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					                                      COURSE SYLLABUS
                                       PHYE 182 Softball
                                          1 Credit

Semester/year: Fall 2009                               Office Number: 120A
Instructor: Nick Baumert                               Office Phone: 732-6494
E-mail Address:                       Field Location: Frontier Field
Course Time: 2:30-5:30

Course Description:
Students in this course receive one credit hour for participation in intercollegiate softball.
Students must be a member of the College of Southern Idaho softball team.

Required Textbooks and Supplies:
There are no textbooks required for this course
Students are required to wear CSI issued uniform or approved clothing.

Student Outcomes:
Learning Outcome 1:            Students will demonstrate appropriate safety practices
Outcomes Assessment:           on-line course evaluation

Learning Outcome 2:            Students will improve skills associate with intercollegiate women’s
Outcomes Assessment:           scheduled practice and game statistics.

Learning Outcome 3             Students will improve sportsmanship associated with
                               intercollegiate women’s softball.
Outcomes Assessment:           scheduled practice and game conduct report.

Outcomes Assessment:
Students will demonstrate improvement in skills, sportsmanship, and knowledge by participating
in scheduled practices and games. Student improvement is assessed through instructor
observation, student conduct, and practice and game statistics. As part of the Outcomes
Assessment for CSI, each student is requested to complete an online class evaluation form at the
end of the semester. Students can access the evaluation at Student
outcomes and evaluations will be reviewed by the instructor and, when applicable, the
department chair to determine what, if any, improvements can be made in terms of course
content and instructional delivery in meeting the course and program goals

Policies and Procedures:
    Classroom behavior is to be appropriate to a positive learning environment. Students are
       expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in accordance to CSI and
       NJCAA policies and procedures.
    Students are expected to show respect for, be considerate of, and display appositive
       attitude toward classmates.
    Students are expected to be prompt to class
    Attendance is required at all practices and games
Grading Practices:
This course is grade upon attendance and participation.
A = 2 or less absences               D = 9 – 12 absences
B = 3 – 5 absences                   F = 13 or more absences
C = 6 – 8 absences

An absence, as defined in this course, is fifteen minutes tardy for the scheduled class time or less
than 30 minutes of active participation.

Online Course Evaluation Statement:
Students are strongly encouraged to complete evaluations at the end of the course. Evaluations
are very important to assist the teaching staff to continually improve the course. Evaluations are
available online at: Evaluations open up two weeks prior to the end of
the course. The last day to complete an evaluation is the last day of the course. During the time
the evaluations are open, students can complete the course evaluations at their convenience from
any computer with Internet access, including in the open lab in the Library and in the SUB.
When students log in they should see the evaluations for the courses in which they are enrolled.
Evaluations are anonymous. Filling out the evaluation should only take a few minutes. Your
honest feedback is greatly appreciated!

Disabilities Statement:
Any student with a documented disability may be eligible for related accommodations. To determine eligibility and
secure services, students should contact the Coordinator of Disability Services at their opportunity after registration
for a class. Student Disability Services is located on the second floor of the Taylor Building on the Twin Falls
campus. 208-732-6260 (voice) or 208-734-9929 (TTY) or email

E-mail Statement:
Since email is the primary source of written communication with students, all registered
CSI students get a college email account. Student e-mail addresses have the following
format: <address> where <address> is a name selected by the
student as a part of activating his/her account. Students activate their accounts and
check their CSI e-mail online at Instructors and various
offices send messages to these student accounts. Students must check their CSI e-
mail accounts regularly to avoid missing important messages and deadlines. At the
beginning of each semester free training sessions are offered to students who need
help in using their accounts.

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