Kickoff Presentation for Sigmatech OPM TMA Partners by CS91lK


									OPM TMA Kickoff

     August 2008
                                       OPM TMA Contract Description

•   OPM TMA, an ID/IQ contract, was awarded to Sigmatech
    by the Office of Personnel Management on 29 October
    2007 for a period of five years whose sole purpose is to
    create a comprehensive, end-to-end service model that
    Government agencies will find responsive to their needs.
•   Type of work required includes: analysis, design,
    development implementation, and evaluation of customized
    training programs, job aids, and enterprise-wide
    performance support strategies and tools.
•   Examples of products to be delivered include: classroom
    based training materials, print-based instructional materials,
    CBT, WBT, blended learning solutions, and learning,
    management and information systems development.

                       Sigmatech Proprietary
                                      TMA: Who We Are

• Established in 1982 as a reimbursable
  program in OPM
• Contract vehicle for quick access to private-
  sector contractors with expertise in
  developing and implementing learning and
  human capital solutions
• Current contract period is through 3/31/12
• Manage 550+ projects annually
• Support 140+ government customers
                                                OPM TMA

• Current OPM HQ staff of 25, includes a Leadership
  Team, 14 Project Managers and 2 Ordering Officers
• Regional staff includes 2 Project Managers and 1
  Program Assistant in Philadelphia
• 32 pre-qualified commercial partners
• Senior Performance Consultant under contract
• Realized Inter-Agency Agreement (IAA) funding for FY
  2007 was approximately $195M
                                            OPM TMA Benefits

Feature: Simplified Procurement Process
    Benefit: “Speed-to-Mission” Results
Feature: Flexible Funding Arrangements
    Benefit: Manage Large Projects over Multiple
     Fiscal Years
Feature: Comprehensive Contract and Project
    Benefit: Paperwork Pain Relief

                    Sigmatech Proprietary
                                                       OPM TMA Prime Contractors

•   Allen Corporation of America, Inc.        •   Information Experts, Inc.

•   Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.                 •   Kadix Systems, LLC

•   C2 Technologies, Inc.                     •   Karta Technologies, Inc.

•   Carney Interactive, Inc.                  •   Performance Technologies

•   Colleague-Consulting, LLC                 •   PerformTech, Inc.

•   Computer Science Corporation              •   Perot Systems Government

•   Deloitte Consulting, Inc.                 •   Services, Inc.

•   General Dynamics                          •   PowerTrain, Inc.

•   Human Technology, Inc.                    •   Serco, Inc.

•   HumRRO                                    •   SI International, Inc.

•   IBM                                       •   SRA International, Inc.

•   ICF International, Inc.                   •

•   Windwalker Corporation                    •   UNITECH

                                              •   Vertex Solutions, Inc.

                                   Sigmatech Proprietary
                                          OPM TMA Accomplishments

• Won our first task competition! Successful oral
  presentation to FDA within a week.

   – Three tasks added to original SOO

• Presented Capabilities Briefing to OPM Project

• Met with OPM TMA Project Managers Individually

• Initial contact with all Sigmatech Partners to Discuss
  Capabilities and Answer Questions

                      Sigmatech Proprietary
                                             What’s Next for Sigmatech

• Manage Tasks
• Visit Partner Sites in preparation for future bids
• Identify potential customers to bring to the contract
• Continue to visit OPM regularly to stay on PMs radar
• Update OPM Website for Potential Customers
• Establish Support Web Site for Partners

                     Sigmatech Proprietary
                                                                  Sigmatech Corporate Profile

•   Aerospace technical services and information technology corporation
•   Incorporated 14 July, 1986
•   Employee-owned
•   Diversified Government and commercial customers
•   Small business with $30M in annual revenue

                              Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                         Why Sigmatech?

• Small business with large company capabilities
• Proven corporate business tools and skills
• Division dedicated to e-learning
• Custom collaborative development
  environment – SigmaRapid®

                     Sigmatech Proprietary Information
          Proven Capability as a Prime Contractor

Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                      Basis of Our Success

• Senior leadership is engaged
• History of customer satisfaction
• Mature corporate processes
• Dedicated Team
• The right skills and tools
• Ability to rapidly augment Team
• Ethics and integrity are never compromised

          Responsive to Customer Needs

                  Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                     SIGMAinteractive Technologies

                         Award Winning

Awards for our work over the past eleven years include:
• Four (4) Gold CINDY (Cinema in Industry) Awards
• Silver AXIEM Award (Interactive Media Category) for
  Excellence in Electronic Media
• Honda Star Supplier Award
• Macromedia People’s Choice Award Nominee
• Huntsville Small Business of the Year Finalist

                         Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                 SIGMAinteractive Technologies

  Recognized Excellence

Sigmatech developed products
displayed on the back of the box

     Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                             SIGMAinteractive Technologies

•   SMEs
•   Books
•   Manuals
•   Etc.

Digital Media
•   Text
•   Graphics
•   Animation
•   Audio
                                                     Professional Products:
•   Video                                            •   Computer Based Training
                                                     •   Web Based Training
                                                     •   Interactive Courseware
Technology                                           •   Other
•   Macromedia                Instructional
•   Streaming                    Design
•   QTVR
•   X3D
                 One Stop Shop

                 Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                           Web Development

• Web application development
• Web-searchable databases
• Relational database development and
• Website development
• GUI design
• Performance testing, usability testing
• Section 508 compliance
                                                  SIGMAinteractive Demos

              Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                              SIGMAinteractive Technologies

SigmaRapid is a web-based collabrative software tool
  for developing e-learning / e-commerce products

                  Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                   SIGMAinteractive Technologies

•   Shared communication among stakeholders
•   Bug and Change Tracking
•   Reporting
•   Version control
•   Documentation
•   Staging Applications

                       Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                   SIGMAinteractive Technologies

                   Quality Control Process

• Build quality into our products
   – ADDIEMM software systems engineering
   – SCORM compliance
   – 508 compliance
• Independently assure quality
   – Sigmatech products
   – Subcontractor products
      • Concurrence in project plan and
        subcontractors quality process
      • Periodic surveillance
      • Participation in BETA review process

                       Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                 SIGMAinteractive Technologies

                     Quality Process

    Developer                                     Quality Management

 Technical Quality                                       Quality Planning

Instructional Quality                                Quality Assurance

Mechanical Quality                                       Quality Control

                     Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                    Sigmatech Operations

Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                 Sigmatech Operations Approach

Andy Pasternak
• OPM/TMA Program Manager
   –   100% Dedicated to OPM TMA
   –   Leads the Washington Office
   –   Primary Sigmatech POC
   –   Responsible for development and
       delivery of all products

• Qualifications
   –   23 years of instructional design experience
   –   MS in Education/Teacher certification
   –   Nine years classroom instruction and training
   –   TS/SCI security clearance

• Experience
   – Managed/lead large scale projects
   – Senior Manager for Pal-Tech’s support to OPM

                        Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                 Sigmatech Operations Approach

Toni Sepulveda
• Customer Representative
   – Business Development
   – Alternate Customer Point of Contact

• Qualifications
   –   26 years experience in program and personnel management
   –   Business development
   –   Contracts
   –   Customer relations
   –   Quality Assurance
   –   TS Clearance

• Experience
   –   Government and commercial sectors
   –   Executive VP for Digital Fusion
   –   VP and GM for L3 Communications
   –   Senior Associate to the President for Customer Relations

                        Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                                         Sigmatech OPM Team

•   AO Concepts
•   BP-Tech, LLC
•   Gray-Research
•   HGM Management and Technologies,
•   KPMG
•   L3/SY Coleman Corporation
•   Learn.Net
•   Miltec
•   North American Management
•   Pal-Tech
•   Simpler Consulting
•   Tec-Masters, Inc. (TMI)
•   Technicolor
•   Xerox
•   Xtria

                     Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                    Seamless Integrated Team

Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                                         Sigmatech OPM Team

• Team members need to keep their Capabilities Matrix
  information current

• When we are invited to a Task Order Competition (TOC).
  We will notify team members and gauge interest in the

• We will partner with team members to determine which
  team members have capabilities
• Team Members should pre-register for opportunities to
  receive first consideration for tasking
                                     Sigmatech OPM Team

Pre-registration requirements are:
   – Opportunity is well defined
   – Client is being actively marketed for the
     opportunity and/or is a current customer
   – Must be accomplished prior to draft/formal
     announcement of a TOC
   – Team Member has existing capability and
     resources to support opportunity
   – Customers may bring business formerly
     conducted under another contract vehicle to
     TMA for re-competition
                                      Task Order Competition

For Straight Pass Through Proposals Sigmatech will:

   •Provide advice and assistance
   •Perform a Quality Control review of the proposal
   •Complete and package the final submission
                                                Task Order Competition

OPM Selects Contractors for TOC based upon:
  – Capabilities Manuals
  – Client Agency’s Recommendation
  – Contractor’s Knowledge of the Agency
  – Contractor’s Related Past Performance
  – Client Agency’s Budget
   – Other Relevant Factors

    Note: Initially, at least one Contractor new to the business
          line will be invited to participate in each TOC.
                                   Task Order Competition

OPM Prepares TOC Invitations to Include:
  – Name of Client Agency
  – TOC Date, Time, and Location
  – Length of presentation
  – Transmittal method for various documents, as
     • Statement of Objectives (SOO)
     • Statement of Requirements (SOR)
     • Additional documents
  – Unique Evaluation Factors for TOC
  – Contractors invited to participate in a TOC will
    be told if the competition includes an incumbent
                                  Task Order Competition

Contractor should:
• Research client agency
• Assemble project team
• Develop presentation (PowerPoint)
• Update staff resumes
• Provide printed copies of materials for clients
• Provide electronic copy of materials for TMA
• Determine equipment needs
                                                     Task Order Competition

TOC Format:
• Corporate and technical capabilities
• Understanding work requirements
• Technical approach
• Subject matter knowledge
• Key staff and resources
• Past performance
• Cost estimate
• Questions

                 Sigmatech Proprietary Information
                            Task Order Competition

• Understanding the Work Requirements
   – Research Client Organization
   – Don’t Just Parrot the SOO/SOR
   – Validate Assumptions
• Technical Approach
   – Keep it Simple
   – Solutions that Meet SOO/SOR
   – Methodology Linked to Past Successes
                                    Task Order Competition

Subject-Matter Knowledge
   – Internal Experts or Individuals Who Understand the
   – Teaming Partners/SMEs Already Under Contract
Key Staff Resources
   – Key Team Members in Room, Especially Project
   – Consider Size and Diversity of Team
   – Not Everyone Required to Present
   – Include Slide with Proposed Project Team
   – Team Dynamics are Important
   – No Bait and Switch
                            Task Order Competition

Past Performance
  –   Similar Projects/Products
  –   Quality Samples/Demos with a
  –   Prototype Works Well
  –   Written estimate or range, not firm price
  –   Allows comparison among contractors
  –   Include description, justification and
                           Task Order Competition

Quality of Presentation
  –   Demonstrated genuine interest
  –   Quality of slides and materials
  –   Speakers were articulate and highly
      engaged with one another and client
                                Project Management

• Kick-off Meeting
• Management Plan
• Management Plan Review
• Project Management Plan is approved
• Task Orders are issued according to Plan
• Invoices and Deliverables
• Monthly Reporting
                                            What is the process?

• A Deliverable Receipt Form (DRF) will accompany work
  and task orders generated by TMA and sent to the TMA
  prime contractor
• Contractor includes a DRF with the deliverable to the
• Client completes (sign and date) and returns the DRF to
• If the deliverable is accepted, the Contractor submits an
  original proper invoice and completed DRF to Chief
  Financial Officer (CFO) and a copy of the proper invoice
  with the completed DRF to TMA
• Once the TMA project manager has validated both the
  invoice and the DRF, payment will be authorized
                                           Contact Info

• Contact the TMA Contract Officer
  Representative (COR) at (202) 606-5256 for
  invoice inquiries (ex: receipt of invoice and
  payment status, etc…)
• The COR will provide the requested information
  or direct you to the CFO point of contact (POC)
  in a timely manner


  • Proven provider of quality training systems
    – Top Performing Small Business
    – Outstanding E-Learning Capabilities
    – Proven Prime Contractor
  • Team provides a full spectrum of training
    development capabilities
Sigmatech is Ready to Meet OPM’s Customer Requirements in a Timely and
      Cost Effective Manner with Quality Performance and Services

                         For further information, please contact
                                 Jack Conway, President
     Andy Pasternak                   Sigmatech, Inc.                Toni Sepulveda
     PM for OPM TMA                                              Customer Representative
      (703) 785-2600             4901-C Corporate Drive               for OPM TMA
   (703) 416-0003 x103             Huntsville, AL 35805              (703) 338-0423        Telephone: (256) 382-1188

                                  Sigmatech Proprietary Information

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