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					                                                       November 2011

    Wesley United Methodist Church

   From The Pastor’s Desk
  There are times in my life - and it has sounded to me at times like
this is true for others, too – that my tone of voice sounds different
than my words indicate. One of the things that bring that kind of
response from me is when someone gives me something to do that I
don’t want to do, or pays me one of those back-handed
complements (you know, like when you’ve just dropped a piece of
food down the front of your clothes and someone says “nice shot
William Tell). My response at those times is often “Thanks a lot” said
with much sarcasm in my voice.
  I find it much easier to say a sincere thank you when something
good comes my way. I’m always thankful when someone does
something nice for me. Sometimes it’s even easy to be thankful in
the midst of bad times because the Bible tells me that’s a good
thing to do. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 says give thanks in all things).
  I have a bone to pick with Paul, the one who wrote the passage
above. It says that I am to “give thanks for everything.”(see verse
20). Now that’s just not fair. I don’t want to give thanks for the bad
stuff. Yet that’s what the Bible says to do!
 So, what am I supposed to do about this?
  I think it is always helpful to try to put myself in the shoes of a person
I might disagree with. So let me try to think like Paul might have
thought. Paul was writing this letter to the Ephesians from a horrible
place – prison! I think most would agree that the circumstances
were not good. Yet Paul looked for the thankful way even in prison.
Look at what he wrote in another place:
   Philippians 1:15 - 18 (NLT) 15It’s true that some are preaching out
   of jealousy and rivalry. But others preach about Christ with pure
   motives. 16They preach because they love me, for they know I
   have been appointed to defend the Good News. 17Those others
   do not have pure motives as they preach about Christ. They
   preach with selfish ambition, not sincerely, intending to make my
   chains more painful to me. 18But that doesn’t matter. Whether
   their motives are false or genuine, the
   message about Christ is being preached either way, so
    I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.
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 I think I get it now. Paul could be thankful even for people preaching with poor
motives because he could understand that God would use anything that
happened for ultimate good.
 So, I can be thankful even for bad stuff if I remember that God can use it for
good. That’s good. Thanks a lot, Paul – no sarcasm included!!!
 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord
Love in Christ,

Pastor Kirk

                                Scouting at Wesley
Boy Scouts
        This year Boy Scout Troop 234 continues to be very active with 17 boys
participating. Of those 17 the Troop has one Eagle Scout, three Star Scouts and three
Life Scouts. The rest range from Tenderfoot to First Class.
        There are many camping and fund raising activities planned. Once again they will
be selling Christmas trees in the vacant lot next to True Value hardware on San Marco
Road. This, along with their popcorn sales are their major fund raisers.
        On November 19th, the Troop will have a Court of Honor dinner to officially
recognize their newest Eagle Scout.

Cub Scouts
       Pack 234 has 43 boys signed up. They conduct their monthly Pack Meetings in
Fellowship Hall. The October meeting consisted of the ever popular and exciting Rain
Gutter Regatta where the boys make and race their boats. There were two categories -
single hull and catamaran.
A good time was had by all.
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             Bedtime Bundles Needs a Few Early Risers
365 days a year a volunteer from Bedtime Bundles collects baked goods from
Starbucks, and both Publix on Marco Island and delivers the goods to Manatee
Elementary School and a migrant community on US 41 S. We are looking for a
couple of volunteers from Wesley that would be available one or two Tuesdays a
month. Pick up starts at approximately 7AM and is completed by 8 or 8:30AM.
This is a wonderful out reach opportunity to help those in our own backyard.
Please call Sarah Walker at 389-1203 or 370-7311 for details. Feel free to ride
with Tom and Sarah Walker one Tuesday morning if you think this might be of
interest to you.

                           Mark Your Calendar!
                             Save The Date!
                   Saturday, November 19th - 8:30 A.M.
                       Come Help Get Our Church
                           Ready for Season!
                   Bring Your Garden Gloves + Clippers
                  + Small Vacuums To Clean The Pews
                         + Pressure Washers And
                  Strong Backs And Willingness To Help!

                       Many Thanks, The Trustees!

 Two invitations to visit Grace Place, our mission partner in Golden Gate:

Tour the campus, meet the children and families, and see the great work that is
being done with some of the most vulnerable children and impoverished families
in our community:
     Thursday, November 10, 11:00 am - tour and information session.
     Monday, November 14, 4:00 pm - Ground Breaking Celebration and tours.

For more information, contact Rev. Stephanie Munz Campbell at 455-2707 or go

With gratitude,

                           Mother's Morning Out
What an exciting kick off to fall we have had. MMO has welcomed many new
faces and is thrilled to have each and every one of them! We still have a few
spaces open in our 4-5 year old classroom for anyone interested. I might add at
this time, that we also have five terrific teachers that teach, tend, and love this
school full of beautiful children! The blessings just abound here at MMO.
November is looking to be a busy month as well. We will be wrapping up our
"Cookie Dough Sales" fundraiser, having a photographer shoot school pictures
and story time with Betsy, to name a few. We will be breaking for the
Thanksgiving holiday November 21-25.
You may want to mark your calendars now and plan to attend our annual
Christmas Open House. It's scheduled for the evening of Wednesday,
December 7. The children will have a great program you won't want to miss!
It's a fun family event.

From all of us at Mother's Morning Out........we wish you a very wonderful

Pam Wallace, Director
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                Wesley Singles Group... “Friends for Fun”
Wesley has a singles group called Friends for Fun. The people in this group are
singles (predominately over 50). For those who are curious about this group, it will
function as a networking opportunity, support, and social group. Meetings will be
held on the third Monday of each month at 2:30 PM in the Hensel Room. The next
meeting will be held on Monday, November 21.

The meetings usually consist of group discussions on various topics, as well as a
time to plan social events for each month; but sometimes the group will just play
games (cards, board games, etc.). Come prepared with some ideas for social
activities (games, eating out, movies, crafts, mission projects, theater, concerts,
etc.) that you would like to do so you will be prepared to help propose and select
what will happen during the following month.

If you have an interest in getting to know other singles at Wesley better, please
come to our meetings. We would love to have you join us as we build new
friendships and continue our journey together. In addition, if you would have any
interest in leading this group, please let Marsha Whitlock know. Thanks.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please call or email
Marsha Whitlock (389-6713 or

                             FINANCIAL UPDATE

October tends to be a hump month for Wesley's finances. It's the time when our
Purple Martin members begin to return, and our receipts historically begin to rise.
At the time this article was written, only three of the five Sunday's in October had
passed, so it's difficult to tell exactly how we're doing. While our contributions are
up significantly from September, it appears that we will be slightly below projections
by the end of the month. Expenses for the month seem to be following our trend of
being below what we budgeted.

WESLEY INCOME AND EXPENSES for January 1 to October 16, 2011
Budgeted Operating Income:    $448,519
Actual Operating Income:      $381,952
Budgeted Operating Expenses:  $445,628
Actual Operating Expenses:    $367,537

11/01   Mike Harris
11/07   Ray Nelson
11/09   Carol Henderson
11/09   Robert Orgass
11/09   Lois Dever
11/10   Shirley Biesterfeld   11/10 Pris & Fred    Burnham
11/13   Christine Stroud
11/14   Sue McCurdy           11/10 Cheryl & Tom      Knott
11/14   Laurie LaCost
11/16   Marian Miller         11/12 Mary & Thomas Coakley
11/17   Richard Braun
11/18   Bill   Stewart        11/14 Debbie & George Herker
11/19   Jennifer Barnett
11/22   Jim Mooi              11/19 Christine & Ken      Stroud
11/22   Lauren Orr
11/22   Jeanine Roth          11/19 Eymy & Gary Grisko
11/22   Ronald Burger
11/23   Mary Matthews         11/22 Ellen & Tom    Rentz
11/24   Pat Carney
11/26   Etoila Bristow        11/26 Betty & Ted    Ely
11/29   Joy Hopkins
11/29   Zoe Orgass            11/27 Joy & Don      Hopkins
11/30   Roy Erickson
                              11/27 Jan & Donn     May

                              11/30 Doreen & William Dean

                              11/30 Kathy & Arnold Iturrino
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       Christian Education Leaders are
Our ministry is more than just our own personal worship to God. God
 calls us to go into the world to preach AND teach the message of His
 Good News. As a Disciple of Christ, will you please join our ministry
 and help to lead God’s Children of all ages to a personal relationship
                                with Jesus?
Leaders are needed to work with the children during the contemporary
  service (9:00 am-10:00 am) and also to lead children or adult Bible
Study during the Traditional Service (10:30am-11:30am). Curriculum
    is provided and you don’t have to be a professional theologian.

 Please call Betsy Francis at 394-3734 to have questions answered
            and to volunteer your talents for our ministry.

Who doesn’t LOVE a yummy homemade Christmas Cookie? What a
wonderful way to tell your friends, family and neighbors that you are
thinking of them this Christmas season!

The Youth Group will be baking AND DELIVERING cookies before
Christmas (On Marco Island). We are looking forward to taking your
orders for cookies and delivering some homemade goodness in the
form of Christmas Cookies to your loved ones!

Look for our bulletin ads – coming in December

  CHRISTMAS VBS coming on December 22 & 23! 9am-12 noon
  VOLUNTEERS are needed! Please contact Betsy at 394-3734
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       REMINDER - Wesley's 2nd Auction Will Be Held February 18, 2012

Back by popular demand, Wesley will hold its second auction on Saturday, February
18 in the Fellowship Hall. As last time, it will be an evening of fun and surprises. We
will start with a silent auction, followed by dinner, maybe a little entertainment and
then have the live auction. As with our last auction, all proceeds will go toward
eliminating Wesley's mortgage. By the way, we will have the same fun and fabulous
auctioneers again in 2012!

Why are we telling you about this seven months early? Because, to make this a
success, we need your help. You can help in many ways; but right now we would
like you to begin saving anything VERY nice and/or valuable that you would like to
donate to the church for our auction. Because of lack of space, we cannot take any
large items until near time for the auction, but we can store small things now. By the
way, thanks to those of you who are already coming forward with items for the
auction – we appreciate your help so much!!

In addition to donating your own personal items, you can help us by asking retailers
(or other vendors) to provide us with a donation of artwork, home décor items, gift
certificates, etc.

You can also begin thinking creatively about what services in kind that you
could provide for the auction. For example, at the last auction, people were thrilled
to bid on home-cooked meals (at various homes), home-made desserts, boat rides,
car detailing, pet sitting, house-cleaning, artwork, etc. What is your special talent?
Please share it with us!

Thank you to those who have already volunteered to make, or do, things for us to sell
at the auction. We already have some “fun” things for coming up for the auction!
Please call me if you'd like to discuss any idea... we like to provide unique
opportunities for bidding.

We will provide you with more specific information as time draws near for the auction
and will continue to put reminders, like this one, in future newsletters. If you have
questions or would like to volunteer to donate something immediately, please contact
Marsha Whitlock by email at or phone (239-389-6713).

                          Church Office 239-394-3734
                               Fax 239-394-6092
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                              Wesley's Annual Rummage Sale

Yes, we know it is early but... we don't want any excuses about not being able to fit it
in your schedule! Please put Saturday, March 3, on your calendar as the date for
our rummage sale! The other reason we are giving you plenty advance notice is that
we want you to “save” your good “gently used” items for this sale.

You did an OUTSTANDING job last year of donating lots of great jewelry; and it sold
well. In fact, many of your donations were so nice that we raised our prices on a
number of items. Don't forget to also ask your family, friends, and neighbors to give
you their unwanted jewelry (or other items) for our sale.

As always storage for large items, like furniture, is just not available, so items like that
will have to be kept until near time for the sale. However, if anyone has storage
space you can give us, we would love it as soon as possible so we can begin
accumulating larger items now.
We do have limited space for some smaller items, if you need to get rid of them

We will provide more specific details about when & where we need help in future
newsletters; but for now mark your calendars for March 3 (and we will begin setting
up on March 1 and 2).
If anyone has questions or needs more information, please contact Marsha Whitlock
by email at or phone (239-389-6713).

                         ADULT BIBLE STUDY
Sundays at 9:00 am IN THE HENSEL ROOM - Ernie Stevens leads a
Scripture study, “Genesis to Revelation.” This study will begin with the
book of Genesis and continue with various books of the Bible
incorporating both Old and New Testament.

  Please consider hosting or leading a small group beginning in January
 2012 for our church wide “Experiencing God” study. Please contact the
                   church office for more information.

      TRADITIONAL SUNDAY WORSHIP      10:30 a.m.
      SUNDAY SCHOOL Children & Youth  10:30 a.m.
                     Adult             9:00 a.m.

            Nursery Care Available For Younger Children

                           WESLEY UNITED
                         METHODIST CHURCH
                              Our Purpose
                   To demonstrate our love of God
                       and people by providing:
      1.   A Christian environment for all seeking fellowship
      2.   A continuing Christian education for all
      3.   Spiritual and humanitarian support for all
      4.   A Christ centered worship experience that is
           relevant to the needs of the community
      5.   Outreach to all in need of the gospel and
           God’s love

                           WESLEY STAFF

             Pastor:                    Kirk Dreiser
             Financial Sec.:            Megan LaCost
             Office Manager:            Sharon Gronau
             Praise Team Assistant Dir: Hebert Camacho
             Traditional Music Dir:     Cynthia Dallas
             Christian Education:       Betsy Francis
             Handbells Director:        Pinky Larson
             MMO Director:              Pam Wallace
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                     Wave Fellowship News & Events
                            November 2011

We had a wonderful hymn sing and super delicious pot luck on October 14th.
Vance Neal was awesome on the piano as we sang along.

Dining out was on the 21st at Blue Agave with dessert at the Thachers. Fifty
four were there. Thanks Betty and Tom! We'll skip dining out in November
because of Thanksgiving.

November 11, 2011, 6 p.m. Save this special date for a Veteran's Day dinner
celebration to honor our service men. If you would like, bring your pictures in
uniform to the church office. It would be very good if you would also provide
service branch, dates and place(s) of service and any other interesting
information. We will show the pictures on the screen in the Fellowship Hall. We'll
have a listing of the information on paper and everyone can try to match pictures
and names. We'll be treated to a spaghetti dinner by the Fellowship Committee in
Fellowship Hall. (Donations accepted) Make a reservation by putting the bulletin
slip in the offering plate or call the church office. It will be a special evening on

December 2nd is the annual Advent Dinner pot luck at 6 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.
We will sing carols and have our “traditional” white elephant gift exchange. Wrap
up something you don't want and put it under the tree for some surprise fun.

December 16th at 6 p.m. is a big Christmas treat – dinner at Eagle Creek and
dessert at Alan and Marilyn Heath's home. Reservations required. Please call
Betty Thacher at 331-3144.. We'll eat and sing to our heart's content.

All upcoming events:

11/11 Fri     6:00 pm       Spaghetti Supper Veteran’s Day Fellowship Hall
12/2 Fri      6:00 pm       Pot-luck    Advent Dinner      Fellowship Hall
12/16 Fri     6:00 pm       Dining Out Dessert @ Heath’s Eagle Creek

                 Sunday Coffee Fellowship!
    Please join us in the Fellowship Hall between the two services
          10:00-10:30 am each Sunday morning for snacks
        and building friendships with the Wesley community!
           Volunteers to host coffee fellowship are needed!
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   A Note From Your Lay Leader and Lay Delegate to the Florida

The following is from the Conference Web site discussion on A Theology of

“Theology is not just about God. It is also about us. We live out of our
understanding of who we are in relationship to God, to one another, and to the
world. The Christian faith is grounded in the love and grace of God, experienced
through Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Christian life is our
response to God’s love and grace. The church calls our response to God Christian
discipleship. Discipleship focuses on actively following in the footsteps of Jesus. As
Christian disciples, we are not passive spectators but energetic participants in
God’s activity in the world. Because of what God has done for us, we offer our lives
back to God. We order our lives in ways that embody Christ’s ministry in our
families, workplaces, communities, and the world.”

So the Lay Leader Question of the Month is taken from Kirk’s October 16 Sermon
Notes: How are we doing?” in the area of Discipleship. During this year Wesley
UMC has started a transformation to being better disciples of Christ. This process
takes all of us working together as indicated in 1 Corinthians: “Now all of you
together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a separate and necessary part of it.”
God deserves our best effort! Our church, as a whole, should work together
towards the best that we can be. When we do our best it is evident to others who
see us. As the congregation, we then must take a pro-active approach bringing
others to Christ. What others see in us is a reflection of how well we reflect Christ
through us. By applying our spiritual gifts, our talents, and our resources toward a
common goal we will truly be Christ’s disciples.

Conference Request: There is still a need for volunteers for the 2012 General
Conference of the UMC to be held in Tampa April 24 to May 4, 2012. This is the
conference that occurs every four years to conduct the worldwide business of
United Methodist Church. Your service is needed in many areas. Please go to the
following web address to volunteer:

In an effort to stay informed I read information on the Florida Conference Web Site
often and encourage you to do so also. There is much to be found on these sites to
assist you in your spiritual journey in Christ’s Service.
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     Wesley MYF News!
           (Youth Group!)
             Calling all Middle School and Sr High Youth!
Join us each Sunday in the Youth Room for Bible Study (during the
Traditional Service). Stay after Bible Study and share lunch and
fellowship during MYF Youth Group until 1:00 pm.

November 6-     Surrender (part 3), Servant Event off church

November 13 – Surrender (part 4), Lunch and youth led games.

November 20 – Lunch and Field Trip! We will leave the church at
              10:30am and return at 1:30pm! Bring $5 each to
              contribute for lunch and activities! Wear Casual
              Clothes. Friends are welcome – but speak with
              Betsy prior to get them a parent permission form.

November 27 – Made to Make a Difference (part 1), Lunch and
              youth led activity at church.

December 3 (Saturday) - Meet at church 1-4 pm to bake cookies
               for coffee fellowship.

December 4 – Youth Sponsored Coffee Fellowship – Please be at
              church at 9:30 to set up. Cookie orders will be taken
              for our December fundraiser. MYF – Made to make
              a difference (part 2) and games.

December 11 – Youth Sponsored Coffee Fellowship – Please be at
               church at 9:30 to set up. Cookie orders will be taken
               for our December fundraiser. MYF – Made to make
               a difference (part 3) and MYF Christmas Party –
               Please bring one funny cheap gift for our gift
               exchange (nothing over $5).

December 18 – Deliver cookies for our December fundraiser. We will
  December 18 – Deliver cookies for our December fundraiser. We will
                 leave the church at 10:30 and return at 1:00 pm.

  December 25 – Merry Christmas! No MYF (youth group)

  January 1 – Happy New Year! No MYF (youth group)

                   Operation Christmas Child
    It is nearing the time of year again in which we begin to collect items
    and fill shoe boxes for our island mission, Operation Christmas Child.
        This is an island wide movement and most of the churches and
                  schools on Marco Island will be participating!
     Operation Christmas Child is run by Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit
     company that collects and distributes boxes of gifts to children in all
     corners of the globe. These boxes are often the only gift that these
   children receive all year and they are eagerly anticipated and gratefully
              appreciated by the children to whom they are given.
  Please begin collecting items such as hygiene items (no liquids), small
 toys (no guns or war related toys), candy (no chocolate or anything that
    might melt), school supplies and shoe boxes now for this important
mission. Information will be in the bulletin on Sundays in October and we
   will be collecting boxes at Wesley UMC from November 6-13, 2011.

Do you have a relative, teacher, friend or co-worker you wish to
send a special gift to his holiday? How about that person who has
everything and is the hardest to shop for? The Mission Committee is
undertaking an Alternative Christmas Gift program this year as a
way to wish a “Merry Christmas” to loved ones and friends by
sharing with them gifts that in every sense portray the true spirit of
the Christmas season. It’s a form of gift giving in which the giver
makes a donation to a charitable organization in the recipient’s
name, rather than giving them an item.

Following each worship service throughout the Advent season the
Mission Committee will have a table set up to allow you to browse
through information regarding each of the six charities we have
chosen to be a part of the program this year: Habitat for Humanity;
St. Matthew’s House; Grace Place; Bedtime Bundles; Wishing Well
Foundation; and the Guatemala Mission.

Picture yourself walking out the door of the church and your eyes
scan a large holiday table with many brochures and displays.
Someone from the committee greets you warmly and welcomes you
to their display and hands you a shopping list. You scan the list,
seeing gifts of nails, windows, doors, water filters, construction
materials, scholarship opportunities, food and personal hygiene
items, pillowcases with stuffed animals, Christmas gifts for a
terminally-ill child who will be spending Christmas in the hospital.
These gifts range from $5 to your budget limit!

When you are done browsing you may fill out your shopping list and
give it to one of our friendly cashiers, who will happily take your
order. And for only $1.00 we will send your gift recipient a lovely
personalized card indicating your gift; or, you may take the card
with you to personally present to your gift recipient. This mere
$1.00 even includes postage.

When you are finished, you will have given a gift that benefits a
truly worthwhile organization; you will not have to wrap it; you
will not have to fight the crowds in the stores or the post office; it
will be exactly the right size and color; and, it’s even more green
and ecologically friendly than regifting that ugly tie you got from
Aunt Mabel last year.

If you are still up north or have returned north for the holidays
and want to designate a gift card, please call WANDA ERICKSON,
239-775-7564,                    239-653-9814,
239-775-7564 or, PAT POLLAK, 239-653-9814 and we’ll be happy to
try to help you out.
                      Wesley UMC Marco Island
                                                                                 ORGANIZATION                                GIFT
How should we announce your gift?                                             HABITAT FOR           $25 – 50/lb. box of nails
       € Please send a card to gift recipient                                 HUMANITY              $50 – two sheets of plywood
       € Please send the card to me to present to the recipient                                     $100 – front door
       € Don’t send a card, I’ll notify gift recipient                                              $250 – window
                                                                                                    $1,000 – a finished room
FROM (Gift Giver)                                                             GRACE PLACE           $5 – Toy or board book for Bright Beginnings
Name:                                          Env. #                                               $10 – Child’s Read-Aloud Bible
________________________________________________________________                                    $20 – Snacks for 20 after-school students/1 week
Address:                                                                                            $50 – 50 lb. bag of rice and beans for Food Pantry
________________________________________________________________                                    $100-1 week/1 student full-time summer camp
City/State/Zip:                                                                                     $500-college scholarship/graduating HS intern
________________________________________________________________              ST. MATTHEW’S HOUSE   $10 – Toiletries packets for homeless
Email:                                                                                              $25 – Family food packet
                                                                                                    $50 – 1 day of recovery for a mother & child
                                                                                                    $130 – Breakfast for one day for each resident
TO (Gift Recipient)                                                                                 $500 – Feeding Collier Co. homeless 1 day
Name:                                                                         LA TOMA, GUATEMALA    $10 – 4x8 sheet of OSB siding
________________________________________________________________              MISSION               $15 – sheet of metal roofing
Address:                                                                                            $20 – can of baby formula for the clinic
________________________________________________________________                                    $50 – water filter for a family (10 gal/day)
City/State/Zip                                                                                      $400 – 1 year of tuition for a student (Gr. 6-8)
________________________________________________________________              BEDTIME BUNDLES       $10 – A sweatshirt and sweat pants for a child
Email:                                                                                              $20 – Socks & underwear for 2 children or
                                                                                                          toiletries for 4 children
                                                                                                    $50 – 3 blankets or 15 pillowcases
What is your gift supporting?________________________________________                               $100 – 3 completed bundles
 Gift Amount:     ___________                                                                       $500 – 33 completed bundles
Card & Postage: ______$1.00                                                   WISHING WELL          $10 – Please chose an amount to buy a gift
TOTAL:            ___________        FOR OFFICE USE ONLY                      FOUNDATION            $20 – for the annual hospital Christmas party,
                                        DATERECEIVED:                                               $ 25 – or to help fund granting a wish for a
                                        _____________________                                       $50 – terminally-ill child.
                                        INITIALS: _____________                                     $100 –

     All gifts and contributions are tax-deductible, but the cards are not.

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