hair                                     nity. Teen Council members plan
                                                                                                                                BE A
                                                                         and direct programs at the teen                       LEADER
Day & Time:         Tuesdays, 6:45 - 8:15pm                              center, trips, host events for teens
Session I:          10/12 - 11/9 # 3014                                  in middle and high school and
                                                                         fulfill Community Service Hours .
Cost:               $55, plus $15 material fee
                    (cash only) 1st day of class.                        Who:          Teens (8th - 12th grade)

Requirement:        Must have a mannequin with                           Where:        TBA
                    stand (this is a Hands-On class)                     When:         Meetings held every other Wednesday - Starting 10/19/2011
                                                                                       (No meeting during the school breaks)
 $$ Beauty Combo $$: Register for the same session of Nail class &       Time:         4:30pm
     Hair Braiding for $100 Res. Or $110 Non Res.. SAVE $10!
               Must register at the same time. # 3002                    Cost:         FREE

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                                    Youth & Teen Sports

 JCheer - Cheer Pee Wees (ages 7-14)
 Students will focus on the on basic cheer fundamentals,
 basic stunts, jumps, spirit chants and cheers, teamwork skills and
 friendship building. This class promotes high self-esteem, coordi-
 nation, poise and confidence, self-discipline as well as physical
 fitness. Instructor: Juliette Williams of JCheer

 Where:                  Oak Park Community Center, Room 3
 Day & Time:             Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm
                                                                                                   SEE PAGE 9 FOR MORE
                                                                                                   INFORMATION ON OUR
 Session I :             11/9       -    12/5      #   3016a
 Session II :            1/9        -    2/6       #   3016b
                                                                                                      SWIM LESSON!
 Session III:            2/13       -    3/12      #   3016c
 Session IV:             3/19       -    4/16      #   3016d
                                                                                      YOUTH SPRING SOCCER LEAGUES
 Cost:                   $50 per session (class meets 5 times)                        This is a CO-ED soccer league. Practices
                         One time $10 T-shirt fee payable to instructor               will be held on weekday evenings in Oak
                                                                                      Park and games will be held on Saturday
                         on the first day of class.                                   mornings at a parks in Ferndale and Oak
                                                                                      Park. Practice begins in mid-March and
 ** If participants would like to be a part of an exhibition in March's cheerlead-    games begin in April.
 ing competition additional; fees are required to participate in the exhibition and
                                                                                      Registration will be held at Oak Park Com
 they have to be in all three sessions or no less than the last two sessions.         munity Center. Little Kickers will practice
                                                                                      once a week and U6, U8, & U10 teams
                                                                                      will practice twice a week until games begin.
                                                                                                         Volunteer Coaches Needed!
                                                                                      Leagues offered: Little Kickers (Age 3), U6 Soccer (Ages 4 & 5), U8
                                                                                      Soccer (Ages 6 & 7), U10 Soccer (Ages 8 & 9). You must be the
                                                                                      correct age by 8-1-11
                                                                                      Cost:   Little Kickers   $35   (5 games held in Ferndale)                          # 3018a
                                                                                              U6               $55   (6 games held in Ferndale)                          # 3018b
                                                                                              U8               $60   (8 games held in Ferndale twice a week)             # 3018c
                                                                                              U10              $65   (10 games held in Ferndale/Oak Park twice a week)   # 3018d
                                                                                                                     Non-residents add an additional $5

                                                                                      Little Kickers receive a soccer jersey and U6, U8, and U10 players
                                                                                      receive a jersey, shorts and socks. All players MUST provide their
                                                                                      own shin guards.
 JCheer - Hip Hop Dance                           (ages 7-15)
 So you think you can dance or want to learn how to dance. Come
 join J Cheer’s hip-hop class. This class teaches the different styles
 of hip-hop, such as basic breaking moves, stunting, house, tricks
 and so much more. This is a competitive class that participates in
 competitions (additional charge for competitions). Instructor:
 Juliette Williams of JCheer

 Where:                 Community Center - Room 3
 Day & Time:            Monday; 7:30-8:30pm

 Session I:             11/7    -       12/5    # 3017a
 Session II:            1/9     -       2/6     # 3017b
 Session III:           2/20    -       3/12    # 3017c
 Session IV:            3/19    -       4/16    # 3017d

 Cost:                  $50 per session (class meets 5 times)
                        One time $10 T-shirt fee payable to instructor                                  Registration Deadline:
                                                                                              Thursday, March 1, 2012
                        on the first day of class.

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                                       Youth & Teen Sports

Shojin Judo Class                                                              Running Club - Oak Park Cheetahs
Judo is one of the few sports accessible to                                    Oak Park’s youth running club
almost anyone including children, adults,                                      provides youth (ages 6-18) the
senior citizens even people with disabilities.                                 opportunity to develop new skills
Because it emphasizes physical and mental                                      or enhance skills they already
development. Its influence extends to every                                    posses. The club stressed good
area of a person life. Judo students get                                       sportsmanship, self-esteem and
vigorous physical activity and exercise, thus                                  physical well-being. Club mem-
                                                                               bers will run three days a week in the evenings. Participants will com-
improving their health. Instructor: Neil Simon, 5th degree black belt
                                                                               pete in a race at the end of the program on Nov. 12th, 2011
Days:             Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays                                When:               Practice begins on
Ages:             All Ages                                                                         October 7th
Times:            Tues. & Thurs. (5:30 - 8pm)                                                      (practices M, Tu, Th)
                                                                               Time:               6 - 7:15pm
                  Saturday       (8:30-10:45am)
                                                                               Where:              Meet at Shelter #1 - Shepherd Park
Where:            Community Center, Room 3                                     Cost:               $60 per runner
                  Session 1        Session 2                     Session 3                         (includes long sleeve T-shirt and participation
                  10/4 - 11/12     11/29 - 1/28                  2/7 - 3/13                        medal)              # 3021
                  # 3019a          # 3019b                       # 3019c
Fee:              $55 Resident FOR 6 WEEKS
                  Additional family member $25                                                              FALL
                  Additional cost NOT INCLUDED INTO THE
                  ABOVE COST; USJF membership, promotion                                 Hoop Dreams Basketball Camp
                  fees, belt fees and any tournament fees                                      (for girls & boys)
                  NO CLASS 11/22, 11/23, 11/26, 12/22, 12/24, 12/29, 12/31)    This program embraces the fundamental skills of basketball. Players
                                                                               will learn the value of hard work as well as mental and physical prepa-
                                                                               ration necessary for advancement in basketball. Hoop Dreams focuses
                                                                               on the basic fundamental of the game i.e., passing, shooting, defense,
                                                                               rebounding, footwork, etc.

                                                                                Where:        Oak Park Preparatory Academy
                                                                                Day/Time:     Saturdays, October 8 - November 12
Jr. NBA Co-Ed Basketball League                                                               Registration Deadline: October 6th, 2011
Who:              Bronze - ages 8 - 10            # 3020a                                     4 - 6 year olds:      9am - 10am              # 3022a
                  Silver - ages 11 & 12 # 3020b                                               7 - 9 year olds:      10am - 11am             # 3022b
                  Gold       - ages 13 & 14 # 3020c                                           10 - 12 year olds:    11am - 12:30pm          # 3022c
                  Classic - ages 15 - 18 # 3020d                                 Cost:        4 -9 yr. old camps      $40 (INCLUDES T-SHIRT)
                   (must be in High School & show proof)                                      10-15 yr. old camps     $45 (INCLUDES T-SHIRT)
When:             Practice begins in early Dec.
Games Begin:      January 14, 2012
Registration fee: $60 (T-shirt included) - $5 late fee!                                                 WINTER
                  NEW participants must present birth                                    Hoop Dreams Basketball Clinic
                  certificates to register.
             VOLUNTEER COACHES NEEDED!                                                         (for girls & boys)
                                                                               A 6 week clinic where basketball fundamentals will be introduced,
How about being a volunteer youth basketball coach! If inter-                  children will improve there dribbling, shooting, defense and offensive
ested call Cristin Spiller at 248-691-7555.                                    skills.

                                                                               Where:         Oak Park Preparatory Academy
                                                                               Day/Time:      Mondays
                                                                                              Registration Deadline: January 19, 2012
Tennis by “Luv ALL Tennis”                                                                    January 23 - March 5 (no class 2/20)
                                                                                              4 & 5 year olds:      6 - 6:50pm              # 3022a
Fall Youth Classes will be held on Saturday mornings at Hunting-
                                                                                              6 - 8 year olds:      7 - 7:50pm              # 3022b
ton Woods tennis courts. Please check www.luvalltennis.net
for specific information.                                                      Cost:          4 - 8 yr. olds camps    $40 (INCLUDES T-SHIRT)
Spring/Summer Classes will begin in April/May
2012 on Sunday afternoons for youth and adult
tennis classes at Oak Park Tennis courts.

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                                                    Special Events

 Low Cost Pet Vaccinations Clinic                                            Halloween Spooktacular—Trunk or Treat
 Presented by All About Animals Rescue                                       An outdoor Halloween Spooktacular! Back by popu-
 The City of Oak Park will be hosting a low-                                 lar demand will include a lot of fun activities geared
 cost vaccination clinic against Distemper,                                  around Halloween. Co-sponsored by the Zeta Phi
 DHLPP (dogs), Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel                                    Beta Sorority, Inc. - Upsilon Psi Zeta - Oak Park ,
 Cough), and Feline Leukemia. This Clinic is                                 MI Chapter, Oak Park Youth Asst. & Oak Park
 presented by All About Animals Rescue a                                     Police
 non-profit volunteer organization.
                                                                             Who:                Youngsters 5 - 10 yrs old
 Local animal related business’s will be on-site to                                              accompanied by an adult
 answer questions, host seminars and provide
 products/services information.                                              Date/Time:          Monday, Oct 31, 2011
                                                                                                 from 5:30 - 7 pm (The Trunk or
 Location:            Oak Park Comm. Center – Act. Rm C                                          Treat line is cut off at 6:45pm)
 Date/Time:           Saturday, October 8th from 10 to 2 P.M.
 Cost:                $10 per shot. (cash only to All About Animals)         Where:              West end of Community Center
 Add. Info.:          Please bring previous vaccine for your pet.            Fee:                FREE
 Contact:             Kevin Jones 248-691-7450
 Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of each owner to be in control of
 their animal all times, and all pets must be on a leash or in a carrier.   Breakfast with Santa
                                                                            Have a fun filled morning of holiday crafts and
         2012 Pet Licenses can be purchased at this event!!                 most importantly, a memorable visit with Santa
                                                                            Claus. Each child will receive a keepsake from
  1 year:          $7 Altered Pets        $16    Unaltered Pets             this memorable holiday event. Individual picture
  3 year:          $15 Altered Pets       $30    Unaltered Pets             taking opportunities will be available (picture is
                                                                            not included). Pancake Breakfast will be provided.
                                                                             Who:               Children ages 3-10 years;
                                                                                                accompanied by their
 Gobble Gobble Gallop 5K Run                                                                    parent
 Lace up your running shoes and join in
 on a great morning of running with                                          Day & Time:        Saturday, December 3, 2011
 friends, residents, non-residents and all                                                      9 - 11am
 running enthusiast. The run will take                                       Where:             Community Center
 you through the beautiful landscape of
 Shepherd Park three times and finish                                        Fee:               $10 per person    # 3025
 right at the community center where
 refreshments, awards an drinks will be
 provided. Don’t miss out sign up today!                                     Lights Before Christmas
 When:            Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011                                    During the holiday season, the Toledo
                                                                             Zoo is transformed into a winter
 Time:            8:15am Registration starts                                 wonderland. The Lights Before
                  9am Race begins                                            Christmas holiday event features over
 Where:           Oak Park Community Center                                  one million lights, over 200 images
                                                                             of some of your favorite animals,
 Cost:            $12 before Nov. 10th, 2011             # 3023a
                                                                             carolers, holiday treats, the Swanton
                  $17 on site                            # 3023b
                                                                             Area Railroad model trains, and visits
            All pre-registration (before Nov. 10th) will be in a raffle      with Santa. Registration Deadline is
                          for a Turkey Gift Certificate!                     Thursday, December 9th at 5pm. Mini-
                                                                             mum of 20 needed to go.

Breakfast with “Randi the Rabbit”                                            When:              Monday
Children 7 & under are invited to attend breakfast with                                         December 19th
the bunny at Comm. Center. This event includes                               Time:              Bus leaves at 4pm
pancake breakfast, a visit & photo opportunity of your                       and                returns at 9pm to
child with “Randi The Rabbit” all children must be                           the                Comm. Ctr.
accompanied by a paid adult. Bring your own camera!
                                                                             Where:             Toledo Zoo
Who:                  Children ages 1 – 7 & parent
                                                                             Cost:              $21 adults (12-15) /$19 child (2 - 11 & 60+) # 3026
Date/Time:            Saturday, April 7, 2012 9 - 10:30am                                       (Fee includes admission and transportation only)
Where:                Community Center
Fee:                  $10 per person         # 3024

  Page 8                             All activities are at the Community Center unless otherwise noted.
             Special Events & Swim Lessons

Shop in your own back yard for Local,
Fresh produce straight from the

The Oak Park Farmers Market will
serve as a community gathering place,
enhancing community health, by
hosting local farmers, gardeners and
vendors to sell fresh produce, home-
made food items, crafts and live plants
to members of the general public.
12PM - 6PM


American Red Cross LEARN TO SWIM
This Learn To swim program is certified through the American Red Cross and our instructors are Water Safety Instructor certified to teach your kids
& adults how to swim. Classes sizes are limited to a maximum of 6 per age group. The age group that we have are our Nemos (3-6yr olds) &
Marlins (7-12 yrs old), please make sure to sign you child up in the right age division. We also offer adult swim classes for ages 13 & up. You must
have proper swim attire to take the class—this means that a swim suit with a lining is required. Due to unforeseen circumstances classes might be
canceled, but we will try our best to make them up at the end of the sessions. Please Note: It is common for your child to be in the same level for a
few session before moving on.

                                                                                       SESSION I             SESSION II          SESSION III
AMERICAN RED CROSS LEVEL                         GROUP         TIMES                   Oct. 8 - Nov. 12      Jan. 14 - Feb. 18   Mar. 10 - Apr. 20
 PARENT TOT                                    (6mth - 3yrs) 11:40am                 # 3027a               # 3028a             # 3029a
 LEVEL I                                       Nemos:        10am                    # 3027b               # 3028b             # 3029b
                                                               11:40am                 # 3027c               # 3028c             # 3029c
                                                 Marlins:      10:50am                 # 3027d               # 3028d             # 3029d
 LEVEL II                                      Nemos:        10am                    # 3027e               # 3028e             # 3029e
                                                               10:50am                 # 3027f               # 3028f             # 3029f
                                                 Marlins:      10:50am                 # 3027g               # 3028g             # 3029g
 LEVEL III                                     Nemos:        11:40am                 # 3027h               # 3028h             # 3029h
                                                 Marlins:      10:50am                 # 3027i               # 3028i             # 3029i
 LEVEL IV                                      Marlins:      10am                    # 3027j               # 3028j             # 3029j
 LEVEL V                                       Marlins:      11:40am                 # 3027k               # 3028k             # 3029k
 ADULT                                         (13 & UP)     10am                    # 3027l               # 3028l             # 3029l


When: SATURDAYS (NO CLASS          4/7)

        (No credits or makeup's for missed classes)

                                                                                                                                 Page 9
                                        Adult Fitness & Dance

Yoga                                                                                Cardio-Core/Body Sculpting
This course is designed for everyone to benefit from it as a beginner               1/2 hour of low impact cardio-conditioning followed by 1/2 hour of
or a continuing student. Bring a mat and wear loose clothing. Any                   weight training and abdominal conditioning, incorporating Pilates
further needs will be discussed in class. Instructor: Sherry Stone                  techniques. Bring weights (min. 3 lbs). Resistance bans available for
                                                                                    purchase. Instructor: Sue Miller
Where:                 Oak Park Community Center - Act. A
Day/Time:              Monday 7:45 - 9pm                                            Where:             Oak Park Community Center - Act. B
`                                                                                   Day/Time:          Monday
                         Monday                                                                        6:30 - 7:30pm
Session I   11/7 - 12/26 # 3030a                                                                            Monday
Session II 1/9 - 2/27 # 3030b                                                       Session I 10/10 - 12/5 # 3038a
Session III 3/12 - 4/30 # 3030c                                                     Session II 1/9 - 2/27 # 3038b
                                                                                    Session III 3/12 - 4/30 # 3038c
Cost:         $45 for 8 week class                                                  Cost:         $45 for 8 week class
                                                                                                  (NO CLASS 10/31, 12/26, 1/2)
Hustle Aerobics
Stay in Shape and learn all new
routines during these 6 weekly sessions!                                            Middle Eastern (Belly) Dance Class
Instructor: Doug Shackleford                                                        This class attracts women of all shapes and
                                                                                    sizes who may come dressed in their socks and
Where:    Oak Park Community Ctr - Act. A                                           sweats to learn the art of belly dance, allowing
Day/Time: Wednesday and/or Thurs. 8:30pm - 9:45pm                                   women a chance to express themselves through
                                Wednesday                            Thursday       dance and learn fun ways to stay healthy for
Session I     10/12     - 11/16 # 3031a   10/13            - 11/17   # 3031b        life. Enjoy the physical and personal benefits
Session II    11/30     - 1/4 # 3032a     12/1             - 1/19    # 3032b        of belly dancing; abdominal toning, stronger
Session III   1/18      - 2/22 # 3033a    2/2              - 3/8     # 3033b        legs, self-esteem and a sense of sensuality. Classes are 1 1/2 hr.!
Session IV    3/7       - 4/11 # 3034a    3/22             - 4/26    # 3034b         Instructor: Dee Watkins
                                                                                    Where:        Oak Park Community Center - Act. B
Cost:         $30 for 6 week class                                                  Day/Time:     Monday 6 - 7:30pm
              (NO CLASS 11/23, 11/24, 12/22, 12/29, 1/2)
**Doug also offers every Thursday at the Community Center                           Session I     10/10 - 11/21        # 3039a
an AM Drop - In Hustle Class.                                                       Session II    12/5 - 2/23          # 3039b
                                                                                    Session III   2/6   - 3/12         # 3039c
Time:         10am - 11am
Cost:         $3.50 Residents or $4.50 Non (Drop in Fee)
              (NO CLASS 11/23, 11/24, 12/22, 12/29, 1/2)                            Cost:         $65 for 6 week class
                                                                                                  (NO CLASS 10/31, 12/26, 1/2)

Ballroom Dance Class
Fun, “NOW” and useful forever, these classes are                                    Pilates by Beverly Stone
a blast and teach the latest ballroom styles for                                    Pilates is a wonderful way to gain complete
weddings, cruises, professional functions &                                         physical fitness. It combines aerobic work,
clubs. No experience and no partner required!                                       strength work, and flexibility all in one work
Instructor: Al Ebo                                                                  out. Pilates based exercise has something to
                                                                                    offer everyone, whatever your age or current
Where:                 Oak Park Comm. Ctr. - Act. B                                 fitness level. Your entire body will be restored
Day/Time:              Thursdays                                                    to balance, with one of the main benefits being an increase in core
Levels 2 & 3:          6 - 7pm                                                      strength. Pilates is extremely enjoyable, and if you stick to it, you
Level 1:               7 - 8pm                                                      will meet your fitness goals.
                                           Levels 1                  Levels 2 & 3
Session I       11/3     -   12/15         # 3035a                   # 3035b        Where:            Oak Park Community Center - Act. B
Session II      1/5      -   2/9           # 3036a                   # 3036b        Day/Time:         Tuesday 7 - 8pm
Session III     2/23     -   3/29          # 3037a                   # 3037b
                                                                                    Cost:             $5 Residents (Drop in Fee)
Cost:           $40 for 6 week class                                                                  $6 Non-Residents (Drop in Fee)
                (NO CLASS 11/24, 12/22, 12/29)

Page 10                                                                 - Denotes available online
                                                 All activities are at the Community Center unless otherwise noted.
                                            Adult Programs

Basics of DSLR Photography                                                 Cardio Synergy Class
Did you receive a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera as a gift or    Transform your body in this fat melting, muscle
have one in the closet? Learn to make better photographs by taking         sculpting, and core strengthening class. Burn 500
advantage of a DSLR's                                                      calories in this full-body, high intensity one-hour
unique features.                                                           workout to earn the body you’ve always wanted!
Instructor: Ron
                                                                           Instructor: Paul David (248-850-0536) of Body
Warren began Ron
Warren Photography in                                                      Core Fitness Co. & Shawn Knott (313-300-7607) of Complete Fitness.
2005. Over the years,                                                      Please bring 3lb weights & mat to class, if you don’t have them, weights & a
Mr. Warren has photo-                                                      mat will be provided to you. Class min. of 12
graphed weddings,                                                          Where:              Oak Park Community Center, Rm A
family portraits,                                                          When/Time:          Wednesday       7 - 8pm
business head shots,                                                                           Saturday        9 - 10am
real-estate locations,
                                                                                               Wednesdays (7pm)
and landscapes. He
                                                                           Session I:          October 19 - December 7       # 3043a
recently returned from
                                                                           Session II:         January 11 - February 29      # 3044a
an extended trip to Arizona's Sonoran desert.
                                                                           Session III:        March 14 - May 2              # 3045a

Age:            16 & up                                                                        Saturdays (9am)
Where:          Oak Park Community Center                                  Session I:          October 29 - December 17 # 3043b
Time:           6:30 - 8:30pm - Arts & Crafts Rm.                          Session II:         January 14 - March 3     # 3044b
                                                                           Session III:        March 17 - May 5         # 3045b
Session I       Wednesday - October 5th, 12th & 19th        # 3040a
Session II      Tuesday   - February 7, 14th & 21st         # 3040b        Cost:                        $100 for 8 classes
Session II      Monday    - April 2, 16, & 23rd             # 3040c                                     $14R/$15NR drop-in fee
                                                                                                        (during scheduled sessions)
Cost:           $80 per session

                                                                          Oak Park Recreation Sponsored Programs
Scrapbooking & Cardmaking Days
Gather up your pictures and bring them to make                            Toastmaster - District 28
them into a beautiful keepsake as well as                                 Congratulations! District 28 was officially
exchange ideas with others. You can bring your                            Distinguished in 2010-2011
own supplies as well as purchase them at the
event. Price includes breakfast and lunch.                                Welcome to District 28 of Toastmasters International,
                                                                          the world’s foremost organization dedicated to public
When:          Saturday                                                   speaking training and leadership training, serving
Time:          9am - 6pm                                                  northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan, and southwest Ontario, Canada,
Where:         Oak Park Community Ctr.                                    including the major cities of Detroit, Toledo, and Windsor.
Cost:          $25 per session
Session I      October 22nd       # 3041a                                 Class meets every Monday at the Oak Park Community Center. Meeting
Session II     January 21st       # 3041b                                 starts 6:30pm. Stop on by and check it out!
Session II     April 21st         # 3041c
                                                                          Chess Club for Adults
SPRING Adult Co-ed Kickball League                                        Welcome to the Oak Park Chess Club of Michi-
                                                                          gan. Our chess club is approximately 50 years
Looking for a fun, social, and organized recreational activity this
                                                                          old or older. We are located in the Community
SPRING? Well look no further! KICKBALL is the latest craze.
                                                                          Center of Oak Park Michigan. We don’t know if
That’s right, KICKBALL - the game with the BIG RED BALL that
                                                                          it started in someone’s basement or not. You do
you played at recess. Well, it’s not just for kids anymore.
                                                                          not need to be a member to play. All games are
 Offered: MON. Nights # 3042a        FRI. Nights # 3042b                played according to USCF rules unless you make
                                                                          side rules previous to your game. We play by the
 Season starts late May/early June                                      primary rule of chess which states, “If you touch it, you must move it!”
 Fee: $350 per team
 Fee Includes; approx. 14 games & 2 Red Kickball's, season end-         Club membership does have its privileges. As a member you are automati-
   ing tournament & team shirts.                                          cally added to the club ladder, can check out a chess set and clock, and
 Umpires are paid on the field $11                                      you’re eligible to play in the annual club tournament.
 Registration Deadline: May 4th, 2012                                   Class meets every Thursday at the Oak Park Community Center from
 League fills up quick so make sure to register early!                  6:30 - 10:30pm.

                                                    - Denotes available online                                                        Page 11
         Oak Park 50 Up Club 248-691-7577

INFORMATION                                                         EDUCATION-COMPUTER CLASSES
                                                                    Introduction to Computers
DUES: Membership is required to participate in all senior pro-      Designed for those that have NO computer experience.
grams. The annual membership fee for those 50 years and above
is $6 for residents and $12 for non-residents.                      Beginner Computer-Windows
                                                                    Designed for those who have some computer
THE ODYSSEY: Oak Park's Senior Newsletter, The                      experience.
Odyssey, is published 3 times per year and highlights the
ongoing activities, trips and programs planned for members of the   Beginner Internet/Email Class
50 Up Club. Look for publications in January, May, & Septem-        Designed for those who have some computer
ber which outline events for the following four months.             experience.
TRANSPORTATION: Oak Park offers medical, errand,
and rides to and from the Community Center for residents who
are members of the 50-UP Club. Call for details. 248-691-7575.       SPECIAL PROGRAMS
                                                                     Health /Resource Fair with Flu Shots & Community Shred
SOCIAL EVENTS                                                        Thursday, October 27. 9 - 12pm.
                                                                     Free health screenings and health information will be provided along a
Bingo                                                                with a FREE Community Shred 10-11am in the Senior center parking
Every Wednesday and 2nd & 4th Monday at 12pm                         lot. (call for details). Also, a free education presentation called:
Red Hats in Motion                                                   Enhancing Memory will be held from 10-11am. Enjoy complimentary
Meet the second Tuesday of the month                                 refreshments, raffle prizes, and a Reiki massage!

Movie & Snacks                                                       *NEW $6 SALE*— Bargains Galore!!
1st Tuesday of the month                                             Thursday, November 10. 9 - 4pm. Top quality factory direct prices
Movie shown at 12:30pm (snacks served at 12:15 pm)                   and values up to 80% below retail. Great values on items such as
                                                                     rings, watches, bracelets, scarves, ties, sunglasses, belts, earrings, cuff
Hustle Classes                                                       links, purses, wallets, totes, reading glasses, pendants, chains, and
Thursdays, 1pm                                                       more. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC . Held in the Community Center.
Quilting Club
Wednesdays, 10:30am                                                  Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Cancer Risks
                                                                     Monday, October 17 10:30 - 12:30pm Cost: Free (includes lunch)
Scrabble Club
Group meets Wednesdays 1 - 4pm                                       Learn the changes you can make to keep yourself healthy. RSVP by
                                                                     October 10.
Water Color Painting
                                                                     Estate Planning Clinic
Tuesdays, 1 - 3pm
                                                                     Thursdays, Oct. 20 & December 15. 10:30- 11:30am. Cost: Free
Drop in Games Day                                                    Lawyers will assist with Wills, Power of Attorney and Trusts.
Thursdays, 12:30 - 2:30pm.
Mahjong, Bid Whist and Spades.
Drama Club                                                          HEALTHY LIFE STYLE
For details call 248-691-7577
Scrapbooking & Cardmaking Day                                       Total Body Conditioning Exercise
Check out page 11 for more info.                                    Mondays & Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:30am

Holiday Cardmaking Workshop                                         Gentle Chair Yoga
Thursday, November 17, 4:30 - 6:30pm - Make 6 holiday cards         Tuesdays, 12 - 1pm
                                                                    Beginner Tai Chi
                                                                    Tuesdays, 11 - 11:30am
                                                                    Intermediate Tai Chi
Men’s Softball League                                               Tuesdays, 11:30 - 12:15pm
April through August                                                Water Exercise
                                                                    Tuesdays, 12 - 1pm (Oak Park Jewish Community Center Pool)
Drop-in Pickleball
Thursdays 11:30-1:30pm                                              Sit and Get Fit
$2 Drop-in fee                                                      Mondays and Wednesday, 9 -10am
                                                                    Basic Hatha Yoga
Drop-in Ping Pong & Pool                                            Thursdays, 10:30 - 11:30am
Call for dates
                                                                    Blood Pressure Checkups
                                                                    Wednesdays, 10 - 11am

Page 12                                  All activities are at the Community Center unless otherwise noted.
                            Senior Services & Trips
Nutrition Program
Lunch is served on Wednesday only to those 62 years and older. To reserve a Wednesday lunch requires at least
one month’s notice. Suggested Donation requested. For Homebound Meals call 248-689-0001.
Resident Transportation
Members of the 50 Up Club Seniors who are over 55 and live in Oak Park can be taken to medical appointments
on Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to locations within 8 miles of the city. Wheelchairs can be accommo-
dated when passenger is accompanied by an escort. Tuesdays are set up for shopping, banking and various other
needs within the city limits. Those wanting a daily ride to the Community Center can call 248-691-7575 for
pickup times. All transportation must be completed by 2:30 pm.

 DAY TRIPS -            (A Sample Of Some Of The Many Trips Offered)
                                                                           Home Chore & Repair Program
                                                                           This Federally funded program provides lawn mowing, gutter and yard
  Donnie & Marie Christmas Show/Fox Theatre                              clean ups, snow removal and minor home repairs to income qualifying
          Date:        Tues. Nov. 29                                       residents over age 62. Disabled residents under age 62 must meet in-
          Cost:        $76
                                                                           come guidelines and also provide a physician’s letter defining their
          Departure:   6:30pm
          Return:      10:00pm                                             disability. Each participant must submit a completed application form
                                                                           with an attached copy of his or her current Homestead Property Tax
  Rembrandt & The Face of Jesus/DIA                                      Credit Form , Federal and State Tax Forms every year. Services are
          Date:        Thurs. Dec. 1                                       subject to availability of funds. Please contact 248.691.7575 for
          Cost:        $$27
          Departure:   9:30am                                              more details.
          Return:      2:30pm
                                                                              EXTENDED TRIPS
  Oakland County Parks Light Tour
          Date:        Tues. Dec. 6                                            Niagara Falls & Niagara on the Lake
          Cost:        $15                                                           Dates: Nov. 7-8
          Depart:      5:30pm                                                        Cost: $179
          Return:      9:15pm                                                        (based on double occupancy)

  Wicked/ Detroit Opera House                                                Christmas Shopping in Chicago
          Date:        Thurs. Dec. 8                                                 Dates: Dec. 10-11
          Cost:        $79                                                           Cost: $235
          Departure:   12:00pm                                                       (based on double occupancy)
          Return:      4:30pm

  Cirque Dreams Holidaze/ Fox Theatre                                        The California Coast (Air &Train)
          Date:        Tues. Dec. 13                                                 Dates: Feb. 8-14
          Cost:        $57                                                           Cost: $1949
          Departure:   6:15pm                                                        (based on double occupancy)
          Return:      10:30pm
                                                                               Savannah/Charleston
  All Night Strut Holiday Show/Gem                                                 Dates: April 14-21
                                                                                     Cost: $1299
      Theatre                                                                        (based on double occupancy)
          Date:        Thurs. Dec. 15
          Cost:        $56                                                     Amtrak to Boston plus
          Departure:   11:15am                                                    Newport Rhode Island
          Return:      4:45pm
                                                                                    Dates: May 8-14
                                                                                    Cost: $1499
  Caesars Windsor-Mardi Gras                                                      (based on double occupancy)
          Date:        Tues. Feb. 21
          Cost:        $20 - Includes: free lunch
                       buffet or $15 meal or coin voucher                                   So don’t delay, register TODAY!
          Depart:      10:45am                                                      (Full brochures on these extended trips are available in the
          Return:      6:30pm                                                                      Recreation & Senior Offices)

                                           All activities are at the Community Center unless otherwise noted.                        Page 13
                                Adaptive & Rentals

Park Shelter Rentals                                                                        Looking For A Meeting/Activity
Three park shelter buildings located in the northwest section of David H. Shepherd Park
are available to groups, organizations and individuals for picnics and other recreational    Room To Rent for parties, etc.
activities. From 10 am to 10 pm weekends, HOLIDAYS and weekdays from Sat., May               The Oak Park Community Center has rooms
21 thru Mon., Sept 30, 2012. $30 deposit along with Rental fee is due at time of             available for rental during the week & week-
booking. The deposit is refundable 6 weeks after your rental date.                           ends for groups, clubs, reunions and birthday
Location Shelter # 1 - Church and Northfield                                                 parties. The Community Center has five meet-
         Shelter # 2 - Northfield and Parklawn                                               ing rooms ranging from small which holds up
         Shelter # 3 - Behind the Ice Arena                                                  to 35 people to large rooms which holds up to
                                                                                             65. We also have three large activity rooms;
RENTAL FEES Capacity               Weekdays              Weekends/Holidays
                                                                                             Act. A holds 190, Act. B 135,doors do open to
Shelter 1 - 200 people             $110 Res.             $130 Res.                           make a very large room which holds 300 &
                                   $120   Non Res        $140 Non Res
                                                                                             Act. C 60.
Shelter 2 - 150 people             $75    Res.           $95    Res.
                                   $85    Non Res        $105   Non Res                     Please Call Oak Park Recreation For
Shelter 3 - 20 people              $40    Res.           $55    Res.
                                                                                                  Pricing     248.691.7555
                                   $50    Non Res        $65    Non Res

                                      2012 PARK SHELTER BOOKING
                                       DATE WILL BE OCTOBER 3rd,
                                      2011 Non-Residents can book
                                          after January 4th, 2012

                                                                             Looking for something!
 2012 Rec. Summer Employment:                                        Have a great idea for a Program, Class or
                                                                        Special Event for the Community !
 Applications will be accepted Monday, January 3 - Thurs-
 day, March 29, 2012 for summer employment.                                       Give us call….
 The Recreation Department will be hiring for the following
 positions: Lifeguards, Day Camp Counselors, and Score-                                      248.691.7555
 keepers. Applications may be obtained at the Oak Park                                 Or e-mail spratt@ci.oak-park.mi.us
 Community Center, or online at www.oakpark-mi.com

 Applicants must be a min. of 18 yrs of age to eligible to
 work as a Camp Counselor and 15 yrs old to work at the
 outdoor pool - all interested lifeguards must have lifeguard
 certification. For more information, please contact                 Adaptive Adventures for Oak Parkers!
 248-691-7555.                                                       The City of Southfield Parks and Recreation has opened up its
                                                                     programs to Oak Park residents!
   Oak Park Municipal Pool         Oak Park Day Camp                 Programs are available for Oak Park resident
                                                                     individuals with cognitive impairments through
                                                                     the Southfield Special Forces social group. South-
                                                                     field Special Forces offers social/group interaction,
                                                                     life skills, field trips, fitness and dance classes,
                                                                     bowling leagues, and special events. Programs are open to individuals of
                                                                     all abilities, however, those needing one on one supervision must be ac-
                                                                     companied by a caregiver. If you wish to be added to the monthly mail-
                                                                     ing list, please call the City of Southfield P & R (248) 796-4604 or e-
                                                                     mail Holly Graves at hgraves@cityofsouthfield.com.

Page 14

Online Registration                                                                                            Mail-In Registration
Register for activities ONLINE by clicking on the “ONLINE                                                      1) Fill in registration form below COMPLETELY.
REGISTRATION” link from the City’s Web Page at :                                                               2) Include Check or Money Order payable to the City of Oak Park.
www.oakpark-mi.com or go directly to the ONLINE web                                                               (Do not include cash or leave credit card number)
page at: active.com/browse/oakparkrecreation                                                                   3) When registering for more than one class, please
How to register online:                                                                                           provide us with all of the necessary information.
1. Visit: http://active.com/browse/oakparkrecreation.                                                             Vacancies will be filled on a first-come basis.
2 Fill out the required information and develop your                                                           4) Birth Certificate: When a BIRTH CERTIFICATE
   customer ID and password.                                                                                      is required for a program, a certificate should be
3 Click on the activities you want to register for.                                                               brought in or enclosed a photo copy. The Birth
4 Pay with a credit card, print your receipt and receive an                                                       certificate will be kept on file.
   instant e-mail confirmation of your enrollment.                                                             5) Athletic Contracts: No mail-in registration accepted.

Non-Residents                                                                                                  Secure Drop Box Available after hours
Non-residents pay an additional fee of $5, or more depending                                                   1)      Recreation Offices are open Monday - Thursday 8am to 5pm.
on programs and camps.                                                                                         2)      After hours we have for your convenience a
                                                                                                                       secure drop box along with program forms to fill
Refunds                                                                                                                out until 9pm.
Refunds will be given only before the second class or
                                                                                                               3)      The Drop box is cleared every morning and the
practice. A service fee of $5 is applicable on all patron
                                                                                                                       forms along with payment are imputed into the
requested refunds. Refunds take four weeks or longer.
Returned Checks                                                                                                4)       In order to guarantee a class before it is full,
There will be an additional $30 charge for all checks returned                                                         please register before 5pm on the day of deadline.
due to non-sufficient funds, plus you will no longer be able to
write a check for this department in the future.                                                               Registration Kiosk Available after hours
                                                                                                               1)      For your convenience we have installed a online kiosk at the
Cancellation                                                                                                           Recreation offices for after hour registration.
YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED ONLY IF CLASSES ARE FULL                                                                  2)      This system is online and the site will load you right into the
OR IF THE CLASS IS CANCELED. OTHERWISE, YOU                                                                            active.com/browse/oakparkrecreation registration screen.
ARE CONSIDERED REGISTERED.                                                                                     3)      A small convenience fee charge will added to your
(The Department reserves the right to cancel or combine                                                                final cost of the program.
classes because of insufficient registration or causes beyond                                                  4)      Registration can only be done via credit card at the
our control)                                                                                                           kiosk.
                                                                                                               5)      A confirmation of your enrollment will be e-mailed
Follow Oak Park Recreation on:                                                                                         to the e-mail address you listed

                              Registration - 14300 Oak Park Blvd., Oak Park, MI 48237
Family Name                                      Day Phone                  Evening Phone____________
Address                                             City                     State           Zip_____
Credit # ________________________________________________________________________Exp. Date _________
Credit Type (Please Check One): Visa ___ MasterCard ___ American Express ___ Discover ___
 Participant’s Name (First/Last)                                 Birth Date                   Class/Program Name                          Class #                       Resident Fee                  Non-Res. Fee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 + $5 for Non-Residents

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 + $5 for Non-Residents

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 + $5 for Non-Residents

* Receipts will only be e-mailed out—if you have no e-mail than you can pick it up during normal business hours at the Community Center.
* The Rec. Dept. reserves the right to exclude participants in cases where their behavior is detrimental to the program.
Release Of Liability: I hereby voluntarily release and hold harmless the City of Oak Park Recreation Department from all liability for all types of damages or injuries, whether foreseeable or not, sustained by myself, my child and
other family members while participating, watching and traveling to and from this activity

Signature__________________________________________ E-MAIL __________________________________                                                                                       Date ________________

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Page 15
            MAYOR                                                                                       Presorted Standard
       Gerald E. Naftaly                                                                                   U.S. Postage
  MAYOR PRO TEM                                                                                             Detroit, MI
     Michael M. Seligson                                            ECRWSS
                                                                                                         Permit No. 1376
    CITY COUNCIL                                        POSTAL CUSTOMER
    Angela Diggs Jackson                             OAK PARK, MICHIGAN 48237
      Paul H. Levine
      Emile Duplessis

Oak Park Library Renovation - Pardon our Dust!
The Oak Park Library is undergoing much needed renovations. We are OPEN during this process with a selection of materi-
als from each area of the library and special programming for your education and entertainment needs. Come check out our
mini-library space! Visit the library through the temporary entrance on the north side of the building, accessible from the Ice
Arena parking lot. Library materials may be returned via the drop box at the northeast corner of the building.
Note: This is a multi-phase project and the Library will need to be closed at certain times to facilitate construction. Please
watch the library website and signage in and on the building for updates.
Thank you for your patience while your community library is improved!


Monday - Thursday             10 - 9pm
Friday                        10 - 5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday             Closed
(except for special events)

    For more Library information please call

                                               Thank You! Oak Park Residents For Your Support On
                                                           The City Building Projects

Oak Park Library Presents
Author - Mark Rothman
Do you read the credits after classic TV shows like Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days
or The Odd Couple? If you do, you surely know the name of writer Mark
Rothman. Mr. Rothman has assembled a wonderful book entitled "Mark
Rothman's Essays: Many About Show Biz and All About Life." Come meet him
and hear his incredible tales from the classic years of sitcom TV.
No registration needed. Mark Rothman’s Essays: Many About Show Biz and
All About Life

When:           Tuesday - November 8th, 2011
Time:           7 - 8:30pm
Location:       Oak Park Community Center
Cost:           FREE

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