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                                                         modern organic synthesis. The scientific programme
12th International Conference on                         will consist of:
Organic Synthesis, Venice, Italy,                        • ten plenary lectures (60 minutes including discus-
28 June–2 July 1998                                           sion) and a Thieme IUPAC prize lecture
The conference will deal with all important aspects of   • six lectures (30 minutes including discussion) in a
                                                              mini symposium on combinatorial chemistry in drug

Chemistry International, 1997, Vol. 19, No. 6                                                              225
     discovery                                                  concern to all educators.
•    36 section lectures (30 minutes including discus-             Speakers will include chemistry Nobel Laureates,
     sion) in four parallel sessions on the following topics:   eminent chemists and chemistry educators of interna-
     new synthetic methods; stereoselective synthesis;          tional renown. Many of the presentations will enlarge on
     metal-mediated synthesis; and target oriented syn-         the conference theme, chemistry re-
     thesis                                                     search, and chemistry education into
• oral communications (15 minutes including discus-             the 21st century. Additional high-
     sion) in four parallel sessions on the same topics as      lights include an exhibition pro-
     the section lectures                                       gramme, which will provide an
• poster sessions                                               opportunity to observe the most re-
   Participants wishing to present a poster must send a         cent developments and application of contemporary en-
completed Abstract Form, along with two photocopies to          vironmental techniques. The conference will also
the Organizing Secretariat by 15 January 1998.                  feature plenary lectures, symposia, presentations,
   The registration fee for participants is Lira 900 000        workshops and poster sessions. Chemists and chemis-
before 1 April 1998, Lira 1050 000 after 1 April 1998,          try educators will have a unique opportunity to discuss
and for students Lira 450 000 before 1 April 1998 and           and share their work.
Lira 550 000 after 1 April 1998. The registration fee in-          In addition, socio-cultural and guest programmes are
cludes admission to the scientific sessions, conference         being planned which will introduce the ancient and
kit (final programme, abstract book), coffee/tea during         present Egyptian way of life and the history of
the official breaks, pack lunches, welcome cocktail on          Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic and Islamic Egypt.
Sunday 28 June and concert on Tuesday 30 June.                                                   A second circular will be
                                                                                              distributed in December
For further information, please contact: The Organizing                                       1997.
Secretariat, ICOS-12, Depha Congress, Via Cassanese                                              The registration fee will be
224, Palazzo Tiepolo, 20090 Segrate (MI), Italy. Tel.:                                        approximately USD 350 per
+39 2 21 69 121. Fax: +39 2 26 92 91 63. E-mail:                                              person including the confer-                                                                          ence lunches, morning and
                                                                                              afternoon teas, abstract
                                                                                              book, some social events,
15th International Conference on                                                              receptions and transporta-
Chemical Education: Chemistry and                                                             tion from the hotels to the
Global Environmental Change, Cairo                                                            conference centre. IUPAC
International Conference Center,                                                              Affiliate Members will re-
Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt,                                                           ceive a 10% reduction.
9–14 August 1998
                                                                For further information, please contact: Prof. Saad S.M.
This conference, organized by the De-
                                                                Hassan, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 15th
partment of Chemistry, Faculty of Sci-
                                                                ICCE, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Ain
ence, Ain Shams University, is the first
                                                                Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. Tel./Fax: +20 4831836
International Conference on Chemical
                                                                – 2842123. Telex: 74070 USMMS. E-mail:
Education (ICCE) event to be held in Af-
rica and in the Arab States. The confer-
ence theme—Chemistry and Global
Environmental Change—conforms with Chapter 36 of                37th IUPAC Congress—Frontiers in
Agenda 21 of the Rio declaration of the UN Conference           Chemistry: Molecular Basis of the Life
(in Brazil—1992) on Environment & Development which             Sciences, International Congress Center,
is concerned with ‘promoting education, public aware-           Berlin, Germany, 14–19 August 1999
ness and training’.
   The technical programme of the 15th ICCE confer-             The title does not mean a Congress solely concentrat-
ence will be developed around the leading role of chem-         ing on Biochemistry or Molecular Biology. On the con-
istry in reducing the growing harmful effects on the            trary, IUPAC invites scientists from all fields of
environment. The need to increase environmental lit-            chemistry and from all over the world to demonstrate the
eracy by encouraging environmental chemistry instruc-           importance of all fields of synthetic, analytical and theo-
tion as an important part of general education at all           retical chemistry to the subject. The scope of the parallel
levels (elementary school through university) is of great       27th General Meeting of the German Chemical Society
                                                                will be much broader and will highlight the current state

226                                                                        Chemistry International, 1997, Vol. 19, No. 6
of research in the Federal Republic of Germany.              terize the world in the next
   Both organizations would like to invite you to partici-   millennium, which to a large
pate at this exciting event, which promises to become        extent will use molecular bi-
one of the largest and most fascinating chemistry con-       ology and genetic engi-
ventions world-wide at the end of the 20th century.          neering for the benefit of
For further information, please contact: Prof. Heindirck        As at previous IBS meet-
tom Dieck, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, IUPAC/           ings, the scientific pro-
GDCh 99, PO Box 90 04 40, D-60444 Frankfurt-am-              gramme will be composed
Main, Germany. Tel.: +49 69 7917 358, 360 or 366. Fax:       of a number of symposia,
+49 69 7917 475. E-mail:                         workshops, poster presen-
                                                             tations and an exhibition.
                                                             Round tables will be organized to discuss controversial
11th International Biotechnology Sympo-                      scientific and ethical problems with a larger audience.
sium and Exhibition: Biotechnology                           The aim of the Symposium is to review the present
2000, International Congress Center,                         state-of-the-art, to discuss the way in which pure and
Berlin, Germany, 3–8 September 2000                          applied research in different fields of science and tech-
The International Biotechnology Sympo-                       nology interact, and to demonstrate the interdisciplinary
sia (IBS), held every four years, are the                    nature of biotechnology.
leading world-wide meetings in the field                        An Exhibition will be organized in conjunction with the
of biotechnology. The title ‘The Molecular                   Symposium.
Key for Biotechnology’ has been chosen
            for this International Biotech-                  If you wish to present a paper/poster or to exhibit please
            nology symposium because                         contact: Dechema eV, c/o 11th IBS, Theodor-Heuss-
            of the rapid development of biotechnology        Allee 25, D-60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Tel.:
            in conjunction with results in fundamental       +4969 7564 241. Fax: +49 69 7564 201. E-mail:
            biological sciences. This theme will charac-

        Conference Calendar

1997                                     1998                                    Prof. C. Airoldi, Instituto de
                                                                                 Química, UNICAMP - CP 6154,
                                         Polymer sciences and                    Universidade    Estradul     de
Biodiversity and                         technology                              Campinas, 13081-970 Campinas
bioresources                                                                     sp, Brazil.
                                         5–10 January
23–27 November                                                         
                                         International Symposium on Ad-
International    Conference        on                                            conf/
                                         vances of Polymer Sciences and
Biodiversity and Bioresources—
                                         Technology. Madras, India.
Conservation     and     Utilization.                                            Trace element speciation
                                         Dr K.S.V. Srinivasan, Deputy Direc-
Phuket, Thailand.
                                         tor & Head, Polymer Division, Cen-      4–7 May
IUPAC Biodiversity Conference,
                                         tral Leather Institute, Council of      1st International Conference on
National Center for Genetic Engi-
                                         Scientific & Industrial Research,       Trace Element Speciation in Bio-
neering and Biotechnology, Na-
                                         Adyer, Madras - 600 020, India.         medical, Nutritional and Environ-
tional Science and Technology
                                                                                 mental Sciences. Neuherberg,
Development Agency Building, 73/1
                                         Calorimetry and chemical                Munich, Germany.
Rama VI Road, Bangkok 10400,
Thailand. Tel.: +66 (2) 6448150-4,       thermodynamics                          First Speciation Conference, c/o
ext. 505, 532, 534; Fax: +66 (2)                                                 Ulla Schrödel, GSF-Forschungs-
                                         5–9 April
6448107-8;                   E-mail:                                             zentrum,     Congress    Service,
                                         International   Conference    on                                                           Postfach 1129, D-85758 Obersch-
                                         Calorimetry and Chemical Thermo-
                                                                                 leissheim, FRG. Tel.: +49 (89)
                                         dynamics. Campinas, Brazil.

Chemistry International, 1997, Vol. 19, No. 6                                                                     227
31873030 (2669); Fax: +49 (89)           Prague, Czech Republic.                 Chemical education
31873362.                                P.M.M. Secretariat, c/o Institute of    9–14 August
                                         Macromolecular Chemistry, Acad-         15th International Conference on
                                         emy of Sciences of the Czech Re-
Degradation processes in the                                                     Chemical Education: Chemistry and
environment                              public, Heyrovského nám 2, CZ-162       Global Environmental Change.
                                         06 Prague 6, Czech Republic.            Cairo, Egypt.
24–28 May                                Tel.: +420 (2) 360341; Fax: +420 (2)
International Conference on Degra-
                                                                                 Prof. Saad S.M. Hassan, Depart-
                                         367981;                                 ment of Chemistry, Faculty of Sci-
dation Processes in the Environ-         E-mail:
ment. Dubrovnik, Croatia.
                                                                                 ence, Ain Shams University, Cairo,
Dr A. Sabljic, Institute Boskovic,                                               Egypt.
POB 1016, HR-10011 Zagreb,               Chemical thermodynamics
Croatia                                  26 July–1 August                        Physical organic chemistry
                                         15th International Conference on        16–21 August
Organic synthesis                        Chemical Thermodynamics. Porto,         14th International Conference on
                                         Portugal.                               Physical Organic Chemistry, Santa
28 June–2 July                           Prof. M.A.V. Ribeiro da Silva, De-      Catarina, Brazil.
12th International Conference on         partment of Chemistry, Faculty of
Organic Synthesis. Venice, Italy.
                                                                                 Prof. E. Humeres, Universidade
                                         Science, Rua do Campo Alegre            Federal de Santa Catarina,
Depha Congress SRL, Viale Majno          687, P-4150 Porto, Portugal.
21, 20122 Milano, Italy. Tel.: +39 (2)                                           Departamento di Química, 88040-
76008190; Fax: +39 (2) 782400;                                                   900 Florianópolis S.C. Brazil.
E-mail:             Pesticide chemistry
                                         2–7 August                              Coordination chemistry
Chemistry in Africa                      9th International Congress on Pesti-
                                                                                 30 August–4 September
                                         cide Chemistry. London, UK.
6–10 July                                                                        33rd International Conference on
                                         Dr John F. Gibson, Secretary (Sci-      Coordination Chemistry. Florence,
7th International Chemistry Confer-      entific), Royal Society of Chemistry,
ence in Africa (7th ICCA). Durban,                                               Italy.
                                         Burlington House, London W1V            33rd ICCC Secretariat, Department
South Africa.                            0BN. Tel.: +44 (171) 4378656; Fax:
The Secretary, 7th ICC & 34th SACI                                               of Chemistry, University of Flor-
                                         +44 (171) 7341227.                      ence, Via Gino Capponi 7, 50121
Convention, Department of Chem-
istry & Applied Chemistry, Univer-                                               Firenze, Italy. Tel.: +39 (55)
sity of Natal, Durban 4041, South        Novel aromatic compounds                2757549. Fax: +39 (55) 2757555.
Africa. Tel.: +27 (31) 3603090. Fax:     2–7 August
+27     (31)     2603091;    E-mail:     9th International Symposium on          Medicinal chemistry                      Novel Aromatic Compounds, Hong
                                                                                 6–10 September
                                                                                 25th International Symposium on
Macromolecules                           Prof. H.N.C. Wong, Chairman, Lo-        Medicinal Chemistry. Edinburgh,
                                         cal Organizing Committe, 9th Inter-     Scotland.
13–17July                                national Symposium on Novel
37th International Conference on                                                 Dr John F. Gibson, Secretary (Sci-
                                         Aromatic Compounds, Department          entific), Royal Society of Chemistry,
Macromolecules, Gold Coast, Aus-         of Chemistry, Chinese University of
tralia.                                                                          Burlington House, London W1V
                                         Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territo-         0BN. Tel.: +44 (0)171 437 8656;
Prof. R.G. Gilbert, School of Chem-      ries, Hong Kong.
istry, F11, Sydney University Poly-                                              Fax: +44 (0)171 734 1227.
mer Center, University of Sydney,
New South Wales 20006, Australia.        Solubility phenomena                    Natural products
Tel.: +61 (2) 351 3366; Fax: +61 (2)     5–8 August                              11–16 October
351 3329;                                8th International Symposium on          21st IUPAC Symposium on the
E-mail:         Solubility Phenomena. Niigata, Ja-      Chemistry of Natural Products.
                                         pan.                                    Beijing, China.
20–23 July                               Prof. H. Akaiwa, Faculty of Engi-       Prof. Xibai Qiu, Secretariat of
18th Discussion Conference of            neering, Gunma University, Kiryu        ISCNP-21, c/o Chinese Chemical
Macromolecules: Mechanical Be-           376, Japan.                             Society, PO Box 2709, Beijing
haviour of Polymeric Materials.
                                                                                 100080, China. Tel.: +86 (10)

228                                                                     Chemistry International, 1997, Vol. 19, No. 6
62568157 or 62564020; Fax: +86        366. Fax: +49 69 7917 475. E-mail:
(10)      62568157;      E-mail:                            How to apply for IUPAC                                                    sponsorship

                                      2000                                  To apply for IUPAC sponsor-
1999                                                                        ship, conference organizers
                                      Macromolecules                        should write to the IUPAC
IUPAC General Assembly                                                      Secretariat (see inside back
                                      9–14 July                             cover for address) requesting
7–14 August                           MACRO 2000: International Sym-        an Advanced Information
40th General Assembly. Freie Uni-     posium on Macromolecules. War-        Questionnaire (AIQ). Com-
versity of Berlin, Berlin, Germany.   saw, Poland.                          pleted AIQs should be re-
  The IUPAC General Assembly is       Prof. S. Penczek, Centrum Badan       turned to the Secretariat
not open for general participation    Molekularnych i Makromolekular-       preferably 2 YEARS and at
but restricted to members of IUPAC    nych, Polskiej Akademii Nauk, ul.     least 12 months before the
bodies that meet on this occasion.    Sienkiewicza 112, PL-90-363 Lodz,     conference. Late applications
                                      Poland. Tel.: +48 (42) 819815; Fax:   will not be considered. Further
                                      +48 (42) 847126.                      information on granting of
IUPAC Congress
                                                                            IUPAC sponsorship was pub-
14–19 August
                                      Biotechnology                         lished in Chem. Intl. 1992, 14,
37th IUPAC Congress. International
Congress Center, Berlin, Germany.     3–8 September
Prof.   Heindirck    tom     Dieck,   11th International Biotechnology
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker,      Symposium. Berlin, Germany.
IUPAC/GDCh 99, PO Box 90 04 40,       Prof. G. Kreysa, DECHEMA e.V.,
D-60444 Frankfurt-am-Main, Ger-       PO Box 15 01 04, D-60061 Frank-
many. Tel.: +49 69 7917 358, 360 or   furt am Main, Germany.

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