MALONEY HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOOSTERS, LLC
                            MINUTES OF THE MEETING
                                  October 13, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:20pm. The Executive Board present were: Brian Cyr, Band Director;
Barbara Fraser, President; Nancy Twarog, Vice President; Jeanine Hanlon, Treasurer; Chris Albrycht,
Recording Secretary; Trish Surowiecki, Corresponding Secretary.

       Director’s Comments;
            o Competitions – Cheshire - The tape of the Cheshire Competition was shown to all
                 present. There was positive improvement from the past week and the judges had good
                      The kids had a great weekend of performances.
                      There are 6 bands in Division 4 (our division) this coming Saturday
                      We will be competing in Division 5 for the MAC Competition which will take
                          place in Danbury on October 31.

                     Thanks to All for helping out!!!!!

            o    Fundraisers –
                      Program Ads – The paperwork has gone out and it is due back in by November
                      Lyman Orchards – The order forms for the pies and cookie have been
                         distributed to the kids. Orders are due back on October 24th
                      Wings & Subs – We want this to be a huge fundraiser we will start the hand outs
                         and advertising shortly
            o    Senior Night – Scheduled for November 6th
                      We will play the National Anthem on the Field
                      Seniors will be recognized (start approximately 6pm)
                      Following the football game we will have a party for the seniors
                      Rob K. has agreed to take the photos
                      Kiwanis will be here so we need to keep the noise down while unloading
            o    Band Trip – Contracts have gone out and are due with the initial deposit on October 16 th
                      Accommodations – We will be utilizing a new hotel for this trip. Lyman has
                         used it. They rooms will be suites and allow 5 members per room.
                      Grades – No one should freak out about the grade issue as listed on the contract.
                         This is the blanket rule that has to be listed but will be applied on and individual
                         basis. Mr. Cyr will fight for any kid that is truly trying and is having
                         difficulties. If a student is having an issue with bad grades please let Mr. Cyr
                         know ahead of time
                      Question: How do we know what the balance in the kid’s trip account is?
                         Answer: Mr. Cyr advised that periodically a balance statement will be issued so
                         you will know how much is in their accounts.
                      Question: What happen if a child gets sick and is unable to go on trip?
                         Answer: The payments will be forfeited. We cannot issue refunds as everything
                         is prepaid. You can purchase trip insurance if you choose, but check the details.
                         There has never been an issue of a child being too sick to attend a trip.

            o    New Britain Championships – The USSBA tickets are here. We are asked to pre-sell the
                 tickets at a cost of $12.00. We need to make a quota and if we do ten we get back $2.00
                 a ticket. UCONN will be ending the event.
            o    Alumni Event – Scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend. The following is a tentative
                       Friday - 6 – 8:30pm Check-in, food and non-alcoholic drinks
                     9 – 12:00pm Ticketed Event – Yogi’s – Social for 21 & over
                    Saturday – 9 – Noon Rehearsals
                     Noon Catered Lunch
                     1:30 – 4:00pm Rehearsals
                     6:30 – 10:00 Ticketed Event – Dinner Dance
                  Sunday – 12:30 pm Call
                     2:00 pm Show
                  Boosters will handle off site events because of alcohol issues.
                  Event will be set up like a conference so you can sign up for what you want.
                  Invitations (not formal) will go out; we welcome anyone as far back as possible.
                  There will be flyers, publicity at events, newspaper advertising, large media
                  Need help of students and parents to make this a big success.
   Booster Comments –
       o Review of Minutes – The May 2009 were available for review and accepted. The
            September 2009 minutes were available for review and accepted.
       o Treasurer’s Report – Overview was given by Jeanine Hanlon a copy of report is
            attached. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report, a second motion was
            made, and a vote was taken and passed.
       o SCRIP -
                  Introduction of a Scrip raffle to induce people to use the service. For every
                     $25.00 of SCRIP purchased you will one entry into a raffle drawing for a $25.00
                     gift card. Motion was made to vote on accepting new raffle. 2nd Motion was
                     made. Vote taken, Motion passed. 1st drawing will be on December 3rd
                  We will be pre-purchasing $1,000 of gift cards to have on hand to sell at events
                     like the bake sale and craft fair as well as for anyone that wants to buy them
                     without the wait. We did this last year and had no problem moving them. The
                     money will come out of the SCRIP account.
                  Motion was made to increase pre-purchase of SCRIP to $1,500. 2nd motion was
                     made. Vote taken and motion passed. We will purchase a total of $1,500 SCRIP
                     cards for on hand sales
                  We will be trying to solicit local businesses to use our SCRIP program. We will
                     advise we will pick up and deliver and orders that they have. Chris Albrycht
                     will develop a flyer that can be distributed. Anyone that thinks their company
                     may want to help is welcome to offer service.
       o Fundraisers
                  Band Showcase – The showcase went over well and we would like to make it an
                     annual event. We received some positive feedback and some constructive
                     criticism that will be taken into consideration for the next showcase.
                  Blanket and Scarves Sales – The sales are great. They are flying out of the
                     doors. This will also be offered at the Project Graduation Craft Fair it will be on
                     November 21st 9:00 – 2:00
                  Car Wash – A huge success. Probably did about 80 cars, had people just
                     stopping and making monetary donations. So good that we would like to plan
                     one in the spring preferably before final trip payment.
                  Election / Polls Tally – We need 18 people to collect the poll tallies at various
                     locations after the polls close. The kids will receive 2 hours of city community
                     service hours and as payment for our services the Record Journal will provide
                     free advertising above what we already get.
                  Election Day Bake Sale – All baked goods need to be delivered 11/2 after 6pm
                           Clearly mark anything with nuts on it
                           If anyone can bake gluten-free or sugar-free items would go as they
                               have been requested in the past
                           Need people to donate Raffle Baskets
                           Need someone to train to take over as this will be Karen’s last year
                              6am voting begins
                              We serve coffee, tea, and hot chocolate
                              Complete the contribution form and get it back in by October 28th
                     Can & Bottle Drive – Saturday November 7, 2009 9:00 – 12:00 @ M & M
                              Sign-up sheets for kids and adults
                              Larry & Chris Peck have offered their trucks for transporting bottles
                              Poland Springs has not yet changed their bottles so if we return any of
                                  those we can get money for them
                              Use the Poland Springs water first so we can cash-in
                              We will start picking up cans at football games as it appears no one else
                              We will also bring recycling containers to games to help collect cans
                                  and bottles
                              Get the publicity signs up one month ahead
                     Family Photo Night – Confirmed with Jen Maring for evening of November 24 th
                        Jen will put together package information and we will have slot sign-ups.
                        Probably from 4 – 9pm
                     Project Graduation Craft Fair – Sat. November 21st 9 – 2 we need some craft
                        ideas but will be selling our blankets and scarves
                     Rosie’s Café – Ran a promotion where Mr. Cyr and some of the football
                        coaches served drinks and kept all tips made. The tips were split between the
                        band the football team
            o Business Items
                     Program Ads – we need someone to volunteer to categorize the incoming ads by
                     Citywide Music Boosters – Goal is to unite all parents and others interested in
                        music. Not a fundraising organization. Just get all the schools on the same page
                        with a common goal. Bond and engage people (mostly instrumental) to help
                        with the progression of students coming to our level so they will have better
                        skills for the high school level.
                              Needs to be in a neutral place such as the library or maybe Augusta
                                  Curtis Center
                              Share ideas what works for one school may work for another
                              The organization would also be of value if another budget battle
                                  ensues, the larger an organization the more the pull
                              Not a fundraising organization
                              If you know anyone that may be interested share the information
                              We will develop an email listing of current booster members
                     Calm After the Storm – scheduled for Sunday November 8th from 1-5 at the
                        Surowiecki’s Home – BYOB and appetizers RVSP went out via email
                     Booster Holiday Party – Scheduled for Thursday December 3rd from 6-10
                              Cost is $15.00 Per Person
                              Open to all Band\Props and Paints\ and Choral Boosters
                              Augusta Curtis Cultural Center –entire upstairs
                              Heavy Appetizers and drink mixers provided
                              BYOB
                              Chinese Grab Bag for anyone interested bring in a $10.00 wrapped gift
                     Potential new fundraising –
                              Borders books – we would go there and wrap books and all tips
                                  received go to our organization. Jeanine to get more details on this.
                              Westbrook Lobster or one of the other area restaurants
Motion was made to adjourn the meeting. Motion Passed Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.
Next Band Booster Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Albrycht
Recording Secretary

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