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									                        Microbiology Laboratory MCB 2010L
                               Session II, Spring 2009

Instructor: Albert Dang, MPH
Office: DE 442B-1
Office Phone: (727) 712-5498 office
              (562) 356-7513 cell
E-mail address: dang.albert@spcollege.edu
Office Hours: Posted on Office Door

Lab Manual: Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology, (2002) by G. Bohm and D.K. Roy,
Pearson Custom Publishing.

Course Description: The student will learn to identify and characterize microorganisms
using cytological, biochemical and molecular biological techniques. Corequisite: MCB

Class Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 5:30-6:45 P.M. and 8:25-9:40 P.M., DE 437

Active Participation/Attendance: Successful completion of this course requires
consistent and punctual class attendance. Laboratory experiments are prepared and
performed on the scheduled class day and cannot be made up. Active participation in this
course means that a student has not missed more than four lab classes, and has taken all
scheduled exams. The last day for YOU to voluntary withdraw with a grade of “W” is
March 25, 2009. Active participation in the course is required to avoid being withdrawn
from the course as well as the corequisite lecture with a “WF”.

Withdrawal: If you decide to withdraw from the course, you must fill out the
appropriate withdrawal form or withdraw on line. The last day to withdraw and receive a
grade of “W” is March 25, 2009. *Note: Some universities interpret “W”, “X”, and “I”,
as “F”s when calculating grade point averages.

Examinations: Fifteen-minute pre-lab quizzes comprised of short-answer and multiple-
choice questions will be given periodically at the start of the class. These quizzes are
intended to encourage you to prepare for each lab. Lab reports will be collected at the end
of each exercise. The identification of bacterial unknowns will replace a mid-term
practical. The final examination will consist of a practical, as well as completion and
short answer questions.

Makeup Examinations: Makeup laboratory examinations will not be administrated
except in the event of an unforeseen emergency. You will be asked to provide written
documentation which can be verified.
Semester Grade: The laboratory grade will be determined as follows:

Quizzes: 25 %
Lab reports: 25 %
Unknowns: 20 %
Final exam: 30 %

Grade proficiency will be as follows: A = 90 - 100 % B = 80 - 89 % C = 70 - 79 %
D = 60 - 69 %
F = Less than 60 %

Equipment: A lab drawer will be assigned to you. You are responsible for the equipment
that is checked out to you. You will be charged for any lost or broken items. You must
purchase protective glasses or goggles by the second lab session. Goggles or protective
glasses must be worn whenever you are using a flame.

Students may not change from credit to audit status after the end of the first week of

The use of cell phones disrupts the class, please turn them off during the lab.

                       Microbiology Laboratory MCB 2010L
                       Lab Schedule, Session II, Spring 2009

Week Dates*         Activity
     1      Jan. 12        Orientation; Lab check-in.
            Jan. 14        Introduction to microscope #1
     2      Jan. 19        No class
            Jan. 21        Examining microorganisms: #2
     3      Jan. 26        Aseptic technique; Pure culture #6
            Jan. 28        Colonial morphology                     Quiz #1
     4      Feb. 02        Smear prep; Simple stain #7
            Feb. 04        Gram stain #8
     5      Feb. 09        Gram stain (cont.)
            Feb. 11        Endospore stain #9
     6      Feb. 16        Acid-fast stain #10
            Feb. 18        O2 Requirement #15                      Quiz #2
     7      Feb. 23        Selective vs. Differential media: #18
            Feb. 25        Carbohydrate Fermentation #19
     8      Mar. 02        Exoenzymes (Gelatin/Starch) #16         Quiz #3
            Mar. 04        IMViC Tests #20
     9      Mar. 09        No class
            Mar. 11        No class
     10     Mar. 16        Bacterial unknown (virtual lab)         Quiz #4
            Mar. 18        Bacterial unknown (cont.)
       11     Mar. 23        Bacterial unknown (cont.)
              Mar. 25        Bacterial unknown                   Midterm
       12     Mar. 30        Membrane filter technique
              Apr. 01        Restriction enzyme/ DNA fingerprinting
       13     Apr. 06        DNA fingerprinting: electrophoresis
              Apr. 08        DNA fingerprinting: analysis        Quiz #5
              Apr. 13        Antibiotic sensitivity #12, #13
              Apr. 15        Antibiotic sensitivity
       15     Apr. 20        Transformation/ Green gene (handout)
              Apr. 22        Transformation (cont.)
       16     Apr. 27        Transformation (cont.)
              Apr. 29        Final practical
       17     May 04         Lab check-out

       *Dates are subject to change

Attention Students: The Special Notes are an important part of your syllabus and can be
easily accessed by using the link below. Do take the time to read this very important

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