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									                      York Township Water & Sewer Authority
                                Meeting Minutes
                               September 21, 2009

Chairman Ed Dick called the regular monthly meeting of the York Township Water & Sewer
Authority to order at 6:30 P.M. with the following in attendance:

              Members                       Township Staff
              Karen Atkinson                Richard Resh – C.S. Davidson, Inc.
              Jamie Reid                    Robert Miller – York Twp.
              Ed Dick                       Diane Mitchell – York Twp.
                                            Patrick Fazzini – Stock & Leader
                                            Steve Hovis – Stock & Leader
                                            Gary Milbrand – York Twp.


On the motion of Mr. Reid, seconded by Mrs. Atkinson, the minutes of the August 17, 2009
Water & Sewer Authority meeting were approved. All were in favor.

Visitors and Public Comments:

Charles Ryer, 271 Lentzlyn Dr. – Mr. Ryer asked if Gregory Contractors was going to come
back and re-topsoil and seed some of the areas behind his and his neighbors houses. It was
reported that Field order # 32 was issued to Gregory Contractors for him to do final restoration.
There is a two year warranty period for the restoration work. The contractor will seed this fall
and again next spring if needed. Gary Milbrand will be doing an inspection of the project this
week and he will check the areas behind 271 Lentzlyn Dr. Mr. Ryer also said it was nice to be
able to flush.

Solicitor’s Report:

Sage Hill Sewer Adoption – The indemnification agreement was given to John Runge, of
Gordon Brown Associates. He will review it with Mr. Stoltzfus and get back to us. Still waiting
for agreement.

Heather Glen – Phase I Adoption - Right-of-way requires execution by landowner.
Indemnification Agreement needed.

The Paddock at Equine Meadows – At last months meeting the Authority authorized
Resolution 2009-2 accepting the sewer lines subject to an indemnification agreement. We are
waiting on this indemnification agreement.

Cape Horn Retail L.P. Developer Agreement – Waiting on developer.

Bridgewater – Sewer Improvement Agreement – Solicitor Hovis and Mr. Milbrand provided
comments and changes to the agreement in a letter dated March 31, 2009. No response has been
received back from Bridgewater.
Waits R/W Agreement - No change. Neither party has petitioned the courts for a Board of
View. It was reported this month that the Waits are hooked up to the sewer.

Public Works Report:

YCCD Notice of Violation and Correspondence – We will request a final inspection this fall
when all grass is established.

Connection Updates – Phase 2C (sheet 6) and Phase 3 Gary Milbrand handed out a sewer
connection map showing the status of the sewer connections thru 9/18/2009. In Phase 2C (sheet
6) two of the three connections have been completed and the third connection the plumber has
come in to the township office for a permit. Most likely no 2nd request letters will be needed for
the 9/28/2009 deadline. Just in case a motion was made.
On the motion of Mr. Dick, seconded by Mrs. Atkinson, the Water & Sewer Authority
authorized Mr. Milbrand to send second request letters to the property owner not connected in
Phase 2C for an extra 60 days. All were in favor.

For Phase 3, 2nd request hookup notices were sent to the appropriate properties. In the overall
project there are 21 outstanding properties (not hooked up). Of the 21 properties four or five
have not paid the tapping and connection fees. Mr. Milbrand has spoken with two or three of
these homeowners. The remaining outstanding properties will be looked at on a case to case

Private Sewer Notification Letters – The letters that were sent are being followed up on and
any new information will be reported at the October meeting.

Public Sewer Adoptions - * See Tracking Sheet on Back of Agenda:

Engineer’s Report:

Leader Heights Phases II & III – Status report #56. No application for payment was
submitted this month. Gary Milbrand is still working on negotiations with the remaining tree and
shrub damage appraisals. It was reported that the lateral at 228 Reynolds Mill Rd. is not deep
enough. Test pits were done to verify accurate depth. The Seiling ROW will be handled in
October. It was also reported that the York Township Dept. of Public Works will be touching up
the disturbed ground area at the Bridgeway Church.

Requisitions and Checks

On the motion of Mrs. Atkinson, seconded by Mr. Reid, Requisition #’s. 183 thru 194,
excluding requisition 193, and check #’s 981 and 982 were authorized for payment. All were in

Project Financing

The tracking sheet of the estimated costs vs. budget costs were reviewed and discussed for the
Leader Heights Sewer Project. In projecting future cost Gary Milbrand and Richard Resh both
still feel we will bring the project in on budget.

Executive Session at 7:15pm – Contracts and personnel.
Executive Session ended at 8:10pm

On the motion of Mr. Reid, seconded by Mrs. Atkinson, the Water & Sewer Authority
authorized to send out an RFP for engineering services for 2010, subject to review by Gary
Milbrand and Solicitor Hovis. All were in favor.

Requisition # 193 – Fitz & Smith Inc. $5502.50
Mr. Resh stated that his firm would pay the $2650.00 for the cost to fix the wrong size pipe for
the Bridgeway Church sewer lateral. It was decided that of the $5502.50 bill from Fitz & Smith,
C.S. Davidson would pay $2650.00 directly to Fitz & Smith and The Water & Sewer Authority
would pay $2852.50 for extending the lateral to get it deep enough.

On the motion of Mrs. Atkinson, seconded by Mr. Reid, Requisition # 193 for $2852.50 was
authorized for payment.

39 West George St. Yoe, PA - This situation is where a private contractor bored under a Penn
Dot road (Springwood Rd) to connect one Yoe Borough customer at a York Township manhole.
This street then had considerable settlement and Aaron Enterprises wants reimbursed for the cost
they have spent to fix the problem. The only way York Township was involved was to give the
okay to hook into our manhole. Mr. Milbrand and Mr. Miller both stated that we (York
Township and York Township Water & Sewer Authority ) have no responsibility for this matter.
This matter is between Yoe Borough, Penn DOT, and the property owner or their
contractor. Mr. Dick asked Mr. Resh to respond to Aaron Enterprises with a letter stating this


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm

                                                           Diane Mitchell

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