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					MedcoKit User Manual

  Kidney container Manual

         Medco AS, Norway
1. Remove the bubble plastic protection wrapping.

                             Medco AS, Norway
2. Peel open the sterilization bag with sterile technique

                               Medco AS, Norway
3. The O.T. nurse takes the sterile kidney container out of the sterile bag.

                               Medco AS, Norway
4. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the containers and place them
   on the sterile back-table.

                              Medco AS, Norway
5. Excision of the Kidney.

                             Medco AS, Norway
6. It is highly recommended you to wrap the kidney in a wet sterile
   compress before placing it in the inner container. This will make the
   removal easier.

                               Medco AS, Norway
7. When the wrapped kidney has been placed in the inner container,
   fill it to the brim with your cold perfusion fluid.

                             Medco AS, Norway
8. Tighten the lid firmly and dry off any liquid on the surface of the
   inner container.

                               Medco AS, Norway
9. Place the inner container with the kidney into the outer protection
   box, and snap the lid shut.

                               Medco AS, Norway
10. Now place it immediately in the MEDCO cooling box or in a fridge
    to store until transplantation.

                            Medco AS, Norway
11. When ready to transplant the kidney, take it out of the cooler. Then
    take off the snap lid and slide the sterile inner container carefully
    into the sterile environment.

                               Medco AS, Norway
12. Grip the compress and pull out the kidney.

                              Medco AS, Norway