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									                 Communities First Information Services
               Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009

Dear all

Thank you for all of you who attended the first series of co-ordinator meetings hosted by
the Information Services Team and the valuable feedback you provided in the evaluation.
One of the issues raised was that for north Wales and south and west Wales we need a
larger venue and it would be great to be able to move the event around. The dates for the
next series of the meetings are listed below.

The feedback from the initial events will appear on the website shortly and will influence
how we move forward with the meetings.

The conference on 8th October is moving on. We need suggestions for speakers,
workshops and exhibitors. We already have a number of these booked and we are hoping
it will be an extremely useful and enjoyable event.

Finally, contributions from partnerships have been a bit thin on the ground this time. Please
let us have your news and reviews for inclusion in the e bulletin and on the website.

Bev Garside
Information Services Co-ordinator
Communities First Information Services

Upcoming events
Annual Conference
The annual conference is planned for the 7th and 8th October 2009. Places will be limited in
the first instance to 2 per partnership. Booking forms and briefing sheets will be circulated
in the next few days and bookings will be open until 31st July 2009. After that date the
spare free places will be offered to partnerships wanting to book additional places.

It is our intention to make the event valuable to everyone who attends.

We would like to know who would make inspirational speakers. What service providers and
specialists would you like to see at the event? We are particularly interested ensuring that
we include key speakers who will deliver their message in Welsh.

Please get in touch with your suggestions.

  info@communities-first.org           Tel: 01874 730067         www.communities-first.org
Communities First Information Services - Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009
The event will be held at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea and accommodation has been
identified near to the venue.

Co-ordinator meetings - November

The dates for the next co-ordinators conferences are:

Area          Mid & South West                     South East                           North
Date                Wednesday                        Thursday                          Thursday
                   4th November                     th
                                                   5 November                          th
                                                                                     12 November
                    (Venue tbc)                     (Venue tbc)                       (Venue tbc)

We are aiming to make each event unique and respond to the suggestions provided by co-
ordinators in each area. We are currently trying to secure speakers for each meeting and
will confirm these shortly. Also, please get in touch with us if you have a suitable venue to
host one of the meetings.

News from the partnerships

Llanion Pembroke Dock Partners – Recognition and Celebration
At a civic award ceremony in May Pembroke Dock Town Council formally acknowledged
the contribution of several Llanion Communities First Partners to the regeneration and
development of the town. Individual awards were made to three community
representatives for their work with: the partnership, St Teilos community hall, Haven Credit
Union, the Pembroke Dock Food Co-op and Cleddau FM.

A group award was also made to the Pembroke Dock Festival Group, represented by 4
Llanion partners, for their ‘sterling efforts’ to promote and reinvigorate the town and for
creating ‘a greater sense of community pride’.

Mike Odlin, Llanion co-ordinator, commented, “recognition and celebration of such work is
a vital part of the community development process. The evening provided an opportunity to
step back and survey a very productive two years; something important to remember and
reflect on when faced with the daily challenges of working in a deprived community”.

Mike Odlin

Information from the Welsh Assembly Government
Impact of recession
An event is taking place at the Merthyr Tydfil offices of the Welsh Assembly Government to
highlight the impact of the recession on communities. The event organisers are keen to
hear directly from practitioners and community members about the impact that the
recession is having locally.

Please send any quotes or case studies direct to Sian Williams at the Welsh Assembly
Government sian.williams@wales.gsi.gov.uk

 info@communities-first.org                Tel: 01874 730067              www.communities-first.org
Communities First Information Services - Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009              3

Communities First Annual Monitoring
As part of the development of the Annual Monitoring Process for Communities First, the
Welsh Assembly Government has been working with Local Government Data Unit to
develop a way of sharing the findings from the annual monitoring report from each
partnership. The link below will take you to the Local Government Data Unit's
dissemination system (Gwion) where you can access tables ('cubes') relating to sections of
the reports for 2007/08 for Communities First Partnerships across Wales. Please note
that there are descriptions of the data available for each table under the heading 'metadata'
and that there are references in some of this to text files to accompany the tables. The text
files will be uploaded to the website in the next 2 weeks and we will provide some simple
guidance to using the cubes as soon as possible.


If you have any questions or queries about the tables please contact Siân Jones on
sian.jones5@wales.gsi.gov.uk or 01685 729126

Voluntary Sector Grants Guide


This page contains detailed information on the voluntary sector grant schemes which are
available across the Welsh Assembly Government. During spring 2006, three Assembly
Sponsored Public Bodies (ASPBs), namely Education, Learning Wales (ELWa), Wales
Development Agency (WDA) and Wales Tourist Board (WTB) integrated into the Welsh
Assembly Government bringing with them their related grant funding. This funding is very
specific to the subject areas, namely Education and Training; Tourism and Business in
Wales. However, some of this funding can be accessed by the voluntary sector.

There are a number of Assembly Government Sponsored Bodies which also offer advice
and funding to the voluntary sector in Wales in respect of the arts, sports, environment,
countryside and the Welsh language.

 info@communities-first.org                Tel: 01874 730067              www.communities-first.org
Communities First Information Services - Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009                  4

Other information

                                       One-day Conferences
                    BUILDING ON EXPERIENCE
                          Monday 13 July, Venue Cymru, Llandudno
                         Thursday 16 July, All Nations Centre, Cardiff

In July 2007, Tomorrow's Wales published a booklet ‘The New National Assembly for Wales - a guide’.
The booklet remains an unique information resource, providing a 'layman's guide' to the workings of the
National Assembly for Wales, allowing ordinary people to understand how their Assembly works and
how they can engage with it and influence its decisions.

Two years after the current devolution arrangements came into effect, Tomorrow’s Wales is planning to
update the guide, and we have been fortunate to secure support from the Big Lottery Fund to do so.

The two “Building On Experience Two Years On” conferences will see practitioners who have had first
hand experience of how the Assembly has functioned over the past two share their experiences and
insights, providing a valuable learning opportunity for those who want to learn more about how the
Assembly works and how the Assembly’s powers and procedures have developed over the past two

Contributions to the conferences will feed into the updated edition of the Assembly Guide.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to learn more about the powers and procedures of the National Assembly for Wales
and how they have developed over the last two years, particularly those from civil society who are
interested in engaging with the National Assembly for Wales or who have done so and want to benefit
from the experience of others and share their own experiences.

                            CONFERENCE PROGRAMME
The conferences will include contributions from:

      Geraint Talfan Davies, Member of Tomorrow’s Wales Executive and Chair of the Institute of
       Welsh Affairs;

      Michelle Matheron and Jennifer Bradbury, WCVA Voices for Change Project;

      Marie Navarro, Cardiff Law School and Wales Legislation Online;

      A speaker from the National Assembly for Wales.

Afternoon workshops will provide further opportunities for discussion and sharing of experience.

 info@communities-first.org                Tel: 01874 730067              www.communities-first.org
Communities First Information Services - Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009                                      5

                             DYSGU O BROFIAD

                              BUILDING ON EXPERIENCE

Nid oes tal cofrestru ar gyfer y cynadleddau. Archebir llefydd ar sail ‘y cyntaf i’r felin’ felly
archebwch eich lle yn gynnar er mwyn osgoi siom.

There is no registration fee for these conferences. Places will be allocated on a first come
first served based so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Hoffwn gofrestru ar gyfer y digwyddiad(au) canlynol:
Please reserve me a place at the following event(s):

Dydd Llun 13eg o Orffennaf: Llandudno
Monday 13th July: Llandudno

Dydd Iau 16eg o Orffennaf: Caerdydd
Thursday 16th July: Cardiff


Ffôn / Tel……………………………………………………………………………………………


Dychweler os gwelwch yn dda at / Please return to:

Cymru Yfory, c /o StrataMatrix, 54a Bute Street, Caerdydd / Cardiff CF10 5AF
Ebost / Email: lliorhys@stratamatrix.co.uk

 info@communities-first.org                          Tel: 01874 730067                       www.communities-first.org
Communities First Information Services - Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009              6

Tackling Child Poverty at a local level
I am writing to you in the context of a growing focus on Child Poverty from the Welsh
Assembly Government and to bring to your attention some policy resources which you may
find useful.

As you will be aware the Welsh Assembly Government are currently scrutinising the
Children and Families Measure, which focuses on the need for local authorities and other
relevant public bodies to tackle child poverty at a local level. In addition the UK
Government at Westminster have recently finished consulting on a Child Poverty Bill. (
Parts of this bill are relevant in England only)

In Wales, a comprehensive toolkit has been developed by the WLGA, in partnership with
Save the Children and the Welsh Assembly Government. The toolkit
www.childpovertysolutions.com provides support to policy makers and elected members in
the form of training modules, self assessment tools, model scrutiny inquiries and briefings
for service areas (Limited training available on request)

At a UK level, the LGA in partnership with the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) have
launched the Quids for Kids toolkit which aims to equip local authorities with the materials
for running successful benefits and tax credits take-up work, to support local action to
tackle child poverty.

Both toolkits are extremely useful for policy makers and for elected members, to enhance
their understanding of this complex agenda and to develop action tailored to local needs.
In addition, you will find policy briefings and relevant policy documents in the policy
information section of the WLGA website at www.wlga.gov.uk/childrenpolicy

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Emily Warren
Policy Officer
Children's Health & Social services
Welsh Local Government Association
Direct Line: (029) 2046 8681
Mobile: 07769 716948
Fax: (029)2046 8601
E-mail: emily.warren@wlga.gov.uk
website: www.wlga.gov.uk/childrenpolicy

The FAN Groups Charity

The FAN Groups Charity is a grassroots organisation, started by local residents in Cardiff
who were keen to create a space for people to meet each other in friendship. There are now
14 groups in Cardiff and new groups being started by Communities First Development
Workers, Community Education workers and Local Residents themselves.

 info@communities-first.org                Tel: 01874 730067              www.communities-first.org
Communities First Information Services - Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009       7
The FAN Groups are listening friends and neighbours. Through regular weekly structured
meetings, the groups give all people in the community the opportunity to meet in friendship. A
particular emphasis is made on the 'welcome to all' message. Meetings are free of charge.

Attendees meet together and sit in a circle and the 'FAN Opening Statement' is read, line by
line by each member of the group, reminding participants that 'the group is for people to meet
in friendship, whatever their background or religion.' Attendees then speak in turn, with no
interruption. Attendees talk about themselves or the chosen subject of the meeting, which can
range from topics such as pastimes, place of birth, music and many other subjects but no
pressure is placed on anyone to speak and attendees can not speak if they prefer. Through
sharing thoughts and feelings, participants naturally build up networks of personal support,
practical self-help and community identity and learn more about their neighbours.

Since attending FAN Groups, many people have noted reduced feelings of isolation and
greater feelings of community inclusion, resulting in improvements in self confidence.
 FAN Groups in Cardiff have welcomed friends from over 70 different countries, many of
whom have commented on how they feel less lonely since coming to meetings and have
also noted an improvement in their English language skills.
Doctors in Grangetown, Cardiff have also advised clients coping with depression and feelings
of isolation to attend the FAN Groups.

The FAN Charity has been recognised for its work towards integration of communities in the
final report of the UK Advisory Board for Naturalisation and Integration. The Welsh Assembly
Government too, in the recently published The All Wales Community Cohesion Strategy, cited
FAN as a good example of social cohesion generated from within local communities.

For more information about The FAN Charity please contact
Amy Cuff FAN Development Officer on:
Mobile phone number: 07880630553
Oxfam office phone number: 0300 200 1269

The FAN Groups, c/o Oxfam Cymru, 5/7 St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AT

WCVA Volunteering survey
Volunteering is an important part of Welsh communities and Welsh society as a whole.
WCVA is undertaking a survey of volunteering in Wales as part of our ongoing research to
understand the scale and impact of voluntary activity. This will help WCVA to work with
organisations and public bodies to make Wales a better place to live.

There is limited understanding of the diversity of volunteering roles, the effects of changes
in legislation on volunteers, how to promote volunteering or improve the volunteering
experience. Therefore we are asking you to do two things:

1) Fill in an online ‘organisation’ questionnaire by following the 'this link'. If you prefer a
paper version, it can be downloaded from WCVA's website at www.wcva.org.uk/research.
 The questionnaire can be returned using a freepost address to WCVA or emailed to
research@wcva.org.uk. We estimate it will take between 10 and 20 minutes to fill in the
questionnaire, depending on the size and complexity of your organisation.

 info@communities-first.org                Tel: 01874 730067              www.communities-first.org
Communities First Information Services - Information Bulletin Number 6 – June 2009              8

2) Circulate ‘this link’ or the URL below to the online ‘volunteer’ questionnaire to any
volunteers by email, or by downloading, printing and distributing paper copies from 'this
link'. The questionnaire can be returned using a freepost address to WCVA or emailed to

It would be appreciated if you could complete this questionnaire by 19 June 2009. The
results of the survey will be published on WCVA's website and presented at the
Volunteering Conference on 24 September 2009 at the Liberty stadium, Swansea.

If you have any questions about the questionnaire, or want more information, please
contact us using the helpline (0800 2888 329), or by email at research@wcva.org.uk

Yours sincerely

G Benfield
Chief Executive

If the links do not work, please copy and paste the URL's below into your web browser:

Online organisation survey –

Download Word version of the organisation survey -

Online volunteer survey -

Download Word version of the volunteer survey

Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services
PAVS will be running their annual summer outreach surgeries throughout the county during
the first week of July. One of the venues is at the Foundry House, Pembroke 21c on
Tuesday 7th July. I would be grateful if you could spread the word to any groups who you
feel could benefit, and possibly distribute a few posters locally.

Vanessa John
Development Officer / Swyddog Datblygu
Registered office Swyddfa Cofrestredig
Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services
Cymdeithas Gwasanaethau Gwirfoddol Sir Benfro
36/40 High Street /Y Stryd Fawr
Pembrokeshire/Sir Benfro SA61 2DA
Tel/Ffôn: 01437 769422
Fax/Ffacs: 01437 769431

 info@communities-first.org                Tel: 01874 730067              www.communities-first.org

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