FEBRUARY 2009

                                      UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
                                       FEBRUARY 16-19, 2009
                                      WESTIN PARK CENTRAL
                                       DALLAS, TEXAS, USA

These minutes are not final until confirmed by the Task Group in writing or by vote at a subsequent
meeting. Information herein does not constitute a communication or recommendation from the
Task Group and shall not be considered as such by any agency.


1.0    OPENING COMMENTS - Call to Order / Quorum Check

       The Electronics Task Group was called to order at 8 a.m., Monday, February 16, 2009.

       It was verified that only USER MEMBERS were in attendance during the closed portion of the

       A quorum was established with the following representatives in attendance:

       User Members/Participants Present (* Indicates Voting Member)

              NAME                             COMPANY NAME
        *     Nicholas         Brenton         Goodrich Corporation
              Bob              Cashman         Parker Aerospace Group
              Lola             DiLorenzo       BAE Systems
              Dale             Hosack          BAE Systems
        *     Eric             Lacourt         Thales
        *     Philippe         Larivee         Thales
        *     Nathalie         Le Tran         Airbus
        *     Nathalie         Lefevre         SAFRAN
              Scott            Meyer           Goodrich Corporation
              James            Namas           General Dynamics
        *     Byron (Ed)       Nellans         Rockwell Collins, Inc.          Chairperson
              Craig            Peace           Rolls-Royce plc
        *     Philippe         Pons            Airbus                          Vice Chairperson
        *     Richard          Rumas           Honeywell Aerospace             Secretary
              Cecil            Slach           Rockwell Collins, Inc.
        *     Suzanne          Steketee        Ball Aerospace & Technology
        *     Dewey            Whittaker       Honeywell Aerospace

            Other Members/Participants Present (* Indicates Voting Member)

              NAME                             COMPANY NAME
        *     Cristiano        Bazzi           SOMACIS S.p.A.
        *     Johnny           Blackwell       Coretec Denver, Inc.
              Riki             Brown           Golden West Technology
              Dick             Fryhoff         Golden West Technology
        *     Mark             Kasting         Coretec
              Rachel           Matthews        Vanguard EMS
              Ed               Ross            AEROSPAC (Systec)
              Juan             Vasquez         DDI

       PRI Staff Present

        Jim        Bennett
        Sarah      Jordan
        Stan       Revers
                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2009


2.1    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

       The minutes from September 2008 were approved as written.

2.2    Outline Agenda Items for the Week

       Timekeeper: Craig Peace


       All comments discussed.

       Scope comment: should 6012 and 6013 be included in the Scope References? Dewey Whittaker
       provided status on IPC specs following the IPC winter meetings:
           o IPC 6013 new rev. released one week ago.
           o IPC 6016 soon to be “deleted”. Once both 6012 and 6013 are released.
           o IPC 6012 being updated. Ballot to be sent out 3-4 weeks. Negative ballots may effect
               release by IPC/APEX meetings in Las Vegas (March 28 – April 2).

ACTION ITEM: Review the IPC specs to determine impact to the checklists. Core and slash sheets to be
modified taking these changes into account. (Dewey Whittaker, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

       Discussion ensued regarding slash sheet vs. core document. PRI Staff clarified when a new slash
       sheet is released, e.g. if a Supplier already has Nadcap accreditation they are allowed to add some
       product to the new slash sheet, for example, HDI.

       Question 4.2 / 12.2 regarding material selection; clarification - The customer (not the Supplier) is
       required for selecting the material. If no material definition is made then the Supplier only needs to
       meet the requirements of IPC 4761.

       Led into discussion of adding customer flowdown question into general section (adding it in each
       section would make the checklist too long). Agreement was made to place in core document in
       general section.

         Question 5.1 on inner layers will be changed and Audit Handbook should be updated (in general,
for other checklists as well – action for Sub-Teams).

ACTION ITEM: Audit Handbook to be updated by Sub-Team following the change to the checklist. (PRI
Staff, DUE DATE: March 30, 2009)

       Question on material lamination (Contamination – 6.1) led to discussion on “documented
       procedure”. Most questions call for this but may not cover all needs. The ETG changed the
       question to remove “documented procedure” and “particulate”, following heavy discussions.

       Johnny Blackwell from Cortec Denver to add agenda item for closed meeting regarding Audit
       Handbook. More help is required (the more the better) to prevent findings on audits. A “no” with
       explanation is helpful to the ETG but makes the audit and follow up worse.

       Long discussion was held on control of mechanical drilling and laser drilling (controlled depth).
       This was sent to the Sub-Team for evaluation of questions and possibly adding new questions.

       Many other questions were discussed and put back to Sub-Team for review. PRI has action list.
       IPC 6016 is being “deleted” so the requirements that should have been there are being added to
       6012 (micro vias).

       Discussion ensued regarding the need for N/A’s in the checklist. Consensus was to leave it in.
                                                                                         FEBRUARY 2009

        A WebEx meeting is required to address Sub-Team actions.

ACTION ITEM: Schedule WebEx to address comments preferably starting week of April 11 or after. (PRI
Staff, DUE DATE: March 13, 2009)

        Ballot will be 45 days followed by 21 day NMC ballot. May 6, 2009, is the approximate date to
        have ballot ready to send to NMC, for July 13-17, 2009 meeting.

        Dates will be added to the project plan at week end, after going through comments to other

        Dewey Whittaker discussed AQS request to validate checklists for questions probing quality
        system in general rather than specific to the product or process. Dewey Whittaker will meet with
        AQS to provide update.


5.0     AC7120 – (OPEN)

        ETG addressing Rev A draft comments one-by-one. Actions were tracked / captured by PRI Staff.

        References to question origins will be in the Audit Handbook to allow for easier changes and to not
        require ballot for changes. Re-iteration / clarification of decision made at London meeting.

        Question 11.1, i) - discussion over number of times a component may be programmed or erased.
        Comment from audit finding. Is this a “raise the bar” / best practice from ETG consensus? Yes.
        Lead to action to get clarification from NMC on this; still waiting on official response from NMC.

ACTION ITEM: Obtain NMC response regarding “raise the bar” question. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: March
30, 2009)

        Depanelization question development for Sub-Team action for next ballot (not the up-coming

        Discussion on Sub-Teams ensued. New Suppliers / User Primes present at this meeting should be

ACTION ITEM: Supplier / User Primes to identify if interested in participating as a team member for one of
the Sub-Teams. To be submitted to PRI Staff for direction to Sub-Team champions. (Supplier / User Prime
participants, DUE DATE: March 30, 2009)

 ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to ensure procedure section questions changes are translated to the job audit
section, as the submittal did not cover this already. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: April 20, 2009)

        Checklist AC7120 Rev A draft ready for ballot, pending PRI staff action above.


        Draft presentation given by Richard Rumas for the C&H Sub-Team. Presentation contains generic
        information that can be utilized for all groups. Discussion ensued regarding the content and what
        needs to be included. Items included:

                    o   Supplier steps following the audit.
                    o   Ensuring objective evidence is included in NCR responses.
                    o   Top ten findings, e.g., Log entry was mentioned as one of the major findings in job
                    o   Why should I get Nadcap accreditation for Electronics? Need to incorporate.

                                                                                   FEBRUARY 2009
                    o   Who mandates Nadcap (such as the slide from the NMC presentation with all the
                        Primes listed)?

ACTION ITEM: ETG to determine examples of major and minor findings specifically for Electronics for
submission to PRI Staff. These can be used in the symposium and the audit handbook. Add to agenda for
Istanbul July 2009 for discussion. (ETG, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009).

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to add PRI information into draft. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009).

ACTION ITEM: Sub-Teams to add technical content to slides. (Sub-Teams, DUE DATE: June 15, 2009).

ACTION ITEM: Completed draft to be circulated and presented for approval and go forward at Istanbul July
2009. (ETG, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

        Expectation is that Task Group members will be present at the Supplier Symposium.

        Scope of the Symposium needs to focus on general Nadcap knowledge topics than the technical

        PRI Staff verified that for Pittsburgh (October 2009), there should be sufficient room for approx.
        50 attendees. Rome (February 2010) will have room for approx 30.

        Typically internet access is not be available; therefore, presentations need to contain all the
        necessary information.

ACTION ITEM: User Primes to update Supplier list for invitations to the Supplier Symposium. Include
Supplier name, contact name, email address. (User Primes, DUE DATE: March 20, 2009).

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to check with other Task Groups to understand the most appropriate method to
issue Supplier invitations. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: March 20, 2009)

        Discussed the option of which day to hold the Symposium (Mon – Fri), Monday or Tuesday
        appeared to be more suitable taking in to account holding the Task Group meeting. Need to
        consider the Supplier Tutorial which would be held on Tuesday.

        Presenters will need to be considerate when presenting to foreign speaking representatives. If
        necessary, a translator may need to be involved.

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff Engineer to determine room and date availability for Supplier Symposium in
Pittsburgh 2009 and to get back to ETG with this information. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: Completed – see
above notes)


        Recommendation to have a close-out discussion every day of the meeting regarding the RAIL to
        ensure the Action items in the minutes are captured in the RAIL, and the close-out of possible
items   are agreed upon.

ACTION ITEM: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, PRI Staff to ensure that this occurs going forward.
(Chairperson, DUE DATE: June 22, 2009)

        User Primes are required to provide feedback to company management to discuss the high points.
        PRI Staff indicated that PRI Staff utilize a 4-square chart to show a summary of the meeting
        for each of the commodity groups.

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff Engineer to email 4-Square chart to ETG on a regular basis. (PRI Staff, DUE
DATE: ongoing).

                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2009
        There was concern expressed from one User Prime representative that actions identified in the
        minutes were not being captured on the RAIL adequately.

ACTION ITEM: Actions from the meeting minutes to be captured on the RAIL. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE:

        Microsoft Project was discussed with the group. Not all representatives have full software package
        or capability (due to costs and IT restrictions). PRI Staff to continue updating Project file (and RAIL)
        based on input from Sub-Team members, as not all members can update the project file.

ACTION ITEM: Sub-Teams to meet to determine the best tools to use, track and record issues within the
team, and how to report to PRI. PRI will continue to get the data from the Sub-Teams and update the
project file. (Sub-Teams, DUE DATE: April 20, 2009)

        NTGOP-001, Appendix V was reviewed for consistency with NMC directives. Items were reviewed
        by the Task Group and modified by PRI Staff. Key points noted:

            o   Add reference to AC7121 and AC7119 slash sheets in section 2.1.
            o   Appendix to remove unnecessary “No Additional Requirements” sections, as per
                standardization with other ETG appendices.

ACTION ITEM: Appendix to be formatted and modified per the direction of the Task Group and submitted
for ballot. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

        NIP 6-01 Auditor Selection Approval and Training, Electronics currently does not have an appendix
        to address.

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to create an appendix based on current requirements outlined in NTGOP-001
App V. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

        User Prime representative requested PRI Staff to clarify what an Associate User Member can and
        cannot do in terms of voting privileges. It was indicated that it was not clear to them at the time.
        NOP-001 identifies what an Associate User Member and what privileges are available.

        Concerns identified by a User Prime and Supplier Voting member that specific issues arising from
        the meeting are covered in the Nadcap documentation such as procedures.

ACTION ITEM: Any areas of concern which are believed not to be covered within the Nadcap procedural
system are to be forwarded to PRI Staff for review. (ETG, DUE DATE: March 31, 2009)

        Delegation criteria for the Staff Engineer was discussed. Staff Engineer delegation to remain open
        until transition from Stan Revers to Jim Bennett has been completed. Add as agenda item for
        October 2009.

ACTION ITEM: Chairperson to add agenda item for October to include delegation criteria for the Staff
Engineer. (ETG, DUE DATE: Aug 14, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to review RAIL for open actions from lack of consensus on either question issue
resolution or ballot issue resolution (ex: issue of including “raise the bar” questions has not been resolved).
(PRI Staff, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

        Supplier representative indicated a concern regarding additional unnecessary cycles through the
        audit report review process. Following an Auditor’s recommendation to this Supplier, the audit was
        sent to Staff Engineer review following completion of the Auditor evaluation screen without
        completing the initial response to the NCR’s. This resulted in an additional cycle. User Prime
        representative demanded action to address this issue. PRI Staff indicated that all Auditors have
        been instructed on the expectation on instructions for the Auditor evaluation process. The

                                                                                              FEBRUARY 2009
        instructions also identify the correct process to apply. PRI Staff did agree that a simple notification
        to the Auditors reminding of the requirement would be sufficient.

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to issue Auditor Advisory to notify Auditors on the expectation of instructing
Suppliers to complete the Auditor evaluation screen. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: March 16, 2009)

        Development of Auditor Training for October 2009 was discussed. PRI Staff indicated that the
        training would consist of a one day specific Task Group training (in addition to the general PRI
        Auditor training sessions). Volunteers are required to give this and the expectation is that all
        subscribing User Primes to attend. Following volunteers identified below:
        o Dewey Whittaker – tentative volunteer for AC7119 and 7120
        o Richard Rumas – tentative volunteer for AC7121
        o Mark Kasting from Coretec – tentative volunteer to help Dewey Whittaker with AC7119
        o PRI Staff agreed to scribe for relevant capture of issues that come up during training.

ACTION ITEM: Volunteers to contact PRI Staff indicating interest in giving training. (ETG, DUE DATE: July
13-17, 2009)

        PRI Staff will be in attendance also.

        PRI Staff outlined the process of Auditor Training for the weekend.

ACTION ITEM: Sub-Team Leads to develop Auditor Training material for all three checklists (attempt to fit
into one day of training). Pull information from Auditors on their experience, if necessary. (Sub-Team
Leads, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to clarify timelines for the development of the agenda and training material for the
Pittsburgh 2009 meeting. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: March 16, 2009)

        Further discussed NIP 6-01 and the possibility of using an appendix to address how ETG Auditors
        are to be qualified. Task Group was asked if it was necessary to include examinations as part of
        the screening process to verify competency of candidates. Is classroom training necessary (e.g. J-

        Technical decision on current and new processes by participating in outside organizations to
        maintain the continuity of the Nadcap checklist to the industry and aerospace requirements Nadcap
        checklist are updated based on the feedback from these activities.

        Rework / Repair checklist discussion. Not all Suppliers or User Primes work to IPC 7711/7721.

ACTION ITEM: Sub-Teams to develop presentations to come back to the task group with the
recommendation on the Rework / Repair checklist. (Sub-Teams, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

        Discussion ensued on checklists for Space requirements. Update on IPC J-STD-001DS.1 and
        IPC-620AS ballot status (probable release after IPC/APEX conference). Ball Aerospace still
        interested in creating a User Prime-specific requirement for these NASA documents. Question if
        NASA specs will be cancelled.
        Discussion on audit issues concerning audits containing full audit plus User Prime specific audits
        where job audit cannot be completed since product not there at the time of the audit.

ACTION ITEM: Add to agenda for Istanbul July 2009 meeting to discuss issue again (once we know more
information). (Chairperson, DUE DATE: June 15, 2009)


        Jim Bennett will be transitioned into the role of the Electronics Staff Engineer, transition should be
        completed by Quarter 3 of 2009.

                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2009
        ETG Chairperson Ed Nellans is retiring Feb. 27, 2009. Vice Chairperson Philippe Pons is to
        succeed Chairperson.

        Johnny Blackwell and Mark Kasting from Coretec have been confirmed as Supplier Voting

ACTION ITEM: Submission to PRI staff requesting voting privileges. This is to satisfy Nadcap procedural
requirements. (Johnny Blackwell and Mark Kasting from Coretec, DUE DATE: March 30, 2009)

        Audit Failure Mode B vs. Mode C – NOP-011 discussed. Clarification requested regarding NOP-
        011 for Mode B. If the Auditor reaches the required limit of findings, can the Auditor stop the audit?
        The answer is no, the Auditor is not authorized to stop the audit process. The policy (identified as
        Mode A – NOP-011) is that the Supplier must request the audit to be stopped by contacting PRI
        Scheduling and notifying in writing. PRI Scheduling will then contact the Auditor to advise the audit.
        The Auditor is expected to write up all findings up to that point and submit accordingly. The failure
        ballot process as identified in NOP-011 then applies.

        A question was asked how Mode B thresholds are calculated. These are determined based on
        calculations identified in NOP-011 following a recent NMC Standardization initiative. ETG believes
        the number of questions / sections (i.e. opportunities for failure) and other statistics may need to
        come into this threshold calculation.

ACTION ITEM: Based on the number of audits performed, statistic numbers from these audits are to be
used to demonstrate potential Mode B numbers. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: April 27, 2009)

        Clarification for a Mode A audit failure. Can the User Primes view the NCRs or is failure itself the
        only visible item? The answer as identified earlier is that the Auditor will record all information up
        until the point of when the audit is stopped by the Supplier being audited. All this information is
        available for viewing via eAuditNet.

        Vice-Chairperson nominations were discussed. PRI Staff clarified the expectation to the ETG
        regarding the process of becoming a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson via the Nadcap
        procedures (NOP-001). Dewey Whittaker, Richard Rumas and Mark Whalley were nominated for
        the position of Vice Chairperson as agreed by the new Chairperson. A vote was taken from the
        group (show of hands) with Dewey Whittaker voted in and agreed by the Chairperson.

        Secretary will remain the same (Mark Whalley).

        ETG audits are not plotted on all NMC Meeting presentations. The reason is due to the ETG not
        having any metrics in the system. When metrics are available, ETG will be added to the NMC

        A User Prime representative questioned whether in another Task Group’s NUCAP audits were
        being treated differently in terms of disallowances / exclusions. On the basis that NUCAP is a
        completely separate system to Nadcap, this issue cannot be discussed with the Nadcap Task

ACTION ITEM: Ball Aerospace to provide specific examples directly to PRI staff. PRI Staff to forward to the
NUCAP Management Council for clarification. (Ball Aerospace, DUE DATE: March 30, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: Chairperson / Vice-Chairperson to ensure information on documentation is accurate.
(Chairperson / Vice-Chairperson, DUE DATE: June 22, 2009)

        Supplier Voting Member status was clarified to the Task Group in terms of when a Supplier
        representative may vote. A Supplier Representative may be given voting privileges on their second
        meeting attendance and following approval by the Task Group.

                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2009
       Chairperson updated the Task Group on NMC initiatives identified in the Planning & Operations
       and Management Council Meetings. One of the key areas is checklist standardization. NDT is
       being piloted with other commodities to follow.

       Discussion ensued regarding what is Nadcap, what are the documents, what are the requirements,
       structure, etc., and how does it flow to the ETG? Supplier orientation was discussed, however it
       was agreed that a more personal touch for the ETG was necessary.

ACTION ITEM: New member’s presentation to be created specific to the ETG. To be completed and
posted 2 weeks prior to July 2009 meeting, DUE DATE: June 29, 2009)

       Quorum concerns for upcoming meeting in Istanbul (and others in the future). As of now, following
       a show of hands, the ETG will have quorum.

       Introduction of Ed Ross – Supplier from Systec (i.e. AEROSPAC). Presentation on Anti-
       Counterfeiting / Data Integrity. Proposal to review checklists for questions relating to traceability
       and anti-counterfeiting / data integrity.

ACTION ITEM: Sub-Teams to review individual checklists for addressing Anti-Counterfeiting / Data
Integrity. Review and generation of new questions, as necessary. Recommendations for due dates to be
completed after prioritizing current Sub-Team tasks. (Sub-Teams, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2099)

9.0    AC7121 – (CLOSED)

       Discuss Ballot results from failed audit.

       A Supplier representative was to be present to discuss issues from their audit. PRI Staff updated
       the group on the issues. They believed the Auditor’s expertise was in another field than in
       Electronics. PRI Staff confirmed the Auditor was pre-screened, interviewed by PRI, interviewed by
       the Task Group with positive feedback. Training audits were conducted under the direction
       (Supervision) of a User Prime Voting Member on this Task Group. The Auditor was considered to
       be proficient at performing the duties as required by the ETG. It was agreed the checklists will need
       to be updated and improved on a go-forward basis to address certain issues.

       AC7120 – (CLOSED)

       Reaccreditation audit was discussed. Supplier was audited and passed; unfortunately, there was a
       fire at the facility subsequent to the audit. They were accredited but their accreditation was
       immediately suspended for 45 days pending submission of procedural revisions made necessary
       by technology upgrades.

       Introduction of Cecil Slach as representative from Rockwell Collins.

       Findings from other audits were discussed with comments from ETG members.

       53 audits within eAuditNet. It is anticipated that more audits will be scheduled. Primes to
       encourage Suppliers to register on eAuditNet as soon as possible.

       Report from Sub-Team assignment champions:

            C&H (Richard Rumas)
               Supplier Symposium action completed (see above).
               First Audit action reported on Tuesday (see above).

ACTION ITEM: Update references for each question within the checklist to identify where the requirement
originated and send to PRI Staff. (Richard Rumas, DUE DATE: March 6, 2009)

            PB (Dewey Whittaker)
                                                                                        FEBRUARY 2009

ACTION ITEM: Compare 6011 and 6012 to core checklist AC7119 and /1 and send to PRI Staff. (Dewey
Whittaker, DUE DATE: March 16, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: Align AC7119, /1, and /2 with new changes to 6013. Meet with 2 weeks after IPC/APEX.
(Sub-Team, DUE DATE: July 13-17, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: PRI to schedule Sub-Team meeting. April 13 is tentative date. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE:
March 16, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: PRI to schedule the Sub-Team follow-up meeting one month after. May 11 is tentative
date. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: March 16, 2009)
ACTION ITEM: PRI to schedule 2 Sub-Team follow up meeting one month after. June 8 is tentative date.
(PRI Staff, DUE DATE: March 16, 2009)

             PBA (Rich Rowe – not present)
                Refer to AC7120 discussion and below.
                Checklist AC7120 Rev. A draft ready for ballot, pending PRI staff clean-up action from

ACTION ITEM: Checklist to be modified for formatting and grammatical errors. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE:
March 23, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: ETG to respond with comments (ETG, DUE DATE: March 30, 2009)

ACTION ITEM: PRI staff to schedule telecon to review comments, if necessary. April 20 is tentative date. If
no comments, then cancel telecon and ready for ballot. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: March 16, 2009)

              AQS (Dewey Whittaker)
                Update from AQS meeting. Dewey Whittaker will continue to support AQS and action
                   issues from the AQS RAIL, and bring back to the ETG when necessary.

ACTION ITEM: Sub-Teams to define all current projects and capture in one place for potential new Sub-
Team members. (Sub-Teams, DUE DATE: April 27, 2009)

        Sub-Team Champions discussed. No changes are necessary to current leads / champions.

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to resend MS Project file that includes actions and timelines of the ETG. (PRI
Staff, DUE DATE: 15 of every month)

ACTION ITEM: PRI Staff to investigate methods of capturing historical data and previous discussions for
easy access to new members for questions that arise. (PRI Staff, DUE DATE: April 27, 2009)

        Top NCR Discussions/checklist interpretation issues/Supplier testimonials. Cortec discussed
        specific audit issues, allowed by Chairperson. No other Suppliers present. Question was asked to
        review top NCR data. PRI Staff showed a presentation created for NDT and indicated that a similar
        that a similar approach would be used for ETG.

ADJOURNMENT – Thursday, February 29, 2009 – Meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Minutes Prepared by:
        Richard Rumas      Honeywell Aerospace      richard.rumas@honeywell.com
        Jim Bennett        PRI                      jbennett@sae.org
        Stan Revers        PRI                      srevers@sae.org

                                                                      FEBRUARY 2009

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