Nouns and Verbs by liaoqinmei


									Nouns and Verbs
    Mr. Garcia
• What is a noun?
• A noun is a person, place, thing or
• It can be common or proper
        Common Person
•   Boy
•   Girl
•   Mom
•   Dad
•   Teacher
         Common Place
•   Classroom
•   Restaurant
•   Movie Theater
•   Playground
•   Ocean/sea
•   Woods
           Common Thing
•   Animals fit into this category
•   Pig
•   Pencil
•   Hat
•   Ice Cream
•   Books
•   Ships
•   cars
        Proper Nouns
• They are still nouns, but they give
  specific names
         Proper Person
•   Mrs. Neal
•   Mrs. Palomino
•   Ms. Magallanes
•   Hillary Duff
•   These are exact names!
           Proper Place
•   Serrano Elementary
•   Disneyland
•   McDonald’s
•   Claim Jumper
•   Mimi’s Café
•   Perris Lake
•   Moreno Valley
         Proper Things
•   Converse
•   K-Swiss
•   X-acto
•   Dell
•   Marty (the lion from Madagascar)
• Next we are going to work on a
  worksheet as part of our review. You
  have seen this worksheet before so
  it should take less time to complete
•   What is a verb?
•   A verb shows action!
•   Flying, talking, walking, shopping
•   Coughing
•   A verb can be from the be family
•   Verbs can be present, past, or future
•   Verbs can be helping
             Verb Be
•   Am, Is, Are Was Were are all verbs
•   I am tall.
•   He is nice.
•   She was a good student.
•   Were you going to talk to your
       Present Verbs
• Tells what is happening right now
• They usually are just the word, or
  they end in –s, or –ing
• Today she shops.
• I am shopping.
• Don’t shop!
    Verbs can be in the past
•   These verbs usually end in –ed
•   Walked
•   Talked
•   Shopped
•   hopped
    Verbs in the future
• These verbs tell what will happen.
• These verbs usually have the word
  will in front of them.
• I will go to the store tomorrow.
• In a week he will wash his car.
       Helping Verbs
• There are three helping verbs we
  have learned.
• Has, Have, Had
• I have talked to her.
• She had walked home at 3:00.
• He has been my friend for a long

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