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Sheet1 by CS91lK


									Raritan Music Center LLC
Specializing in Music Lessons and Instrument Rentals
55-56 West Somerset Street, Raritan, NJ 08869
Phone 908.595.6980 Fax 908.595.1135 Store 908.595.9023

Instructor Roster

Dan Auerbach               Violin                     Masters from Juliard, Doctorate from Rutgers
Lou Davelman               Cello                      Masters
Liz Gonzalez               Violin                     Bachelors from Trenton State
I-Hsuan Huang              Viola                      Doctorate from Rutgers
Karl Kaminski              Bass                       Masters from William Paterson

Mark Angelone              Trumpet                    Masters from Manhattan School of Music
Chris Johnson              Trombone                   Bachelors from Westchester University

Bryan Benninghove          Saxophone                  Bachelors from William Paterson
Victor Pellegrini          Saxophone, Clarinet        Masters from Five Towns College
Christine Petsu            Clarinet                   Masters from Rutgers
Pamela Riley               Flute                      Doctorate from Rutgers

Quinn Blandford                                       Masters from William Paterson
Tom Corea                                             Bachelors from Kean

We are also pleased to have on staff 15 piano instructors, 5 voice instructors, and 10 guitar instructors.
All of our piano, voice and guitar teachers have their Bachelors or Masters from an accredited music school.

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