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									                                 Frost PT O Newsletter
                                                                October, 2011
                                     Volume 12, Issue 1

Inside this issue:                   MESSAGE FROM THE PTO President

Letter from President     1                      Hello Frost Families,
Important Info            2

Yearbook News             3        Happy October! Can you believe we are nearing
Staff Birthdays                   the end of our first nine weeks already? Fantastic
Fundraising               4       Frost events are coming up quickly and your PTO
Parent Tips               5      board is so excited about the volunteer response we
Membership                6       have received! Thank you to all the new & familiar
Brick Pavers              7        people who have stepped up to help make this a
Library                   8        fantastic year for our students and our school. If
Upcoming Events           9-11
                                  you haven't had a chance to volunteer yet, please
                                    consider one of our upcoming events. Our Boo
                                  Bash Carnival is October 29th and Frosty's Market
                                   will be held on November 12th. The PTO would
                                     love to help find an opportunity that suits you!
     President - Julie Morgan

   VicePresident - Cathy Conde
                                   If you are interested in learning more about these        events or other Frost happenings, please consider
    Secretary - Rachel Taysom    attending our PTO board meeting. The board meets           the first Friday of each month at noon in the confer-
     Treasurer - Caleen Goble     ence room. Or feel free to email any of the board              members with your questions or comments.
   Membership - Monica Lloyd
                                        Hope you are having a fabulous year,
     Historian - Tammy Kling                       Julie Morgan
                                             PTO President 2011/2012
      Volunteer Coordinator
          Sonia Estrella

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Page 2                                                                                                       Frost PTO Newsletter

                       Frost PTO Treasurer’s Report, Caleen Goble, PTO Treasurer
          August 22 - September 30, 2011
          INCOME                                                EXPENSES
          Frosty's Holiday Market                $ 2,768.00     Academic Needs                          $ 7,677.71
          Interest Inc                           $     1.66     Back to School Social & Volunteer Tea   $ 496.05
          Membership                             $ 2,300.00     Bank Charge (return fees)               $    12.00
          Randalls Income                        $ 354.99       JA Biztown - 5th Grade                  $ 1,248.75
          TOTAL INCOME                           $ 5,424.65     Misc                                    $ 136.00
                                                                Offsite Storage                         $ 588.00
                                                                Staff Development                       $ 2,237.00
                                                                Supplies, Bus                           $    17.29
                                                                Teacher Appreciation                    $ 238.11
                                                                TOTAL EXPENSES                          $12,650.91

                     IMPORTANT INFO/PEOPLE                                               WHY JOIN PTO?
                                                                                   The purpose of PTO is to promote academic
Main Office …………………...……………………………………..832-223-1500
School Hours ………………......................7:45 am- 2:40pm, first bell 7:40 am       and social enrichment of Frost children in
LCISD Website ……………………………………….………...…                               the community, home and school. PTO ob-
Frost Website …………………………………………..………                                tains its funds from memberships and fund-
                                                                                   raisers that are supported BY YOU!

Box Tops/Randall's        Amiee Tapley             This money goes towards field trips, technol-
                          Tiffany Waldrop               ogy, and various student needs. These are
Brick Pavers                                                                       just a few examples of what PTO contrib-
Fundraiser                Margie Kohn                     uted to our school during the 2009-2010
Butterfly Garden          Rachel Taysom                    school year:
Cookbook                  Jolie Helms 
Fall Carnival             PTO Board
                                                                                   Technology                       $25,397.30
Field Day                 Simone Jackson
                                                                                   Academic Curriculum
Fifth Grade JA Biz
Town                      Danza Martin                 Needs (Math, Science,
Frosty’s Market           Shyla Hansche                 Reading, Music, GT,
                          Amanda Ashley                Stipends, etc.)                  $18,305.70
Frost Public                                                                       Merchandise                      $16,615.45
Relations                 Trudy McDade                Field Trips K-5                  $ 8,990.47
Junior Achievement        Elizabeth Fairfield   Teacher Appreciation             $ 2,423.03
Library                   Cheryl Koelzer            Field Day                        $ 1200.00
Merchandise               Callie Befeld                  Agendas (3rd-5th)                $ 656.25
PTO Bulletin Board        Ana Saenz                Awards                           $ 576.87
PTO Newsletter            Ana Saenz                … and much, much more
PTO Website               Trudy McDade
Science Fair              Christine Wu
                                                                                    This could not have been possible without
                          Jolie Helms 
Science Lab               Gloria Couch               you. Thank you for all your support!
Staff Appreciation        Kim Kelly   
Walk for Diabetes         Gloria Couch
                          Melissa Schnoor                    JOIN PTO TODAY!!!
Workroom                  Heather Amezquita

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Page 3                                                                                                   Frost PTO Newsletter

             FROST FLYER’S 2011 ~ 2012 Yearbook, Tammy Kling, Frost Historian
Frost Flyers Parents, Students and Teachers...

Welcome back to school! We have an exciting year ahead of us and the yearbook is already rolling
along just well!

Before I get further, let me introduce myself for all our new parents...I am Tammy Kling, PTO Histo-
rian. I will be your contact person for all yearbook information and how you all can
submit your own Frost pictures (prefer pictures with as many kids as possible in the

This year brings a few changes our way. For starters, I will not be Xeroxing order
forms. Trudy McDade, PTO Website Coordinator, has placed on the Frost PTO
website ( a link with the Yearbook Order form and a link to Jos-
ten's for On-Line orders. The order form needs to be viewed because it does have
important information for credit cards, cash and check orders (and a special price for the month of Sep-

Another new change for this school year, is that all parents can now download their own pictures!!! All
the information you need for using "Image Share" (instructions, website, login, password) can also be
found on the PTO website. To ease your fears, no one can view any pictures that others download
(except me).
One last comment...yearbook orders will be accepted until mid May (or until books are sold out), "Image
Share" closes mid March 9 and personalization/icons will not be accepted after January 31. As I noted
above, the PTO website will have further information about the yearbook orders and "Image
Share". Also, NO orders will be accepted through Josten's Rep or any employee at Josten's...Frost
yearbooks are sold only On-Line and through PTO Historian.
For further comments and/or questions, feel free to contact me at

Thank you advance and welcome to the new year!
Frost Elementary
PTO Historian-yearbook
Tammy Kling

                              September - December Birthdays
                         The Frost PTO wishes a great birthday to the wonderful FROST Elementary Staff

September                        October                       November                       December
3 Karen Thomason                 1 Pam McLean                  2 Kathy Lewelling              14 Martha Carrizales
10 Crystal Ware                  6 Lea Cassidy                 3 Angela Mager                 17 Cindy Haley
12 Jennifer Cavender             17 Louana Peterson            6 Tracy Walton                 26 Stephanie Hines
13 Verna Berry                   18 Kristen Norton             8 Rebecca Davang               27 Carol Townsend
15 Vicki Rigsby                  24 Karen Naivar               9 Consuelo Torres              29 Elizabeth Banowsky
19 Lupe Morales                  26 Alicia Roberts             18 Rebekah Boone
25 Rosa Acevedo                  27 Dinah Smith
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  Page 4                                                                                                        Frost PTO Newsletter


                        Support our
                       “Spirit Nights”                             School Merchandise                     We now carry size
                                                                                                          XS in the tye dye,
                                                                                                             camo, 10 yr
      Come out and support “Spirit Night” at Buffalo                Tye-Dye T-shirts, Frost short         anniversary shirts
     Wild Wings in the Bella Terra Shopping Center                  sleeve polos, T-shirts, Zip-Up       and two of the solid
                 every Wednesday night.                               hoodies and much more!                 color shirts.
     Make sure you mention Frost for us to receive a
                  percentage of the bill.                                 Order Forms are available at
   Every first Thursday of the Month is Spirit Night at             After you have filled it in, send it (with payment) to your
  Il Primo in the Kroger shopping center. Be sure to                 child's homeroom teacher and your order will be filled
     come out and support. Each night there will be                                   as soon as possible!
    teachers from a particular grade level working for             Please print clearly and fill in all the appropriate spaces so
  tips. Make sure you tip your Frost wait staff to help                            you get your order promptly!
    them raise funds for their grade level to purchase                                    Questions?
        supplies they can use in the classroom.                                   Please contact Callie Befeld

                 BOX TOPS WANTED!!!                                            “RANDALLS
                     Keep clipping those box tops.                      GOOD NEIGHBOR PROGRAM”
      Our school earns 10¢ for each Box Top redeemed.                 Frost Elementary is a participant in this Program.
  Keep collecting them throughout the Summer and save them        Every time you make a purchase from Randall’s at least
                    for the next school year!                         1% of the purchase price is redirected towards
                                                                                  community programs.
   At the end of each 9-week-period, we will see which class in
    each grade turns in the most and receives a small gift as a     Frost can greatly benefit from these funds with your kind
                             reward.                                                      cooperation.
   The class with the most box tops and Campbell's labels         Please fill out a Randall’s Good Neighbor Application and
           in the school will win a free dress day.                    indicate Frost (#9350) as your charity of choice.
     For more information, please visit the following websites:          Visit for more information.
                                           REGISTER YOUR CARD TODAY!!!


             Please contact our box top coordinators:

             Tiffany Waldrop
           Amiee Tapley

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Page 5                                                                                                       Frost PTO Newsletter

                                                   PARENT TIPS

   GUIDELINES TO PARENTS                         REMINDERS                      Student Uniform Dress
  FOR A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL                                                           Requirements
            YEAR                             Class be-
                                             gins at                        All students are required to wear uniform
  Cell Phone usage while                    7:45 a.m.                      mode of dress.
   dropping off and picking                  daily. Stu-
   your child up is prohibited.              dents are                      Tops may be red, white, navy blue/light blue
   Persons can be ticketed up                tardy after                     collared shirts (no logo), Frost spirit shirts,
   to $200 per violation.                    7:45.                           school shirts or school sweatshirts. Red,
                                                                             navy blue/light blue or white turtleneck shirts
  The speed limit on Skinner                Attendance:                     and cardigan sweaters may also be worn.
   Rd. and on the school                     Three or more early             Shirts are to be tucked in at all times.
   grounds of Frost Elementary               checkouts will disqualify
   is 20 MPH. Violators will be              students from all atten-       Jackets - Solid Red, Navy blue, Black, Khaki,
   ticketed.                                 dance awards.                   or White Jackets may be worn during class
                                             Three or more tardies
                                                                             time. No logos or embellishment of any kind
  All transportation changes MUST be in     will disqualify students        should be visible.
   the office by 2pm!                        from all attendance
                                                                            Bottoms should consist of khaki, black, navy
  All children must wear the appropriate                                    blue slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers.
   school uniforms as required in the par-   Birthdays:
                                                                             Blue denim jeans or shorts, skorts, or jump
   ent/student handbook.                     In accordance with dis-
                                                                             ers (no decorations) may also be worn.
                                             trict policy beginning with
  No rolling backpacks are allowed.         the
                                                                            All bottoms need to be the appropriate length
                                             2010-2011 school year,
                                                                             and fit as directed in the district dress code
                                             parents will not be al-
  Parents MUST sign in at the office                                        standards. No sagging, baggy, or oversized
                                             lowed to bring classroom
   when arriving upon campus.                                                slacks.
                                             treats to celebrate a
                                             child’s birthday at any
  Parents MUST sign your children out                                      Open shoes that do not protect feet on the
                                             time during the school
   in the office with proof of ID                                            playground should not be worn.

                           School Early
                           Release days.

                         October 27th and 28th

                  Due to parent conferences stu-
                   dents will be released from
                       school at 11:30 am.

                                       ATTENTION PARENTS!
     Do you have any suggestions for the newsletter or would like to include any
                                 class pictures?
                        Please send them to Ana Saenz at
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   Page 6                                                                                                            Frost PTO Newsletter

                         MEMBERSHIP NEWS, Monica Lloyd, Membership Coordinator
                  Thanks again to everyone who joined PTO, your money is going to many worthwhile student needs.
                    The directories will be distributed on November 15th via the oldest child's homeroom teacher.

    Parents can still join PTO but we only have a limited amount of extra directories so it will be first come first serve on who gets
                         the extra. The PTO membership Form is available on our website:

                                 QUESTIONS? please contact Monica Lloyd @
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Page 7                                                            Frost PTO Newsletter

          Please help the PTO beautify the school grounds and leave a
          lasting imprint at Frost Elementary for years to come. Join
          us by purchasing a brick or two in honor of a student, family
          member, a teacher or in memory of a loved one. There is no
         better opportunity to leave your family’s mark at Frost. All of
          the proceeds from the brick sale go towards the purchase of
                  new playground equipment for the students.
         Each 4X8 brick is $40.00 and can be inscribed with 16 charac-
                       ters per line. 2 line maximum.
         Orders forms can be found on the Frost PTO website or in the
                                 front office.
                 For more information, please email Margie Kohn at

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Page 8                                                                                               Frost PTO Newsletter

                                                “Pop in with your Parents”
                                                   Family Shopping Night
                                                  Thursday, October 13, 2011
                                                        5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
                                   Enjoy some shopping, popcorn, and enter a drawing just for
                                                 attending with your family.

                                                   Helping Hands needed!
                    Frost's Library is open and ready for business again this year. Student
                    checkout of books has begun, and we all know what that means. . . RE-
                  SHELVING! Looking to volunteer this year? Is your schedule flexible? How
                  about working in the quiet, cool calm of our fabulous library! Please contact
                                 Cheryl Koelzer at
                  Library events this year will include a Fall Book Fair, Spring QSP Magazine
                    Fundraiser, the Texas Bluebonnet Reading Program for grades 3-5 and
                                 other various Reading Enrichment Programs designed for dif-
                                 ferent grades. For information on the library and its activities,
                                   check out “Library News” at
                                           Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.
                                                         ~ Emilie Buchwald, 1994 ~
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Page 9                                                                                         Frost PTO Newsletter

    We are gathering recipes to include in our 2011-2012 Frost Flyer Cook Book and
                                   we need your help.
    Cook Books will go on sale this fall and will be delivered after Christmas break.
   Make certain that your family is included by submitting your favorite recipes be-
                                                    fore Nov. 1st
                                                             Submissions should be sent to:

                                                   SAVE YOUR MAD MONEY……
                                           Come out and get some early shopping done for the
                                                          November 12, 2011
                                                           10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                       Frost Elementary School
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Page 10                                                                           Frost PTO Newsletter

          Stay connected….
          Log onto

          and view your child’s grades.

                                      FROST CASINO NIGHT!!!

                Calling all Volunteers that haven’t signed up yet to help with
                                                 Casino Night!!!
          First Meeting will be November 4th @ 10am in the conference
                             Please come join us to start the preparations!!!!
               If you have items to donate, ideas or questions about our event
                   PLEASE,PLEASE email me at
          I will be having another meeting during the evening at my house for
                       those who can’t make it to the morning one.
                                                           Thank you!!
                                                          Cathy Conde
                                            Casino Information:
                                           School/PTO Related:
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Page 11                                                                                         Frost PTO Newsletter

Over 30 booths, Haunted House, Karaoke, Costume Contest, Food
                         and More!!
          Pre Sale Carnival Wristbands $20.00 until October 28th
          (your presale order will be available at check in the day of the carnival)

                                     Wristbands at the door $25.00

                                              School Merchandise
                                              Monthly Newsletters
                                              Latest Fundraisers
                                                                     If you would like to submit anything
                                              PTO By-Laws
                                                                     please contact the new Frost PTO
                                              Upcoming Events
                                              Pictures, etc, etc        webmaster Trudy Mcdade at

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