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Black Line Master #13                                      TWG started out small, but Theo and William shared a
                                                           vision of what it could become. “My partner and I each
Partnership produces strong results                        had old computers,” he says. “We each put in $500 and
                                                           rented an office that was the size of a closet. It also
                                                           had no windows, just like a closet. TWG was born. We
                                                           grew slowly, but steadily.”

                                                           Creativity is a large part of their success. Theo and
                                                           William lead a team of designers, creative writers,
                                                           communication specialists, media experts, and strategic
                                                           thinkers. They each specialize, so that their clients can
A partnership with a good combination of skills            get several related services from TWG. William manages
and a shared dream helped Theo Margaritis (left)           the creative team that develops marketing and
and William Ferguson create TWG Communications             communications campaigns. Theo focuses on corporate
in North Bay. Their combined strengths have given          brand identities.
the company steady growth.
                                                           TWG Communications has grown steadily over the past
TWG Communications is a full service advertising           few years. The company has won many awards along
agency that uses a personal, face-to-face approach         the way, including the Young Entrepreneurs Award at
with its clients. The company designs print and new        the Northern Ontario Business Awards. Headquarters
media, manages special events, and runs marketing          is still in North Bay, but the company has added an
campaigns. TWG has a long list of clients that includes    office in Toronto to serve clients there. Theo notes that
the Ontario Forest Association (website), Polar Bear       developing close relationships with other companies
Express (brand identity) and the Dairy Farmers of          and suppliers is important.
Ontario (print).

“I think everyone should attempt entrepreneurship at
some time in their life,” says Theo. “The time was right
for me when I was 24 years old, and it turned out to be
a good decision.”

                                                                           Building skills that last a lifetime 59

“We work with companies with different skills and           Five questions:
talents,” he says, “so we can exchange our expertise         •	 Why does the TWG partnership work?
for theirs. And we have professional relationships with      •	 How did Theo’s education help him in business?
world-renowned photographers and artists. This lets us       •	 Why does TWG work with other companies?
give clients the service they want. But our partnership      •	 Do you think that Theo has a positive attitude?
is still the most important relationship. Choosing a            Why?
business partner who shares my dream is the best             •	 Do you think TWG could be very large some day?
business decision I have ever made.”                            Why?

His big mistake:                                            Make a case:
”I have never looked at a decision in my life or business   Use the Internet to find three examples of successful
as a ‘mistake’ or ‘bad decision’. When things haven’t       business partnerships. Write a paragraph on each,
gone my way, I just look at it as a lesson learned.”        explaining why the partnership was successful.

The lesson learned by experience:
“Education is absolutely vital. It helps you in ways
you can’t even imagine when you are a student. My
university education was in urban geography, but my
career is corporate branding and strategic marketing.”

60 Future Entrepreneurs

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