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					Plymouth County Development Council/
    Convention & Visitors Bureau

          Annual Report

       P        ounty
        lymouth C
             History is Just the Beginning
 Plymouth County Development Council/
     Convention & Visitors Bureau

Board of Directors                           ‘02 - ‘03

President, Jack B. Meehl, Jr.                            Stephen Smith
Senior Vice President of Business Banking                Executive Director, S R P E D D
Abington Savings Bank
                                                         David Tarantino
Vice President, Albert Asiaf                             Manager of Nuclear Information, Entergy
Consultant, Massasoit Community College
                                                         Kenneth Tavares
Clerk, Betty Mizaras                                     Business Development Officer,
President, Mizaras Realty                                Security Federal Savings Bank

Treasurer, Roberta Otto                                  Mary Waldron
General Manager, Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra         Community Entrepreneur, Brockton Public Schools

Ex-officio (past president), Paul J. Durgin              Charles Wall
Vice President, Jack Conway & Co.                        President, Massasoit Community College

Andrew Babb Sr.
Representative, NASE Member Services                     County Commissioners
                                                         Chairman, John P Riordan, Jr.
Robert R. Bradley, Jr.                                   Peter G. Asiaf, Jr.
Manager, Pilgrim Sands Motel
                                                         Timothy McMullen
Nancy Brennan
Executive Director, Plimoth Plantation
                                                         County Treasurer
William Catania
Vice President, John Carver Inn                                .
                                                         John F McLellan

Bonnie Coughlin
Regional Director of Public Affairs, Verizon             Staff
John Otis Drew                                           Patrick Apel
Vice President, AD Makepeace Co.                         Executive Director

Dave Echols                                              Ilene Berger
General Manager, Brockton Rox                            Information Center Managing Director

John Greene                                              Phyllis Cahoon
Director of Transportation & Planning,                   Office Manager
Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Co.
                                                         Paula Fisher
Stephen Hall                                             Marketing Manager
Vice President of Business Services,
Massachusetts Electric                                   Janet Ramsay
                                                         Advertising and Group Sales Manager
John T. Hayes
Senior Vice President, Rockland Trust Co.                Natalie Tringale
James Hoppensteadt
General Manager, Radisson Hotel Plymouth Harbor
Thomas Jaeger
Proprietor, Best Western Cold Spring                     Address: 32 Court Street, Plymouth, MA 02360
                                                         Phone: 508.747.0100
Jean Johnson
President, Associated Business Consultants               Fax: 508.747.3118
Amarjit Khera                                            Web:
General Manager, Holiday Inn Express
Albert Saunders
President, Pinewood Lodge Campground
A Message From The President...
                                             Financially, PCDC faced some serious
                                             setbacks and uncertainties this year.
                                             However, with the strong political
                                             support of our area legislators and the
                                             county commissioners chaired by John R.
                                             Riordan, Jr., we managed to maintain
                                             adequate levels of funding that will
                                             continue to allow PCDC/CVB to do
                                             its job in promoting tourism and
                                             economic development.

                                             Private sector support for PCDC/CVB
                                             remains remarkably strong, a testament
                                             to the marketing opportunities and
As my tenure as your President comes         partnerships with other non-profits that
to an end this fall, I reflect on the many   have made PCDC/CVB a success for
successes and challenges PCDC/CVB            more than 30 years.
faced over the last several years. Given
the continued economic slowdown, fears       In closing, I’d like to thank the wonderful
of terrorism, SARS, and other negative       political leaders we are lucky to have
factors impacting tourism and economic       representing those districts within
development in general, Plymouth             Plymouth County. Several have been very
County Development Council has               active in their work on behalf of
adapted to the changing realities of         PCDC/CVB, including Senator Therese
the marketplace.                             Murray, Rep. Vinny DeMacedo, and Rep.
                                             Tom O’Brien. I would also like to
Plymouth County continues to grow at         thank, Jack Riordan, Chairman of the
a pace faster than most of Massachusetts.    Plymouth County Commissioners for
As a result, PCDC/CVB developed new          his continued support.
programming and initiatives designed to
market Plymouth County as a desirable        Last, but not least, I’d like to thank
place to visit and do business. The          my fellow Board of Directors for
Plymouth County Relocation Guide             volunteering their time to PCDC, the
is one example, giving real estate           outstanding professional staff, and you
professionals and developers a marketing     the membership, who have sustained this
publication providing key information and    organization through your commitment
town data on all of Plymouth County.         and involvement.

Another area of success is the creation      Jack B. Meehl, Jr.
of the Plymouth County Business              President, Plymouth County Development
Forums. The brainchild of Jack Conway,       Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
these forums have grown increasingly
popular among key business leaders.
The forums provide an opportunity for
leaders to interact and learn from their
peers. The Business Forums are just one
of the many legacies I am proud to have
been a part of here at PCDC.                 Leadership
                                                                       Annual Report 1
A Message From The Executive Director...
                                                            has a top tier destination web site that
                                                            represents all of Plymouth County.

                                                            Another roller coaster ride altogether has
                                                            been the goings on of our Information
                                                            Center on Route 3, exit 5. Ilene Berger,
                                                            Managing Director of the Center and I
                                                            were given notice that the existing
                                                            Information Center would be torn down
                                                            to make way for a McDonald’s. PCDC
                                                            has joined McDonald’s in a marketing
                                                            arrangement whereby tourism
                                                            information and marketing displays will
                                                            be maintained by PCDC. Further, staff
As a child I used to love riding roller                     from PCDC will be on site to provide
coasters. The sudden shifts, dramatic                       the traveling public assistance with
turns and accelerations were a thrill. This                 accommodations, attractions
year has been a roller coaster ride of sorts                and directions.
for PCDC. Starting with a slow moving
economy in the travel and tourism sector,                   One of the most uncertain aspects of this
SARS, war and continued fears of                            fiscal year was the outcome of the state’s
terrorism, we managed to adapt, shift and                   budget crisis and its impact on PCDC.
even accelerate new marketing programs.                     Support from our Plymouth County
And yet, despite world events and the                       delegation was key to sustaining our
overall economy, Plymouth County                            funding. In particular, I want to thank
continues to grow at a remarkable pace.                     Senator Therese Murray, Representatives
                                                            Vinny DeMacedo and Tom O’Brien for
Partnering with New England Cable                           their assistance, advice, and advocacy.
News, PCDC aired television
commercials designed to showcase                            As always, I want to thank the wonderful
Plymouth County both as a premier                           staff of professionals here at PCDC which
historic and golfing destination. As travel                 includes: Ilene Berger, Information Center
habits changed, so did PCDC’s marketing                     Manager; Phyllis Cahoon, my right-hand
plans. Less resources were concentrated                     on budget, accounting and office
overseas and redirected to the drive                        management; Paula Fisher, the marketing
markets of the Mid-Atlantic and our                         and public relations extraordinaire; and
fellow New England states. Billboard                        finally Janet Ramsay, who makes the
campaigns were designed for in-state                        advertising wheels churn here at PCDC.
awareness and Plymouth County
sponsored weather and traffic reports
                                                            Patrick Apel
in several markets including New York,
                                                            Executive Director, Plymouth County
Massachusetts and Connecticut.
                                                            Development Council/Convention &
                                                            Visitors Bureau
The largest achievement this fiscal year is
our new web site,
The design, content and updating of this
project took over six months to complete.
Thankfully, as we move forward, PCDC                        Advocacy
2 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Business Development

                      Rewarding Corporate Citizenship
                                                             Since 1991, the following
                                                             companies have been
                                                             honored with Corporate
                                                             Citizen of the Year Awards:

                                                             2002    Shaw’s
                                                             2001    Jordan Hospital
                                                             2000    Rockland Trust
Pictured left to right are: Doug Philipsen, Chairman & CEO
Rockland Trust; General Richard "Butch" Neal, Ret. USMC;
                                                             1999    Cadete
Dan Leonard, Shaw’s Supermarkets; Jack Meehl Jr.,                    Enterprises
President, PCDC.
                                                             1998    Adelphia
Since 1984, Plymouth County Development Council has                  Communications
presented an annual Corporate Citizen Award. The
Award is given to recognize companies located in             1997    Battelle
Plymouth County that demonstrate a strong commitment         1996    Jack Conway &
to the communities where they conduct business.                      Company
Doug Philipsen, Chairman and CEO of Rockland Trust
                                                             1995     .A.
                                                                     P Landers, Inc.
and retired Marine Corps General Richard “Butch” Neal
presented this year’s award to Shaw’s Supermarkets.          1994    KAO Infosystems
Reinvesting in the communities in which they serve is a      1993    SEMASS
way of life for Shaw’s management and staff. Shaw’s has              Partnership
made significant contributions to the Library Building
Committee Project in Brockton, and they recently             1992    Wearguard
contributed $1 million to create the regional conference
                                                             1991    Pilgrim Health
center at Campanelli Stadium located in the city of
Brockton. Shaw’s and their employees are also active
                                                                     Care, Inc.
in local charitable giving campaigns.
In fact, Shaw’s employees have contributed over
$2 million to the Old Colony United Way. In addition,
Shaw’s continues to be a major corporate sponsor for the
East Bridgewater YMCA, and the Brockton Rox,
a newly-formed independent league professional
baseball team.
Also, in a partnership with the Boston Celtics, Shaw’s
employees recently completed a volunteer reading
program for Brockton Public Schools.

                                                                                Annual Report 3
Business Development

                                                         Plymouth County
                                                         Business Forums
                                                         Feature Top Executives
                                                         in 2002-2003
                                                         In an effort for business leaders to
                                                         exchange ideas and learn more
                                                         about the diverse businesses that
                                                         continue to thrive in Plymouth
                                                         County, PCDC held five Business
                                                         Forums in 2002-2003 featuring
                                                         some of the most influential
                                                         business people in the County.

                                                         The brainchild of Jack Conway,
                                                         Chairman of Jack Conway &
                                                         Company, the speaker series
                                                         gathers over 60 senior
                                                         executives every quarter.

                      Annual Meeting 2002-2003
                                                                       On September 30,
                                                                       2002, General
                                                                       Richard “Butch”
                                                                       Neal, Ret. United
                                                                       States Marine
                                                                       Corps addressed
                                                                       180 members and
                                                                       guests at the
                                                                       Annual Meeting
                                                                       held at the Clarion
                                                                       Nantasket Beach
                                                                       Hotel in Hull.

 Pictured left to right are: Doug Philipsen, Chairman & CEO
 Rockland Trust; General Richard "Butch" Neal, Ret. USMC; John
 Reilly, Selectman, Town of Hull; Jack Meehl Jr., President, PCDC.

4 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
                                                                     PCDC celebrates the
                                                                     20th Anniversary of
                                                                     hosting The Annual
                                                                     Transportation Breakfast
                                                                     sponsored by Citizens Bank.

                                                                     150 civic leaders, transit
Pictured left to right are: Patrick Apel, PCDC/CVB; John Cogliano,
Massachusetts Highway Commissioner; Jack B. Meehl, Jr., PCDC/CVB;
                                                                     gurus and business people
Therese Murray, State Senator; Michael Bulman, Citizens Bank; and    gathered on Tuesday
Dennis Dizoglio, MBTA.                                               February 11, 2003 at the
                                                                     Radisson Hotel, Plymouth
                                                                     Harbor to hear from
                                                                     Massachusetts Highway
                                                                     Commissioner John
                                                                     Cogliano, State Senator
                                                                     Therese Murray and Dennis
                                                                     Dizoglio of the MBTA.

                                                                     Discussions at this year’s
                                                                     annual breakfast included
                                                                     the Route 44 relocation
                                                                     project, widening of Route 3,
                                                                     the River Street Bridge in
                                                                     Plymouth, and the MBTA’s
Pictured left to right are: Jack B. Meehl, Jr., PCDC/CVB; Dennis     Greenbush line.
Dizoglio, MBTA; and John Cogliano, State Highway Commissioner.

                                                                                      Annual Report 5
Business Development

                             The Renaissance Award

      Pictured left to right: Larry Pizer, Chair of Renaissance Award Committee; Ted Pratt,
      President, Mayflower Cooperative Bank; Jean Scarborough, President, Cranberry
      Country Chamber of Commerce; Jack Meehl Jr., President, PCDC.

    The Renaissance Award was                              Winners of the 2002
    established by PCDC in 1977                            Renaissance Award include:
    to recognize the outstanding                           Rockland Trust
    achievement in the rehabilitation                      for their renovation of the
    and revitalization of commercial                       Rockland Trust branch in
    and industrial property in                             Pembroke Center
    Plymouth County.
                                                           The Town of Halifax
    To be eligible, a project must be                      for their renovation of the
    a rehabilitated structure that is at                   Police Station
    least 50 years old, and exterior                       The Mayflower
    renovations should be consistent                       Cooperative Bank
    with the historical character and                      for their renovation of the
    aesthetics of the community and                        Mayflower Cooperative Bank
    Plymouth County.                                       branch in downtown Middleboro

6 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
                 Business Advocacy & Marketing
PCDC/CVB provides ongoing technical and financial assistance to help industrial
development commissions and chambers of commerce promote development.

Plymouth County
Business Updates
Thanks to our ongoing relationship with Rockland Trust,
PCDC is able to produce quarterly Business Updates
which highlight economic trends and figures relating to
the overall economy of Plymouth County. In addition,
short “updates” are provided regarding people, businesses
and development news.

Plymouth County
Business Review
Featuring news from around the county, the PCBR has
become a popular magazine for business and legislative
leaders. Some highlights of this year’s features included
Talbots introduction of a men’s clothing line, Workforce
Development in Plymouth County, the renovation of the
Memorial Building in Plymouth, and Pembroke’s historic
Iron Mill.

                                                                     Annual Report 7
Tourism Development

                    “Local Option” Hotel Tax Revenues

                                                                                                                     A: Less than $2,000
                                                                                                                     B: $2,000 - $3,996
                                                                                                                     C: $4,000 - $15,996
                                                                                                                     NA: no taxes received

        City/Town         1996            1997           1998           1999           2000            2001             2002

      Brockton         $157,916        $149,048       $213,248       $225,424       $322,480        $413,852         $424,336
      Hull                  A              A              C              C              C               C                C
      Kingston         $39,128         $31,096        $95,680        $37,312        $37,016             C                C
      Lakeville           NA              NA             NA             NA             NA              NA               NA
      Marshfield        $5,856          $8,004         $9,984        $11,040        $11,440         $11,500          $10,732
      Middleboro        $99,016         $93,812       $109,840       $119,324       $131,032        $147,344         $132,692
      Plymouth         $331,540        $345,940       $362,496       $395,796       $426,936        $518,476         $467,432
      Rockland         $197,356        $207,968       $272,624       $261,396       $282,020        $298,532         $230,268
      Wareham          $17,068         $19,296        $19,296         $9,648         $21,832         $38,244          $19,816
      Whitman              C               C              C              B             NA              NA               NA

       Source: Massachusetts Department of Revenue Compiled by: Plymouth County Development Council. Reflects data
       reported by towns.

            Plymouth County Hotel Occupancy Rates
                                                                                                    Tourism Goals
                                                                                                    Increase total room nights
                                                                                                    in the County.
                                                                                                    Increase total
                                                                                                    visitor expenditures.
                                                                                                    Increase the number of
                                                                                                    consumer and group
                                                                                                    inquiries about
                                                                                                    Plymouth County.
                                                                                                    Increase the number
                                                                                                    of tourism related jobs in
                                                                                                    Plymouth County.
                                                                                                    Drive traffic to the

     Source: Plymouth County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

8 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
              Massachusetts Tourist Information Center
                                                                   be the first site to be redeveloped by the
                                                                   Division of Capitol Asset Management.
                                                                   Plymouth County CVB has partnered
                                                                   with McDonald’s to handle all tourist
                                                                   information and brochure distribution
                                                                   in the redeveloped facility scheduled for
                                                                   opening in January of 2004.

                                                                   Extended hours of operation continued in
                                                                   fiscal ‘03 and visitor numbers to the
   At left: Ann Comeau provides information to                     Information Center continue to increase
   area visitors.                                                  (see below) as P&B Buses and the Greater
                                                                   Attleboro Regional Transit Authority use
  The Route 3, Exit 5 Information Center                           the center as an inter-modal hub.
  continues to be a gateway for visitors coming
  to Plymouth County and Cape Cod. Though                          Once again, thanks to the efforts of State
  its lease was terminated, plans were made to                     Senator Therese Murray (D), Plymouth and
  redevelop the site to include a McDonald’s,                      the Massachusetts Office of Travel &
  a convenience store and a donut shop. In                         Tourism, the Information Center received an
  cooperation with the Cape Cod Chamber of                         extended hours/deficit reduction grant of
  Commerce, the Information Center will                            $63,616 in fiscal year 2003.

                       Information Center Visitor Levels
         Attendance at the
        Information Center
 continues to increase with
  more than 1.184 million
people visiting the Route 3,
           exit 5 Rest Stop.

   The Information Center
   has accommodated over
one million visitors for five
         consecutive years.

                                          Source: Plymouth County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

                                                                                                  Annual Report 9
    Tourism Development

Hospitality Award
PCDC/CVB annually nominates a recipient for a
regional Hospitality Award at the Massachusetts
Governor’s Conference on Travel & Tourism.
Since 1991, the following have received this
prestigious award:

2003 Ann Comeau, Massachusetts Information Center
2002 John Galluzzo, Scituate Historical Society
2001 Robert Bradley, Pilgrim Sands Motel
2000 Ted Curtin, Plymouth Antiquarian Society
1999 Noreen Wenger, Pilgrim Hall Museum
1998 Richard Porter, Thermometer Museum
1997 Willie Galletti, Cranberry World Visitors Center
1996 Ilene Berger, Massachusetts Information Center
1995 Margaret Spalluzzi, Plimoth Plantation                      Pictured left to right are: Patrick Apel,
                                                                 PCDC/CVB; Kerry Healey, Massachusetts Lt.
1994 Edna Bowers, Fuller Museum of Art                           Governor; Ann Comeau, Massachusetts
1993 Florence Martin, 1749 Court House                           Information Center.
1992 Kathleen Laidlaw, Scituate Historical Society
1991 David Wiley, Captain John Boats

                                           Non-profit Support
In addition to ongoing public relations and marketing activities, PCDC/CVB
provides financial assistance to programs designed to increase business and tourism
in Plymouth County. The following is a list of organizations that received technical
and/or financial assistance in the 2002 fiscal year:
Art Complex Museum, Duxbury             Massasoit Community College,          Plymouth
                                        Brockton                              Philharmonic
Back Roads of the South Shore                                                 Orchestra
                                        Mattapoisett Historical Society
Brockton Historical Society                                                   Scituate Historical
                                        Mayflower Society, Plymouth           Society
Brockton Symphony Orchestra
                                        Metro South Chamber of                South Shore Antique Dealers,
Duxbury Rural & Historical Society      Commerce, Brockton                    Pembroke
East Bridgewater Business               Opera-tunity, Halifax                 South Shore Art Center, Cohasset
                                        Pembroke Arts Festival
Fort Revere Park, Hull
                                        Pembroke Historical Society
Friends of Flying Santa, Hull
                                        Plymouth Area Chamber of
Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton          Commerce
Hull Lifesaving Museum                  Plymouth Guild
10 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
     Tourism Development: Community and Beyond

        Trade Shows, Sales Missions & Conferences
Plymouth County continued to sustain a visible presence at select domestic
and international trade shows and sales missions during the 2002 fiscal year.

Shows included:
  August 5-7, 2002, CT
The Big E, Eastern States Exposition
  September 19, 2002, Springfield MA
NTA Annual Convention & Exchange
  November 8-13, 2002, LA CA
World Travel Market
 November 11-13, 2002, London UK
5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner
  November 28, 2002, Milan Italy
4-Day, 4-City Traveling Road Show
  December 1-5, 2002, Italy
Cultural Tourism Council
  January 13, 2003, Worcester MA
ABA Annual Marketplace                        World Travel Market, Discover New England
  February 1-6 , 2003, Indianapolis IN        Booth, September 2002.
Annual Plymouth Area Chamber of
Commerce Tourism Forum
  March 6, 2003, MA
”A Taste of Massachusetts”
  March 11-14, 2003, LA &
  San Francisco CA
Governor’s Conference on
Travel & Tourism
   April 1-2, 2003, Boston MA
Annual Discover New England Summit
  April 28-30, 2003, CT                  Pictured left to right at World Travel Market are:
First Annual North American Travel       Surinder Manku, Cellet PR; Joan Beard, Discover
Journalists Association’s Conference     New England; Paula Fisher, PCCVB; Tara Rendon,
& Marketplace
   May 14 , 2003, Newport RI
Tourism Day
  May 14, 2003, State House MA
35th Annual International POW WOW
  May 17-22, 2003, St. Louis, MO
New York City Marketplace
  June 12, 2003, New York City NY

                                                                               Annual Report 11
Tourism Development

                            ‘03 Marketing Summary
Despite a continued economic slump, war, terrorist fears, bad weather and the outbreak
of SARS, Plymouth County showed remarkable resilience as a tourist destination in
fiscal ‘03. Hotel occupancy increased and rates remained stable. For example, occupancy
in October 2002 was up 11.3% versus the same month in ‘01. In January, Plymouth
County showed the largest spike in business for the entire state with a 21% increase in
occupancy versus a year earlier. In May, despite the never-ending rain and overall bad
weather, occupancy was up 7.8%. (Figures based on research provided by Smith Travel
Research on 1206 rooms)
However, a major challenge was encouraging our private sector not to reduce or give up
on marketing programs that match the 1038 grant. Nevertheless, because of the
economic climate, some members reduced significantly the amount of money devoted to
marketing and advertising which, in turn, impacted our participation levels.
As predicting travel behavior became a maddening
mind game, a few trends seem to become clear.
First, as in the previous year, more people were
traveling by car. Airport security delays, airline
solvency issues, and a desire for people to stay closer
to home are factors. Fortunately, Plymouth County
has a large population to draw upon that is within
driving distance. Those markets include other New
England states, and the Mid-Atlantic as well.
Second, many families and school groups were
avoiding high-profile urban destinations and
choosing secondary destinations instead. Plymouth
County did benefit from an upsurge in school groups
this spring from areas that canceled planned trips to
New York and Washington DC.
Finally, consumer confidence continued to sway as
unemployment rates rose and job security remained a
concern for many. Thus, consumers have held back
making travel plans and are making more “last-minute” decisions where to travel.
Value-starved and cost-conscious, consumers are looking for deals.

12 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
Marketing Developments
In China, 2003 may have been the Year of the Ram,
but for PCDC/CVB it was the year of the Web.               Interstate 90 billboard
Making a major investment to overhaul our web site, Plymouth County unveiled, With a new URL, and a professionally-designed site, Plymouth County
has begun to lay the ground work for aggressive on-line marketing programs in the future. A
billboard was purchased in the fall of 2002, and again in the spring of 2003, along the Mass Pike
(featured above) to begin the branding process.

With over 390,000 hits in the 6 months since its launch, is sure to gain
exposure and usage as the premier site for visitor information in Plymouth County. Also, was officially launched in the spring of 2003. Recent media coverage of
the site allowed for a jump in visitation. June recorded 14,357 visitors to

Golf Marketing
Plymouth County has over 27 public access golf courses, many of which are of championship
quality. In June of 2003, the editor of Golf Magazine featured Plymouth as a golf destination ideal
for families. Aggressive public relations and marketing activities included: integrating golf as a
featured product among all PCDC/CVB marketing campaigns, producing a Plymouth County Golf
Guide, developing a special web site entitled,, and developing a television
commercial which aired on New England Cable News in May of 2003.

                                                   New Advertising
                                                   G Full page:
                                                     Good Housekeeping
                                                   G Pre-Print, fall insert
                                                   G USA Weekend
                                                   G New England Cable
                                                     News Channel
                                                                               2003 Meetings East Guide
                                                                               full page advertisement

                                                   Collateral Materials
                                                   Collateral material along with advertising
                                                   shifted in fiscal ‘03 to reflect the renewed
                                                   emphasis of driving traffic to the web site.
                                                   All creative decisions focused on designing
                                                   an advertising and collateral “look” that is
                                                   consistent with the creative design of
                                                   the web site. (See above left.)
                                                   G Vacation Guide
                                                   G Television Commercial
               2003 collateral materials           G Golf Guide

                                                                                  Annual Report 13
Tourism Development

Public Relations
PCDC/CVB worked closely this year with the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism,
Discover New England, Massport and their respective public relations firms nationally
and internationally to attract the finest journalists and tour operators to Plymouth
County. The following are the recorded FAM trips for fiscal year ‘03:

  Date                  Type                 Number               Sponsor   Country

  July 17               TV                   3                    MOTT      Germany
  July 31               Student              20                   MOTT      Japan
  September 5           Study Tour           10                   MOTT      Germany
  September 16          Incentive            7                    MOTT      Germany
  September 16          TV                   10                   MOTT      Central America
  September 26          Newspaper            2                    MOTT      US
  October 3             Newspaper            1                    MOTT      Canada
  October 5             Photo/journalist     2                    MOTT      Ger/Aus/Swit
  October 7             Education            1                    MOTT      Germany
  October 12            Magazine             2                    MOTT      Italy
  October 19            TV                   4                    MOTT      UK
  October 13            Newspaper            1                    MOTT      UK
  October 19            TV                   3                    MOTT      UK
  October 22            TV                   NA                   MOTT      US
  October 29            Tour Co              NA                   MOTT      US
  November 16           Magazine             3                    MOTT      France
  November 16           Radio                1                    MOTT      US
  November 18           Concierge            20                   MOTT      US
  November 19           Press                8                    MOTT      Germany
  November 20           TV                   1                    MOTT      Germany
  November 26           Press                8                    MOTT      Hong Kong
  December 8            Tour Operators       6                    MOTT      UK
  April 16              Press                4                    MOTT      US
  April 24              Press                1                    MOTT      UK
  May 5                 Press                2                    MOTT      US
  June 20               TV                   NA                   MOTT      US
  June 26               Tour Operator        3                    MOTT      UK

14 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
      PCDC Membership                                       Comfort Inn, Rockland
           Fiscal Year 2002                                   Community Bank
                                                         *Compass Brochure Displays
                                                          Conway Insurance Agency
     Corporate Sponsors                                     *Country Squire Tours
             Citizens Bank                         Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce
             Compass Bank                            Crowley Marquis GMAC Real Estate
           John Carver Inn                                 *CTM Brochure Display
    Massachusetts Electric Company                             Cushing Center
     Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
          Plimoth Plantation                                          D
      Rockland Trust Company                              Days Inn, Middleborough
        Sullivan Tire Company                             Decas, Murray & Decas
       Verizon Communications                              Destination Plymouth
                                                          Duxbury Art Association
    General Membership                                Duxbury Rural & Historical Society

                      A                                               E
  A Beachside B&B at Ellisville Harbor                 East Bridgewater Business Assoc.
         A.D. Makepeace Co.                                      Edaville USA
        Abington Savings Bank                               Edwards, A.G. & Sons
      Alden Kindred of America                               *Emilio’s Restaurant
       Allied Personnel Services                            Energy Machinery, Inc.
           Andy Lynn Boats                                          Entergy
         Art Complex Museum                                Enterprise Publishing Co.
    Associated Business Consultants                         Enterprise Rent-a-Car
        *Atlantic Country Club                       Estabrook & Chamberlain Insurance

                      B                                               F
            Babb Sr., Andrew                              Fall River Historical Society
              Barker Tavern                                      Flax Pond Farm
        Battleship Massachusetts                          Flynn, Daniel J. & Company
       Bearce, William C. Agency                    Fort Revere Park & Preservation Society
        Best Western Cold Spring                             Friends of Flying Santa
           Blue Spruce Motel                            Friends of the Paragon Carousel
Boston South/Middleboro/Plymouth KOA                         Fuller Museum of Art
       Bridgewater Savings Bank                                       G
       Bridgewater State College                              *Golf Plymouth
            *Bridgewaye Inn                           Governor Bradford on the Harbour
           Brockton Hospital                           Granite City Electric Company
              Brockton Rox
     Brockton Symphony Orchestra
       Brookfield Engineering Lab                                     H
         Buttonwood Park Zoo                           Hannon/Ryan Insurance Agency
                                                       Hanover Chamber of Commerce
                                                               Hanover Mall
                      C                                  Happy Trails Historic Tours
  Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of                        Hockomock Association
               Commerce                                  Holiday Inn, Metro South
*Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association
                                                      Holiday Inn Express, Rockland
        Cape Cod Custom Tours
                                                          Hull Lifesaving Museum
          Captain John Boats
                                                    Hull-Nantasket Chamber of Commerce
    Clarion Nantasket Beach Hotel
                                                              Hy-Line Cruises
         Coffin’s Ghost Theatre
        Coler & Colantonio, Inc
       *Colonial House Inn, The                                        I
      Colonial Lantern Tours, Inc.                            Independence Mall
        Comfort Inn, Plymouth                                Inn at Plymouth Bay

   *Denotes a new member as of fiscal year 2003.

                                                                             Annual Report 15
              Inn at Scituate Harbor                              Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway
                                                                      Plymouth Antiquarian Society
                          J                                          Plymouth Antiques Trading Co.
               J.D. Cordage LLC                                 Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce
              Jack Conway & Co.                                         Plymouth Colony Winery
                Jenney Grist Mill                                            Plymouth Guide
             JMB Communications                                              Plymouth Guild
      Jones River Village Historical Society                        Plymouth National Wax Museum
                 Jordan Hospital                                   Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra
                                                              *Plymouth Regional Economic Development
                                                                             Foundation, Inc.
                          K                                              Plymouth Savings Bank
                    Kelly, Brooks                                      *Poquoy Brook Golf Course
                                                                         Project Arts of Plymouth
                   Lobster Hut                                                      Q
                  Lobster Tales                                               Quincy College
               Lorenzo’s Restaurant
                         M                                        *Radisson Hotel, Plymouth Harbor
  Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences                            Radisson Hotel, Rockland
           *Marion Golf Course                                      Remembrance Bed & Breakfast
         Mark Johnston Associates                            *Residence Inn by Marriott, Boston/Brockton
               Marshfield Fair                                        *River Bend Country Club
    Mass. Division of Fisheries & Wildlife                         Rockland Chamber of Commerce
     Massachusetts Tourist Info Center                                  Rockland Golf Course
       Massasoit Community College                                 Rogers & Gray Insurance Agency
      Mattapoisett Historical Society
        Mayflower Bed & Breakfast
             Mayflower Society                                                       S
    Metro South Chamber of Commerce                                       *1749 Courthouse
     Middleborough Office of Economic                              Sam Diego’s Mexican Cookery
                Development                                           Sandy Pond Campground
               Mizaras Realty                                        Scituate Historical Society
                                                                   *Security Federal Savings Bank
                         N                                          South Shore Antique Dealers
           North River Arts Society                                    South Shore Art Center
         Norwell Chamber of Commerce                         Southeastern Regional Planning & Economic
                                                                        Development District
                                                                 South Shore Natural Science Center
                         O                                           *Southers Marsh Golf Club
           Oceanside Inn of Scituate                                    Standish Oil Company
          Old Colony Planning Council                            Symphony Hollow Bed & Breakfast
            Old Colony United Way
             *Olde Scotland Links
              On Cranberry Pond
             Onset Bay Association                                      Tedeschi Realty Corporation
                 Opera-Tunity                                             Thibeault, E.J. CPA, P .C.
                                                                              Tour Trends Ltd.
                                                                           Triffletti & Costa, P.C.
              Pembroke Arts Festival
             Pembroke Country Club                                                  W
           Pembroke Historical Society                                 Wareham Village Association
                  Peters Pond Park                                              WATD-FM
               Pilgrim Hall Museum                                        Waverly Oaks Golf Club
          Pilgrim John Howland Society                                     Weathervane Seafoods
                Pilgrim Sands Motel                                   West Bridgewater Business Assoc.
                *Pinehills Golf Club                                      Whispering Oaks Motel
                    Pinehills, The                                     White Swan Bed & Breakfast
          Pinewood Lodge Campground                                    Winthrop Printing Company
      *Denotes a new member as of fiscal year 2003.

16 Plymouth County Development Council/Convention & Visitors Bureau
Plymouth County Development Council, Inc.

Statement of Activities
Year Ended June 30, 2003
(With comparative totals for 2002)

                                                         County                    1038
                                                       Development Information     MOTT       2003        2002
                                                         Council      Center       Grant      Total       Total

  Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism (MOTT)         -          $61,157     $331,588   $392,745    $415,839
  County of Plymouth                                   $114,891        -            -       $114,891    $110,784
Program participation                                  $373,498      $68,070        -       $441,568    $470,811
Membership dues                                         $29,653        -            -        $29,653     $29,815
Bus ticket commissions                                    -           $6,735        -         $6,735     $19,173
Vending receipts, net of vending supplies of $12,710
and $15,233 for 2002 and 2001 respectively                -          $15,888        -        $15,888     $19,326
Other income                                             $1,412       $2,415        -         $3,827     $12,414
Interest income                                          $2,424        -             $108     $2,532      $4,636

Total Revenues                                         $521,878     $154,265     $331,696 $1,007,839 $1,082,798

Program expenses:
 Advertising and promotion                             $293,580        $608      $308,932   $603,120    $635,036
 Program wages and benefits                             $96,835     $153,096        -       $249,931    $275,598
Support expenses:
 Management wages and benefits                          $93,790      $10,315        -       $104,105    $112,434
 Other operating expenses                               $29,423      $24,499      $22,764    $76,686     $99,526

Total Expenses                                         $513,628     $188,518     $331,696 $1,033,842 $1,122,594

Change in Unrestricted Net Assets                        $8,250     ($34,253)       -       ($26,003)    ($39,796)

Unrestricted Net Assets, beginning of year             $164,700     $128,629        -       $293,329    ($333,125)

Unrestricted Net Assets, end of year                   $172,950      $94,376        -       $267,326    $293,329

                                                                                                Annual Report 17
The Plymouth County Development Council/Convention &
Visitors Bureau is a non-profit promotional agency established
in 1972 “to promote and advertise the recreational, industrial,
agricultural and historical advantages of Plymouth County.”

PCDC/CVB is a regional organization which crosses town
boundaries providing an impact far greater than the sum of its
parts. It represents an effort not only to attract visitors and
businesses to Plymouth County but also to develop and expand
existing business resources.

It is a cooperative effort, providing equal resources not only to
the relative giants of local industry but also to small business
and non-profit organizations that contribute significantly to the
region’s economy and quality of life.

Define positive and unique features of the region.

Create partnerships with public, private and non-profit groups.

Market regional assets to selected prospects.

Monitor and promote the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

Develop local and regional pride and awareness.

Recognize outstanding leadership in the business community.

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