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Welcome to the Middlesex University Early Years _ Chilldcare


									                            Early Years & Childcare Services

                                      Service Standards

Delivery of Service

The University Early Years & Childcare Service is registered and inspected regularly by The
Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

It is a requirement that all Early Years providers deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage
which is the framework that provides the assurance that the provision will `keep children safe
and help them to thrive'.

The aim of the EYFS is to help young children achieve the five Every Child Matters outcomes
of staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and
achieving economic well being.

The Nurseries are registered on meeting the required standards across the age range for
which we cater Three months to five years.

The Nurseries receive support and guidance from the The London Borough of Barnet &
Enfield Early Years Services

The registration certificate is displayed in the reception and a copy of the most recent
inspection report is displayed for parents to read.

The Nurseries at Trent Park provides a Baby Room from birth to approximately 2 years old,
and a preschool room for children aged 2-5 years

Hendon Nursery provides a baby room Rainbow Room for children from 0-1 years and the
Lady Bird Room for children from 1- 2 years. The Butterfly room caters for children aged 2-
3years and our sunflower room is available for children aged 3-4 years.

We have a highly professionally qualified, skilled, experienced staff team. Staff names and
roles are displayed.

Access to a comprehensive University and Service Staff Development Programme provides
opportunities to continually update and enhance knowledge.

The aim of the Early Years Practitioners is to provide high quality Education and
Care. Regular staff and planning meetings are held to enable whole team discussion and
therefore ensure continued development and improvement throughout the service.

Staff undergo all necessary clearances from the Criminal Records Bureau.

Parents should feel free to discuss any aspect of their child's care or the service provision
with any member of the staff team.


To provide high quality childcare and education for children of students, staff and the local

To provide opportunities for children, parents and staff to take part in a process of life long

        To provide an environment where children can learn and develop in a safe and caring
        To enhance the attractiveness of the Middlesex University as a place to study
         particularly for people with young dependent children.
        To recruit high calibre staff and ensure progressive training and development.
        To work within a policy of parents as partners.
        To encourage involvement with the local community.

Service Standards


        Childcare will be provided between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm up to 41 weeks at Trent
         Park & 48 weeks at Hendon per year.
        Places will be provided to children of students, staff and the local community between
         Three Months and Five years old.
        Waiting lists will be held with places allocated on a first come first served basis.

Specific Service Standards (Professional and Legal Standards)

        The service will be registered and inspected by Ofsted under legislation laid down in
         the Children Act 2006 and The Early Years Foundation Stage.
        Staff will work to a detailed Staff Code of Practice.
         A Policy on Equal Opportunity will be implemented throughout the service.
        Only staff holding relevant childcare qualifications/experience will be appointed and
         their skills updated through regular training and staff development.
        The service will implement all policies on Safety, Health and Environment, Special
         Educational Need and Safeguarding Children Procedures.

What the Service Expects from Users

        Parents will receive a contract which includes the Terms & conditions of using the
         University Childcare Service.
        Parents are required to adhere to their contractual agreement with the service.


        A copy of the Ofsted Inspection Report will be displayed.
        Parents will be made aware of how to contact Ofsted.
        Regular opportunities and methods of feedback will be encouraged.

        Parents Have Access to their Childs Profile Books and regular Review Meetings and
         open evenings are arranged to disscuss children’s development.

Parents as Partners

The Childcare Service believes that it is impossible to provide the highest level of care and
education for children without recognising the vital role played by the child's primary carers.

Parents and carers are encouraged wherever possible to voice opinions, make suggestions
and be involved in discussions regarding any aspect of Childcare provision using a variety of
mechanisms to achieve this.
The Childcare Service will act upon suggestions wherever possible to make improvements to
the service when this is within its power to do so. Parents are required to provide information
regarding their child including, emergency contact numbers, health information, special
educational needs information and relevant home background details being most important.

We recognise that parents may have a commitment to work or study, therefore, we appreciate
that there may be constraints on time and limited opportunities for parents to spend any
length of time in the Nurseries, so other methods of communication such as newsletters and
questionnaires are made available.

Home/Childcare Links

 There are a variety of ways in which parents can be involved in day to day activities and
various methods to contribute ideas -

       Involvement on a day to day basis through regular direct contact with members of
        staff, The Manager & Head of Early Years Services. These discussions are
        particularly valuable and parents should take every opportunity to pass on and
        acquire information. Very often this is the easiest and least time consuming way for
        busy parents to become involved.
       Involvement in organisation of and attendance at fund raising events. Not only do
        these events boost funds for additional equipment but they provide an excellent
        opportunity for parents and staff to interact on a more personal level, and strengthen
        the home/childcare link.
       Input to the development profile information/meetings held between parents and their
        child's key person for children attending nursery.
       Contribution of items from home, perhaps to add to a nature table, particular activity
        or display of photographs.
       Continuing at home with an activity children have been involved in.
       Feedback from information provided in Newsletters.
       Contribution of menu ideas.

Admissions Procedure

       On return of a completed form parents will be contacted prior to the required place
        becoming available.
       Places are available on a full time basis.
       If a place is available parents will be required to agree to the terms and conditions,
        the level of fees and arrangements for payment. They will be asked to complete a
        number of other required documents.
       Parents will be required to complete a number of visits with their child prior to starting
        their nursery place.
       If a nursery place is not immediately available the application form will be added to
        the waiting list and parents will be contacted with an offer at the earliest opportunity.
       On offer/acceptance of a nursery place parents will be required to pay a non
        refundable registration fee of £110.00 .
       Parents who no longer wish to take up a place should contact the Nursery Manager
        and the next child on the list will be contacted.
       Should parents be offered a place but not wish to take up that place they may remain
        on the waiting list.
       Parents on the nursery waiting list will be contacted periodically in writing by the
        Nursery Manager to determine whether they wish to remain on the list. It is important
        therefore that they keep their contact address up to date.
       Emergency childcare places for extra occasional sessions may also be available.
       The maximum number of childcare places that can be provided is indicated by the
        Ofsted registration certificate.

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