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					Marijuana Notes
• Marijuana - A mixture of the crushed
  leaves and flowers of the cannabis
  sativa plant.
• THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol - the main
  active chemical in marijuana.
• Hashish, or hash - the concentrated,
  resinous extract of cannabis that is 2 to
  10 times as concentrated as marijuana.
    How is marijuana used?
• Smoked in a pipe or cigarette which is
  known as a joint.
• Smoked in a blunt, which is a hollowed
  out cigar filled with marijuana.
• Put in food.
        Effects of marijuana
• Nervous system - anxiety, panic, and attacks
  of paranoia.
• Respiratory system - irritates the air passages
  and throat. Causes bronchitis, emphysema,
  and lung cancer.
• Mouth - Smoke that enters the mouth
  develops into cancer of the mouth and larynx.
  Effects of marijuana, (con’t)
• Cardiovascular system - increase in heart
  rate and blood pressure.
• Immune system - marijuana compromises
  “killer cells”.
• Reproductive system - disrupts the menstrual
  cycle, lowers sperm count, and causes the
  formation of irregular sperm cells.
     Immediate Effects of Marijuana

•   Increased appetite
•   Bloodshot eyes
•   Dry mouth and throat
•   Loss of short-term memory
     Risks of Marijuana Use
• Reduced immune system
• Impaired memory and ability to learn
• Hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis
   Miscellaneous Information
• A single marijuana cigarette contains as
  much tar and other irritants as 16 filtered
  tobacco cigarettes.
• Common names for marijuana include pot,
  grass, weed, reefer, joint, roach, Mary Jane,
• THC is stored in the fatty areas of the body:
  the brain, lungs, and reproductive organs.
• Marijuana can be detected for 28 days in the
   Miscellaneous Info. (con’t)
• In 1985 the FDA approved the use of
  synthetic THC for treating the nausea of
  cancer chemotherapy patients.
• In 1960 an average marijuana cigarette
  contained 0.2% THC. Today the average is
  between 5% and 14%.
• In females, marijuana raises testosterone
  levels and can cause increased facial and
  body hair, acne, and infertility.

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